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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Two Up!

Hello, I've been re-reading and I just wanted to let you two wonderful authoress' know how much I love your story.

I've read from chapter 1-45 again so far, I have read the whole thing already. I'm re-reading and taking notes of things I like and dislike.

Things I like:
Nazo being so against Spatial Rend(sp?) because of it's color. I giggle so much at this.
Iyoku is one of my favorite characters. Followed by Shadow and then Skye who is only mentioned briefly in the 'warp' section.
The fight scenes are well written, I love that in any action story.
I love how descriptive you are in just about every little detail.
Iyoku being an Aura user is awesome. C:
Making Shadow say fruity made me giggle so hard.

Things I don't like:
Reiki. I despise him, I guess that makes him a good bad guy.
When Nazo is tricked into being bad, I just want to reach through the screen and slap some sense into him.
Sonic becoming a Shadow User, although I can't say I didn't see it coming. My opinion on this may change as I read more.
Tatsujin. I just don't like him. *slaps aforementioned bad guy*

Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Two Up!

Originally Posted by Larra View Post
Hello, I've been re-reading and I just wanted to let you two wonderful authoress' know how much I love your story.

I've read from chapter 1-45 again so far, I have read the whole thing already. I'm re-reading and taking notes of things I like and dislike.

Things I like:
Nazo being so against Spatial Rend(sp?) because of it's color. I giggle so much at this.
Iyoku is one of my favorite characters. Followed by Shadow and then Skye who is only mentioned briefly in the 'warp' section.
The fight scenes are well written, I love that in any action story.
I love how descriptive you are in just about every little detail.
Iyoku being an Aura user is awesome. C:
Making Shadow say fruity made me giggle so hard.

Things I don't like:
Reiki. I despise him, I guess that makes him a good bad guy.
When Nazo is tricked into being bad, I just want to reach through the screen and slap some sense into him.
Sonic becoming a Shadow User, although I can't say I didn't see it coming. My opinion on this may change as I read more.
Tatsujin. I just don't like him. *slaps aforementioned bad guy*

Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more.
Hee hee, thanks XP I think we'll be resuming the normal update schedule, but since my writer's block is still in effect for EoT, don't expect it to be for long.

There's another fic that we've gotten started on though, so we may post that here.
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Two Up!

So, yeah. Shell can't seem to post the story because the forum keeps timing out for her. Which is really...Odd. Anyway, here is Chapter Seventy-Three.

I like to call this chapter "Fit hits the Shan".

Chapter Seventy-Three

It was silent as reality set in, as all present were a bit stunned from the revelation. <...Now I understand.> Shadow’s sudden telepathic communication nearly caused Iyoku to jump from surprise, as he had forgotten about the black hedgehog. <He broke his spirit, planting seeds of doubt...A being without any sense of purpose is easily manipulated. Even more...Reiki targeted who Nazo was before, and we both know that side of him was still alive. Most of all, he made Nazo believe that the world deserves nothing less.> His tone suggested he was remembering something personal that no doubt had some relation to the current situation, although he did not say anything about it.

The grey hedgehog was silent for a few moments. <It sounds like you’ve had an experience similar to what he went through. If that’s the case, do you know what we should do?>

<Yes...I found myself in the exact same predicament. In my case, suppressed memories and kind words made me remember, but not before I nearly wiped out the human race. I believe that is the key. Nazo has forgotten about the fun you have had together, the pleasure of saving a life from certain death...He needs to be reminded of the bond you share. He needs to learn that he is not alone in the burden he carries. You need to disprove the lies Reiki has forced into his head!>

<That could be easier said than done; remember what I said about not really trusting other people? Well, a couple weeks before I got sick, he asked me if I trusted him. He wanted a straight answer, so...> He didn’t have to finish his telepathic thought to get his message across.

Shadow was silent for a few moments, before a rather heavy sigh came across. <And there is the root of the problem. Nazo has never come across to me as having a strong will, due to the very nature of his powers uprooting it. It was important to him that someone actually cared for and trusted him...He most likely assumed you trusted him up until then. To receive such a harsh answer...I have no doubt he snapped then and there. After all, if he cannot get his closest companion to trust him despite everything he had done to prove it, why bother?>

<It hasn’t seemed like he could trust himself either, though. How does he expect other people to trust him when he can’t even do that?>

<His mistrust is not misguided. He was, in part, responsible for his previous actions...And he could most likely feel his old habits trying to come to the surface, especially in times of stress. By not trusting himself, he was constantly aware of what he was doing and could make the proper action, should he sense his darker side coming to the surface. Although, it ultimately undermined his abilities and will in the process...Leading to exactly what he was trying to prevent.> He allowed his words to sink in before continuing. <Having someone put trust in him first would have made him more comfortable and allowed him to develop that trust towards himself. He thinks down in terms of himself – his self esteem is low. If someone trusts him, that would have made him believe that he wasn’t all bad.>

Iyoku sighed inwardly. <And it’s just his luck he’d come across someone who’d have a hard time trusting anyone at all.>

<Perhaps...But I have noticed that you have changed, Iyoku. However slightly, you have changed. You both helped each other in unique ways to develop.>

While he was about to object, Iyoku soon realized that Shadow was right. ...And that’s why I have to stop making friends. There’s no point if I won’t be around after the future’s erased, he thought to himself, keeping it from being telepathized.

<Regardless, we know what happened and what the issue is. Now we need a plan of attack. You will have to speak your mind, Iyoku. Answer me this; do you care about him? Or are you simply saving him so you do not have to carry a burden of guilt for befriending him?>

The grey hedgehog was silent for quite a few long minutes, deep in thought, before he finally gave a reply. <...I don’t know, really.>

<Then turn back and let Mitsumae handle Nazo, Iyoku. There is no room for doubt in this battle.> Came the simple, emotionless response.

<If you think I’m going to let him go to Hell just for something I said, you’re wrong!> He snapped in reply, nearly cutting off the mental link from his anger as he did so.

A chuckle came from the other end of the link. <Are you angry at my words, or the truth behind them? Your brain might be wired differently due to your time period, but I know you still retain emotions, albeit much more difficult to show. Your response seems to indicate you feel guilty…And to that extent, I am inclined to believe you do not wish to burden it. However, I will ask this…What do you feel when you think of Nazo, after everything he has done for you and how he treated you with nothing but kindness? What do you feel?>

Iyoku was about to retort when he stopped. What did he feel? He’d never stopped to think about it before, as it had been irrelevant. As he imagined the older hedgehog in his mind, he remembered when Nazo had given him his cloak to keep warm, or how willing he had been to go into town to get some ice cream for him to try. He’d even stepped in to fight off Reiki, saving himself from darkness. He recalled the reason he had joined up with the white Lucario in the first place; the betrayal he’d felt when Nazo, who was actually a mirage, left him. But why had he felt that way? Just thinking about the hedgehog brought a dull ache to his heart, one that was foreign yet familiar. It wasn’t painful, in fact it was almost pleasant if a little annoying.

Recalling his past, he suddenly realized what it was. He had the same feeling, only stronger, when he thought of Shikon. He remembered, if a little fuzzy, asking his brother about it when young…And Shikon responded that it had been a rare, but powerful emotion called love. He’d always thought it was a useless feeling as he’d only felt it with his brother, but it had been replaced with bitter anger after his death. Why would he feel it now?

He snapped out of it when he heard Shadow laughing, an odd, moderately deep laugh that was actually somewhat relaxing. <I believe I have my answer, Iyoku. Good. This proves that, while guilt is a part of it, your love for Nazo is the driving force behind your desire to help him. Good! Use it, Iyoku! If anything can cut through and rescue him from the darkness which clouds his mind, it is your bond!> After he calmed down from his discovery, he continued. <You need him as much as he needs you, Iyoku. No matter what, keep reaching out to him. You can succeed, Iyoku, because you are strong from your trials. He has lent you his strength so many times...Now it is time for you to lend him yours.>

He would’ve given the other hedgehog an odd look at this point if he could, but before he could say anything in reply, his Aura senses picked up on something. Immediately, his thoughts turned to where he could find a proper match for the strength of the energy he felt; he knew right away that it wasn’t anyone he’d met yet, so that left only one person. Mitsumae.

Through the link, he felt Shadow give a slightly uncomfortable growl. <You have to hurry, Iyoku. Even I picked up on that surge of energy, which means Nazo is in immediate danger. Be careful not to strain your body – it is still weak from the sickness...But be careful not to be too slow. We have no idea how long he held out before Mitsumae killed him in that prophetic nightmare, but it was obviously not long.>

<Yeah, I know. There’s not much I can do about my weakness if Nazo attacks me though; I’ll have to fight if it comes to it.> He said telepathically before running towards where he had sensed the powerful surge in energy.

<He’d expect nothing less.>


Several minutes later, Iyoku came to a stop near the fringe of the forest. He could hear blasts of energy being fired off in the battlefield ahead, so he knew it wasn’t much farther. Knowing he would need a strategy, he stayed hidden in the trees while watching the fight; unfortunately, he had gone far enough out that he’d been forced to close the mental link with Shadow because neither could understand each other from such a far distance.

The small houses that made up the village he had found were, for the most part, collapsed and destroyed from the battle. Strangely enough, though, there was no blood in the area, making Iyoku realize that the Umbreon Monogatari had led Nazo into a trap. A fresh blast of energy caught his attention, and he watched as the purple-tinted Aura Sphere, obviously having been dodged by the sky blue hedgehog up ahead, flew into one of the houses.

It was then that he noticed the black fox-like Pokémon who had launched the attack. Her purple rings aglow, a Dark Pulse shot out of her jaws, but when Iyoku thought Nazo would absorb it exactly as he had done with other such attacks, the technique collided with the other hedgehog, doing a good amount of damage.

Nazo growled with mild annoyance, shaking his head. He launched a meteor in retaliation, although as expected it was obliterated with a single slash of the sword on Mitsumae’s back. “I do not have time for this. Goodbye.” He stated calmly, levitating higher before suddenly bolting towards the forest.

Another Aura Sphere – this time red in colour – flew in front of him, catching him by surprise. However, before it could hit, it exploded in midair, stunning him slightly. That was the moment Iyoku made himself known by stepping out of the cover the forest provided. “Nazo! You have to stop!”

Startled, the hedgehog turned to look at Iyoku, lowering his altitude slightly. He seemed hesitant to give up flying as it was his only advantage over Mitsumae, but his shocked expression clearly conveyed his emotions. “No...You are merely a figment of my imagination. You died from the virus...The virus that I gave you. You are not Iyoku!” A Shadow Ball gathered in his palms, but indecision swayed him into not launching it.

Iyoku was rather cautious, keeping an eye on both combatants. To his own surprise, however, while Mitsumae had another Aura Sphere ready to be fired at the slightest provocation and was crouched in preparation for the attack to be launched, she seemed to be waiting and watching for what would happen.

Seeing this, the younger hedgehog swiftly decided to continue speaking to try and get his point across. “It’s me, Nazo; it’s not an illusion.” He didn’t know if he would be able to get through to the other very easily, though, and so in the chance that he might be attacked, he had formed a shield over himself for protection.

“Prove it. Prove you are who you say you are.” Growled Nazo, who had – at this point – lowered himself to the ground. The Shadow Ball had grown large, but now the hedgehog held it in one hand, his other free to block or launch another attack should the need arise. His cold eyes flicked from Iyoku to Lilac, then to Mitsumae, and then finally rested on Iyoku once more. The hedgehog’s demeanour showed he was uncomfortable and cautious, with some anger also thrown into the mix.

Iyoku debated inwardly before deciding quickly on what to do. Stepping forward carefully, as Nazo was liable to blast him with the Shadow Ball at any moment, he reached out and grabbed his hand. “I’m not an illusion, Nazo. I survived.”

In the next moment, Nazo had roughly knocked Iyoku over to a tree, pinning the young hedgehog by the throat to the point where his feet no longer contacted the ground. “How do I know you aren’t an illusion created by her?” His voice clearly indicated he thought Mitsumae was behind it. “They can craft illusions clever enough to fool you, Iyoku, an Aura User!”

Iyoku found breathing was moderately difficult, but he still was able to speak. Locking his eyes with Nazo’s, he began to explain. “Shadow made me realize something...He made me realize that I really care about you. You have been nothing but kind to me since we met, and I was cruel to spit in your face. I should have trusted you, Nazo. You had nothing but my safety in your mind, and I didn’t realize it until now. You are the closest thing to a brother I’ve had since Shikon was killed, so I had a hard time recognizing it. Taking your anger out on the world isn’t right, though. I made a mistake...And for that...I’m sorry.”

The words took a few seconds to sink in. With a slightly pained expression, Nazo released his grip on Iyoku, backing up. The Shadow Ball shrank in size before disappearing altogether as he spoke. “You hurt me very badly, Iyoku...And you expect me to simply forgive you?” He bunched his fists, angry. “You will betray me just like before...Reiki was right that mortals are nothing but greedy and bloodthirsty. Give me one good reason why I should not end their pitiful lives!”

“I agree that those who are bloodthirsty do deserve to have their lives ended, but what about the kind ones? Like your grandfather was?” Iyoku questioned. He’d noticed Mitsumae shift slightly and had a feeling she was beginning to run out of patience.

Nazo thought for a moment, closing his eyes. He tried to recall the happiness he had with his grandfather, the smiling face and odd habits that had made him so unique...His lips twitched as a smile began to take root, before a sudden burst of pain snapped through his body, causing him to utter a shriek, clawing at his head. “What...What did you do to me?! The memory brings nothing but pain!” He hissed, lashing out at Iyoku with a Shadow Claw in his agony and anger.

Fortunately, Iyoku managed to dodge fairly quickly, the Shadow Claw just barely skimming him but not doing much damage; it was then that he had a feeling something else had happened to the other hedgehog – something even he did not know about. However, before he could speak again, the silvery-purple Aura Sphere that Mitsumae had been waiting to use slammed into Nazo’s back at full force.

Snarling, Nazo completely forgot about Iyoku – lucky him – and turned to face Mitsumae. Arm aglow, he lunged forward, sending the Spacial Rend towards his opponent while bolstering it with a Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball. “You think a petty Aura Sphere can stop me? Dead wrong!” Smashing his foot into the ground, he summoned a wave of crystals around himself to aid in defense.

The Umbreon Monogatari lunged at him as he fired off the attacks, but while the Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse were absorbed; her pelt took on a metallic, silvery translucent sheen before the Spacial Rend was reflected back at its user.

Iyoku had swiftly gotten out of the way to avoid being hit by anyone, although he didn’t know what to do at this point. He watched as Nazo took his own attack head-on, splitting it apart before Mitsumae smashed her skull into his chest with a sound crack. The hedgehog was sent into a tree, wheezing from the loss of breath and no doubt a broken rib or two.

<We have to do something, Iyoku...> Lilac whined, crouched to get out of the way of any attacks. <We have to tell Mitsumae not to kill him! Or...Or we have to protect Nazo! That way she might be willing to listen to reason...And Nazo will realize we just want to help him!>

The grey hedgehog glanced at her. <I agree, but there’s no way we can take on someone that powerful – she’s several times stronger than Reiki, and Nazo stood no chance against him when he became serious about the fight.>

<But she’s open to speech! We have to tell her about what’ll happen if she rips his heart out – how there is still good inside his heart. After all, you prevented him from going into the forest...But who’s to say she won’t rip his heart out here anyway?> Nazo was starting to get his feet. <We have to hurry!>

Iyoku seemed as if he were about to say something, before he nodded. <Alright. We have no choice if we want to prevent him from going to Hell; hope you have some kind of plan in mind.> With that, both he and the Houndour quickly stepped in front of Nazo before his opponent could launch another attack.

Seeing this, the Umbreon paused in firing a second Aura Sphere. <Get out of the way.>

<No. Not until you hear what we have to say.> Lilac stated, glancing back at Nazo, who seemed to be mixed between confusion at their behaviour and angry at their interference. <Iyoku had a vision of what could happen. If you rip Nazo’s heart out, it will only kill the good that is in him...The side we’ve come to know. He won’t have any chance at redemption!>

She snorted in reply. <He’s slaughtered hundreds more people. Whatever good is in him obviously wasn’t enough to prevent that, so I don’t think it’s worth saving.>

Iyoku’s eyes narrowed and his hand went to the handle of his sword, ready to pull it out of its sheath. <We’re not going to let him be killed, Mitsumae.>

<Then I suppose someone else will have to fix the Tower to prevent the dimension from collapsing.> She stated before the Aura Sphere flung itself at them.

Before the attack had the chance to hit, several crystals erupted from the ground beneath the attack, altering its trajectory enough to send it flying over the heads of the two. Nazo had lifted into the air, glaring at Mitsumae with enough hatred it could melt several suns. “Hypocrite. You call yourself a Monogatari, yet you are perfectly willing to kill a child. And you say I am the monster here...At least the deaths I gave to those I have killed have been quick.”

<And this is coming from someone who’s killed hundreds of people, including children and babies of every single settlement you’ve come across.> She stated, returning the glare he was giving her. <You have no idea how valued your opinion is.> She finished, her voice dripping with sarcasm before she lunged forward.

“I do my best.” Came the returning shot, before Nazo shot forward. The two collided in midair, creating a shockwave of energy before Nazo eventually won out over the airborne duel simply because he could accelerate in the air far more efficiently than his opponent could. He slammed Mitsumae into the ground, launching a volley of meteors at her as he darted back into the air. “And by the way, challenging me in the air...That was a foolish choice. Stay grovelling on the ground, where you belong!”
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Two Up!

The Umbreon, having twisted in the air to land on her paws before hitting the ground, gave him a bored look before annihilating the meteors with a single Dark Pulse attack. When the smoke cleared, she had vanished, but had definitely not left yet; in fact, she had lunged towards Nazo again, this time using ExtremeSpeed with her sword aiming to deliver a very painful slash to the hedgehog.

Hearing a mental cue, Nazo ducked to the left, the sword skimming his quills. He retaliated by forming his crystal battleaxe, slashing at the Umbreon’s tail as she passed. He glanced at Iyoku, confused as to why he would help him against Mitsumae, before returning his attention to the battlefield. The hedgehog had steadily been building up his power, but he had become aware of how well Mitsumae could read others...Thus, to prevent alarm or suspicion, he had been forced to crawl in terms of increasing his energy levels. He’d also been making sure his attacks were never stronger than they were before, to further conceal his tactic.

But now, he was almost fully charged.

Despite the material the sky blue hedgehog’s weapon had been created with, all it did was grind and produce sparks as it came into contact with the Monogatari’s tail. However, she swiftly darted towards him, and before Iyoku – who was still a little stunned that Nazo had protected them – could warn the older hedgehog, her sword swung forth, smashing the battleaxe out of Nazo’s hands before she fired a Dark Pulse at point-blank range.

Nazo shrieked in both fury and pain, reeling from the hit as he was knocked backwards. Glaring, his energy spiked as his intentions became known. “I have had ENOUGH!” He barked, preparing to unleash his devastating ultimate technique. However, before he could actually initiate the attack, a disturbance above caused him to look up, before he was promptly pile-driven into the ground by a familiar large form.

Snarling, Shadow opened his mouth, the Chaos Beam being blue this time – having learned that negative energy only fuelled Nazo – and launched it mere inches away from Nazo’s face. He jumped away quickly before approaching Iyoku, as he knew Nazo would take a minute or two in order to recover from the attack. On his back, the GUN soldiers slid off; although the younger of the two looked somewhat panicked and claimed they didn’t get paid enough for these stunts, earning a reprimand from the older soldier.

Shadow lowered his head so Iyoku could place a hand on his snout. <I sensed the energy spike and knew you required help. I am glad I wasn’t too late.> His side had been hastily patched up where the wires had been, no doubt from the soldiers who were under his command. Shadow glanced at Mitsumae. <Hello.>

Iyoku nodded, but kept his eyes on both Mitsumae and Nazo to make sure no attacks were launched that would catch them off-guard. However, it was then that the Umbreon Monogatari glanced at them, her crimson eyes showing a tint of annoyance. <You mind telling this brat to let me kill that monster?>

Shadow returned the gaze unfazed. <No, because I support his decision to rescue him. You have not seen the events leading up to this...Nor have you grown to know “that monster” like he has. To you, he is merely a creature of darkness that deserves to die. To Iyoku, he is a broken spirit that was let down by those he loved. We all have less than desirable traits that we often deny and hide away...He had been doing it for a while. But when the mind is broken down and will is stripped away, those traits have the habit of resurfacing...As is the case now. The blame is not entirely on Nazo...I believe part of it is on your good friend, Reiki.>

She snorted. <Reiki is no friend of mine. He’s been staying away from me and for good reason; if he’s stupid enough to appear before me, I’ll kill him without a second thought.>

<Clearly, you have no sense for sarcasm.> Shadow responded. He noticed Nazo stirring, attempting to get to his feet. <Stay down, Nazo. If you continue fighting there is a very good chance you will be killed.>

“Like Hell I will...” The hedgehog grumbled, rubbing his forehead. “I have to admit...That Chaos Beam did a number on me. I find it amazing you are that strong, despite your body ailing you.” He grinned, forming a set of battleaxes to wield. “I never imagined myself a dragon slayer. An interesting idea, however, it remains. Now come on! This fight is finally getting interesting!”

The Umbreon rolled her eyes. <Oh please; you were sorely outmatched against me to begin with. Don’t expect to win at all with the others here now.> And with that, the houses within the clearing they were in dissolved, having been revealed to be nothing but mirages conjured by the powerful Monogatari. While this left more room for Nazo and the others to maneuver, this also meant that she wasn’t using any more energy, however little it had been, to keep up the illusion.

“That is not what I meant. You are boring with your attacks...No creativity at all.” He responded. Energy gathered on the edges of the weapons he wielded, tarnishing the crystals black...Yet a pink hue had also formed. Bringing the weapons down, the energy was released in the shape of a Spacial Rend, yet tarnished from the darkness of a Night Slash and with a color to match.

Aura gathered along the blade of her weapon as Nazo’s attack approached, and as she charged towards the Spacial Rend-Night Slash combo, the sword on her back brought itself down, slashing the technique Nazo had created in half. This resulted in the attack disintegrating before she launched her own move; from the Aura on her back came several spheres of energy, recognizable as a fusion of Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse and Aura Sphere.

Retaliating, Nazo ducked and dodged the techniques, slashing one in half at the cost of cracking a weapon. “Hmm...Now that is a little better. Not so bland to look at now.” Came his response. He jumped into the air, firing off a volley of meteors powered by a Dark Pulse boost. This battle was far from over, apparently.

In the meantime, Shadow had returned his attention to Iyoku, although his senses were still trained on the battle. <Are you all right? You seem a little distressed.>

The grey hedgehog was thoughtful before he replied. <Before you got here, when we were trying to stop Mitsumae from killing Nazo, she attacked Lilac and I for it. But the attack she used was far from being as powerful as what she’s using now; I have to wonder if it was a test to see what Nazo would do, considering he protected us from the Aura Sphere.> He glanced at him. <Aside from that, I appreciate your timing, but you should be saving whatever energy you can get to recover.>

<So the good inside him is still strong enough to protect you...To an extent. That is a good sign – we will have to weaken him to allow it to regain control.> His eyes were somewhat soft. <I will not recover from this, Iyoku. Not without outside help. I feel a little better from what you gave me, which is what has allowed me to come and help...But it has only scratched the surface of the poison. How shameful for the Ultimate Life Form to be done in by poison!> Shadow growled, snorting.

Iyoku’s eyes wandered over the continuing battle before he spoke up once more. <...If you ask Mitsumae about it, she might be able to heal you.> He paused. <Well, she definitely has the ability to, but whether she will is another matter entirely.>

<It would be bad chivalry between immortals if she didn’t. Uxie would no doubt chew her out about it...As would Camille, which would be a thousand times worse.> He glanced at the two soldiers, giving orders which sent them scrambling to another position. <This battle...It is one Nazo will not win regardless. Mitsumae knows this...And I suspect Nazo does as well.>

The grey hedgehog snickered inwardly at the truth of Shadow’s first statement before agreeing with him. <He stood no chance in that nightmare I had, and it’s definitely holding true outside of it. But when I tried to get through to him by persuading him to remember what his grandfather was like, the memory gave him pain.> He shook his head. <I don’t know what it’s from, though.>

Shadow thought for a moment, pondering this new development. <Hmm...This further supports my theory that he is being partially controlled. He joined up with Reiki...But it was obvious he was not entirely convinced. That type of memory could – no, would – have uprooted what he had been shoving down Nazo’s throat. Perhaps he found a way to ensure that recalling any such memory would only inflict more pain, further proving that happiness only brings about agony.> He suggested.

Iyoku nodded. <It’s possible. We don’t know what he did to do that though.>

<Not yet. Your Aura Sight may be the key, however. I feel if you can get close, you may be able to pin-> His swiftly turned his head towards Nazo, who had lifted into the air. <He’s planning on using Crystal Storm!> He glanced at Mitsumae, wondering briefly if she knew what was coming or if he had to tell her.

It was obvious by the ominously powerful feel coming off of the Aura on her back that she had sensed it, however, and was developing a counter strike. While Iyoku had no doubts that she could dodge Nazo’s ultimate attack with ease, he had to wonder if she would be able to stop it in its tracks – after all, in the nightmare, they had been fighting one on one without any spectators in the area. Her tactics were bound to change since dodging and allowing the Crystal Storm to kill them wasn’t an option.

Shadow growled. <I will handle the meteors.> It was at that time the two Inhibitor Rings around his wrists glowed, before breaking off and resuming their normal size. With it, the wind picked up slightly from the power increase before he roared, which promptly died out as his body shuddered under the pain from the boost before he hacked up more blood. <Never taken off...The rings while in this form before. It hurts very badly.> It was then Crystal Storm kicked in, the earth shaking as crystals began to emerge beneath them.

The purple markings on the Umbreon Monogatari’s body suddenly took on a brilliant sheen as a decent amount of energy was sent into the ground. While it took a second or two, Mitsumae’s attack had completely halted the progress of the crystals before disintegrating them with ease.

It was Shadow’s turn to display his power as the large meteors careened down toward them. Roaring, several Chaos Spears – colored purple with a tinge of pink to show their neutrality – flared to life around him. With the flick of his tail, they launched forth while branching to each aim at one meteor. Upon impact, there was the briefest of struggles before they shattered the meteors and dissolved into the air, all except for one attack which nailed the hedgehog and sent him into the ground.

Upon getting to his feet, he found Shadow was already in front of him, his speed enhanced from the loss of his rings. <My turn!> He brought his foot down on the hedgehog, who struggled to keep it from crushing him. Switching tactics, Shadow brought down his tail, smacking Nazo away before hitting him with a Dragonbreath. Luckily for him, the attack paralyzed the hedgehog to allow more attacks.

In the meantime, the older GUN soldier had let out a bipedal yellow creature striped with black thunderbolts, with two antennae on its head and a fanged grin. The Electabuzz grinned a little upon its release, but was promptly ordered to stand down for the moment. “Let out your Pokémon. We need to start setting up.”

The younger soldier, looking absolutely terrified, nodded slightly before releasing his Pokémon...Which was a tiny purple body with stubby legs supporting five green leaves. Upon seeing the Oddish, the older soldier commented on what a poor choice it was for fighting. “Hey,” retorted his younger companion, “this isn’t just any Oddish! She’s in the top percentage of Oddish!”

To say his superior officer facepalmed was an understatement.

A sudden roar caught their attention. Nazo had managed to get around Shadow, having grabbed at one of his horns and was now pulling backwards. In the bid to avoid breaking his neck, Shadow went with the motion...But the more he tried, the less successful he was in getting free. Neck bent completely backwards, he reared onto his hind legs, clawing at the air as the pressure grew worse.


His head swung down quickly, smashing into the ground as it was revealed that, thankfully, his horn gave out before his neck had. Dazed, he was unable to react as Nazo wielded the weapon, accelerating down and driving it into his back. Shadow roared in fury and pain, whipping his head around and spewing a fine mist that was various shades of blue, purple, and red. The Chaos Mist enveloped Nazo but appeared to do nothing, until it suddenly ignited. The hedgehog yelled out in pain, darting away from the fizzling mess but revealed he had become burned from the attack, notably on the face and chest.

It was then that a Dark Pulse from Mitsumae slammed into him, stunning the dark being and knocking him to the ground. With a quick mental statement towards Iyoku that she had figured out the reason for Nazo having become so powerful, she lunged forward, much to the young hedgehog’s sudden discomfort. She was upon Nazo easily, sword becoming the familiar shape in Iyoku’s nightmare, and plunging into his chest in a similar fashion.

But instead of ripping out the heart, it ripped out something else – a small black stone that oozed ominous power. Jumping away, Mitsumae dropped the rock and smashed it beneath a paw, having confirmed her thoughts.

Nazo, bleeding, was staggering to his feet although he was completely disoriented. <Iyoku,> Shadow glanced at the young hedgehog while hacking up blood, <that stone...Do you realize what that was? The Aura...Even I could sense it clear as day. I sensed it from the vision you allowed me to see...And put it together with the sensory data Camille gave me from her own encounter. Reiki’s handiwork knows no bounds.> His body locked up as another violent fit shook his frame. <Such darkness from such a little thing...Unbelievable what power it has.>

He nodded but made his way back towards Shadow as he sensed the Biodragon’s vital signs beginning to fail him. Taking a Poké Ball out of his bag, he released Yaiba who used a Psychic attack to take the horn out of the place Nazo had driven it into a few minutes before. With the injury open, it began to bleed more quickly, but not before Iyoku managed to heal it; fortunately, the amount of rest he’d had over the last month allowed him to have no need to be near the wound for his Aura abilities to take effect and restore the affected area.

While he didn’t say it, feeling the young hedgehog’s hand on his snout calmed Shadow down, adding a degree of comfort. <...I appreciate it, Iyoku...But you are wasting your energy on me. The poison...> A spasm of agony rippled through his body, which had caused him to halt his speech. <It has reached...My heart, I think. Even if I survived that...My brain would be next. I ask that you forgive my weakness at such a crucial time, for I am deeply ashamed that a mere poison has crippled me so horribly.>

The grey hedgehog felt a tinge of sadness when he realized that he could sense Shadow’s heartbeat becoming much weaker and slower as the minutes went by. <...Well, don’t forget that poison was designed by Reiki,> Iyoku stated in an effort to correct the Biodragon’s thoughts, <it’s created to kill immortals. Aside from that, you’ve done a lot for this world from what I’ve heard.>

<Heh...I guess you are correct. I have never been one to take defeats lightly...I suppose I should learn from Sonic in that regard.> A throaty sigh escaped him. <Terrible that I must leave the family I only just started to become a part of. Even worse, the world still needs my he-> A particularly violent spasm smashed through his body, causing him to slam his twin tails on the ground and snarl in his fit of agony. To Iyoku, it was imposing from him being right next to his mouth. <...You flinched...Why is that?>

The younger hedgehog seemed to raise an eyebrow. <You asked that when I’m close to the jaws of a dragon that just temporarily lost control of his body due to the pain he was in from the poison?> However, out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed something that caused him to start a little; Mitsumae, having disposed of Nazo for the moment, had darted behind the Biodragon before loosing a controlled stream of Aura Sphere attacks combined with a small amount of electricity onto the Inhibitor Rings on Shadow’s ankles.

The rings lit up in a golden color, sparking as the energy built up as a high pitched whine resounded through the area. Only when she had stopped did they actually quiet their terrible cry, before abruptly snapping off and resuming normal size. Shadow trembled as his power was fully unleashed, roaring in horrendous agony as blood spilled forth from his mouth from ruptured vessels within. He flailed helplessly for a minute, clawing the air in his desperation to rid himself of the pain. In the midst of his death-throes, his eyes went blank before his body sagged and his head landed heavily on the ground as all noise ceased.

He made no move to get up.

Nazo forget his umbrella today. Had he known it was going to be raining black dragons, I'm sure he would have reconsidered his little rampage.

And Mistumae, stop killing my characters DX I'm only going to have Sonic left and that's no good!
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Three Up!

Um, what? Did I seriously just read Shadow DYING?! Why did you kill Shadow? v.v

I love the story still, I'll miss Shadow if he is really dead. I'm a little bit confused as to exactly what happened to Nazo as he was 'disposed of for the time being'. I'm also a bit curious, despite the death of Shadow, how things are going to keep moving along for those who are effected now, and what is going to happen when the future vanishes.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter, and to be completely honest, this squishy little emotion thing here *points to herself* kind of cried a bit. >.>;
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Three Up!

Ok, read Chapter 71 to start on my catchup. .... *headdesk* I knew that was coming. How did I know that was coming? Because I know you guys way too well. -_-

I haven't gone into the chapters after yet. That vision had better not come true. >.>

Okay, other than initial reaction, you two are really getting better at combining your writing. Although it could still use a liiittle work in consolidating. You both have a lot to say. XD
Outside of Shadow being completely torn up, I did like the part where Iyoku went to see him. He seemed relieved that the kid was up.
And I don't remember seeing any typos.

Of course, it's easy to forget typos while reading this. :p
I'll get to the other chapters soon.
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Three Up!

This chapter was so much fun to write.

Chapter Seventy-Four

Iyoku was stunned for what seemed like hours, but when he had finally persuaded his body to move, he quickly put a hand back on the Biodragon’s muzzle, knowing that would allow him to read his vital signs if there were any left after that. After sensing nothing, he became aware of his anger building up dangerously quickly, and he glared at Mitsumae; however, before he could get a word out verbally or even telepathically, she spoke up.

<He’ll be fine. Just watch. I advise you take a few steps back, though> She stated before shortly following her own advice. Before Iyoku could ask what she meant, he felt a powerful flare of Aura that made him stagger backwards. Shadow was getting to his feet somehow, slowly and quite painfully.

He roared, an agonized garbled roar that was oddly pitched. He coughed, hacking up a strange liquid which was a bright orange compared to the blood he had been previously hacking up and completely transparent. He took a step backwards, screaming in terrible pain as it became apparent something was eating away at him from the inside, due to his injured areas leaking the same fluid that had replaced blood. Swinging his head around, he loosed a Chaos Beam in an odd arc, scorching the ground and ripping up trees in his blind bid for relief.

Having the sense to stay away from the dragon so he didn’t get hit by any attacks, Iyoku swiftly picked up the inhibitor rings – all four of which had gone back to their regular size – before backing further away under the cover of the trees.

It was the wisest choice. Rearing up, it was becoming apparent that Shadow’s skin was appearing to rot. Taking a step forward, his entire foot dissolved beneath him, sending him crashing down as everything else followed suit, his roars cut short as his head suffered the same fate. What remained was a puddle of transparent red liquid with what appeared to be a brain with a very small part of the neck bones remaining, although not quite as draconic as before.

He was far from dead. The liquid bubbled up, reforming itself into a mutilated appearance of the Biodragon where only the head remained similar, although the horns had been replaced by two jutting fins. His mouth was considerably longer than what was considered normal, and his eyes were simply pools of red with a deeper maroon iris; additionally, the brain sat where it would have normally, although to see it was somewhat disconcerting. Shadow no longer possessed any legs or tails, instead just a puddle with a large body. The last glaring detail were the numerous tentacles on his back as well as four main ones around the body, perhaps representing the four limbs he used to have.

“What the hell?!?” The older soldier was the one surprised this time, although his partner was pale and simply too shocked to say anything on the matter. “He looks just like Chaos, God of Destruction!” A powerful roar that launched shockwaves into the air knocked both of them over, even forcing Iyoku to brace himself to avoid the same fate. “Roars like it, too.”

“...That new form’s pretty cool.” The grey hedgehog stated, to which he earned a shake of the head from Yaiba, who had remained silent after he had removed the horn from the Biodragon’s back. Considering Shadow’s present state, it was likely that the poison wouldn’t be an issue anymore either.

While the younger soldier gave Iyoku perhaps the greatest “what the f***” look in all of history, the older one had remained mostly calm. “Maybe so, but...Considering Perfect Chaos was fuelled by the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds and flooded an entire city within a minute, it is risky. I can only hope Agent Shadow won’t act that way...”

Iyoku was thoughtful for a few seconds before listening as Mitsumae spoke up. <As he is now, Shadow should be able to drain most of the negative energy from Nazo. Once that’s done, the Inhibitor Rings need to be returned all at the same time before he can return to his regular form.> It was also noteworthy that while she was keeping an eye on the new Chaos Form that Shadow had assumed, there was also a light tint of purple in her eyes; her Aura Sight would allow her to see any trouble well enough in advance to prevent it.

Nazo had, the entire time, been backing away ever so slowly from Shadow. He was clearly trying to avoid drawing attention to himself, but it failed upon the fact that his energy made him far more of a beacon than running ever could. A tentacle darted toward him, forcing him to dodge and fire back a meteor. The attack lodged itself in Shadow’s body before it disintegrated into nothing; adding insult to injury, Shadow seemed to gain a little strength from the process as well. He managed to strike Nazo, knocking him to the ground as the hedgehog had been a little unsettled from his attack becoming useless.

He lashed out with his weapon, trying to strike the brain of his enemy and a known weak point, but it bounced off the surface as if he were hitting rubber, never coming close to his intended target. Gripped tightly in a coil, he was shortly robbed of his ability to use his arms, struggling in vain to break free. He snarled in the face of his opponent, who seemed unimpressed with the performance. The entire fight seemed to be a joke to him, as he had barely moved from his initial position since transforming.

Finally Nazo seemed to come to some inward conclusion before flaring his aura, thus creating a bubble of pressure which destroyed his bindings – which would reform within a minute – before bolting away, launching a Dark Pulse to test his opponent. It made contact easily, but like his meteor, the attack was absorbed. Nothing Nazo did – hurling his weapons, meteors, even attacks – had any effect on Shadow. In a desperate bid, he launched a criss-crossed Spacial Rend.

This attack actually had an effect, ripping halfway through Shadow’s liquid body before it was absorbed. The injury would have been grievous had the fluid not merely spilled into the area where it was missing and completely erased any signs of the damage that had been dealt. Realizing he simply could not win against such an opponent, Nazo bolted into the air, intent on fleeing.

Shadow’s appearance rapidly shifted from the barely draconic appearance to one that was more bird like, possessing large wings with three jutting “feathers” that the first started halfway down the wing while the last was at the end. The fins that had been on his head had adjusted back a little bit, putting a small amount of space between them and his eyes; a long whip-like tail erupted behind him, smashing an unfortunate tree that had been too close. With a screeching roar, he lifted into the air in hot pursuit.

After the wind resulting from the flapping of his gigantic wings had tapered off, Iyoku glanced at Mitsumae; while he was angry that she had put Shadow through such pain, he also had to question something. “Mitsumae, how did you know about Shadow’s other form? Not even he himself knew about that.”

She merely shrugged. <Intuition; he’s never removed the other two Inhibitor Rings, so he couldn’t reach his full potential. As such, it makes sense that the Rings would be able to return him to normal as well.>

<You did all this without knowing what would happen?!> Lilac nearly barked, growling at Mitsumae. <He...He could’ve died! He has a family to support, you know! And...It was so painful for him. I can’t believe you’d do something like that to someone you just met!>

The Umbreon Monogatari gave the Houndour a borderline-bored look. <It was either that or have me kill Nazo directly; pick your approach.> However, she then glanced skywards as she backed up a few paces. <I suggest we give them some landing room now.>

Lilac growled a little more, before glancing up and hastily backing up with Iyoku following. The reason was quite simple; Shadow’s body had become visible and was approaching at a fast velocity, preceded by a mighty roar which caused her to nearly lose her footing from the power. It became apparent that as he grew closer to the ground, he was slowing down and transforming back to his initial appearance.

Nazo was inside, struggling to break free from his liquid prison. Sparks of energy jumped from his body as he writhed, pain propelling him to lash out in a desperate attempt to escape certain death. On top of that, he could not breathe either, and the ground was hissing beneath Shadow as the grass was dissolved within a matter of moments, absorbed into his Chaos Form for energy to bolster his already impressive power.

Shadow! You have to let him go!” Iyoku shouted up at the Chaos Creature before he was forced to dodge a slash from one of the tentacles which left a deep gouge in the earth. Shadow turned his attention to Iyoku, letting out a roar of fury before the unmistakable signs of a Chaos Beam began to form in his jaws.

The grey hedgehog realized he would have to dodge the attack once more upon the Chaos Beam becoming fully charged before being fired out of Shadow’s jaws. However, before it could hit anything, a Dark Pulse slammed into it head on, destroying it with relative ease. Surprised, he glanced over at Mitsumae; it was obvious that she was the one who had launched the attack, and even now she was keeping an eye on the Chaos Creature’s movement.

This time, a terrifyingly powerful Aura Sphere flew forth from her jaws, and Iyoku opted to take the time gained from the distraction she had created to try and free Nazo. Channelling Aura Energy through the blade of his sword, he slashed at Shadow’s hide while also sending a crescent of Aura into him that would be enough to reach and free the sky blue hedgehog.

While Shadow roared in even more fury, if possible, Nazo bolted from the opening created, although the way his Aura flickered signalled he was running low on energy. He stumbled, gasping for breath but obviously angry about his predicament.

By now, Shadow had recovered from the injuries dealt, turning to fight Mitsumae in his rage, lashing out with his tentacles and doubling up the attack with balls of Chaos Energy.

The Umbreon Monogatari’s eyes took on the tell-tale glow of Psychic before both the tentacles and spheres of Chaos Energy came to a halt. Within a few seconds, the latter attacks had been crushed through sheer telekinetic power, and the former was redirected back at Shadow. To add insult to injury, she made him slap himself with his own “limb”, which only served to make him angrier despite it being humorous to those watching.

Iyoku, however, knew that they would have to get Shadow back to his regular form. The only way to do that is to return all four rings to him at the same time, though. The only attack we have access to that would be able to do that is... He glanced at the Absol, “Yaiba, you’ll need to use Psychic to return Shadow’s Inhibitor Rings to him simultaneously, alright?”

The Dark Type gave a nod before taking the four objects in his Psychic grip; within a few seconds, they had launched themselves towards Shadow’s Chaos Form, and into the acidic body. They glowed brightly as their properties came into play, but it soon became clear that Shadow’s resistance was both limiting their effectiveness and causing him untold pain. To break his concentration, another Aura Sphere from Mitsumae slammed into his head, jerking him back.

It all happened quickly as the rings overpowered him, taking position in the four corners of the body. Parts of liquid were drawn through it and compacted, forming into the recognizable shape of claws as the rest of the body was forced back into the shape of the Biodragon. Bones and organs reformed; the layer of liquid hardened back into skin. Within a matter of moments of the transformation being completed, another kicked in – this time returning Shadow to his normal form, who collapsed immediately after it was done.

Iyoku, who could sense that the black hedgehog was exhausted but not unconscious, quickly walked forward. “You alright, Shadow? ...Well, aside from the exhaustion?” Mitsumae, in the meantime, had launched a Toxic attack at Nazo to prevent him from regaining any energy, and to drain what he currently had.

“Pounding headache, but yes, I am fine.” Shadow moaned slightly, although he made no attempt to get up. “That was...Perhaps one of the least fun experiences I have ever had.” He added dryly. “Sorry about attacking you. I had very little control over that form...As if in a dream. I was completely unprepared for everything that came with it.”

“It’s fine.” Iyoku stated before he remembered something. “...Earlier, Mitsumae also said that form would cure the poison. Did it work?” Glancing over at the Umbreon, he noticed that Nazo had launched a few attacks at her, only to have them redirected into his face with ease. This infuriated him enough to charge at her, and he winced slightly as the weapon she bore on her back came down on his head, knocking him down. After he had fallen, she muttered something about the sky blue hedgehog being an “idiot with potential”. Nazo quickly began to pull himself back to his feet, completely ignoring the poison in his body.

“...Yes.” Shadow responded. “I feel perfectly fine except for a bone-deep exhaustion. Nothing aches like it did before.” He held out a hand. “Use your Aura Abilities and see for yourself, if you wish to be one-hundred percent reassured.” He stated calmly.

Being a little iffy on physical contact due to his nature, Iyoku only nodded in response. “It’s alright; I can sense you’ll recover within a day or two.” Shadow chuckled a little at that, shaking his head slowly so as to not aggravate his headache. He seemed to be amused by Iyoku’s reaction, having been able to clearly read what went through his mind at that offer.

Their attention was drawn away by Nazo, who had grown annoyed and promptly shouted he’d had enough of the current situation. Ripping open two portals, it was almost as if he was going to flee, but instead, two dark forms emerged from them; the normally blue skin on the bipedal duck Pokémon was tainted purple like all other Shadow Pokémon, the beak a soft grey. The red ruby on its forehead had been tarnished black, framed by the spikes behind it to give it a more royal look. The Golduck were obviously itching to attack Mitsumae, but Nazo held them back until his intentions became clear, from the sharpening of what little Aura he had left around him.

“Bloody fool...” Shadow hissed slightly as the Pokémon were stabbed and began to be absorbed. “He’s going to regret that if my theory is correct...”

As the last of the energy was absorbed, Nazo grinned, holding out a hand as the traces of a Shadow Ball began to form. “And now this fight can keep go-” His concentration broke as the sphere dissolved, pain lancing out through his body which led him to grab at his skull and back up. His Aura had strengthened tenfold, but now it sparked dangerously as the darkness proved too much for him to handle. “Wh-what?! Why...Why now?!”

Mitsumae gave him a bored look. <What did you expect, genius? That stone I destroyed was what allowed you to absorb so much negativity to begin with.>

Nazo snarled, lunging forward. “I WILL NOT LOSE!” It was obvious he had been driven past the point of desperation, and the dual Shadow Claws that formed on his hands made it clear he wanted to finish the fight. His wounds were driving him to the point of insanity, and the poison was already beginning to drag his energy back down.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Three Up!

<Mitsumae,> Shadow suddenly contacted her, <bring his energy down a little more and then get him close to my soldiers. I have formulated a plan that will render Nazo out of commission, without death.>

The Monogatari glanced backwards, debating as to whether to go with the black hedgehog’s plan or simply kill Nazo as she had intended. With an inward shrug, an Aura Sphere launched itself at Nazo before impacting him and doing a large amount of damage due to the fact he had been running right into it.

<You’re pathetic.> Nazo glared at her as the dust began to clear. <You didn’t even know what would happen when you absorbed those Shadow Pokémon...And you call yourself a powerful being. You have yet to even touch me!> He lunged again, although this time she stepped to the side, forcing him to turn and lunge once more. It turned into an intricate dance of dodging and attacking, as the poison steadily worked him down.

Upon getting closer to the soldiers, she unleashed an Aura Sphere which knocked him over. Upon getting up, he felt something strike him in the back – a bullet – and turned to glare angrily at the older soldier who had let it loose, only to have something shoot forward and latch onto his burned chest. It appeared to be a machine of some sort, with thin wires attached to a smaller machine which the Electabuzz was holding.

Realization hit, and he tried to pry off the device before he was paralyzed by a powerful Thunderbolt attack. He stumbled from the damage, before the Oddish ran up and began to release a green powder which clung thickly to his eyes. “I...I can’t...I WON’T GIVE IN!” He roared out, another string of electricity shooting through his body as the Oddish continued her dance around him. He gave another attempt to break free that equalled another electrocution, but this did not quell his yells of defiance.

While Mitsumae actually look slightly amused by the display, she sat down, watching and making sure neither of the Pokémon would get hit if Nazo managed to launch another attack. Iyoku, although he seemed dismayed with what was happening, knew it had to be done. Shadow gazed on with a face that betrayed no emotion, even as Nazo ceased his shouts.

After another minute or so, the hedgehog wobbled on his feet as the Sleep Powder finally began to take him down. “Looks like...I lost.” He admitted, before sleep – or more likely, complete unconsciousness – overtook him as he collapsed. The Electabuzz pressed a button to retract the device, although the GUN soldiers kept their weapons trained on the hedgehog, the younger one seeming quite proud at what his Oddish had accomplished.

However, it was then that the Umbreon Monogatari got to her paws, her crimson eyes trained on the large city to the east. Iyoku was a little surprised by the sudden movement, but when he moved his gaze to the same area she had, he saw why. The sky above the city both he and Shadow had been in before was smothered in hordes of clouds and was pelting the ground below with a constant downpour of hail, rain and lightning.

Within the blink of an eye, Mitsumae had darted off towards the human settlement with incredible speed and vanished into the foliage. Iyoku was tempted to follow as well, but he knew the source of the gigantic storm that had been brewing while they’d been in combat – Kyogre and Groudon were back.

Shadow got to his feet as well, although it was obvious it was difficult for him. He glanced at the younger of the two soldiers. “Get on the radio and find out the status of the city and residents. Advise extreme caution.” The soldier stared for a moment, before fumbling half-heartedly for the radio. “NOW!” The black hedgehog suddenly shouted, apparently enraged by his underling’s lack of understanding to how serious the situation was.

Iyoku raised an eyebrow at Shadow’s sudden anger, although he could understand why it was warranted. However, he glanced at Nazo, briefly wondering what to do about his condition. The negative energy he controls stems from the seed; so since his abilities are more powerful now, that stone must not have been the only adjustment Reiki made.

<What are you thinking, Iyoku?> Lilac questioned, having been silent for most of the battle.

The grey hedgehog glanced at her before speaking. “...I think Reiki may have tampered with the seed that controls Nazo’s energy; if we can get a look at it; that should explain what’s happened. I don’t know how to do that though – we can’t use the same way I did as before since Uxie’s not here.”

“Seed?” The older GUN soldier stated, before shaking his head. He had been doing his job by keeping his rifle trained on the fallen hedgehog. “Well, I don’t know if this will help, but why not try ripping it out? There isn’t much left to lose in his case. At least, not from what an old soldier like me has observed.” He glanced at Shadow who was impatiently waiting with the younger soldier a ways off to get the report back in, feeling a bit sorry for the kid.

Iyoku was silent for a few moments. “There is an attack that could do that, but it’d have a pretty high risk of tearing out his soul as well.”

“Well, you could always leave him to his fate, but I don’t think you will. Why bother going through all the trouble to subdue him instead of killing him?” He proposed. “There really is no winning in this situation, and I apologize if I am out of line...But high risk yields high reward.”

Iyoku sighed, realizing the human was right. There truly wasn’t any other option, and putting it off meant Nazo himself would continue to suffer. Forming the attack on his hand, he focused his Aura to try and best pinpoint the area it was located before carefully trying to pick the seed using the Shadow Claw. Being gentle with such an attack was unusual for him, so his progress was painfully slow.

When at last he was certain that he had not damaged the soul – to his knowledge – he pulled with a firm grip, producing what he was hoping for; a small sphere of darkness that pulsed, exactly the same as he had found in Nazo’s soul. This raised the question that perhaps the seed spanned both physical and spiritual realms at the same time, but he decided not to think too hard on the subject for risk of giving himself a headache over something he wouldn’t know on his own. The way he had pulled out the seed had it turned sideways, so the strands which held it in place were also in that position despite the fact he knew they were really on the top and bottom. He also had to stay close, as the strands were taught; if he pulled anymore they would snap and wind up killing the hedgehog.

“That’s it? That tiny little thing gives him all his powers? It’s no bigger than a half-dollar!” The soldier exclaimed, shaking his head. “I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, though. There are a lot of mysteries in this world that can’t be given a proper explanation.”

Iyoku nodded, but upon closer observation, he noted two red strands mixed in with the black ones that were connected to the seed. These definitely weren’t there last time, and there’s a large amount of negative energy coming from them. It’s not the same as the rest of what’s coming off the seed, so... While he knew the best course of action would be to remove the red strands, he also knew that he had to be careful in doing so – they were close enough to the black ones that one miscalculated move could sever enough to kill the other hedgehog.

The problem was, his sword was far too large to get through, and the older soldier noticed his dilemma, tossing him a pocketknife. He parted the strands on one side with his hand to the best of his ability, reaching forward with the tinier knife. Iyoku felt the first signs of nervousness, but he shoved it to the back of his mind knowing it could make him mess up far more easily. Pressing the blade to the strand and channelling a little bit of Aura through it, it cut it easily, the strand dissolving from the loss of connection.

A small tendril darted out from the seed onto Iyoku’s hand, and he forced himself to hold still. He then became aware of a probing sensation, before quickly realizing the seed was reading his Aura. This made him realize that it was, at least, more sentient than he had previously thought, and it was confirmed when the tendril retracted and nothing else happened. It clearly remembered his Aura and how he had helped before, that much was clear.

The other – and last – strand was painfully easy to cut, as he no longer had to hold the strands apart – they parted for him, no doubt sensing and approving of his actions. After that, he allowed the Shadow Claw that had been holding the seed to dissolve, causing it to retreat back into Nazo’s forehead.

When he got to his feet, he handed the pocketknife back with a quick word of thanks before looking back in the direction of the storm clouds that had been noticed earlier. His eyes narrowed slightly when he noticed they’d grown much larger in size, nearly up to the area they were in at the moment. Taking another Poké Ball out of his bag, he enlarged it before releasing the Aveeon out of his confines. “Shourai, can you tell how big that storm’s going to be?” He questioned.

The Flying type’s maroon eyes had already found the source of Iyoku’s slight unease and a few moments passed before he gave a reply. <I can’t tell how big it’s going to get, but unless Kyogre and Groudon are taken care of soon, it’s possible this storm could destroy the region.> He said with a shake of his head.

<That isn’t good...But we can’t do much of anything.> Lilac wondered, shaking her head. She glanced over to Shadow, who had taken possession of the radio and was actively giving commands to whoever was on the other side. <...Wonder what Shadow intends to do? He’s barking more than I do.>

<Odds are they’re going to evacuate the city,> Yaiba spoke up, <if they don’t, most if not all of the population will be killed. However, that action will have been useless if there’s no way to stop those two.>

<Well, hopefully Mitsumae will be able to handle them. She’s stronger than Naomi, and Naomi handled them pretty well!>

“They weren’t as corrupted back then, though.” Iyoku pointed out. “Even if Mitsumae can handle them, it’s still entirely possible that the city would be demolished in the process.”

“Which is why I’m going to help.” Shadow’s voice cut into the conversation as he approached, shaking his head. “I may not be able to fight in my condition, but someone has to run the evacuation process. A helicopter is on its way to pick us up,” he glanced at the young soldier, “and transport us to the city. Normally I would go there myself, but I want to gather as much time as I can to restore my strength and get a good view of the situation.”

“You sure that’s a good idea?” The younger hedgehog questioned. “Since Kyogre and Groudon will be giving off alot of negative energy and will be so close to the coastline at the same time, it’s likely that’s what you’ll end up using to recuperate.”

“Then so be it. Eventually I will succumb to the same insanity that has claimed them. The least I can do is help until that fateful event occurs.” Shadow responded evenly, although there was the barest hint of sorrow mixed into his voice as he spoke. He noticed Iyoku’s blank expression – although he swore he caught a hint of shock as well. “Iyoku, I am the chaos equivalent to a Legendary. My abilities are connected to the tower just as much as theirs; Chaos Energy is eventually going to collapse just like everything else. However, I am feeling the disturbances.” He glanced at the clouds above. “In other words, the very same thing that is turning the Legendaries into Shadow Pokémon is doing the exact same thing to me. I will, within time, become just as rabid and dangerous as my soul collapses.”

Iyoku was silent for a few seconds afterwards before he spoke again. “How long have you known about that?”

Shadow crossed his arms and thought. How long had he known, actually? “To be honest, I am not really that sure. I just...Do. Instinct, perhaps? I would love to give you an actual date, Iyoku, but I am afraid it escapes me.” He redirected his ruby gaze back to Iyoku. “...What is wrong? You seem a bit disturbed. Was it something I said?”

In return, all he received was an annoyed look.

“Touchy.” Shadow redirected his gaze up to the skies as a low humming sound was heard. “Seems they will be here very soon. Now,” he turned to eye the older soldier, “you stay here to watch Nazo. While I doubt he will be a threat anytime soon, should he attempt to attack...You have authority to put a bullet or two in him. He’ll survive.” Now he looked at Iyoku. “You should stay here as well. Should Nazo wake up...He will need you by his side. I don’t know when he’ll wake up, however.”

The grey hedgehog nodded in response. “Hopefully his personality will have returned to normal.” He didn’t bother trying to explain to the soldiers that Nazo wasn’t usually a conniving murderer; he had his doubts they would believe him.

“Or as normal as it can be, considering the circumstances.” By now, the large metal frame of a GUN military helicopter had appeared on the horizon, its many blades cutting the air to keep itself aloft. Shadow, however, was looking in a different direction, eyes a little distant. “I sense Sonic and Suicune on their way to help. This is good...We are guaranteed to win with his help.” The steel behemoth was hovering a good distance up, but the noise was still obnoxiously loud. From it, a rope ladder was sent down to which the younger soldier began clambering up...With some difficulty, as the winds buffeted the ladder to make it swing more wildly.

Iyoku raised an eyebrow. “What makes you say that?” He questioned.

Grabbing onto the rope, Shadow glanced back at Iyoku. “He stopped me.” With only a hand signal, the rope was hauled up with the hedgehog on it. A quick flash of light, however; and the familiar red shape of Sear appeared on the ground, no doubt to keep a handle on things. After that, the great metallic beast above changed direction, quickly moving towards the city for perhaps one of the biggest battles of all time.

Ways to calm down angry hedgehogs: Burn, paralyze, poison, and put them to sleep. Another option is to enrage them to the point they run head on into an attack fired by what is essentially a godly being.

Also, Shadow is a zombie apparently. His brain was showing. For shame.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Three Up!

This is where stuff starts to pick up. So does the wind. HAHAHAHAHA.

Also, sorry about the odd way this chapter is cut up. There was just too much for two posts, but not enough to make it look like three whole ones. It's like...Two and a half.

Chapter Seventy-Five

As the fox-like Pokémon darted through the slowly-emptying streets, her true form remained unseen by most people – only to the few who had met the Legendaries themselves did her Aura retain its visibility; to everyone else, she was merely a purple-ringed Umbreon that was a fair bit taller than the normal members of her species. A few of the soldiers – bearing the same uniform as the previous two – had tried to stop her, but she eluded them easily as she continued further towards the beach area.

Coming to a stop in an alley, she saw what she had been seeking as her crimson-eyed gaze wandered upwards, tracking how well she would be able to make the jump. The Dark Type crouched as she prepared herself before launching onto one of the walls. Before the force of gravity could drag her down, she jumped quickly to the other wall about ten feet away before repeating the motion, making her way up the sides of the buildings relatively quickly.

A crack of lightning arced in the air above as she made a final leap, resulting in a flying exit from the alleyway; the Dark Type twisted in the air, landing easily on her paws upon the roof. Immediately, she noticed the wind speed pick up considerably, although it wasn’t nearly enough to drive her off of the roof of the building; in addition, thunder rumbled ominously in the skies above. As she glanced downwards, she noted that the streets closer to the beaches were now completely empty, although the other citizens elsewhere in the city had yet to fully evacuate.

Helicopters of all sorts struggled in the winds, although the weaker news helicopters suffered the worst, occasionally having to use the body of the more heavily built ones to regain altitude or control. The ones owned by GUN blared orders to those below, issuing commands while the soldiers on the ground directed people to safety. Of greatest importance were the hospitals, which a majority of the force were currently airlifting the inhabitants to safety.

Of all the helicopters, one caught her attention as she sensed the exhausted aura of the inhabitant inside. While seemingly raising an eyebrow, she shook her head a little. However, she had expected Shadow to show up despite the risks of the extra negative energy in the area.

As for Shadow, he was issuing commands over the radio, leaning out from the helicopter to try to view the distance. He could sense Kyogre and Groudon easily – it would have been overwhelming if not for him being used to the feeling – but as of now he could not see them. He hoped that Groudon’s ability to bring bright sunlight would win over the downpour Kyogre brought, even if for just a few minutes, as it would greatly help with evacuations.

“Sir, we’ve got fighter jets on the way.” The co-pilot stated, glancing at the hedgehog.

He shook his head. “Negative. Pull them off until we get a decent view of the situation. We have no visual on the targets, and flying blindly in that storm against such powerful adversaries is certain death. If someone gets hit out there…They’re as good as dead with the sea as angry as it is.” He glanced over.

“But sir, we need air support. We won’t be able to hold them back on our own!”

“I never said we would be alone, did I?” This earned him a look. “Trust me…We have some powerful allies of our own. One of which is already here, and another two are on their way. We don’t need to risk lives carelessly. Wait for an opening. No matter how skilled the pilot, flying blindly is just as risky as underestimating the opponent.” However, a voice soon reached his ears. Or, rather, his mind due to the fact that the aforementioned ally contacted him through telepathy.

<How are the evacuations going?> Mitsumae questioned. <It won’t be much longer before Kyogre and Groudon become visible. I’d recommend having the pilots land the jets and helicopters by that point.>

<The hospitals are taking longer than expected. We have begun converting news helicopters to help, but that is only an extra ten or so aircraft. I’ve already given orders for the jets to stand down and wait. Should an opening in the weather thanks to Groudon’s ability occur, they will fly in and strike before quickly leaving. They have the ability to be in and out of range in a short period of time, which is a blessing in a fight such as this. I have no desire for lives to be wasted. The stronger helicopters, such as the one I’m in, are built for extreme conditions. Should the hospitals still not be evacuated, they will remain in use until such a time as they are no longer needed. The smaller helicopters will land, however. You can clearly see them struggling as it is. I commend them for their bravery and desire to help.> The response was clear, concise, and to the point.

When she replied, there was a tint of warning in her telepathy. <Regardless, you’ll need to have them land once those two come into view. The pilots never grew up with Pokémon and have no real inkling of just how much Kyogre and Groudon’s close prescence will alter the atmosphere. They will have extreme difficulties in staying airborne, let alone attacking.>

<Not an option for the hospitals. I understand the concern, but they were chosen to be pilots because of their ability to adjust to changing situations. They are not stupid, and I have made it clear to them that this is the first time they will experience weather like this. The jet fighters may perform flybys to gauge the weather and get used to it, without actually being caught in the worst of the storm… Whether or not they get a chance to attack is ultimately up to Kyogre and Groudon.> The helicopter rocked a little as a powerful downdraft threatened to smash it into one of the buildings, but the pilots held it steady long enough to ride out the surge of air current before ascending safely over. <Case in point, as it were. Such ironic timing....>

This time, it was a few moments before she replied. <Fine. However, you don’t have to worry too much about the planes getting the worst of the storm. I got some help on the way to the fight with Nazo.> Her crimson eyes scanned the cloud-choked skies. <They will be along soon enough. It will take them a little bit of time to...Prepare.> She finished, slightly amused at the end.

<Overkill. Nazo stood no chance, yet you wanted to call in extra help? No wonder he doesn’t like you.> Came the light response. <Sonic, Tails, and Suicune are on their way, although I have a feeling Tails will not fight. His X-Tornado is powerful, but he does not have it right now…And I doubt Sonic will let him fight anyway.>

<That may be for the better. Once the reinforcements I spoke of get here, the airspace over the battlefield will be very limited. It will be much less safer than it is now.> She stated dryly.

<All the more reason I hope Groudon’s Drought kicks in. It will be a bad mistake.> Shadow mused, rubbing his head as he felt the beginning of a migraine. He concealed any discomfort from who he was communicating with, however.

<It wasn’t a particularly good idea to come back, you know; especially when your body will be absorbing the bad Aura from Kyogre and Groudon to recover lost energy.>

Shadow smirked, although he knew she couldn’t see it. <I am well aware of that. However, the soldiers here needed someone who knew what was going on and immediate command. I am the protector of living beings...It is my job to ensure everyone survives.>

As if on cue, the sun came out from behind the clouds – although the rain and hail was still pouring heavily from the sky – revealing more light for the soldiers to work with. However, the heat intensified several times thanks to Groudon’s ability, forcing the landed helicopters to take off into the wind once more or be melted where they stood.

Shadow noted one helicopter was visibly struggling against the wind on a nearby roof, and he jumped off from the aircraft before winking out in a flash of blue light only to reappear beneath it. Using his strength, he lifted the news chopper – with some struggling – up so it gained just enough height for the pilot to get sufficient lift, before it took off into the air to deliver its cargo.

As it was, the roof of the building the helicopter had taken off from happened to be that of the hospital. “Well Shadow, I figured it wouldn’t be long until you showed up again. How did you cure the poison, though?” A familiar white cat questioned. Shira still wore the same hospital uniform she had before, and thanks to the white material and the natural snowy color of her pelt, she was among the least-affected by the sudden heat wave brought on by Groudon’s ability.

He glanced at her. “Long story short, I was forced into a form composed of liquid Chaos Energy which cured it. I have used up a majority of my energy, however. That is why I will not be fighting Kyogre and Groudon, when they finally show themselves.”

She nodded. “I had a feeling they were responsible for the storm. Naomi warned me that the weather would start becoming worse very quickly; I didn’t expect a storm of quite this magnitude so soon, though.” However, she gave him a look upon his mentioning that he wouldn’t be fighting the two Legendaries. “If you aren’t, then who will? It’s likely the GUN forces here are prepared to do something, but I have my doubts it’ll be enough to damage those two much.”

“You are correct. The fighters GUN has ready to attack will not do much. However, Naomi is one of two good Monogatari remaining...The other is here, preparing.” Having figured that she had met Naomi, she no doubt knew about the Monogatari. “Iyoku is with Nazo currently, so neither of them will be able to assist. However...Sonic and Suicune are on their way to help, so the city is in good hands.”

“That’s good; we’ll need all the help we can get. According to legend, Kyogre and Groudon nearly destroyed the world when they last fought.”

“Good thing Sonic is used to saving the world from rampaging giant monsters.” Shadow shot back dully, growling inwardly to himself. The heat was baking him alive, and the developing migraine had matured to the point of consuming his head with its pulsing beat. “Shira, how much is the hospital evacuated?”

“We’re nearly done here,” she said in reply, “there are only a few more patients left. They’re waiting down below so they don’t worsen their condition by being out in the storm and heat wave.”

Shadow nodded. “All right. There are already more helicopters coming back, so it should be finished soon enough.” He glanced upwards at the sky, growling. “The storm needs to weaken a little more from Groudon’s ability before the fighters can come in. After that is done, I can only hope the storm comes back in. The negativity in the rain will not be good for my health, but neither is this damn heat.”

Shira agreed as a small Aura Sphere formed in one of her hands before she launched it at a chunk of melon-sized hail, destroying it before it could cause any damage to the landing section where the helicopters were going to be.

<Mitsumae...What are you going to do when they appear?> Shadow telepathically sent, nodding at Shira in response to her destroying the hail. To be honest, he hadn’t even seen it coming, too distracted by his growing pain and annoyance to really notice. <I am on top of the hospital, if you wish to speak with me in person. The Aura User Shira is up here as well, and has informed me that the hospital is nearly completely evacuated.> He motioned for a GUN helicopter to land. Due to its larger size, it could carry two critical patients with their equipment. If the patients weren’t that bad, they could carry more...Meaning the evacuation process could be done that much more quickly, which was a key element.

<Once they reveal themselves, we will keep them at bay until the evacuation is done.> Came the Umbreon Monogatari’s approving reply upon hearing more of the situation. <Once that is complete, we’ll drive them back into the ocean so their abilities become null until they can regain their energy again. Hopefully the Tower will be restored by that point in time.>

Meanwhile, Shira had gone down into the room below the roof of the hospital before she came back out, wheeling a wheelchair along a ramp that led upwards from where the patient – a tawny colored dog – using it had been waiting. Shortly after she exited the doorway, another nurse came through with a duplicate of the normally self-mobile transportation equipment. After the two chairs had been wheeled into the helicopter, the blades atop the machine chopped the air in a pounding rhythm to get airborne before flying to the west, out of range of the storm and to one of the other cities in the region.

<All right, although Kyogre will be at an advantage over Groudon in the ocean…I can only hope they will leave each other alone for that time.> He listened to the radio, inwardly cringing upon hearing a news chopper had gone down from clipping a building in a blast of wind. The damage was not too severe, and repairs were under way, although it was difficult due to another helicopter buffeting them with wind in order to keep them – and the damaged aircraft – cool. <I can only hope the Tower is restored. I would rather not wind up going insane like those two have.>

While he couldn’t see the Monogatari, it wasn’t hard to tell that she was likely smirking as she delivered her next statement. <After the beating we’ll give them, they’ll have no choice but to stop fighting each other in order to heal.>

<Hmph. Save a piece for me, Mitsumae. As weakened as I may be, I am not out of the race yet. Between you and Sonic taking shots, there will not be anything left for the rest of us!> He mused, a slight tint of humour in his telepathy.

<Hey; first come, first served.> She said non-chalantly.

<Sounds like we are serving at a restaurant. In this case, the main course is an ass kicking.> Shadow stated, glancing at Shira. “Will a GUN helicopter be able to carry the remaining patients? I would rather have one helicopter pick them up than multiple aircraft, as it increases the chances of someone getting hurt.”

The white feline returned his glance as she thought for a few moments. “...It would be a little crowded, but it could be possible. The last person waiting to get out has an IV cable, so it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to be jolted around too much.” She returned her gaze to the clouds. “I suppose that’s inevitable in a storm like this though.”

“It’s impossible to have a smooth ride in air like this, yes.” The hedgehog called out using the radio he had been holding, summoning one of the large aircraft. “Shira, I don’t think you should fight when they show up. Aura User or not, it will be incredibly dangerous. I cannot force you to leave, however. Should you stay, you will be here with me, relatively safe.” He was tentative using the word “safe”, knowing full well they weren’t. Compared to Sonic or Mitsumae who would be getting up close and personal, however, they were in a paradise.

“I’ll be staying here. Naomi gave me the ability to utilize Aura for a reason; it’d be foolish of me to not put it to use when the chance comes.” As she said this, one of her hands went into the left pocket on her jacket, taking out a blue and black Luxury Ball. The occupant was released in a brilliant burst of light before the Pokémon was revealed to be a bipedal, sea weasel-like creature with twin tails that allowed fast propulsion through the water. “And since Touza’s evolved now, she’ll be able to help as well. Since she’s a Water Type, it’s likely she’ll be able to read most of Kyogre’s movements.” She said with a nod at the shiny Floatzel who now had her blue eyes trained on the coastline.

Shadow nodded. “I suppose so. That reminds me...” Focusing on the small object he desired, a plain Poké Ball appeared in a flash of Chaos Control, and from it Kabops emerged. “I left Sear with Iyoku and Nazo, as he is weak to the elements. Kabops, however...”

<Yessir Boss! I’ll handle this no problem!> The jolly Kabutops stated, clicking his scythes together. He noticed Touza and Shira, giving a bow. <Laaaaaadies~>

“Stop flirting.” Shadow stated dryly, shaking his head.

The cat and Floatzel exchanged glances before the latter shrugged, returning her eyes to the beach where Kyogre and Groudon were going to appear. <It won’t be long now; they’ll be showing up very soon.> The Water Type stated.

<I’ll go down to the beach, Boss.> The Kabutops stated, and after hearing a word of caution from Shadow, took off hopping down the rooftops.

“Well then,” Shadow stated, gesturing towards an incoming chopper, “I suppose we should get the rest of the people onboard. Mitsumae warned me that once they appeared, the situation would get much worse. This is the largest hospital in the city – which means it is likely the others have already been evacuated.” He said.

After her Pokémon had joined Kabops by using Aqua Jet to launch off the roof of the building, Shira looked back at Shadow and then towards the helicopter he’d motioned to. With a nod of her head, she was quick to go back to the door that led into the hospital, quickly ushering the four remaining patients to the landing pad after the helicopter had descended.

Shadow helped them into the chopper, securing them safely before signalling the pilot to take off. He radioed the others, hearing the reports that while people were done being lifted out of the hospitals, there were still people in the city. The hedgehog promptly ordered the news helicopters to leave the area, while warning the remaining GUN helicopters that the storm was about to get several times worse. The fighters asked if they would be cleared to attack, and his response was simple; “you probably won’t ever be able to attack at this rate”. However, in case he was wrong, he ordered them to remain idle and ready to take off at the first word.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Three Up!

In the meantime, Shira had kept an eye on the ocean, noticing two hulking figures growing closer and closer every few minutes. Shadow glanced in the direction of the ocean as well, shaking his head as his senses clearly picked up the enemies approaching. To be perfectly honest, his fur was standing on end, and he was barely stopping himself from growling as he sensed the power. He forced himself to remain calm, having to remember that the negativity was affecting him and that growing angry would not solve any problems.

While the feline Aura User could no doubt sense Kyogre’s and Groudon’s overwhelmingly powerful presence by now as well, an eerie calm seemed to have come over her in preparation for the coming battle, despite the fact she likely wouldn’t be fighting.

The black hedgehog glanced over as he began sensing the weaker – but rapidly growing stronger – presence of Sonic drawing closer. “Sonic will be here shortly, and to that extent Suicune as well. That is good.” Clasping his hands together, he focused as he drew upon his abilities. He’d never attempted to use the ability outside of his Biodragon Form, but he had realized that anything was within his reach in terms of Chaos Abilities. To his satisfaction, blue orbs of positive energy formed around both him and Shira, although he was left feeling moderately drained after using Chaos Orb.

She nodded. “Suicune will be more resilient to negative energy as well, since she was exposed to so much of it.”

Shadow shook his head. “Maybe, but I was informed that she turned into a Shadow Pokémon briefly until Sonic saved her.” He stated calmly, rubbing his head. “All of them are used to it, but it still wasn’t enough. That shows how powerful Shadow Energy is.” It was ironic he had the same name as it, but he shrugged it off. It sounded much better than “Evil Energy”, after all.

“No, she’s been turned into a full Shadow Pokémon before. During the first ‘Shadow Incident’, as they’re referred to now, an organization known as Cipher captured Suicune, Raikou and Entei and turned them into artificial Shadow Pokémon.” She paused. “A few years after the company had been taken down, it was revived by the head of the operations and they turned Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres into Shadow Pokémon as well. They were stopped both times, but…”

“People wonder why the Legendary Pokémon avoid anything other than Pokémon. Humanity, and to a lesser extent, others, can be greedy. That being said, I learned there are good natured people out there. The others don’t really seem to care and only look at the bad side of the situation.” He glanced away. “I know the feeling of being used for your power. It is not the most...Pleasant, I should say. Although I was lucky and was never truly forced into it.”

She nodded in reply before giving her response. “I get the feeling that doesn’t happen often though; you obviously didn’t obtain your position in GUN for nothing.”

“No, it doesn’t. The last one who attempted to use me was Black Doom, the one my blood came from...Attempting to use me while I suffered from amnesia and doubted who I really was. Needless to say, I do not appreciate having someone trying to control me.” Shadow stated, recalling the Black Arms incident. “Some people question why I would join the organization responsible for Maria’s death, Gerald’s execution, and my own imprisonment for fifty years. They have realized they were wrong about Professor Gerald, just as I realized I was wrong about humanity. The past is the past...It cannot be changed, only remembered. I was very nearly consumed by my anger and revenge; I don’t wish that fate on anyone else. I was created – and I also swore it – to protect life, and GUN protects the world. It was in both of our best interests to join forces.”

Shira was thoughtful for a few moments. “...You may want to propose an alliance with the Pokémon Rangers then; they’re effectively the ‘police force’ of this world in the same manner that GUN was before the worlds fused. They use very little machinery because they can call on the help of many Pokémon to accomplish tasks that would be impossible to do otherwise, even with equipment that’s as advanced as your organization.”

“The word ‘impossible’ does not exist, in my experience.” Shadow responded curtly, folding his arms. “As it is, it is not my job to propose alliances. That would be the Commander, although I can certainly advise him to do so.” He shifted his weight, clearly growing edgy but not nervous. “Damn negativity...”

The cat raised an eyebrow at this. I would say he should have stayed out of range of all the energy that’s being put off right now, but I doubt he would listen anyways.

<Boss! They’re coming!> Both were jolted out of their thoughts by the Kabutops’ sudden remark. <One giant blue whale with big fins and an armoured red lizard with spikes...That’s Kyogre and Groudon, I’m sure of it. Their markings are glowing too, so they are really using their abilities. Is Sonic almost here, Boss?>

Shadow glanced off into the distance, narrowing his eyes. <Yes, he is.> He glanced at Shira, as his Pokémon had also telepathically told her and likely Mitsumae. “Sonic will be here shortly... Although I will admit, something is different about his energy, and it is not in a good way.” He stated, burying the discomfort he was currently in to focus on the task at hand. “In the meantime, we will have to make do with what we have.”

The Aura User nodded in return. “Hopefully that will be enough.” However, just as she said this, a blast of orange energy – recognizable as a Hyper Beam – flew forth from the area Shadow’s Pokémon had pointed out. Before either Shadow or Shira could react, an Aura Sphere shot forth from the roof of one of the buildings ahead, revealing the Umbreon Monogatari’s position as the Fighting Type move obliterated the Hyper Beam within half a second of it being launched.

The black hedgehog uttered a curse, growling. I didn’t even see it coming. Lifting his hands, he worked the Chaos Orbs into a more dome-like shape, although the side behind them was left unprotected due to it not facing the two Shadow Legendaries. This also served to reinforce the front, although he tried to keep it so they could see what was going on. Taking out the radio, he demanded to know how well evacuations were doing. While most of the city was deserted, there were still areas that needed to be done. He promptly ordered the helicopters to leave the area and to leave the rest of the evacuations to the soldiers on foot with their vehicles.

Shira’s pupils took on the glow of Aura Sight, but almost immediately, she returned her vision to normal, shaking her head while trying to dispel a headache that had come on. “It’s like being blinded, but with darkness.” She muttered, annoyed. “I won’t be able to see any of their attacks in advance; it doesn’t look like Mitsumae will have any issues though.”

“Yes, they are giving off a lot of darkness, but I should be able to sense surges in power needed for attacks. I can sense the natural energies of those around me, and they are almost completely consumed by that darkness. Now I realize, however, what it was that made me concerned with Sonic’s energy; it is heavily tainted with the same negative energy.” Shadow stated softly. “I don’t know how or why, however. We shall have to ask him ourselves.” The hedgehog was already beginning to build up energy for attacks that he could use to counter other techniques, although he felt his migraine flair from the effort.

The white feline nodded as an Aura Sphere formed in one of her hands – while she wasn’t able to use Aura Sight to predict any future moves, she figured it would still be a good idea to provide any extra firepower since the black hedgehog would be able to sense it much easier than she would.

“You must realize, however, that we are not the focus of their rage.” Shadow stated calmly, already sensing more energy building up. “To them...We are mere collateral until we get their attention. It is likely they will focus on me or Mitsumae due to our strength...I, a demigod, and her, a Monogatari.” He had seen her form an Aura Sphere, but he cringed inside. She wouldn’t be able to block an attack from them, as there was simply too much power. <Mitsumae, when will we get a visual? Shira cannot use her Aura Sight, and I can only sense when they are building energy – like they are now – but I cannot predict where they will attack.>

<If you want, I can give you what I’ve been seeing at the moment. I suggest you brace yourself though; Uxie’s told me that he allowed you to see with his Aura Sight before, but there was considerably less going on than there is now.> She warned them, speaking to both Shira and Shadow.

<We don’t have a choice. I am confident I can handle it, as Uxie did it when the three future Rogues were around. Still, I will stand a bit away from the edge of the roof to prevent any accidents...Such as me falling off.> He mused dryly, doing just that. <If you wish – and if you even can – you can tap into what I am sensing in the energy. It is far more accurate when determining attacks and their types than Aura is, although it is more difficult due to many of their attacks being so polluted by the darkness.>

<We’ll see what happens.> She stated before going silent; a few seconds later, the means of vision the white feline and black hedgehog had before them changed drastically. Thanks to this, it was also revealed that the Monogatari’s Aura Sight covered a huge amount of ground; they could sense everything from the emotions of the people whom had yet to evacuate and the soldiers who were helping them to leave as quickly as possible, to the negativity in every drop of rain that fell from the clouded skies above. However, perhaps most prominently, they were able to easily see – laden severely with dark energy – the two large Legendaries just off the coastline.

Shadow swayed slightly before deciding the best course of action was to lock his legs to prevent collapse while he tried to sort out just what the hell was going on, although he had closed his eyes as it had been too much sensory detail otherwise. He pushed the negativity of the rain and the people to the back of his mind, focusing solely on Kyogre and Groudon lest he be overwhelmed and knocked out. In the mean time, he allowed Mitsumae to access his own senses, although he knew she would feel the effect the negativity was having on him, he was not concerned. He debated if allowing Shira access would be a good idea, however since they were at the moment joined by Mitsumae, she would gain access unless he didn’t share it with Mitsumae at all...Leaving him no choice in the matter.

He could only hope she wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the dark energy that he had both built up and absorbed, as it was significantly more concentrated than a tiny rain drop...Or millions of them.

Fortunately, Mitsumae had sensed his hesitance, and prevented Shira from gaining access to the ability before it had a chance to reach her.

<I forgot it was from your point of view, Mitsumae. The feeling is like being in two places at once – your Aura Sight, my vision. This did not happen with Uxie, and frankly, I feel a bit sick from it. At least I did not fall off the building.> Carefully, he opened his eyes, although the disorienting feeling remained very strong. He had great difficulty in coordinating his body from the different viewpoints. <They are going to launch more attacks. It feels like...Hydro Pump and Mud Shot. Kyogre will win from using the stronger move – I don’t sense Groudon building up a counterattack. They are simply too blind from pain to think of it.>

A tint of amusement was sensed from the Monogatari at the black hedgehog’s first statement before she spoke again. <Fortunately, Groudon’s Drought is still in effect, so the Hydro Pump won’t do as much. It won’t remain that way for long though.>

<It will still be more than enough to break the Mud Shot. But enough of this talk...We need to do something!> Shadow growled slightly, suddenly annoyed. <This is rather infuriating! We need to stop them, yet we do nothing. Reinforcements will be here soon enough – for now we need to start wearing them down before they kill each other.> Normally he would be content to watch, but not now. This was a time for action!

<Agreed. But, I advise you stay here so you can block any attacks that come too close to the city. It’s not likely you can maneuver on the ocean with weather conditions like this anyways.> With that, she leapt off the roof of the building she had been standing on before landing on the roof of the one in front of it. Following the same pattern, it wasn’t long before she’d arrived in the thick of the storm, and as she cleared the last of the buildings, Aura collected on the bottom of her paws, allowing her to land on and easily run upon the water with the same technique as Suicune would.

<I suppose. If a shot opens up however, I will take it.> He responded dryly.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Three Up!

In the meantime, Kabops could now see the Monogatari. He was floating in the water with Shira’s Floatzel, but he made sure to contact her. <Oi! Glad to have some back up. I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about hitting them...Maybe gouging out Kyogre’s eyes? These scythes would make quick work of them!> The water was proving difficult even for the Water Types, but once they got moving it would become easier.

The purple-ringed Umbreon glanced at him. <Depends how willing you are to get hit. Kyogre can use the Thunder technique, and something tells me it won’t be long before-> She glanced upwards as the sky darkened considerably thanks to the clouds covering the sun back up, revealing that Groudon’s Drought had been overpowered. <...Yeah. Watch for Thunder. He’ll use that attack any chance he can get now.> She stated dryly.

Kabops shrugged. <I get hit, I get hit. Boss’ ability to sense energy building up will help us.> He stated, floundering slightly as a wave toppled over him before he resurfaced. <In that case…I’ll take Groudon. With this rain, I’m much faster because of Swift Swim, and my own attacks will be empowered.>

She snorted. <Don’t get hit by any physical attacks from those two – if you do, pray that death follows or you’ll quickly be forced into the same state they are right now.> She said as Groudon gave a roar before splitting the ground beneath the sea with an Earthquake attack.

The Kabutops cocked his head at this, but stated nothing as the water began to cascade into the crevasse. He suddenly lunged forward as he was enveloped in an Aqua Jet, and the added bonus of his ability made him speed up even more. He circled around Groudon – who was too distracted glaring and growling at Kyogre to see such a tiny figure – before approaching the armored tail. Leaping up, his claws clinked as he landed, although the searing heat made him quickly take off.

It was simple enough for him to scale the Continent Pokémon’s back, running at such a high speed having prevented him from burning himself. Approaching the helmet, he leapt off down beside Groudon’s left eye, looking straight into the eye of the Shadow Legendary as he scraped his blades together.

<SURPRISE!> He called cheerfully, scythes lit up with energy and even stronger from the Hone Claws he had just used. Bringing the Slash attack down, they sank easily into the creature’s mammoth eye, rending the softer tissue apart. To add insult to injury, Kabops sprayed boiling hot water onto the wound before using Aqua Jet to escape from the wrath of his wounded opponent, recalling the words Mitsumae had said just minutes prior.

Giving a furious primal roar, the colossal Ground Type’s jaws opened, spewing forth a blazing, white-hot Fire Blast; while the rain would normally hamper such an attack, the water was vaporized before it could make contact with the Fire type move. However, the Pokémon was soon knocked nearly onto her side as a massive wave came crashing into her body from the left side thanks to a Surf attack by Touza. The Floatzel was extremely skilled in her craft, riding away from Groudon on the wave before her opponent could deliver a retaliatory move.

In the meantime, Mitsumae had taken the initiative and leapt into the air, her passage through it being unhampered by the rough winds thanks to her Aura abilities. The dual-bladed sword came into view upon her back once more, although as she spun it towards the gigantic whale, several large, wickedly sharp shards of crystallized Aura flung themselves off and flew towards Kyogre with reckless abandon. Not one missed its target, and the Sea Basin Pokémon let out a frustrated shriek as the shards embedded themselves into his back.

Kabops scrambled from the descending Fire Blast, diving straight down into the ocean to avoid the attack. It sizzled above him, but the Kabutops descended at such a rapid pace it fizzled out before ever reaching him. Using his Aqua Jet to even greater advantage, he began to rapidly circle Groudon…Faster and faster he went, the ocean churning violently from the movement as the Whirlpool attack took effect, temporarily trapping Groudon within it. He surfaced a short distance away, his body shimmering softly before he zipped around with swords dancing around him. The Rock Polish and Swords Dance made him even more dangerous, and taking the advantage, he shot straight up from beneath Groudon as purple enveloped him.

He struck her chin with a sound “clunk” and continued upward while she lost her balance from the Aqua Jet-Giga Impact combination, and the Whirlpool, having made her unstable already, quickly gripped her and pulled her beneath the waves. Kabops’ attacks wore off, leaving him hovering in the air for a few brief moments before beginning to fall, although he could not move from the massive attack he had launched.

A low rumble from beneath the water signalled that the trapped Ground Type had used Earth Power, disrupting and destroying the Whirlpool as a result. However, as she began to rise to her feet once again, Kyogre – seeing a chance to attack their new opponents – summoned a wicked bolt of lightning to drop down on the immobilized Kabutops.

To his surprise, Chaos Orbs appeared over his head, absorbing and deflecting the attack to the side long enough for Kabops to fall down back into the ocean. <Be careful you idiot!> Shadow’s voice snapped in his mind, although the tint of worry did not escape his notice. <Kyogre is also against you – or did you forget?>

<Sorry, Boss…> Shadow snorted at hearing this, shaking his head. To get a better view and to better protect the city, he and Shira had moved a little closer to the raging fight, and now that the two were visible he was having a much better time of seeing. His energy had taken a hit from deflecting such a powerful attack, and he knew that Kyogre had no doubt seen – and sensed – the use of Chaos Energy. To be honest, they already knew they were there, more than likely…But had been too busy fighting, and Shadow had been careful not to draw undue attention. Stupid Kabutops had to ruin that.

Shira had raised an eyebrow at the black hedgehog’s chastisement, but figured it was warranted so she didn’t say anything. Returning her eyes to the battle ahead – not that she had to try very hard to do so – she knew that it was much more likely that one of the duo would launch an attack towards the settlement in the hopes of hitting them. We’ll need all the extra firepower we can get, not to mention... She nearly slapped herself in the face as she remembered something. Not to mention Tensai would likely be able to sense it if they’re going to fire off a particularly powerful attack that Shadow may not be able to sense. Slipping a hand into the right pocket of her coat once more, she took out a red and white Premier Ball, enlarging it before releasing the occupant.

The familiar form of an Absol materialized onto the ground before them, and like Yaiba, this one was a different colour than the norm for their species. But unlike Iyoku’s Absol, this one’s colouration was a result of being what was known as a “Shiny Pokémon”, leaving her fur mostly white, but her claws, tail, face and the scythe that emerged from it a deep crimson red. Upon realizing she had been released from the containment sphere, her emerald green eyes revealed that her senses warned her of what was happening, so Shira wouldn’t have to worry about telling her what to do.

Shadow sighed. “I left Sear back with Iyoku to keep an eye on things. His fire abilities would be severely hampered here, so he would not have been much use…And he agreed with me.” If only…But I do not have the strength to transform. Not yet, at least. But… He glanced at his Inhibitor Rings, thinking. Not now, but if I have to I can take them off again. Taking them off now will just draw attention. Not like they didn’t know we were here already.


Mitsumae is great with acupuncture - Kabops, however, is not. You wind up leaving looking like an angry bear tried to give you a massage.

Also - HAI SHIRA, TOUZA AND TENSAI. Long time no see! *Shot*
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Five Up!

I read the prologue, and I'm hooked! It'll take me some time, but I'm gonna tackle the rest of this fanfic! I look forward to reading it, keep it up!
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Five Up!

Thanks Ant! <3 We really appreciate it. Shell would say so as well, but she has a hard time getting the forum to work right with posting. Hence why I'm stuck posting the very, very long chapters. ...GEH.

Chapter Seventy-Six

“Agent Shadow!” His ear flicked as he turned – to his surprise – to find the younger GUN soldier from earlier running toward him, panting. “I…I climbed…The stairs…I came to…Help!” His Oddish looked like she disproved of the action, shaking herself.

The hedgehog was silent for a moment. “…You’re completely nuts, kid.” The soldier looked stricken at his words. “This isn’t a place for such a novice like you, fresh out of the academy.” The Aura Sight had proven that evacuations had been completed, something he was grateful for. “You’re going to get yourself killed.”

“But I took down Nazo!”

“Ron,” Shadow stated calmly, having heard him called by name during the trip to the city, “you didn’t take him down. Mitsumae and I wore him down and afflicted him with practically every status condition there was, and Clint paralyzed him. You simply put him to sleep…And had not he been immobilized by the Electabuzz, you would have been killed.”

“Maybe…But that doesn’t mean I can’t help! I…I have to do something. I want to protect this city.” He stammered, growing nervous. Yet beneath that exterior, Shadow could see a quiet determination that was steadily growing into a monstrous flame. “I can shoot at them!”

“And do what?” The hedgehog retorted, irritation in his voice. “You can’t do anything. Your Oddish lacks training – she would be at risk in this fight. You want to help, yet you can’t. You are completely out of your league and element. These creatures are not toys! You make a mistake, they will kill you. If you are too weak, they will kill you. If you are just passing by, they will kill you. Go home!”

Ron shifted, before shaking his head. “No. I won’t, Shadow.” The hedgehog noted how he had dropped the formal terms. “I can do something, I’m sure of it! I have this high powered rifle-”

The hedgehog had had enough. He suddenly shot forward, grabbing the weapon from the soldier’s hand and crushing it. “YOU HONESTLY DON’T GET IT! A LITTLE GUN ISN’T GOING TO HURT THEM!” Ron had been thrown onto his back from the force the Ultimate Life Form had grabbed the weapon from him, and was now staring in absolute terror at the roaring hedgehog before him. “IF YOU CAN’T EVEN STAND UP TO ME IN MY FURY, HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU CAN STAND UP TO TWO PISSED OFF LEGENDARIES THAT HAVE GONE BERSERK?!” He picked him up by the collar, and in his collapsed state this enabled Shadow to be at eye level with his victim. “ANSWER ME DAMMIT!”

When the only response was a blubbering tangle of words, his eyes narrowed as his fury was fed. The hedgehog snarled, tossing Ron back towards the stairs where he made impact with a whimper, his Pokémon turning to defend her terrified trainer. Upon trying to release a Sleep Powder on Shadow, however, she received a nasty kick which launched her backwards to sprawl on top of the one she had been trying to protect.

However, as he made a move to go forwards, something “clicked” in his mind, preventing him from taking a further step. <That is enough, Shadow. If you’re going to be angry with someone, be angry with Kyogre and Groudon.> It had been Mitsumae who was communicating telepathically – to both of them – and from the sound of it, she didn’t seem too pleased. <And as for you...Ron, wasn’t it? Shadow’s right; these two are far too much for you to handle at your skill level. Leave this fight to those who are most capable; you may be needed elsewhere.>

Shadow seemed to inwardly struggle with what to do next, as it was clear his temper was still a bit out of control, yet his common sense told him the Monogatari was right. Ron, numbly, got to his feet and without even responding, stumbled down the stairs with his Pokémon in his arms. <Angry? That fool was going to get himself killed!> The hedgehog retorted finally, glaring down at the floor.

It was then he noticed that his fist, which he had clenched up, was shaking. This took him by surprise – he’d never gotten so angry that he’d literally begun to shake. To be caught in such a state, and for something that could have been resolved differently, did frighten him a bit. <Is this the fury Groudon and Kyogre suffer from?> He glanced over at Shira and her Absol, noting the former had an unnerved expression on her face and…Fear. She was afraid of him, and this knowledge forced him to turn away as, oddly, it disturbed him.

<Yes; that is what happens when too much negativity amasses in someone.> She stated in reply. <Sonic himself should be able to give you a good idea of what the change in temper feels and looks like.>

<Sonic? I sensed something was off about his energy, but I ignored it. You seem to be implying that he is dealing with immense negativity…> But that was impossible. He was not a demigod, nor was he a Pokémon. There was something missing, something someone wasn’t telling him. <And what is this about looks? I can barely stand to look at Sonic as he is now.> He responded dryly, although his attitude was improving from having someone to talk to with such a clear, unbiased mind on the subject.

<...It is interesting that you don’t know yet. Although, he is on his way and will be here quickly, so I suppose you will find out what I mean soon enough.>

<All I know is that Suicune turned into a Shadow Pokémon, but Sonic forced a fusion and saved her. That is the only incident that I know of with his group that Uxie has informed me of. But…Should I be worried?> Shadow asked, although his tone was cautious.

<Uxie is known to keep the secrets of those who ask; as I said, you’ll see soon enough.>

The hedgehog sighed, knowing he wouldn’t get any more information out of the Monogatari, and instead turned to a notably cautious – and justly so – Shira. “I…Apologize for my behaviour. I realize I frightened you…And to be honest, I scared myself as well. I never intended to lay a hand on him.” I didn’t lay a hand on him. I picked him up and threw him before kicking his Pokémon. I would say that is much worse than merely laying a hand on him…

The other was silent for a few moments before she spoke up. “...Well, you were warned about the effects the negative energy would have on you. Are you sure you don’t want to pull out?” She questioned. The Absol had gone back to keeping an eye on the coastline, her senses alert to any danger that could come to pass.

“I can’t.” Shadow stated, shaking his head. “If they launch an attack, I am the last line of defense the city has. If I leave, it could be wiped out with a single attack.” He glanced back at the figures fighting. “I would like to leave, yes. I am uncomfortable, and it will only get worse. Besides, I cannot escape the negativity, unlike how others can.” Hopefully his tone carried across his point, although he recalled Iyoku’s look of disbelief when he’d delivered the news before he left. Apparently, people didn’t consider Demigods in the same rank as Legendaries, and thus they did not realize that the Tower collapsing was affecting them just as badly.

The white feline sighed. “If you insist. If there’s one thing I’ve heard about you that’s correct, it’s that you’re stubborn.” She added dryly as she finished her statement.

Shadow shrugged. “If I gave way so easily, the planet would have been taken over by Black Doom. Be thankful I was able to resist him.” He retorted, although there was no anger as he felt no need for it. “Sonic will be here soon. Although…”

The small amount of excitement she’d felt upon hearing that the blue hedgehog would arrive shortly soon faded when she noticed Shadow’s tone. “Although what?” She questioned.

“The way Mitsumae phrased it…It sounds as if he has become a victim of negative energy himself. That means he could easily turn into a threat just as much as help us.” Shadow stated, glancing down at the floor. “I asked her if…My outburst was the rage Groudon and Kyogre are suffering from, and she stated it was a result of too much negative energy. She then went on to say we would see the effects on temper and appearance from Sonic.” He carefully explained, although he felt bad that Shira would see her hero in such an obviously bad state.

There was a slight frown on her face as she heard this. “How would that work anyways? Mitsumae’s told me about the poison and what effect it will have on the Legendaries...But how would Sonic have gained the same condition?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps it was from the fusion he forced with Suicune after she was overcome by the poison in order to save her. I was told very little.” Shadow stated. “Regardless, we will have to be careful. I have no idea how Sonic is faring…But from what I have been able to sense, there is more darkness within him than any other energy now.”

Shira nodded after a few moments in thought. “I guess we’ll be finding out what happened soon enough.”

Shadow returned the nod with one of his own. “Yes, although I have to wonder just how much worse his patience has gotten. He never was the type to stop and think.”

Their attention was caught when Tensai called them, glancing up at the sky. The clouds were swirling ominously, building up energy that Shadow quickly identified as being pure negativity. Tighter and tighter the clouds swirled, compacting into a small area before they began to dip down, reaching towards the earth with a windy hand. The ocean swirled up to greet it as the monstrous purple tornado was birthed, and to their greatest dread began to move not towards Groudon but towards them.

“S***!” The hedgehog barked, backing up, as he was not quite sure of how to take down such a powerful creation. The roaring was intense, pounding in their ears while the darkness clawed at their souls. Shadow felt it the worst, almost as if a hot knife was being shoved into every fibre of his being, and in his drive to get away from it launched Chaos Spears into the swirling mass. To his surprise, the attack was bent around by the wind before being launched back, forcing him to leap backward to avoid it. He didn’t know what to do.

In that instance, he saw another monstrous twister form, and at that moment realized they were utterly screwed. Something peculiar happened, however, that caught both of them off guard; the second tornado smashed into the first one to become a shrieking mass of wind and water as the circulations interacted, countering each other as they bit viciously at the life source that sustained them. During this time, a pale sphere of brown smashed into Kyogre’s face, drawing his attention away from the duelling cyclones and towards the new figures that had appeared.

<Need a little help, guys?> Shadow blinked, shaking his head as he recognized the voice. <Leave this to us. And before I forget…> The twisters snapped around, and in an act of suicide the second one – which Shadow realized was under Sonic’s control – struck out at the clouds, severing the lifeline and killing both as the winds slowed before becoming calm, the tornadoes disappearing in a hazy mist that quickly cleared. <There. I was expecting a bit more from Kyogre, but his Shadow Storm is pathetically weak compared to mine. He should stick with water!>

Shira raised an eyebrow at the blue hedgehog’s manner of speech. “That statement seemed a little out of character for him.”

Shadow nodded. “And that technique…Shadow Storm…It is composed of pure negative energy. Kyogre was able to use it, but Sonic could as well…” He narrowed his eyes. <What’s gotten into you?>

<Nothing has.> Came the curt response. <I’m a bit surprised you aren’t doing anything, Shadow. I would have expected you to throttle them by the time I showed up. What gives?>

<Long story short, I used most of my energy fighting Nazo.>

Sonic’s voice seemed somewhat scornful after hearing this. <Seriously? He was that strong? Or is it that you’ve grown weak? I can’t really tell. I’ve been fighting a battle of my own for the past month, one which dwarfs your little encounter.>

The white feline facepalmed at this. <You do realize he had just calmed down from losing his temper thanks to the negativity, right? Don’t aggravate him.>

At this, Sonic gave a laugh, although it was far from being the normal cheerful one he was known for – it seemed bitter yet sad, with an underlying snarl of anger. <He lost his temper from the negativity? DEAL WITH IT. I’ve been losing my mind because of the damned stuff!> They observed another Focus Blast smash into Kyogre’s face once more, enraging the Sea Basin Pokémon further as he tried in vain to hit the speedy hedgehog who was but a speck.

Shira had been about to deliver a retort when the Water Type – having had enough of the situation – leapt several feet out of the sea, his jaws wide open as a sphere of dark orange visible energy began to take form within them. Within a few seconds, the Hyper Beam attack fired forward, and while Kyogre dropped back into the ocean as the temporary immobilization set in, the lethally powerful attack was hurtling towards the city, putting off enough energy to prevent even Sonic from getting close enough to stop it; it certainly didn’t help that said hedgehog was preoccupied with dodging the massive waves Kyogre's landing had created.

Shadow reacted without even thinking, ripping his Inhibitor Rings off as he fired the Chaos Orbs into the attack. They did little to impede the massive beam, forcing the hedgehog to take a risky opportunity. Building up the negative energy within him, his body took on a red glow as he jumped toward the Hyper Beam, determined to halt the attack in its place or at least mitigate the damage.

Seconds before impact, the Chaos Blast initiated and expanded outward. He had struck a bit lower at the beam in the effort to deflect the top of the beam upwards into the sky where it would harmlessly dissipate, allowing him to conserve energy which would be used to destroy the rest of the attack. While Shadow was quickly losing energy, he was also regaining it almost as fast due to the sheer amount of power surrounding the Normal Type attack.

This…I have to keep this up or else half the city will be wiped out! Thinking that, however, was considerably easier than acting on it, as he was suspended in the air by his shoes which were struggling against the power of the attack. His initial Chaos Blast was already fading, so he initiated another one to replace it although he was knocked back several feet before it could fully push back. I just have to outlast the beam…That’s all. I can do this, I just have to focus!

After what seemed like hours, the attack finally dissipated. However, to the black hedgehog’s sudden surprise and dread, a black aura encircled him before closing in, preventing him from moving. Mitsumae’s telepathic warning about the Shadow Hold technique Groudon had used came too late, and no one was able to do anything as the Ground Type Legendary’s colossal clawed limb came down in a Hammer Arm attack.

Had it been another situation, the complete look of helplessness and realization on Shadow’s face would have been hilarious to see. In this case, it perfectly conveyed his emotions as the darkness permeated into his being, and the sound whistle as Groudon’s arm came down caused him to close his eyes and wait. Red hot pain hit his stomach, causing him to yell out before he realized the attack had mostly missed, leaving a deep gash that bled profusely on his stomach. Groudon’s claw had been close enough to cut abdominal tissue, but his organs felt undamaged.

He noted Sonic get struck by the waves created from the force of the attack’s resulting wind currents from such a massive creature moving. The hedgehog struggled before a particularly strong wave smashed into him, making him lose his balance and plummet into the ocean. Shadow’s attention wandered back to the limb, observing Groudon lean forward slightly before she brought the back of her claw swinging towards him. Whatever hope he had about escaping the full brunt of the attack went out the window along with half of his bones.


He was sent smashing through building after building, glass cutting into his back as pain blasted through his body. His vision shuddered as every hit caused it to explode into brilliant lights of various colors while his body itself burned with agony from not only the broken bones and gashes, but the sheer volume of negativity he’d absorbed. The pain was indescribable, and had he been mortal, death would have occurred instantly.

When at last he came to a stop in an office building, propped against a flimsy wall with the sparking cords of severed cables hanging precariously above him, he uttered a groan. His telepathy shut down, cutting the connection from the others and leaving him completely isolated. He tried to get to his feet, but his limbs failed to move and the effort resulted in more pain. His eyes grew heavy, and with a final raspy cough, his consciousness failed him next.
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When the wind gusted hard, Sonic knew he was in trouble. The waves kicked up higher and faster than before, forcing him to jump over them as he ran over the water. He noticed Shadow had been caught by the attack but had escaped most of the damage. Powerful AND lucky, it seems. Spray splashed his face, snapping him out of thoughts as he growled, the salt stinging his eyes. The hedgehog vaulted over another wave, clearing it with some difficulty.

Another, much larger wave toppled over him as soon as he landed, crashing into his body and submerging him. It was a shock as the cold water swarmed his lungs, the flashing of lightning ahead illuminating the inky depths of the sea. Off the coast or not, it was a steep shelf so there really was not any land for him to hit as he drifted downwards.

Paddling ferociously, Sonic recalled what the others had told him about swimming, pulling himself steadily upwards towards the surface. As he neared, however, a wave above churned the water and smacked him back down, causing him to begin trying to resurface all over again. Only this time, he was running on very little air, and beginning to tire.

<Sui! Help me…!> He cried out, his lungs on fire as his body felt ready to burst. He was once again forced back down from the rough water, and was growing more desperate. Forgetting for a moment he was even underwater thanks to a hazy mind, he gasped for air, water flooding his chest instantly. His mind churned slowly as it shut down, but his status as a Shadow User kept him partially awake. It was pure torture, however, to feel himself drifting downwards with no sight or sound and only the feeling of the currents guiding him.

Hearing the blue hedgehog’s cry for help, Suicune immediately submerged herself under the water, although to say she had to swim was an incorrect assumption. For her, maneuvering below the water was as easy as walking upon its surface, and it was only a matter of seconds before she reached him. Not having much choice in the matter of how to get him out, she gripped him by the scruff before darting back up to the surface, emerging as swiftly as she had gone under. She tossed him onto her back before using her limited psychic abilities to keep him from falling off until he’d had enough time to recover.

The impact of being thrown onto her back, as well as the air smacking his face, made the hedgehog splutter and hack up water. His vision crept back from darkness to a blurry mess before finally stabilizing as he focused on Suicune’s slightly worried face. <…I tried to swim…> His head was pounding and he was chilled, but he made sure to grip her fur to help himself stay on. <Maybe we should add swimming lessons to my training.> Sonic muttered, although there was clear cut embarrassment in his telepathy.

She gave a nod, but quickly refocused on the fight at hand, firing off a wicked gust of wind to slash through a wave that had tried to impede their progress. <That would be a good idea, yes.>

Sonic growled a little, baring his fangs. <We have to do something. Shadow…Well, I don’t know where the hell he is but he stopped the Hyper Beam. Kyogre should still be paralyzed, so we should go after him and deal as much damage as possible before he can recover. I’m sick of this rain.>

She glanced back at him as she skirted another wave, dodging around it effortlessly. <Shadow was hit by Groudon’s attack and was sent through several buildings. I presume he is deeper into the city now and, due to the fact he no longer has a mental link with us, unconscious from the attack.> She was silent for a few moments. <Shira has gone to find him with one of her Pokémon, but I believe he will be badly injured. Her abilities will be unable to heal him either, due to the large amount of negativity in Groudon at the moment.>

<A for effort, A for execution, and a D for landing. Would’ve gotten an F, but that’s reserved for dying. And of course he’s badly hurt – he got hit by a Hammer Arm from Groudon. Friggin’ GROUDON.> The hedgehog stated, focusing and taking a deep breath as he heightened his strength and defense through the use of Bulk Up. <Get me near Kyogre. He can’t do anything right now, and I have a little surprise for him…>

The Legendary seemed to raise an eyebrow before she obliged, darting over the ocean towards where Kyogre was positioned, although she was careful to avoid taking any waves in a fashion that would cause Sonic to fall off. In the meantime, the hedgehog had taken to crouching on Suicune’s back, holding on tightly as they approached the mammoth creature that appeared to be eyeing them with a mixture of anger and confusion.

Upon getting close enough, Sonic vaulted off of Suicune through the use of a Quick Attack, his body sheathing itself in a brown glow. “Hey, Kyogre! This is going to hurt you a lot more than it’ll hurt me!” He grinned viciously as he came down, smashing into the Shadow Legendary with a very audible bang and with enough force to submerge the Water Type for a few seconds. Not only had he hit hard with the Superpower attack, but the Bulk Up negated the temporary weakness that usually resulted from the attack…And made it hit even harder.

Suicune darted over the Pokémon’s back as Sonic jumped on top of her, and it was revealed rather quickly that it was fortunate she had done so in a timely manner. After Kyogre resurfaced from the attack, a blast of cold air followed his opponents with the four-legged Water Type Legendary just barely keeping ahead of the Sheer Cold technique.

However, the results were seen on some buildings that were close to the shoreline; they froze instantly, creaking ominously before simply shattering due to the instantaneous cold snap they had been exposed to. With a glance over in Groudon’s direction, the North Wind was able to see that Mitsumae was keeping the enormous Pokémon busy, therefore preventing her from launching any attacks to further damage the settlement.

Sonic whistled upon seeing that. <I think some contractors are going to be pissed…Along with the people that lived there.> He stated glumly, shaking his head. <Thanks for getting me out of there, Sui. I suspect Kyogre has a really bad headache right now!> He mused, grinning. This time, however, there was not a trace of the wickedness he had expressed just moments prior, instead being the good natured grin he was known for.

She nodded, although she was soon spoken to by the Monogatari who had temporarily immobilized Groudon. <I’ll let you take care of Groudon for now,> she stated, <you’ll have an easier time handling him than Kyogre.> However, she also glanced at Sonic as they passed by each other. <I suggest you get to shore; the worst parts of the storm are coming, and I don’t think even Suicune would be able to prevent you from falling in.>

The hedgehog growled upon hearing this. <How can this storm get any worse? And besides…I want to help! I’m not a hero for nothing, you know. I need to do something!>

Mitsumae gave him an even look. <It will become bad enough to boost the remainder of your corruption. I suggest you take my advice.> With that, she sped across the waters to take on a recovering – and very pissed off – Kyogre. It also appeared Sonic wouldn’t have much choice in the matter either, as Suicune was heading towards the higher shores that hadn’t yet succumbed to the wrath of the storm.

<She is right, Sonic.> The Legendary stated calmly. <Aside from that, Shira may need some help tracking down and aiding Shadow.>

Sonic snarled. <Then what was the point of me showing up? I came to help, yet you’re pushing me aside! How is that fair? I was expecting to fight, but you aren’t letting me – I should have just let you guys handle the damned city and just sat in a corner, letting the poison eat away at my soul!> He snapped, gripping hard enough – albeit unintentionally – to dig his claws into Suicune’s back to draw slight pinpricks of blood. Thankfully, the rain washed it away quickly, although he was too furious to even notice.

The Legendary took a hard turn, tossing Sonic into the shallow water. When he floundered before turning to glare, he shrank beneath the furious look that he received from her. <Don’t you DARE say that again, Sonic! Nothing is worse than the death you are facing! To suggest it, even in a fit of anger, is inexcusable!> She growled, but the hedgehog noticed the hurt look in her eyes. <Besides, you made a promise, and I expect you to uphold it!>

Without another word she turned and leapt onto the water, taking off. Sonic, on the other hand, remained seated in the water, seething not at her but at himself for his behavior. Chaos…I’ve turned into such an a**. I…I still wish I could help, but going berserk won’t get anything accomplished. Maybe I’ll get the opportunity later. But… He got to his feet, turning to glance toward the buildings. I guess I have no choice…Shadow’s going to be in bad shape from such an attack. I owe it to him to at least help.

I still can’t believe that Sonic uttered those words. Absolutely painful for me to hear…And I suspect for him as well. He is far from being the friend I have come to adore, turning into a monster that will eventually attempt to rip my organs out. Every so often I can see him visibly struggling against the demon, and sometimes I feel he would fall…Only for his insurmountable will to pull through and force the creature back into the depths. It does not come without sacrifice, however, and this is visible as his temper has become more wild and violent. I long for his annoying but humorous personality to come back, although I am well aware I will probably regret it when it does.

Shaking my head, I have to focus on the task at hand (or as Sonic would say, paw). The waves are still ferocious, biting at me with tiny teeth at every available part of my body. It is easy enough to destroy them with one of my many techniques, for as mighty as they are, I am mightier. The wind is strong, but I subtly manipulate it to aid me instead of hinder, keeping the spray out of my face. It is not easy by any means, but I still manage to pull it off relatively well.

Problem is, the wind is getting stronger and not by my influence. Glancing up, I observe the clouds building, great towers of grey and black that stretch into a domain that I will likely never run across. The flashes of electricity that dance among the cloud cover is becoming more frequent and energetic, hinting that the worst is yet to come. I am inclined to believe that the worst is actually just starting to occur, and I only hope that the other Pokémon do not try anything foolish. Flaym in particular comes to mind, as he is determined to face and defeat every Legendary there is, particularly Water Types. His strength is not something to be laughed at, as he held off my brother rather well, but it could get himself killed…Or worse.

A particularly strong gust of wind brings my attention forward to notice the water swirling upward. I open my jaws, launching an Ice Beam which freezes the mass solid, and a Hydro Pump that quickly shatters it. That was a young waterspout…If it was able to start forming… Sudden dread began to stir in my stomach, a roiling mass of unease that pricked uncomfortably from the inside. I take a chance and look up once more.

Is it possible for Hell to be free of fire, but instead a vicious windstorm? I do not think so, at least, I did not until now. The sky appears to have been cleaved in half save for a well defined circular hole that hovers eerily over my duelling brethren. Clear skies prevail through it, but on the outskirts of the eye lie the eye wall…An area of such vicious wind and size that it made a giant tornado from a high budget movie seem pathetic. Of course, hurricanes are not nearly as bad in terms of wind with a tornado, their impressive size – stretching miles – and use of the ocean makes them far more costly and deadly. A tornado, at most two miles wide, will level a few towns.

A hurricane? They level coastlines and sink islands.

Bounding off a wave to land amidst another, I am forced to leap away as the clouds reach down to the ocean, consuming the sea in greedy gluttony. I use another Ice Beam to freeze it, but my attempts are in vain as the ocean’s warm temperature quickly defrosts the waterspout, which has rapidly grown in size from its initial formation. A low growl escapes my mouth as I dart away, leaping up onto the roof of first one building, then another. Their windows have long since been blown out, but they remain sturdy despite the howling winds that claw at their barren frames.

After having gained sufficient height, I can fully view my surroundings despite my Aura Sight giving me a fantastic view of the energy. Sometimes, however, something cannot be appreciated without the use of regular sight, and this is certainly one such occasion. For that waterspout is merely one of many…A plethora of others, each ripping down the clouds, swirl for as far as my eyes can see. Some dance with each other, twirling around on a glassy stage with dramatic lighting, while others tear at each other in mindless hunger but remain forever shrouded in famine.

The wind is gusting incredibly hard, a gale of darkness and stinging salt that I fear I cannot control. Kyogre and Groudon now exert command over the wind, and their chaotic minds whip it into a frenzy instead of a coordinated attack. This is not lucky for us, as it is so widespread and powerful it will deal damage regardless. Get caught, get thrown…Then jump into the fray only to have the cycle repeated. The sharp crackling of glass reaches my ears, alerting to me that debris is now just as much an issue. In these winds, easily topping the most powerful hurricane’s wind speeds of two-hundred miles per hour and even a tornado’s top of three-hundred, the already lethal debris will quickly decimate whoever in unfortunate enough to get caught in it.

<Sonic,> I push my mind out and easily find the hedgehog from his twisted Aura, <are you inside?> As aerodynamic as he is, I fear he will be blown away. In this storm, it is unlikely I will be able to rescue him should something happen.

The response was soft and devoid of emotion. <Yes, although Shadow left such a gaping hole in the wall that the wind is starting to tear it apart. We’re going to have to move him, I think. Right now Flaym and Kabops have pushed some office walls over and are pressing against it to keep the wind out, but I don’t know how much longer it’ll last.>

I was silent for a few moments, thinking of what to say. <Be careful. In your condition…>

<Stay away from blood.> Came the curt response. At least he had calmed down considerably from when I dumped him in the water. <You be careful too, Sui. You need my help, just give me a call.>

<I do not possess a "phone", Sonic.> Admittedly, some of his humor has rubbed off on me. His personality is contagious; no matter how hard one tries to be moody or angry around him, he still manages to get into your heart and cheer you up.

A smile pulls at my lips when I hear him laughing mentally, a sound that has become rare but still remains as light-hearted and exuberant as ever. It is a delight to hear it again, and it can only become better in one way; hearing it in person. <I needed that. Thanks, Sui!>

With that, I jump from my perch to help Mitsumae battle the two giants.

Got a headache? Don't call Sonic.

Also, Groudon brings this message, "If at first you don't succeed...Lean forward a little bit and try again."

Also, first person was so much fun to do. Yeah. I wrote that. BASK IN ITS GLORY FOOLS.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Six Up!

Mrrrr, the next chapter is here...WHAT WILL HAPPEN?!? *Le gasp*

As always, PG-13, mostly for a few mild swears. It's nothing like Nazo's censored potty mouth, that's for sure XD

Chapter Seventy-Seven

The hedgehog darted between buildings, eying the ones which had an obvious hole in their structures from his black counterpart being thrown through them. It was becoming difficult, however, as a lot of the glass had already been shattered off of them so a hole barely stood out. Additionally, as Shadow’s impacts were slowed down, he destroyed considerably less steel as he went through each building. After the first two buildings, Sonic had all but lost the trail due to the winding streets and pounding rain.

At least he was considerably drier then when he started from his saltwater bath. He knew he deserved it, and he realized how badly he hurt Suicune. Had he really been willing to throw everything away just because he couldn’t fight? Even the way I think is different now from the poison. I wonder how long I’ll be able to last at this rate. He shook his head. Can’t think like that. I will last as long as I have to until the collapse of time is stopped.

<Sonic!> His attention caught, he slowed to a stop as the fiery form of his Rapidash came into view, followed by Kabops and an oddly colored Floatzel. <I found these two coming back from the ocean. The Floatzel is Shira’s Pokémon.>

The hedgehog raised an eyebrow, nodding at Flaym and Kabops but eyeing the third Pokémon with an obviously questioning glance. “So, you belong to Shira, according to Flaym. What is your name?” He was trying to be polite, but her wary expression made him feel sick inside because he knew the reason why she was suspicious…And he didn’t like it.

The Water Type watched him carefully before speaking up. <My name is Touza. I suppose you are Sonic then, since Kabops and Flaym are not attempting to kill you for being a Shadow User.>

“They couldn’t take me even if they tried.” Sonic mused, nodding. “Touza, huh? I see my term is making its rounds. I don’t know if I should be honoured or scared.” He glanced up at the sky. “Well, I’m out of the fight for now. So, where is Shira? I was told she could use my help with Shadow. And no, I didn’t see him get smacked. I was busy drowning.”

<Shira was able to find where Shadow landed after he was hit by Groudon’s attack; however,> she paused, <I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to see them considering your...condition.>

Oh, here we go… “Touza, if I was going to attack you, don’t you think I would have already done it? Yes, I look scary…And I’m a bit more temperamental.” He shot Flaym a look when he heard the Rapidash mutter something about it being more along the lines of a lot, not a bit. “It’s still me, though. I’ve lost control only once, and that was against Raikou when he was trying to kill me. I learned a pretty good lesson that day, and I’m not about to repeat the same mistake.” He pointed up at the sky. “Besides, it’s far unhealthier to be standing in this weather than inside a building.”

Taking his point, the group backed into one of the structures that was – mostly – still intact before she delivered her reply. <My point is that Shadow Pokémon lose it at the sight of blood; I have no reason to assume otherwise with Shadow Users.>

“True enough, although I lost it at the taste. As long as it isn’t too much I should be fine. I could always just close my eyes.” Sonic mused, nodding to himself. “I need to do something, though. I’m not allowed to help with Groudon and Kyogre because it’ll make my corruption worse since there is a big storm coming.” His own abilities, even though not as strong as Suicune’s, told him that the wind was picking up. “It’ll be here really soon. If we’re going to move, we have to move now.”

She was thoughtful for a few seconds. <...Fine. But the second you start to lose control, I suggest you leave.> The clear blue liquid of an Aqua Jet formed around her. <They’re this way; follow me.> She said, swiftly darting back out into the storm.

Kabops used the same technique while Flaym used a Quick Attack. Sonic didn’t need to use anything, as his renowned speed was more than ample to allow him to keep up. The second I start to lose control…It’ll already be too late. He thought, unsure if he was doing the right thing. There were three Pokémon here right now he could infect by simply scratching them, and with his speed it wouldn’t be difficult. It’s imperative I don’t go berserk.

They swerved around building after building until they came upon a rather tall, but squat one. The windows near the bottom still remained intact, a glistening reflection that allowed Sonic to get an unclouded view of himself before he glanced up. The windows above were clearly shattered, and the hole in the front of the building easily told him that Shadow had come through.

Inside, the floor was dark but well furnished. Touza took them up the flights of stairs, each floor appearing remarkably the same. Computers, walls, desks, the occasional potted plant…Boring to see. Only once they started getting into areas where the windows had given out did they see any change, which involved either random paper being strewn on the floor or a hanging light.

Once they reached Shadow’s floor, however, things were different. The hole Shadow had left had sharp, bent steel folding inward, and every window had shattered either from the wind or the force of impact. The separating walls from which Shadow had been thrown through were dented and laying on the floor, with paper thrown all over the place and still moving from the wind that was gusting through the building. The lights were even more wrecked, as cables were sparking from the lines being cut and a small fire had started in a corner, although it would quickly burn out from lack of fuel in due time.

“…Wow. He really renovated the place didn’t he?” Sonic piped up, shaking his head. He couldn’t see either Shira nor Shadow as they were closer to the other side, but he had a feeling he should stay put. The shiny Absol that had tensed up on their approach, eying him specifically, was more than enough to make him stay there. The large golden-yellow Pidgeot that was standing next to her – his magnificent wings folded – only served to reinforce the thought that it was a good idea.

Having noted their unease, it wasn’t long before their Trainer made her presence known, although she was undoubtedly surprised by the look the blue hedgehog had taken upon. However, quickly realizing that Touza had brought the group, Shira relaxed slightly and allowed the Aura Sphere she’d prepared out of reflex to dissipate. “You’re here to help with Shadow, am I correct?” She questioned.

“You must be Shira. Yeah, I’m here to help. They forbid me to help out with the fight anymore.” He stated, glancing outside as the wind picked up. “Hmm…We should probably barricade that hole. Hang on a sec, Shira.” He stated casually, approaching one of the fallen office walls. To feel the others watching him made him uncomfortable, as if they were picking out his flaws, but he ignored it as he hauled a large piece upwards. “It’s flimsy, but it should keep most of the wind out. Kabops, give me a scythe here, will you?”

<Ha ha, he said scythe instead of hand…> The Kabutops snickered, clamping his arms around the structure to pull it. Together, they moved it into place, although Kabops and Flaym had to press themselves against the large wall to keep it in place. <We can keep this up for now, but once Boss is taken care of, we should get him to lower ground where the wind isn’t as bad.>

“If the city hasn’t flooded by then, that is.” Sonic responded dryly. “I’ve drowned once today already, and gotten two baths. I’m not going for any records.” He received a Water Gun to the face by Kabops in response, although he launched a small Focus Blast at the Kabutops which clinked into his head and made him wince.

<Owie! That’s super-effective on me!>

“Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I forgot.” The hedgehog responded, giving a fanged grin that was supposed to look innocent.

The key word being innocent.

The white feline raised an eyebrow, although she’d seemed a little unnerved with Sonic’s action; the fact that each of his teeth were sharp as fangs now thanks to his corruption percentage certainly didn’t help. However, she glanced back at the area where Shadow had landed after being sent through the building. “...He’s over there, but I haven’t been able to get to him. There are too many sparking cables in the way.”

“…I see what you want me to do. Can’t believe I’ll do this because it’s going to hurt like hell, but…” He shrugged. “I’ll pull the cables out of the way. And don’t worry about me dying or anything like that. The only advantage to being a Shadow User is that they are very difficult to kill. Now combine that with the fact I’m already difficult to kill, and…Wow.” He mused, nodding. It was then he felt someone contact him, and he blinked. “Hang on a second. Suicune is contacting me.”

<Sonic, are you inside?>

Always the worrywart. <Yes, although Shadow left such a gaping hole in the wall that the wind is starting to tear it apart.> Indeed, it was howling outside at this point. <We’re going to have to move him, I think. Right now Flaym and Kabops have pushed some office walls over and are pressing against it to keep the wind out, but I don’t know how much longer it’ll last.>

Her response was slow to come. <Be careful. In your condition…>

<Stay away from blood.> He’d been told this many times already, and his rampage after biting Raikou had only reinforced that lesson. <You be careful too, Sui. You need my help, just give me a call.> Not allowed to fight or not, if she was in trouble, he’d be there in a split second.

<I do not possess a “phone”, Sonic.>

The hedgehog couldn’t help but grin and laugh inwardly at this. He truly hadn’t expected a joke to come from Sui, not after what he’d said and how she had reacted. To hear her make one…It made all the difference in the world to him. <I needed that. Thanks, Sui!>

After he broke off contact with her, he noticed that Shira was giving him a questioning look. “Did she say anything about how bad the storm will get?”

Sonic shook his head as he proceeded towards the cables. “No, she didn’t. Mitsumae said it would get very bad shortly before I got in a slight argument with Sui. She said it would be bad enough to make my condition even worse, so it has to be terrible.” He stated, tugging on a cable. Realizing the best option would be to cut it so the exposed wires would be high above and unable to hurt them, white energy gathered on his claws as he used Slash to cut them down, although he shuddered as he was briefly electrocuted. “Ow.”

She nodded as they progressed further into the more damaged portion of the building. “Hopefully those two can drive Kyogre and Groudon away from the city. I don’t even need to use my Aura Sight to know how much negativity is out in that storm.”

“Yeah…But I worry. Sui fell to the negativity before. I don’t want it to happen again, and she’s out running around in it…” He stated, lashing out at another cable. It fell easily, but it had been supporting another which collapsed onto Sonic, sending hundreds of volts of pure electricity through his body. Hissing audibly, he quickly cut it, although it took him a minute or two to recover. “Augh…Damn…Didn’t see that coming.”

“Can’t believe the power systems here; it’s a little too efficient if it’s still on with a storm like that happening outside.” She muttered.

“Generators?” Sonic stated, shrugging as he managed to avoid shocking himself this time when he slashed another cable. “How many wires are there in this stupid ceiling?!”

“Probably hundreds.” She remarked dryly before changing the subject. “So how did you get your...condition?” She questioned. “It’s obvious as to how you’ve not succumbed to the instincts the negativity forces you to feel, but you’d think it would be hard to infect someone who can move as fast as you can.”

“Normally, yes. But I wasn’t moving when it happened.” He stated. “Suicune became a Shadow Pokémon. I was holding her head to try and calm her down when she turned…Bit me right on my arm and tossed me around like a ragdoll.” The hedgehog sighed. “The battle was…Well, it would have been fun if things were different. In the end she made the ground slick with ice and I couldn’t move, then she latched on and tore apart my leg. Part of her was still there though, which enabled me to fuse with her and get rid of all her negativity. But…”

“So they can create those monsters?” It obviously hadn’t taken long for her to put two and two together, although whether that would be beneficial for his cause was yet to be seen.

Sonic gave her a look which suggested he wasn’t happy with the choice of term she had used. “Yes…And no. Shadow Pokémon and Shadow Users both create poison which can turn others. A Rogue’s poison is even worse, as you only have a few minutes. The poison spreads depending on will power…I would have succumbed a long time ago without it.” He stated. “There’s a difference, though. Legendaries and Gods only produce it when they succumb, and there is no turning back once that happens unless under extraordinary circumstances, such as Suicune. Shadow Users and Shadow Pokemon automatically produce it when they reach the halfway point, but should they succumb, they can be brought back to their senses…Given they haven’t reached the final stretch.”

“So, technically, you would be able to infect other people with the poison by now?” She questioned. Thanks to her Aura Sight, she was able to easily tell how corrupted the blue hedgehog had become due to the incident. However, she also knew that he was renowned for his strong will and that it was unlikely he’d succumb just yet.

“…Yes, although I’m very careful. If I cut you enough to draw blood, even by accident, you’re doomed unless I imagine you lop that part off or something. Immortals and Aura Users, like you, are immune to it, but others like Flaym and Touza aren’t.” He stated softly, shaking his head. “So far, I’ve only lost it once, and even then I still was able to protect Sui. It’s not a fun experience.” Sharpening the air around his hand, he lashed forward, launching the Air Slash which cut wires ahead of them. “There you go, Shira. That should have cleared the way for you to get to Shadow.”

Shira nodded, having been able to use her Aura Sight ability to tell that they would be able to reach the black hedgehog now. However, she glanced at Sonic as she made to continue. “Are you coming as well? I’m sure your will would be strong enough to resist turning.”

“I don’t know. I turned when I tasted blood a week or so ago, and I’ve only become more corrupt since then. Besides that, Sui advised me to stay away from blood. Er, I mean, I finished her sentence but she was going to say it.” He stated, correcting himself. “I have a strong will and all that, but I’m not going to push it.”

The white feline was silent for a few moments before speaking again. “It’s likely I’ll need help moving him, though – it’s impossible that he avoided any broken bones when he was sent through those buildings. Aside from that, you’re Sonic the Hedgehog; since when have you let a little blood stop you?” she queried.

Sonic went to protest, but shut his mouth. She’s right. She can’t possibly carry Shadow. He’s not the heaviest, but he still has enough weight to make it difficult…And if she did it alone, it’d hurt him more. “I...Fine.” He stated, shaking his head. “But don’t try to stop me if I need to leave, or else we’re all screwed.” The hedgehog responded, a warning in his tone. He let Shira go first, following behind as a pit formed in his stomach. Why do I get the feeling I made a bad choice?

The area where Shadow lie had the most paper Sonic had ever seen scattered about at once. The hedgehog himself was lying on a pile of the stuff, partially propped up against a flattened desk while the flimsy walls formed a circle around him. Shira immediately went to attend to his wounds, although she was warily watching some sparking cables that hadn’t fallen that were positioned above the hedgehog.

For Sonic, the only thing he truly took note of was the bleeding gash on Shadow’s stomach, which by now had formed a small puddle around him. He was fixated, standing stock still as his mind churned sluggishly to figure out what to do. His nose itched from the sweet, slightly metallic smell that came off of it, and his mouth quickly began to salivate as his heart sped up. That’s a bit more blood than I thought there would be.

Fortunately, Shira was able to block the view of the blood as she worked on bandaging the black hedgehog, but not the smell. She glanced back at Sonic. “Are you able to help, or do you need to keep your distance for now?”

He didn’t really hear her. Sonic knew she was looking at him, but he couldn’t really respond. By now he couldn’t even conceal he was drooling – very embarrassing to him, by the way – as he raised a hand up to rub his forehead as his head began to pound. The scent tickled his nose teasingly, and his eyes refused to stray from where he could still see the rim of the bloody puddle. He was crippled from the sheer bloodlust as the monster inside him clawed to get out, desperate to feed and kill. It felt similar to when he fought Raikou, but even more powerful and…

Pain arced up his body, causing him to stumble backward as he clutched his head growling. This was a bad idea…This was a REALLY BAD IDEA! And he still couldn’t tear his eyes away! What was wrong with him? He’d seen blood before; it was the life giving fluid of all beings. It was red and thick and maybe sticky. It was just blood, and yet, it was driving him to MADNESS! He hadn’t even tasted it, yet the mere sight was stirring him into a frenzy that would leave him a soulless monster forever! What is WRONG WITH ME?!

She cautiously got to her feet and took a few steps towards him. “It’s alright, Sonic; just calm down.”

His attention snapped to her, and he gave a low warning growl. “I…I t-told you…NO BLOOD! You...Why did I listen…?” He reeled backwards, snarling, a slight black hue appearing around him. “I…I’ve gotta run. Leave! G-get out!” Before he knew it, he had turned and sprinted off, accelerating so quickly that a sonic boom occurred which knocked the loose cables down, blocking Shira off from Shadow.
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