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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-14-2009, 05:05 AM
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Default [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

[ Creative Writing ]
[ War VIII ]

Hoorah, it's your favourite section of the WAR! Creative Writing! What? Not your favourite section? Shut up.

Anyway, I'm Splishee. I'll be your judge for the Creative Writing section for the next four weeks. Worried? You should be. ^^

[ The Teams ]
// Team Aqua
// The Cullen
// Team Gurren Lagaan
// The Knights of the Round Table
// One Against All
// Team Rocket


[ The Rules ]
// To compete in this section [and the entire WAR] you must be a member of one of the above teams.
// Plagiarism is not cool. No, really. Be original, people. If I find evidence that your entry is not your own and is therefore plagiarised, you will be disqualified from that round and consequently banned from the next week as well.
// Other forms of cheating will also result in the above punishment.
// Entries less-than-serious will also be disqualified. WAR is serious business. :3
// Don't discuss your entries in this thread. All questions and comments should be PM'd to me directly.


[ Judging Criteria ]
This criteria shows how I'll be judging your entries. You will be given a mark out of 20, with a mark out of 5 for 4 sections. The two entrants with the highest marks will receive a point each.
Creativity - It is creative writing. How unique, creative and imaginative the entry is.
Language - How well the entry makes use of language conventions. This includes your vocabulary, descriptions, imagery, metaphors, etc.
Grammar - If the entry is generally grammatically correct [includes spelling] - I'll be very nitpicky here.
Style - How well the theme is incorporated and utilized in the writing. Also the general writing style; does it flow nicely?


[ Your Entry ]
Your entry each week should be set out as such:

Name: Username. Or nickname. Go nuts.
Team: The WAR team you are hoping to earn a point for.
Your Entry: The part I'll enjoy reading the most! Include a title as well.
Laptop died. Using phone.

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Old 06-14-2009, 05:15 AM
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Default Re: [WAR VII] Creative Writing

[ Themes ]
[ Week One ]

Poetry - Romance
Poetry is a great medium for expressing emotion. This week has a lot of flexibility. Write any form of poetry [any kind - get creative!] that involves the theme 'Romance'. A poem dedicated to the person you love, or a narrative poem about a pair of lovers - anything!
Winners: Kenny C.002 (Team Rocket) & FireflyK (One Against All)


[ Week Two ]

Where is our world headed? What does the future hold for society? Imagine you've somehow travelled to/seen the future, and know what's in store for the world. Is it an idealistic world - a utopia? Or is it the dismal, horrific counterpart - a dystopia? It could also be both. Describe the ultimate paradise, or the epitome of horror and destruction which awaits us in the future. See/read science fiction texts for inspiration.


[ Week Three ]


[ Week Three ]

Laptop died. Using phone.

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Old 06-14-2009, 06:06 AM
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Default Re: [WAR VII] Creative Writing

Alrighty, here goes then... First entry! =D


I spend the week learning to walk one-eyed
Down the rain slicked streets, and
Past softly scented, slanted rose bushes
Re learning the smell with
One nostril
The evening finds me, spoon in hand
Tasting from the pot with half a tongue
As my ear strains to hear the quiet cries
Of each rain drop, throwing itself against the shingles

Outside, the sirens still spin, and through the tear drops
I watch the uniforms converging silently
and she, marching between them, looks up
a smile in her eyes
and on her lips
I touch the car with one hand, and feel
One finger singe from the engine’s lingering heat

At night, I lick the glue from countless floating envelopes, and
Stuff them full of all the pictures I can never send
Leave them stacked in the silt, and
Stack pebbles on the tombstone until my mind drifts back to the dim glow in my study, and
the unmailed letters scattered across the table

We hug later, three weeks to the day,
And I wrap my unfeeling arm around her, gaze with my unseeing eye
Let her words drift into my broken ear, the scent of her perfume into what
Was once a working nostril
But my other hand, my phantom limb, wanders, hair standing up on the arm and
Muscles twitching, seizing
And the feral smile remains
I search beneath the black eyes for bandages, for bruising
and wonder if I was too quick to condemn Bromden’s cure

At night, this vacation ended and slowly, my ear grew back from
The scarring gash where it had once been severed
And my hands clung to nothing but clung in unison, my eyes looked into emptiness but saw, with
Depth perception restored
And I walked the quiet streets, whole again, as
she parted the rain before me
and gazed down at me through clouded eyes

My hands have yet to build a village, have yet to find water in the barren desert, have yet to plant a flower, and I have yet to find the path that leads me... I have not loved enough, but the wind and the sun are still on my face.

I have yet to sow green fields, yet to raise a city, yet to plant a grapevine on each chalky hill... There is so much to build and so much to be, and my love is just beginning.
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Old 06-15-2009, 06:23 AM
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

Now I remember why I fail at poetry. ._.;; Oh well, an attempt at the least.

Name: Naomi
Team: The Cullen

Candle Rose

Within the open window sits
A rose of twelve petals and six candles lit.
With each day passing petals fall
Two per day, six days in all.

Watching the rose, a woman sews,
Seated by the window, all day long.
And with each night, just before bed,
A candle's put out, and quiet prayer said.

She waits for her lover, away from his home,
Who's life knows no danger, not even his own.
Who fights in the war, off all alone;
The rose is his promise, the morn he returns.

The rose has ten petals, one candle unlit,
Each day they both dwindle, till nothing is left.
A thorny rose stem, with petals long gone,
No more wax candles, no more white dress.

A garb of black, thick and dark
She now wears, within her heart.
Black lace veil, no more sewing kit,
Her lover has passed, 'fore last petal's wilt.

Ryn the Flygon: Complete at 872

Banner is mine! >:3

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Old 06-15-2009, 03:01 PM
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

Name: Necromancy
Team: OAA

What is "Romance"?

Her arms above her head,
her wrists clamped tightly
together with my own hands.
My lips brushed her cheek,
my legs rubbed up and down
against hers.

I'd said do you love me,
she'd said no.
I'd said why not,
she'd said because
you're weird.

I'd said well is this weird
enough for you,
and slammed her back against
the wall.
She'd opened her mouth and
yelped in pain, but
I silenced her with my own.

I'd asked her do I not
deserve love, romance,
and she'd said this isn't
love, this isn't romance.

And now I rubbed her legs,
and she grimaced as my hands
explored her body.

It felt good to me.

Is that not love?

Is that not romance?
If you hadn't noticed, I'm inactive at the moment due to school and the like. If you need anything, drop me a PM and I'll reply ASAP, I try and visit every couple of days. Activity will pick up when there's a school break, I promise. D:

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Old 06-15-2009, 05:31 PM
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

Gah, I want to be in the WAR now, especially for this week ;_;

my gift is my song and this one is for you + don't look down, it's only love that we're falling in
all the way to your very last breath, I'll be around 'till we're parted by Death + sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same

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Old 06-15-2009, 06:30 PM
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

Name: ... Limelight? :D
Team: OAA

Mine is sorta' rap-ish, seeing as I cannot write poetry :P

What About Me?

What did I do to deserve this pain?
Him going around disgracing my name.
I thought he loved me, but he loved me with shame.
And that's why he never bothered to learn my name.

We spent nights together just watching TV,
hoping that he would say to me,
"this is the way it is meant to be."
But he didn't? Guess why? Because "me" was not what he could see.

He saw an easy replacement,
and I knew it deep down.
But I knew his soft side would never be found,
and I'm glad 'cause reality would of hit me on the way round.

We broke up,
it's his loss, I'm over him.
Shopping at the street picking out nice girls.
Maybe I should tell them they'll never be his world?~

Yeah.... [/rap]

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Old 06-15-2009, 10:07 PM
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

Name: Nyurgh
Team: Team Rocket

An Unlit Candle

Every since I first laid my eyes upon your glistening face,
Wearing that dress, all line with lace.
My heart has been burning, twisting, aching,
With the thought of the love that we could be making.

I stay up at night watching, waiting,
Wishing that you and I would begin mating.
My love for you has no cage,
It flies free, like the birds of young age.

How I longed for us to be those birds,
flying side-by-side would be too beautiful for words.
Instead I'm sitting on my bed, alone,
Staring at an unlit candle, until I hear the phone.

Your voice on the other end begins to speak
"I've been thinking about you, and it is making me weak,"
I wait for a minute, trying to find the meaning of this,
I close my eyes and say, "Then stop thinking of me, come to my house, miss."

When you knocked on my door, my life was complete
I let you in, and offered you something to eat.
You said, "I'm not hungry for anything but you."
We went to my room, I lit the candle, and you stayed the whole night through

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554
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Old 06-16-2009, 07:23 PM
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

... I've never been good at poems...

Name: Draconic_Espeon
Team: The Cullen

The Entry:

My Friend

When we first met, my heart didn't flutter.
It didn't beat within my chest.
You weren't my knight, my shining prince
I didn't give you a second glance.

It wasn't 'til, years later,
That I paid you any heed.
I talked to you, I laughed with you
And friends we both became.

But now I feel a little different.
I notice things I missed before.
The more time I spend, the more I wonder
Could I really be falling for you?

The guy I never spoke to,
My dorky friend after that.
I think I might just love you
But to you I'm just your friend.

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Old 06-17-2009, 12:13 AM
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

Name: Alana_Marie
Team: OAA

What Love Can See

You look at a swirling sea of sadness,
Masked by sparkling hues of blue and green,
And you see happiness.

You look at a body,
Which is repulsive and gross to it’s owner
And you see beauty.

You look at a face,
That no one has ever loved
And you see radiance.

You look at a girl,
Who thinks she is annoying,
Not worthy
A failure
And you see someone worth while

Your eyes
Meet my swirling sad blue eyes,
And you see who I really am.
And I see your love.

Love makes all the faults disappear
All the mistakes vanish
All the world fade into the background
And your love lets me live.
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Old 06-17-2009, 03:01 AM
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

Name: Dragoness
Team: The Cullen

A poem of sadness and despair, I present to you:

~Never Parted~

Once upon a time ago
There was a boy, by the name of Sow
Handsome was he
Considered by many to be the best there could be

Many maidens tried to get their hands on him
But alas, none could succeed to pin him down
Many of the townsfolk wondered what was wrong, that Sow would not fall for any of them

But the boy never said what was wrong
He just smiled at the girls as he bid them out the door
Inside his heart was aching though

One midsummers day, one of the woman had had enough
Stopping Sow outside his home
She demanded to know why he would have none of them

Smiling sadly, Sow shook his head
'You are a fine woman, as our your friends' replied the boy
'Nothing is wrong with you or them. My heart is waiting anxiously for another that I am promised to'

'Where is she?'
Was the demand of the pompus girl
'I must go to the Post Office' was all Sow would say

Now that night thundered with a mighty storm
Nobody would dare go out of their rooms
Even when at half-past midnight, a scream could be heard

'It is just the wind'
Were the thoughts of the people
So they stayed in their warm houses, gossiping about the boy

When dawn broke, the damage of the storm was taken in
Power was out all over the snide little town
Except for a glow flickering in the Sow's house

So the neighbors hurried over there
But when they got to the door
They found it wide open

Entering into the house, a scream came from one of the ladies
Running from the house, she caused a fright
No more than she was frightened though

For the sight that behold her was grisly
Like a nightmare, she wished it would end
For the boy was dead.

A letter lay beside him
That letter came from army Lt. Jane Lin
Saying that his beloved had just met her end

I tell this tell with a tear
For I know the love the two had
His woman, named Captain only a day ago, died with the locket of his love still worn 'round her neck

And never wanting to part with her
Sow decided to join her

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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

Haha, I fail at poems. And being romantic.

Name: Scott
Team: Aqua

My heart beat once, twice, working in overtime.
The blood rushed to my head and then to my cheeks.
I looked into your eyes, away, and then right back again.
A single finger brushed down your cheek, wiping away a lone tear.
I could barely breathe, and stood no chance of finding the right words to say.
The moments stretched from seconds to minutes to hours.

I could feel your breath on my face, smelling sweet and strange.
You leaned closer, just a little, turning your head to the side.
My whole body shook with fear and with anticipation.
Pushing away fear and doubt I leant forwards, my mind going blank.
Meeting halfway our lips met, awkwardly pushing together.
My heart caught in my throat, seeming to skip a beat.

All my being focused on that one point of contact, where we were connected.
Time stopped and all there was left was me and you.
I wiped the cold sweat off on my pants before running it through your hair.
Your long brunette locks were soft in that fleeting touch.
My hand traveled down, trailing down your arm to hold your hand.
I did not feel worthy to touch you, but then I remembered what you said.
You said that you loved me, that you wanted to always be with me.

You pulled away first, your eyes still closed while my own were opened nervously.
Everything came flashing back; lights, sounds, even the dull hum of the computer.
Suddenly my body was aflame, each and every point tingling from our brief encounter.
When I looked at your face I knew this was a moment I could never forget.
A smile crept upwards when our eyes met, shy but overjoyed as I took your hand in mine.
And that was just the first kiss.

"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

Name: Gem
Team: The Cullen

What is Love?

Love hurts.

It stems the flow of perception to your mind,
Feeding you false words of joy and sorrow.
Makes your body crave for a kind,
Of love that never makes you hollow.

Love Kills.

Pain emanates from within, never leaving,
An unfathomable dark void of dull despair.
A teardrop falls; always grieving,
To know the one you love will never be there.

Love sparkles.

Lips that quiver as others brush them,
A feeling so serene and thrilling.
Knowing that I will never condemn,
That I give myself to you, completely willing.

Love hopes.

Blood rushes hastily through my veins,
Eagerly longing to feel your touch.
Even in the sheer, pouring rain,
I dare to whisper that I love you much.

Love is…

I raise a hand to your face and stroke,
Ignoring the clenching feeling within.
Concealing ourselves in a foggy cloak,
Letting you run a hand along my skin.


Only under this feeling do I buckle,
To utter not a sound of sadness.
A dream…not reality is what I feel,
This is too pleasant and blissful, not madness.

I waver,
Yet I do not fall.
Soft feathers encase me.

It can’t be…this is…


Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

I hope you like them long....Also yeah...Me no poet. haha

Name: Mikey (Charizard Michelle)
Your Entry:

Why did he have to go,
Just as things were getting better between us.
He just ups and leaves,
As I begin to feel closer to him.

I admit our relationship wasn’t always nice,
Heck I even hated him the first time I saw him.
The way he was friendly with her, my best friend.
Acting as if they been friends for ages.
How I despised that, how I hated that.

Then there was the long purple hair,
A constant reminder of his twin sister.
The very girl that I had to compete against.
The very same girl who left my friend with only a note,
As a promise that she will return,
Only to have her twin brother to take her place.

Now I am plagued with this splitting image of him,
As the girl that I loathed the most.
She acts as if she knows everything about me,
Like we have been friends forever.
I am on to her game, I am going to figure out what is going on.

Still I rather have him over her any day,
Because without him there is no challenge.
If it wasn’t for the fact that his twin looks almost like him,
Then I wouldn’t mind him being gone.
But I rather see him in front of me,
Then seeing him in my fantasies.

How I hate to have left her,
It pains me that I couldn’t say goodbye,
The way I wanted to.
Just as things were about to change.

The way she would get upset,
It made me smile.
I knew it wasn’t what I should do,
As a simple gentlemen
As a guy, I found this too much fun.
That was how our relationship was.

Clearly she hated me,
Only because I looked like the one she hates.
She looked at me with suspicious eyes,
As I talk to her best friend.
My long purple hair flows,
A reminder of the person she clearly hates.

She hates the idea of seeing her daily.
Being force to share her best friend,
With the one she hates the most.
She despises how the one she hates,
Easily gets along with her friend,
Even after being gone for so long.

Now I am far away from her,
But yet I am so close.
Daily I prepare the façade
Because I am the girl she hates the most.
Soon she will stand in front of me,
Instead of standing in my fantasies.
__________________ Piece at a Time Blog

I need to find a new girl-on-girl animation.

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Default Re: [WAR VIII] Creative Writing

Name: Jr
Team: Aqua

Those Times

You used to know them so well.
But then you drifted away.
And now you know nothing of each other,
as if you had never met before.
But you see them and think
about all the times that you spent together.



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