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Old 05-04-2009, 12:09 PM
bahamutrocks Offline
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Default What would you do to Ash's Team?

This is a thread to see what changes you'd make to Ash's team in the anime. You want him to catch Lugia? Just say which region you want this team to be in, and then change away. You got it. But here is my new team.


Pichu (So much cuter than Pikachu)
Rapidash (Brock caught Charmander and Lara Laramie gave Rapidash to Ash, seeing how good he was at training it)
Wartortle (Evolved from Squirtle)
Vileplume (Oddish from Bulbasaur's village, volunteered to join Ash instead of Bulbasaur)
Zubat (He caught one at Mt. Moon)

Revolving sixth

Muk (Same as in the anime)
Beedrill x2 (Caught in Viridian Forest)
Duskull (Caugh instead of Haunter, defeated Sabrina, kept instead of given away)
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