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Old 05-02-2009, 11:34 PM
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Default Torterrible

Hey everyone! I'm currently playing a Torrterrible deck. If you dont know what that is here are some cards in the but i don't have my deck with me so the whole deck is not listed.

3 turtwig (not sure what set)
2 grotle (I think fom MD)
3 Torterra (platinum)
1 Torterra LV.X (D&P)
2 Shaymin( one of each land form from platinum)
1 Shaymin LV.X (Platinum)
3 Treecko (not sure on set)
2 Grovyle ( great encounters)
1 Sceptile (Stormfront
2 Sceptile (Great Encounters)
1 baltoy (great encounters)
1 claydol ( great encounters)

Around 16 grass energies

4 rare candy
2 energy search
1 broken time space
3 bebe's search
2 roseanne's research

not all the trainers are there but give me some ideas plz!

Yay! I got a Pok'emon 2009 World Championships shirt! Only 90 in existance! (jealus!) Thankyou A.J.!
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