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Old 07-16-2009, 06:03 PM
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Default Re: [RP] The World In Ruins(SU's still open)

Max - Soul - Zeke
Darkrai’s Side
Eterna City Ruins

Soul listened to Keiru as he spoke. He couldn’t believe that he had thought about all of this in so little time. He was somewhat surprised that he trusted Max more than him. He sure didn’t act like it. However, after listening to his words, that was more than likely the reasons why. Then there was Zeke… he knew personally that Zeke wanted to murder Keiru. His reasons for doing so are unknown. Soul was going to take up for them regardless.

“Listen… I have something very brief to tell you. Max… he is the last person who would want kill you. He just doesn’t agree with all of the violent acts that he had to do for you. He looks up to you sir but at the same is disgusted by you. Do you know of his past? And, Zeke is a good kid… he’s just confused. You’ve got to give him some time.” Soul explained to Keiru; hoping that he was listening to what he was saying. He didn’t want Keiru thinking that Soul was in on whatever plans they might have had.

Soul then listened to Keiru as he spoke about Lake Valor. For some time now, Soul wanted to know about all three of the lakes. Lake Valor more than the others. “To be honest, I have… for some time now.”

He then began thinking about whether or not that was where the duo was going to be heading. “Is that where we’re going?”

Meanwhile, Zeke had finally made it to the Orebough Outpost thanks to his Salamence. He jumped off of its back while still in the air and landed on his feet without hurting himself. “I wonder why this X person would want to live here of all the great looking places in the Sinnoh Region…” He said to himself.
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Old 07-18-2009, 04:48 PM
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Default Re: [RP] The World In Ruins(SU's still open)

Lord Azaruth's Side
Snowpoint City

"Who knows... I know it'd draw my attention." (ashketchum quote)

Kotomi was silent for a few more moments, debating on whether or not to use her own Charizard. She knew that it would attract her own attention as well.. Perhaps she shouldn't?

Her Charizard turned its head to look back at her, nodding toward Devan. Kotomi sighed and, after another moment's hesitation, held out the Pokeball still in her hand, wheras a bright red beam came out an engulfed the orange dragon. She looked to Devan.

"I guess we can't risk anything... If it truly wouldn't be a problem, I'll ride with the two (or three, if you count Pikachu) of you, so as not to draw any attention to the group."

Darkrai's Side
Eterna City Ruins

“Keiru… why don’t you send Satoshi with Max? This could test his abilities and Max could file a report on how well or bad he did.” (ashketchum quote)

Satoshi heard the one called Soul speak, and turned his attention to him for a few moments. He didn't like the idea of going into Darkrai's realm, really, but at least that would be something to do.

"That is a good idea Soul. Satoshi, your first objective is to go with Max into Darkrai's Realm." (Kaioo quote)

Satoshi looked to Keiru as he responded, giving him the order to go. He didn't object, just gave an obediant nod and ventured over to where Max had previously stood, entering the portal. A chill instantly went down his spine as his surroundings changed. He couldn't really see much of anything yet, aside from Max standing a foot or so away. He could hear some sort of commotion off in the distance, which was about the only source of sound there was at the moment. He walked up to Max silently, though his echoing footsteps announced his arrival.

"So, where to first?" he spoke softly as he arrived at his partner's side, "Should we check out the commotion up ahead?"
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Old 07-18-2009, 05:15 PM
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Default Re: [RP] The World In Ruins(SU's still open)

Keiru Azaruth
Darkrai's Side
Eterna City Ruins

“Is that where we’re going?” (ashketchum quote)

"Yes it is. I do hope you have a flying Pokemon to take us there, otherwise, we will have to walk.... Unless..." Keiru broke off into thought, before smiling, and handed Soul a silver cube. "Use this when all seems lost."

Lord Blade Azaruth Darkrai
Lord Azaruth's Side Darkrai's Side
Unconsciousness, Darkrai's Realm Darkrai's Realm

The Hyper Beam exploded, and Blade stood up, laughing.

"You won't beat me that easily Darkrai!" Blade shouted, holding his right hand in front of him, in a shield shape.

He had survived by thinking of something to save him, and a shield had appeared in front of him, literally making the Hyper Beam pass right over him. With a mere thought, his arm turned into swirling black mist, the flesh gone. Purple mist was sucked up, much like how Darkrai fed on his realm. Then, Blade unleashed all the power he had been gathering, from the Hyper Beam, whilst hidden by the Hyper Beam, and just now, and shot a large, black beam at Darkrai.

The beam exploded in his face, sending him flying backwards. The 'ground' began shaking, as Darkrai drew all the energy around them, that was visable, and launched a stronger, larger, faster, black beam at Blade. It hit him in his chest, and he went sprawling through the air. He was at least thirty feet in the air, and was shooting towards the ground. He was going to die here, in Darkrai's Realm. He was going to be dead in the real world. This was it.

He closed his eyes, and felt himself flying, he turned, shocked, to see his rescuer. But saw no-one. Then, he realised it was him who was... flying! He had wings. He smirked, and looked at Darkrai.

"You... are dead, you sick demon!" Blade shouted, dark red energy exploding around him, leaving Darkrai shocked.

"How have you harnessed the PURE energy of my realm?! Only I can!" Darkrai shouted, but when he attempted to, he failed. "What have you done?!"

Blade shot towards Darkrai, placing his palm of Darkrai's hand. The red energy pulsed violently into Darkrai, and his attempts to get rid of Blade were futile. Darkrai shot loads, and loads of Shadow Balls at Blade. All of them exploding on him. At the moment not harming him. Darkrai exploded into black mist, and the mist floated off. The red energy dissipitated, and Blade collapsed to the floor, bleeding from his nose, eyes, mouth, and had large cuts all over his chest.
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Old 07-18-2009, 11:29 PM
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Default Re: [RP] The World In Ruins(SU's still open)

Issa watched all of this unfold, and was shocked to see that Issa was not yet dead. He was surprised, to say the least. He watched as the two went at it, but Darkrai himself was apparently killed. "No, he wasn't killed. Not in his own realm, not that easily. Even though the powers of this realm are plenty, and for the taking, a human still cannot kill a legendary Pokemon with their own power. He must simply be recharging, for an undertermined amount of time. But, that power he has. Both Diablo, and Blade have demonstrated the ability to modify their body in some way. The lady was able to grow wings, and fly, while Blade was able to actually duel, and deal a powerful blow to Darkrai. What is the potential of this realm. I wonder just how far I can take this ability." He thought to himself. He decided to use this ability for himself.

It looked like he was concentrating, and veins began to inflate on his body, and on his head. But, his physical appearance was not at all being changed. Then, he stopped. He moved his arms around, and moved his neck a little, and then he grinned. Then, in a split second, he disappeared from where he was standing, moving so fast it seemed as if he was teleporting. And he was heading straight towards the legendary hunter. He was able to use this realm to transform not his exterior, but his interior. He gave himself some of the same effects as krypton. He strengthened his muscles, and he can use kinetic energy in terrifying ways. He could move super fast, and he could hit very, very hard.

He came at her like a peregrine falcon, moving almost too fast to react against. He had his arm behind him, and then he punched, his fist tightened like a rock because of the muscles in his hand and wrist, and his actual speed was enough to completely knock the wind out of her, and if he landed his hit, right in the stomach, she would probably upchuck everything she ate today. His Pokemon witnessed his burst of speed, and they tried to follow him, Octillery hopping on to Charizard, and Scizor hopping on to Salamence, they took off, and tried to follow him, and support him when needed.

"I see an opening!" He said with a jolly, cool headed tone. He was talking like he taking this whole thing as a joke, but in reality, this strike was meant to seriously damage her.

He knew full well who she was. She was Sam "X" Diablo, a Legendary Pokemon hunter, whom, according to rumor, has caught more than one legendary Pokemon already. He himself was searching for the legendaries, and if she really had them, then destroying right here and now would help him make sure all of the legendaries were, eventually, in his possession.
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Old 07-19-2009, 08:39 AM
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Default Re: [RP] The World In Ruins(SU's still open)

OOC: You feel pain either when you use Darkrai's Realm to help you(i.e. shapeshifting etc.) or after.... Issa is going to be in quite a bit of pain, from the looks of your one, from the muscles thing and crap :O


Legendary Hunter
Darkrai's Realm

X watched as Blade defeated Darkrai, and saw the black mist float away. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a blur. It was moving so fast. She felt a danger around it, and lifted up both arms, turning the left one into a shield, whilst the right one into a blade of sorts. She winced from the pain that engulfed her, and she nearly collapsed to the floor. Then, X noticed Blade's condition,and that Issa was gone.

"Excuse me, but Blade is going to die if you don't attend to him! He is bleeding from various places!" X shouted, whilst forming a shield on her back, and a helmet of the same 'material' to protect her skull. She felt pain rush into her, her back bled, then stopped. She was going to have to leave Darkrai's Realm soon... or else...
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