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Old 10-19-2011, 11:47 PM
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Nine Up!

*Fixes typos* Actually, any Pokémon that has a similar enough facial structure to a human can speak English.
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Nine Up!

^ But yes, Shell did find it quite irritating XD

Well Kris, Sonic...It's probably best it happened to him. Strongest will (perhaps beside Skye and Azelf, and the former's will sort of evaporates later in the series ^^' ). I love the interactions between Sonic and Suicune though - it truly was fun to write for.

Yes...Also, one of those chapters marked the start of Cami being turned to Camille. I grew uncomfortable with having a character named after myself, so I changed it up a little bit.

R.I.P. Safire.

He he, you should be worried about what happened at that village >:3

More trouble yaaaaaaay -.-
How the hell am I escaping said trouble? Something is not right here...

Edit: Lol, fixed the one typo. Guess proof-reading can't catch everything...Darn "m" and "n" keys looking so similar and next to each other!

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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Nine Up!

Hah! I knew she was tired of filling in all those type commands. XD

*crosses arms* Personally, I don't think it best that it happen to anyone.
And yeah, I think you told me that you were ready for a slight name change. Can't really blame ya.

I worry about everything. Where have you been? B'
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Nine Up!

This chapter's R-rated for some gore around the middle to end of it.
...I don't know if I can say it's bloody though, considering the circumstances XD

Chapter Seventy

The area where he had landed was a rocky clearing, the ground being made of stone. As his pursuer caught up, his claws clicked on the hard surface while Raikou’s body reverted from the element he had been incarnated into. An ominous thundercloud began to form above the battlefield, having been summoned by the Legendary Pokémon out of second nature.

Sonic lifted his head, although he pulled himself to his feet. “Stop…Stop attacking me…Please!” He’d had to resort to pleading, and that made him a little sick. “You beat me…You’re faster than me, you’re stronger than me…I don’t want to fight. I never wanted to fight!” Faster…He’s faster than me. I’m not the fastest thing alive anymore. Not…not…NOT! His mind screamed the unwelcome fact at him, but he found his legs were too exhausted to work. He was simply too tired, and his heart had yet to calm down.

Raikou gave a low growl. <Those who are tainted by the negative energy thanks to the time freezes have to be killed. It’s the only way to keep the planet relatively inhabitable.>

He was going to talk, then? Well… “But I’m not crazy or anything like that. I made a promise…I made a promise to your sister that I wouldn’t lose control.” It was sensitive ground mentioning Suicune, but maybe it would help. “I’ve been holding on. Instead of losing control, I’ve been trying to help find a way to find Arceus. I’m not a threat, Raikou! If I was, I’d have attacked you already, and the only time I did that was in self defense!”

The feline-like Pokémon snorted. <Regardless of how strong your will is, you will eventually succumb to the poison and become a threat. Aside from that, there’s also the risk of you infecting other life forms with the poison once that happens.> His stance was tense; ready to leap and attack at an unfathomable speed upon the slightest provocation. The thundercloud above rumbled ominously, adding to Raikou’s underlying threat.

“I think I can already infect people, but I don’t really go around biting anyone. I’m not a vampire, dude.” Sonic stated dryly. “I won’t give in for a long time. And...Well, anyone is a threat when they lose control, Raikou. Look at yourself, so furious at me who hasn’t done anything other than help your sister. You’re blinded by anger...You’re talking now, but I can tell you’re just looking for a reason to rip my head off. To be honest, Raikou...” Sonic’s tone gained a serious pitch to it. “When you attacked me like that...I thought I was being attacked by a Shadow Pokémon, you were that angry. You talk to me about losing control...But what about yourself?”

However, all Sonic’s speech had managed to do was anger the Legendary even further than he was before. <You think you can compare me to a Shadow Pokémon and expect to be listened to when you’ll eventually surrender to the pain yourself!?> He snarled, launching several bolts of electricity at the downed hedgehog.

“I’ll die before I let that happen, but I’m not going to die for you today!” Sonic snapped back, summoning up another Twister. It was the same trick, but it worked well; the wind deflected the electricity into the surrounding ground. “And attacking someone when they’re down...I thought you were more honourable than that, seeing you are Sui’s older brother.” He had gotten up onto his feet, having regained some energy. He kept the Twister around him, using its speed to increase the power of an Air Cutter technique that he launched at Raikou while it also served as a barrier to special attacks. They didn’t call him the hero of the wind for nothing!

Bolts of lightning shot down from the clouds above, seemingly without command, and disrupted the Air Cutter enough to render it useless before Raikou lunged at Sonic, moving at a blindingly fast speed. <I do not need to show honour to a threat like you!>

“A threat that doesn’t even want to fight! What kind of threat does that make me? What am I going to do, talk you to death?” The hedgehog rolled out of the way, his Dragon type technique swirling along with him. Air Cutter won’t work...And I really don’t want to get close to him. So... Focusing, the familiar orb of tan energy formed between his hands, and he flung the Focus Blast into the Twister. Spinning it around, it flung the attack at Raikou much faster than Sonic could have possibly thrown it, yet at the same time Sonic created another Air Cutter to actually serve as a shield against electrical attacks so the Fighting type move could make contact.

However, the attack was shattered before it could hit. During the time it had taken Sonic to dodge Raikou’s charge and form the Focus Blast to launch at him, the Legendary had formed a Light Screen around himself to block the Fighting type technique. With the element of surprise temporarily on his side, Raikou stormed the area, trampling even the fallen trees flat thanks to the Bulldoze attack.

The hedgehog cringed as his Twister was obliterated when Raikou slammed into him, flinging him backwards while, due to the nature of the attack, his legs were impacted the worst. The legendary then increased his speed, special attack, and special defence further with the use of Agility and Calm Mind; as he ran, a condensed ball of electricity formed on his tail which he spun around, launching the Electro Ball at the hedgehog.

With his legs temporarily immobilized, Sonic knew this attack would hurt like hell. It was stronger when whoever used it was faster than their opponent, and in the current situation Sonic was a snail facing off against a cheetah. He couldn’t react as it slammed into his body, causing him to yell out in severe agony. It struck with such force it spun him around to land on his stomach.

Ah, ow...That hurt...A lot... He managed to push himself up into a position similar to a push-up when a shadow fell over him. It didn’t take a genius to realize that Raikou was standing over him, probably gloating over his apparent victory. Well I have a surprise for you... His quills stiffened before white needles, a Pin Missile, shot out at the legendary. Normally weak, it was aimed correctly, stabbing into Raikou’s eyes and nose, forcing him into a roar as he reared up. The hedgehog bolted away, although his speed was sluggish from the Ground type technique previously used.

Although, he didn’t get far before a blast of white-hot electricity flew off the Legendary in the form of another Discharge attack. The rest arced around, striking him. Despite his best efforts, he wound up wailing in agony, sparks flying off his body as the familiar sensation of paralysis set in. Raikou’s body became a blur from the use of ExtremeSpeed, slamming into him and sending him sprawling against the ground. He stared into the eyes of his attacker as Raikou pinned down his arms and legs.

“…So that’s it, huh? You still aren’t going to change your mind? Everything I’ve done is to defend myself, yet you still insist on destroying me. You do know who I am, right? You think I’ll give in so easily…I’m Sonic the Hedgehog, Raikou. I don’t ‘give up’, period. I’m actually upset you’d say something like that to me!” He squirmed, but it was no use. “And here I am, having a semi formal conversation…Yeah, that’s a monster. I’ll talk you to death, that’s it! I’m a mean, vicious little Shadow User that has been running away the entire fight. So scary.” He was afraid, yeah, but his humor demanded he make a retort. “Now let me go, ya big bully…I’m tired and want to sleep.”

The Legendary’s crimson-red eyes narrowed; his anger still visible within them. <Anything will pose a threat when it’s contaminated with negative energy, no matter how strong it’s will is. As such, the threat must be exterminated, just as I will get rid of you.>

“So you’re just going to ignore the fact that Uxie let me live because he believes I can hold on? Or the fact that Suicune would’ve been a Shadow Pokémon still if I hadn’t fused with her to rid her of the negativity? I received the poison from her. It was all an accident, and I don’t blame her for what happened…You don’t seem to care much for her feelings, though.” Sonic retorted. “She allowed me to become her trainer, all for the sake of helping her deal with the negativity. She…I feel she trusts me, and I’m not going to let her down. Yet you want so desperately to strip her of that comfort…Tell me, who are you really thinking about? Her, or you?”

<Uxie has been wrong before,> Raikou growled, not conceding an inch of ground despite the blue hedgehog’s valid points. <The threats will be exterminated.> Before the hedgehog could retort, Raikou’s fangs lit up in electricity. He brought the Thunder Fang cruelly down, latching onto Sonic’s shoulder, fangs puncturing deep. His goal was obvious; drive the hedgehog unconscious and kill him. Sonic wasn’t about to let that happen, however.

He sank his own fangs, quite tiny in comparison to even Shadow, into the Legendary’s leg that had his arm pinned down. It was hard to control how strong he bit from the electricity screwing up his muscles, but he knew he was biting harder and harder with each passing second. I’ll die eventually, his eyes hardened with resolve, but I sure as hell am not going to die now in such a humiliating way! He felt the tang of something salty on his tongue through his thoughts, but he realized too late his mistake.

Like those before him, his Aura became visible but in a much darker hue than it should have been as it lashed furiously at Raikou. Paralyzed briefly by the sudden change, he could not dodge the five Shadow Sneaks Sonic launched upon him which spiraled upwards from the ground, impaling him on all side to launch Raikou across the clearing. A tainted Focus Blast followed suit as the hedgehog quickly got to his feet, having shaken off the effects of paralysis and even the Bulldoze attack.

A Protect made itself known thanks to the typical green shield it formed when the technique was executed, and when the Legendary had gotten to his claws once more, it was revealed that the injury from Shadow Sneak had been healed. Raikou launched himself at his target, speeding up through both ExtremeSpeed and Quick Attack – and thanks to the stimulation the electricity had on his muscles, he was able to push his speed even beyond that as he formed another sphere of lightning around his figure before releasing it in the form of another Discharge attack.

Narrowing his eyes, Sonic ducked out of the way of Raikou, using Rollout to increase his defense. The speed at which he was rolling, and how spherical his form was, allowed the electric attack to simply skim over his body. Every second that went by the attack increased in power, and a Quick Attack further bolstered the speed. At this point, it was a case of biding time until an opening presented itself; thanks to Raikou’s reckless behavior, it was more likely the Legendary would make a mistake before the hedgehog did.

Sensing this, the Electric type loosed a barrage of electricity all over the battlefield, the energy powerful enough to create several dents in the ground. The result was the earth having been made uneven and therefore harder to navigate with the Rollout attack. Sonic, however, was not deterred. A powerful Twister formed as he purposely launched himself into it. For a split second it seemed, even to Raikou, that the hedgehog had lost control of the behemoth…Until it flung the hedgehog into him, the Rollout proving to be devastating enough to crack the helmet on Raikou’s head and toss him backwards.

As it was, he landed squarely on his claws, seeming not to have been too damaged by the move other than what had been done to the headpiece; however, judging by the thunderous roar that was loosed from his jaws, he was none too pleased about it. The ominous thundercloud above the battle field was finally put into use, dropping several bolts of electricity onto the ground every second. Raikou, in the meantime, put up the glossy transparent wall of a Reflect to prevent himself from taking much physical damage as he boosted his speed with not only Quick Attack and ExtremeSpeed, but also Agility. As the enhanced speed boost took effect, Raikou began to lunge about the battleground once again, flattening and destroying everything in his way through use of Bulldoze.

Sonic had no possible chance. The lightning moved too quickly for him to avoid, so he suffered a strike from the mighty electricity which made him uncurl from his Rollout attack as it had not been deflected by his speed. Sensing Raikou approaching, another Shadow Sneak formed to spiral towards the Legendary. From the speed and Reflect, however, it caused the technique to bounce harmlessly off, forcing the hedgehog to take the devastating head on collision. For lack of a better term, it literally sent him flying before promptly touching down on the ground again with his face as the landing gear. Hissing in notable agony, the wind picked up and took on a darker appearance as the Ominous Wind came into effect, streaking towards Raikou while the hedgehog bolted around the arena sluggishly from his speed having once again been tampered with.

Sensing the change in wind currents, the Legendary formed another barrier – Light Screen – with which to deflect most of the damage that would’ve been done by the special-category move. That, combined with the speed at which he was running, also caused the Ominous Wind to have little to no effect on Raikou; taking advantage of this, he boosted his special offense once more through Calm Mind and then let loose a wicked blast of electricity.

The look on Sonic’s face was one of pure hopelessness and, in part, rage at his unjust treatment, although in his state of mind it was difficult to truly tell. Struck with such painful force he shrieked, and thanks to the paralysis that affected him afterward he could not dodge yet another Thunder attack. He collapsed onto one knee, panting, before pulling himself up for another round of beating. It was quite clear he wasn’t going to win; he was determined, however, to inflict as much damage on Raikou as he could as retribution for his swiftly closing in death.

Surprisingly enough, the Lightning Pokémon didn’t fire off any attacks at the paused hedgehog when he had managed to somewhat stably get to his feet, although the thundercloud once again rumbled ominously overhead. <So, Sonic; what was your earlier statement about not losing control? Like I said, threats have to be exterminated.>

Sonic responded with a low growl, anger flashing in his red eyes. The mocking tone hadn’t gone over his head, and he wasn’t so far gone that the reference didn’t make any sense. If anything, it only infuriated him more. His Aura strengthened through the use of Nasty Plot, and with a roar, he unleashed a Shadow Ball composed purely of the dark energy that coursed through his veins. At the same time, another Twister dropped down behind the Electric type to cut off escape while it spawned a combination of Ominous Wind and Air Cutter to reign down at Raikou.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Nine Up!

However, he wasn’t fazed by the attacks and the sudden clones that had scattered around the battlefield signified that he had used Double Team to dodge them before firing off another Thunder at the corrupted blue hedgehog. The response was swift and surprising due to the fact Sonic’s speed was still hampered; he jumped over the attack, and used his own ExtremeSpeed to race directly up to Raikou. Black substance coated his hand, which he swung into the Legendary’s jaw, the Shadow Punch stunning him long enough for another round of impalement from Shadow Sneak.

Instead of blood, however, Raikou’s form essentially ‘popped’ into a ball of purple smoke. The Substitute hid a nasty surprise which Sonic couldn’t avoid breathing in, and the pain that surged through his body as the result of the Toxic made him stumble a bit. Compared to the agony he was in from his soul collapsing, however, it was merely a pinch at the current moment. He turned to glare at the Raikou clones – and the real one – with untold fury, lips pulled back in a soundless snarl. With a bellow of rage, he lunged at another Raikou, only this time he phased through it instead of hitting hollow substance.

At that second, the thundercloud above the field dropped dozens upon dozens of lightning bolts upon the battleground. While this eliminated the remainder of the clones, the real Raikou – who had gotten to the far side, away from Sonic – was energized by the wild electricity that had poured down from the ominous skies above. As fast as a bolt of lightning, his body changed form once again, before lunging at the corrupted blue hedgehog with a speed that was far, far too quick to counter or do anything against.

It was at that moment that, corrupt or not, Sonic realized he wasn’t going to win or even get away. There were no words to describe the agony he was in once Raikou struck him, sending him careening backwards into a tree further away, surrounding the battlefield. It splintered, digging its sharp nails into his body, and the poison from Toxic had steadily gotten worse, leaving him practically immobilized. He was able to pull himself to his feet, spitting up some more shadowy substance as he felt a few broken ribs and fractured vertebrae in his body groan under the pressure of movement. He no longer showed any desire to fight or flee, although the bottom line was that he was simply too weak for either endeavor.

Raikou’s body returned to its solid form as he materialized on the opposite side of the utterly destroyed clearing. Electricity crackled dully along his form as both an Electro Ball and Thunder began to take substance on his figure. However, it was at that instant that he sensed – and heard – another creature coming through the forest, and flung off the attacks at the impending threat, realizing too late that the techniques were hurtling towards a stunned Suicune at an unavoidable speed.

That crucial moment brought something back to Sonic that had been missing. Turning on a dime and despite his body’s numerous protests, he lunged forward through the use of ExtremeSpeed towards Suicune. Rather than attack, however, he threw his body in front of the incoming attacks, shielding her from harm at the cost of horrendous damage to his already decimated body. He stumbled toward her before halting; he reached out toward her the moment their eyes connected as if to ask for help, although the words couldn’t form in his hazy mind.

As for Suicune, she was stunned and, admittedly, a little terrified. It wasn’t his Aura that upset her; his eyes were just like any other Shadow Pokémon, pools of red with only a lighter circle to signify a pupil. Although, there was also surprise left from when he had taken the hit Raikou had accidentally launched. No…He said he’d never fall victim…He can’t be gone! Her instincts told her to run, to defend herself, but her legs refused to work. With the greatest of hesitation, she opened her mind to the corrupted hedgehog in an attempt to drag him back from the darkness. <…Sonic…?>

His hand made contact with her muzzle, resting gently although it sent shivers up her spine despite the heat of his fever; his Aura was still strong and induced fear, yet there was something else within it that comforted her…A familiar sense, soothing and calm. At last, it seemed his mouth was able to work, although his single word was strained with an underlying snarl beneath it. “Sui…”

The brief moment of peace didn’t last long as Raikou, knowing it was only a matter of time until the corrupted hedgehog attacked Suicune, leapt forward through use of ExtremeSpeed, his tail aglow with the beginnings of another Iron Tail technique. As he approached, he rotated his body into a quick stop, the attack slicing into the hedgehog’s side and bone before reappearing on the other side.

The force of the impact sent Sonic into the ground a few feet away, his body immobilized by complete agony. He tried once, twice, three times before he gave up on getting to his feet. Only when he glanced at his legs did he truly feel sickened, and a blood-curdling scream escaped his mouth at the result.

His legs simply weren’t attached anymore, or the lower half of his body for that matter. Black colored intestines formed a small intricate pattern on the ground of both halves, while the shadowy substance that should have been blood evaporated within a few seconds of touching air. His back bone protruded up a little more from his missing pair of legs, the only white amidst the darkness and stained fur. He tried to crawl away from the scene, no longer wishing to be any part of it, yet his arms lacked the strength and the pain was overwhelming; he also only succeeded in spreading his guts a little more over the ground. Sonic became aware of moisture beneath his eyes within that timeframe; he was crying, and he realized it was both from the pain but also of hopelessness.

His initial scream had died down to a wail, and finally into gasps for air as, in his full-blown panic, he was unable to draw in air properly.

An enraged snarl rent the air as Suicune’s jaws opened, sending a torrent of water known as a Hydro Cannon slamming into Raikou at an amazing speed. The Electric type Legendary was thrown back several feet by the technique, but landed easily on his claws before managing to shake off some of the extra aftermath of the attack. <Raikou, he just prevented your attacks from hitting me; you have no excuse for your actions!> The wind had stirred and begun to pick up speed during her statement, and was now blowing about with nearly the same intensity as a typhoon, yet it was quite possible that things could get worse than they already were.

Raikou returned the gesture with a low growl, the thunderhead above rumbling in response as more lightning flashed in the sky. <He still would’ve attacked you; he’s a threat that needs to be exterminated.> Sonic responded with a hiss to that statement. He was too busy being in agony and trying to claw his mind out of the fog of the poison to say anything. It was also clear to him that Raikou was speaking out loud to piss him off and make him attack, in order to further justify his reasons.

To be perfectly honest, he would have loved to rip the Legendary’s throat out.

Suicune’s crimson eyes narrowed in annoyance, her tone also beginning to betray her irritation now in addition to her wind-related abilities. <The only reason he fought you was because you made the first attack.>

<He has proven to be willing to spread the poison, the proper action has to be taken!> The other Legendary snapped.

Despite every protest his body had, the hedgehog had to speak up to that, even though his raspy voice gave away he wasn’t quite himself. “I only…Bit you because you had me…Pinned and were going to…Kill me!” He shook his head, glaring at Raikou with more confidence than he actually felt. “I didn’t…I didn’t want to fight, you a******!” He spat the last word with such vehemence he literally spat some more shadows onto the ground, although they quickly vaporized.

Raikou gave him a venomous glare before lunging through ExtremeSpeed. <You dare to insult me when you are cut in half, groveling on the ground like a whelp!? I will rip out your tongue for that, you cursed creature!>

“And I’ll rip out your eyes!” Sonic shrieked back, although he struggled to retain his sanity as the urge to attack back rose up within him once more. He never once took his eyes off Raikou as the Legendary loomed over him, quickly gaining speed for the kill. As Raikou pounced, ramming his way past Suicune, the hedgehog snarled as his quills stiffened in response. Not like they would do much to the angry beast.

And just like that, a powerful shot of fire burst forth from the trees, smacking into Raikou and sending him stumbling backwards in obvious surprise. Fire burning hotly, the Rapidash made itself known by rearing onto his hind legs, stabbing out into the air with his front hooves. Flaym’s fortunate arrival had spared Sonic from certain death by mere seconds. One look at Sonic told the serious fire horse what was going on, and he trotted up to stand beside Suicune.

<Ah, Raikou…I had always assumed your Fire type brother would be the hotheaded one of the group. This is very much a surprise. Attacking someone who is down and clearly unable to fight anymore…Hmm. I thought honor ran in the blood of every Legendary? I suppose there is more to this world than is thought.> Somehow, his eyes and horn twinkled with a menace that a Rapidash should not have been able to enforce. <Will you put up as much of a fight as Ho-Oh did when I challenged her? I suppose we shall see. You are clearly too enraged to listen to much reason.>

The Electric type gave a low growl. <I’ve no interest in combat with you; it is the Shadow Users who pose a threat, and therefore, it is the Shadow Users who must be eliminated.>

<Ah, but that is the problem. If you became a Shadow Pokémon, you would have to be eliminated…Yet you would not wish to be. It is the same instance here, except Sonic is the victim. He saved your sister from a horrid fate, Raikou,> Flaym noticed Suicune flinch, <and this is how you repay him for his bravery and loyalty? What a poor show of sportsmanship.> His horn lit up with a green energy, and the Rapidash slashed the air with the Megahorn. <As it is, I will not simply stand aside. A challenge is a challenge…And I do not back down from them!>

Lightning cracked open the sky above as rain began to pour from the thunderhead while Raikou’s body reverted to pure electricity. <I can’t decide if you’re bravely stupid or stupidly brave. However, know that you won’t defeat me as easily as you were able to match my mistress in combat.>

<I would not advise calling your mistress weak, warrior of lightning. She gave you life…Suggesting that she is weak is a stab to the heart. Clearly your dishonor knows no bounds.> He directed his attention to Suicune. <Suicune, see to Sonic’s protection. If I am to fight your brother, I wish for it to be on equal ground with nothing to hold me back.>

Suicune backed down beside the trembling hedgehog while Flaym leaped forward, accelerating greatly with the use of Quick Attack and Agility. It was the same combination he had used to cross the ocean earlier on. Raikou used ExtremeSpeed, body crackling with electricity, charging straight toward Flaym with a Wild Charge. The Rapidash, horn still aglow with Megahorn, burst into flames from a Flare Blitz. As the two collided, they darted away from each other only to turn and keep attacking with the same moves, each time impacting with more and more force. There was not much to say about the actual fight, as it occurred at such high speed that it was simply a blur of yellow, red, and cream.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Nine Up!

Even so, it took a little long for Suicune to speak to Sonic. <…I am sorry. If I had gotten here earlier or managed to hold him off longer, none of this would have happened.>

“Don’t blame yourself.” The response was immediate and somewhat angry, although seemingly aimed at himself. “It’s my fault entirely. I wasn’t fast enough…I pushed myself to Mach Two speed, but I crashed. And then I had to get myself pinned…” His anger quickly faded into hopelessness, his pride hurt more deeply than his wounds. “I lost control, and it’s my fault. There’s no one else to blame but me. I made a promise to you, and…I broke it. I’m sorry, Suicune.”

She raised an eyebrow. <Technically, you did not break it. You may have gained the abilities of a Shadow User, but you did not allow the instincts to take over. If you had, I would have been injured by both Raikou and you.>

“Doesn’t change the fact I still want to kill your brother.” Sonic retorted, before his expression softened. “Actually, the whole fight is a blur right up to the end. I only remember what happened when he launched those attacks at you…Everything after biting him is in fragments. I just…Well, I couldn’t let you get hurt again. I’m a big softie, I guess.” He gripped the ground tightly as newfound pain surged through him; glancing back, tendrils of darkness were connecting himself with his legs and would shortly begin pulling them back together. “Oh Chaos…I’m a zombie. I’m a friggin’ zombie. This isn’t right…I would have been fine with having no blood – I didn’t need to experience or see this!”

She gave a grim chuckle. <Believe me; not looking at it is one of the only ways to ignore and endure it.> Despite Sonic’s reactions, she didn’t seem too disturbed by what was going on, but that could be because of her own past experiences.

The hedgehog returned her chuckle with a meek grin. “Easier said than done when you feel like you’re on fire, Sui…” He growled a little, seeing as the two halves of his body were relatively close together it didn’t take long for them to start healing, the organs reconnecting to resume proper functions. The pain became agony, and in an effort to not scream or do anything that would upset Suicune anymore than she already was, he buried his face into the earth, focusing on the scent of dirt and what little remained of grass.

In an effort to help with the situation, however, the Water type released a small amount of her Aura, knowing it would help to keep the blue hedgehog relatively calm.

Since his face was preoccupied greeting the dirt, telepathy was used. <Thanks, Sui. And, um…Dirt doesn’t taste very good. I don’t recommend it.> It seemed some of his humor had come back, although there was obvious pain within his mind’s voice. <It…It’s starting to feel a little better, but honestly, I’m afraid to look or move. With my luck, those stupid shadows put my legs on backwards…> He was obviously trying hard to be funny in order to brighten his situation. <I hate to ask, but is it done doing the zombie thing yet?>

She raised an eyebrow at his comments, but did as he requested. <Yes, the ‘zombie thing’ ordeal is finished. …And yes, your legs are on straight.> She added after some extra thought.

The hedgehog raised his head quickly. “I don’t like it when you hesitate on saying if my legs are on right! It freaks me out!” He barked, before he – carefully – bent his knees and examined his body. There was simply no trace left of the injuries, and indeed his legs were on correctly. Of course, they were a bit numb at the current moment. “Well, they’re working right…It’s weird pulling a stunt Shadow can’t even do. He’s freakin’ immortal, too.”

She gave him a questioning look.

“Oh, you haven’t met Shadow, although you’ve probably heard how he was created. Long story short though, he can’t heal very well on his own. He needs a machine to put him in stasis and support him. He can die really easily from wounds because he doesn’t seem to have a backup programmed into his genetics or something. Really poor choice on Professor Gerald’s part.” Sonic stated, watching the two battling in the background. Flaym was holding his own pretty well, actually, and was certainly proving his mettle. “It’s just wrong being able to heal better than an immortal. It isn’t natural…”

Suicune spoke up after some thought. <Intriguing. You would think Shadow’s creator was better prepared than that for those situations. It makes me wonder what Shadow himself would do to gain that ability.> She shook her head. <Either way, you will return to normal after the Tower is repaired.>

The hedgehog coughed, shaking his head. “Maybe he put it in on purpose, I don’t know. Shadow was supposed to help cure diseases, after all. I don’t know what he would do…I think it depends on what needs to be done to get it. All I know is that I’m a bit nervous about what he’ll say if he finds out, which is why I asked Uxie not to tell anyone.” His weakness was setting in again, forcing him to lie flat on the ground. “I hope so…I’m so tired of the pain and anger.”

She nodded. <You will not have to worry about anything such as that. Uxie has kept many secrets over the years; unless their original speakers wish otherwise, the words will be taken to his grave before he ever speaks of them.>

“Good. I already have enough to deal with as it is.” He responded, although his tone of voice clearly indicated he hadn’t forgotten about Raikou’s attempt to kill him. It was unfair, he thought, that someone would try to kill him basing it on his condition. To be honest, just thinking about it got his blood boiling again, leading to a low growl. “Damn jerk.”

The thundercloud above suddenly spewed out several dozen lightning bolts all over the battlefield – including towards where Sonic and Suicune had been resting. However, before the electricity hit, a burst of flame somehow struck them first, although the Legendary Water type was quick to notice that despite the inferno that engulfed them, there was neither heat nor pain from it.

The white and blue flames swirled hypnotically around them, acting as a shield from the lightning bolts that rained down from above, only dissipating into thin air once the abnormal weather condition subsided. Suicune was drawn to angle her eyes and head upwards, and was relatively surprised at what she saw; a magnificently coloured bird with feathers all the hues of a rainbow was descending upon the ashen ground. Upon landing, her wings folded, also dissipating the rainbow that had been created behind her by her prismatic wings.

Sonic whined slightly, clearly thinking he was going to die. Again. Flaym, who had been struck by a lightning bolt and had only just now managed to throw off the resulting paralysis, immediately bowed his head to the new figure. <I was not expecting you to be here, Ho-Oh. It has been a long time since we last crossed paths…And it is, unfortunately, not under the best conditions this time.> The Rapidash shook his body, flinging a few drops of blood from his wounds against Raikou, who had also taken damage in a similar fashion.

Surprisingly enough, the magnificent phoenix’s presence had seemed to pacify Raikou as well seeing as he followed the same motion as the Rapidash he had been fighting before he proceeded to right himself. However, that didn’t stop Ho-Oh from turning her large, sleek head towards them; her orange-yellow eyes paused on Flaym for a moment as she gave a nod before resting her gaze on Raikou.

<Spirit of Lightning, there is no need to attack the hedgehog, and never was.> She stated calmly.

However, the Electric type tiger growled slightly. <He has become a Shadow User and will come to pose just as great of a threat as Kyogre and Groudon are now! It is better to be rid of him before that happens, regardless if he is Sonic or not.>

The bird shook her head, the yellow crest swaying slightly with the motion. <While that is true, Raikou, my visions have shown that the will he possesses will not allow him to give in and become a threat until quite some time has passed.> She paused. <As it is, if he dies here and now, more terrible events will follow that he would have been able to prevent if he were alive.>

Suicune, who had relaxed a little after learning her Mistress wasn’t going to attack, tilted her head slightly in thought about the statement that the Legendary Fire-Flying type had given. Visions…? She has never said she was capable of that ability…

Poking his head around Suicune to glance at Ho-Oh, the hedgehog’s voice was somewhat meek, if only to avoid possibly upsetting the person who was saving his life. “Um…Ho-Oh, was it? Yeah, I just want to put it on the record I have no intention of ever becoming a threat. So, yeah…Thought I’d put that out there.” He was more concerned on the second half she had stated. I never realized I was that important in the grand scheme of things. Sort of daunting, if I think about it…Eh, I can always ask later, maybe.

After a few seconds of silence, Raikou gave a nod. <…Fine. I will leave him be. I can only hope you are not wrong, Mistress, for even Uxie’s predictions have been a little too inaccurate lately.> With that, he turned walking into the foliage behind them before breaking out into a run as was his and his siblings’ characteristic.

The hedgehog watched Raikou leave with apprehension. Once he felt his energy fade away – or as much as he possibly could – he pulled himself up, darting over to Flaym to examine his wounds. His eyes hovered for a few seconds over the open injuries before he glanced back at Ho-Oh, apparently satisfied that they weren’t too severe. “Thanks, Ho-Oh. He came out of nowhere and…Well, to put it simply, I had two injuries today that should have killed me. Raikou accuses me of being a Shadow User, and I am one…But it’s not like I want to be. There was no reasoning with him.” He glanced down, a sour note attaching itself to his voice. “And I lost a race. Me, the fastest thing alive…I went faster than I ever have, and I still lost. To be honest, that hurts me more than the pain from the poison.”

The phoenix nodded. <You may not be the fastest thing alive; however, you are still the fastest mortal alive.> After this, she spread her wings and seemed to effortlessly beat her way into the sky again, leaving the others to their thoughts.

“Hmm…Fastest mortal alive…” The hedgehog thought out loud, before nodding. “I guess that’s a good title.” He glanced at Suicune. “What do you think she meant by me preventing terrible events? I’m not that strong…” Flaym glanced at Sonic as he said that, clearly thinking otherwise but not saying anything.

The Legendary seemed to raise an eyebrow. <I do not think so. Most Pokémon, let alone Legendaries, would not choose to travel with a weak Trainer.>

It seemed to strike the hedgehog somewhat odd, as he glanced down, thinking. “I’m awesome, sure…But having others agree with me…To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to react. For once, you guys have left me with…Not a whole lot to say.” He raised his head up, the familiar fire of determination burning in his eyes. “I’ll do my best to live up to everyone’s expectations. If I ever lose my will to go forward…Just remind me of what I’m fighting for and send me back into the fray!”
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy Up!

First, I absolutely love Sonic's spirit! *huggles* And that fact will never change. *nods matter-of-factly*

Second, the middle of that was totally grody, but I'm sure that's exactly what you were going for. X6
It was pretty cool that Ho-Oh showed up to chill the situation...despite her natural element. Flaym too. That seriously calm head of his sure is helpful.
Hate to say it... >.< But, I'll be waiting to see what happens next.

Oh boy, that can't be good.

I know! I'm expecting a total wipeout! >.<

The hedgehog cringed as his Twister was obliterated as Raikou slammed into him, flinging him backwards as, due to the nature of the attack, his legs were impacted the worst.
as, as, as... Sorry, that's one of my pet peeves when words repeat in the same sentence. ^^' Maybe it could be reworded somehow?

At this point, it was a case of bidding time until an opening presented itself;
Only one 'd' in biding.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy Up!

Same warning as the last chapter; this one contains blood, violence and language.

Chapter Seventy-One

Green leaves swayed in a soft breeze, the light gently touching down upon them from the sun above. It would have been serene, if not for the glowing figure racing over the treetops by way of flight. Black boots gleamed with dark intention, the teal stripe that crawled across its surface on the sides marred only by the red line that crossed the top of the shoe. The figure glanced back, raising a similar colored glove, black with teal tips and a red line coming from the middle and ring fingers down to the wrist, to deflect a large orb of energy which exploded into the trees.

Growling, the hedgehog raised some crystals up behind it, but the sky blue gems were shattered effortlessly by its pursuer. Movement below, and the creature emerged, smashing into the crescent scar on the forehead of the hedgehog, its white Aura flickering softly as power was cut off and it fell. The impact was rather light, only dislodging a single tree and creating a small plume of dirt. Cursing audibly, the hedgehog got up, eyeing the figure across from him.

“You really should not be crossing me…You have no idea of my power.” He growled, eyeing his opponent. In his hand, the crystals formed into a large battleaxe, complete with a spike where the blades connected with the pole. “I advise you to leave before things truly get ugly.”

The red-eyed Umbreon snorted as her purple rings glowed dimly in irritation.
<I don’t think so. I can tell from your Aura that you’re a pathetically weak opponent; moreso than Reiki. I’d be impressed if you could actually end up scratching me.> Her black pupils narrowed while a purple Aura came into view just above her back, causing an eerie scenario of déjà-vu.

“Weak? Give me a week, and I will be stronger. My power has been growing exponentially within the last month. You will not think so for much longer.” Swiping the blade, a few trees immediately beside him were toppled over from the force of the weapon. “These trees make it so clustered…No room to fight. Oh well.” Raising his free hand up towards the sky, several orbs of condensed dark energy swirled around before he lobbed them at his opponent. “You do not know who you are dealing with.”

The black spheres impacted his opponent, but when the dust cleared, it was revealed that no damage had been dealt at all; in fact, it looked as if the abnormal Umbreon had only been strengthened by the dark energy. She tilted her head slightly.
<Really? That’s your opening attack?> A sinister glint entered her eyes at that moment. <I suppose I should show you mine, then.> And before the sky blue hedgehog could blink, she had vanished.

Without having a chance to begin considering where she had disappeared to, something slammed into him full force on his side, sending him flying into the forest; smashing and splintering many of the trees before he came to a stop. It had also been evident by the ear-shattering screech that had occurred that the creature had also slammed herself into his battle axe, sending it flying in the process. However, when she came into view again, not even crouched to attack, there wasn’t even a light scratch to signify any sign of the lightest injury from the weapon.

Shaking himself as he got to his feet, the hedgehog raised his hand upwards once more, although this time his weapon, which had been knocked away, flew back to allow him to wield it once more. He observed the crack that formed, sighing. “Not bad, I have to say. Still,” another battleaxe formed in his other hand, “I will not go down so easily!” He charged forward, bringing down the damaged weapon first, with the second ready to come forward in the case of a counterattack.

The Dark type made no move to avoid the attack as the battleaxe came down, and it met her midnight pelt with a sound clang that reverberated throughout the area. The Moonlight Pokémon gave him a bored look before her eyes took on a bluish sheen, surrounding Nazo with energy from a Psychic attack which sent him flying backwards once more.

Cursing loudly this time – more from a bit of surprise than actual pain – he rebounded, letting loose the familiar pink shade of energy from a Spacial Rend. He glanced at his arm, mildly annoyed from the feeling of bones scraping together. It didn’t matter, really – he knew it would heal quickly enough with his new abilities. For good measure, he summoned up more crystals which travelled behind the Spacial Rend, while he braced himself to dodge any other attack that could possibly be heading his way.

Once again, the Umbreon held her ground – but this time, a silvery Aura became visible around her, and when the Dragon type Spacial Rend hit, it rebounded onto its user, shattering the gems he had attempted to put up for extra defense.
<Are you really even trying?>

“Shut up, you red eyed b****!” Nazo hissed, lunging forward. He fortified his broken arm with crystals to increase its strength as he brought the battleaxes down in a frenzy on the Umbreon’s head. Each blow clanked loudly, reverberating around the area with a dull ring that suggested metal on metal, not crystal on flesh. As it continued, the hedgehog’s Aura grew stronger as its owner became more angry, the frustration feeding the darkness which his powers were based upon.

His motions suddenly came to a halt as the same blue aura encircled her eyes, once more enveloping him in a Psychic before the crystal battleaxes shattered due to psychokinetic influence. She lunged forward, a dual-bladed katana forming from the Aura on her back; the weapon slashed down Nazo’s chest before she whirled, launching a Double Kick at him that smashed the hedgehog out of her Psychic grip.

Realizing that the fight would be lost – and his aching body telling him that quite easily – the hedgehog summoned up another volley of crystals towards his opponent as he got up. This time, however, he didn’t intend to stay around. Leaping into the air, he quickly accelerated straight up, piercing the sound barrier within seconds. He would rather lose a fight than lose his life.

The Pokémon dodged around the crystals easily, but as Nazo flew upwards in his attempt to escape, a Psychic barrier came into being above him – while he narrowly managed to avoid smashing headlong into it and breaking his neck, it held, trapping him into the battle. A smirk was on the Umbreon’s muzzle now.
<You really shouldn’t try to flee a battle; especially one you yourself had the stupidity to start.>

Nazo glared daggers at his opponent. “I did not start anything. You attacked first.” Debating for a second, he ripped open a portal, only for it to be destroyed by a powerful Dark Pulse a mere second later. It dawned on him at that moment that there wasn’t any escape from this fight, so he redirected his attention to his opponent. It was risky, but he quickly began to build up energy, although he eyed her every moment to foresee any attacks. It wouldn’t really damage his charge up, but he had no desire to be caught off guard anymore.

She gave him an even glare.
<So, you don’t consider slaughtering hundreds of people and Pokémon to be provoking those who are supposed to get rid of a******* like you?> What she didn’t give away was that she could sense the energy building up for the sky blue hedgehog’s next attack.

The hedgehog stated nothing, only shaking his head in apparent exasperation. “Criticism wherever I go. Sad, really.” He jumped in the air, although he no longer felt like fleeing. Turning quickly, he made the familar hand movements as he activated Crystal Storm. “Sorry. I have places I need to be, you know...I thought I would end this rather quickly.”
The meteors rained down from above and several sharp, jagged crystals rose from the ground below, tearing up the small clearing that had been made. However, the Umbreon was able to weave around all of them effortlessly – the relatively few scratches she did gain being healed as soon as they were made – before blocking Nazo’s path.
<That was really your best move? Whatever; I suppose I’ll have to show you how to properly deal damage.>

Then she was gone once more. The hedgehog barely had time to think about where she had disappeared to when she slammed into him once more, bringing down the katana which painfully sliced into his skull. He tried to form another battleaxe to defend himself, but found through the power of Psychic he was left helpless as the barrage of the katana continued. He tried so desperately to free himself, genuinely fearing for his life but never allowing the Umbreon to see it.

She flung him around, smashing him into some of the giant crystals his own attack had made. She held him there, a bloody mess that was only alive through immortality and her good grace. It didn’t last long, however. Turning around, she lashed out with a Double Kick which fractured his jaw and snapped his neck, and only now that he was paralyzed did she allow the Psychic to dissipate. Slouched against a crystal, he glared at her with smouldering hatred.

Having taken such a beating, crystals raised up around him to allow him to enter stasis; even as the extra hard material covered his sight, he didn’t fall unconscious to allow himself to heal. It tugged on his mind terribly to resist its effects, a sleep that would make him feel so much better when he woke up. He started to succumb, but the back of his mind screamed that he’d never wake up, keeping him awake just enough to be aware of his surroundings.

The feeling of dread in his mind, however, would not leave.

The tell-tale glint in her crimson eyes allowed her to see that the covering over top of the hedgehog was extremely hard. However, it was clear that the Dark type wasn’t worried; the blades of the Aura-made katana on her back began to take on an ominous glow as they charged up energy – one that Nazo could no doubt see despite the crystals muddling his vision.

In his defence, he raised more crystals around his cocoon, well aware that his attempts were futile. His thoughts were proven when the weapon was brought down on the large stones, shattering them like glass before another Double Kick launched him out of the remains of the gems.

Smacking into the ground, he tried to move, but his neck wound prevented anything from working. More crystals surrounded him as the seed became aware that its host was in true danger, and tried to buffer his defences more so that his wounds could heal. Some crystal formed over the broken bone in his neck, fortifying it enough to allow him the limited use of his arms; his legs, however, still remained useless from the shattered nerve signals.

The crystals that had tried to form were shattered once more before Nazo’s body was lifted off the ground by Psychic; this also prevented the stasis from beginning to take effect once more.
<So, do you have any last requests or the like before I finish you off?> The Umbreon Monogatari questioned.

The hedgehog spat in her face. “Yeah; what is your number? I would like to meet you in Hell later.” He managed a smirk despite his fractured jaw. “You expect me to beg for mercy...Plead for my life. ‘Oh please, don’t kill me! I’ll do anything!’ Bah. I have my pride...Not to mention a heartless b**** like you would never grant it anyway.”

<Heartless? You really shouldn’t be such a hypocrite.> Was the last thing he heard before her weapon formed into a claw of sorts, plunging into his chest. Agony rippled through his body as arteries ruptured, spewing forth blood. She let him drop to the ground, his still-beating heart clutched within her weapon before she crushed it.

The hedgehog was clawing at his chest, unable to breathe and in such horrendous pain. “What...Have you...Done?” The words were strangled yet somehow soft, escaping his mouth as he collapsed completely. From his forehead, dark tendrils – the seed itself – burst forth, clambering down his body, piercing into flesh and wrapping around him. He shrieked as his flesh vaporized, before the hedgehog himself disappeared in a flash of black light, with only his clothing remaining as a testament that he had even been there.
The Umbreon Monogatari was briefly surprised when a pair of eyes resembling Tatsujin appeared within the dark foliage, followed by a grin. “I have to thank you for that...” The words came out in a slithering hiss. “This entire time...My heart held me back from true power. Without it,” when he emerged in a lunge, his appearance was disturbingly similar to his Master’s; a body composed of shadows with no legs, appearing ghost like in appearance along with a malice that could be felt in the air, “I have

To the evil being’s surprise, however, the Umbreon’s own body took on a startling resemblance to Tatsujin’s before she vanished into the ground, having become a shadow. Appearing behind him and darting to the side quickly enough to startle her foe, the weapon on her back once again slashed through him. This time, it had remained aglow with Aura; the injury she dealt with it wouldn’t heal quickly.

Growling, his form dissipated before reappearing, although where the injury had been dealt it remained visible by being black, compared to his purple body. Clasping his claws together, energy seeped into them before he launched the purple substance – Sludge Bomb – at his target, although he sank into the ground in the form of Shadow Sneak to prepare a counter technique.

Unknown to him, the Umbreon allowed the attack to hit and took the poison that came with it before dodging the Shadow Sneak by leaping into the barren trees around the battlefield. But, it was then that he felt a strange drain on his strength and realized that he had somehow been poisoned. Worse so, as soon as she sensed his slight waver in energy, a light green aura surrounded her before vanishing, taking the poison along with it, leaving him with the consequence of his own attack.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy Up!

Normally he couldn’t be poisoned, but the one she had somehow given him had been altered to attack the very shadows that made his body up. He hadn’t known it to be possible, but he shrugged it off. He raced forward, claws taking on the ghostly sheen of a Shadow Claw as he roared out his anger, demanding she hold still and take the attack to prove she could.

With speed that had only been demonstrated a few times before, she dodged every single slash attempt he launched towards her before an Aura Sphere shot from her jaws, smashing into the dark being and driving him backwards.

He only laughed. “I see you’re afraid of a little Shadow Claw. How amusing! An attack you actually have no desire to be hit with, despite claiming I could not lay a scratch on you – which my Crystal Storm did – and that you cannot be hurt. A Shadow Claw delivered by a being of shadows to another being of darkness...Perfect irony!” Roaring, the wind redirected itself as an Ominous Wind, and Nazo was given a boost from its effects. His speed increased, he dove back into the ground.

Only to reappear seconds later beside the Dark type, a dual Shadow Claw lashing out at her back.

When the attack made contact, her form vanished in a puff of smoke, having been revealed to be a Substitute the entire time. “What?!?” He turned around, snarling, as the Moonlight Pokémon lunged forward from where she had been concealed. The Shadow Claw on her own paw struck him, latching around his soul before it was forcefully yanked from his body. His body evaporated, as with no soul to keep the shadows together, it could no longer exist.

He glared at her through his transparent eyes, his figure that of his normal appearance but lacking scars or color. “You think you’re so smart, having won. This is not the last you will hear of me.” Picking something up, he turned to glance behind him, observing the ground split as fire spewed forth. Only those highly spiritual, dead, or close to the victim could see it; to any other the Umbreon was standing there, paw raised with the Shadow Claw clutching an orb of light...Or in this case, darkness.

A red hot chain shot forth from the ground, wrapping around his leg and burning into it. The bored Umbreon released her grip, and the hedgehog was brought backwards, clawing at the life force of the ground to slow himself down. Another chain came forward, this time wrapping around his waist. “You think Hell will hold me? I have felt the fire of betrayal, and it burns much more hotly than anything the cursed place can hold to me!” His raging anger was easy enough to see as he was slowly dragged back, although he managed to stop himself at the edge of the spiritual crevice. “I know who you are...You do not have to speak your name. I knew it from the very beginning. Mitsumae...I curse you with every breath I ever took! I will escape Hell and return more powerful than ever before...And you will be my first victim! I promise you that!”

Then, he simply let go, falling into the pit which closed up behind him with nothing more than his echoing, mad laughter to fill the silence in the clearing.

Intense sunlight blinded his eyes as the grey hedgehog awoke, although his attempt to sit up in his startled state only sent fragmented aches through his body in response. He was confused about where he was; having never been in a hospital before he did not realize he was in a safe area, and the needles and strange machines around him certainly did not help the dulled sense of panic that had formed as a knot in his chest. However, out of the corner of his eyes, he quickly noticed the white cat that must’ve played some part in getting into this building.

Shira, noticing he had awoken after his heart rate had returned to a slightly lower level, swiftly spoke up. “Iyoku, you’re safe here; there’s no need to panic.” She paused for a few moments, letting him absorb the atmosphere. “This is a hospital; it’s where the sick and injured are taken to recover. You’ve been out for about...A month now.” She kept her surprise masked – to tell the truth, she hadn’t thought he would recover from the illness he’d received. Well, I don’t know if he’s fully recovered yet. It’s still possible he may die due to all the power issues we had recently, but I somehow doubt he will.

The grey hedgehog was silent for several seconds as he ran through the memories in his mind; first and foremost was the nightmare – no, the warning – that had been given to him thanks to his abilities. Given that, it wasn’t hard to tell what his first question would be. “...Where’s Nazo?” He questioned, having long since noticed that the sky blue hedgehog definitely wasn’t in the room. Neither were Shourai and Yaiba, but that was most likely because they were in their Poké Balls or somewhere else at the moment.

Lilac was sitting by the bedside, having been watching guard for the past month. Shira had allowed her to help with her work, as just being there beside patients without the sickness had helped in recovery of injuries and general morale. <He left a month ago, Iyoku. He blamed Reiki for your illness, so he went to track him down. And,> she glanced down at her paws, <he never came back. We thought he was dead...Until recently, that is.>

Iyoku had managed to sit up shortly into Lilac’s explanation, but the grey hedgehog glanced down at her, sensing the Houndour’s wariness to continue. However, he looked over at Shira once she spoke up. “The news will be on again in a few minutes; you’ll see what she means by then.”

<You will not like it, though.> Lilac concluded, shaking her head. <How are you feeling, Iyoku? When you fell ill with the plague, we were told you probably wouldn’t live. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that you are awake!> She got up on her hind legs, placing her front paws on the side of the bed and craning her head forward to nuzzle Iyoku. <I’m so happy! The others will be too!>

He nodded. “Although, if what I saw was true, Nazo won’t be alive for very much longer. Or the side of him we’ve come to see, at least.”

<What do you mean, Iyoku? Wait!> Lilac stated softly, looking a bit worried. <The way you woke up...What you saw...You had a nightmare, didn’t you?>

The grey hedgehog nodded once again, but before he could start explaining it through telepathy, he noticed that Shira had taken a thin black box off of the table beside him. Aiming it for the large television that was hung in the corner above the window, she pressed one of the buttons. With a click, the liquid crystal display screen came to life, describing the past events of that month.

Immediately, the headline rang “Nazo back; hundreds dead”, as the newswoman stated that they would once more show the recent footage – nearly a week ago – shot by an amateur cameraman at an unnamed village. She gave a warning to the viewers that some of it was graphic, before it began to show.

The camera was shaky as an explosion resounded through the area, caused by a familiar meteor smashing into buildings. There was screaming, of course, followed by growls as Shadow Pokémon – only about three – lunged forward, attacking anyone they could get their claws on. Above, the glowing figure of a hedgehog fought off some trained Pidgeot, the final evolution of Pidgey proving to be a minor opponent. They stood no chance; the crystal battleaxe came down, cleaving one’s wing off to where it fell to the hungry howls of the Shadow Pokémon below. The second one was cut in half altogether, while the third was forced into the ground where it was impaled by crystal spikes.

The cameraman’s frightened murmuring, “S*** I’m going to die, I’m going to die!” was heard briefly as he ducked behind a bush for fear of his life. He pushed the lens forward to keep the battle recorded, although it was quickly clear that Nazo and his three minions were easily finishing everything off. It caught Nazo grab a civilian, preparing to skewer her alive before his attention was diverted by a shout.

“NAZO!” Shadow had appeared out of seemingly nowhere, but his expression was one of anger. The younger hedgehog smirked, releasing his victim unharmed to turn towards the black being. “I cannot believe you. You stated yourself you wished to never become what you were once before. Have you forgotten?”

Nazo was silent for a moment. “No, I have not.” His voice came out as an icy hiss. “I am not what I was before. I am stronger than that.” He stepped forward. “You cannot, nor will you even attempt, to convince me from this path. You came here for a fight, right?” He angled his weapon at Shadow, the pointed tip serving to reinforce the question. “Will you honour me with a fight, Ultimate Life Form?”

Shadow closed his eyes, shaking his head. “Fool. You just signed your death warrant.” The hedgehog focused, the gold rings on his wrists and ankles shimmering before breaking away to land behind him. With them off, the massive energy surge that went through his body was felt by a shockwave which rattled the camera for a moment. “I will make this as quick as possible, for your sake.”

Then he was gone. Nazo whirled, blocking Shadow’s kick from behind. He pushed back with his battleaxe, swiping at the hedgehog who caught the attack between his hands, wrenching it from Nazo’s grasp. He turned the weapon against its creator, the latter jumping backwards to avoid it while raising up a plethora of crystals as a shield. The battleaxe made a sound ‘clunk’ as it embedded itself into the rocky surface.

The Ultimate Life Form jumped the crystal wall, the thrusters on his shoes granting him limited flight abilities that he put to good use. Energy crackled around his hands as he launched red Chaos Spears, his anger having made his attacks negative based. Nazo allowed the attack to hit him, his Aura becoming stronger as he launched a powerful Dark Pulse at Shadow, who used Chaos Control to warp out of the way. He reappeared above Nazo, smashing his fist into the younger hedgehog’s scar.

The Thunder Punch did its job, causing Nazo to swing wildly from pain. What wasn’t anticipated was for him to grab Shadow and slam him into the ground. Shadow fought back, slamming his boot into Nazo’s stomach while sinking his fangs into his legs. It seemed to work, as Nazo backed off long enough for Shadow to get to his feet and launch another attack. It was a high speed attack this time, as he accelerated quickly due to his released powers, delivering a vicious multitude of punches and kicks to Nazo who could only hold his arms up to defend.

The last punch smashed into Nazo’s face, sending him flying backwards. Shadow followed up where he fell with a volley of Chaos Spears, which sent up a smokescreen as they hit their target. He didn’t let his guard down, but was legitimately surprised when Nazo walked out of the dusty aftermath unharmed.

“Is that all you have got?” Nazo responded dully. In response, Shadow’s form shifted into the Biodragon, absorbing his Inhibitor Rings in the process. He roared at Nazo, although it was clear there was telepathic communication, only Nazo’s responses could be heard. It was a lot of back-and-forth until ultimately the three Shadow Pokémon came into play, launching themselves at Shadow’s back legs.

Roaring in his anger, Shadow jumped forward, slamming his hind legs onto the creatures that were plaguing him. A spiked meteor slammed into his side in his distraction, causing him to refocus on Nazo. Opening his mouth, pulsating rings of purple energy erupted from it; the Dragon Pulse was blocked by a Dark Pulse, followed by a Shadow Ball smashing into the Biodragon’s head. Shadow shook the attack off easily enough, beginning to rush forward.

It failed. By ignoring the Shadow Pokémon, they had been able to use varying attacks to bind up his hind legs, causing him to fall forward. He flailed his wings in an effort to right himself before a barrage of crystals tore through them. A Chaos Beam burst forth from his maw towards Nazo, who rushed forward into the attack. It was a struggle between the two until Nazo was knocked backwards.

“Bah! You think that will defeat me?” The three Shadow Pokémon gathered around Nazo, snarling but obeying him. Nazo’s Aura split into three tendrils, sharpening before impaling his minions. They whined loudly while writhing as they began to dissolve, Nazo’s Aura turning pitch black and flaring up as he became much more powerful from the negative energy. “Ha ha ha...Now you will feel true power, Shadow!”

Another Chaos Beam was his response, but this time Nazo not only withstood the attack, he split it into two halves by holding up one hand. Rushing forward, his Aura formed over his hand, the Shadow Claw also taking on a pink tint similar to Poison Jab. Shadow had freed his hind legs, rearing up to lash out with a Chaos Claw. Nazo dodged around the attack, dragging his combination technique up the side of Shadow’s arm and then his body.

Needless to say, Shadow was not happy with that. Roaring, he whirled around, smashing a Dragon Tail against Nazo’s body. His head darted forward extremely fast, his jaws coming down on the hedgehog’s arm while he wrenched his body away. Upon the two separating, it was revealed Shadow had torn off the hedgehog’s arm, which he spat out quickly.

Distracted by the pain, Nazo was easily pinned beneath Shadow’s girth. The two glared at each other, before Nazo snarled. “Last words? Yes, I have some last words. You think I am contained with my body pinned, broken with my missing arm?” A cruel smile formed on his lips. “You thought wrong.” Crystals erupted from beneath the Biodragon, piercing his hide and stomach. A strangled roar came from his mouth as he stumbled backwards before Nazo leaped up, wedging his body in Shadow’s mouth.

“Eat up!” A volley of Dark Pulse and Shadow Balls shot forth from his outstretched hand, travelling down Shadow’s throat and into his body. The Biodragon gave a shuddering roar that also seemed like a squeal as he backed up. By now the battle had come dangerously close to the cameraman, and he ran from the bushes to where the remaining survivors were gathering. A large meteor formed which smashed into the Biodragon, sending him toppling over and nearly crushing the group.

Nazo landed nearby, forming a monstrously large meteor. “This will finish all of you for your impudence!” He launched the attack, grinning slightly at his apparent victory. It approached, closer and closer while people cried out that they were going to die. It was nearly upon them...

...When they suddenly found themselves in the city. A thin blue sheen was ebbing from Shadow’s body, and the cameraman realized that he had used Chaos Control at the last minute. Cars honked and screeched to a stop as they suddenly found themselves with a large black dragon in the middle of the intersection. Calls for help quickly went up, and the image slowly faded as the cameraman’s batteries ran out.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy Up!

The television was clicked off while Iyoku was silent for several seconds before he spoke up. “...Well, the good news is that’s not what I saw in my nightmare, so what I saw is not likely to have happened yet. I don’t know how long that’ll last, though; we need to track him down and stop him.” He finished, sliding off the bed and managing to stay standing despite the fact that he hadn’t done anything at all during the last month thanks to his comatose state.

<Iyoku!> Lilac whined, shaking her head. <You shouldn’t be standing! You’re too weak...If Shadow couldn’t stop him, how do you think you can, especially in your current state?> The Houndour was obviously feeling guilty talking about her trainer that way, but her concern for Iyoku overrode that emotion. <I don’t want to lose you too...>

“I have to agree with her,” Shira stated with a nod, “you’ve not been able to do anything for a month. It would put too much dangerous strain on your body to attempt a fight like this as soon as you could walk again.”

The grey hedgehog shook his head. “I don't plan to fight, but I can’t make any promises; the main issue is what Mitsumae would do to Nazo if she had the chance. In the nightmare I had, he stood no chance against her, even when he became more powerful after she unintentionally destroyed his good side. When they meet, it’s highly likely she’ll end up killing him.”

“Wait,” the white cat interjected, “you said Mitsumae was coming? The other Monogatari that Naomi was speaking of before?” When she got an affirmative nod as her reply, she fell silent in thought for a few moments. “...Something’s not right...As powerful as Nazo is, he can’t be the sole reason she’s on her way right now...”

<I hope we aren’t too late, Iyoku. I can only imagine how weak the Nazo we know has gotten at this point...> She recalled the video, how he had released the woman unharmed to face Shadow when he could have killed her and done the same thing. But that had been the only act of mercy he had shown in the entire video, which greatly worried her. <It’s still too risky, Iyoku. We might be able to talk some sense into him, since it is likely he assumes you are dead and seeing you might bring some relief, but...He’s incredibly dangerous. Shadow, an immortal being, is dying because of him!>

The grey hedgehog was legitimately surprised by this revelation. “Either way, something has to be done. Even if we can’t snap him out of his behaviour, he can’t be allowed to keep killing people.”

<I know...But...It’s not fair! We got five of the emeralds with his help...What happened?> She shook her head, whining softly. <I just want my trainer back. I don’t want this...>

Iyoku had been about to reply when the tapping of claws on the linoleum-tiled floor caught his attention. Yaiba and Shourai quickly padded into the room, although they didn’t look surprised that Iyoku was awake. Granted, they were happy, but not surprised; it was likely that they had sensed the telepathic connection between them reopen when Iyoku had woken up.

<We went to visit Shadow; his condition is definitely getting worse.> The black Absol stated. <His wing membrane is completely gone except for the areas closest to the where the wing bones connect; even the bone itself is beginning to be exposed. His arm and side are rotting where Nazo poisoned him, and his underbelly is scabbed over but still bleeds very often. He is also bleeding from the mouth, and his hide, especially around the injuries he received, is beginning to turn grey.>

Shourai shook his head. <I don’t think he has much longer; there’s nothing anyone can do to heal him because of how strong the poison is.>

Lilac glanced at Iyoku, eyes soft. <You should go see him, Iyoku. It certainly wouldn’t hurt...He’d be happy to hear you are all right.> She glanced at Shira. <Would that be all right? I can carry Iyoku there myself if I have to.> She looked at the young hedgehog. <He requested that, if he was still alive when you woke up, to come see him. That’s what he told me when I spoke to him. He never doubted you would survive.>

It took a little long for Shira to give her reply, but when she did, she sounded both slightly exasperated and a little amused. “I get the feeling you would leave even if I told you to do otherwise. You can go; just be careful. There’s really no telling when those storms will spring up again. Between them and that damn hedgehog Nazo, there’s been enough to keep hospitals around the world busy.”

While Iyoku seemed annoyed with her insult towards Nazo, he ignored it, instead deciding to focus on using his Aura energy to keep moving since his muscles were still relatively weak. Fortunately, the full month of rest had been enough to fully restore all the energy he had used over the months – even years – in previous combat. Thanks to that, he was able to walk pretty easily.

Lilac nodded to Yaiba, who used Psychic to carry their packs. She stayed next to Iyoku in case he needed support, although her eyes were cast downward. <Iyoku...Didn’t Nazo at one point ask you if you would have the strength to kill him?>

He was silent for a few moments, thinking back as they walked down the hallway towards the elevators. “I don’t think it was Nazo who asked; I remember Shadow asking if I would be able to kill Nazo if the time came, though.”

<Oh...> She got up on her hind legs, pressing a paw to the button that signalled the elevator to appear. <Well...What did you say? Or maybe I should ask...What will you say now?> The doors slid open, but only Lilac and Iyoku were able to fit in. Yaiba and Shourai chose to take the stairs, leaving Lilac and Iyoku to talk by themselves in the quiet space.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-One Up!

Temporary Hiatus

Yes, you probably realized this from the lack of updates. No, we haven't forgotten about our few loyal readers, but...Well, currently Shell is having a bit of writer's block. We haven't gotten anything written down for two weeks. Quite frustrating, but her inspiration should be coming back soon. She...And probably myself, needed a break.

But, even more is that we NEED MORE READERS. We barely have any, and even fewer are posting. We want reviews, ideas, questions - everything! We've worked for over three years on this story, and we are very disappointed that no one wants to read it. For those of you who might be lurking, don't be afraid to post! We don't bite, and honestly, we'd be glad to know someone else is enjoying the tale we've spun up.

And for those of you who are reading and occasionally post...We thank you too, but we'd really like to hear more from you guys!

So, even once inspiration to write comes back, we won't update. Not until we get some sort of review. We're sorry that it's come to this, but we have no choice. It's a long story, but we hope it isn't scaring anyone off! Once you start reading, you'll be sucked in. Not literally - that would be quite painful >.<'

Is it stingy for us to do something like this? Well...No. We want a review, or at least for someone to post on the last few chapters or an overall idea of the story. On the bright side, this gives people a chance to get caught up. We hope you guys can understand.

Until then...Please, send in your questions! They'll all be answered in due time, so don't worry if you don't get an immediate response ^^

- Grassy_Aggron
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Hiatus Notice

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron
Just post what you liked, and what you think will happen.

And of course, put your favorite character and why <3
Fine! @>T<@ (Smiley fail)

I like how you guys have crazy twists and turns and stuff so I never can guess what is going to happen next. I'm not even sure it's gonna end well (like freaking everything else always ends well, but that's another rant).

I forgot what I was gonna say about these last few chapters when I read them, but you know, I can fall back on the usual: O_O Because that pretty much was my constant reaction while reading.

Especially with Sonic being torn apart...quite literally. oo

What I think will happen? ... As I said I have no idea, can't make a reasonable guess, just wild ones. EVERYONE WILL DIE! But live somehow.

Favorite character, would be Nazo/Skye. Um...because they are totally effing epic and awesome and stuff and people better comment on here/you get off hiatus because this must continue. And stuff.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Hiatus Notice

Tee hee. All right. While I can't say we'll update regularly again (Shell has writer's block. We've been chipping away at it for like, two months now. She's on a drawing spree, so I employed her to help with Skye's boot and glove design XD I CAN'T IMAGINE COLORS.) Plus, we have a new reader, and I promised this would get put up and Shell didn't put it up and DON'T HURT ME I'M INNOCENT DX

Whoa nelly guys. Things are about to get rocky :D

Chapter Seventy-Two

Iyoku sighed before pressing the button to go to the ground floor. “If I have to, I will. It depends on how willing he is to fight.”

<Iyoku...I’m scared. What exactly happened in your nightmare that could have startled you so badly?>

“The short version? ...He was completely outmatched against Mitsumae when they were fighting. She managed to kill his good half, leaving his evil one alive before she finished the job. He became more powerful when he was evil, but even then he stood no chance; she ripped his soul out and Hell took him.”

The Houndour lowered her head. <...I see. I don’t understand how you kill someone’s good side, to be honest. But...We can’t let that happen. He defied fate by avoiding killing you; now it is our turn to save him by doing the same thing.> She sighed. <I hope.> The door slid open as the elevator stopped at its destination, and she took the lead, although there was nothing noticeably happy in her gait or posture.

The grey hedgehog nodded as they exited the crowded lobby and came to a fork in the nicely lit hallway they’d been traversing. He didn’t know what to make of the signs that listed which wing of the hospital was where, but he was able to use his Aura Sight easily enough to figure out which way to go. Opening the first door on the left side of the hallway, they walked down the stairwell for about a minute before their path came to an end in the form of another door.

Opening it as well, Iyoku noted that the area beyond seemed to be an intersection of sorts, with different hallways leading to different sections of the hospital; the massive kitchen, a few dozen extra storage rooms, and the morgue, to be exact. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that the door at the far right side of the room with a pair of soldiers clad in blue and black army clothing were most likely guarding the entrance to the large room where the Biodragon was staying.

Upon their approach, the soldiers lowered their weapons to block the door, glancing down at Iyoku. To the small hedgehog, the humans were very tall – but they were not threatening in the least. They seemed to be a little confused, to be honest. “Hedgehog, are you Iyoku, wielder of Aura?” The first asked; tone strict and authoritative.

Upon getting an affirmative, they lifted their guns over their shoulders and saluted. The first spoke once more. “Agent Shadow requested for you. We ask that you refrain from any activity that may accelerate his condition or aggravate him. We also ask that you do not interfere with the machines that are helping keep him stable.”

“Or as stable as we can keep him...” The second muttered, earning a hard look from the first.

“You’ll have to excuse my colleague, sir. He is new to the force, and has yet to learn the proper way to speak to civilians. You may proceed.” He reached to the door, pushing it open and holding it so Iyoku and Lilac could enter easily. After they were through, however, the door closed shut as they resumed their guard positions. The soldier mumbled something about Iyoku’s eyes, but that was all that was heard before silence ensued.

After entering, Iyoku noticed that Shadow’s draconic head was relatively close to the entrance; most likely to keep from straining himself in the event of a visit. Several cords were connected between his body and the machines being used to stabilize it, moreso around the wounds than anywhere else.

<Aw jeez. Is he unconscious again?> She peered over to the other side, sighing as she watched the heart monitor continue in its slow beat. <He’s much weaker. His heart rate is...Well, not as weak as yours was, Iyoku, but not as strong as it should be.> She whined softly. <We won’t be able to talk to him unless we can wake him up.>

Iyoku shook his head. “No, I don’t think he’s unconscious; he’s sleeping, most likely. The issue is whether or not we should wake a sleeping dragon.” He finished rather dryly. However, knowing nothing would happen by hesitating, he cautiously put a hand on the Biodragon’s snout in an attempt to wake him up.

A low rumble, perhaps one that merely meant he was waking, came from his throat. Slowly, Shadow’s eyelids fluttered open, allowing his dim and sickly eyes to look at Iyoku. It took a moment or two for the hedgehog to register. <Iyoku...? I cannot see you...Climb up my muzzle.> As he telepathically spoke, his breathing halted from some internal pain before resuming with a slightly hard huff. Some blood dribbled down from his mouth, although it was not close to where Iyoku was standing, luckily.

Following a slight bit of hesitation, the grey hedgehog did as Shadow requested, noting that both of the Biodragon’s eyes were easily larger than he was. While some may have found it slightly unnerving, it didn’t bother Iyoku due to the fact he was, more or less, immune to most feelings connected with fear.

Despite how glassy his eyes were, there was still a fire that burned within them that suggested he was not completely out of the fight yet. <That is much better. I knew it was only a matter of time before you woke up, but the question was if I would still be alive when you did. I am grateful that we can talk. How are you feeling after your illness?>

The grey hedgehog was a little surprised at the first thing that Shadow asked of him, but replied. “I’m doing fine, I suppose. Although I get the feeling that might not last much longer; Nazo can’t be allowed to continue what he’s been doing since he left.”

<No, he cannot.> A low sigh. <I underestimated him...But something is different from when I fought against him before. He was powerful then, but now...He is stronger than ever before. I do not claim to know how, only that there is something different. Something...Not natural, perhaps? It felt more like a gut feeling...That something was not as it seemed.> He shifted slightly, bringing his head around so Iyoku could see his wound very clearly, even though it caused obvious discomfort for him to do so. <Another reason is because this poison is not natural. As an immortal being, I should not be dying from something as trivial as a toxin...And I know he cannot concoct something like that himself. I believe there is something – or more likely, someone – pulling the strings.>

Iyoku was thoughtful for a few moments. “...Was he acting the same as when you last fought him? Before Tatsujin was killed the first time?” His turquoise eyes also scanned the injury that had been dealt, the poison causing the skin to rot away around the wound. I wonder if that vial of antidote I made will be potent enough to do anything useful for the toxin.

<Hmm...> Came the response as Shadow remembered his fateful encounters. <...No. Before, he was absolutely merciless and cruel...Perhaps even borderline insane. It was his choice, after all, despite his soul being cleaved in half. Only once they began to merge again did he begin to show signs of...Heroism. This time, however...There is still mercy. I was investigating some of the struck villages...And the children that were killed...I found evidence that their deaths were swift and painless, compared to the adults who still had rather quick deaths. That act of mercy is uncharacteristic with his past self.>

“That means there’s still some good in him, then. So if Mitsumae does end up fighting him, what I saw in that nightmare will definitely happen...” Noting Shadow’s questioning look, he quickly filled the Ultimate Life Form in on what it had been.

Shadow watched Iyoku calmly, shuddering only slightly from another wave of pain. <Perhaps that is what I also sensed. He certainly showed me no mercy when fighting, so I did not think about it.> He watched Iyoku softly, and his tone took on a rarely heard gentleness. <Child, what is disturbing you so much? I can sense your apprehension...What is wrong?>

Iyoku was a little surprised at Shadow’s mood change, but he gave his thoughts anyways. “I remember what you asked of me in the desert; as to whether I’d be able to kill Nazo if the time came.” He sighed. “...I still would if I had to, but it still doesn’t seem right to do so.”

Watching silently, Shadow shifted his wing, dipping the thumb down to nudge Iyoku slightly. <Iyoku, this is no right or wrong answer, nor is there a proper means to get to it. We can only choose a path, follow it, and act when there is a need to act. We can deviate from that path for the better or for worse.> He looked the young hedgehog straight in the eyes. <Forget the stakes, forget yourself, forget knowledge, and focus solely on Nazo. What does your heart tell you to do?>

“...That I need to help him. I think it’d be tough to convince Mitsumae of that, though.” The grey hedgehog stated. “I’ve no doubt that she’ll be able to beat him down to a point where he might listen to what I have to say, but his own decision isn’t up to me.”

<Ultimately, it is his decision, yes. However...I find it odd he went to kill Reiki, disappeared, then came back killing innocent people. Such a quick turn in behaviour rarely occurs naturally...And he was going after Reiki specifically for you. I doubt he simply forgot about you, Iyoku. The circumstances suggest that this is not entirely of his free will.> His tone took on a sense of warning. <You will be in grave danger, Iyoku. A conflicted individual is highly erratic and much more unpredictable...Making them all the more dangerous. An adequate example would be cornering a wounded animal, only this one has the capacity to kill you within seconds.>

He nodded. “Although, I don’t think it’ll be too different from what I’m used to, considering Reiki and the Rogues from my time period,” he stated dryly.

<But this is the first time you are facing someone you care about.> Came the simple response. Shadow rotated his head back towards the door in case Iyoku wished to jump off. At the same time, he brought his legs underneath him and stood up, with much difficulty. <I will assist you, Iyoku.>

The grey hedgehog did so, landing near the door; however, he shook his head at Shadow’s statement. “You’ve already taken some serious damage, Shadow. I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

<I assure you, I can still aid in some wa-> Upon trying to take a step, his body seized up as visible pain crossed his face. Swinging his head away from the others, he gave a rattling cough that hacked up a copious amount of blood. The heart monitor jumped wildly in the process before settling on a slightly weaker pulse than before as Shadow collapsed back onto his stomach, hissing with pain from the wounds coming in contact with the floor. <S***...I didn’t think I was so close...To death already...Please forgive me for this weakness, Iyoku. I am ashamed of my current state.>

He was silent for a few moments, although he kept his anger at Nazo for what he’d done hidden. “...I have a vial of pretty potent antidote made from some of the more concentrated berry extracts. The vial alone definitely won’t be enough to heal the poison, but it might be able to buy you some more time to see if the doctors can do anything.”

<Heh...Guess I don’t have a choice. You’ll shove it down my throat one way or another, I sense. Besides...It would be cruel for me to leave my...Family, behind.> The word family still seemed somewhat unfamiliar to him, as evidenced by his pause. <To be honest...I suspect the doctors have given up. I cannot blame them, necessarily...Immortality should protect me from poison. If immortality fails, what hope is there for a mortal remedy?> He brought his head around, careful to avoid upsetting his state anymore than necessary, as he finished his sentence.

Iyoku was thoughtful as he took the vial of antidote out of his bag, pouring the contents into the Biodragon’s mouth. “You know, since Mitsumae is coming to fight Nazo, it’s also possible that she may heal you if she knows about your situation.”

<Hmm...Fruity.> Shadow thought, despite the vial having been barely anything to his massive head. <Perhaps. We should not dwell on my condition, however. Nazo is in grave danger if you cannot stop Mitsumae from killing him, Iyoku. You must stop her from eliminating what good remains in his heart at all costs.> He turned his head, angling it so he could peer at Iyoku with one eye. <Be careful...And remain in touch with me. My physical condition may be ailing, but my mentality is still strong. I wish to figure out this puzzle as much as you do.>

He nodded. “I’ll try, but the only ones I’ve been able to keep up a mental link with are Yaiba and Shourai.”

<I get the feeling it is because you have not tried with anyone other than Yaiba and Shourai, Iyoku. You have nothing to fear from me, I assure you.>

The grey hedgehog shrugged. “I suppose so. I find it hard to trust other people, though; even if they’ve done nothing to cross me before.”

<I have the same problem, Iyoku. It gets easier as you become more relaxed. But I digress...You must hurry. I sense Nazo’s presence somewhat close to the city. If you are to catch him, you need to leave quickly. Do you require an assist of Chaos Control? I can only warp you out of the city. From there, you will need to go on your own. Although, I suspect your companions are waiting for you outside...>

He was silent for a few seconds. “I’ll be able to fly there on Shourai; if he’s anywhere nearby, he’ll be easy enough to spot thanks to his aura; that goes double if Mitsumae’s already there as well.”

<Yes. He is showing no signs of even attempting to hide his Aura...Foolish, unless he is truly incapable of such an action.> Shadow stared into space, thinking. <I do not know what the path holds for you, Iyoku...I am no prophet. I can only hope that the situation resolves itself in everyone’s favour.>

Iyoku nodded once more. “I’m not sure I’ll have much trouble taking on Nazo since Mitsumae will be there as well; the main issue would be convincing her not to kill him.” He stated dryly before leaving back out the door, relaying his plan to Yaiba and Shourai who had been waiting in the hallway outside.

<Yes...I agree with that aspect. Perhaps I may be able to assist in convincing her.> Came the response, although he fell silent in thought.

Now it was Lilac’s turn to speak up. <Well Iyoku, I guess we need to get going. I...I want to be there to fight. I just hope we aren’t too late. That nightmare...We can’t let Hell take him – it isn’t fair that despite how hard he tried to make up for his mistakes, he still gets tortured for all eternity for a misstep!>

Iyoku raised an eyebrow. “Well over one-hundred people were killed, Lilac; I think that qualifies as a little more than a misstep.” He stated as they went back up the stairwell. The Houndour’s response was to lower her head, whimpering slightly at the truth of his words.

Swiftly making their way out of the lobby, Iyoku recalled Yaiba and Lilac to their Poké Balls before jumping onto Shourai’s back; the Aveeon leapt into the air, his large wings allowing him to gain some decent altitude quite quickly. With that, they were off above the forest to the west of the city.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Hiatus Notice

It wasn’t long before they’d spotted an abnormally large clearing; Iyoku knew instantly from the aura that radiated from the area that Reiki and Nazo had fought there. After Iyoku had determined there were no threats below, Shourai pulled into a quick landing onto the earth below, the grey hedgehog jumping off after the Flying type had come to a stop. Taking Yaiba’s and Lilac’s Poké Balls out of his pack; he released them while his eyes scanned the battleground.

While many of the trees that hadn’t been splintered to pieces had recovered, evidence of the fight further out from the centre was easy enough to find thanks to the areas where the large plants had been ripped completely out of the ground by either the combatants or their attacks. However, the centre of the battlefield remained a dead place where not even moss and grass had grown in yet. The grey hedgehog could easily sense the Jinsei Aura that had been used by the corrupt Monogatari, leading him to narrow his eyes.

<I don’t like this place, Iyoku. It’s evil...> She shook her head. She spotted something a little away, padding up to it cautiously. She yipped a little when she realized what it was. <Iyoku, it’s one of Nazo’s crystals! There’s a bunch of them here...They are badly degraded and don’t have any power anymore...But...They look like something smashed through them. He went to fight Reiki...There’s no way he could have won. But if he lost...How is he still alive? It doesn’t make sense.>

Iyoku shook his head. “The only reason I can think of is that Nazo ended up joining him somehow. But like Shadow said, I don’t think he’d just abandon our objective.”

<Which means something happened...> Lilac thought softly. <Can you tell what happened to Nazo after fighting here, Iyoku? You can trace his Aura even though it’s been a month, right?>

He was thoughtful for a few moments. “...I don’t know if I can; between both the time that’s passed and the large amount of Jinsei Aura present, it’d be very hard to do that.”

<Oh...> She sighed. <We just need a direction...If we can figure out where he went after this fight, it might explain everything. I always heard people are at their most vulnerable after losing a fight, but not just physically.>

His eyes remained on the severe damage that had been caused by Reiki’s Jinsei Aura before he spoke up once more. “I could use Aura Sight to see what happened; there’s no question that I’d have an easier time on the outskirts of the battlefield, though. I could also try transferring what we’re seeing right now to Shadow, though I don’t think it’d work.”

<I...I guess. I’m scared, though...But we don’t have a choice. We have to find out what happened!>

Iyoku nodded in response, but focused his thoughts on the Biodragon to relay the situation before attempting to use the mental connection to show what they were seeing at the moment.


After the vision faded, it was silent for several moments before, surprisingly, Shadow broke the silence. <It came in bits and pieces, but I see what happened...Nazo lost the fight...Very badly. Such a defeat he has never experienced before...But even more was how he began to doubt himself. Reiki actually made him somewhat believe he had given you the virus, Iyoku. The guilt of such a feeling must have been absolutely overwhelming to him.> A pause as he allowed his words to sink it. <Did you see what Reiki was holding?>

<Yeah. It looked like one of Nazo’s meteors; I don’t know where he would’ve gotten it though. He clearly destroyed all of the attacks Nazo used on him.>

<That was the meteor he gave Camille. She lost it in the fight against Reiki.> Shadow stated. <It was special – it would erect a barrier to protect her, and could summon him if needed. In other words, it linked to him. Thus, with it in Reiki’s hands...He has a potent, direct link to Nazo. I have no doubt he’s been exploiting it for a while now.> Yet another pause. <What happened to Nazo after this fight? My instincts tell me that this will answer our questions. The question for you, Iyoku, is whether or not you wish to get the answers.>

Iyoku’s eyes narrowed, and his anger was quite obvious. <We’ll have to get the answers; either way, I’ll ensure that Reiki pays for what he did.> He growled inwardly.

<Patience. Reiki will be dealt with...One way or another.> Shadow’s tone seemed to indicate he would love nothing more than being the one to deliver the punishment himself.

The grey hedgehog agreed, and then focused on what came after the sky blue hedgehog’s defeat.

To them, it had been only minutes, but to Nazo it had, in fact, been a few hours since his lost fight. Blinking open his eyes, it was clear he thought it had been a dream at first before his injuries told him the truth. Hissing in visible pain, he dragged his battered body to his feet, standing up but shaking in the process. Slowly, he turned back towards the city, limping forward to get away from the site. His ability to walk with such grievous injuries surprised Iyoku.

As they followed, they could hear Nazo’s sometimes incoherent babbling. In general it involved him cursing Reiki, cursing his own weakness, and cursing Reiki some more. Occasionally he mentioned Iyoku, apologizing profusely to the air as if hoping the young hedgehog would hear it in his comatose state...Unaware that, in a month’s time, the hedgehog would hear it in a whole different way. His rambling came to a stop upon a smaller clearing, where two skunks were chopping wood.

He was unable to avoid drawing attention. The scar on his forehead gave away who he was almost immediately, and the skunks seemed shocked at his condition before one, the older of the two, promptly stated for him not to come any closer.

“I don’t intend to.” Came Nazo’s response. “I have no intention of confl-” His eyes widened and he suddenly clutched at his head, legs shaking from the strain of staying up. The two skunks were confused and frightened. “I...No...” He charged forward, although he came nowhere near the two creatures as they darted away. “Stop saying that! Get away!”He collapsed onto his knees, panting. “None of this...None of it is real. None of it!”

The younger skunk brandished his axe, coming up slowly behind the torn hedgehog. Closer, closer...Until the weapon swung down, burying itself in the hedgehog’s shoulder. As blood pooled from the wound, he shrieked, and Nazo immediately jumped to his feet, grabbing the skunk by his throat. A sound crack was heard as the skunk’s neck was snapped, and the body made a thud as it hit the floor.

The older animal roared, coming towards Nazo who glared at him hatefully. A small amount of aura gathered on his hands, and suddenly the creature was skewered. “I...I give everything to help! I risk my life, go through so much pain...And all you see is me as the monster I was! THE MONSTER I AM! I’M TIRED OF IT!” Another crystal erupted, this time impaling the still-alive skunk in the skull.

And just like that, Nazo was suddenly crying, looking at his hands in horror. “What...What have I done? Oh Chaos...What have I done?!? This isn’t right...This isn’t right!” Falling to his knees, he clutched his body as he trembled, neglecting to remove the hatchet still buried firmly in his shoulder as his mind was taken over by the horror of what he’d done.

“So I see you still haven’t learned your lesson.” Came a familiar voice, laced with a bitter, mocking tone. The white Lucario stepped out of the forest; he was casually tossing a small sphere of black Aura in one of his paws, paying no attention to the bodies of the people Nazo had just killed.

The hedgehog immediately growled, narrowing his eyes at his enemy’s reappearance. “I deserve this for what I’ve done. As a monster, their reactions were justified. My reaction wasn’t.” He responded, although he didn’t bother trying to get up or fight. He knew he wouldn’t win, and was not in the mood for another beating.

“‘You shouldn’t show sympathy to the world; isn’t that what I said merely a few hours ago? And yet you still tried to avoid killing those two woodcutters.” He stated, his foot driving into one of the corpses and kicking it into a tree where it remained hanging on the branches. “Look what you received for it.” He said, obviously referring to the axe that was still embedded in Nazo’s shoulder. “There is no use in showing any sign of kindness to the world if they will all stab you in the back the first moment they get.”

Nazo had watched the treatment of the body, and although his thoughts couldn’t be heard it was obvious that it upset him slightly. “Maybe...But they were confused. They reacted because I charged them in my agony. They know what I am capable of.” He reached, trying to rip the axe out of his shoulder but due to the angle of the handle he was unable to even grip it. “You expect me to trust you? Evil backstabs more than good. Power leads to betrayal, and only suffering results.” He growled. “I haven’t forgotten the trick you played on Iyoku, how you bent him to your will...I will never forgive you for that transgression.”

“Really now. The only reason we have fought is because we are enemies; technically, Tatsujin never backstabbed you. Yet look at what your abilities had caused Iyoku to think of you.” Nazo opened his mouth to speak, before closing it again. He was unsure of how to react as, unfortunately, his words were true.

He moaned a little as he held his head, as if in great pain. “What do you want from me, Reiki? You have stripped me of my strength, beaten down my faith, and slaughtered my hope. What else can you possibly get from me?”

“Not even your Pokémon trust you; I can sense that Houndour’s doubt even still.”

The hedgehog bolted to his feet, clasping his hands together and launching a meteor. In his weakened state, however, the meteor was small – and it disintegrated before it even came close to hitting the white Lucario. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?” He shrieked the sentence again, lunging towards his enemy, eyes blazing with sheer hatred and malice.

However, the white Lucario simply sidestepped out of the way in the blink of an eye before forming a Bone Rush and knocking Nazo’s legs out from under him, causing the sky blue hedgehog to fall off-balance and faceplant into the ground. “If you intend to attack someone, it’s generally better not to give them any warning.” He stated.

As for Nazo, he spat out pieces of dirt before shaking his head. “Just answer the damn question, Reiki!” He snapped, pulling himself back to his feet despite the obvious complaints from his body. He didn’t bother attempting another attack despite his close proximity to his enemy, so he again tried – and failed – to remove the axe, which was beginning to annoy the hedgehog with its fiery pain.

“I question why you bother with helping to save this world; you know as well as I do that they prey on anyone they can. They are complete monsters, after all. They start wars over trivial, stupid things and expect to be honoured for their waste of life. Such things don’t deserve to live.”

“Some things cannot be solved without violence. While there are many problems in the world...The few people who are genuinely good and care more about others than themselves are more than enough to make it so they aren’t monsters. How can you call them monsters? You...And I...We are the monsters, killing innocents just to gain power or for revenge. They kill for land, or to protect those they love, more often than for money or power.” Nazo shot back.

“One compared to hundreds is an anomaly, not enough to justify the race as being ‘good’. Tell me, in a race where everyone kills...And one suddenly decides that it is wrong...Does it make that entire race ‘good’? No. Even the heroes in a story suffer a tragic end or succumb to the instincts that they had lacked before. Time changes everything.” He snorted at the comment about them being monsters. “We have reasons for why we kill; they kill just for sheer pleasure and to prove they can. There is a difference.”

Nazo glanced down, thinking. “Maybe, but...” But what? He didn’t finish his sentence, growing ever more doubtful and distraught. “My purpose...I was brought back from the dead for a reason. It was to save everyone, I’m sure of it.”

“And yet you have not been able to save Iyoku from any events that would kill him. After all, you are the reason he is in the hospital right now. Even if he
does wake, do you think he will still trust you when you gave him the epidemic?” The corrupt Monogatari questioned.

Nazo bunched up his fists, turning to watch Reiki with bitter eyes. “Then why was I brought back to life, then? Answer me that. I went to Purgatory to atone for my sins, and then suddenly I found myself alive...Just in time for Iyoku to show up. If I cannot save lives for the ones I so carelessly ended, what is my purpose being alive again?”

He snorted. “To finish the job, of course; it’s more likely that an evil entity brought you back rather than a benevolent one. Either that or they were looking to put you through more trouble. I don’t see why you shouldn’t return the favour.”

Glancing down, Nazo sighed. “I just don’t know what to do...” He shook his head, possibly to rid himself of the thoughts before stumbling a bit. Having lost blood from the previous fight, the hatchet in his back had been dripping a steady supply of it...And only now had he become aware of it, much to his chagrin. However, to his surprise, the white Lucario’s eyes took on a bluish glow, removing the axe before flinging it towards one of the trees, embedding it immovably into the bark.

Arguably, the pain hurt from the release of pressure, but now the blood flowed more thickly due to there being nothing to stop it. Nazo glanced at Reiki with confused, slightly glassy eyes. “...Why...?” He grunted a little as his legs gave out, bringing him to his knees. “Why bother...? Probably did it so I’d bleed to death anyway. You’re sadistic like that.”

The Lucario took a step forward, placing a palm directly on Nazo’s scar. The hedgehog shuddered at the touch, clearly thinking this was the end. Instead, as the energy became visible from Reiki’s paw, it flowed over the hedgehog...Wounds began to knit themselves together, burns healed, and fur began to grow back all within a matter of seconds. Even Nazo’s left arm, which he himself had damaged so badly from overusing Spacial Rend, became perfectly useable again.

When Reiki stepped back, it left Nazo completely shocked as he looked over his restored body. His aura was still gone and he was still a bit dizzy from his unstable position, but other than that... “Wh-Why? Why heal me, Reiki? We are enemies...” He stuttered, unable to really imagine the possible answer himself.

“I’m giving you a chance to think about and realize something you should have known from the beginning. I advise you don’t waste it.” Was his reply before the Monogatari returned back to the shadowy depths of the forest around the clearing.

Nazo opened his mouth to speak before shutting it, glancing down. His eyes strayed to the axe, embedded in the tree, before tracing over the two bodies. It appeared an internal struggle was taking place, resulting in the hedgehog pacing the ground. “All I ever do is doubt myself now...” He spoke out loud, as it often could help clarify thoughts. “When I was Tatsujin’s general, I never did. But...” The hedgehog stopped, thinking, his eyes shut as his thoughts consumed him. A few minutes passed in silence before he apparently came to a decision in the debate.

When he opened his eyes, there was a cold clarity within them. “F*** the world. They want a monster? They can have one.” He turned on a heel, following in the direction Reiki had gone. He stopped at the forest, hesitating slightly, before shaking his head and slipping into the undergrowth.

With that, Iyoku’s Aura Sight flickered to a stop, revealing that there was some kind of interference preventing them from finding out anything else.

Nazo, you dun goof'd. On the bright side, I got to make Shadow sound old and say "fruity". MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Two Up!

Hello, I've been re-reading and I just wanted to let you two wonderful authoress' know how much I love your story.

I've read from chapter 1-45 again so far, I have read the whole thing already. I'm re-reading and taking notes of things I like and dislike.

Things I like:
Nazo being so against Spatial Rend(sp?) because of it's color. I giggle so much at this.
Iyoku is one of my favorite characters. Followed by Shadow and then Skye who is only mentioned briefly in the 'warp' section.
The fight scenes are well written, I love that in any action story.
I love how descriptive you are in just about every little detail.
Iyoku being an Aura user is awesome. C:

Things I don't like:
Reiki. I despise him, I guess that makes him a good bad guy.
When Nazo is tricked into being bad, I just want to reach through the screen and slap some sense into him.
Sonic becoming a Shadow User, although I can't say I didn't see it coming. My opinion on this may change as I read more.
Tatsujin. I just don't like him. *slaps aforementioned bad guy*

Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more.
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