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Old 04-14-2009, 02:23 AM
c_oh_lio Offline
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Default Final member for a new team?

Ambipom @life orb
-fake out
-double hit
-brick break
-areal ace

Starmie@choice specs
natural cure
-ice beam

Breloom@toxic orb
Natural cure
-focus punch
-seed bomb

mamoswine@ leftovers
Snow cloak
-ice shard
-stealth rock

Scizor@ life orb
-swords dance
-bullet punch
-x scissor

Aaaaaand What? What do you think fits? Whatever goes with my team. I'll take suggestions on some of my pokes, too
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Old 04-16-2009, 12:45 AM
c_oh_lio Offline
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 14
Default Re: Final member for a new team?

Umm just took a second look at my team, and I don't have any fre moves, or a toxic/WoW. Pokemon suggestions that have those would be great.
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Old 04-16-2009, 12:53 AM
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Default Re: Final member for a new team?

You have no walls at all. Go for Dusknoir or something. Dusknoir has WoW so.
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Old 04-16-2009, 01:37 AM
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Default Re: Final member for a new team?

Walls are over rated unless they are chansy or shuckle.

I suggest a Tentacruel (In place of starmie i guess). Its a good sp.def tank with ok sp attack.

I noticed you have an ambipom. There are better choices. I suggest an Electivire. They own. Get Thunderpunch, ice punch, EQ and cross chop on it.
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Old 04-16-2009, 02:08 AM
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FrozenVirus Offline
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Default Re: Final member for a new team?

Ambipom is a unique lead often found on UU teams that is certinaly not a bad choice. With Technician and STAB, Fake Out does tons of damage and wipes out the Sash, and the fact that your opponent doesn't even get to move is an awesome bonus. Double Hit on Ambipom also hurts a ton, because the STAB and Technician is applied to both of the Hits seperately as opposed to together. So, yes, Bizarro, there are technically "better" options than Ambipom, but if the guy wants to be unique, then IMO Ambipom is a good option. It can really make dents in those defensively weak leads too. However, you might want to consider using U-turn over Aerial Ace because U-turn, used in combination with Fake Out, grants you two free hits without even taking any damage, and permitting you to switch out to a suitable counter if Fake Out + U-Turn has not KO'ed the opponent. Obviously, if you want to use this set, you would need max speed and attack EVs and preferably a Jolly nature. This gives Ambipom a maximum of 361 speed, which unfortunately isn't enough to outspeed the likes of Weavile, Aero, and enough to get a speed tie with common Azelf leads. Double Hit has roughly the same power as Return, wheras it has 90% accuracy. It does have the abiilty to hit through Substitutes, which is really nice, but maybe you should replace it with Return if you feel that the accuracy is letting you down.

If you're going to use Choice Specs Starmie, please tell me you're going to use Timid nature so you can effectively revenge kill a lot of pokes in the game. Personally I use a Scarfed version of Starmie, but I guess Specs is okay as well. Just watch out for other Starmies though; some of them might be Scarfed. Please don't use Psychic as it has horrible coverage; instead, you can either use Grass Knot to hit Bulky Waters like Swampert and Milotic for heavy damage, or use Trick to screw up your opponent's walls. It means that Starmie will also most likely be getting Leftovers in return, which is pretty nice.

I hope you mean "Poison Heal" instead of "Natural" Cure on your Breloom. Anyways, Breloom wants to be Adamant, as its speed is mediocre no matter how much you try to speed it up. Seed Bomb is good, but Stone Edge may even better to nail Zapdos and Moltres and whatever Flying-types that may threaten you with a 4x super-effective attack. Unless you really trust your luck, and you are sure you can OHKO, only use Stone Edge when protected by a Substitute please.

Okay, a Curswine. Something that isn't seen that often. The ability is irrelevant because you don't have a hail team. If you're going to use a Curswine, then please don't use Stealth Rock on it. If you want SR, then use it in the Support role. SR and Curse don't mix. Anyhow, you probably want Avalanche to do some heavy damage to Gyarados if it attacks you. After a Curse or two, Mamo's defenses will be so high that taking hits won't even be a problem at all. You should invest some EVs into HP, Defense, and Special Defense in addition to Attack so that Mamoswine will actually be able to take a hit or two while Cursing up.

Swords Dance Life Orb Scizor makes an awesome late-game sweeper. It can take out pretty much anything with an SD boosted Bullet Punch. I don't know about you, but Roost isn't that necessary. Maybe you can replace it with Brick Break or Superpower to nail TTar. If you are using Life Orb, you want 32 HP EVs so that you can use Life Orb 11 times instead of 10, and otherwise max out Attack and Speed (with Adamant nature).

As for the final member, you should consider getting a Mixed Wall like Cresselia or Dusknoir. Cress has T-Wave and Dusknoir has Will-o-Wisp, and both are primarily used as a Physical Wall. Dusknoir can also act as your spin blocker, but it wouldn't really matter if you don't even have a Stealth Rocker. This is why you may want to consider using Mamoswine as you lead and replacing your Ambipom with something that can dish out special attacks (or a Mixed sweeper like Salamence), as it's really only useful as a lead (I mean Ambipom).
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Old 04-17-2009, 01:16 AM
c_oh_lio Offline
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 14
Default Re: Final member for a new team?

FrozenVirus: thanks for the tips. Srry about the natures. My Ambipom is Jolly, and my Starmie is Timid. 252 EVs in atk and spd and spatk and speed, respectively
I will change my starmie's psychic to grass knot, it has much better coverage. Psychic rarely does me any favors, I'll switch it for sure.

Srry abot the natural cure, its poison heal.

I really like my ambipom. maybe its not the absolute best thing out there, but i really like it and I like how unique it is. I'm not so sure about the U- turn. Areal ace helps with fighting types, and OHKOs Heracross, so i'm not sure about changing it, but I'll think about it.

I think I'll do a toxic spiking tentacruel, I wanted some entry hazard, but Avalanche is a much better option. I don't know if I should switch it out for starmie, I really don't want to.
I like dusknoir and all, its just I'm not a fan of really common pokemon, and it seems like everyone has one. I don't see a lot of tentacruels. And sorry to say, but I have a strict no legendary policy. I don't care if its Uber, OU or UU, I just don't use them.

Thanks for your help! any other tips or suggestions anyone?
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