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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-One Up!

*Hugged* Well, I don't take things too seriously. When I do, that's when butt-kicking commences. Um, well, more XP

Lol Guard. Yeah, Iyoku fell sick...And Nazo, the most powerful (hero) character aside from Shadow, just got his butt handed to him horribly. ^^

Sonic was in a previous chapter where he entered his flame form, and...Was defeated by Reiki and nearly poisoned to death. But, obviously, he's better now :D Still can't handle negative energy worth squat though. He learned nothing from Dark Storm/New Moon, apparently. Tee hee.

And as you noticed, Nazo has a worse mouth than Shadow. Shad's a bit more refined now, you see.

Yes, technobabble. I tried pretty hard to get that XD

Poor Suicune. Stuck with Sonic...I'd go insane.
Ya already did! *Whacked*
No, I didn't.
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Old 08-10-2011, 02:30 AM
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-One Up!

Oh yeah! (It was freaking mentioned in 61 and I still didn't remember! >.<)

And I think I figured out the technobabble! *pushes some buttons on a weird machine, that then starts shooting miniature black holes everywhere* Um, nooo... *runs*

I wonder how long it'll take Grassy to find a way to drive Suicune insane...
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-One Up!

Because Shell is on a road trip, I decided to take it upon myself to update with today's chapter. If I get anything (and by that I mean Suicune's telepathy color) wrong, well, I'm sorry.

Chapter Sixty-Two

Yawning, Sonic stretched, his muscles popping as a result of the rest after being so cold. “Oh man. I feel like I could sleep forever.” He opened his eyes, glancing around the area. Flaym was immediately beside him, nudging. Sonic had let him out last night to eat, and to keep watch. “What is it, Flaym?” The blue hedgehog realized that a certain sassy canine was missing. “Where’s Sui?”

<Suicune left a few minutes ago. She seemed in a hurry and...Something wasn’t right. She asked that you do not follow.> The Rapidash seemed worried.

“Eh? Well she knows better than to ask me not to do something. Which way did she go?” He glanced at Tails, who was still sleeping.

Flaym shifted. <Sonic, she asked...>

“Flaym, I respect that, but you made me worried when you said something wasn’t right. As a friend I want to make sure she is okay, so which way?”

The Rapidash relented. <She went that way.> He gestured to the north. <She is the North Wind, after all. It only makes sense.>

Sonic nodded. “Stay here. You keep Tails safe and warm, ya hear?”
Flaym nodded, before Sonic bolted off into the snow. Why do I have such a sense of foreboding and danger? The hedgehog shook his head. It’s probably the storm. I’ve been feeling very uneasy about it.


A very long distance away, a four-legged figure came to a halt on the beginnings of a tall rock formation. Glancing back at the area she’d traveled, Suicune noticed she was a good distance inland, and the thunderstorms that swarmed the area alongside the arid climate of the island she was on signified how far she had come. She sat down on the rocks she had been climbing, deciding to wait until her tired panting subsided before continuing to ascend.

Although, while her exhaustion would likely fade away over time, the sharp pains that coursed through her body more frequently as of late, refused to stop. She growled to herself. I knew I would eventually begin to change into a Shadow Pokemon thanks to the balance being upset, but I did not think it would be this soon. She shook her head, hoping that Sonic had the sense to avoid trying to track her down. She knew he was tenacious, however, and so crossed part of the ocean to Zapdos’ domain; Lightning Island.

It was here that her powers would be at her weakest, and she knew the place was next to deserted thanks to the storms blowing through recently, along with the constant thunderclouds surrounding the area. She glanced up, her crimson eyes tracing the black thunderheads above while she plotted a course to get near the top of the island. It will not be long now before I find

After about five minutes of rest, she got to her feet and continued to climb up the tall, rugged rock mountain that was Lightning Island’s peak. It was only a little further to the top, where she could stay in the event that she became a full-fledged Rogue before the time freezes were halted. The Water type recalled when she had been shown the area by one of the oldest Legendary Pokemon, and how he had told her it would be considered a sanctuary to avoid anyone from being killed if she were to transform.

The lightning crackled overhead, dangerously close before the wild electricity flew down from the heavens, striking the area they were standing in. Yet, thanks to the shield the one hovering beside her had put up, the element had no effect on them.

<This, Suicune,> he began, <is where you will need to come if you feel insanity brought on by the upset of the natural balance pulling at your spirit. It may be painful to endure, but this area will ensure that you do not kill anyone in such a state. You will need to keep it hidden, however, or this purpose will become null and void. A weakened Legendary is easy for any naive trainer to catch.> The Knowledge Pokemon glanced at her. <Do you understand?>

The newly created beast of the North Wind nodded as her eyes glanced about the electrical spires, memorizing the location, managing to maintain her regal appearance despite the fact that she was not used to her new form as of yet.

Uxie nodded in turn. <Good. Zapdos knows of this area; you do not have to worry about her attacking if you seek shelter here.>

As her flashback faded, she realized she had arrived at ‘Lightning Cove’ as she had come to call it, and saw that the area was still as perfectly preserved as that day when she had been here before, nearly a thousand years ago. With a nod, she continued in, despite the electricity that rained down from the heavens. After all, in comparison with the pain that shot through her body thanks to the negative energy, a few thousand volts were nothing.


Sonic rounded around back to the tent, for once appearing worried. “I can’t find her. Tails? Do you have any idea which way Sui would have gone? She’s not on the island.” The fox furrowed his brows, thinking.

“Well, Flaym said she looked like she was in pain. She probably can’t have gotten very far, so she’s probably on one of the other islands.” Tails stated, rubbing his muzzle. “But...I don’t know. Something doesn’t feel right.”

The hedgehog snorted. “That makes two of us. Why else would I be looking for her?” He tapped his foot impatiently. “I’m going to leave again. I have no choice but to cross the ocean to find her.”

However, a brilliant flash of light lit up the metallic tent before it faded, and a voice entered their minds as the speaker used telepathy. <I would not advise that.>

“Sweet Chaos!” Sonic rubbed his eyes. “Hey, you’re Uxie! Of course, last time I heard about you, it was that you were on the ARK.” The hedgehog blinked. “Why shouldn’t I follow?”

<Suicune has sensed that she was beginning to change into a Shadow Pokemon; as such, she has taken the proper action. She would not want you to seek her out.> The Legendary stated calmly, despite the situation at hand.

Sonic narrowed his eyes. “You expect me to do nothing? To just watch her suffer and become a mindless monster? I think not.” For once, he sounded a little angry. “You’re not even going to try to help her. I can’t stand by and let this happen. You have to understand that watching without action isn’t my strong point. Besides,” he nodded, “she’s my friend...And I would be a horrible friend in return if I didn’t do anything.”

“Sonic, you could be killed! And you might not be able to do anything.” Tails interjected.

The hedgehog held up a hand. “I won’t be killed, and I won’t know if I can do anything unless I actually try. I fell into darkness once myself, and it wasn’t fun. There’s no way I’m letting that happen to Sui.” He stated adamantly.

One of Uxie’s twin tails twitched, the red gem embedded within refracting a small amount of light off the inside of the shelter. <If there was something that could be done, it would have been accomplished by now. Aside from that, if she has gone where I think she is, Suicune has willingly isolated herself and will not want anyone to come after her.> He crossed his arms. <She does not want a repeat of what occurred during the first Shadow Incident.>

“I’m not giving up. Suicune knows I’ll come after her. Besides, she can probably get out of wherever she is, and then there will be more trouble.” He growled slightly. “I don’t really think you’ve done everything you think you can. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, but we’re wasting time. If it’s going to work, I need to talk to her while she’s still sane.”

The Legendary’s eyes would have narrowed if he had opened them. <So, this plan of yours will also enable you to be rid of a massive amount of negative energy? One that puts the boost from Ominous Wind to shame?>

“I don’t know. I can handle it, I just need to try!” The hedgehog stated. “Please, Uxie. Tell me where she went. I need to help her. I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t try.”

It was silent in the room for what seemed like years before Uxie spoke. <...Fine. However, I will only be able to Teleport you to general area upon the island she is on. Going any further will risk severe electrocution.>

“Thank you, Uxie. I’ll bring her back all sane and normal, don’t you worry. As for electrocution...Eh. It might be a shocking experience.” Everyone present groaned and rolled their eyes if possible, Flaym shaking his head in emphasis. Sonic closed his eyes, however, as light swarmed around him and the feeling of moving quickly occurred and passed.


He knew he was in a different area upon feeling rain falling on his pelt. Thunder lashed the air ahead as well as frequent lightning. He glanced up at the large rock formation in front of him, and instinct told him that who he sought was at the very top. Severe electrocution is a minor understatement. He bunched his legs, bounding up one rock, then another, and then another. The entire time he kept watch on the skies, well aware that any step could be his last.

The rocks were slick from rain, and several times he slipped only to get right back up. He’d climbed several feet already thanks to his agility, but he still had a while to go. The entire time he hoped dearly that he really could do something for Suicune. I should have thought this out a little more. I don’t know if I can handle that much negativity...I could kill both of us. Doubt clung thickly to his mind, forcing him to shake his head to rid it of the emotion. I have to try. I can’t let this happen. I won’t let this happen! He increased his speed.

And just like that, he ran smack dab into a solid sheet of ice. “Geez! Where did this come from?” He couldn’t see anything beyond the frozen water. “Sui? You there? It’s me, Sonic, your hyperactive apprentice!”

The Pokemon’s eyes gave an annoyed glance as the sound of footsteps echoing off the stones below came to her, and as she channeled some of her energy into the ground, a large slab of ice swiftly closed over the entrance to the cavern she was in. However, upon hearing the hedgehog’s voice, a tint of fear went through her mind. How did he even get here? This place is known to very, very few. She shook her head. Either way, he will not enter this place. She gave a low growl. <Leave, Sonic.>

Having received an answer, Sonic latched onto the telepathy and focused on it, putting as much calmness as he could into it. <Listen, Sui, I know what’s going on. I had to force Uxie to let me come here. And you know what? I’m not worried. I have a plan, Suicune, but it depends entirely on you. As it is, I need to get close to you for it to work. Tell me, have you ever heard of the idea of fusion?> As he stated this, he placed a hand on the ice, a little surprised at how smooth it was. <Nice ice work, by the way.>

<Even if it were to work, it will only postpone the inevitable.> The Pokemon stated, although it was quite clear by her tone of voice that she still wanted him to leave.

<So? You’re just going to give up? That’s not like you, Sui. Iyoku and them are going to stop the time freeze, don’t you worry. Besides, thinking like that will only make you more susceptible to turning. I can feel your pain over this link, Sui.> He backed up slightly, eyeing the wall. <You know as well as I do I’m not going to leave, and that I can bash my way through the wall easily. Let’s try my idea, Suicune. You’re my friend, and friends don’t give up on each other. I promised Uxie I’d bring you back safe and sound, and I’m going to keep that promise!>

She was about to reply when a blast of negative energy entered her body, doing severe damage that outclassed anything the Legendary had felt so far. <I SAID GET OUT!> She roared through both telepathy and in the real world. As it happened, another blast of energy flew from her, although this time, it traveled between the link that allowed them telepathy.

It was Sonic’s turn to shriek. “Suicune, calm down!” He cut off the link, but before he knew it he was throwing himself against the wall, each Spin Dash cracking the ice more and more. “Hold on! I’m coming to help you!” In truth, he was in pain too now, his head throbbing from the scream and his body buzzing from the energy. “I’m not leaving a friend behind, Sui!” He didn’t remember how many times he’d thrown himself into the wall, but eventually it fractured. A piece of ice sliced his arm, but he wiped the small trickle of blood off, darting up the entryway.

He wasn’t prepared to see how miserable Suicune looked when he reached "Lightning Cove".

The legendary was lying on her side, legs thrashing on the gravel and leaving decent gouges. Her eyes were squeezed shut, tears trickling down in a small stream as the pain took hold, her purple mane messy from her tossing her head. The occasional whimper broke from her muzzle along with roars and gasps depending on her pain level. She was far from the regal creature that ran across fields purifying water, having instead been reduced to a pitiful mass of dusty fur.

“Suicune!” Sonic shouted, darting towards her. He felt as if his legs couldn’t carry him fast enough and he practically slid to a stop beside her, wrapping his arms around her head while feeling her forehead. “Chaos, Sui! You’re burning up with a really high fever!” He was nearly thrown as she thrashed again. “Calm down! I can’t help you if you crush me!”

The Pokemon glanced over, but her eyes froze on the only thing she noticed during the moment; a small amount of blood trickled down the hedgehog’s arm from the cut on the ice he had broken through earlier. Her pupils shrank slightly before her pelt dimmed by several shades, and then, perhaps most frighteningly, a visible black Aura appeared around the Legendary. With a snarl, she clamped her jaws on Sonic’s limb.

The hedgehog was too stunned to move. “Sui...What...?” He tried to pry his arm loose, but found he couldn’t move. Terror filled every fibre of his being as he stared into those red eyes, where only hostility and blood thirst remained. Then she bit down even harder, blood flowing thickly from his arm and causing the hedgehog to shriek. Suicune got to her feet immediately, tossing her head around. This action bashed the paralyzed hedgehog into the rocky ground several times over, each time an audible thud being heard.

After what seemed like forever for Sonic, Suicune whirled quickly, releasing her grip and sending him crashing into the walls surrounding them. She licked the blood off her muzzle, before opening her maw and unleashing a bone chilling, feral roar. In the meantime, Sonic managed to get to his feet, his arm stinging terribly and a few gashes on his skull.

“Suicune, stop! This isn’t you! I came to help, but I can’t if you don’t let me!” Crap...It can’t be too late. She just turned! Right in front of me! It’s not too late! His legs trembled slightly as he pushed the paralyzing fear he had felt to the back of his mind.

However, as he did so, a voice entered his thoughts. <Do you require any assistance?> It was Uxie, communicating via telepathy, and judging by his tone, he had figured out what had happened.

<I don’t know. She crippled my arm pretty badly, but I’m still fine. She’s still in there; otherwise she would have kept smashing me into the ground until I passed out. Instead she let go after about a minute and tossed me away. Why make the fight harder than it needs to be? Unless a small part of her is still fighting back!> He narrowed his eyes, brushing the blood off his right arm as he watched Suicune. Her eyes were a more powerful red than before, filling up even the white while her pupils were only noticeable by a lighter ring of the same color.

He took a step forward, raising his head. “I don’t want to fight you, Sui, but I will defend myself. Just hang on; I’ll get you back to normal. I’ll just explain my plan while you’re attacking me, because I know for a fact you can hear me, and I know that your soul is only covered by darkness, not consumed by it. Not yet.”

In response, the Shadow Pokemon gave a low snarl before a massive gust of wind formed in the area, tinted with the familiar purple shade of the Ghost Type Ominous Wind as the attack flung itself at the blue hedgehog. However, a blast of water flew forth from her jaws in the form of a Water Pulse, the liquid also being tainted black no doubt due to her current state.

“This trick? Too easy!” Sonic darted away, the Water Pulse and Ominous Wind smashing into the rock behind him. I’ve got more energy than her because of how much pain she was in. If I keep dodging, she’ll wear herself out before I do. At least, he hoped that would be the case. “Now, Sui, you remember what I said about fusion, right?”

Although, as he’d spoken, Suicune had stealthily manipulated her aura into the ground, sending it towards Sonic’s feet. It seemed her attempt to catch him off-guard had worked. The darkness darted forward, cutting him off and forcing him to trip face-first into the ground. “Ow...That hurt.” He rubbed his head. “Dang, I didn’t know you could do that! You need to teach me sometime!”

While he was incapacitated, the Water Type darted forward, her fanged jaws open and ready to crush, rip and tear whatever ended up being caught between them to pieces. Sonic wasn’t blind to this, but he couldn’t get out of the way in time. Instead, he summoned wind to crash down around him, the Twister providing enough of a barrier against Suicune for him to get up and dart away from the storm he’d created.

“Now now, that’s not nice! I’m still explaining things!” This time, he made sure to be aware of any shifting shadows, not willing to get caught off guard again. “Like I said, I have the ability to fuse with people. In order to do that, however, I need to establish a mental link. That’s where you come in, Sui,” he grinned a little as he now stood on the opposite from where Suicune was glaring at him, “you need to give me a little of your energy, or all. But I doubt the nasty part of you will let you give me all of your energy, so a little will do just fine.” He gave a thumbs up next. “What do you say, huh?”

In response, the Pokemon gave a thunderous roar that easily rivalled the rumbling thunder outside. As she did so, the sound waves shuddered through the air, loosing several of the stalactites from the ceiling of the cavern; however, Suicune herself would remain unaffected thanks to the green Protect shield she had formed around herself upon seeing that the Roar attack had done its job.

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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-One Up!

Sonic glanced up. “Well, this isn’t good.” The bright side was that Suicune would be unable to attack while sustaining the Protect, so he could focus on the dodging the rocks. He weaved between the large stones as they fell, ducking and rolling out of the way. One particularly large stone he couldn’t dodge, so he focused intensely on his hand, which lit up with a soft blue color. Swinging his uninjured arm around, the Focus Punch smashed the rock to pieces, sending bits flying everywhere.

He landed safely, glancing over at Suicune while grinning. “I’ll take that as an ‘okay’. Furthermore,” and his grin broadened as the fire in his eyes grew brighter, “is that all you’ve got?”

It was at that second that her next attack activated, and the many clones that appeared around the room revealed her next move to be Double Team. Before he had any time to react, the first Suicune opened her jaws and sent a gust of pure, freezing cold air at the blue hedgehog in the form of Sheer Cold.

Oh crap! Sonic jumped to the side, before the other clones launched the same exact attack. He knew only one was actually the attack and the rest were illusions, but he couldn’t risk getting hit by the move. It would knock out a Pokemon instantly, and Chaos knows what it would do to anything else. Curling tightly into a ball, Sonic performed his Spin Dash, rolling underneath the attacks and quickly out of the way.

Uncurling when he was safely out of the way, he turned to glance back. I don’t know which one is actually her, so... Twisting the air to his advantage, he launched Air Cutters at every single Suicune he could see, as well as circling some around himself in a continuous loop to protect him from any sudden attacks. That didn’t mean he didn’t keep an eye and ear out, however.

As it was, the attacks didn’t harm any of the clones thanks to their speed – they darted out of the way of the multiple Air Cutters before launching several more attacks at Sonic. They ranged from Signal Beam to Icy Wind, forcing Sonic to dodge every attack. He managed a Rollout attack on one mirage, dispersing it before steering towards another. It launched a Bubblebeam which passed harmlessly through the hedgehog, and that clone fell victim to the increasingly powerful Rock Type attack.

However, as he sped towards the next clone, an odd light flashed in her eyes which then turned an ominous bright yellow before a purple-black beam shot out of her crystal and hurtled towards the hedgehog with amazing speed. It would be very hard to avoid the Extrasensory attack.

The attack struck the Rollout, and both struggled to get through before he was hurled backwards, landing nimbly on his feet. “So you’re the real one huh? You keep using clones…And here I thought it’d be one on one! It’s almost like you’re afraid to fight me…Or is it that Sui is holding you back? If she is, then good job!” He avoided launching any attacks that could corrupt Suicune further, so instead relied on more Air Cutters.

While Sonic spoke, the Shadow Legendary’s aura grew slightly stronger as she increased her Special Attack through the use of Nasty Plot; this also boosted the stats of the few clones that remained scattered about the cavern. A howl from all the duplicates, along with the original, heralded the strengthening of the wind in the battlefield, but this time it held not only traces of ice, but large amounts of negativity as well, and then the winds gusted suddenly as the Blizzard-Ominous Wind combo was put to use.

Sonic’s Air Cutter was decimated by the attack and turned against him, forcing the hedgehog to face the wind himself. He charged into it, hoping his aerodynamic body would let him slice through the attack. His own Air Cutter cut into him, drawing fresh blood while the Blizzard froze his limbs. The Ominous Wind flickered as it hit him, driving negativity into him and forcing him backwards. His feet lost all traction on the ground, flinging him somewhat unceremoniously into the rocky wall. He struggled to get up, the ground slick from frost that had resulted from the Ice attack.

Suicune’s black Aura grew a decent amount stronger after the attack had been executed, increasing all of her stats by a fair amount. Unfortunately, this included her speed, and given how the cavern was now iced over, the fight was starting to shift rapidly into her favour.

That fear Sonic felt from her Aura increased as well, although he pushed it aside. “Sui, stop it! You’re corrupting yourself more! The pain isn’t going to get better; it’s only going to get worse! You have to let me help you!” He slid, grappling for footing. I need skis... He looked up in time to notice a dark, shadowy sphere hurtling towards him. Growling lightly, he summoned another Air Cutter, but this time directed it in such a way that it reflected the Shadow Ball, hitting Suicune with both attacks. “Sorry!”

While the Air Cutter did a moderate amount of damage to her, the Shadow Ball seemed to only be absorbed by the black aura around the Pokemon and gave it further strength. As a result, Suicune gained more power, but this time was putting it to use in a different manner. She lunged forward, and as her jaws opened to reveal razor-sharp fangs, her intentions became quite clear.

Sonic tried to jump, but the ice slipped from under him and he fell backwards. The berserk legendary was upon him in an instant, clamping her jaws down on his leg. Sonic screamed, a pitiful noise that ricocheted around the area. He thrashed, smashing his right foot into Suicune’s side, while at the same time he grabbed her muzzle and tried to pull her jaws apart, adrenaline propelling him. Blood flowed in a thick stream from the injury, and Suicune showed no signs of letting go.

It was then, through his pain and the haze that was flowing over his mind he felt her. Pure, untainted energy as crisp as the wind flowed into his mind, and he realized what it was. Without hesitating, his own mind lurched forward, his energy wrapping around the other source and pulling. Suicune herself began to thrash, trying to pull away while shaking her head to inflict more damage to his leg. To break her concentration, he had no choice but to use a Mega Kick in her face.

She released and turned to energy, rapidly absorbed into the hedgehog, as well as the small knob growing on his chin, his muzzle now white. His form shifted, a smaller crystal formation of the same look sprouting from his forehead while his coloring turned to a lighter blue, his stomach fur changing to the white diamonds that covered Suicune’s pelt. His shoes turned to a navy blue with wavy white markings to represent the wind, and his tail split into two ribbons. Last but not least, each of his six quills adorning his head turned purple and took the appearance of Suicune’s mane, yet retained the stiffness that hedgehogs were known for.

He was healed for the moment, but when he defused he would still have the same grievous injuries. Sonic found himself roaring, clawing at his head as Suicune attempted so violently to escape, but was contained. Worse still was the energy flowing through him, throbbing with every heartbeat, blinding him. It was sheer agony, a maddening choir of hot daggers, a venom burning his flesh from the inside out! He roared again, shaking his head and running easily on the ice, circling the cavern over and over in his desire to rid himself of the pain and to quiet the hideous screaming in his head.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the rock formation that led to Lightning Cove, Uxie glanced upwards towards where the blue hedgehog had gone as he sensed something amiss. There had been a massive spike in Aura in the area where Sonic had gone, and the Knowledge Pokemon could sense what had happened. If what I think has occurred has indeed occurred, it would be best to take some precautions first, he thought to himself as he increased his Special Defence substantially. After the effects of the move he used were complete, he opened up a telepathic link with the hedgehog, not surprised to find that he had managed to fuse with Suicune.

Almost immediately, Sonic assaulted Uxie, although it was unlikely it was intentional. <STOP! GET AWAY FROM HERE!> A massive surge of negative energy blasted through the link, along with a distant roaring. Although, that roaring was both from the link, courtesy of Suicune, but a more prominent, agonized roaring was coming from the cavern itself.

The Legendary flinched as the energy flew through the link, causing some damage. He was quick to sever it, and glanced up at the high ledges as he began making use of Recover to heal off the damage that had been done by the unintentional attack. Hm...I doubt going to see him is a good idea right now, but what to do...? Uxie shook his head and sighed. I suppose the only thing that can be done is to allow him to use up the extra energy somehow.

He was relieved that Uxie severed the link, as he found too late he had mentally attacked the Legendary. All he wanted to do now was to run, but this cavern...Grrah! It’s too small! I can’t breathe! I can’t stretch! He clutched his head, clawing at it once more as he tried to silence Suicune. I can’t...Won’t...Give up! But this pain...It’s...GRAH! He roared again, unleashing a powerful Blizzard attack in an effort to get rid of the energy which was causing him, and Suicune, so much agony. He wanted to tear something apart, and that feeling made him sick to his stomach. This...This is what Suicune was feeling. He shrieked again, striking out at a piece of rock and obliterating it.

However, a brilliant flash of light enveloped his vision a few seconds after he had done so, and moments afterwards, he found himself in a wide open desert field. Sonic blinked, feeling the hardened sand beneath his feet shift beneath his weight. He only had one thought at that moment; space! The next instant pain drove him forward, kicking up globs of loose sand into the air as he ran forward. Energy gathered around him as he unleashed Sheer Cold, freezing nothing but parched air. Wave after wave of the attack he used, and occasionally he’d glance up as he ran, admiring the perfectly clear skies.

He lost himself to his running once he was too tired to attack anymore, listening to his heart beat blood through his veins and every step he took. His muscles contracted and expanded effortlessly, propelling him forward as the wind glided over his form. He didn’t hear anything, neither Suicune’s growling, the crunch of sand, or even the whistle of the air. The only thing Sonic heard was his heart beat, strong and steady.

When at last he snapped out of that daze after a few hours, sliding to a stop to catch his breath, he realized that something had changed. Suicune was silent, no longer roaring or even making any type of noise, and his pain...There were small twinges here and there that an hour more of running would take care of. I can think clearly again. Legendary instinct turned his head towards the direction Uxie was, which also happened to be Ice Island. It would take him a while to get there even with his speed, and the rough seas would burn a lot more energy than ordinary running.

Changing course, he made a beeline to his new destination.


The sun had set by now, and since he’d figured Sonic wouldn’t be back for quite some time, Uxie had Teleported back to the metallic tent to tell the others of what had occurred.

“I hope he’s okay...It sounded like he was in a lot of pain. I’ve never heard Sonic scream before, and I don’t want to.” Tails stated, while Flaym remained silent. “But...He kept his promise. Suicune is going to be okay.”

<The sun sets...And with it, another chapter.> The Rapidash added in.


The ocean heaved beneath his feet, making every step a chore. Water ran into his face, but it didn’t bother him anymore thanks to Suicune’s abilities. His energy was flagging, and he realized he was barely keeping himself from falling into the ocean. It couldn’t kill him now, but he still had no desire to be caught in the tumultuous sea. Lightning flashed ahead, illuminating the foaming crest of another wave which he vaulted over. The rain didn’t hurt him, as what little negativity was within it his body dealt with swiftly. Suicune was still silent, most likely unconscious from her ordeal. He couldn’t rightly blame her for it either, as he was mentally and physically beyond feeling.

Suicune wouldn’t turn for a while, that much he was sure of. He drained all the negativity from her, but she would begin absorbing it again once she defused from him. It didn’t matter – it would still be a long time before she turned again. He had been frightened, not just from her Aura but from the very real possibility of losing her...And to such a brutal way, as well.

Glancing ahead, he saw the shape of Ice Island rising into the air. Feeling renewed vigour, he pushed himself harder, jumping over waves or otherwise obliterating them. Closer and closer he got, until finally his feet landed on solid, frost covered ground after he vaulted the ice wall.

Taking a deep breath, he ran forward again, longing for nothing more than to rest. He ran around trees, weaving and ducking. He slowed down when the gleam of the tent became visible, slowing down to a walk. He came around the side, popping his head into the doorway where only Uxie was up.

“I keep my promises.” Then his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he collapsed.

*Rolled over* Oh sweet lord...NEVER AGAIN.

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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Two Up!

...shocking experience? *facpalm/fall over*

And that was interesting, FUSION! Cool! ^^ I'm curious what Suicune's reaction shall be when she wakes up.

I'm surprised you "fixed" her situation within the same chapter it was introduced. I thought there'd be more to it before allowing a break. oo

A nice chapter, although I'm anxious to see what happens with Iyoku and Nazo.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Two Up!

Just a note; there's a bit of gore at the end of this chapter. Nothing too descriptive, though.


Chapter Sixty-Three

The Psychic type Legendary was hovering outside the tent and a good distance into the air early the next morning as he watched the sun rising over the horizon. The rays of light also lit the forest in a spectacular fashion as the light reflected off the snow crystals within the many forests on the island. It was a magnificent view, no doubt thanks to the storm subsiding briefly, although Uxie knew the catastrophe would start up again soon enough. The cyclones will begin once more in a few hours’ time. The view should be enjoyed before that occurs. He thought to himself with a nod.

In all honesty, he’d thought Sonic would fail in preventing Suicune from becoming a complete Shadow Pokemon, but that did not mean he wasn’t pleased that it had been prevented. For now, though, they had a brief moment of peace within the trials they had been put through recently, and he wasn’t going to complain about it but instead was content to just hover and watch the sun rise in the eastern skies. The news he had to tell the others could wait until Sonic had woken up. Once the orb of fire had risen further up into the sky, however, he began to hover downwards before flying back into the metallic hut.

Tails hadn’t been able to watch Uxie when the Legendary had changed the bandages on Sonic’s leg; his arm was bad, but his leg was a little worse and had bled extensively. As a result, the hedgehog himself was a dull blue, a far cry from his usual lustre. The fox only sat, staring worriedly at his adoptive older brother.

“Uxie, can’t you wake him up with your powers? I realize he needs rest, but...I want to make sure he’s really okay. And he’ll want to know Suicune is fine too.” The fox requested, glancing at the Legendary who was lightly dozing. Sonic was propped up against her, but it was unlikely he was even aware she was there.

Uxie was thoughtful for a few moments before he gave his reply. <I suppose that would be the best idea at the moment. He will need more sleep than he will be able to get at the present time.> He said with a nod.

The Legendary began focusing on – gently – entering the hedgehog’s mind. Slowly, Sonic began to wake up, the first visible signs being a moan. “Agh...Wha...Where...?” His eyes slowly slid open, but they were somewhat dull, and his vision was impaired at the moment. He only saw the yellow Legendary in front of him. “...Uxie...?”

<How are you feeling so far?> The Pokemon questioned, not bothering to ask anything else of the blue hedgehog’s exhausted mind.

“...What do you think...? Feels like Amy hit me several times with...That hammer of hers.” Came the tired response.

<He will be fine for the moment,> Uxie stated, glancing backwards at Tails and Flaym. <I can tell without bothering to use my foresight abilities.>

“Of course.” Sonic cut in, even as Tails and Flaym entered his field of vision. “But...Where is Sui...? I don’t remember a lot...Can’t think right.” He tried to lift his arm to rub his head, but only wound up wincing even though his arm didn’t actually move. “Can’t move...? My whole body aches...”

<You may not want to try doing anything for now. I was able to heal the gashes on your head; although, the other injuries are something else entirely – I cannot heal them. As for Suicune, however, you are leaning on her right now.>

“Oh...Okay...That’s all right. I’m too tired to move...” He seemed surprised by the last statement, but he couldn’t move to glance backwards. “Sui...? How are you feeling? Are you okay?”

The Water type glanced at him as she brought her head around. <...Yes, I am fine. It is your injuries you should be more worried about.> There was still a tint of sadness to her telepathy though it was kept relatively hidden.

Sonic grinned a little bit at seeing her face. He struggled a little before managing to raise his uninjured arm, placing his hand on her muzzle. “Don’t worry about me. If I could be killed so easily...I wouldn’t be around anymore to begin with.” His grin faded a little. “You really scared me, Sui. I thought I lost you. The moment your fur changed colors and you bit me...I knew it was going to be tough. You probably don’t really remember what happened...But long story short, you put up one heck of a fight. It would have been fun if things were different.”

He sighed, although he kept his hand on her muzzle. “You’re really clever. But you weren’t very smart by giving up so early on. If there’s anything I’ve learned...Giving up leads to disaster. I got a little angry at you, and I’m sorry. I just couldn’t understand why you would just...Sit by and not even fight. You have forever to live, Sui, but my philosophy stays the same...Live in the moment.”

Then his grin brightened again. “But you don’t have to worry about turning for a long time now. I made sure of that. It hurt really bad, what with you screaming in my head and everything, but it was worth it. I can tell you feel a lot better than you were even two days ago, and that makes me happy. I know you’re upset about what happened, Suicune...But everything’s all right now. You can cry if you want – you’ll feel a lot better. Sometimes you just need to let it all out...” His hand slid off her muzzle and his consciousness dimmed.

Suicune seemed to raise an eyebrow, although there was still a tint of sadness in her eyes. However, it became more pronounced as her mind wandered back in time. Live in the moment, huh...? I used to do that. It cost me my life.

“Sui,” the hedgehog spoke softly, “please don’t be sad. I don’t like seeing you sad. And before I fall asleep, I want you to promise me something.” He had seen the sadness when she had looked at him, but he felt it more than anything else. “Promise me you won’t give up anymore.”

She was silent for several seconds before responding. <...Maybe. As it is, there is an issue I would like to talk to you privately about, when circumstances allow.>


Hours passed, night falling before Sonic finally woke up again. He seemed a little more energetic and clearheaded, although he was still too weak to do too much. “Can someone get me some water? I’m parched.” His body still ached horribly from exertion and wounds, but at least the haze had, mostly, cleared from his mind. Sonic noticed that Tails and Flaym were gone, most likely to find some more firewood and food, if possible.

Uxie, who was hovering nearby and likely doing some meditation for his abilities, heard what the hedgehog asked. He started speaking as he hovered in Sonic’s direction. <Where does Tails keep the utensils for your travels? I may be the Being of Knowledge, however, I do not know everything, contrary to what many believe.>

Sonic grinned a little. “I guess that’s true. They should be in that oh-so-magical backpack he carries. The metal one, you know?” He wondered if Suicune was getting a cramp from being in the same position all day, but he didn’t really want her to move. The hedgehog didn’t feel too keen on falling over and jarring his battered body any further.

The Pokemon nodded, going to get the aforementioned cup. <There is a spring of fresh water nearby that is suitable for consumption; I will be back ‘in a flash’, as they say this decade.> Afterwards, he swiftly flew out of the tent, due to the northern – and therefore higher and colder – reaches of Ice Island.

“Arg. Light. The one thing I can’t freakin’ outrun.” Sonic complained, having rolled his eyes. “Eh, I’m going to get faster as I get older. Maybe one day I will get that fast, eh Sui?”

<You will never be able to outrun Raikou then,> she stated, slightly amused, <he is the embodiment of lightning and can therefore run at the speed of light.>

Sonic snorted. “Fastest thing alive. I repeat, I am the fastest thing alive. I’m not going to be outdone! I have a reputation to keep, and I’m not going to let him take it from me.” He stated, giving a competitive grin. “First though, my leg has to heal. I can’t really go running with a piece of muscle all torn up. I won’t get maximum speed that way.” He noted the small pang of guilt that appeared in Suicune’s eyes upon him mentioning his leg; it seemed to be one of the only events she recalled as a Shadow Pokemon. “Hey now, don’t worry. I’m going to heal up just fine. This isn’t going to stop me in any way, shape, or form.” The hedgehog winked, still retaining that grin.

Uxie flew back in afterwards and handed the nicely sized cup to the hedgehog, although he glanced back at the metal pack that Tails usually carried around. <It would also be a good idea to stock up on fresh water before you leave.> He stated matter-of-factly.

Sonic managed to lift his good arm, feeling a little shaky but otherwise having enough strength to hold the cup. “Oh yes, mighty being of the obvious.” He snickered a little before taking a drink. The hedgehog was grateful that it was decent sized; he downed about half the cup before his thirst was satiated for the moment. “Never thought I’d be so happy to have water, of all things…”

<You may wish to watch how you speak to certain Legendary Pokemon; I, for one, have the ability to rid knowledge from anyone’s mind.> Uxie glanced at the hedgehog. <While it would not be permanent, loss of all intelligence can have some...Amusing results.> He finished with a faint grin on his face at the thought.

Suicune raised an eyebrow, beginning to inwardly debate as to whether the Psychic type was being serious or not. For once.

“Hey, easy there! I mean, sure there are some things I want to forget, like that time with the chainsaw,” he shuddered at the thought, “but I like remembering other things. Like when I painted Shadow pink that one time!” He giggled a little as the image forced itself into his mind. “Oh that was so worth the beating I received!”

Uxie snickered. <It must have been entertaining. However, hypnotizing him to paint himself pink would have been more amusing.>

Suicune, on the other hand, rolled her eyes. <This is what immortality and agelessness brings. Severe boredom.>

Sonic nodded at Suicune’s statement. “Which is why I don’t want to be ageless, at the least. I couldn’t stand it. Heck, if Arceus or someone else offered to make me a god of something, I’d refuse it. Way too boring.” He glanced at his arm as things calmed down in the hut. The hedgehog touched the bandage to see how much it hurt; as soon as he put the slightest amount of pressure on the wound he flinched and stopped. His arm was very tender, so that probably meant his leg would be out of commission for a few weeks. “Okay, yeah, don’t know what I was thinking when I did that. I just got hurt yesterday, after all. It’s almost like I expected it to be magically healed.”

It was his turn to realize something. “Hey, Uxie, you healed the gashes on my head, but why did you only bandage my arm and leg?”

<It is because any healing abilities would be wasted upon those injuries,> the Pokemon said, his more serious demeanor returning. <Upon turning, Shadow Pokemon secrete a poison that will spread as the balance in reality worsens. A manner in which it can be spread is through injuries, such as bites and cuts. Once in another, untainted life form, the poison will work until the new host has also turned.>

<No! That’s impossible, Uxie! Only Pokemon can become Shadow Pokemon, not someone such as him!> Suicune’s voice had changed from being serene and amused to more panicky. <I just turned, this ‘poison’ couldn’t have become potent enough to cause any damage!> The hedgehog remained silent, feeling the Legendary quivering as he leaned against her.

<Regardless, Shadow Pokemon are known as such because they were overtaken by negative energy. The same can occur to other life forms, whether the process is under a different name is up to them.>

“Suicune, calm down.” Sonic, somewhat quietly, asked the Legendary. “Yelling isn’t going to change anything.” He redirected his attention to Uxie. “So...I’m going to turn into a...Well, let’s call it a Shadow User to make things easier. It looks like getting bitten the moment someone turns or days after doesn’t make a difference, because you didn’t object to that statement.” He was serious, but he kept his emotions retained. “So, how long do I have, about? And what should I avoid to slow it down as much as possible?”

The Pokemon shook his head slightly as he thought. <There have not been too many life forms that can become Shadow Users, aside from the Shadow Pokemon themselves. However, the good news is that the strength of their willpower has been a rather dominant factor in how long they have until they succumb to their less desirable instincts.>

The hedgehog nodded. “Okay, so I have a while then. Still, I should probably avoid using Ominous Wind in case I get that extra effect. It corrupted Sui a little bit more when she used it.” Maybe...Did the two Ominous Winds I hit her with two days ago speed up the process? But she would have had to be close to turning for it to really matter... “Obviously, getting bitten again would be a bad idea.”

“Oh!” Sonic was really testing Uxie’s knowledge. “You said ‘there have not been too many life forms that can become Shadow Users’, so does that mean only certain creatures are actually affected by the poison?” He glanced backward at Suicune, as she was still quivering and seemed almost...Angry?

Before Uxie could speak, Suicune gave a growl, although it was uncertain as to whether it was directed at Sonic, Uxie, or possibly both. <How can you remain nonchalant about something that will eventually kill you?> The Water type bluntly questioned, a rather strong tint of anger in her telepathic voice.

The hedgehog turned his attention to Suicune, his eyes soft. “Kill me? Not really, it’ll just turn me into a killing machine. But that’s not what you asked. How am I nonchalant about it? Well...There’s nothing I can do, right? So why should I bother worrying about it? Asking ‘what if’ won’t get anything done. Besides, I told you my philosophy...I’ll live life in the now, and not think about the future which could change for the better or for worse. Could I become a Shadow User? Yes. But will I become one? That depends on how things go.” He answered, winking at her. “That, and I don’t give up easily. You can bet I’ll fight until the very end, and you know I have the willpower to do it.”

However, despite what the blue hedgehog said, it didn’t stop the North Wind from nearly leaping to her feet and bolting out of the metallic shelter. As it was, Sonic would’ve fallen onto his injured arm as a result if Uxie’s reflexes hadn’t allowed him to catch him telekinetically just before he would’ve fallen over.

“Sui...” Sonic stated, but he knew he was too weak even as he was placed against the wall of the hut. He looked at his leg, and traces of sadness leaked into his eyes. “Sui doesn’t understand though that even though I talk like that, I am afraid. I’d be stupid if I wasn’t. I’m very afraid that I could turn into what she did. But,” and with this he shook his head, “I can’t do anything about it. Uxie...Sui isolated herself in that area because she was weakest there. All the Legendaries have areas like that they can go to, I’m sure. Ice Island...Is there any place here I could go just in case? I mean, I don’t intend to go crazy, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Heck, I’ll probably last to like, ninety-nine percent of me the poison has spread, so I’ve got time.”

The Psychic type was thoughtful for a few minutes. <I do not believe there is somewhere here at the moment. I will try and find a suitable location, however. It should not be too hard. If I manage to succeed in finding a proper area, I suggest you bring some snorkelling gear.>

The hedgehog grinned a little uneasily. “Uh, yeah, water...Ice gives me no traction, but water could suffocate me. It’s supposed to hold me until Iyoku can fix the tower, not kill me on the spot. Not to mention I need to be able to get to the place!” He couldn’t deny that water was his greatest weakness, but he wondered how that could really work.

<You were not going to be solely in the water,> he stated, <although, now that you mention it, it may be a good idea to line that undersea cavern with ice...>

He groaned. “All right, I get the point. Precautions! Although you’d think the water would be enough, not to mention the ice might end up melting.” He sighed. “How will I get food down there though? Not like I can swim very well.” Sonic grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head out of embarrassment.

<NeverMeltIce does its job rather well,> Uxie said with a snicker. <However, you will not have to worry about food; Shadow Users and Shadow Pokemon are sustained by their negative energy and have no need to eat. Other symptoms also include increased aggression and a large amount of pain brought on by the negativity before the change occurs.> He glanced at the hedgehog. <If you want an idea of how bad it is, the boost of negative energy gained from the use of Ominous Wind is nothing in comparison.>
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Two Up!

“Hey, but won’t I still be hungry for a while...? I mean, I’m not a Shadow User, and won’t be for a while...And the aggression and pain – won’t it just be right before I, well, turn?” He glanced away, wondering. “And I know how bad the pain is when I fused with Suicune. I was barely conscious of what I was doing. I can remember everything, but at the time I was actually doing it...It felt like a dream. Still does, but it’s probably not like how bad actually turning does to the memory.”

The Pokemon nodded. <The absence of hunger will begin to occur later on. The pain, however, will begin within a week. It is that which will likely increase your aggression.>

“Uh, when you say pain...Will it start slowly, or are we talking all of a sudden...Like, ‘knock-me-down-after-I-was-just-fine’?” It was clear that Sonic was getting a little nervous, and had no desire to revisit that pain. “And me? Aggressive? Nah. Maybe when it comes to racing, but I’m pretty laid back in any other situation. Not the most patient, yeah, but I don’t really have a short temper.”

<As the poison worsens, so will the pain; it will begin with a throbbing pain in your body and eventually come to what you experienced when you were fused with Suicune. The same goes for the Legendaries, although our ‘poison’ is pure negative energy. And it will increase your aggression. It did the same to Suicune and many of the other Legendaries.>

Sonic glanced down. “Well, at least I’ll have some warning.” An idea clicked. “Wait...That’s why Suicune was pushing me so hard two days ago! She was relentless with her attacks...Heck, she even took my first Ominous Wind head-on. She only stopped when I collapsed.” He raised an eyebrow. “What about you, Uxie? You’re probably feeling the pain too, but you’re not very aggressive at all. I don’t even know how bad the aggression could get.”

<Strange as it may seem, Psychic types are one of the types most sensitive to the negative energy. That is why there are none left in Iyoku’s time period. However, Mesprit, Azelf and I seem to be affected the least at the moment out of most of our peers. It is rather strange, although we will find out why soon enough.> The Pokemon paused for a few moments. <As for aggression levels just before turning...They can be extremely high. Just look at Suicune, Kyogre and Groudon; they give accurate examples.>

The hedgehog raised an eyebrow at Uxie’s odd statement before the Pokemon paused before giving the rest of his information. “Yeah...The way Suicune was screaming and thrashing...Although that seemed more from pain than anger. She was actually pretty calm when I was talking to her before she suddenly yelled at me.” He muttered. “But Kyogre and Groudon are worse because they’re already Shadow Pokemon. I wish I could save them, but I think fusing now would do more harm than good to both me and them.”

“But...Well, I’m asking a lot of questions and I’m sorry about that. I’ll know when I’m going to turn as the pain will be beyond unbearable – I can’t really describe it any better than that; I honestly can’t. I have one final question, Uxie. How will I get to the cavern?”

<There will be, for lack of a better term, an ice slide on this island if you choose to come back. It will be near the top, as was Suicune’s shelter, but it leads down quite a ways. Once you go in, it will be impossible to leave until the balance rights itself, in which case the ice will leave a path of stone open to use to ascend.>

“So it goes underwater, and from what I’m guessing the ice is probably too thick for even, like, Heatran to melt or climb. Can’t climb out, can’t bash my way out...Sounds good. And a little fun going down on a slide. I hope Articuno doesn’t mind. Heck, that’s probably who’s going to make it. She seems very nice.” Sonic looked down again. “That being said, I hope I don’t have to use it...That seems like giving up, and I don’t do that. I’m just worried Sui might follow – she’s pretty torn up about what she did. I don’t want to end up hurting her or poisoning her, if that’s possible.”

<It would be impossible to poison her, considering all of the Legendaries do have a chance of becoming Rogue. Although, considering her circumstances, I can see why she would be torn up about it.> Uxie seemed to be lost in thought afterwards, likely remembering something that had occurred in the distant past.

“Yeah, and if she saw me turn into a monster...” Sonic closed his eyes, his smile gone. “It’d kill her, it really would. She’s a good friend, and I really hate seeing her sad. It tears me up inside. I’m being really cheerful around her right now because of that. But it just made her angry, although I can’t blame her.”

The Psychic type nodded. <Although, there is one thing I do have to wonder. Years ago, Suicune used to have a trainer. If what I think occurred really did happen, that is likely the reason she does not like to form bonds with anyone except Raikou and Entei.>

Sonic looked at Uxie. “Something you don’t even know, huh? Well, I know a little bit...The, what was it, ‘Brass Tower’ burning down and three Pokemon perishing in the flames. Ho-Oh resurrected them, and they were Suicune, Raikou, and Entei. Tails told me all about it after he learned Suicune was going to be my mentor. But...I think I know what you’re getting at. I don’t blame her, but it’s been so long...Being cold and hiding your emotions will only hurt yourself in the end.”

Uxie sighed. <It did much more than burn down. You will not find many descriptions in the history books any longer, but a war engulfed the Tohjo region in the half that was known as Johto during the ancient times. Many lives were lost and there was much damage done.>

“Really? I thought lightning burned the tower down...And I didn’t know there was a war. Wars are so stupid. They rarely get anything done, and people die for it. There isn’t a point, in my opinion.”

<The attacks from many of the Electric type Pokemon involved in combat was what caused the tower to burn down.> He nodded in agreement. <War is, indeed, useless. However, no matter how true that fact is, they are always going to happen, if history is any correct indication of it.>

The hedgehog could only sigh and shake his head. “And people wonder why I don’t get involved in politics.”

<Agreed.> Uxie stated. <There have been so few trainers worthy of catching any Legendary Pokemon as well. The latest would have been Mesprit’s, which was over three-hundred years ago.>

“Eh? Why did you bring that up, Uxie?” The hedgehog cocked his head slightly, watching the Legendary with puzzled eyes.

<Given the circumstances, if you ask Suicune if she would like to stay with you until the Tower is repaired, she may agree to it.> He paused for a few moments. <Although, I do not have to make any mention of not forcing her to join; a human with evil intentions attempted to catch Azelf forcefully, and was petrified in stone as a result.> He seemed thoughtful. <I wonder if he has released him yet...?>

Sonic glanced down. “Well, I was thinking about asking her. Shadow told me that Iyoku put, like, shards of his Aura into the Poke Ball to slow down absorption of negativity. That’s what I would like to do with Sui, so it won’t happen again. Sure, I drained all the negativity, but we can’t be relaxed...If something happens, I can’t help her this time. I’d never force her to join. I don’t have a Poke Ball at the moment, but if she agrees I’ll ask her what kind she wants. I don’t know if I’d consider myself ‘worthy’...I’m just doing it because she’s my friend, sappy as it might seem.” He snickered a little about Azelf. “I haven’t met him, but for some reason that seems like something he would do.”

The Pokemon nodded. <Once you meet Iyoku, you may want to ask him to do the same thing to Suicune’s Poke Ball if she accepts.> However, he shrugged to Sonic’s statement about Azelf. <That is what occurs to anyone who tries to harm Azelf; the lucky ones become petrified in stone, the unlucky ones die within a week. If anyone touches Mesprit, they will have their emotions drained from them, and those whom I open my eyes to have their knowledge taken away.>

“Or maybe Naomi, if we meet up again. She was pretty awesome, even though she threatened to freeze my feet to the ground...” He faked a huff. “Makes me wonder what the other Legendaries do. I really don’t want to find out.” The hedgehog glanced at the hut’s entrance. “Flaym and Tails will be back soon. I wonder if they found anything to eat?”

Uxie shrugged. <As long as you do not antagonize us, we usually will not attack anyone.> He too glanced outside the metallic shelter they were in. <They should be back soon. However, I need to ensure Freeze Cavern is suitable for use, should it be needed in the future.> With that, he flew out of the hut, bound for the heights of Ice Island.

Left alone, Sonic thought for a few minutes. Sui wanted to talk to me...But this tent won’t be a good place with the others. He glanced down at his legs, before attempting to flex them. He winced as his left leg protested, but due to the wound being on the lower half, the knee was fine. If I don’t put a lot of pressure on it, I think I can walk. He was still exhausted, but his willpower drowned that complaint. Bringing his good leg underneath him, the hedgehog strained as he lifted himself up, using the wall for support.

That was the easy part. He placed his wounded leg down, wincing as some pain shot up it. So, he hopped on the other leg to the entrance, his muscles screaming in protest to being used so soon. All right...So far so good...He hopped out into the snow that was falling, the sharp cold air aggravating his lungs. Distracted, he made the mistake of attempting to walk.

The moment his leg had his weight put on it, agony lashed up into his body as if fire had been jammed into it. Giving a squeak, his vision shuddered before collapsing as his body smacked into the ground. A few moments later it came back, but the throbbing reminded him of the mistake.

Sonic pulled himself up again, panting from effort. He managed to get over to a tree, and reaching up, snapped one of the branches off. It had a small v-shaped area where the branch had split, but it provided a stable, if uncomfortable, crutch which he leaned on. I went from the fastest thing alive to the slowest thing on earth in a matter of days... It wasn’t like he could run in his exhausted state anyway. Well, Sui, you can’t say I’m not dedicated. It wasn’t hard to figure out which way she had gone; she hadn’t bothered to mask her footprints in the snow.

He began to follow.

Suicune had placed herself on a large cliffside pockmarked with several boulders that overlooked most of the island and provided a magnificent view of the ocean beyond it. Her gaze had been set in this southward direction as she now contemplated the best way to get the group to Hoenn. Granted, she was still quite irritated about Sonic’s attitude towards what had happened to him, but by now, she had come to the conclusion that she was unable to influence his behaviour – at least, for the most part – and as such had moved on to thinking of other things.

As Sonic arrived at the bottom of a cliff, he noticed her prints disappeared as she apparently climbed upwards. The hedgehog groaned inwardly. This is so not fair...Still, he was determined to talk to Suicune privately, and wouldn’t give up. By now he had figured she would have calmed down enough to talk to him, and if not, they could simply spend time together looking at stuff. She probably has a good view from up there. Placing the makeshift crutch in between his teeth, he started to scramble up the mountain, using his injured limbs as little as possible. Judging from the dampness on his leg, however, it had started to bleed again. Great! Just what I needed! Already low on blood and losing some more...Just my luck. His arm was holding up better, but he wasn’t going to risk using it.

Upon hearing something scuffling on the rocks behind her, Suicune took a glance back and her eyes narrowed in irritation when she saw Sonic barely managed to get to the top of the cliff she was sitting on top of. <You should not be walking around; your injuries will begin to bleed as your leg already has.> There was a good amount of annoyance and a bit of exasperation in her telepathy as she spoke.

The hedgehog was huffing so bad he couldn’t speak, and he lay limply as he tried to regain his breath, dropping the stick from his mouth in the process. <Agh, yeah...I just figured that out...But you wanted to talk to me privately, and I want to talk to you privately...Plus, Flaym and Tails were going to be back soon...> He rolled onto his back, looking up at the clouds. <Sui, I’m sorry I made you mad back there. I didn’t mean to. Can you find it in your warm fuzzy heart to forgive me?> A little bit of humor leaked into his telepathy at the end even as he switched his gaze to look at Suicune, albeit upside down.

The North Wind snorted, but returned her gaze to the scenery in front of her. <Perhaps.> However, she’d waited until Sonic had his breath back and therefore could walk to where she was before saying anything else. <So, what did you request to speak about?>

He sat down next to her, looking over the ocean. “Nice view.” He waited a moment, trying to figure out how best to phrase things. “Sui, I know I screw up a lot. I honestly can’t help it when I make a mistake. You probably think it was a mistake when I came to help you. I don’t, but I’m not about to argue about that anymore. But...Well, now there’s a big dilemma. If you start to turn again, however unlikely it is because I drained everything...And it obviously took a while for it to get that bad...Well, if you start to turn again I can’t help you like I did last time. My body isn’t getting rid of negativity anymore from the poison. Are you following me?”

Suicune nodded. <We will have to find some way of preventing it for the chance it may end up occurring again.>
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Two Up!

The hedgehog agreed. “Uxie and I were talking, and he randomly brought up worthy trainers catching Legendaries. To be honest, he’s not very subtle. But, well...I was planning on asking you anyway. Shadow said Iyoku, an Aura User, put Aura Shards in his Poke Balls. It slows down negativity. If we were to meet up with Iyoku or Naomi again...” Sonic fiddled with his thumbs. “Uh, well, I’m not very good at asking. I really don’t like the idea of asking you to allow yourself to be caught. Freedom is really important, and even if it would be until the tower gets fixed and I have you out as much as possible, it still feels wrong. You scared me really bad back there, which is no small feat, and the pain you were in...I’d rather avoid having that happen again.” It was quite obvious he felt horrible about asking such a thing of Suicune, but it had been needed to be asked.

She was silent for about a minute before she replied. <...I suppose it would be for the best if I did gain a Poke Ball for the time being. I have seen the process Iyoku uses to alter the machines in that manner back in Sinnoh.>

Sonic nodded. “I’m sorry for asking this, Sui, but whatever we can do to slow the process down for you, I want to try. Keeping you out of the rain, considering it’s filled with negativity, would be a start. And...Well, I also feel like the Ominous Wind I used on you helped push you over the edge, so it was a little of my fault too. I won’t be using that move again, and I don’t think you should either. It’d be embarrassing if we wound up corrupting each other.” He grinned a little sheepishly. “I mean, you still need to train me, eh?”

Suicune nodded. <That is true. However, not too many Poke Balls can confine a Legendary even if they are willing to go with someone. The most expensive ones may do the job, but even then, it is a rather big ‘maybe’.>

“You better pay me back if you break a really expensive one, Sui.” Sonic shot back, grinning widely this time. “It’s your choice what one you want. I could always get you a...Erm...Oh yeah! A Luxury Ball. I heard they’re very comfortable to be in. Should I start calling you Princess Sui?”

The Pokemon shrugged as best she could, although she made sure the blue hedgehog received a bit of retribution by smacking him on the head with one of her ribbon-like tails. <I have no money. Aside from that, it is the Trainer’s duty to pay for broken items.>

Sonic only laughed more after receiving the blow. “Sui, I’ll only be your Trainer if you want me to be. Besides, considering you’re the one training me to use more attacks, I think it would be a little odd!” The hedgehog grinned. “But like I told Uxie; I’m doing it not to keep the balance or anything...I’m doing it because I’m your friend. I could give a crackerjack about being worthy or not. I never really did listen to that type of stuff, I just acted on what I thought was right. But, yeah, I’ll get you a Luxury Ball. If you have to stay in a Poke Ball, you might as well stay in the most comfortable one.”

She was thoughtful for a few moments. <As it is, I will be the one teaching the new attacks. So should it not be you who is to stay in a Poke Ball, instead?>

The hedgehog laughed, tapping his head. “They don’t work on me. Flaym proved that by smacking the Fast Ball back and it hit me right on the head. You can’t keep a loose cannon contained, eh?”

Suicune seemed to raise an eyebrow. <That must have been entertaining for him. However, there is another issue; if I train you and you become a Shadow User, you will be more dangerous than you would have been without the training.>

“Eh, Flaym is a bit serious...” Sonic stated, before thinking. “Well, Sui, that is true...But I don’t intend to become a Shadow User. Besides, the more we can increase my pain tolerance, the better I can fight off against it. Not to mention if Reiki were to attack again, it’d take everything we’ve got to get rid of him, even with your help, Sui.”

She gave a nod. <It will. However, only another of his race is capable of killing him; we will need Mitsumae or Naomi in that regard.>

The hedgehog shrugged. “You know, if only one of them was left and became corrupted, we’d be screwed unless someone powerful enough or all the legends worked together to fix the problem.” He mused out loud. “Besides, I’m not a killer. You’d have to call Shadow for that.”

<He will not stop until his objective is achieved, Sonic.>

“And I’m telling you, I don’t think I have it in me to kill someone even as evil as him.” He shook his head. “Well, maybe the aggression from the poison will actually prove to be useful if we do have to face him.”

The Pokemon growled slightly in warning. <Do not attempt to overuse it. The more you become accustomed to it, the harder it will be to prevent.>

“I don’t really see how I can use aggression; it just happens naturally. And the way I see it, the more I can endure the pain the better I can do to prevent it. I figure as long as I remember what’s going on I can prevent myself from turning.” Sonic stated, cupping his hands. A small amount of brown energy formed within them, a small Focus Blast, which he proceeded to toss back and forth, occasionally rolling it on his shoulders. “I’m not going to become a Shadow User, Sui. Don’t worry about that.”

She gave him an even glance. <You will have to promise.>

The hedgehog halted with his juggling act, glancing at Sui. His expression had become serious. “Then you have to change your ‘maybe’ when I asked you to promise never to give up.” He replied.

However, the silence on Suicune’s part as she thought of several past events seemed to imply otherwise. It was nearly a full two minutes before she spoke, and when she did so, her crimson eyes were trained on the ocean before them as the silhouette of storm clouds had begun to appear on the horizon; a gust of wind began to blow ominously, heralding the coming disaster. <...I am unsure if I will be able to do that.>

Sonic stared at the Focus Blast, thinking. “Sui...Is it because of what happened at the Burned Tower?” He spoke quietly, although he didn’t look at her. “Uxie told me...Well, he told me that a war burned the tower down. That’s all he knew, or at least was willing to tell me. I don’t expect you to tell me anything, Sui. I just figured...Well, that maybe it was related to that. It’s the only event I can think of that would lead to that.” By now, he had flicked several weak Focus Blasts into the air before them, manipulating the wind currents somewhat unsteadily to form crude shapes. That being said, he wasn’t enjoying it as much as he would; the sadness coming off of Suicune had dampened his cheerful spirit.

<I did have a trainer.> Suicune finally stated, although her eyes didn’t move from their target. <He died in the war, shortly before I and my brothers perished. It was...Difficult.> The sad note in her telepathy piqued Sonic’s interest, but he said nothing. <It was horrible. My trainer was brutally murdered by a Fearow. It fell upon him like a beast possessed!> The hedgehog felt fleeting images dart through his mind. While the figure itself was hard to distinguish, the Pokemon was not. The brown bird’s sharp, nimble beak pierced the human’s eye, blood dribbling down as it yanked the eyeball from the socket. Its talons viciously clawed at the stomach until eventually his intestines began to fall out, all the while the trainer continued to scream. The final image, of his body smashing into the ground from a high altitude, thoroughly sickened the hedgehog. <We were without a trainer. Enraged, we chased his murderer into the Brass Tower, where our fates were sealed. Misfired attacks struck it, a fire starting. The smoke filled my lungs, I couldn’t breathe, and the heat...All I saw was red. A noise up ahead, and a burning plank fell on me. It was over.>

It only now became apparent that she was quivering. <There was another. Her name was Saphira, a Monogatari. She was very kind, and I hadn’t expected to become friends with her. But then Reiki,> she growled, <created a cloned, Shadow Celebi. Its attack glanced her, and she faded away from existence. That was how the remaining few Monogatari were wiped out until Mitsumae and Naomi were the only ones left.>

“Sui, I had no idea. I’m sorry...” He placed his hand on her shoulder. “If...If you need to cry Sui, let it out. I won’t tell anyone.” Sonic offered a comforting smile, although his eyes were soft and somewhat haunted from the images she had, most likely accidentally, mentally shown him.

There was a small tint of irritation in her eyes, although it wasn’t directed towards the hedgehog seeing as she kept her gaze on the ocean before them. <My Trainer’s personality...It was almost exactly the same as yours as well.>

Sonic was taken aback by that, as evidenced by his manipulation failing and the Focus Blasts dissipating into the ocean. “Chaos, Sui, I didn’t know. All this time I was hurting you by reminding you of him...But I can’t change my personality. I mean...If you want, I can hand off your Poke Ball to Cami or Shadow so...” He trailed off, as he didn’t really need to finish the suggestion.

The Pokemon shook her head. <...No. Either way, I will need to learn to get over it. Aside from that, I have a feeling we should stay as a group if we are to succeed.>

“All right. Just don’t lose those feelings completely, Sui. They might hurt, but it shows how deeply devoted you were, and still are, to them. It sort of honours them, in a way.” He stated, nodding. “Either way, regardless if I become your trainer or not...I’m not going to be around forever. I mean, I’m not ageless, but I really wouldn’t want to be. I hope when I eventually get old though that you’ll miss me a little.” He fell onto his back in a position that put him able to look up at Suicune’s face from almost directly beneath her head. “I mean, how can you not miss me?” He purred, grinning.

<I suppose you are right.> However, she rolled her eyes at his last statement, and managed to spray a Water Gun into the hedgehog’s face before he could dodge in time.

He floundered before managing to get upright, shaking his head. “Ugwah! You did that on purpose!” Sonic wiped his face off furiously. “Blargh! And it came out of your mouth!” He stuck his tongue out. “Heh, well, at least you’re feeling a bit better. I’m glad. So, Sui, you finally going to make that promise? It’s not that hard. You have the will to do it.” He grinned.

The Legendary was thoughtful for a few moments before she spoke. <I suppose. It is not like I have much of a choice if this dimension’s demise is to be stopped.>

“I’m going to hold you to that, Sui. In my turn, I promise to not become a Shadow User.” Sonic stated, nodding. He shivered as a gust of chilled wind struck them, his damp fur making it worse. “Yeesh. Cold...” Sonic yawned. “And tired. I wore myself out...Tails is going to kill me. Flaym probably won’t care.”

Suicune nodded. <I will give you a ride back to the shelter. However, do not expect me to back you up if Tails is as irritated as I think he will be. I may be a Legend, but I am no miracle worker.>

Sonic grinned a little. “Heh, I don’t even think Arceus could help me.” He gripped Suicune’s fur as gently as he could, hauling himself up onto her. “Off, noble steed! Fly like the wind!” He cried out laughing, enjoying himself.

He earned a smack on the head from a ribbon.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Two Up!

...Wait, "adoptive brother?" Who was adopted? I'm confused now. :\

Wow, I'm honsetly surprised about the poison. I mean, that would have to mean that Iyoku and his Team have never been hit by a Shadow Pokemon. I guess I've been underestimating him...

Kaki: Poor Sonic. :(

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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Three Up!

Love how Sonic sets a goal to break the speed of light. xD I want to see you do that and...nevermind, don't do that, Grassy'll probably come up with some way that massively breaks everything and dooms us all..again.

Random. Shell, love your signature quotes always. xD

And Sonic is slowly gonna start turning shadow? The evil side of me wants to see that cause it should be interesting, the other twenty-million or so sides are preparing to mount an assault on Grassy and Shell in her bomb shelter.

Sonic, you're lucky you're dealing with good-natured legendaries based on how your acting.

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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Two Up!

Originally Posted by Silver Espeon Esper View Post
...Wait, "adoptive brother?" Who was adopted? I'm confused now. :\

Wow, I'm honsetly surprised about the poison. I mean, that would have to mean that Iyoku and his Team have never been hit by a Shadow Pokemon. I guess I've been underestimating him...

Kaki: Poor Sonic. :(
Officially, Sonic is Tails' adoptive older brother.

Actually, Aura Users are immune to the poison as well, so Iyoku is safe. Nazo is saved by his immortality. Fwee classifications!

@ Guard: Well, Sonic is hoping to. Considering the only character that has been able to reach light speed is, in fact, Skye (By using Flash Echo and only for 1 second at the high cost of rupturing arteries, breaking bones, tearing muscles...Etc), it's quite a feat he's attempting.

Oh wait, Shadow reaches light speed with Chaos Control...Hmm...Well, it's cheating, I guess. Using something else to achieve it. Skye can do it on his own (don't ask how; even he's not quite sure), so why can't Sonic?

Yes, Sonic is going to turn into something similar to a Shadow Pokemon (dubbed a Shadow User from now on. Way to go Sonic with the naming!). However, remember, it's based on will - considering Sonic has among the strongest wills of all the characters, his prediction of lasting to "like, 99% or something" isn't that impossible.

It'll hurt like hell, but not impossible XD

Impossible? More like "I'm possible" ^^ And I guess you're right, Guard. I doubt all of them are like that though :/
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Three Up!

Chapter Sixty-Four

The winds blew in rough tornado-like gusts, causing the Legendary hovering within the storm to have a slightly difficult time keeping in the air. However, despite the pounding rain and crashing thunder in the heavens, the Pokemon known as the Being of Willpower proved his title by holding up through it all. The sound of something impacting the ground beside him made him glance, however, and he noted a nicely sized piece of hail had drilled itself into the earth of the mountain they were climbing on.

With a grumble, the crystals on Azelf’s forehead and tails took on a slight glow before the result was made evident by the shields that covered the traveling party. It wasn’t done a moment too soon either, as hail began to rain down from the skies, pelting down on them but bouncing harmlessly of the protection the Psychic type had put up.

The pink hedgehog glanced at the winged figure ahead of her, her green eyes annoyed. “This storm is annoying!” She cried, her red dress rimmed with white having become damp thanks to the weather. “This is stupid! Why can’t we take cover?”

Cami glanced back, having used her wings as a shield. “The higher up we get, the sooner we can get out of the storm. Once we get above the clouds, it’ll be fine.” She glanced at Azelf. “Thanks for the shield, by the way.”

The Pokemon nodded before speaking. “Luckily we won’t be out here much longer; there’s an alcove about an hour away that we can use to rest in.” He returned his amber tinted eyes to the snowy, cold scenery in front of them.

“Good. This storm is making it too difficult to contact even Shadow. Do you know how the others are doing, Azelf?” She knew Uxie was with Shadow, while Mesprit had gone with Knuckles and Cosmo.

“Both are doing fine, although Mt Coronet doesn’t have any storms covering it yet. At least, according to what Mesprit has said.” Azelf stated, the tone of his voice suggesting that he was annoyed with the fact they had the snowed-in mountain. Rightfully, he couldn’t be blamed either.

The Huwing snorted. “Lucky. I can’t fly in this weather! It’s too much even for my wings...It’s frustrating, being ‘Queen of the Skies’ and unable to do a thing about it.” She glanced back as Amy tripped, gripping her by the arm and hauling her up. “Be careful. The rock is slippery and sharp.”

“No duh.” Amy growled, shaking her head.

“Things could be worse though. We’ll have to keep a watch for any avalanches on our way up; they’re quite a bit more dangerous than the storms, even though I don’t think I have to say that aloud to deliver my point.” At this point, the air had warmed up slightly, but was fluctuating between heat and cold, causing hail, snow and rain to fall simultaneously. Great; freezing rain. That’s always a winning combo.

Cami nodded. “Yeah. I don’t handle the cold too well once it melts.” She glanced ahead, narrowing her eyes. “Azelf, it hasn’t been an hour...Yet that looks like a cave. Are you sure it was an hour away?”

The Pokemon frowned slightly as he too noticed the cavern looming ahead of them; although it was on a steeper slope made more dangerous thanks to the storm, they could still reach it if they decided to go in. It seemed to be a rather tempting respite from the wild weather they were in, yet at the same time, something didn’t seem right about the location to the Legendary. "Yeah, I’m sure it was still a ways off; it’s not like there’s only one single cave in the entire mountain though.” He nodded after giving the idea some thought. “...If you want, we could go in, but we need to be wary of other Pokemon in the area; if there are any, they’ll either be Shadow Pokemon or be in the caves and waiting out the storm. Or both.”

Amy shuddered. “Ick. Things are getting really bad...”

“And they’ll only get worse if nothing is done.” Cami growled, gripping the female hedgehog. Opening her wings, she beat the cold air with strong strokes, lifting upward towards the cliff. Even in such a short duration of flight she struggled, currents themselves fighting her advance. For once in the Huwing’s life, she took no enjoyment from flying, so she was relieved when they landed in the cave. She was forced to toss the hedgehog onto the ground, as the opening was narrow and she needed to fold her wings up to get in. She glanced around, observing the dark cavern with wary eyes. Instinctively her longbow formed in her hands, and she notched an arrow that was ready to use in an instant. She didn’t sense anything out of the ordinary, but she couldn’t be sure at the moment. For extra back up, she released Safire, who was alerted to the problem through telepathy.

Azelf hovered in afterwards, the glow coming off the crystals he possessed helping to illuminate the depths of the cavern even further in. So far, there didn’t seem to be any trouble, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t something further into the shelter that the light couldn’t reach.

“...Nothing is coming.” Cami commented. “A Shadow Pokemon would have attacked already...And I doubt any regular Pokemon would attack with the presence of a Legendary.” She lowered her weapon. “Either way, we need to rest. Water and ice weakens my abilities.”

The Psychic type nodded, and although the others sat down to let their legs take a break, Azelf remained hovering through his abilities mostly due to the fact that it took very little energy to do so. After a brief conversation with Mesprit and Uxie through telepathy, he was able to find out that nothing had changed on their end as of yet.

<The storm is fierce.> Safire commented, her voice silky and light. <The mountain’s elevation is only making it worse. Try not to catch a cold.> Cami grinned, rubbing the Milotic’s head. <Has the cold affected you badly?>

She shook her head. “No. My wings will dry out quickly. Amy, on the other hand...” She gestured to the hedgehog that was ringing her dress out and fussing about this and that. “Yeah...She might take a while; especially that temper of hers.” She snickered at the glare she received.

The Water Type chuckled softly. <Any type of fire amidst the cold fury of a storm is a welcome sight...Regardless of the reasons.>

Cami was digging around in her backpack, pulling out berries that were of the spicy variety. Amy, wisely, added in some sweeter ones while she took a cooking utensil out. Similar to Iyoku’s style, Safire filled it with a Water Gun, which the Huwing plopped in the food. She laid it on one of her wings, which, after a little struggling, ignited as she began to cook it. Even better was that she gave off some light and warmth, which the others were no doubt grateful for.

“Azelf,” Cami started, “do you want any food? I know you’re immortal and everything...But it won’t hurt. I mean, you can still taste the berries, after all.”

He was thoughtful for a few moments before he spoke. “...No, I don’t think I’ll need any.” He shrugged. “We don’t even need to breathe or sleep, to be honest.” He said with a slight snicker.

The Huwing snorted. “I know, but still. I mean, Shadow eats and sleeps because he enjoys it. Why not try some of my cooking?” She stated, nodding.

Safire leaned over, although her telepathy was aimed only at the Legendary. <Be warned...Had Amy not added those Pecha Berries, you would be eating a volcano.>

He grinned slightly as he answered both the Huwing and the Pokemon at the same time. “It won’t hurt, but it’d be a better idea for the people who don’t need to eat to conserve supplies.” <I’m not too worried; I, for one, like spicy stuff.>

Cami shrugged, stirring it while Safire responded. <I still say it was a wise choice. The first time she cooked, Shadow wound up blowing fire. It was very interesting...> Her tail twitched. <So nothing important has happened with the others?>

<No, nothing so far. Although, I do get the feeling it won’t be long.>

The Milotic thought for a moment. <Yes, I get that feeling as well...>

A few minutes passed, and dinner was done. Cami ladled some food into bowls, handing them to Safire and Amy. The former was cautious eating it, but the aroma eventually won her over. “Don’t worry, it’s not too spicy. Amy made sure of that.” The Huwing grinned. “Are you sure you don’t want a nibble, Azelf?”

He snickered at the Milotic’s reaction before giving his reply. “I suppose I could. I get the feeling you won’t let up until I’ve had a taste anyways.”

“Dang right I won’t.” She stated slyly, putting in a little and handing a bowl to Azelf. “It’s been rather easy getting up the mountain. The storm is annoying, but there’s been no real danger. Maybe everything fled when they sensed the storm approaching...”

Amy snorted. “Or they froze to death when it hit.”

Azelf only shook his head in response. “The cold will get worse the higher up we go. If no one froze to death down here, they certainly will have up there.” He then downed some of the soup, commenting that it was decent, although he wouldn’t have minded it being a little spicier.

“Bad time to skimp out on warm clothing...” Cami sighed, although her wings were plenty enough. “And you actually want it spicier? Wow. That’s a first.”

<You are quite literally crazy, Azelf.> Safire commented, shaking her head in dismay. Her voice had a decent amount of humour within it, however, suggesting that she wasn’t entirely surprised.

The Pokemon grinned. “Hey, when you’ve lived as long as I have, you get bored very easily.”

<So you try to ignite a fire in your mouth?> The Milotic responded quizzically, although there was a certain smugness to her tone.

He shrugged. “There’s not always better stuff to do. Besides, I’ve had much spicier food before.”

Safire rolled her eyes. <You’re insane. Even when bored stiff, I do not try to light my mouth on fire!> She blew out a small ring of water, which she froze with an Ice Beam while slipping it onto her tail. <I simply do this to pass the time.> All she was doing was pretty much hula-hooping the frozen ring around her tail, although it did seem to provide some enjoyment.

“I’ve done that before, with both my tails.” He stated. “I got bored of that quickly.”

Flicking her tail, the ring flew off and smacked Azelf on the stomach. <Agelessness is not all it is cracked up to be, is it?>

“Maybe not, but someone has to instill willpower into souls. It’s my job; just as it’s Mesprit’s and Uxie’s duty to instill emotions and knowledge.” He said with a shrug, seeming to be unaffected by the ring of ice.

Cami thought for a moment. “You know, before the worlds fused, we didn’t have any gods like that, yet we still had emotions. I think it might have more to do with the people themselves, not any gods.” She stated. “That being said, I’m still sad that I’ll outlive most of my friends.”

“You might’ve had beings like that but never knew about them. No one knows everything; not even Uxie.” However, he nodded at her last statement. “That’s why we don’t get involved with other Pokemon and humans most of the time.”

The Huwing shrugged, relying on a Water Gun from Safire to help clean the pots. “I’m a social person. I can’t help it. Some of us have an easier time letting go, like Shadow or Sonic. Others, like me, can’t.” She giggled. “Speaking of which, Suicune probably has her hands full with Sonic. I feel bad for her; he can be so overwhelming.”

“I wouldn’t be too worried. Suicune is the most patient of the three, so she may be able to compensate for his hyperactivity. Not to mention he’ll be in a competition with Raikou thanks to being slower than him.” Azelf stated, a snicker apparent as he spoke.

“Believe me, even the most patient can be driven nuts by him.” Cami grinned. “And I wouldn’t bet on Raikou holding that title for long. Sonic won’t take it sitting down.”

“My Sonic can do anything!” Amy piped up, earning a stifled groan from the others. “He can! He’s been getting faster…He can keep getting faster!”

“If he wants to beat Raikou in a race, he’ll have to train quite a bit. He’ll have to be able to run faster than the speed of light before he has a chance at surpassing that electric tiger though.” However, a faint grin had appeared on his face at the thought. “Aside from the League Challenges, that may be the most interesting thing to see this century.”

The Huwing shook her head. “Nothing can travel faster than light, from what I’ve heard. But I’m sure it fluctuates, so they could pass each other on some occasions and fail on others. Sonic can do it. He isn’t one to give up…In fact, I’d say he has the same amount of willpower as you do, Azelf.”

He nodded. “I’ve heard about him too, but with how much he’s done, it’s impossible not to, really.”

“Sonic is my hero…” Amy stated, going off into her own little world.

<You must forgive her. She has the most obnoxious crush on him…Something which Sonic does not share. He may have a slight crush on her, but it is nowhere near as intense as hers is. He has done great things for the world, however. Perhaps one of the greatest heroes of all time…And mortal! Neither ageless nor immortal. He has done all of this under his own power.> Safire stated. <It is truly to be admired.>

“It’s nice to know we won’t have to worry quite as much about teams seeking world domination.” His voice took on a slightly annoyed tone. “You wouldn’t believe how many have tried it.”

Cami laughed. “Why, that’s true. We’re all on guard for that.” She slipped the pot back into her bag, while Amy took the bowls. The Huwing’s fire died out, and she fell backwards onto her back, relaxing. “Oi, that took more out of me than I thought.” Her body was thawing from the intense cold, and now it was busy aching.

Azelf glanced out towards the entrance of the cavern. “Don’t get too used to resting. We’ll be heading out tomorrow, and I highly doubt the storm will end for quite some time.”

“Would it kill me to try and get comfortable in order to rest?” The Huwing growled slightly, eyes shut. “I’m somewhat moody because of the cold and lack of flight. You’ll have to excuse me if I get angry.”

He snickered. “If you think you get angry, you should see Mesprit’s temper.”

The Huwing snorted. “Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m going to get some sleep. I advise you to get some rest as well, Amy.” The female hedgehog nodded, although she waited a good half hour before finally bedding down herself. Safire remained awake, staring out into the white wasteland beyond the cave.

Azelf, though, had gone into meditation with his eyes closed; it was the closest thing to sleep for Legendaries and it would allow him to get a good heads up well in advance if any Shadow Pokemon did try to attack the group. As he did this, the crystals on his tail and the one embedded on his forehead took on a dim, soothing glow, being the only light for miles since the sun had long since set outside.

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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Three Up!

Opening her mouth in a wide yawn, Cami sat up. Her dreams had been blank, although she was grateful that no creepy premonition nightmares had occurred. She glanced around, noting that the sun was well in the sky, although the blizzard made it difficult to determine just what time it was. That was a good rest…Except I have a crick in my back. And neck. And arms… The Huwing noticed Azelf meditating, raising an eyebrow. She decided against disturbing him, and instead set about grooming her wings, using a brush to smooth them down and get gravel out of the feathers.

Within a few minutes, Azelf also broke his strain of meditation before he too glanced outside, investigating the time of day and gauging how much further they would be able to walk for the hours given to them.

“So,” the Huwing stated without deviating from her brush strokes, “has the storm calmed down even a little bit?” It was quite clear she was itching to fly. If this storm wasn’t here…We’d have already reached the top!

The Pokemon sighed as he hovered back to where he had been before checking the outdoor conditions. “It’s calmed down slightly, but nowhere near enough to fly in it. At least, not with wings; even ones as strong as yours.”

She snorted. “I could probably still fly in it regardless…I’m not weak.” Cami pouted slightly, folding her arms and glaring at the blizzard outside. If looks could kill, the snow would be melted to water, and then vaporized.

Azelf snickered at this response, although he began wondering how much longer it would take them to get to the peak of the mountain. It could be a few weeks before they made it.

The Milotic stirred next, opening her eyes and blinking a few times. <I forgot where we were for a moment. I must ask you, Azelf,> she questioned curiously while stretching her slender body, <why were you meditating?>

“It’s to keep my abilities under control. I’m the embodiment of willpower; in essence, the ability to move, act, and endure. As such, whenever I fly, I use some of that energy and a good portion of it is bound to escape and have an effect on those in the area.”

“Geez. Don’t go near Sonic, then,” Cami broke free of her trance, “or else both of you might end up exploding or something. The willpower in the area would be thick enough to cut with a butter knife.” She snickered, grinning.

The Psychic type seemed thoughtful for a few moments. “It’d be interesting to see what would happen if we fused, although I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

The Huwing made a circle with her arms. “Like I said; you’d explode.”

Azelf shrugged, although he glanced back towards the entrance of the cave, his senses having caught the feeling of a possibly hostile Aura. His eyes narrowed as a result, and he used telepathy to tell the Huwing and the Milotic to stay hidden in the cavern. After this, he used his psychic abilities to form a shield of invisibility over his form and then cautiously investigated what he had sensed in the storm outside.

<Be careful, Azelf. Even as a Legendary, you cannot afford to be careless…> Safire called out after him, while Cami quickly hushed Amy as she began to wake up. The Milotic turned to look at them carefully, but said nothing. She was concerned enough as it was.

The snow was blinding, leading it to be a white out even for the Legendary. His senses were jumbled from the disturbances Mt. Silver created, so he couldn’t be sure if there was a violent Aura out there or not. Squinting, he thought for the briefest moment he saw a vaguely humanoid shape, but the illusion was gone in the next second.

With a barrier raised around him, Azelf was suddenly thrown back as three claws on an oversized paw smashed into it, sending him into the ground. The bipedal bear that stood over him glared with red eyes, the beard of icicles stained a dark grey. Its white coat was tainted to such a deep purple it could have been black, and the snarling visage painted on its muzzle was truly terrible. Raising a claw, the Shadow Beartic’s paw glowed with dark energy as it brought the Night Slash down on the barrier once more, cracking it due to Azelf being partially stunned from the initial attack.

However, the Legendary’s mind worked quicker than his body would have, and his eyes took on a sheen of gold before a rainbow coloured beam of energy shot forth from the gem on his forehead in the form of an Extrasensory attack, slamming into the Beartic. The Ice type was sent flying several feet backwards from the blast of energy, and this gave Azelf time to begin hovering once more, although he prepared an Aura Sphere in preparation for the Beartic’s retaliation.

Shaking its head, the bear roared, a ball of blue energy tinted by darkness gathering in its jaws. From that ball, multiple streaks shot forth, the Ice Beam impacting on the shield and forming into ice. The creature rushed forward, slamming another Night Slash onto the barrier, shattering it in an instant.

Azelf darted out from the debris and shot the Aura Sphere at his opponent before hovering higher in the air, out of reach, while small flames became visible in a sphere he formed around his paw-like hands before they flew forward in the form of a Flamethrower attack. The Fire type move hit the Beartic who was, again, driven backwards; however, it had braced itself for the attack, and thanks to the muscles in its hind legs it managed to hold its ground relatively well.

Seeing it would need a different tactic, the Ice type held both of its claws out to the side as two very large, sharp pieces of icicle-shaped ice formed. Once the frozen matter had grown further in size, the spikes were hurled at the Legendary in the form of an Icicle Crash. Azelf managed to dodge all but one of the attacks, which skimmed the end of one of his tails, partially shredding it as a result.

With a hiss, the Willpower Pokemon’s eyes took on a bluish glow before shockwaves of psychic energy manifested themselves around the Beartic, slamming it around in an almost comedic manner before smashing the Freezing Pokemon into the ground. Azelf remained hovering, keeping a cautious eye on his opponent; however, he wasn’t unaware of the pain the end of his right tail was in, and therefore healed it while analyzing his enemy.

Even as the Beartic got up, a pulsing blue energy slammed into it, sending it backwards right as a wave of fire further damaged it. Safire and Cami were ready to fight, having sensed the attacks and energy being released. The Huwing glanced at Azelf. “We have to keep it rather close, or else we’ll lose sight of it in this storm! I can use Sunny Day, but I don’t know how long it’ll keep the area clear.”

He nodded. “That might be the best idea; it’ll power up my fire moves as well. We’ll have to weaken it before I can use Shadow Claw.” As he’d spoken, the Beartic got to its feet once again before firing off a blast of icy cold wind.

Safire’s eyes lit up briefly as a Protect took form around herself, which the Huwing hid behind. A ball of red energy gathered in her hands as she shot the Sunny Day into the sky; a few seconds later the blizzard cleared as the sun became bright. As the Icy Wind came to a stop, she jumped above the Milotic, launching a spiral of flames that trapped the Beartic, further inflicting damage.

Azelf added his own Flamethrower attack to the move Cami had used, increasing the power of the Fire Spin to a dangerous level. The Beartic was unable to move while the attacks were in effect, but once they had finally worn off, it had been revealed that the Pokemon, while charred and severely burned, was still standing. The faint smirk on its muzzle seemed to indicate that it somehow had enjoyed being roasted alive, although the brief momentary peace didn’t last long before it called forth a Blizzard attack to obstruct the sun and disappeared under the cover of the snow.

“Crap!” Cami stated, shaking her head. Summoning a Fire Spin around herself, she watched as Safire created a wall of ice in order to protect herself. “This isn’t good, Azelf…It’s hard to sense it, and now we can’t even see it!”

The Psychic type’s amber tinted eyes narrowed as he re-formed the barrier around himself before carefully surveying his surroundings. “Complaining won’t help anything; we just have to be on guard.” Shortly after he spoke, the Beartic launched itself out of the cover of the storm and attempted to use Night Slash on the Legendary. However, the only thing that it accomplished was being shocked by a painful blast of energy from Azelf’s shield before it was blasted backwards by another Aura Sphere.

Cami directed her Fire Spin towards where it had fallen, encircling it within yet another round of fire. “Maybe, but it won’t go down easily. It’s so blinded by pain and the lust for killing that it doesn’t care what happens to it…And if we take too long a break, it’ll heal.”

“That’s why we have to finish it off now instead of later.” However, while they had been talking, the Beartic had dug its way underground to escape the Fire type attack. The chunks of snow, rock and dirt being flung into the air alerted the Psychic type of this, and he warned the others.

The Huwing nodded, ceasing the Fire Spin before gripping Safire by her midsection and using her strength to take into the air. The wind from the blizzard was powerful, but the Huwing knew if she stayed close to the ground yet still out of reach from the Beartic, she could handle it. “Safire, get ready to use Hyper Beam. I want you to nail it when it comes out!”

<I agree.> Came the simple response, although the energy was already gathering in her jaws.

A few seconds passed – which felt like hours – before the Beartic launched itself out of the ground and lunged towards the airborne Milotic. When the Hyper Beam was fired, however, it was deflected by a green shield over the Ice type, and nothing could stop it as a Night Slash came down on the paused Pokemon’s body.

The blow knocked Safire out of the Huwing’s grip, who retaliated with a Flamethrower on the Pokemon. Safire, in the meantime, shook her body as blood dripped from the gash on her throat. Having recovered from the Hyper Beam, she breathed green energy tinged with yellow, the Dragonbreath slamming into the Beartic.

The Ice type was unable to move fast enough to dodge the attacks, so it used a different tactic instead; clones of the creature scattered around the battlefield as it used Double Team to evade the Flamethrower and Dragonbreath. Seeing this, Azelf formed several Aura Spheres and sent them flying at the clones, knowing that they would dissipate if they weren’t real.

The real Beartic had managed to remain out of sight, instead sticking to the cover the storm provided to recover a little while waiting to see the course of action its other opponents would take.

Cami landed beside Safire, checking her wound. “It’s not as deep as I thought it would be. It’ll heal up fine.” She quickly told the slightly worried Milotic, who nodded. “Azelf, can you sense a general area where it is?”

The Psychic type was silent for several seconds, cautiously scanning the area before he shook his head, the ruby gem upon it glinting in the storm. “No, I can’t. The spacial distortions are making my Aura Sight pretty much useless.” However, even after he’d caused all the clones to dissipate, an Aura Sphere remained charging upon one of his hand-like paws, ready to be flung at the slightest hint of provocation.

The Huwing hissed a little. “Great. The longer we wait too, the more its injuries will be likely to heal. It’s probably listening to us and figuring out how best to rip our guts out as we speak.” Cami added on dryly. There was a slight advantage for her – her white clothing and silvery wings helped disguise her in the blizzard, perhaps even more so than the Shadow Beartic’s changed coloration. It provided little protection against the cold, however.

Azelf nodded, although he kept his eyes on the surrounding area. Several seconds passed that seemed like hours thanks to the howling wind before their opponent made its move. It lunged out of the cover of the storm at a wickedly fast pace and while it wasn’t fast enough to evade the Aura Sphere sent at it by the Psychic type, it managed to hold on through use of Endure. As it did so, it lashed a sharp claw forwards at the Huwing, aiming for her chest as the limb took on the shadowy sheen of Night Slash.

Safire, however, managed to notice quickly enough, and used her tail to knock Cami out of the path of the lethal attack before loosing a Hydro Pump at the Ice type. The Water move impacted the Beartic but did little to slow its progress, causing the Night Slash to sink into the Milotic’s flesh; the smell of fresh blood met the air, and this seemed to only work the Shadow Pokemon into a frenzy of slashing and clawing while the red liquid swiftly stained the snow upon the battlefield.

A pair of powerful Aura Sphere attacks from Azelf slammed into the Beartic, doing critical damage and sending it flying back several feet although it was clear from the Legendary’s wary glance at the severely injured Milotic that the injuries that had been dealt may not be able to be healed.

Even as Safire collapsed onto the ground with Cami swiftly running to her side, the Beartic continued its advance. Before it could lunge again, a giant oversized red hammer slammed down onto its skull, stunning it to be batted away by the pink hedgehog. “I try to get some sleep, and you come out and ruin it!” She glanced over, making her way to Cami and the fallen Milotic. “What happened?”

“I almost got hit, but she knocked me out of the way.” The Huwing stated shakily, beginning to haul Safire back to the cave. Amy, having had enough foresight to bring bandages, was wrapping her wounds even as they walked, although she kept a keen eye on the recovering Beartic.

A few moments later, the Pokemon lunged forward once more, but was promptly met with another pair of Aura Sphere attacks to the face, driving it backwards. However, this time, Azelf struck through the resulting smokescreen and as it was blown away, the move he had used was revealed as Shadow Claw. The Ghost type technique slashed through the Beartic’s body, causing it to distort horribly before crystallizing and shattering as the product of the attack. The Shadow Pokemon had finally been killed, although judging by the small amount of sadness in the Legendary’s eyes as he followed the others back to the cavern, he wasn’t too pleased with what he’d had to do.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Four Up!

Chapter Sixty-Five

“Safire, don’t move. You lost a lot of blood, and it’ll only hurt more.” Amy stated, the Milotic having regained consciousness an hour or so after the ordeal. To be honest, she looked more like a mummy than a Pokemon, but the bleeding had subsided for the most part.

<Y…Yes…I suppose that is correct…What happened to the Beartic…?> Her voice was weak and pained. Her head rested on the Huwing’s lap as she stroked the poor water serpent’s forehead.

“Azelf had to kill it, but at least it’s in a better place now.” Cami stated, glancing at the Willpower Pokemon. “But…You saved me, Safire. I can’t thank you enough for that.”

<I only did…What I had to do. You are my trainer, my family…My friend. If I did not do it, I would never have been able to forgive myself.> She looked into her trainer’s eyes. <Besides…Shadow’s wrath would have terrible consequences.> The last part made Cami chuckle.

Azelf remained quiet as he hovered near the entrance of the cave. His amber eyes were locked onto the ground as he was lost in thought, no doubt due to what had happened recently. However, another reason for his silence was that he could’ve been thinking of the next course of action to take.

“How are you feeling, though?” Cami finally stated, having not noticed the Legendary’s silence.

Safire groaned a little. <Tired…My body aches horribly. My injuries are very bad…I do not need to see them to know. I will be disfigured for the rest of my life.> As a Milotic, which are known for their stunning beauty, this obviously upset her.

The Huwing hugged her a little tighter. “Oh, Safire…You’re beautiful no matter what. I owe a lot to you. We made it through the attack! You might have some scars, but you’re alive. We both are. That’s all that is important.”

<Yes…I suppose so…>

The Psychic type glanced up and looked over at them upon hearing this, seeming to have been snapped out of his trance by Cami’s words. “…I hate to say it, but she won’t be able to live for long,” he said with a sigh.

The Huwing glanced at Azelf, eyes wide with surprise. “What do you mean? She survived, didn’t she?” She growled, more worried than angry.

He crossed his arms as what he had been planning to say came to mind. “Since Safire was attacked by a Shadow Pokemon, it will only be a matter of time until she herself becomes one.” He was silent for several seconds to let the others absorb the information he was delivering. “She will turn before the day is over; it is better that she dies sooner than later.”

“What do you mean? She’s fine, other than some blood loss!” The Huwing stated, hugging the Milotic tightly to the point Safire could hardly breathe. Only from a reminder by Amy did she loosen her grip to allow the Pokemon sufficient air to keep functioning. “She’s not going to become a Shadow Pokemon!”

<I do feel somewhat funny…But I merely thought it was blood loss.> Safire stated tiredly, yawning. <But other than that, I feel perfectly fine.>

Azelf shook his head. “That peace won’t last for long; like I said, she’ll become a Shadow Pokemon before the day is over. Would you rather take that chance and wait until her soul can’t even go to the afterlife?”

“I don’t know! She’s my friend, and yet you’re asking to kill her?” The Huwing spat small embers from her mouth due to her anger. “And what do you mean? Can’t all souls go to the afterlife unless destroyed?” In her agitation, her feathers had fluffed up which made her seem a little more imposing, although it wasn’t intended on her part.

Regardless, the Psychic type wasn’t intimidated by the display. “Shadow Claw is the only way to kill a Shadow Pokemon. If one has Shadow Claw used on them, their soul will be destroyed; there is no afterlife for them.”

“Really? Because I heard that if Shadow Claw is used on someone, their soul is ripped out, not destroyed if the person is careful. That doesn’t match up with what you’re saying, Azelf.” She growled.

His eyes narrowed in annoyance. “I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about, Cami. Aside from that, I don’t enjoy this any more than you do.”

The Huwing let out a long, low growl. “I don’t believe you, Azelf. I won’t let you touch Safire! She’s unconscious right now, so let her get her rest, instead of worrying about turning into something she won’t!” And indeed, by now the Milotic had passed out from her weakness brought on by blood loss. “Please, Azelf, just leave her alone!” Cami pleaded, hugging her partner’s head closer to her chest.

“She will become a Shadow Pokemon. And since it’s my job to ensure that souls will be able to go on to the afterlife, I’ll have to kill her before she becomes one.” However, despite how harsh his words were, there was a tint of sadness within his eyes. “I can give her a painless death; she won’t feel anything.”

“But you’re still killing her!” The Huwing cried out, leaping to her feet and flaring her wings. “That isn’t fair to her! To me! You expect me to sit by while you…You…Murder her?! I won’t let that happen! I won’t let you take her away from me!” Tears were freely flowing from her face and onto the cold floor, yet her eyes blazed with an intense desire to protect…And fear. A fear of losing those precious to her like she had once before.

“So you’d rather have her soul damned to be erased from existence rather than moving on to where you’ll be able to see her again?” An Aura Sphere began to form over one of his paws as he uncrossed his arms, although it was noticeable that he wouldn’t attack quite yet.

She shook her head. “I’ll never see her again no matter what I do! I can’t lose her! I won’t let anymore die because of me…I’ve lost too much!” She let out a shriek of agony as the thoughts collided around in her head. “If I return her to her Poke Ball, she’ll be fine!” Even as she stated this, she started to ruffle around in her pack trying to locate it, but due to her emotional state she was having trouble finding the device.

Azelf gave an annoyed growl, using his abilities to wrench the bag out of her grasp. “You’re only thinking of yourself, Huwing. How do you think the Safire you know would react if she killed one of you or your friends – or worse, turned you into Shadow Users or Shadow Pokemon yourself?”

The Huwing sobbed harder, but shook her head again. “She won’t! She isn’t going to turn! I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR LIES!” Suddenly becoming angry, she launched a Flamethrower at Azelf, the attack empowered by her raging emotions much like the ocean within a hurricane.

However, the Pokemon raised a hand, his eyes taking on a glow as a psychic shield formed around himself that completely negated the Fire attack. “You won’t get anywhere by trying to fight me, Cami. I’ve been around a lot longer than you have.”

“I DON’T CARE!” She shrieked again, this time unleashing a Fire Blast which melted some of the rocks around them. She was beyond reason at this point, too distraught to think of others. Fear had clouded her judgment, but one couldn’t really blame her since she was very close to losing a friend.

The shield became visibly stronger as Azelf put more energy into it to allow it to stand up to the Fire Blast attack. Once the smoke cleared, the target was revealed to be unscathed from the technique the Huwing had used. Alright, fine. I didn’t want to do this, but I’ll have to knock her out. Safire won’t want to become a monster like the Beartic we fought earlier and her soul needs to go to the afterlife if she wants to find peace. The Pokemon fired off several Aura Sphere attacks, detonating them before they could hit anything and creating a massive smokescreen as a result. Using his mind’s eye to navigate between the stalactites above, he swiftly made his way to where the Milotic lay on the ground.

To think she would have left her friend defenseless would have been a mistake. The Huwing had set up a continuous Fire Spin that did not harm Safire, yet provided a shield to help protect her. Using Whirlwind, the smokescreen was cleared away quickly by the Huwing who launched a powerful Gust at Azelf, coupled with a Swift attack.

Since the Normal type move couldn’t be dodged, Azelf formed a green shield around himself in the form of Protect as he quickly debated how to get through the Fire Spin. After the Protect wore off, he formed a sphere of clear water, quickly ducking into it as it was launched into the Fire type attack; thanks to the Water Pulse, he wasn’t harmed by the ring of flames around the Milotic, although the technique he’d used was evaporated by the intense heat.

“GET AWAY FROM HER!” Red, sparkling energy gathered around the Huwing as she launched herself at Azelf, hell bent on keeping him away from her partner. The Flare Blitz was a powerful move, but the recoil of it impacting anything could injure, and thus was a risky bet that showed how desperate she was.

The Legendary’s eyes narrowed while he glanced back at her and took on a light blue glow as the same aura became visible around Cami, halting her flight towards him as she came to a stop in mid-air, held in place by the Psychic attack. “Cami, you haven’t been thinking things through. If you use Flare Blitz, you’ll also end up injuring Amy as well.”

The Huwing hissed, the energy turning into fire as it cloaked her body into the form of a phoenix with yellow, pupil-less eyes. Opening her beak, she unleashed another Flamethrower attack, the red flames tinted with black and unbearably hot.

Azelf gave her a glare that showed he had finally lost his patience. The flames that were hurtling towards him were promptly extinguished, having been suffocated of their fuel to burn thanks to his abilities. However, he didn’t stop there; Cami felt a sudden stabbing pain in her mind as the Willpower disabled her consciousness, causing her to fall to the ground.

Amy finally found the voice to move. “Azelf…Are you really going to kill Safire…? Is there no other way?” She stated, having stood up. She eyed both Huwing and Milotic carefully, unsure. “I mean…You’re not asking Safire for her opinion. You aren’t even letting them say goodbye…Yet you expect Safire to live in peace without that.”

He glanced over at her, a tint of sadness in his eyes now that most of the anger was gone. Or, not directed towards her, at least. “I don’t like it anymore than any of you do, but it has to be done. If Safire begins to turn even a little bit before I can send her spirit off, she will be doomed to eternally wander the Earth with a fragmented soul, even after the Tower is restored.” He shook his head. “It’s the duty of those who create the spirits to ensure they can also go on to the afterlife. I don’t want Safire to end up facing the same fate as the Beartic we fought earlier.”

“When is she going to start turning? Maybe you could link their minds so they could say their farewells. I know it’s what Safire would want.” She rubbed her shoulder absentmindedly. “It’s only fair…Cami only attacked you because she’s lost so much already. She and Safire have got a really strong bond that she only shares with Shadow and Grape, and maybe even Sonic. It’s hard for her to let that go.”

Azelf sighed, but closed his eyes, laying a hand on the Milotic’s forehead. “I know. And I would; however, that fight with Cami wasted far too much time. If I can’t do this now, then she’ll pay the price for it. She shouldn’t have to pay for another person’s folly even if she was glad to do it.” He was thoughtful for a few moments. “…Although, if they really do share that strong of a bond, it’s very likely that they will get their last good-bye. Willpower is the strongest trait aside from love, and if she wants to, Safire’s soul could wait until she can speak with Cami and allow both to attain peace before departing.”

“It can? I…I hope so. I doubt either one will get peace that way if they can’t. But that means Safire will have to wait, like in Purgatory. I hope it’s not painful…But I can’t help but wonder if Safire will be able to stay in touch with her trainer, even after passing on. Is that possible? I’ve heard it is.” Amy stated softly. “And…You are sure it won’t hurt her? Not even a little?”

He shook his head. “Not in Purgatory, no. Purgatory is for those who have done evil during their lives, have acknowledged it, and are willing to deal with the pain of purification so they can go to Heaven. But yes, she will be able to stay in touch with Cami; many people and Pokemon who have died too early or have loved ones left behind will often show up in their dreams to give a farewell.” He paused for a moment as she gave her last statement. “No, it won’t hurt. I can definitely assure you of that.”

Afterwards, the ruby crystals on his forehead and tails took on a soothing white glow, the energy emerging from the gems and surrounding his body before transferring to that of the Milotic. The white glow faded into her, only to slowly brighten once more until the pink hedgehog had to close her eyes for fear of being blinded. Once she opened them again after the light had dimmed, a small orb of pure white was hovering above them, giving off much of the same glow that Azelf had before.

“Is that…?” Amy stated, reaching out before withdrawing her hand as she thought better of it.

The Pokemon opened his eyes, hovering back slightly before looking up at what had emerged from the Water type’s body. “My apologies, Safire, but I’m sure you know by now what would have happened if I hadn’t done this.”

<Apologies do not suit you, Azelf…> Came the response, although the voice was somewhat distant but filled with distress. <Am I really dead? It does not feel like it…I feel no peace that is so often claimed to come with it.> She seemed to change her attention. <And what did you do to my trainer?>

“I had to knock her out, unfortunately. If I hadn’t, she would’ve stopped me from doing this, and you would have become a Shadow Pokemon. But yes, you are dead in the sense of the word. I thought you might want a few words with Cami before you leave for the afterlife.”

<I am not sure I want to depart yet. There are a few I would like to say goodbye to, after all.> The orb hovered over to where the Huwing lay, a small tendril of light emerging to touch gently on her skull. A few seconds passed before the tendril dissipated. <…I am scared, Azelf. I will freely admit that. I do not want to pass on…I do not want to die. Forgetting everything I have been through…I do not wish that.>

“Maybe we can bring you back to life, Safire.” Amy stated. “I mean…The Chaos Emeralds brought Sonic back. Maybe they could do the same for you?”

Azelf was thoughtful. “Maybe. As it is though, we don’t have them right now. The few that haven’t been collected by Nazo and Iyoku are still under the protection of their Guardians.”

“But later on, though! Once they are used to repair the tower, we can use them.” She pointed up towards the sky. “I mean, Shadow is like, the demigod of Chaos Energy. He could do it easily.”

<Maybe. But…As it is…I need to say my farewells to others. There are two in particular that I need to speak with.> Safire stated. <But…Be careful. She is very distraught, and likely will be for a long time. I tried my best to calm her, but her mind is still very…Chaotic.> She sighed. <My body…I truly do look like a mummy…Yet I look so peaceful. Shame I do not feel that way…>

The Legendary nodded. “Don’t worry; peace will come over time.”

<Maybe. I have no desire to move on, yet. In truth, I feel cheated out of life. I had hoped to grow old and watch over the children I am sure will come. If you ever need my assistance, however…Do not feel bad about calling for me. I will still be around.> She still seemed depressed about the situation.

“It would’ve been worse if Cami had allowed you to become a Shadow Pokemon; there would have been no chance of any afterlife at all. There is no soul to a Shadow Pokemon due to it having collapsed thanks to corruption from the darkness.”

<Perhaps, but there are ways to slow down the corruption…I sense that much coming from you. There is much sadness…Yet it does not feel like all of it is for me.> She was silent, before directing all of her thoughts to Azelf only. <What are you not telling the others?>
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Four Up!

“Maybe, but even with the presence of an Aura User, you would’ve been turned within a day.” However, he wasn’t too surprised that the Milotic had managed to sense what he hadn’t been telling the others. <It’s about Sonic and Suicune. Sonic tried to help her snap out of it when she became a Shadow Pokemon, but was infected with the poison himself when she bit him.>

<How can that be? He is not a Pokemon…And what of Suicune? Is she…Gone?>

<No, fortunately. He managed to save her, but he only has a relatively small amount of time until he ends up succumbing to the poison himself.> He was thoughtful for a few moments. <Uxie hasn’t stepped in to do anything, but I think that’s because he believes that Sonic’s will can see him through until the Tower is restored.>

<Yes…His will is incredibly strong. Perhaps even enough to rival you, Azelf. But Suicune was saved…What a relief. But…I do not think you should tell the others of what has happened to him. My demise will hurt, so they will not be able to handle that knowledge…And if Uxie is wrong…>

The Pokemon agreed telepathically. <I don’t think he is, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. The few times he has been wrong about something, the consequences have been rather bad. It’s never been on something of this scale before though, so…>

<What if he starts to lose to the poison? By then, it will be too late to end his suffering like you did to me. I worry…Such an upset would be horrible to my trainer. They are adopted siblings, after all…>

<I know. But as it is, the only thing we can do is wait.>

<For him to lose his mind? That hardly seems fair for anyone…>

Azelf crossed his arms. <Maybe not, but for now, it’s the only thing we can do. Nazo and Iyoku are working to collect the remainder of the Chaos Emeralds, so we’ll have to see where things go from there. There’s still been no information on Arceus and not even we know where he’s gotten off to.>

<I hope they can hurry. As for Arceus…> Safire seemed to suddenly have an idea. <I will aid you in the search. As a…Spirit,> it seemed awkward and painful for her to say, <I may be able to get to places others cannot. Perhaps I can find him…>

A frown came onto his face. <I’m not sure that’s the best idea, but if you do, you’ll need to stay away from time-frozen areas. They’ll be even easier to identify now thanks to all the negative energy you’ll be able to sense around them. If you go into those areas, the amount of negativity will crush your spirit, giving it the same state as those that Shadow Pokemon originate from.>

<It should not be a problem to avoid them. All help is needed to stop this destruction…And now I have a personal reason to do so.> Safire stated, thinking. <It’s for all those Pokemon beginning to turn, and those yet to…For Sonic, who had the bravery to save Suicune at the cost of his own soul. I will find Arceus…We need him.>

<Be careful then; I’d rather not have to end up seeing another soul destroyed. Neither would Mesprit or Uxie.>

<You have my word.> With that, the orb of light floated out from the cavern, disappearing as she began her search.

Amy glanced at the lifeless, torn body that had been left behind. “I suppose we should bury her…” She mumbled, shaking her head. “This is just terrible…”

Azelf gave a sigh, his amber eyes returning to the same target the pink hedgehog’s green ones were fixed upon. “Agreed. Even if it was to prevent her from becoming a Shadow Pokemon, this death shouldn’t be celebrated. Not when it happens far too early.”

“And so unfairly.” Amy added on.


It had been a few hours since the incident; Safire’s body had been buried a short ways outside the cavern they were staying in, the grave having been marked with a beautiful gem Azelf had formed thanks to his abilities. Said Legendary in question was now hovering just inside the entrance to the cave with his eyes closed in meditation once more to mediate his abilities; although, it wouldn’t have been surprising if he was also doing this to keep in touch with Safire’s spirit along with his brother and sister.

The Huwing had woken up a few minutes prior, and promptly gone back to moping, holding Safire’s Poke Ball in her hand and weeping. It was understandable, of course, but Amy did not risk approaching her for fear of retribution. After all, Amy had done nothing to stop Azelf…And in her distraught state, Cami was liable to take her fury out on anyone she could find a reason for it.

About fifteen minutes passed before the Legendary opened his eyes, glancing at the Huwing and pink hedgehog as he did so. “I hate to say it, but we should get going. Time won’t wait for us, and we only have one chance to restore that Tower.” His twin tails swayed in a breeze that came in from outside the cavern; the weather had calmed shortly before the Milotic’s burial, but he had his doubts it would remain that way for long.

“How can you be so…So calm about murdering her?” Cami retorted, although she didn’t look up from her position. “You act like nothing happened…Am I the only one here who cares that she is dead?”

The Pokemon kept his gaze on her. “I’ve already said that her present state is better than becoming a Shadow Pokemon. Whether you’re willing to believe that or not is up to you, but I wasn’t about to let that happen to someone I could actually do something to help.” After he said this, his eyes wandered outside to the magnificent view that had revealed itself thanks to the storm’s recession. “It’s happened far too many times already.” He added quietly with a tint of sadness to his voice.

“You never asked.” She growled, snorting. “Now I’ve lost just another person I couldn’t save. You expect me to feel nothing? Well, I’ve got news for you, ‘Being of Carelessness’; we can’t all not feel pain so little as you can.” Cami hissed, feathers bristling again.

Azelf gave her an irritated glare, his eyes showing signs of anger. “Learn your place, Huwing. I never said I didn’t feel any pain or sadness for what I had to do. The way you’re talking, it seems like you wanted her soul to be erased from existence.”

Cami whirled around, flames flaring up around her. “You bastard! I never said anything like that! I’m saying you didn’t ask her about it! You never sought her opinion! I just lost someone I loved, and here you are accusing me of wanting her to be erased?” She screeched, her flames becoming black. “I’ve had enough of you!” She lunged forward at a speed that surprised even herself, her fist flaring up in preparation for a Fire Punch.

As it was, she was moving too fast for Azelf to dodge, and as a result, the Fire Punch nailed him right on the jaw and sent him into the wall he’d been hovering in front of. However, before the Huwing could pull back, he gave a hiss and his amber eyes – now visibly tinged with fury – took on a brilliant glow before an Extrasensory flew forth from the gem on his forehead and into Cami, catapulting her several feet back before she came skidding to a halt on the rocky floor of the cavern. Fortunately, she wasn’t driven into a wall as Azelf had been, but when the Legendary hovered out of the small crevice that had been formed by his body being driven into the stone, it was clear he was still very pissed off.

A deep blue aura had become visible around his figure, and it practically roiled with the same emotion as he felt right now: rage. “BAH! YOU THINK YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH? YOU ARE ARCEUS-DAMNED LUCKY THAT WASN’T FULL POWER! PISS ME OFF LIKE THAT AGAIN AND YOU’LL BE GETTING FAR WORSE!” He practically roared in a voice that was very, very loud considering his relatively small size. In fact, if it weren’t for the situation, it would’ve been rather comical. However, he swiftly flew out of the cavern afterwards, leaving the other two a little stunned.

The Huwing stumbled to her feet, glaring with just as much fury. “That’s right…Run…” She caught her voice as she roared after him. “I HATE YOU AZELF! I’LL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU’VE DONE! WATCH YOUR BACK YOU FILTHY MURDERER!” Launching herself out the cavern, it was almost as if she was going to follow before she veered off in a different direction, the black form of her phoenix passing over the white snow like a blemish.

Amy was left all alone.


Azelf didn’t know how long he had been flying, but the air around him was now bitterly cold although it didn’t bother him much – he was used to the frozen temperatures. He’d kept his eyes closed however, and had kept flying straight up for as long as he possibly could, so there was really only one possible location he could be right now. Opening his eyes, he saw he’d flown high enough to be in the atmosphere itself. The clouds were a good distance below now and he could see the sun slowly setting below the Earth’s horizon. Above him was an expanse of darkness; the vacuum that was known as outer space. With an inward shrug, he figured he might as well go up higher.

So, further up and even further still he pressed until he realized the only movement he had was being controlled by his psychic abilities – they were the only thing preventing him from being pulled back down to the planet below thanks to its gravitational pull. There was no longer any air where he was flying, but he wasn’t worried. After all, I don’t even need to breathe. His amber-eyed gaze wandered downwards and it was there that he saw the planet in its full glory. The oceans and continents on the sphere were still marred with many cloud formations, evident of the storms taking place on the surface; however, the sight was still breathtaking to behold even after the countless millions of years he’d been alive.

The many seas of the Earth refracted the sunlight from the star that was so far away, causing their host planet to glitter like a finely polished sapphire. The landforms had changed many times over the years, but no matter how they looked, they never seemed to be at odds with the ocean; the two blended together perfectly, creating a world that was able to sustain life with ease thanks to the mass amounts of vegetation that graced its surface. Even the mighty mountain ranges that towered over the greatest skyscrapers were visible from the altitude he was at, including those that he and the others had been climbing.

But…If we fail, all of this will be lost forever. There’ll be no one to recreate it either. It will be completely empty and devoid of life for all eternity. If there was one thing he couldn’t stand, it was the absence of life. That was why he, Mesprit and Uxie had been created by Arceus, he presumed; to keep watch over the planet. Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and many of the others…They don’t have the same respect for this place as we do. Not when my brother, sister and I were the ones to create the spirits of those who inhabit this world.

Several more minutes passed – a half-hour at the very least – before he was able to snap himself out of his trance and gave an inward sigh. I need to get back. As I said myself, time won’t wait for us, and we only have one chance. But… His gaze returned to the planet he flew above and it strengthened his resolve. …We won’t fail. We can’t afford to. I’ll prevent that future from occurring, even if it kills me to do so. Even if it does, at least I’ll have fulfilled my duty.

Amy was fiddling with her hammer, trying to figure out what she should do next. The storm had ceased, and even if Cami was no longer willing to work with her, and perhaps even Azelf, she would accomplish the mission. With no Pokemon and limited abilities, it would be difficult…But she would not fail for Sonic. If anything, the mere thought of failing where he would no doubt succeed made her somewhat angry at her own ineptitude; she wanted to show him that she could take care of herself. I just had to pick a tough mission to do it! She nearly smacked herself in the face as she thought that.

About fifteen more minutes had passed, and Azelf found himself back in the mountain range, closing his eyes and using his Aura Sight, it took very little time for him to locate the cavern the pink hedgehog was in, and he wasted no time in reuniting with her. However, upon entering the cave, he glanced around, noting the absence of the Huwing. “Where’d Cami go? Is she not back yet?” He questioned.

“No.” Amy stated sullenly. “I don’t think she is coming back, Azelf. She is so hurt by everything that is going on…I think it might be best if she doesn’t come with us.” She shook her head. “You both need a break from each other.”

The Pokemon seemed thoughtful for a few moments before replying. “…I guess you’re right.” He paused for a few moments before continuing. “There’s a bit of an issue though; have you ever heard the legends about Uxie, Mesprit and I?”

“Not really. I’ve never really been the type to sit down and read. Frankly, I like to go get new dresses with Cream.” Amy replied, nodding.

He sighed, facepalming briefly before he spoke. “Well, the story goes that Arceus created us to serve as the creators of spirit for the Pokemon world; Uxie as knowledge, Mesprit as emotion and myself as willpower. Thanks to that power, we have certain attributes that are, to a degree, beyond our control. If Uxie open his eyes to someone, their memory will be completely wiped, leaving them nothing to remember. If you touch Mesprit, you’ll lose all emotion within three days and become an empty shell. And as for me…Well, if you harm me, you lose your will within a week and become immobile.”

He gave her a more serious expression. “The Fire Punch Cami used on me earlier will cause that to happen; that also means her body will lose all will to live. However, people can recover from the ‘curse’ if they’re given enough time and, in the case of being cursed by me, put on life support. Uxie knows of this, so he said he’ll track Cami down and bring her to the ARK.”

Amy pursed her lips, thinking. “…So…You can’t control it…?”

The Pokemon shook his head. “No. That’s why we’re in isolation most of the time. Many of the other Legendaries have abilities that most living beings would take full advantage of if given the chance. The consequences would be…Very bad if they did.”

“What about Uxie and Mesprit? Can they control theirs? You said it yourself that willpower is among the most powerful emotions other than love.”

“They can control their abilities to a certain degree. As I said, Uxie has to open his eyes to someone to erase their memory. Mesprit has limited control over her effects; if she wanted to, she could remove all but one emotion from a person that touches her.”

“And yet,” Amy stated, “you have no control over yours. This isn’t good, Azelf. She only hurt you out of anger and grief, yet she’s being punished for it…And severely. I mean, one Fire Punch to the face earns her death for a month or more? Overkill, if you ask me.”

The Legendary gave her an annoyed expression. “If you want to blame anyone for that curse, you can blame Arceus. He’s the one who caused it to be that way.”

Amy huffed. “Can’t blame him if we can’t find him. I’ll give him a good yelling at once we do, though; you can count on it.”

Azelf nodded. “Agreed. We really need to get going though. I have a feeling it won’t be much longer before the final time freeze happens.” He glanced outside. “At least the weather’s cleared up.”

“Oddly, I think Safire has something to do with that…” The female hedgehog stated, shouldering her purse. “But yeah…We have to get moving.”
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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