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Old 07-05-2009, 06:06 PM
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Default Into the Abyss [SU][Legendary Positions are open]


In the beginning, there was four. Four different realms. The realm of the living, the world where Pokemon and Humans both lived out their lives, and based on their actions in life, where sent to one of two realms after they died. They could be sent DW, or the Dark World, if they committed various acts of evil during their lifetime. However, those who were good people were sent to Nirvana, where they were rewarded for their goodness. However, those in the Dark World were punished for their acts in their lifetime. The last realm, and the biggest, is the Abyss. The Abyss is the world that separates the other three from one another. The Abyss, unlike the other three, material realms, the Abyss is simply raw, multicolored energy that molded to form tunnels, caves, and other landscapes. The sky, ground, everything is simply energy. Often, the tunnels and the caves change shape and metamorphosis into something different. The Abyss is not endless, however, the end of the Abyss has never been discovered, and remains out of the reach of any living thing, even the master of this universe. Those who wish to begin life a new can begin a new life after living in their own world for fifty years, but those who have been condemned in hell can only “fade to black”, and become energy for the Abyss, expanding it.

The Living world is governed by the Legendary Pokemon, who ensure balance is kept in nature, and even in war, when war threatens to overturn the balance of the world. Most of the Legendary Pokemon reside in the living realm, and they are known as the immortals, ones who have no life span in the realm of the living or in the realm of the dead. Pokemon who were seen as visionaries, intellectuals, and fountains of absolute power who were made into legends to help protect the balance of the world. And the master all of the worlds is the ultimate deity, Arceus. Arceus governs and watches over every single world, and his duty is to maintain homeostasis in the four worlds. He also watches over Nirvana. The ruler of Hell is Arceus's weaker counterpart, Darkrai. He who governs the evil souls in Hell, and who is responsible for a thing called dreams. The Dark World is dark, desolate place, the ground being made of purple flesh, with bones and skeletons scattered everywhere, lava lakes and canyons, and the like. Nirvana, however, is a place filled with fluffy clouds and grassy ground and flowers, a paradise so to say, where one can happily live their after life.

Somewhere in the realm of the living, there lies a portal. The way to get into the Abyss, which connects all three worlds, and travel between them at will, without dying or being reincarnated. However, it is well hidden, and only one Pokemon knows where it is. Both Nirvana and Hell have portals leading to the Abyss, but all are hidden, and not even the king of hell knows its location.


About a few hundred years ago, in the realm of the living, Pokemon began to form what they referred to as Rescue Teams. They handled jobs that required brave, strong Pokemon who were willing to dive into dangerous environments and unexplored places to save those in trouble, and fight evil. The Rescue Team Association, or RTA, was formed, in order to organize all of these new teams, and organize them in case they were all needed. Meanwhile, in Hell, Darkrai was beginning to grow tired of his own domain. It was lifeless, inhospitable, and unpleasant. Darkrai was jealous of his brother, Arceus, and he chose to rebel against him. He achieved the power to open and close portals, and he dove into the Abyss, along with his minions, the evil Pokemon in hell, and they all feasted upon the energy of the Abyss, growing much, much stronger. And the first thing he did was send evil pokemon into the world of the living.

He next called for the help of the Legendary Pokemon. Some stayed with Arceus, while many others abandoned Arceus to further themselves and increase their own power. Portals began to appear all over the living world, towards the north end of the place known as Pokemon Island, the large island where this all was going to take place. The evil pokemon attacked villages, and tried to advance. Darkrai closed the portals to his own realm, and brought the legendary pokemon to Hell, where they commanded their armies. Arceus, meanwhile, contacted the RTA, and asked for its help, revealing so many secrets meant to be hidden. The battle was beginning, and the realm of the living would be the battleground for control over the universe.

Darkrai's ultimate goal is to destroy the living realm, absorb all of the abyss and Nirvana, and make Hell the only world, in which he is king. Arceus's goal is to protect the balance of the four worlds, and put Darkrai in his place.


1.) No god modding
2.) No bunnying
3.) No auto hitting, or dodging every attack
4.) Killing is allowed, as long as it is done fairly and logically.
5.) Only exceptional RPers may have Legendary Positions. Who is exceptional and who is not is determined by me.
6.) Evil Pokemon are stronger in terms of raw power. Sorry, but that's the way it is. However, the number of Pokemon on Darkrai's side will be limited.

Sign Up

Name: Name of your Pokemon.
Age: How old are they? If they're part of Darkrai's faction, then they are expected to be older than Pokemon on the good side.
Gender: Male or Female.
Species: What kind of Pokemon you are.
Appearance: Any kind of unique features to your Pokemon. Pokemon who have absorbed large amounts of the Abyss's energy are shiny Pokemon. Not all evil Pokemon are shiny, however.
Personality: How do they act, what do they think, etc
Background: Their life story.
RP Sample: The most important part of the sign up. Provide me with a post or link that shows how you RP on this forum.

Legendary Pokemon/NPCs:

Darkrai's Faction:

Leaders: Darkrai:

Elites: Moltres:

Arceus's Faction:

Leaders: Arceus:

Elites: Mew:


NOTE: There is no reserving.

Rescue Teams:

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Default Re: Into the Abyss [SU][Legendary Positions are open]

Team Alpha

Name: Robert
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Riolu

Robert stands at three feet tall and is covered primarilly in blue, silky fur with the exceptions of part of his face, his lower legs and his two lobes. his eyes are a dark orange and he has two smooth, oval steel lumps in the backs of his paws. he carries with him a small red pouch that he wears around his neck for carrying berries and other small items.

Personality: Robert is a spry little Riolu with a big heart and a bundle of courage. While it is easy for people to befriend him, once his trust is lost it will take alot for the offender to regain it. Robert looks after the needs of others before his own, but is smart enough to avoid getting in over his head. He has a love for adventure and seeks to make a name for himself as a hero.

Background: Robert was born to Jonathan Lucario and Jasmine Gardevoir. Jonathan ran the local Dojo, training his students and his own children in the ways of the martial arts. Jasmine worked in the berry gardens, growing berries to sell to the Kecleon brothers for them to in turn sell to the local Rescue teams.

Robert always dreamed of adventuring and seeing the world and all of the pokemon in it. He envied the local Rescue teams and often pretended he was on one when playing with his friends.

Finally when Robert turned 12, he was considered old enough to start making his dream a reality. however, all of his friends that he grew up with took jobs of thier own, some even moved away, leaving Robert without anyone to partner with. According to the rules of the local guild, there needed to be at least two pokemon to form a team.

One day as Robert was wandering the forest, he came across a Mew that had her red scarf stolen from her by a Krabby and an Umbreon. The mew girl introduced herself to Robert as Lilly and explained her story. Robert agreed to help the Mew girl and followed her into a cave that rested within the roots of a gigantic tree. Deep within the labrynth, Robert and Lilly confronted the two theives that set up shop there with all of thier ill-aquired goods. After a breif battle, Robert and Lilly captured the two thieves and brought them to the guild.

Impressed with the feat of the two pokemon, the guildmaster took Robert and Lilly into the guild, and the two created thier own rescue team, calling themselves Team Alpha.

Name: Lilly
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Mew

Lilly stands at 3 feet tall and has a long tail of the same length. Her fur is very fine, short and silky with a pink coloration to it. Lilly has beautiful sky blue eyes. She wears a cute red scarf around her neck and carries a small red pouch which she keeps slung over her shoulder and across her body. Inside it she carries berries and some of the larger items that Robert's small pouch can't hold.

Personality: Lilly is a fun-loving girl as well as having an adventurous spirit. She likes to play the occassional harmless prank every now and then, but she's very kind and compassionate to those she meets. She will never turn her back on those in need.

Background: Lilly was born five hundred years ago to Martian Mew and Krystal Mew in the womb of the Tree of Beginnings. While the Tree was mybiotic to Krystal Mew, the rest of the Mew family were independant of it. Thus, only Krystal or whomever she decided to pass the burden onto were needed to remain within the area of the tree.

Lilly was always curious about the world. Because of the Mew family line being among the legendary pokemon of the world and supposedly with Krystal being the first Mew created by Arceus himself, the children were not allowed to go outside of the mountain boundaries. And so Lilly was forced to spend her days watching the outside world from a crystal orb which her parents used to probe the are for intruders. It wasn't until her 13th birthday that she finally disobeyed her family and fled, taking only her red scarf with her.

During her time away from her family Lilly found herself in a strange land. Most of the pokemon she met were friendly folk. but then she ran into a duo of thieves. The Umbreon took her scarf. While she tried to fight back with a psychic attack, the normally powerful blow didn't even faze the Umbreon. The Krabby covered the duo's escape by firing a bubblebeam at the ground to blind Lilly.

That was when she met Robert. After explaining her troubles to the young Riolu and gaining his assistance, the duo tracked the thieves down into thier labrynth hideout. Lilly was able to defeat the Krabby by herself while Robert's fighting attacks made short work of the Umbreon.

As Robert and Lilly walked towards the guild, Robert explained his dream of becoming a Rescuer and explained that he needed a partner in order to form a team. Seeing this as an opportunity to explore more of the world and to actively help those in need, Lilly offered to team up with Robert, and since then the two have been inseperable.

RP Sample:RP sample from The Dark Spire

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Old 07-11-2009, 11:03 PM
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Default Re: Into the Abyss [SU][Legendary Positions are open]

Sorry for the wait. If you're still interested in being a part of the RP, ACCEPTED.
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