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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-16-2009, 02:33 AM
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Default [WAR VIII] Equilibrium

I saw it. I could swear it saw me. It was something like no other. I began to breathe cold air as it crept closer. I backed up slowly, as my heart rate sprinted off into a silent abyss of many colors. But one color that stood out was one that one color, the median. In school, teachers would try to tell their students about a fictional character. His name was Roy G. Biv. Everyone knew him. Everyone praised him. Except me, of course. Roy was my nightmare. The color that stood out from him was that green. Green. The median.

They say that the colors are another way of portraying life. If that were true, you would be born in red, and you died in the purple. And that seemed pretty accurate. But the median... Green. I’d take green as something that was the color of equality. Not too left, not too right... not too cool, not too warm. But not just right, either. It was the color that could go either way, or even both. And that was scary. It was the unpredictable color. And they saw at the edge of an ocean’s horizon, between sea and sky, between a cool blue liquid and a warm red atmosphere, there would be the flash of green. The light that signaled the existence of balance. The equilibrium.

It was getting closer. It was blasphemy personified. A freak of nature. I was terrified of this demon. It was green. It sought me slowly. It was like carving a person’s stomach, but only to a depth where they lived and didn’t pass out of pain... at least yet. Like strangling, or drowning. They say it’s the most peaceful way to die. Why don’t you just pull a bullet to my head? That way, I can still see the purple. But right now, green was all I could see. Everything was green. The ice below my feet, the icy glacier I was trying to make my way around... Even the sun at the horizon had a chartreuse tint to it.

It made an eclipse of the now olive-tinted sun, making it emanate a kind of aureole around it, highlighting its edges. It was reptilian being, with a curly tail. It had yellow circles around its black eyes, yellow frills, and yellow lips. But it had green skin. The green sickened me. Whenever you would face the sun when it was bright, and you closed your eyes, you could often see green. Nothing but.

“Kecleon! Can you please stop terrifying Leonard?” I heard my sister say in my head. So many voices... none of them comforting...

“Ever since he was diagnosed with schizophrenia... things have been difficult...”

“Your child is a loony!”

“What’s wrong?”


“Honey, don’t look at him that way...”

“Just keep walking...”

“Leonard, I want you to look at me.”

“Don’t, Leonard! You don’t know what you’re doing!”

Green thoughts terrorized my mind. I fell, and began to shake as if I were seizing.

“God damn it, Leonard! Get it together!”

God damn you, for Christ’s sake.

“He’s only a child.”

“Don’t look at me that way!”

The past chilled me. I couldn’t move. The Kecleon came close, and looked as if it tried to help. But the voices... they were frightened. I, too, was scared...

“Kecleon, my friend!”

“Remember me, Leon?”

The last comment was real. Real. Bona fide. I heard it somewhere. Shaking, I looked around desperately. I saw my sister’s pale, pastel-felt face. I spazzed out, clumsily hugging her. But then she went away. Vanished. From a green light... to evanescence. I shook more. The voices were comforting, yet scared... I, too, was scared...

“Don’t do this, Leon!”

Screaming. Utter screaming.


I seized.



A gargling sound. All too easy.


As I seized, the knife poked the body like thumbs trying to make bubble wrap pop.


The knife turned to the woman who screamed.


Again. The knife slashed in the air, and blood spewed out. Everywhere, the blood spouted.

Another gargling sound.


Silence. Comforting, comforting silence...

Then, that Kecleon...


That was my voice that time...

The Kecleon raised his claw as I stepped backwards on the ice.


The Kecleon was angry.


I fell to the ground, kicking and screaming.

The green sensation didn’t stop. It was frenzy in my brain. Seeing red was anger. Seeing yellow was happiness. Seeing orange was peace. Seeing blue was silence. Seeing indigo was empathy. Seeing purple was sadness... Seeing green was everything. Seeing green meant and sought all. It had multiple personalities.

“Just like you, Leon,” a mirage of me smiled to me. I continued to shiver and shake.

The Kecleon slashed at me, and I tried to kick at it. I couldn’t move my legs. I seized again.


Blood. The green wouldn’t stop.

The Kecleon went at my neck.


I stopped shaking. I gargled. The Kecleon’s claw, dripping in blood, was satisfied.

“You deserve it.”

“For what?”

The faces were more agitating.

“You know.”

“It’s all or nothing, Leon.”

The comforting memory crawled to me as my dying living grew short.

“You can end this.”

“No I can’t,” I resisted.

“You can,” the lady said, giving me a bottle of white seeds.

“These pills... they can help.”

I took the “pills”.

The lady, nice, walked away.

Green was the color of that moment. I saw, heard, felt, tasted, and smelled green.

The most comforting memory I could ever remember... and it was slipping away...


“Don’t make this worse than it needs to be...”

I was no longer holding the food-cutter.

My memories were, as my mind fell.

As they hacked, I heard few whispers.

Some told me I deserved it.

Some told me they were sorry.

Some told me I was crazy.

Some told me I was misunderstood.

I only saw green. The equal. The middle. The all. My everything. It slipped away, and faded... Into something deeper. Something less yet more peaceful. Into paradox.

* * *

The Professor of Pokémon Elite 2000.
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