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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Arrow Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Discussion

Pokemon Missions

Although it is not well-known, work on the Park continues to progress. A lot of the threads you see in this section are still under development.

The trick is that a lot of what is being planned needs to be tested before we can release it. On the other hand, if it doesn’t work very well, then people will think that the idea is flawed to begin with. It is a tricky situation.

Thus, I announce what is to be the first of many hints about the new Park and what is being developed. I present to you: Pokemon Missions.

Your Mission

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to overcome the various challenges that you will encounter during the park. Should you succeed, life, as we know it, will be better off and the world will be safe once again. Should you fail, well, let's not talk about that.

The Missions can best be compared to the role playing already done on PE2K or a Dungeons and Dragons game. In both, a party of trainers (role players) creatively attempt to combat and defeat various encounters, slowly working their way through the adventure in order to finish their mission. In this sense, it is the aspect of the Park that PE2K members will be most familiar with and hopefully a good launching point for the Park.

This party will encounter hazards that can vary from a hostile criminal to a wild stampede to an exploding volcano. In order to overcome these hazards, the party needs cooperation, creativity, and determination. There are many solutions to a problem, but some are better than others.

Missions occur at random or scheduled intervals as determined by the Park Leaders. Each Mission has four phases: Planning Phase, Launching Phase, Adventure Phase, Debriefing Phase.

Planning Phase

The Planning Phase is non-public time frame in which the major events of a Mission are planned out. This includes the plot of the Mission, the objectives within the Mission, and the results of succeeding and/or failing for each objective. In addition, the possible results of an overall success/failure of the mission should be planned here as well.

When the Park Supervisor approves, the Mission moves into the Launching Phase at a pre-determined time.

Launching Phase

The Launching Phase is primarily used to organize the parties and rangers before the actual plot of the Mission begins.

A Park Leader posts the background information and plot of the Mission. This gives the trainers a sense of what is currently the situation and what needs to be done. The background should contain only a hint of what may come within the Mission as well as the initial objectives of the mission. This is similar to the initial post of someone hosting a role play. Initial Objectives could include scouting out a secret Team Rocket base, stopping whatever plan Team Rocket has, and capturing Team Rocket’s leader.

At this point, the Leader opens up the thread to sign-ups. Trainers are asked to form parties of a certain size. The size of the party depends on what kind of Mission is being done, but the recommended size is a Minimum of 4 and a Maximum of 6. Parties that do not meet the size requirements will not be allowed to attempt the Mission. It is recommended that parties choose a temporary name in order to add to the “coolness” of the Mission. These parties are not permanent and new parties will be created the next time a Mission is activated.

In addition, during this time period, Rangers will be asked to choose a party that they will “guide”. This is similar to a Dungeon Master in which the Ranger determines how effective a party’s actions are and what results they may have. Only one ranger is needed per a party. No ranger may guide more than one party unless there is a lack of rangers.

After a certain time period, the Launching Phase is closed. All accepted parties and their corresponding ranger begin their adventure. The Adventure Phase begins.

Adventure Phase

This is the most time-consuming and most intense of the four phases. In this phase, the parties will be challenged to do what no individual trainer could do alone (unless you are Ash Ketchum).

Each party will have their own thread, created by their respective Ranger. The Ranger begins by posting the start of the adventure. It some cases, it could be as simple as the Ranger himself charging the party to do their best in whatever mission that lays in store for them. In other cases, the parties may find themselves with limited instructions and only their wits to guide them. Then off they go, into the wilderness that is the Park.

The Ranger acts similar to a Dungeon Master (Dungeons & Dragons) or a Storyteller (Exalted). The Ranger controls every NPC you interact with, both friendly and unfriendly. In addition, should you take an action that has a chance of failing, the Ranger will determine, based on your roleplaying, if it succeeds or fails. For instance, writing a letter does not need a Ranger's decision. Writing a letter in a blazing inferno, however, definitely needs the Ranger's input.

It should be stated that each party runs the same Mission plot in this case. In addition, the actions of one party do not affect the actions of another party. If one party blows up Team Rocket’s base, Team Rocket’s base in any of the other threads does not blow up. It is similar to alternate universes in which every little action can literally change how events unfold.

This also has the added advantage of giving both the parties and the rangers leeway in how they wish to do things. How will the party find Team Rocket’s secret base? One party might try flying pokemon to scout ahead. Another might use Houndoom to sniff out strange scents. A third could try to lure out a Rocket Member with rumors of rare pokemon. A fourth might try some bizarre Psychic radar trick. It all depends on creativity.

In addition, the varying methods could have some interesting results. Luring out a Team Rocket member and capturing him would definitely help that party determine a lot more information than a scouting Pidgeot would. However, they also have to deal with the fact that they now have a prisoner? Do they go back to the Ranger Station and hand him over, wasting valuable time, or do they tie him up and come back for him later, risking him escaping and warning the base? None of the other parties have to deal with this situation and it adds to the drama of the Mission, making it special and unique for this party.

Ultimately, the parties will find themselves approaching various objectives. These objectives are key to the success of the mission. In addition, achieving these objectives also determine what rewards the party earns in the Debriefing Phase. More of this will be talked about later. The important thing to consider is that some objectives are more critical than others. And the most critical ones have time limits. For instance, if the party does not infiltrate Team Rocket’s base on time, their leader will have more time to escape, thus failing the objective to capture him. Of course, like everything else, the time limit could be modified based on the party's actions. Secretly infiltrating the base and not letting anyone know of their presence would let the party have more time to capture the leader since he won’t know to escape until it was too late. However, if the party managed to set off the security sensors before they entered the base, the leader is sure to prepare his escape route just in case.

Other objectives will be discovered during the mission as well. As the party scours the Rocket computer database, looking for hints into what Team Rocket is up to, they notice that the secret project is to experiment on hyper drugs to increase Pokemon Strength at the cost of their lives! Even worse, it appears they’ve recently captured Professor Elm and are threatening to kill him if he doesn’t help them develop this drug.

Well now you have a real situation. Two new objectives now appear. The first is to destroy the drugs and all technical formulas on how to create it. This goes hand in hand with the earlier objective of stopping Team Rocket, but with the added cost that should they stop Team Rocket and not destroy the drug; it is likely that Team Rocket will come back and use it again. The second objective is that they must rescue Professor Elm. He’s a respected Pokemon Professor and Team Rocket will likely kill him since Elm would rather die than help them.

This gives the party a bit of a dilemma. Which objective do they go after first? Do they try and destroy the drugs and formula or save Professor Elm? Or should they split up and attempt both at the same time. And how would they accomplish this? Do they go to the laboratory and start wrecking everything in sight? Do they head to the Reactor and attempt to blow up the base and everything with it? Do they attempt to hack the computer mainframe and first delete all the data digitally? The parties will need to think creatively on how they want to pursue the matter and rangers should let parties be as creative as possible. Their actions will affect what happens next. Blowing up the base may work, but how do they (and Professor Elm) escape an exploding building? Hacking the data would work, but it would alert Team Rocket to their location. Simply destroying everything in the lab might not work since there is also a digital storage, but luckily that is where Professor Elm was being held, so they did manage to rescue him.

In this sense, parties are guided towards their objectives, but they are not lead by hand to them. Actions have consequences and the rangers will do their best to determine what these consequences are, for better or worse. Good strategy and planning could help a party succeed where another party had failed.

It should be noted that parties are highly recommended to not read each others Mission threads. One, each Ranger will do things differently, so even if you apply the same approach as another party, you will get different results. Two, there may be better solutions out there. Copy at your own risk.

Debriefing Phase

So after all is said in done, the party struggles back to Base to report their success.

In this phase, the Ranger debriefs the party, discussing the consequences of their actions. Should a party achieve all their objectives, they are praised. Should a party fail all their objectives, they are given a stern lecture and asked to do better.

The rewards for each Mission depend on how successful each part was. The more objectives achieved, the greater the reward. Rewards can range from money to items to pokemon. A more successful party will win more than a less successful party.

In addition, once every party has reported in, the Ranger Leaders will go over the results of each Mission. If a certain percentage of the Mission were a success, usually this would be a majority, than overall the parties were successful. Team Rocket has been defeated and they have left the island. Now, depending on the objectives achieved, this could mean that they left with the formula and will likely be back, but that is for another day and another Mission to deal with.

Should the majority of the parties be successful, every party who participates will receive a Success Reward. The storyline is affected by the parties and it is a collaborative effort. Thus, everyone should be rewarded.

The storyline of the Park is then modified to reflect the recent events and the Park continues as before.

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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

The Story So Far...

Although this has not been stated previously, the Park is located on a large island. The island is a near the Orange Islands, but distant enough to not be considered a part of them. It is a wild frontier in which pokemon of all types live, free from human interference. Every possible terrain can be found here and it is rumored that even rare pokemon make their homes here. In the Pokemon Park, anything is possible.

You are one of a few people who have managed to hear about The National Park and have decided to visit it for one reason or another. Perhaps you desire to catch rare pokemon. Maybe you wish to try to photograph unique and interesting species. Or you just simply wished to get away from it all and go on an adventure. The Park offers many opportunities for all.

A small ferry set off from Mandarin island early this morning. It takes a good 16 hours of travel to reach the Park by boat and no intelligent trainer would attempt to fly to it over open, untested water. The skipper, Captain Mary Tavler, owns this particular vessel, the S.S. Krabby. It is even painted the proper bright red of an actual Krabby, complete with a Krabby logo on the side.

Talking with Captain Tavler gives you the impression that she is not only a Krabby fanatic, but also long-winded. She bores you to tears about her latest Krabby expedition in which she climbed Mt. Coronet in search of rare Mountain Krabby. Unfortunately, she had not found any, but she is determined to keep searching for the most unique Krabby in the world. She is told that The National Park has some of the rarest Krabby in the world and she will catch those Krabby no matter what. Unfortunately, as she finishes her rededication, she punches down on the ship’s wheel, sending the ship spinning sharply to the starboard.

Luckily, you managed to hold onto the cabin door instead of being thrown out over the rail into the sea. The old man who was standing outside, however, was not so lucky. He tumbled right over. After a quick rescue operation that involved a few water pokemon, a life jacket, an emergency float, and a lot of tugging; the old man managed to climb back onboard. Captain Tavler, sporting a bright red blush, apologized over and over to the man. Luckily, the old man laughed it off, finding the small adventure to be... exhilarating.

The rest of the trip managed to be uneventful, with Tavler carefully guiding her vessel this time. You start to question your luck. Sure, you managed to find the only ship heading to The National Park this week, but will you live to see the Park? Luckily, you arrive safely.

Tavler guides the Krabby to the wooden dock jutting out from the island’s beach, carefully bringing the boat to the side. Moments later, you find yourself walking down the wooden plank onto the dock. The sea sways gently beneath you. Turning east, you see the sun slowly start to set in the distance. It’s been a long day and you try to stifle a yawn, but fail.

That is when you hear a voice. You turn around towards the beach and notice someone running towards you. As he approaches, you notice him wearing what appears to be black khaki pants and a red vest over a white shirt. A top his head is a brown Ranger’s hat, though it appears to be falling off as the man erratically jogs toward you. He seems frantic, waving his arms back and forth.

You, and the others who have accompanied you, pace onto the beach toward the man. He looks frantic as he runs up to you.

"You... are... trainers?" he pants fervently, "Right?"

You and a few others nod, visibly worried.

"Good," he replies, "You need to come with me... We have a situation."

The sun sets behind you.

The Specifics

For this Trial Run, I will be the only Ranger. I will run a single party through the Mission.

During this trial, I will be using rules that you may be unfamiliar with. This is to be expected. I assure you that I am a qualified grader and a former Ref Tester. I know how both work. However, this is neither a story nor a battle. This is a roleplay.

Like a story, I value creativity, description, and realism. Unique ideas and creative uses of moves, tools, and pokemon will give you a better chance of success. Describing it in good detail will make it better. It needs to be realistic though. You godmode this and you will fail.

Unlike a story, you do not have complete control over everything. You control your character and that’s all. In addition, I am looking for length, but not pointless length. Everything must be worth reading. I do not want to read three posts about you walking through a door. That is not interesting. Every post must be an attempt to accomplish something, and that can include discussing plans with your party or roleplaying out your character.

Like I battle, I value ingenuity, strategy, and logic. Water is better against Fire. A Tyranitar is physically stronger than a Larvitar. Combinations do work in a roleplay and I expect you to use tactics I have never seen before.

Unlike a battle, damage is not a set proposition. Calculate all you want, the damage you deal will not be the same as that in the gameboy. Your damage is based on many factors including: terrain, accuracy, condition of both pokemon, creativity, etc. The better you roleplay and describe your attack, the more creative you are, the more damage you will deal. Be careful though, your opponents will be clever too. They will not be easy. You give me a good description and a good tactic and I will reward you with better damage. To be blunt, a good roleplayer with a Magikarp can defeat a bad roleplayer with a Starmie.

There may be times where I may change various rules and conditions. I will try to do this as few times as possible, but this is a trial and I am testing various components to the park. Please accept this changes and continue on.

I will ask for feedback every two weeks or so. I will contact you via PM or AIM and discuss with you what you think about the Mission. This includes storyline, logistics, character, etc. My goal is for you to have fun and to create an adventure that will live on in memory.

I will only accept 4 to 6 people for this Trial Run. I am aiming for 5, but we will see based on sign-ups. My selection criteria is varied. I am looking for a wide diversity of people. I need experienced roleplayers and inexperienced roleplayers. People with and without Tabletop Roleplaying experience. Experience URPGers with 6 pokemon and Casual Gamers with only a few pokemon.

But most of all, I am looking for good, unique characters. Sure you may be a Pokemon Trainer, but what does that mean? Are you an old man searching for a slowpoke he left here long ago? Are you a reformed criminal searching for meaning in life? Are you a young woman, hoping to discover love in your journey? I want to know who you are. Be unique and creative.

This is NOT first come, first served. I will close sign-up in a week and choose the party from there.

I apologize for the long form. It is necessary for me to choose people with a variety of experiences in order to best test Pokemon Missions. Please bear with it.

Now, are you ready?

Roleplaying Form

Forum Username: Your PE2K Name.
Messenger Name: Specify which messenger.

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: Provide Link Here.
Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: Name the System (D&D, Exalted, etc.)
Other Roleplaying Experience: Have you LARPED, Digimon RP?

Character Name: Full Character’s Name and Nickname if there is one.
Gender: Male or Female
Age: Characters Age
Alignment: Based on Dungeons and Dragons. At the moment, I am restricting this to only Good alignments. If you wish to roleplay another alignment, talk with me about it.

Lawful Good: Society was designed to deal with those who do wrong. Only by following the rules and doing good, can we do what is right. (Paladin, Cop)

Neutral Good: You do anything, regardless of rules, if it is right. Nothing else matters. (A doctor that treats both sides of a war)

Chaotic Good: Society cannot combat evil. It is too weak to handle the dangers that darkness presents. (Robin Hood, Rebel)

Skills: Based on your persona. If you are a doctor, you have medical knowledge. If you are a miner, you know everything about caves.
Equipment: Based on your persona. A photographer will have a camera for example.

Description: What you look like.
Personality: How you act, depending on the situation. Hopes, Dreams, Fears?
History: What has your character been doing until now? Did he lead a good life? What was his childhood like?

Pokemon: List your pokemon. They must be pokemon you own in the URPG. You do not need 6 pokemon. Also, it is recommended you include what your pokemon look like and their personalities.

Other: Anything else you which to say.
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

This > The previous National Park. I actually get this one

I guess I'll have a shot at signing up, but I have a very strong tendancy to post the beginning of a SU then never finish it ^^;

Forum Username: -Pichu Boy-
Messenger Name: AIM: magic kid930

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: My RP, Knowledge, Emotion and Willpower ; Jackson's RP, The Island of the Amulets | EspeonSun's RP, Pokemon, Childm Together

I've probably been in more, but those two are the ones that have been most successful that I've been in. Please be aware that they were all a year and a half ago so I wasn’t as good as I am now xD

Also, I’ve written many URPG stories and only failed one. That one was rushed and I sort of did expect that I might fail.

Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: Can't remember the name, I'll be sure to ask my friend and edit. I have been in one, though

Other Roleplaying Experience: I was in a Sonic RP once, if that helps at all.

Character Name: Mark Chate
Gender: Male
Age: 15 (you didn't specify an age minimum, so I hope this is ok ^^;)
Alignment: Lawful Good

Skills: Has an interest in computers and would be able to search through a computer for basic data. Mark is also an on-the-spot thinker, so if something happened that didn't go according to plan, he'd be able to think up a solution relatively quickly.

Equipment: Basic Trainer equipment - rucksack with many pockets for different items including: Pokeballs, both to hold his own Pokemon in and to capture other Pokemon with; healing items; general use items; key, irreplaceable items; etc...

Description: (I'm going to include a picture as well, in case my description fails xD) Mark is roughly 5' 10" and has long, blonde hair. He prefers to have it messed up so despises it whenever he is told to have it combed, as it usually then flops over his sea-blue eyes.

Mark isn’t as muscular as most of the peers his age. He weighs roughly eight stone and six pounds; the average weight that a fifteen year old boy is expected to weigh.

Mark’s clothes are usually normal, casual clothes. The majority of the time it consists of a white tee-shirt with a blue jacket, brown cargo trousers and a pair of red and white trainers.

Personality: Mark has an unpredictable personality. For the majority of the time, he is usually shy and prefers to let others tell him what to do rather than take control. However, if he is provoked to a point where his anger gets the better of him, then he will do all that he can to get things done. He is a straightforward thinker but it confuses him when things don't go according to plan. However, most of the time, he is able to shake it off and carry on.

Mark isn’t the sort of boy who makes friends quickly, but after a while of being acquainted with people and after he’s got to know them better, he’ll start to relax more around them. If he sees a friend in danger, though, he will act quickly, but usually recklessly to protect the person, even if it would mean jumping out in front of a Sharpedo attack. He isn’t prone to fighting unless he is either provoked or protecting someone, but he would get into a battle if he was in a foul mood, even if the person was someone he could consider a friend.

History: Mark was born into a family of Pokemon breeders. From a relatively young age, he enjoyed helping to look after the Pokemon and was eager to meet any new Pokemon that were dropped off. He particularly enjoyed Ice type Pokémon, deciding that the type was his favourite from a young age. He liked to get the Pokémon to stand still and sketch – or more at that age, doodle – them. As he grew up, his pictures became better and more life-like.

For his fifth birthday, Mark’s parents gave him an egg that one of the Pokémon had laid and the owner didn’t want it. Mark was fascinated by what could be inside the egg, and so kept it with him every moment of the day. If ever he was separated from the egg, he would either throw a tantrum to get it back or sulk and worry about it. He would spend most of his free time just staring at the egg, not wanting to miss the hatching of it.

One day, about a couple of months later, Mark was watching his egg as usual when it started to shudder. Mark was shocked at this and panicked a bit at first. But as the egg started shaking more and more, he calmed down, knowing he’d have to be like a parent to the Pokémon inside. Slowly, the egg started cracking and once the top of it came off, a Sneasel poked its head through.

For years later, that Sneasel went everywhere with Mark. When he was ten years old and able to start his Pokémon journey, his parents offered to look after Sneasel at the daycare, but Mark refused, wanting to travel with Sneasel. During their adventure, they’ve caught four extra Pokémon to date, two of which are Ice types.

Pokemon: Weavile, Arcanine, Froslass, Glaceon, Plusle, Minun

Gender: Female
Personality: Weavile is generally a curious Pokémon. Mark is always worried that the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’ will change to ‘curiosity killed the Weavile’. Weavile is always protective of anything that she considers to be her ‘territory’ or ‘property’ and is one to attack first and not bother to ask questions later; if the target is a threat, the target is attacked. She was Mark’s starter Pokémon.

Weavile, in battle, is quite fragile, but when she can get a chance to set up safely, she can be quite a threat. Her movepool is quite ranged, but focuses mainly on Ice, Dark and Fighting-type moves.

Gender: Male
Personality: Arcanine is what you’d call a ‘gentle giant’. Although he may look ferocious and intimidating, deep inside, he cares a lot. However, when needed to be tough, he can be, being quite an asset to Mark’s team.

Arcanine is more of an outright attacker. He can use both Physical and Special moves well, incorporating in status or set-up moves if need be.

Gender: Female
Personality: Froslass is a mysterious creature, usually shy and reserved. She prefers to be on her own for the most part, so Mark doesn’t let her out of her Pokeball usually. However, if needed, Froslass is willing to comply.

In battle, Froslass is more the trickster. She uses moves like ‘Confuse Ray’ and ‘Thunder Wave’ to make her opponent’s likelihood to attack less. However, after she’s finished leaving statuses on her opponents, she can start to attack. Although not powerful, she can attack well enough to knock out Pokémon after a few hits.

Gender: Female
Personality: Glaceon is the most majestic of Mark’s team. She is both loyal and graceful, executing her attacks with great beauty and style. When needed to, she’ll battle, but mostly doesn’t.

Glaceon isn’t much of a battler, but when she needs to battle, she can use Special moves such as ‘Ice Beam’ well, due to her high Special Attack. Mark is considering entering Glaceon in contests, however, and not battling.

Plusle and Minun:
Gender: Female and Male, respectively
Personalities: Plusle and Minun are twins who are pretty much inseparable. They refuse to battle at all, unless it is a double battle. They have never been separated from each other for a long amount of time. They are quite jovial, but can be mischievous and cheeky. They like to play pranks on unsuspecting people.

Other: Sorry it’s so late. ^^;
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Sign-Up Done :)

Forum Username: Dragoness
Messenger Name: Dragonspokemon

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: Juno II--The Splinter War; Novem-Cauda; Pokemon: The DNA Factor; I have written a couple small, bad fanfictions, but the last one was more than one and a half years ago. I stopped because I needed to take a short break and because I lost interest in fanfictions.
Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: Other than observing some people playing an RP boardgame for about 45 minutes, not much. As for the game they were playing, I do not know the name--it was a bit like D&D, but very focused on the Undead.
Other Roleplaying Experience: I haven't done live-action RPing. I have made a few RPs on another Pokemon BB (that is how I got started RPing), but that site was hacked after I left it. I then took a year+ break from RPing and have gotten back to it recently. I only RPed on that site for a few months anyway. I don't consider myself a newbie at RPing, but I don't consider myself at expert level either. I still have lots of room to improve.

Also, I do have experience playing video game roleplaying, such as World of Warcraft, a couple Final Fantasy games (FFX and FFX-2) and several other RP-type games. Although games like those are not even close to type-based RPing, they do open you up to new ideas.

Character Name: Katiana Ruby or (her preferred nickname) Kati.
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Alignment: Neutral Good mostly, leaning a little towards Chaotic Good.

Skills: Massive resource of information. Between the dreamworld she goes to (Poke'Nasia--see History), her severe interest in all things (Science, History, Language, ect.) and the fact that she works at a big Poke'Library, Kati knows many interesting things and can help you in a pinch. Also, her like of people has done her well as she has spent a large amount of time talking to many different people. If you need help, than odds are that Kati either knows how to help you or can direct you to someone who knows the answers. From legendary Pokemon trainers to construction workers, Kati knows them all.

Equipment: Books come with Kati wherever she goes. Also a good phone with which she keeps in touch with her many, useful contacts. A small camera also comes with her, as she loves to document things and just likes taking pictures in general.

Description: Kati has short, bright blue hair styled in a pixie cut. Dark green eyes look out from a well tanned face. You can see those eyes when she is not wearing her dark blue and silver sunglasses. She stands at about 5'7 with a lanky, but fit body. She weighs on average at about a hundred and twenty-five pounds, most of that muscle with only a little bit of extra fat. Shw does a large amount of gardening, playing and working, which is how she got that body. While not a bombshell, she is pretty. Makeup only increases on natural beauty and she only wears a little, like some light purple or green eyeshadow, lip gloss and sometimes a little red blush to accent her high cheekbones.

As for clothes, dark blue jeans and a trim T-shirt do just fine for her. If it's cold, than a denim or leather jacket go over a fuzzy sweater or printed long-sleeved shirt. Her favorite colors, blue and silver, are usually what she is wearing in some fashion or other. Right now she is wearing a skyblue shirt with black stars on it, jeans, her sunglasses and a dark green and silver backpack.

Personality: Kati is normally calm. She is careful with the things in her life. Managing money, her training career, her job and just about everything in her life with careful detail. She keeps up with world and local events, which is how she found out about the Pokemon Park. Deciding she deserved a vacation and that the park might turn out to be a cool adventure for her and her Pokemon friends, she gave leave to the boss for a month of vacation time she had saved up and headed for the nearest Ferry. Making sudden, big decisions like that is rare for her, but it does happen. Loyal to friends and her Pokemon (which she considers her friends), she hopes to one day be a Gym Leader. While it will be a tough journey for her, she is the kind of person to hold onto hope and to her dreams. She will fight to get her way if she it is important and hates seeing injustice. Even to the point that while she dearly hopes to never cross over the law to do good, she is not entirely closed to the idea either. Full of life, she loves to party and make new friends.

History: Kati grew up in the Hoenn region. Born to parents who were very rich, she did not have to worry about much in life concerning food, shelter or clothes. Her parents, however, had not grown up like that that. They had been very poor and they wanted Kati to know what it was like to work a little. They did not want her to worry as to whether she would eat or not, but they did get her to at least work part-time jobs and do extra chores to earn money for fancier things. This has inspired a strong work ethic in her.

When she hit the age of fifteen, she started to have odd dreams. These dreams seemed so real, she could almost touch them. They started out with an older, wizened old lady taking her to a far away land. In these dreams, Kati learned to battle Pokemon, fend for herself in the wilderness and learn many interesting facts about the world. Everything she learned in the dreams was true though, even things she had never heard of before she fell asleep. Finally, she demanded for either the dreams to stop or for her to find out about them. The older lady told her she was the Princess of Poke'Nasia, which only existed in the dream world. She then gave a small Poke'Ball over to Kati. Inside of the ball, was Snookerdoodle, Kati's new Jolteon.

The older lady, who identified herself as Jada, told Kati that every century or so, they picked a new Princess to lead them and Kati fit the bill. After some hard thinking and restless nights, Kati agreed to be Princess. A couple times a week, or whenever the Kingdom really needed her, Kati would go to Poke'Nasia. She learned many things from there and in a way, Poke'Nasia is a part of her. The friends she made there and the dreamworld itself help her in real life, even with things like her job (A Poke'Historian's Helper at a Poke'Library--she enjoys reading and meeting people, so the job suits her well enough).


Pokemon Name: Growly
Type: Arcanine
Description: Thick red and white fur cover Growly's body. Her eyes are intelligent and colored blue-gray. A few spots of black cover her four large paws, while five stripes of black fur cover her back and sides. Her tail sticks up in a bright white flurry of fur. Fluffy and bushy, it is a point of pride with her. Her legs have a small circle of creamy white fur, stuck out in spikes around the ankle. The face is covered in white fur, with the exception of a few thin red streaks in it. Strands of blue and orange fire sometimes crawl around her legs, back and tail when she is either in battle, upset or trying to impress someone.
Personality: Like the real fire inside her, Growly's personality is fiery and strong. She is friendly to others, but her temper is fierce. Quick to lay down the law for other Pokemon, Growly considers herself the head of the team. She happens to be a good leader, but cranky and short with other Pokemon at times.

Pokemon Name: Larry
Type: Gyarados
Description: Larry sometimes scares people due to his height. At twenty feet tall, he is a very fierce looking Pokemon. Light red eyes, a large red mouth full of sharp teeth and huge cat-fish whiskers make him look even more scary. He doesn't have any arms or feet, but he doesn't need them. With the body of a massive snake, he gets around quick enough. His thick scales are rather pretty though. They are light blue edged in gold and cover his whole body.
Personality: As the only male of the team, he sometimes feels isolated. He gets along with the girls most of the time though. Generally, Larry is easy-going and sweet. He'd prefer to lay in the sun and take a nap rather than fight. But if he is called to battle someone, or if is to defend his friends, he will fight without a second thought.

Pokemon Name: Bella or Bell
Type: Weepinbell
Description: Most of her body consists of a large brown root with some little green leaves on it. Her head is a vivid yellow color and shaped like a bell. Two large, somber green eyes look out from it. A set of thick, reddish-brown lips serve as Bell's method for talking and using some attacks.
Personality: Bell is timid. Fun and carefree, but painfully shy around strangers. If you are her friend though, than she will be a hundred percent relaxed around you and you can see the kind, happy nature Bell has. She is a little like the opposite of her good friend Growly who is very outgoing and strong. But thats just opposites attracting--Growly, a non-shy fire Pokemon and Bells, a very shy Green Pokemon.

Pokemon Name: Snookerdoodle
Type: Jolteon
Description: Sharp purple eyes look out from Snookerdoodle's strong face. Little gold lightnings sometimes play in them. Vivid yellow and white fur covers her small body. Two and a half feet high, she is tough and strong looking. Brittle looking white spikes stick out as her heavy mane. A very short, lightning-shaped tail sticks out from her. A couple small, white stripes are on her four, small paws.
Personality: Snookerdoodle is strong and cool. She commands attention when she wants it and scathes you with her sharp tongue if she wants you to leave her alone. Normally solitary, she has become friendly and fond of both Kati and the other Pokemon. She still can have an aloof air around others (or, as Bell sometimes calls it "Her Majesty's snobbish aura.") but she honestly is a good friend and helps those in need.

Other: Pichu already picked on you about the difference between "Which" and "Wish" :P Bad PB! Lol...:) It's all good, I guess.

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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Fweeee, I'll step up and take part in this trial run ^^. I'm surprised you've got it up so fast, but yay! *Random dance.* I'll get mah SU posted once I finish it lol.
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Forum Username: Ayra Calaenlen.
Messenger Name:
Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: Seven Seas High.
Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: Dungeons & Dragons [both player and Dungeon Master]. Also have experience with online RPGs including Everquest, Final Fantasy Online, Dungeons & Dragons, and Guild Wars.
Other Roleplaying Experience: Various roleplaying forums including Pokemon Kanoa [Pokemon trainer], Pokemon Lanorae [Pokemon trainer], Iayla Weyr [Dragonriders of Pern], Fallen Star Pack [Pokemon hound], and tons of others xD I'm a roleplay forum junkie.

Character Name: Ayra Mairian Calaenlen.
Real name is Katelynn Marie Ladne, though she prefers the first.
Gender: Female.
Age: Nineteen.
Alignment: Neutral Good.

Sketch artist - capable of sketching things she has seen, quickly if necessary, in order to have a record on her person of what she has seen and what events have unfolded.
'Techie' - has a decent knowledge of computers and aspects of coding and basic hacking.

Equipment: Sketchpad, various pencils, a small handheld 'PDA' used for internet research and other computer-related things.

Description: Though of average weight, she's not exactly the quickest girl when it comes to running and other physically adept activities, unless it's volleyball or swimming. However, she's definitely not the tallest girl around either, standing just over five feet and two inches tall.

Her hair hangs down to around her upper to mid back and is a golden-blond color, starting straight and then drifting into a smooth wave gradually towards the tips. She normally wears it down and loose, preferring not to spend a lot of time on it other than to get the knots out in the morning, however, she has been known to wear it up in a ponytail or an 'elven' style on occasion.

Ayra's eyes are normally a silvery-blue to slate-blue color, however, they have been known to switch from a brighter blue to a pure silver, generally depending on what color outfit she's wearing at the time and the effect its reflection has on her eyes. However, her eyes are definitely not the best when it comes to vision, for Ayra's rather forced to wear oval-ish lenses or walk around nearly blind. As much as she loathes the color of the frames, they are a pale pink color.

Though her outfit varies sometimes, Kat's normal garb is a rather relaxed, laid-back type look that still looks semi-nice. A navy blue shirt with a loose collar and a pair of khaki slacks that normally hide the tops of white and blue sneakers is her normal garb, however, she does sometimes switch to a purple top with a leaf-like pattern across the chest, or a type of pale blue tunic.

She also sometimes wears a black trench coat on colder days, however, you're more likely to see her wandering around without a coat on, even in the dead of winter. Another thing she can be seen with, this almost all the time, is a gray-ish green shoulder bag which hosts a few sketchbooks and an unlimited amount of drawing tools such as pencils and erasers [unless the situation calls for a more compact carry-on], and a simple white hat with a medium-sized brim and a turquoise strip of fabric around the 'bowl'.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Personality: Typically a cheerful girl, Ayra is fond of making new friends and normally tries to please everyone, a feat that is unfortunately neigh on impossible. However, though she is rather over-trusting when making new friends, in some regard anyway. Getting back into her heart after having harmed her in some way is much harder, and chances are it probably won't happen for a long while depending on the offence. She has a rather obvious love for fantasy, and definitely doesn't bother to try and hide her love for the Lord of the Rings series.

Generally trying to be as kind as possible, Ayra really is more of the type to give people more of a little push in the right direction then hard critism, though there are some instances where people just push her a bit too far, like if someone makes the mistake of directly insulting a close friend. She also seems to prefer a support position much more than a leader position in most things, unless the position is basically thrown on her shoulders to take care of.

However, though the name is quite true, she seems to take some offense in being called a 'tree-hugger', at least, if it is meant to be offensive. Though she does make fun of herself with the name on occasion, most of the time she really doesn't enjoy others calling her by such a term and gets rather annoyed if they do so. She also has adapted the title of a 'psycho' according to some people, thanks to the slight sugar rush she receives whenever she eats something sweet. She also does have a few little jokes about her being in a mental hospital in a 'big white, bouncy room with huggy jackets' however, of course, they aren't true.

Though, despite her normally cheerful disposition, Kat doesn't seem to take compliments well, rather prone to just blush and deny whatever the compliment happens to be, be it on her drawings or whatever else she happens to be doing. She thinks there are plenty of others out there that are better than her, and thus, she isn't exactly 'deserving' of such a compliment.

Amongst some of her more 'unique' hobbies, recently Katelynn has gotten into practicing alchemy, which, of course, doesn't exactly work like people invision it in TV shows, nor has she exactly mastered any point of the art. However, she does have a rather firm belief that such arts are possible if the right resources are available, and thus aims to try and unlock the secrets of a Pokemon's abilities to try to create her own to use in her practices.

Even so, it's easy to tell when she's nervous as she has a tendency to play with her hair or glasses, and she has rather notable fears of things including, but not necessary limited to, spiders -- they have too many legs -- and tornadoes.

+ + + + + + + + + +

History: Katelynn was born and grew up in Goldenrod City of the Johto region, where she learned to love the beautiful scenary of the parks and overall atmosphere. She was rather close to her family originally, taking part in any amount of family games and little trips, however, she seemed to have bonded to her father's parents the most. Because of both of her parents working and her mother's parents living a rather inconveniant distance away, Cinnawood to be exact, Kat found herself staying for long spans of time at her grandparents' house, pretty much, they raised her during her early years.

However, a few years after she was born, Kat's mother bore another child, this time a baby boy named Justen to continue on the Ladne tradition of naming their male children with 'J' names, like Katelynn had been named like her mother's family with a 'K' name. In the first few years Katelynn and Justen got on rather well together, they would make small forts and hide in them together, and basically were inseperable as a brother and sister could be.

However, by this time Kat was attending an early pre-school, at least, for a few months. She was soon kicked out for being 'destructive' thanks to a rather odd fear of a camera when it came for picture day. Basically, in fear, she had ripped the classroom apart. Fortunately, her year in Kindergarten at a small Pokemon academy was a bit better, though still, there was one slip up: a boy had challenged her to a sissor duel and, of course, Katelynn accepted, however it resulted in the boy having a cut side. In Kindergarten, Katelynn also became rather close to a fellow classmate, who went by the name of Alex, and one could say he was her first 'love'. Though later on as they grew she gradually lost interest in him and the person he was becoming.

Katelynn progressed through elementary school at a fairly average rate for her class, though she seemed to have found much more of a love for drawing than she had actually 'learning' anything. However, she did meet several close friends, naming a few being Marissa, Jessica, Sarah, and Samantha. They shared the same close love of the Pokemon that inhabited the world, and would take pleasure in playing with whatever Pokemon they managed to find when they were let out to play outside for about a half-hour each day.

However, as Katelynn progressed into middle school, she found herself being a lot more of an 'outcast' than most other people she knew. She had virtually no obsession with her looks like most of the other girls did and was considered a bit of a tomboy by the guys. Even her closest friends began to get pulled into the wave of kids that wished to become 'popular' leaving her on the sidelines. Around this time, she also began to wear braces and found that her eyesight had began to become even worse, resulting in stronger lenses than she had been used to before.

However, despite her general removal from the public in school, Katelynn still found pleasure in spending time with the family Growlithe, named Shellie, who became one of her closest 'friends' you could say. Her brother, Justen, had began to shrink away from her as he advanced with his own 'posse' in school, and a few fights between their parents became rather noticable.

As she advanced into seventh grade, the fights between her parents finally reached a new high, and she found her father was around less and less, as if he was trying to avoid the fighting. Near the end of the grade, her parents finally filed for seperation. It seemed like they would get back together after a few days, causing Katelynn's hopes to rise, only to have them smashed again as her mother again pushed her father away and a divorce was filed.

During the summer after seventh grade, Kat continued to become more and more removed, usually striking out for the stupidest things and locking herself in her room quite often. She suddenly changed her style of short sleeved shirts to long-sleeves, an odd change that her mother noticed, yes, however didn't pursue. No one in her family had noticed the scars that were gradually beginning to appear on her wrists, hidden carefully behind a curtain of material. Kat basically fell into a stage of depression, which furthered into her year in eigth grade.

Katelynn became a silent shadow in the halls, only speaking when it was absolutely necessary. Most of her newly discovered hobbies, particularly roleplaying, got tossed aside. However, she eventually began to recover and soon seemed to be happy again. However, the time she was spending with the family Growlithe seemed to only increase as a friendship that had been forged in elementary school was finally shattered as Jessica decided to leave her love of Pokemon and her friends to become an item among the populars at school.

However, Katelynn seemed to actually have returned to normal at the end of eighth grade, again pursuing her love of drawing full-time. However, yet another tragety struck her as her Growlithe, Shellie, began to steadily get weaker and finally fell ill. She had to be put down at the end of July, only a few days after her fourteenth Birthday. Justen, her brother, also began to turn fiercely aggressive and moody at this time, randomly striking out at her to take out his anger. Her mother didn't seem to notice such a thing and was merely trying to find a new boyfriend. Kat's dad had already found someone, a woman named Monique, who the teenager was already rather fond of.

Fortunately, despite a small move, Katelynn was able to remain living in Goldenrod and saw her dad every weekend. It was rather limited time, yes, but it was something, and she could also spend time with the two Growlithe pups her dad and his girlfriend had purchased, Reo and Phoenix. During this time she had also returned to her pastime of roleplaying and had forged several close friendships, finding help and comfort amongst the fields of text on IM chats and forums.

Katelynn entered nineth grade rather happy and relatively calm despite the change from middle school to highschool, several friendships between old school friends had remained strong and she managed to keep up with her work (despite not going to bed until the early hours of the morning). The family also got two Meowth in hopes of filling the hole the death of Shellie had left, the two of them being named Panther and Angel. However, like almost every girl her age, she did find herself becoming suddenly attracted to the opposite gender and soon forged the startings of a relationship between an individual by the name of Jason. Unfortunately, the official relationship lasted little more than twenty-four hours thanks to a rather suggestive comment about getting married and having kids at sixteen.

However, despite her breaking up with him, Jason continued to try and visit and reforge the relationship, complimenting her whenever possible. However, there still was the occasional slip of the tongue and Kat finally had enough, plain out refusing to have any more to do with him. This seemed to work for a while, until he suddenly returned while she was in a conversation in an instant messenger. Having being the only one up, she opened the door, rather annoyed at having him visiting so early (or even at all). He asked for her to come with him to his car, claiming he had something for her, which she flatly refused. Defeated in that regard, Jason instead decided to try things his way, which earned him a hard kick in the ribs before Kat fled back into the house. Fortunately, he hasn't bothered her since.

Ayra finished her ninth year in school, but then finally moved in with her dad at the other end of Goldenrod, having got fed up with her mother and brother. This also meant attending another highschool [and eventually having to deal with her brother again as he moved in as well], but she felt right at home in the new school where she rapidly became friends with a girl who shared many of her interests named Andrea. Thus, she finished school, and finally moved on to be more involved in 'hands on' experiences.

However, in the process she had met a rather special individual over a site she frequented at the time by the name of Richie. They have been dating ever since, and Katelynn holds high hopes for their future together for, as she describes it, 'she had never met anyone she could possibly love more'. Even though they had never truly met in person, she grew attached to him and ensured that they could stay in contact no matter where she went. In a way, it was a Romeo and Juliet relationship, though one that she hoped dearly would end in far better terms.

Even so, her general wanting to do good in the world led her to become a part of the teams that were fighting against the natural disasters of the area, and soon after she began her 'journey' she became fairly involved with such individuals. Of course, there were many people ahead of her in terms of skill, but hey, she could still help where she could, and move where she was needed. Even so, there was really only so much one could do without the aide of Pokemon partners. She couldn't be expected to life heavy weights, or swim across miles of ocean for that matter, but at the same time it didn't feel right to her to simply go up and take a Pokemon for free from the region's professor. It was a gift, sure, but she didn't have any previous association with the renowned Professor Elm and it seemed too much like begging.

There was the option of catching her own as well, but, well, she wasn't going to lie to herself. The Pokemon her family kept as pets [at either house] were more suited to being just that, pets, rather than true battlers. Then buying one just... didn't seem right.

It was really a problem that Ayra, at this point, just was too frustrated with to really solve. One would think the obvious answer of possibly adopting a Pokemon might have been obvious, but it really wasn't. The obvious answer was something that definitely, on occasion, eluded her, and if she had adopted it was really doubtful she would have the same bond as when she finally did obtain her chosen starter.

In the time frame after her graduation and her involvement in a small, loosely based law enforcement organization stationed in Goldenrod known as ANGEL -- whether or not it really had a meaning or was just chosen by the head supervisor was unknown -- Ayra served as both a sort of 'police sketch artist' for the organization in order to pin down at least some sort of appearance for wanted criminals, and also a form of counselor for particularly traumatized victims due to her relatively kind and understanding disposition. Her abilities when it came to computers were more self-taught and were never really put to use during her time with ANGEL.

Even so, anyone with any sort of flare for adventure would find themselves eventually getting bored with such 'desk jobs', though because of her lack of Pokemon and general offensive skills that was generally where Katelynn remained. Even so, she found herself wanting more and more to escape such repetitive duties and eventually she left ANGEL, yet still worked closely with them from time to time particularly when it meant she could go along on a mission here or there.

Of course, Team Rocket's revival and its assult on Goldenrod's radio tower was the perfect choice. Even though Katelynn remained behind the scenes and worked on more recon-related duties than anything else, she felt like she was actually doing something. It soon became obvious that with Team Rocket's arrival they had brought Pokemon from other regions as well, perhaps in hopes of taking the Johto nation by surprise. Among these were desert Pokemon such as Trapinch, Cacnea, and their evolved form. ANGEL was, of course, alerted, and action was taken.

Katelynn, once more, was left out of the main action and remained behind, this time of her own choice. She knew she would be of little use, thus remained on the sidelines and watched and waited as the assult began and Team Rocket was eventually cast out of Goldenrod and left to regroup, leaving the radio tower abandoned and still filled with a lot of the extra Pokemon and supplies they had brought. Despite her lack of involvement in the battling, Ayra managed to get into the radio tower with the recovery team and, in the process, developed an immediate bond with one of the Pokemon that had been left behind.

A white Trapinch.

One would wonder why a Pokemon with abnormal colouration would be left, but then, the flight had been confusion-ridden and it was possible she had been merely overlooked. It wasn't long before the young Pokemon was dubbed "Spirit" and Katelynn claimed her as her own. Even though there was some arguement from ANGEL about determining whether or not Spirit had been originally stolen at first, no records mentioned anything about a stolen Trapinch of odd colouration and Katelynn was permitted to keep the Pokemon.

Click for the second post
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

I'll have my SU up ASAP! This looks like it's gonna be awesome!
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Wow, look at the interest. This is exciting!

Ayra, if you want to make another post with the rest of your back story, feel free to go ahead. Just provide a link to the 2nd post from your first post so that the two are connected.
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Thank you xDDD I'll finish adding everything in here then =3 Expect a few more edits~ I'll probably just move the Pokemon down here and finish the history in the first post xD

I apologize for how long this is D= And to explain a few things, this character is, overall, based a lot on myself and some dreams I have had [which explains the ANGEL organization], just Pokemon-ized a fair bit.

+ + + + + + + + + +

History Continued: It was then that the girl finally retired from ANGEL completely, choosing to finally settle down and really begin the journey she had so wished for. Spirit was her main battler, in all truth, and could be considered her 'right-hand' Pokemon. The Trapinch dominated most of her sketchbooks, but she, of course, had other Pokemon she had happened upon. Both Olossë and Nyello were 'gifts' in a fashion, given by other trainers a few months into her journey because of special events or other reasons. The irony in that, however, is that it didn't come before the events surrounding ANGEL, which would really have been a lot easier.

Jecht, her Lapras, however, was, in a way, caught. The Pokemon was originally one of the individuals available at a breeding center, though, despite her love for the species, Katelynn hadn't felt right when it came to paying for it without any consent from the Pokemon itself. Thus, Jecht's loyalty was decided through a battle which, after a trying time between Nyello and himself, resulted in Katelynn as his new owner [and the breeders slightly richer under the reasoning that it was a 'donation', not a purchase].

Even so, someone with a passion for adventure always goes where adventure calls, which includes the island that hosted the National Park. Who knows, maybe her long-established online love had the same idea, and they would meet before her journey finally led her to his hometown.


  • Spirit the Female Trapinch
    General Appearance: Considering the insect-like exoskeleton that all Trapinch possess, Spirit really doesn't have much of a varied build when it comes to her appearance, and probably will not until she reaches her Flygon stage. However, her colouration -- also the reason behind her name -- is considerably different from the norm. Most of her body is snow white, with pale blue eyes and accents, which gives her more of an ice-like appearance rather than that of a being of the desert, which also makes it rather fortunate she has a trainer. After all, in the wild she would have probably been spotted easily and preyed upon by her natural enemies.
    Brief Personality: A kind and gentle individual, Spirit generally has a cheerful and relaxed outlook on life. While she does occasionally get to worrying about her trainer, there is really nothing she enjoys more than simply allowing the days to pass her by in equal tranquility. She yearns for the day she will one day be able to soar through the skies as a Flygon and cast her entrancing song over the world, but she knows it will come eventually. In fact, she purposely wishes to hold off on evolving until she can reach such a stage, so as to spend as little time in her Vibrava stage as possible.

    Jecht the Male Lapras
    General Appearance: Jecht is a relatively large creature; after all, he has to be able to ferry his trainer and others across bodies of whater if necessary. Most of his body is a dark blue, with darker spots and a paler underbelly -- the general appearance of any Lapras. He really doesn't have much difference that sets him apart for the general population, though his crimson eyes are generally filled with a look of kindness and a caring individual, which may help in calming others at times.
    Brief Personality: A naturally born poet, Jecht has a tendency to speak with a somewhat melodious tone which can give him the appearance of an old age harper. He is typically polite and can be somewhat of a flirt towards other Pokemon, though he uses his poetry for such means rather than 'pick-up lines'. Of course, this normally only goes toward Pokemon that at least share his basic body shape. It is doubtful he will flirt whatsoever with something like a Houndoom, though Dragonair or Charizard are fair game to him. Even so, like anyone, he does have a bit of a temper and can become rather aggressive if particularly angered.

    Nyello the Male Politoed
    General Appearance: What can be said about Nyello other than the fact he is, and always will be, a rather crazy Politoed. While his colouration and build is of that of a normal creature of his species, he occasionally has a habit of adorning himself with random trinkets that further display his unique 'customs' and actions that he prides himself on. These trinkets usually range anywhere from a crown of seaweed, to some sort of make-shift belt of old wire he had found somewhere along the way, and generally his adornments are never the same.
    Brief Personality: Cheerful, and somewhat random, Nyello probably shares Ayra's personality the most in the fact he's prone to just shouting out random sayings or the like, occasionally ones that don't even make sense. He's a curious individual with strange customs of his own design, that he generally shows to other individuals without any restraint. Of course, people usually get used to him after a while.

    Olossë the Female Snorunt
    General Appearance: Olossë is fairly normal-looking when it comes to a Snorunt. Her cone-shapped body, her wide, tooth-filled mouth, and her habit of always bundling up against a cold that isn't present is evident in this Pokemon. However, her icy blue eyes hold a certain motherly nature to them and look maybe even compassionate, while somewhat mysterious, rather than cold and emotionless like others may have.
    Brief Personality: Somewhat quiet and mysterious, it seems this Snorunt already has the general fluid nature of the Pokemon she wishes to become. She generally moves in a smooth, dance-like manner and regards most with more formal titles; particularly her trainer who she refers to as 'M'lady'. She is generally a stickler for politeness, and doesn't normally take kindly to any sort of disregard to the rules or for bad manners in general.

Other: Has a tendency to break off into speaking various types of Elvish from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series, which definitely shows her involvement in the fandom
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Jess forced asked me to join. So heeeere we go. And Harrysan, I think you might need to do more like...two or three parties xD It might actually be a good idea. Judging from the first day, a good few people have already gotten on the sign ups. If this continues, and the trial run suceeds, I imagine you'll have to do about 5-6 different parties at a time. This will get you a bit more ready for it. I'm judging from Team RP VI on the numbers, but chances are this will be bigger...alot bigger ;3

I'll finish later.

Forum Username: *points at name* Cipher Lord. I never understood these >>

Messenger Name: AIM

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: Erm, no RPs at the moment (in the process of writing one. It will be epik), but I am writing a fanfic. I'm assuming this means things that I've made. I'll get the link in a bit. Though beware, I have to renovate Chapter Two. I concede it fails. Hard.

Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: Name the System (D&D, Exalted, etc.)

Other Roleplaying Experience: A few years of RPing on PE2K, and a tiny bit of Serebii RPing.

Character Name: Robert "Slice" Elliot Barnabas Anderson Percival Nekain Sharpas


Age: 22

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Skills: Swordplay. Basically great with swords. He started otu with fencing, and then continued to real blades. I'll go over this more in my history.

Equipment: One falchion (carried at the hip in a sheath; named Atara), and two katana (slung over the back in an X; named Atare and Ataru).

Description: What you look like.
Personality: How you act, depending on the situation. Hopes, Dreams, Fears?
History: What has your character been doing until now? Did he lead a good life? What was his childhood like?

Pokemon: List your pokemon. They must be pokemon you own in the URPG. You do not need 6 pokemon. Also, it is recommended you include what your pokemon look like and their personalities.

Other: When stressed, he pulls out the falchion and goes over the sides of it with his hands.

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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Forum Username: Khajmer
Messenger Name: Galacdragon-AIM

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: So much to choose from... just search for my name in the RPing board and pick the earliest RP there. As for Fanfic, go to and search for the same username, you'll see my handful of Avatar fanfictions there.

Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: I'm not that much or a nerd.
Other Roleplaying Experience: Now look in the "Other: Roleplay" Board

Character Name: Park (she has no last name that she recognizes, or on any record anywhere as she snuck into every government record she'd be in and erased it)
Gender: Female (Because I was raised to recognize that girls kick more ass than guys)
Age: 20
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Skills: There is one thing that Park is good at one thing and one thing only, and that is being a thief. With this general skill comes high level acrobatics, free running ability (as in, climbing up buildings, jumping rooftops, and repelling down ziplines), and lockpicking (her record is four seconds)

Equipment: One (1) lockpicking set, one (1) rag (never underestimate the power of a rag), and one (1) good knife with various uses.

Description: What you look like.
Personality: How you act, depending on the situation. Hopes, Dreams, Fears?
History: What has your character been doing until now? Did he lead a good life? What was his childhood like?

Pokemon: List your pokemon. They must be pokemon you own in the URPG. You do not need 6 pokemon. Also, it is recommended you include what your pokemon look like and their personalities.

Other: Bonne chance a moi.
98% of teens won't stand up for God. Repost this if you think that statistic is the most laughable thing ever.
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Forum Username: Lord Celebi
Messenger Name: t3hcelebizorz on AIM

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: It speaks for itself.
Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: None.
Other Roleplaying Experience: N/A

Character Name: Raize Haseo
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Alignment: Neutral Good


Pokemon: Swampert, Porygon, Aerodactyl, Electivire, Charizard, Gyarados

Other: N/A

I'll finish this up tomorrow. I need to make a character that breaks my typical RP character mold.
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Forum Username: Eraizaa-Kun
Messenger Name: Eraizaa (AIM)

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: None that I can find
Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: None
Other Roleplaying Experience: ...huh!?... *sigh* ._.

Character Name: Felix Haru
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Alignment: Neutral Good
Skills: Acting, Cooking, Singer, Musician
Equipment: Pan, Chef Stuffs, Small Harp

Description: Short Black Hair, Brown Eyes, light black skin, 5'5" tall, skinny. He will usually wear a green shirt with brown pants, although he does have a chef uniform.

Personality: He's very joyous likes enjoying life and doing his best. He tends not to let anything get to him as he prefers staying calm. Still, beneath all that nice guy personality, he also likes to show off his skills and his Pokemon. However, he will do all he can to help those in need.

History: Felix was born in Pacificlog Town on the Hoenn Region. Ironically, his parents weren't all that pacific as they would make a big deal of anything that would happen, good or bad. They were both Doctors in medicine and liked to study everything they could find around the waters of Pacificlog to analyze their medical potentials. As Felix grew older, with his parents being busy so much, Felix thought it was best to observe his mother whenever she cooked. Eventually, he did learn to cook, although he was more dedicated that his mom at it since he always liked to impress others.

On his early teenage years, Felix's natural reveling instincts kicked in, but they did in an odd way. With his parents being so explosive, he actually enjoyed being calm and serene which actually made his parents angrier at times. Felix secretly enjoyed seeing the look on their faces when they would overreact to something and he would stay happily doing whatever he was doing as if nothing had happened. Another thing that Felix gained was an interest in arts. His parents liked science, so he broke their hearts by grasping onto arts. He especially liked acting and playing instruments which he has been working on through the years. His acting skills became good enough to full his Pokemon, his parents, and even himself at times. He was never able to get his parents support on anything he wanted to do, but you know what? He was happy just the same.


1-Nancy the Delcatty

Personality: She and Felix were truly meant to be a team as they both act almost exactly the same and they tend to do so at the same time.

2-Galateah the Butterfree

Personality: She's very curious and is easily distracted when not performing, so making her battles look like a performance is the only way to keep her focused. She's a daydreamer it seems.

3-Esteban the Gallade

Personality: He's very calm, cool, and collected all the time. He always poses the figure of a wise big brother.

4 and 5- Dorothea and Devon the Dewgong

Personality: They are the happy rain loving couple that seems to love everything. Maybe they both have a screw lose, but they like celebrating everything they can and it seems to be impossible to bring them down. …At least they work well together.

6-Rita the Glaceon

Personality: She's very cheerful and serene, but she's also a trickster. She likes playing pranks and things of the sort. She just loves fooling her opponents in battle too.

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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Took my time, but here's my signu-up.

Name: DarkGardevoir, DG or Clocky
Messenger:, ClockKnight(AIM)
Previous Fanfic/RP: look around this board, you'll find my stories. I'll provide link in a bit.
EDIT: Links:
How To Write Stories... for Cubone
Recurring Nightmare. for Scyther
Reflections. for Tyrogue
P.W.N.(ed) for Lucario, way longer than needed
Four of my favourite URPG stories I wrote.
previous Tabletop RP: none, sorry. I suck, I know.
Other RP experience: hm, do RPGs and MMORPGs count here? If so, Threads of Fate, Legend of Dragoons, Final Fantasy(Tactics, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII), Digimon World(1&2), Pokemon Ranger(1& SoA), Dragon Valor, LOTR The Third Era as RPGs. Runescape and zOMG as MMORG.

Name: Hyacinth Zante, also called Gloomie
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Skills:(i'm copying Ayra a little here lol, she looks so professional)
Act: Being an actor, even if not too famous, pays off, and Hyacinth is pretty good at infiltrating, if needed. He can keep up a poker face in almost every situation. He's very good at playing dead.
Stunts: He has a good physical resistance, since he has had to often switch places with famous actors in dangerous scenes.
Charm: He knows how to speak and act to entertain a person of the other gender- or, if needed, of the same gender. He's yet to "master" this skill as he didn't have many chances to actively train on it.

Description: He's a tall, almost 2 meters, tan-skinned man with short black hair and brown eyes. He's not slim, but you don't really notice it with his clothes on, and he's in very good shape due to his job. He doesn't care too much of his "beauty", and think products to keep his skin smooth and the likes are a bother, thus avoiding them unless forced for work. He isn't quite the astonishing beauty that star in movies, but he's got his charm.
He doesn't pay too much attention to his wear, preferring comfortable clothes over things that look better on him- something that upsets Kiri sometimes.

Personality: He's not very talkative, and tends to "nail" you on the spot when he talks. He doesn't open easily to others, but when he does, he shows an interesting personality; for example, he'll act like a sissy type to lighten the mood, if he feels like it. He's a softie on the inside. Due to his shyness, he tends to not get anything done by himself- unless he knows he can do it very well- and doesn't like being ordered around, something he usually overlooks in his daily routine, as being ordered around is an actor's job. He likes to take things at his own pace.

Equipment: When he left the studio, he took the wrong bag with him, so he found himself with not only his normal luggage, but also some specialised make-up products used there. He hasn't got the skills to use them, through. He also has a mobile phone, mostly used for work, which he has turned off since the beginning of his journey to avoid being bothered.

History: Raised in Nozaar, he has always been a shy person. His mother, to help him overcome his shyness, made him act in a few plays she was in, and he liked acting ever since. When he was young, he was a lot into RPGs and even known he's still known to play them, having shifted to MMORPGs now- Evergrande, his favourite, features him as 20th Overrall Best Player.
In his Junior High School days, people tended to get the wrong impression of him. He wasn't a person that talks a lot about meaningless things, and was almost always quiet, so his classmates started calling him "Gloomy". He didn't care, instead he became rather fond of that name.
As he grew up, his indecision didn't fade away much, until, in High School, he was the only male in a class of girls, and so he was "forced" to open up more. When the time came he had to choose his career, he didn't really pick: he choose to become a professional actor as he felt it was the less problematic choice. Among his "crew" they all call him Gloomie, as it seems the best way to catch his attention.
However, his luck hasn't been kind, and he only found himself having minor roles- like evil guy's henchman, person in a stampeding crowd, or protagonist's best friend that dies at the beginning. Due to him being quite athletic, he got often asked to switch places with the main actor in dangerous scenes, which he often accepted, since it was still work.
Main obstacle to his career, to tell the truth, is his Espeon. She's a far more famous actress than he is, having starred in "Beauty under the Moonlight"- a movie about Roxanne Hazel, Master Coordinator- as Roxanne's Espeon, and in "Psydekick", a tv-show about a detective and his his life, among the others. Having finished shooting the season finale recently, Hyacinth decided to give his Espeon a break, and asked for a leave- mainly, to avoid them spoiling her rotten. He heard the Park was reopening, and has always wanted to visit it, so he travelled to Olivine City- a whole region away- to catch the only ferry that took there.

Pokemon: -damn can't add it all on mobile i'll add their story later-

Kirielle, Kiri for short, the Espeon.
She is a feline looking Pokemon, with big pointed ears with small fur appendices that look like drop earrings. She's the size of a medium-sized dog, and her fur is a light lavender with streaks of purple here and there, and a purple whirl around the red jewel on her forehead. Her tail is split at the end, both tips waving merrily when she gets petted.
She has been with him the longest. He found her, as an Eevee, when he was a kid- she was injured badly and he nursed her back to health. Ever since, they've been together, facing various hardships and problems together, until she was found by a producer who asked Hyacinth if he could use her in a production. Due to different schedules, their time together got reduced, but they're both still the closest to each other.
Kiri isn't your typical spoiled movie star- not yet, anyway. She likes being pampered, but has known a rough life, so she doesn't let it get to her head. She's very fond of her trainer, and will do anything to make him happy. Well, anything, as long as her fur doesn't get too messy- she's a lady, after all. However, in life or death situation, she is very brave and faces the greatest danger, if her trainer is at risk. As she likes attention, she tends to become annoying if somebody doesn't recognize her for who she is and/or doesn't get petted enough.
Battle-wise, she's more for direct approaches, despite her affinity to psychic powers. She'll use hers only as a mean to launch things as bigger speed that her body would let her.

Eddie, the Hitmontop.
He's a tanned antropomorph Pokemon, with a point horn-like protusion on the center of his head, which he uses to balance himself while doing his capoeira moves, and a crazy hairdo. He looks a little chubby and isn't very tall, but is very fit and somehow able to lenghten his legs when attacking. He also has a dark cerulean body piece that covers his torso and his... crown jewels.
One day, Hyacinth got asked by the movie director if they could get a personal trainer for Kiri, to keep her fit. He said he'd take care of it. So he started looking for a suitable instructor, who would be harsh but fair, and wouldn't make her become spoiled. Needless to say, he didn't find any that she liked, so he settled to do it himself. The first times were pretty hard, as he didn't know what to do, until he met Eddie during a camp at a mountainside. He was left amazed by his rigorous training schedule, and decided it had to be him. Luckily, Kiri didn't have anything agaisnt it.
Despite being a Fighting Type, he's nor brainless nor hot-headed. He's actually very calm, and likes meditating, when he's free from his job- training Kilia and unspoiling her. He's kind of the "wise old guy" of the team, and will often yell at others, and at his trainer too, if they get sidetracked or distracted. Or act lazy.
He's always calm and composed, and will analyze the foe as quickly as he can, finding easily weak spots and other means to make his assaults more effective. He's not agaisnt using whatever method necessary to win, but will refrain to do so unless it's his last resort.

Maki, the Butterfree.
He's a gargantuan butterfly- not that big in comparison to a man, but still big as insects go- with a striped pattern on his cloud-coloured wings. Thanks to the powders his wings are covered of, they often will give off small rainbows when the powders are released. He has a purple-ish body, with small hands and feet pretty close to the body, with next to no limbs separating them from the torso and lower body. He's got a small mouth, big enough to chomp on berries, with a couple of small sharp teeth as to suck fluids in from the food, and big red eyes divided in thousands cells- nobody has even counted them all. He has a couple of antennae on the top of his head which he'll rub to make annoying noises and to sharpen his focus.
Every kid has harboured at least once the dream to become a Master Trainer, and Hyacinth was no less. At the age of thirteen, he found this puny little Caterpie and decided to catch him. They've been together ever since, and even if he quickly discarded the "Gotta catch 'em all!" career, he kept training him to get him at his best.
Perhaps he's the Pokemon that best represents his trainer- "Live and let live" is his motto and confession. He'll do as asked, but at his own pace, after he's done with his things; he won't rush only because someone asked. However, he has a quick wit when it comes to spur of the moment decisions, and will often do the best thing. So much for being carefree...
Maki doesn't like to fight, and always tries to shy away from direct confrontation, as well due to his weak physical constitution. He can't withstand many attacks but has developped a huge defense agaisnt psychic assaults, which are his main battle weapons too, along with the mix of spores he'll drop on their opponents, almost always a bull's-eye.

Theron, the Scyther.
Theron is taller than Hyacinth himself, and very intimidating, with his reptile-like face and the blades he has in place of hands- not too useful for grasping things, but very useful in kitchen. His body is a deep green, plate mail-like, while the joints are more metal-looking, platinum. He's got soft, thin membrane wings, almost transparent, which he uses for silent, light-speed flights.
The latest addition to the team, Hyacinth met him while passing through Ilex Forest. He fell off a cliff and was helped by a girl named Celeste, who, he found out later, was the guardian of the Celebi Shrine along with the Scyther. After fending off a poacher, Scyther swore revenge on him as the poacher injured Celeste and Celebi, that appeared as to protect the forest, so he joined Hyacinth hoping to meet the poacher again.
He's very chivalrous, and will put the safety of others before his own. He believes in the power of established government, which will lead to conflicts with his trainer. He's righteous and will strive to protect even those he considered enemies not too long before.
His sharp blades are very adept to tear off, but he's very keen on using them, preferring instead smashing and hitting instead of slashing and cutting. He sees battles as one-man duels, and will avoid as much as possible to be helped, seeing it as infamy.

Nebbia, the Vaporeon.
Nebbia is a cerulean, medium sized dog of some kind, with giant webbing ears that look like fins, shaded a pale yellow, and a mermaid-looking tail, which often has her kind mistaken for actual mermaids. A white collar, webbing-like as well, surrounds her neck and helps her control the speed in water, by flattening or widening it. A blue external ridge-bone runs down her spine to her tail.
Nebbia worked at the studios as mist-maker. She belonged to a Breeder, but had no formal owner, and was the last and only one not to have been picked up when she was a newborn Eevee. The Breeder brought her up as freely as she could be, and let her decide her destiny, by bringing her the evolution stones. After some thinking, she opted for the water stone, and so became a Vaporeon. To round up some money, the Breeder brought her to the studios and they got hired part-time. When Kiri saved her from an accident, they quickly built a lasting comradeship, and so the Breeder asked Hyacinth to take good care of her, asking for a small donation and what was left of her contract salary as part-time mist, and Hyacinth accepted.
Nebbia is a tricky girl. She likes to play hide-n'-seek, and she's a master at hiding, if there's water nearby. She'll use this trick to annoy and scare others. She's very merry, in this sense, almost to the point of looking an idiot, but she's just fooling them.
She's deceiving, in battle, and her favourite strategy is "disperse and confuse". She's got a keen eye as well, and will often fire from safe spots, rather than attacking openly.

Other: I may forget about rps... unless they do entertain me. And if people remind me, I'll do my best.
My quotes

Vocaboulary Game
MeowthMistress1: the alimighty ranger station
MeowthMistress1: we serve to protect you, just don't require us to spell or use proper grammar.

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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Hmmm, only a few people. Ayra, you intimidated everyone!

That being said, I'm considering running two parties. It would be a better example of how a Pokemon Mission can diverge depending on how each party acts. Although it would be the same Ranger (me), I would try my best to provide unique and different adventures for both groups.

But I don't know if there are a enough people for two groups.
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