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Old 05-22-2009, 05:15 AM
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Default Bibarel Deck

Hey guys. I have a tourney on Saturday so if you could replay before Friday so I could prepare and stuff that would be fantastic :).

4x4 of the Bidoof Line (SF)- Quick ground and pound.
Mismagius (RR)- Psychic Removal is a sweet effect and so is Grudge late in the game if I am loosing.
Froslass (RR)- Gust of win esque effect. If the opponent is still asleep or confused or whatever it’s a nice bit of extra damage.
Tropius (RR)- Fly.
2x2 of the Snover Line(SF)- Tanks.
(Maybe) Delibird (OP7)- I like Present. Nice to use if I need a quick Evo or potion or something.
(Maybe) Mewtwo (MD)- Nice free attack and not too hard to get out.

Volkner’s Philosophy (RR) x2? Need more?
Potion (SF)x3/4- Looking for something better.
Sp Radar (RR)- Get out Froslass or Mismagius
Lucian’s Assignment (RR) x2- Nice if Abomasnow or another high energy guy is about to die or need some new energies.
Luxury Ball (SF)- Easy choice.
(Maybe) Bertha’s Warmth (RR)- Heals SP’s well.
(Maybe) Poke Drawer (SF) + x1/2
(Maybe) Moonlight Stadium (GE)- Mostly for Mismagius and Mewtwo. In almost every match I use Missy she gets KOed then I really could use her later to win.
(Maybe) Prof Rowan (DP) or Prof. Oaks Visit- Draw card.

?? Water
?? Psychic (But SP * could replace these.)
x4 (or more) * or SP * Energies.

So is there anything I should add, replace, or take out. How many of each energy should I have? I would like another Psychic Pokemon (Uxie maybe) unless I can use more than 4 SP Energy. Also do you know of a site that has up to date pricing on cards from Base up?

Thanks again guys.
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