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Old 05-27-2009, 05:15 PM
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Default Re: 10 Mistakes Every Newbie Should Avoid

Lol, I love how newbs use their strongest move without actually thinking about STAB or type-advantage. That 80 BP Energy Ball used by Venusaur against Swampert is going to do a hell of a lot more than a random Hyper Beam, but a lot of newbs only look at BP.

Good game with the guide, Marth. I'm sure the whole thing will help newbs in the future.

And as long as I've known, refs have always been able to say if something KOs/how much damage a move does if they were asked. They can't just randomly tell one of the battlers, "Hey, by the way, this other attack would definitely KO!" or something like that, of course. But since a lot of people can calc their moves themselves, what's the harm in asking the ref how much damage is done or whether a move KOs? It lets us be lazy XD. And of course it evens out the playing field for newer people who don't know how the calc works; how is it fair for me to know exactly the best thing to do while my opponent is confused and has no idea what kind of damage his moves will do? If he can't ask the ref and I know how to work the calc, I've got a clear advantage over him, right? It's like the ref being unable to say what gender a Mon is even though the battlers can ask one another for stats and find out that way (which, I've been told, is the truth; I assumed refs were allowed to tell you a Mon's Gender in like Revo and Colo styles, but I was told that refs aren't actually allowed to do so. It's retarded if it's true since you can find out by checking your opponent's stats >>).

Wow, I'll stop ranting now. Someone should really do a guide on STAB and type-advantaged moves over high BP ones. I'm sure an in-depth thing will help people even more. And maybe they should include a nifty section that provides definitions for some of the terms we use, for those who haven't been around long enough to know them yet.

And now I'll really stop rambling XD.
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