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Old 11-25-2007, 11:10 PM
sword_war444 Offline
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Default Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

I. Intro
II. Story
III. Charcters
IV. New Pokemon
V. Map
VI. Screenies
VII. Fetures
VIII. Other
Ok I decuded to totaly redo the game so I thought finaly got around to making a new thread ofr it
Made in xp
The story
Once Long ago the great pokemon fought. Fire burned ice that became water that killed the fire and made trees who asobed the water and fire came back and burned the trees and this went on and more parts came involed. Finnaly darkness fought light and well the war ended. But with terrible consequences. The forces decided that man should not be so related to pokemon as this war shown so though pokemon still are here humans have less bound now and most are on the elemental worlds.
The elemental world gave birth to 2 type of new pokemon the good heros and the evil tryants. Now a evil human who was exiled from village of elements seek the hero powers and control of the tryants.
One day you and your girl/boyfriend where met by a weird person mysterious. After some talk he was “killed and you where attack. This starts your journey.
So a brand new Types Update today. Actualy I am going to redo the whole game. I need people on staff. I may actually ask for mods to delete this thread Because I may change the name to POkemone: Dark abyss and Light Heaven as there are two new legendry actualuy three with the void dragon pokemon. All for now new pokemon list
Note ty is type and where there is ?? that means undecided type. If in name it either mean open for new pokemon or needs a name expect frequent updates on this
1. Tropican: the magic reptile pokemon Ty: Grass
2. Tromican: Magical reptile pokemon Ty: grass
3. Trozle: Sage reptile pokemon Ty: grass/??
4. Pitcan: The fire horse Pokemon Ty: fire
5. Pacan: The fire steed Pokemon Ty: fire
6. Perine: The fire centaur pokemon Ty: fire/??
7. Gozual: the water spirt/sheep pokemon Ty: water/ghost
8. Guzyine: The water spirit Pokemon TY: water/ghost
9. Goaryb: The water goar pokemon Ty: water/ghost
10. Chryin: The chik pokemon Ty: flying
11. Choco: the chocbo chik pokemon Ty: flying
12. Chryaent: the chic pokemon Ty Flying
13. Firyn: The fire bird pokemon Ty: fire/flying
14. ???: the fire bird pokemon Ty: flying/fire
15. Phire: the Phoenix pokemon Ty: fire/flying
16. Raycon: The raccoon pokemon Ty: normal
17. Racine: the thief pokemon Ty: normal
18. Racaconne: The thief raccoon pokemon Ty: normal/dark
19. Qural: the srural pokemon Ty: normal
20. sriual: the squal pokemon Ty: normal
21. Qruine: the sqruigel pokemon ty: normal
22. Crival: the raven pokmemon Ty: flying/dark
23. Ravral: the raven pokemon Ty: flying/dark
24. Reaver: the Raven pokemon Ty: flying/dark (machine??)
25. Weran: the alien bug pokemon Ty: bug
26. Weviane: the alien cocone pokemon Ty: bug
27. Wetiane: the flying alien bug pokemon Ty: bug/comsmic
28. Bome: Bomble bee pokemon Ty: bug
29. Bobome: bomble bee pokemon ty: bug
30. Bomble: the boomble bee pokemon ty: bug
31. ???: ant pokemon ty: bug
32. ???: ant pokemon ty: bug
33. ???: ant pokemon ty: bug
34. Sr Mime: mime pokemon ty: phyic/fighting
33. ???: Snowflake pokemone Ty: ice
34. ???: Snowball pokemon TY: Ice
35. ???. Snowman Pokemon Ty: Ice
36. Toxieon: the Posion evo Ty: Posin
37. Dandalion the dandlion Pokemon Ty: Grass
38. ????
39. Dark togpei pokemon
40. Darl togitic pokemon
41. Skelareaper: the reaper pokemon Ty: ghost
42. Demareaper: the reper pokemon Ty; Ghost/dark
43. Death: the horsemen of death Ty: Ghost/dark
44. Dissy: dark chancy pokemon Ty: Dark
45. ???: the black cat pokemon Ty: dark
46. ???: the black cat pokemon Ty: dark
47. Meaccat: the machein cat Ty: Dark/machine
48. mech : the machine Ty: machine
49. mech : the machine Ty: machine
50. mech : the machine Ty: machine
51. Vorgon: the void dragon Ty: dragon/??
52. Justicar: the angle of justice Ty: Light
53. Chaosar: the demon of chaose Ty: dArk
54. clawon: the claw pokemon ty: ???
55. Fangon: the fang pokemon ty: ??

All pokemon sprite are thank to the following: Maxxa
Or ok Here are the pokemon that are from other generations
1. Manky
2. Primeape
3. Spoink
4. Grumpig
5. Slugma
6. Magacgo
7. Teddiursa
8. Ursaring
9. Gilgar
10. giglar evo
11. Magby
12. Magmar
13. Magmartar
14. Larvitar
15. Pupitar
16. Tyraintar
17. Munchlax
18. Snorelax
19. Absol
20. Aerodaclytle
21. Charmand
22. Charmeleon
23. Charazard
24. Senert
25. Furret
26. Pochenya
27. Mightyenya
28. Taillow
29. Swellow
30. Tanglea
31. Tanglagrowth
32. Budew
33. Roseila
34. Sunkern
35. Sunflora
36. Hoppip
37. Skibloom
38. Jumppluff
39. Ekans
40. Arbok
41. Mareep
42. Flaffy
43. Ampoaresw
44. Farfect’d
45. Lickitounge
46. Sycther
47. Scizors
48. Kangkaskan
49. Giraghrap
50. tarouse
51. Milktank
52. Vulpix
53. Ninetail
54. Elekid
55. Elctrabuzz
56. Seviper
57. Bulbasaur
58. Ivysaur
59. Venasaur
60. Chiorita
61. Blaleaf
62. Megaiun
63. Cyindaquill
64. Quilava
65. Typholsion
66. Torchich
67. Combusken
68. Blaizken
69. Pidgey
70. Pidgeotoo
71. Pideot
72. Hoothoot
73. Noctowl
74. Natu
75. Xatu
76. Pichu
77. Pikachu
78. Raichu
79. Shroomish
80. Breloom
81. Seedot
82. Nuzleleaf
83. Shiftry
84. Yanma
85. Ledbya
86. Ledian
87. Spinark
88. Ariados
89. Pineco
90. Fortress
91. Murkrow
92. Honkrow
93. Sneasal
94. Weavial
95. Sudowodo
96. Aipoom
97. Stantler
98. Pincer
99. Heracross
100. Tropius
101. Duskskull
102. Duskclops
103. Togopie
104. Togtecit
105. trecko
106. Grovlyle
107. Sceptile
108. Corphish
109. Crawduant
110. Surskit
111. Masqurien
112. Poliwag
113. Poliwrath
114. Poliwhirl
115. Politoad
116. Slowbro
117. Slowpoke
118. Slowking
119. anorith
120. Armaldo
121. Dratini
122. Draginar
123. Dragonnite
124. Sqrutal
125. Warturtle
126. Blatiose
127. Totodile
128. Croconaw
129. Feraligator
130. Mudkid
131. Swampert
132. Mashstomp
133. Wingul
134. Pelliper
135. Chinchu
136. Lantern
137. Mantine
138. Speal
139. Sealo
140. Walerin
141. Wailmer
142. Waillord
143. Lappras
144. Kabuto
145. Kabutops
146. Zubat
147. Goldbat
148. Crowbat
149. Onix
150. Steellix
151. Swinub
152. Piloswine
153. Misdreavous
154. Ghastly
155. Haunt
156. Gengar
157. Sandshrew
158. Sandslash
159. Rhyon
160. Rhydon
161. Mageonton
162. Magimite
163. Houndoor
164. Houndoom
165. Phanpy
166. Donphan
167. Cacena
168. Cacturne
169. Skarmry
170. Bagon
171. Sheldon
172. Salamence
173. Beldum
174. Meatang
175. Metagross
176. Snubull
177. Granbull
178. Koffing
179. Weezing
180. Abra
181. Kadabra
182. Alkazame
183. RAlts
184. Kirla
185. Gardevior
186. Mime Jr
187. Mr.Mime
188. Tryrouge
189. Hitmontop
190. Hitmonlee
191. Hitmonchan
192. Happily
193. Chansey
194. Blissy
195. Porygon
196. Porygon 2
197. Porygon Z
198. Evee
199. Vapereon
200. Joolteon
201. Flareeon
202. espeeon
203. Umbreon
204. Combe
205. Vewpiquen
206. Skourpi
207. Yanamega
208. Quilfish
209. Wailmer
210. Waillord
211. Piplup
212. Prinlup
213. Empleon
214. Finneon
215. Lumineon
216. Mantyke
217. Rilo
218. Lucario
219. Craindos
220. Rampardos
221. Bonsly
222. Rhyhyperior
223. Gallade
224. Stunky
225. Skuntank
226. Roseerade
227. Drapion
228. Croagunk
229. Toxitoad
230. Amiboon
231. Apiom
232. Bunneary
233. Loopbunnary
234. Glameow
235. Purgly
236. Chattot
237. Lickily
238. Togekiss
239. Glaceon
240. Mamooswine
241. Gible
242. Gabite
243. Garchomp
244. Hippotas
245. Hippowdown
246. Glisco
247. Turtwig
248. Toreta
249. Grotle
250. Roserade
251. Carvine
252. Tangarwoth
253. Leafeon
254. Mismagious
255. Dusknoir
256. Chimchara
257. Monferno
258. Infernape
259. Shin
260. Luxio
261. Luxary
262. Magezone
263. Eletrive
264. Absol


Ok Screenies
OK this is a battle

another battle.

This is a gym battle. My pokemon is Liltox the oppent is hellhound houndoor evo.

Part of the story

Yay We realy need people jobs are open

edit later with the gym leaders and charcters
Leader: Me
Assiant: DiscoNeo
Spriters: Me, flygonrulers(?)
Maps: Me, Narodin
Contributers: Maxxa

we need spriters
Old 11-27-2007, 12:59 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

I dont have choice after you complemented me

I will take a look at your scratches. Mind if I decided to edit?
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Old 11-27-2007, 01:28 AM
sword_war444 Offline
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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

not at all
Old 12-04-2007, 12:18 AM
sword_war444 Offline
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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

Ok well first this may take a few pages due to image per page restrictions. Now this will be a huge update. After that I will be reorginzing some stuff on the first post.
Let start with sprites
Banete evo all these are by Maxxa

Likutung prevo


qrual evo

cosmo evo

Qural final

chimeco evo


a cosomic

three speacil pokemon

This is a outline by me of some upcoming new pokemon

Now trainer sprites. All these are by me a few from mostly scratch

This is for the second gym leader

girl back pose

boy back pose

boy hero

old grunts

girl hero

last gym leader

these are overworld

old rival

the 5th gym leader

ok here is the maps
the second town with a gym
the first route
and some ruins where legendries may be found

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Old 12-29-2007, 08:27 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

you should read tutorials on how to scratch im not saying that your bad but you do need some work
Old 01-03-2008, 01:02 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

wait, what the hell? why are some of my pokemon on here?
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Old 01-06-2008, 12:08 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

No offense ... but I think almost all of those sprites are awful. I don't see anything I like but you can program it, make maps and such ... right?
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Old 01-07-2008, 10:12 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

.........i have to agree....................................
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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

hm...... The sprites at the top with links... They're all pretty bad no offence not mentioning you ripped some of them from already made sprites... Just a recolour. You can get sued for copyright laws...
Old 08-24-2009, 06:23 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

Lave its not that good of a sprite buuuut

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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

Originally Posted by larenz22 View Post
Lave its not that good of a sprite buuuut
If u would like to learn how to spirte plz PM me and i'll help u >_>


Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

This project is 2 years old, and the member hasn't been around for almost as long. I'm sure this project isn't going to happen.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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