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Old 03-18-2009, 04:54 AM
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Default ROCKET: The Unwelcomed Return

*cough* I know that newbies usually shouldn't make new threads, but I*braces for impact*

Ahem, anyway.

The Return of ROCKET

Welcome to the peaceful region of Johto: a place where humans and Pokemon thrive and prosper, whether separately or as a team. The dreams and aspirations of young, rising Pokemon trainers live on as they journey across the region, growing in skill and wisdom. It is a beautiful region where Pokemon are found from the deepest reaches of the ocean to the highest, sun-drenched tops of forest trees. Johto is indeed a wonderful place.

Enter ROCKET. Everything changes for the worse.

The renowned criminal organization known as ROCKET (aka Team Rocket) has mysteriously returned after being so-called "totally defeated" by the government years ago. The organization has come to Johto - and quite conspicuously, making the return of their group known everywhere - for reasons that are uncertain to the general people of Johto.

Recently, it has been determined that ROCKET has stolen Pokemon from labs all around Johto, preventing young trainers from receiving their first Pokemon - and more importantly, preventing scientists and professors from furthering their research on the Pokemon. Trainers of all kinds have lately been reporting in their missing Pokemon, most likely due to ROCKET as well. All in all, it seems that ROCKET has returned to do what they do best - steal Pokemon and use them for their own malicious intentions.

But this time, there are a few who are willing to risk everything to stop ROCKET entirely. These people will delve into the depths of the organization's research. They will discover secrets about not only ROCKET, but the rest of Johto, that none would ever expect.

You must choose, first of all, if you are on ROCKET's side or the opposing side.

- All PE2K rules.
- Every regular RP rules: no bunnying, god modding, etc.
- Please be literate and gramatically correct. It's not fun when the response is noobish sentence...=_=;
- At least 3 sentences.

Character Form
Side: (ROCKET or one who is opposing ROCKET)
Appearance: (Small pictures are fine, but some text would be nice)
Personality: (Not much is needed for this)
History: (Again, not much is needed for this, maybe a few sentences?)
Team: (From one to six Pokemon, can be beyond first/second generation, don't worry xD)

Well...that's it, I guess. I'll figure out later where the character forms go, but for now you can just repost them here. ^^

1. Ceth Rose (Silvyre)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: About 5'5" and muscular and moderately tan-skinned, with green eyes and spikey, silver-red hair. He has a kind of intimidating look about him despite his age. He wears the conventional ROCKET uniform (which is all black with a red "R" on the chest) with a black bandana around his neck.
Personality: Ceth is surprisingly free-willed and strong, despite his family life. He is curious about everything and thus is very naive. He takes risks all the time, which usually lead him into trouble. Ceth "won" all of his Pokemon in urban Pokemon battles that older grunts would have over Pokemon, except for Manectric, who Ceth met as an Electrike in his hometown.
History: Ceth obviously had a bad life at home while growing up. His parents basically didn't care about their children, and both of Ceth's older brothers ended up joining the Johto segment of ROCKET when Ceth was young. As the years passed, his older brothers never came back, and the treatment from his parents was even worse. Eventually, Ceth decided to go to ROCKET himself, but he is still in training.
Team: Manectric, Espeon, Marshtomp, Charmander

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Old 03-18-2009, 05:24 AM
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Default Re: ROCKET: The Unwelcomed Return

Ceth Rose could hardly breathe when he woke up in his cramped, stuffy sleeping cell at the screeching sound of the alarm. He hadn't gotten enough sleep for the past week and nothing was going to change. Today he was going to get up and continue his training, just as always, and the day would begin now - at the crack of dawn.

He yawned shakily and rose to his feet from the side of the creaky bed, which woke the beast lying on the floor. Manectric growled noisily and stretched. Sparks flew from its charged coat to the ground, hitting Ceth's foot in the process. He didn't flinch.

"Let's go," he grunted, putting on his uniform and shoes. "Or Cory will -- "

"CETH ROSE. REPORT TO THE TRAINING CENTER IMMEDIATELY. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN EXPULSION." Ceth rolled his eyes at obnoxious call. Cory, his commander, was the toughest hardass in the entire training unit. It was probably he who circulated those calls around the headquarters.

With that, Ceth lazily made his way out of the cell, down the hall, and into the training center, with Manectric loping behind him. Commander Cory met him there, staring at Ceth with eyes like daggers and a complexion like steel. Beside Cory were two uniformly dressed ROCKET trainees, with pokeballs in their belts. They were clearly Ceth's challengers and training partners for the day.

"You're late, Rose. Let's begin."

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