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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Old 04-12-2009, 07:24 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Forum Username: Metallic Houndoom
Messenger Name: AIM~ MetallicHoundoom

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: Never any, except URPG obviously, Written a few URPG stories.

Other Roleplaying Experience: Nope, only pokemon.

Character Name: Tau ke but everybody calls him Taz!
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Alignment: Neutral Good

Lawful Good: Society was designed to deal with those who do wrong. Only by following the rules and doing good, can we do what is right. (Paladin, Cop)

Neutral Good: You do anything, regardless of rules, if it is right. Nothing else matters. (A doctor that treats both sides of a war)

Chaotic Good: Society cannot combat evil. It is too weak to handle the dangers that darkness presents. (Robin Hood, Rebel)

Skills: He's a swimmer and swims in national competitions. He also loves to cook and can whip up any meal you want in an instant!
Equipment: He carries around a pair of swimming shorts and goggles. He always has some food with him and a smal pan to cook with.
Description: He is a strong, burly man with short brown hair spiked up. He has bright blue eyes and tanned skin. He normally wears a pair of blue jeans and a hoody.
Personality: He hopes to become the worlds greatest swimmer whilst achieving his goal of becoming a top class cook. He is afraid of heights when there is no barrier to stop him falling unless there's water below him.
History: He leads a relatively quiet life and doesn't get in others ways. He was brought up in a small family but his siblings have all moved away from where he lives, and he rarely talks to them. His parents were famous architects and wanted him to follow in their footsteps but he chose different.

Weavile~ His first ever Pokemon, he received Weavile as a gift from his parents when he was 10 years old as a Sneasel and has been best friends with it ever since. Weavile is slightly mischievous but is always loyal to his fellow trainer. If Weavile is angered it will get into a fight with the thing angering it.

Electivire~ Electivire was the first Pokemon he captured and has always kept it with him. Electivire is strong and never disobeys orders. It will ignore fights if it has to but when it wants to it can be brutal.

Politoed~ Politoed was captured when it was a cute little Poliwag. When it was younger it always used to annoy his Weavile and now Weavile has a grudge against it. It is a very naughty Pokemon at times and will disobey its trainer regularly. When it is used in battle it will normally listen and is a good fighter. He loves to go swimming with Politoed and trains with it in the water regularly, trying to make it more reliable.

Houndoom~ Houndoom was given to Taz as a gift for his birthday by his parents recently. He has always used Houndoom for socializing with rather than battling but it is still a strong fighter when he uses it. Houndoom has developed a close bond with his Weavile.

Other: Taz has recently seen a sign up for an expedition to a island inhabited by rare Pokemon and wouldn't miss the opurtunity for the world. He quickly signs up and hopes to get on the team!!!

Credit to EmBreon

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Old 04-13-2009, 12:47 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Actually, Harry, there are nine people. If we have one group that has four and one with five, that means there are two parties.

I <3 basic math >>
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Old 04-13-2009, 12:57 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

lol, harry, that's what i told her. anyway, here's my app:

Forum Username: Spiderc
Messenger Name: Spiderc12 (AIM)

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: ((I've done more of RP sites than just single RPs))
Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: D&D and Star Wars RPG (Been playing for D&D about 3-4 years and Star Wars for 2 years)
Other Roleplaying Experience: Nope

Character Name: Clay Stoneskin
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Alignment: Neutral Good

Skills: Knowledge on Pokemon, especially Rock, Ground, and Steel types.
Equipment: Pokedex and a field guide.

Description: Clay is about five foot elven and is pushing six feet. He had dark brown hair that he keeps semi-long and light brown eyes. Clay always wears jeans and a T-Shirt or a sweatshirt, but he never wears shorts. He has the build of someone who runs and bikes more than lifting weights.

Personality: For the most part, Clay is fairly soft-spoken, and would rather let others do the talking for him. However, every once and a while, he'll find something that he believes strongly in, in which case nothing will prevent him from talking about it. In battle, Clay is very good at keeping a level head, and never loosing his temper.

Clay thinks that actual strength or abilities have no effect on their worth as a Pokemon. He thinks that all Pokemon can be strong if they actually have proven themselves to be good Pokemon, whether in battling or outside of battle. Clay's favorite Pokemon are the 'sandstorm' types of Rock, Ground, and Steel. Other than that, he is fairly neutral to most Pokemon, except for fire types, whom he holds a small grudge against.

History: Born in Lavaridge Town in Hoenn, Clay grew up used to the hot, dry climate. All of the kids in the town would always play with the fire types that were abundant in the surrounding area. When Clay was seven, he tried to pet a Macargo that had been sleeping. Surprised by sudden touch, a small burst of flame came out of the back of the Pokemon. Just as the flame was about to hit Clay, a Trapinch that had been walking nearby used Sand Tomb, which put out the flame and saved Clay from getting burned.

From that day on, Clay slowly started to spend less time hanging out with the other kids, and more time hanging out by the desert on Route 111. As he spent more time hanging out at edge of the desert, some of the Pokemon that lived in the desert would come and see Clay. Quickly, he made friends with a few other them and within a few weeks, at the promoting of the other boys, Clay had several battles with the boys that still just hung out with the fire types.

As he continued to get older, Clay ventured further and further into the desert, although he was always guided by his Pokemon friends that lived there. One day, Clay accidentally stumbled into a small patch of quicksand, but was saved by the Pokemon. Most kids would be scarred for life by such an incident, and probably never got back in the desert, but Clay continued to go back every day. Although, he was certain not to tell his parents about the incident.

When he turned twelve, his parents suggested that he went to Professor Birch's Lab, so Clay could get a Pokemon that was actually his. Clay agreed to the plan, but was saddened by the fact that he wasn't going to be able to have his current Pokemon friends with him. When he got to the lab, Clay asked the professor if any of the Pokemon evolved into a Rock, Ground, or Steel type. As soon as Birch said that Mudkip evolved into a Ground type, Clay decided that's the Pokemon he wanted. With that decision, Clay started his journey as a Pokemon trainer. And that decision is what caused him to find himself on a boat called the S.S. Krabby four years later, now with a team of fully evolved Pokemon.

Nature: Swampert is kind and in many ways just like his trainer. Being his starting Pokemon, Clay has devolved a fierce bond with him.

Nature: Empoleon is very protective of Clay, and has appointed itself as his official guardian. Due to this, Empoleon is sometimes reluctant to go back in its Pokeball, believing that Clay might get hurt in its absence.

Nature: Cradily is very slow both in body and in mind. It takes several minutes for Cradily to grasp a topic, but once it does, it will do exactly what Clay is asking of it.

Nature: The powerhouse of Clay's team, Metagross will smash through foes on Clay's command. However, Metagross is also rather shy and always tries to get Clay to return it as soon as a battle is finished.

Nature: Quiet and aloof, Magnezone interacts with his trainer and allies very rarely. For the most part, he just does what Clay asks, and nothing else.

Nature: Garchomp's favorite thing to do is to battle, and he excels at it. Quite often, Clay will have Garchomp and Metagross fight side by side, which has formed a friendship between the two.

Other: Nothing.

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Old 04-13-2009, 01:03 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

This looks brilliant! I will edit this post when I finish my SU.

{Avvie and Sig by Me}

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Old 04-13-2009, 02:20 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

I withdraw my SU. I'm not as interested as I thought in this.
98% of teens won't stand up for God. Repost this if you think that statistic is the most laughable thing ever.
My new AIM username is GrayFedora12. Do not respond or click on links from any IMs from LordKhajmer.
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

I will post a Sign up Posthaste. It may take me somewhere near 5 hours from now for me to have it up, but I will put it up before I go to sleep, make no mistake.

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Old 04-13-2009, 06:53 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Hehe, looks like this is goind to be fun... when people will finish their signups *hunts down people who haven't completed it yet*

And tbh, Ayra really scared me off lol.
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Roleplaying Form

Forum Username: Brainiac
Messenger Name: is easiest for me to access, but is AIM when I can get on it.

Previous RP or Fan fiction Experience: Well, I wrote stories for a few of my Pokemon in my URPG stats, I was in the finals for the WWC09… and I’ve been in a few RP’s here and there, but nothing too amazing.
Previous Tabletop Role playing Experience: err… I don’t think any, unless Warhammer 40k counts, although I don’t think that falls into the RP category…
Other Role playing Experience: I have almost every single RPG game that Nintendo has released for their handheld systems, and have played most of them through to completion a few times…(Final Fantasy Tactics 1&2, Disgaea, Pokemon, Mario, Chrono Trigger, etc…)

Character Name: Brian Seth Isaacson, goes by Brainy
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Chaotic Good: Society cannot combat evil. It is too weak to handle the dangers that darkness presents. (Robin Hood, Rebel)
Brainy's only morals come from his upbringing, which really boils down to only 1 sentence: Choose goals and stick with ‘em.
However, being a poor judge of right and wrong, he follows this creed by choosing others and parroting their goals until they are completed, feeling no qualms at using underhanded means to make those goals reality and receive the ‘incentive’ that the goal makers offer. However, he does understand the true black and white line between good and evil, and doesn’t participate in acts of flamboyant criminality or downright nefariousness.

Meh, I almost wanted to copy the listing like TAG style that you guys on the first page was using… but I decided not to.
Brainy is a Pokemon Capture Specialist as his career. Basically, he captures Pokemon for the wealthy or the busy, or sometimes for the government or scientists. Because of this, he is adept at tracking, hiding, and even laying traps among other things. He spends a lot of time outdoors, and has some mad survival skills, but knows only basic tech info. He also spends a lot of time alone and has what some would view as poor people skills.

Equipment: He has a cellular phone that he takes pictures of his “Jobs” with and uses for work communication. Carries a portable first aid kit, utility knife, his “Pokemon Lure” kit(small package containing several different extremely aromatic chemicals), and a decent length of rope as his usual affects, though he has recently taken to carrying a travel kit with a miniature 24 hour survival kit, just a backpack with a water purifier, a pot, portable stovetop, and a few other non perishable food items and juice mixes. Oh, and of course a wide array of Pokeball, or Pokemon Capture Devices as he would refer to them.

Brainy has dusty blond-red hair, falling just shy of his somewhat bushy eyebrows and stormy grey eyes. His irises are caught somewhere between the color of perfect clear ocean blue and dark gray of concrete, not really a shade between because his eyes are lined outward from his pupils like rays from the sun, and each individual ray is it’s own unique color somewhere along a gradient of blue to gray. His left iris has a strange color break on the left side of the pupil from an injury sustained as a child, and his peripheral vision on the left suffers slightly as a result. It appears to be simply a line of almost iridescent green running unsteadily from the bottom towards the top and stopping just short of traveling the entire distance.

He is moderately tall and well built, standing at about six foot nothing and weighing just shy of 180 pounds. He is not exactly bulky, per se, but his muscles are naturally well defined. He looks like a high school graduate, with a slightly beaky nose and a wide forehead that combine to give him a look that says "intelligent, but dangerous" which is not deceptive. This guy is big enough to be classified as huge, without being completely awkward.

His hands are really huge; big enough to wrap themselves entirely around the average neck and touch fingers with only one hand. He has slight acne, but it’s not very noticeable. He usually wears slightly loose long sleeved shirts with subdued coloring schemes and even darker colored sleeves, and simple blue jeans. He wears practical outdoor hiking style shoes perpetually, though his feet are calloused to the point that shoes aren’t even really a necessity.

His shoulders are wide and angular, and his arms seem rather thin in contrast. His neck is of medium length and very thick, in fact, it’s probably the most muscular appearing part of his body. He wears a rather large pack that contains several smaller packs inside it all the time. Although he has been injured many times, he has no significant or extensive scarring, and nothing identifiable or blemishing.

Brainy is awful at deciding what he wants to do. He is a natural problem solver, but never does get around to deciding what problems he wants to solve. His career is perfect for his personality because it allows him to simply do what others choose, and get rewarded for it, rather than have to decide what his goals are on his own.

However, once he does have that goal set in his sights, he’s no slouch when it comes to getting it done. He is witty and adaptable, fearing no discomfort and solving would be dilemmas with surprising tenacity and ingenuity. He’ll stop at almost nothing to get his goals completed, doing everything short of open villainy to complete the task at hand if more savory means fail to be productive.

He tends to be rather reclusive at first impression, not having much to say unless the situation forces him to collaborate with others. When he does interact with people, he tends to be extremely blunt and emotionless, sometimes offending others with his lack of tact or kindness because he doesn’t skate over the rough spots, he’ll tell you anything to your face.

He’s got almost a split personality when it comes to his take on solving problems. His initial plans tend to be cautious to the extreme, and in the event that plan ends up unsuccessful, he becomes reckless and unpredictable, doing dangerous, unorthodox, and sometimes downright crazy things that tend to somehow work out, though sometimes at the expense of his personal safety.

Brainy was raised, if you could call it raised, by his father. His mother died giving him birth, and he was an only child. His father was extremely busy however, because he was a top scientist for Silph Co. and he tended to spend his time at work and neglect Brainy as a means of dealing with the loss of his wife. Brainy learned quickly and never had any difficulty in school. He learned at an early age that his father cared little about what he did so long as his grades were top notch.

He was carefree and wild, and had a group of friends that he hung out with and participated together in many childish acts of sabotage and other such normal male childhood behaviors such as doorbell ditching and hitting cars with snowballs. His life was rather regular despite his lack of good parenting support until the time came that most of his friends started getting their first Pokemon as gifts from their parents around the age of ten to twelve. He was somewhat left to himself afterwards, having little time with anyone and simply spending his time alone.

His father one day brought him home a Pokemon that he had previously been using in his laboratory experience due to the urging of Brainy’s teachers expressing worry that his lack of involvement with Pokemon would hamper his social development. It was an Abra that had been used to try and manipulate the memories of Pokemon while they slept in order to more easily teach them new techniques, but the experiments were a rather disappointing failure.

Brainy promptly named his new friend Ephriam, the same name of his once best friend that had moved away shortly before the remainder of Brainy’s group of friends received their own first Pokemon. He became inseparably attached to the Abra, training with him obsessively and soon becoming the top trainer in his school, evolving his cherished Pokemon to an Alakazam with the help of his father, who wanted to observe the evolutionary process of some of the more irregular Pokemon, such as Haunter and Machoke and Kadabra.

Most of Brainy’s life however happened after he graduated early at sixteen. He floundered, and found that no career suited him, and though he had the potential to take the Pokemon League Challenge, he found that he simply couldn’t decide what to do. He was somewhat confused for about six months, until a friend from school contacted him and asked him for a favor. He needed help capturing a Pokemon for his little sister and thought that Brainy could help him because he had been such an excellent trainer in school.

He agreed of course, but he had never before even attempted to capture another Pokemon, and had no idea what the experience would entail.

To make a rather long story rather short, he discovered that it was incredibly satisfying work, and after easily attaining an igglybuff for his friend, he set out to become a renown Pokemon Capture Specialist, capturing all his subsequent Pokemon during his travels. He worked rather generally for a man named Carlson, who was his ‘high society’ contact. Most of his capture requests came through Carlson, and after his last request, when he returned with a sprained left shoulder and having lost an excessive amount of blood, Carlson had all but pushed him onto the boat, telling him that he had no assignment other than to simply spend time enjoying himself and getting the chance to learn about the Pokemon that lived on the ‘exotic island paradise.’

*insert picture phail here*

Ephriam the Alakazam
Description: Not really distinguishable from any other Alakazam, apart from the absence of the stereotypical spoons.
Personality: Ephriam is calm and loyal. He is devoted to Brainy and would obey him in any situation, even to the extent of putting himself in harms way at Brainy’s direct orders, although that situation is extremely rare because he is also Brainy’s closest friend and the only person that Brainy can easily express his emotions with.

Caulder the Gyarados
Description: Normal for Gyarados, but a bit on the large side, almost 3 feet longer, and nearly a hundred pounds bulkier.
Personality: Caulder is the first Pokemon that Brainy caught for himself. He is extremely high strung, tending to fly into a berserker rage if even the slightest interference comes when executing his orders.

Alphonse the Rhydon
Description: Only distinguishing feature being that his body is slightly more grey than the usual Rhydon, probably due to the abnormally high Iron content in his rocky skin.
Personality: Calm and ponderous, Alphonse tends to be rather serious and far sighted, though he is loyal and obedient, he tends to take his instructions with a grain of salt, and is one of Brainy’s more reliable partners.

Maximillian the Sneasel
Description: Small for a Sneasel, nearly six inches shorter than average, but about the same weight. Rather bulky, with limbs that have a little more definition than the stereotypical Sneasel image.
Personality: Maximillian is sly and crafty, preferring to stick to the shadows and watch until he can be certain that his involvement will not result in his own injury before executing any task set before him.

Crobat the… Crobat
Description:Normal in every way, the perfectly stereotypical Crobat.
Personality: Crobat is direct. There’s no wait time between orders and action with this Pokemon. He is extremely obedient, but is poor at adapting to new information, instead preferring to carry out his original charge or wait for new orders rather than adjust to any new threat that may be placed in his vicinity.

Togepi the… Togepi
Description:Has more of a sheen than typically expected of pokemon as youthful as Togepi. Spikes on its head are slightly more pronounced and elongated than normal, but normal coloring.
Personality: Pampered and attention seeking, this Pokemon loves the spotlight, and is adept at getting others, both people and Pokemon alike, to trust it and let down their guard around it.

Other: Anything else you wish to say... I like Sweet Potatoes... and Reese's Pieces too!

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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

... D= I didn't mean to scare people off. I was just making a sign-up based on what was normally expected on some of the roleplay forums I used to go on DDDD=
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Okay, I’m warning you, this sign up is going to fail.

Forum Username: *points at name* Cipher Lord. I never understood these >>

Messenger Name: AIM; Robertio123

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: Erm, no RPs at the moment (in the process of writing one. It will be epik), but I am writing a fanfic. I'm assuming this means things that I've made. I'll get the link in a bit. Though beware, I have to renovate Chapter Two. I concede it fails. Hard.

I’ve been in Team RP V, another Team RP, all the latter two Quistas (yea, I loved these, and I still mention them), and then a few smaller RPs.

Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: Name the System (D&D, Exalted, etc.)

Other Roleplaying Experience: A few years of RPing on PE2K, and a tiny bit of Serebii RPing.

Character Name: Officer Robert "Slice" Elliot Barnabas Anderson Percival Nekain Sharpas


Age: 22

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Skills: Swordplay. Basically great with swords. He started out with fencing, and then continued to real blades. I'll go over this more in my history.

Equipment: One falchion (carried at the hip in a sheath; named Atara), and two katana (slung over the back in an X; named Atare and Ataru). Also, the three spikes that he has on his left shoulder are detachable and able to be re-inserted and used as projectiles or daggers; though they work best as a piercing weapon. Also, the large metal arm braces itself can be used as a blunt object. Description:
^Drastically decrease the size of the falchion, and pretend he has two katana in sheathes slung over his back, as well as a sheath that the falchion fits in.

Robert stands at about 6’4”, and has dark red hair. It falls to around his neck, and curls around his head at some points. He wears a tight skinned long sleeved shirt, and then at the hands gloves. Over his left arm he wears a bracer with a trio of loosely attached throwing knives in the form of red spikes. He wears brown slacks with a leather belt and two fashionable leather rings around his leg (although they don’t do anything to degenerate his movement). At his hip he has a sheath in which he holds his falchion, and at his neck, a ragged cape, which swirls around him and gives him an intimidating look. On his back (positioned in a way it isn’t hindered by the rag draped over him) are two katana in sheaths.

This appearance makes his rebel chaotic good persona even more intimidating, as he is tall, pale and handsome.

Personality: Robert is very strong willed and, as some may put it, defiant. He doesn’t like to respect authority and has many problems with following orders. He likes to do things ‘his own way’ as he likes to do it; this basically means doing it the way he sees fit. When angered, he will basically throw caution to the wind and flat out attack the ‘target’ and try to kill it. As he puts it ‘If you stab something in the head enough times, it’s guaranteed to die’.

But despite these qualities, Robert has an innate sense of justice. He will always fight for what is right, well, at least in his eyes, and doesn’t let anything go; whether it be an evil villain or a petty thief. He will try to kill it to the best of his abilities, and will beat himself up about it if he fails. Altogether, he forms the perfect rebel, someone who will fight for the right things but doesn’t always do the right things to get there.

History: Robert never had a wonderful childhood, and he is grateful for that; it helped him become the rough around the edges person he is today. He was born small and premature, a full two and a half weeks before the scheduled time. In addition to this, his mother died in the emergency surgery they had to do to get him out of the womb. The anesthetic wore off just as they took the premature baby out and as such, she had a heart attack and died.

His father was a drunk and a gambler, repeatedly throwing away the small amount of money he got from his job as a lowly paid intern at a police station. Once they found that he had these problems, they immediately cut him loose, leaving him with a one and a half year old son, drinking and gambling problems, and no job.

Soon enough, the government seized Robert from his clutches, and sent him to rehab. Robert was sent nurtured by a motherly government agent who had taken it upon herself to adopt the young infant. She was murdered in a terrorist attack on the Sinnoh government building when Robert was five.

After that, he was sent to a foster home. He stayed there for two years, and discovered what probably was the sole reason he became a master of swordsplay in the first place; stick battling. The older children of the foster home (about eleven or twelve) would find decent sized sticks in the yard of the large home, pretend they were swords, and ‘duel’ with them. Robert viewed this from afar, and when he was six, decided to play.

He grabbed a stick, jumped in one of the duels, and left it with the other two boys covered in bruises. He played this for six months before it was finally banned by the owner of the home. During this stint, he had become champion of Dueling and was the youngest ever champion; this was where he earned his nickname ‘Slice’.

Eight months later, when he was seven, a rich married couple came to the home and adopted Robert. He voiced his interest in swordsmanship and they got him fencing lessons. In this, he immediately became a master, and was elected to move onto real swords. He practiced on dummies with a falchion and two katana, named Atara, Atare, and Ataru respectively.

At sixteen, he was drafted into the police force, using only a special arm brace that held three daggers and doubled as a club, his blades, and his Staraptor (which he had gotten for his twelfth birthday as a Starly). He immediately soared high in the positions.

At twenty two he was drafted to the National Park division of the police force, and helped save the old man, and was approached by the man, asking for his help with several other trainers.

His one and only Pokemon, Staraptor, is all he needs. It is a transportation, and a weapon. It can attack using wings, beaks, talons, or all of the above. In addition to this, it was his first Pokemon, and due to that it is extremely loyal. It can be said that Staraptor is the closest thing to Robert in the world; and that is true. The two will happily lay down their lives for each other.

Other: When stressed, he pulls out the falchion and goes over the sides of it with his hands.


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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

@__@ I'm sorry I've taken so long to get this thing up. It's not finished, but I swear I'll get it done soon and edit this once it's complete.

Forum Username: Tyranitar_Trainer
Messenger Name: TTar Trainer (AIM)
Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: Uh, follow the link to Monsters in the Machine (the link is in mah sig ^^)
Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: I’ve dabbled in D&D a little
Other Roleplaying Experience: Uh, way too much to list here XD. Let’s just say I’ve been RPing on both forums and over IM for about twelve or so years now

Character Name: Kasha Brown

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Skills: Smooth Talker- Kasha can get people to believe black is white and white is purple. She uses this useful ability to get people on her side when she’s looking into crimes. Then, when the police are busy dealing with random angry mobs, Kasha has more time to look for evidence without having to worry about being caught messing around a crime scene. It’s also useful for when “the law” tries to step in and restore their pathetic sense of order; Kasha can sneak off under the cover of many bodies, despite the fact that she’s easily spotted in a crowd.

Equipment: Kasha carries a large collection of lock picks. She uses these when snooping for clues that “the law” is too timid or weak to find by force.

Description: Kasha stands around 5’4” tall and weighs just shy of 110 pounds. She’s slender and looks rather petite, but don’t let it fool you. Kasha is anything but an easy target. She has dark red hair that hangs to the small of her back, and piercing teal eyes. She wears loose-fitting, bright-colored clothes that contain many hidden pockets, in which she keeps her various lock picks. She can also hide other things when need be, such as guns or “evidence” she finds when investigating a crime. Her footwear depends on the weather; when it’s warm, she wears brown sandals, and when it’s cool, she wears plain black tennis shoes.

All in all, she’s pretty enough, but she’s more striking than beautiful. You definitely won’t forgot her once you see her, and she’s pretty much impossible to miss in a crowd.

Personality: Kasha is loud, proud, and can be annoying to the point of driving someone crazy. She’s stubborn and bullheaded, often barging off into action without taking the time to think about what she’s doing or listen to the advice of others. She can be crude at times, and always speaks the blunt truth. She’s the kind of person people don’t like to be around because of her offensive personality, and Kasha doesn’t seem to care at all that people tend to avoid her.

Underneath all that, though, is a person is actually does care about others. She hates injustice to the point of taking things into her own hands, believing “the law” is highly incompetent when it comes to dealing with crimes and those who commit them. She’ll do whatever it takes to bring criminals to justice, and if “the law” is too weak to do what needs to be done (or proves corrupt, as is often the case, and doesn’t punish the criminals because of bribes or what have you), then Kasha will personally see to it that the unjust are duly…disciplined.

Kasha isn’t one for relationships, and that includes friends. She believes that she’ll become less effective at her self-appointed job if she gets close to people/ Not only that, she doesn’t like the idea of anyone she might care about getting caught between her and people who might want to take her out. If people try to get underneath her hard exterior, Kasha puts on a façade of being distant and anti-social. There are times, though, when she lets the illusion slip, and a persistent person may very well find that Kasha is a pretty good person. They have to live with the fact that she won’t openly admit how much she cares about them, but it’s a small price to pay.

Because of this, Kasha has a very keen sense of loyalty. If a person manages to get close to her, she’ll do everything in her power to keep them safe. If someone she cares about gets hurt or is the target of a crime, Kasha’s already strong sense of justice makes her go absolutely nuts with a desire for vengeance, and nothing short of death will keep her from doling out a very unpleasant revenge on whoever did the offense.

While Kasha’s personality is unappealing to just about everyone who doesn’t know her, this doesn’t hamper her mastery over the art of speech. She can ignite passion and excitement in others with her words, and when she really gets into a speech, she can turn even the most stubborn of people to her way of thinking. She usually uses this ability to turn people against “the law,” and it’s no surprise that local authorities learn to dislike her very quickly wherever she goes.

The only ones Kasha openly shows her feelings for are her Pokemon. Despite how close she may become with other humans, her Pokemon are her dearest and most loved friends. You thought she was scary when you shot her friend Terry? Shoot one of her Pokemon and you’ll see what an insane person is really like.

History: What has your character been doing until now? Did he lead a good life? What was his childhood like?


~Shade (Male Gengar)- Shade is Kasha’s Starter. He’s your typical Gengar; sneaky, sly, and mischievous to the extreme. He loves to play pranks on people, even Kasha, who seems to be the only one who finds Shade’s jokes funny. Everyone else just thinks they’re annoying. Despite his goofy and child-like nature, though, Shade is actually very mature for a Gengar. He knows when it’s time to get serious, and once he’s in that mindset, it’s like he’s a completely different Pokemon. Unlike other Gengar, Shade doesn’t play around in battle.

Shade is also oddly close to Kasha, especially for a Ghost. His bond with his Trainer goes beyond the fact that he’s her Starter. He’s very protective of her and becomes downright frightening when people threaten her. If someone hurts her, no matter who it is, the Gengar will go out of his way to try and do them in.

~Ripper (Male Scizor)- Ripper is the silent one of Kasha’s team. He never gets flustered and never shows his anger, and is the very picture of level headedness. He keeps his cool no matter what the situation, and can come up with a plan of action in the blink of an eye. He finds Shade’s childish behavior annoying, but you’d never be able to tell, since Ripper doesn’t let his emotions show. In battle, he’s a brilliant tactician whose well-planned moves are backed up by his unbreakable determination. No matter the foe, you’ll never see him hesitate or back down.

Ripper’s relationship with Kasha is as quiet as he is. While it’s clear he cares about his Trainer, he shows it in subtle ways that others might miss. The only time you’ll see this one lose his cool is when Kasha is in some kind of mortal danger; then he becomes a red whirlwind of rage, using his anger to drive his strength in order to protect his Trainer.

~Jess (Female Froslass)-

Other: Anything else you which to say
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

EDIT: I'm finished with my SU.

Forum Username: Ajarr

Messenger Name:

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: Look at signature (I do have other experiences as an RPer and I have improved over the months. My past RP experiences are in Holumanto's account.)

Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: Um... I probably have played some sort of RPG game, but I just can't remember.

Other Roleplaying Experience: I have had previous user accounts on this site and have had experiences with RPs (Holumanto / Blufoo70).

Character Name: Chris Cloverfield

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Alignment: Neutral Good

Skills: Chris was orignally an underwater welder for Pastoria City in the Sinnoh region until he decided to set off on an adventure with Pokemon like everyone else. He has many skills with diving equipment and basic knowledge of how to survive in the wild which he learned from his last attempt at a Pokemon journey. He knows what to do and what not to do in a Pokemon battle as well as useful tactics for his Pokemon.

Equipment: After Chris had quit his job as an underwater welder he had to give back all of the equipment that he had borrowed for his job so that left him with the items he had at home such as a flashlight, survivor knife, and other neccesities needed for an adventure. Besides man-made items he also used his own Pokemon like weapons and treated them as his friends.

Description: Chris is 5'7 and weighs in at 157 pounds. He has curly black hair and crystal blue eyes. Along with his height and weight, Chris is pretty muscular and is currently working on getting muscular abs. Chris loves to wear shorts, but on cold days he wears blue jeans and a skin tight dark blue jacket. Chris's coal black shoes with white inlings was where Chris hid his survival knife whenever he was put in a sticky situation.

When you looks at Chris you think, "Wow, he looks pretty tough." This was because of his shoulder size and his arm size. Both were huge although Chris was a bit short. On his dark green belt buckle he has a small metal chain hanging from the right side of it with a small dark blue bag attached to it containing his Pokeballs.
Personality: Chris is an easy going person who likes to have fun like most people. He likes to stay on the good side of everyone and shows respect for others. Chris, however, does get mad when confronted with a situation. If someone picked on him or just made him angry, he would release his anger onto his enemies. He does try to contain his anger and ignore any negative comments, but if it went too far then there was no stopping Chris Cloverfield.

Along with his anger, Chris also gets sad easy as well. When he gets too mad he cries, when he's depressed he cries, and when he laughs so hard he cries. Some of the time he wants to be left alone and some of the time he wants to be surronded by others. This just shows how conflicted Chris really is, but sleeping and playing video games helps release some of his steam. Doing those things is just a thrill to Chris and it helps him cope with whatever stressful situation he is put in.

History: Chris Cloverfield was born and raised in the city of Pastoria in the Sinnoh region. His parents were well known for being the highest paid lawyers in Pastoria City which meant that they were wealthy. Chris was given the best and only the best there was available. Whether it be expensive toys or newly released video games, the Cloverfield family had it all. Their home was a large two story house built atop a hill with a beautiful view of the Great Marsh with a long narrow dirt road leading towards the urban city down below.

When Chris was around five years of age he was sent to a private Trainer's School and was given his first Pokemon when he was enrolled. It was a Shinx that was captured in another part of the Sinnoh region and shipped over to his Trainer's school for him to keep forever. It was only Chris and four other children with him in that school since most parents would wait and put their children in Trainer's school later on. Chris was at the Trainer's School for six years till he parent's brought him out of it and allowed him to start his own Pokemon journey with his Shinx that he's had for a long time now.

Since Pastoria was at the center of many routes, Chris had the chance to choose which path he wanted to take first so he took the path to Hearthome due to it's popularity and reputation as one of the best cities in all of the Sinnoh region. Overtime Chris caught more Pokemon and he Shinx evolved into a Luxio and into a Luxray as he battled more and more. However in a ravaged rock path near Floaroma town, something terrible happened. A group of blood thirsty Zubat attacked him out of nowhere and began to suck the life away from him till a local pedestrian helped him and run off the wild Zubats.

Chris was on the verge of death and was put into a deep sleep for three months after the attack. When he woke up he looked at the adjacent calendar to see that three months had passed. He knew that his whole life could be wasted if he was to continue his Pokemon journey so he headed back to his hometown of Pastoria city to lead a normal life there. His father, Brandon Cloverfield, had got Chris a job as an underwater welder so Chris took the job and worked there for around four years.

Everything was going pretty good for Chris till one fateful night when his parents went out for dinner at the local Croagunk Cafe. A criminal ,that had recently escaped Pastoria City's prison facilities, killed both of Chris' parents and made off with the money they had on them. When Chris caught news of this he vowed to find the criminal and kill him. During his parents' funeral, he made a decision to continue his Pokemon journey while searching for the criminal who killed his parents.

After a long year of searching and battling, Chris decided to take a break and head over to the National Park. As he boarded the S.S Krabby he wondered if he could find the murderer at the National Park. Maybe he was in hiding there? There was only one way to find out as Chris heads towards the National Park.


Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Personality: Luxray was a very calm and petit Pokemon that you have ever met. He never really cared about what happened around him and only gave care to the things he was doing. Even when challenged by others to a battle he would merely walk into battle and finish it. He also never showed any signs of depression or joy. When Luxray was a Shinx it was a very energetic and jolly Pokemon, that was till it evolved into Luxio and then into Luxray.

Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Personality: Monferno is an easily annoyed Pokemon that enjoys to be alone. Back when he was a Chimchar, he was the same way except that he was a little friendly than he is now. Even the littlest of all noises could enrage Monferno and send him into a blazing fury. Monferno does, however, get upset whenever he loses in a battle or for whatever reason he may have. Although Monferno seems to be stubborn he is truly kind inside.

Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Personality: Hoppip is the most friendly of all of Chris' Pokemon. Whenever she has the chance, Hoppip will leap towards Chris and give him a hug before doing whatever she was about to do. Although she is friendly when you see her, in battle Hoppip is an enraged creature. She would do anything to completly obliterate her opponent with her infamous Sleep Powder and other moves in her arsenal. But when the battle is over Hoppip goes back into being the small friendly Pokemon that everyone has to come love.

Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Personality: Dratini is just your average Pokemon doing his average things. He is not stubborn like Monferno, not as friendly as Hoppip, and not as calm as Luxray, but just a normal Dratini that does whatever his Trainer wants him to do. In battle he is the same as he has been. Dratini does show affection sometimes and depression when it's sad, but other than that Dratini is just...... normal.

Other: When in dangerous situations, Chris uses his survival knife to fend off enemies.

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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

I'm going to close sign-ups exactly a week after I posted up the thread.

That means you only have a few days to post your SU if you're interested.
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
I'm going to close sign-ups exactly a week after I posted up the thread.

That means you only have a few days to post your SU if you're interested.
Harry, has anyone been accepted yet?
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Originally Posted by Cipher Lord View Post
Harry, has anyone been accepted yet?
I reckon he'll pick them after SUs are closed, because it's no use deciding to do only 1 party, picking 5 right now and no-one else have a chance to sign up. Also, if someone else does sign up, it wouldn't be nice for anyone who was already accepted to have their place taken off them.

I'M WORKING ON MY SU RIGHT NOW. I swear I will get it done.
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