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Default [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto] [PG-13]

Know how in Mystery Dungeon, a human came to the Pokemon world as a Pokemon? What if a human came to the Pokemon world still as a human? In my fanfiction, both you and House will figure it out as the story progresses.

House blinks, and all of a sudden, he finds himself at the entrance of a Pokemon Center. A boy comes by with a sick Makuhita, and House diagnoses and cures it on the spot with information that he didn't previously know. With this an another impressive feat of a Muk in the following chapter, House will be doing the same thing in this fanfiction as he did in the show and much more.

The following chapter is a "pilot chapter," or a test chapter. It's sort of like "Chapter Zero." Enjoy.

All of a sudden, House opened his eyes. Where the Hell am I?

Two words echoed into his head. Celadon City. He pondered it. Celadon City? Wait – where was I before this? I was on my way to see Cuddy when…

This was some other place. When he was at that place doing an interview, he blinked. He forgot everything he was doing. But he was here now. How in the…?

The city was a hustling and bustling kind of place. Mothers with screaming babies in strollers, teen queens on their cell phones chatting, jocks flexing to see who had bigger muscles – this town seemed familiar to him. He turned around to see a rather large dome-shaped building in the shape of… it was on the tip of his tongue. Pokeball. But how did he know that? He’d never been here before, yet it seemed all so nostalgic. It’s a Pokemon Center… But what’s it for?

And House was just about to find out. A few feet away, a creature and his trainer were running. The creature, strange to House, collapsed onto the ground. It was a short, chubby, human shaped creature House realized as… a Pokemon.

“Oh, Makuhita!” the trainer said, getting onto his knees to look and inspect the creature. House, with the help of his cane walked over to the boy, and looked at the thing the trainer called a Makuhita. Examining it, he saw that it had a rash around its belly. In the rash, he could see veins popping.

“Hey, kid!” House said, poking the boy’s backpack. “I’m here to help. Do you have a Wepear Berry and a Lum Berry in there?” The boy nodded.

“Put it into a cup and make a juice by squeezing the berries. Your Makuhita has a psyburn and minor internal bleeding.” House could not believe what he was saying. He was diagnosing a creature he’s never seen before with a burn he’s never seen and a berry he’s never heard of. But it felt right.

The boy, desperate, pulled out a tin cup, a Wepear Berry, and a Lum Berry from his backpack. He squeezed the Lum Berry, and then the Wepear, and raised the cup to Makuhita’s mouth. House watched the boy as he did it with irrational care.

“When it’s half-empty, pour some on the rash and let it heal. We’ll take him in here.”

After the cup was empty, the boy sent out another creature, one that was green and white, and danced with elegance.

‘Kirlia! Use Psychic to lift Makuhita inside! Hurry!” Kirlia obeyed, and Makuhita hovered into the air with no problem, to House’s amazement. They walked inside, and hastened to the front desk.

“Ma’am, can we get a stretcher for this Makuhita?” asked House to the nurse. The nurse looked up, gasping.

“Oh, that’s the third one with this case!” said the nurse, calling two pink Pokémon she called Chansey over to the Makuhita. Kirlia gently put Makuhita onto the stretcher, and the Chansey took it into a room on the right of the desk.

“It has a psyburn and a minor case of internal bleeding. I also believe it may be infected with Solarosis, so I told the boy to make a juice out of Lum and Wepear berries to null the pain and cure the Solarosis,” explained House. The nurse blinked. Pulling back her pink, looped hair, she appeared stunned to him.

“Umm... Okay. How did you know this? You’re not a doctor, at least not here.”

“I’m unemployed.” The answer came out too quickly. House bit his lip. The nurse’s eyebrows lifted.

“Well, I’m sure Dr. Joy could have a word with you about employment. You seem very accomplished, doctor...?”

“House,” he replied. She nodded.

“Dr. House. Well, if you’d follow my Happiny...” All of a sudden, a pink, cheerful little Pokemon hopped onto the desk from behind. House followed the Happiny up stairs, around corners, and through hallways, and eventually, they got to a door that said, “DR. JOY, PC, FIRST CLASS”.

Happiny went back the way it came, but House opened the door labeled Dr. Joy to see a rather attractive woman – to House, as it were – and smiled. She looked like the nurse; pink hair, curled in the back. Except she was slimmer, and she had a slightly different hairstyle. But that made all the difference.

Dr. Joy was organizing papers when suddenly, she looked up, and smiled back. “Welcome. How can I help you today?”

House breathed to take it all in. First, he didn’t know what he was doing. Second, he had just probably cured a Makuhita of a disease. Third, what was he doing here?

“My name is Dr. Gregory House, MD. Only a few minutes ago, I just cured a Pokemon of a disease it got from a Pokemon battle earlier today, and the nurse at the counter downstairs suggested I apply for a job.” What House was saying flowed out of his mouth involuntarily. His mouth seemed to know more than he himself. Odd.

Dr. Joy raised her eyebrows. “I’ve only heard of the ‘MD’ title in human hospitals. Are you sure you are qualified for Pokemon care?”

Before he could think, his mouth moved. “Yes, I am.” The doctor stared him down.

“May I see your resume?” asked Dr. Joy. House sat there, motionless. I’m applying for a job and I don’t have a resume?

“Right, then,” Dr. Joy continued. “Well then, you must be on your way.”

Only a second passed before the nurse from downstairs ran in. “Doctor, doctor! This man’s diagnosis and cure worked! It was positive in the test!” The nurse gave a sheet of paper to the doctor. Examining the paper, the doctor’s eyebrows raised.

“Just who are you?” asked Dr. Joy. House merely smiled.

“Dr. Gregory House.”

The doctor stared him down, and then nodded. “I’m going to give you a case, and if you cure him, you’re hired. We’ll start you on 100,000 Poke a week. Follow the nurse, and you’ll see your patient.”

Dr. Joy gave the nurse a folder with someone’s name on it, and the nurse’s eyebrows raised. She handed the folder to House, mouthing, “Good luck!”

By the time they got there, House was getting tired of walking. His cane could only walk him so far. “So this is my patient?”

House looked, and saw a giant blob of purple goo laying helplessly on a Pokemon Center bed.

“I told you. Good luck, tiger,” said the nurse, winking, handing him the folder the doctor gave her. “You may perform any test you would like, just make sure you get the doctor’s permission!” She walked off, waving her arms with a smile on her face.

House walked into the patient room and started to cover his nose. “Ugh! What a horrible stench!” To House, it smelled of rotten eggs, dirty socks, five Stunky, ten Skuntanks, and five dead people. He lifted the folder to his face, stating all of the details about the Pokemon.

“Patient, Muk... has a strong case of Seviper’s Disease and has no record of berry abuse... has multiple psyburns, and has stage one Pokencer in his left blob...” He looked up, staring at the helpless blob once again. This is going to be hard.

But as he started to sort things out in his mind, House began to wonder how he knew all this stuff. Two minutes ago, he knew nothing about Pokemon. His mouth seemed to be doing all the talking involuntarily. He knew many human illnesses and diseases. Now, he knew many Pokemon ones, too.

On the other side of the room, he saw a whiteboard with Ekanitis crossed out. Ekanitis is normally a disease attributed to poison-type Pokemon that is normally made by psyburns, House thought. He assumed there were many cases of psyburn diseases here in Saffron. After all, the Makuhita seemed to have a bad case of it itself. But this Muk didn’t seem to have it all that bad. Ekanitis was probably a good idea to think about, so he erased it and rewrote it not crossed out. It also had Belue Berry Poisoning crossed out. The symptoms don’t seem to fit for that, he thought, agreeing with the writing. But why was Ekanitis crossed out?

All of a sudden, the Muk began to seize. He started to shake wildly, and without control. House immediately got up and attempted to put it into a recovery position. Seeing this, House saw that the contusions on the Muk’s center-area were not psyburns, but rather a poison-on-poison attack. Iviteritis. Ekanitis doesn’t call for poison bruises, House thought. Whoever wrote this was right.

* * *

“So, what is your patient’s condition so far?” asked Dr. Joy. House nodded.

“Stable. I’ve diagnosed the Muk with Iviteritis. I don’t think it was caused by a psyburn.”

“Really, House?” Dr. Joy looked as if House was facetious and was playing jokes on her. House nodded genuinely.

“I looked closer at the contusions. They have small, white spots, indicating the bruise was caused by a poison attack. Most likely a small one, like Poison Sting.”

Dr. Joy sighed, and bit the end of her pencil. “Fine. But see what triggered the seizure. I doubt Muk has only Iviteritis. Run a couple tests. See what you can do.”

“I have, doctor,” House replied quickly. The doctor raised one eyebrow in suspicion. “After I cured him of his Iviteritis, I also diagnosed it of Grimer’s Disease. Although rare for a Pokemon to get a disease from its own family, I looked closer at its cells and found something.”

As the doctor continued to look suspicious, House gave her a photo he took from a microscope.

“They’re damaged, and change rapidly every time Muk falls in discomfort, triggering the seizure and also a small tumor. The way they got damaged was probably when the trainer was fighting with the Grimer, but when it started to evolve, the trainer got jealous, and poisoned it while doing so. Therefore, it changed the amount of energy it gave out while evolving, also creating some kidney failure. A week on dialysis and it should be fine. Oh, and by the way, the Pokencer and the Seviper's Disease I ruled out. One seizure could have killed him with the mix of those two.” While House was explaining this, Dr. Joy’s mouth dropped in awe.

“What kind of trick are you trying to play?” asked the doctor. House shrugged.

“My job?”

Dr. Joy rolled her eyes. “Fine. You get the job, House.”

House, even though he didn’t know how he ended up here, had minor confusion, but he seemed happy. Then he suddenly remembered about his pain meds.

“What is the legality of Vicadin?” asked House. Dr. Joy hesitated.

“The brand itself is illegal in Saffron due to many reports of overdose, but the clinic downstairs grows a special berry that does twice the job, but is normally given to dying patients,” replied the doctor. “Why?”

“I came from another part of the country, and as you can tell by my cane, I experience pain. Is there a way you can prescribe that for me?”


Solarosis - Disease in which Pokemon are sunburned to the point where the cells inside of their body are affected and changed to have less willpower, fatigue, exhaustion, bone injuries, damage to the eyes, and are normally sapped of power.

Psyburns – Burns on the skin caused by psychic attacks. In season one, Sabrina and her gym trainers normally cause them.

Iviteritis – Special disease only poison types can get occasionally, and is easily cured. Occurs when poison attack poisons them.

Ekanitis – Special disease only poison types can get occasionally, and can be cured. Occurs when a psychic attack gives them a psyburn.

Grimer’s Disease – Disease in which there is a problem or malfunction when poison types evolve. Result in damaged cells that fix themselves after being treated on Kebia Berries.

Seviper's Disease - Disease in which poison types get Ekanitis and small tremors.

Pokencer - Pokemon cancer. Caused by the duplication of damaged cells. Can be cured by certain berries.

PokePilepsy - Pokemon epilepsy. Neurological disease characterized by unprovoked seizures.

V-fib - A human and Pokemon condition in which there is uncoordinated contraction of the cardiac muscle of the ventricles in the heart, making them tremble rather than contract properly.

Plateroperosis - A disease like osteoporosis, except the rock of a rock-type Pokemon's body is becoming brittle, and not the bone.

Lunaria - A hereditary disease in nocturnally inclined Pokemon in which

Spacial Diseases - Extra-terrestrial diseases implied to in the fanfiction in which House cannot correctly diagnose, but can guess.

Sneasel's Disease - Disease in which an ice-type Pokemon's ability fails for a short period of time.

Weavile Syndrome - Autoimmune disease in which an ice-type Pokemon's ability fails and keeps failing until patient is either dead or cured. The ability fails because the immune system is attacking the cells which allows it to produce the hormone that allows it to produce it's ability.

-Sangucrys - Disease that has many prefixes according to type (pyrosangucrys = fire, etc, etc), and is diagnosed as such when parts of the ability system (an immune system special for the ability that goes along with the Pokémon) flow into the bloodstream.

"Rare disease found in Dittos" or Forme Disease - Mentioned in chapter three, part four. The Ditto is caught, and then the genes align to the Pokémon it transformed to in a more permanent state, and once the Ditto tries to revert back, some of the genes go out of alignment, and thus corruption occurs.



Berry #9 - Lum

Cures most basic ailments. Said to have been a fruit blessed by the Holy Grail.

Berry #19 - Wepear

Treats and sometimes cures Solarosis. The potent mix between bitter and sour in this berry seems to promote digestion.

Berry #29 - Rabuta

Cleans the liver, spleen, kidneys, and stomach. Used commonly for dialysis.

Berry #31 - Spelon

Combined with Lum Berries, it has the same effects as a Rowap. Secondary Rabuta substitute.

Berry #42 - Kebia

Helps poison Pokémon when on dialysis and helps cure them of poison-type corruptions.
Mentioned in the Master Disease List.

Berry #50 - Colbur

Alternative to Rabuta Berries. Do not work as well.
Mentioned in Chapter Two, Season One.

Berry #53 - Leichi

Rare mirage-like berry that cures diseases associated with weaker Pokémon and those with other forms.
Mentioned in Chapter Three, Season One.

Berry #57 - Apicot

Brain-like berry that has been clinically proven to prevent the depletion of brain cells.

Berry #59 - Starf

Painkiller. 50% better than Vicadin.

Berry #60 - Enigma

A dark berry that is known to cure many extra-terrestrial diseases without proof.

Berry #64 - Rowap

In the old days, it was used as a toy. In the medicinal field, it "toys" with your immune system, getting rid of most minor diseases.
Can be substituted with a combination of Lum and Spelon Berries.


FakeBerries - Fake Pokémon Berries made by me. Like Fakemon, only with berries.

FakeBerry #1 - Rage

A berry mentioned in chapter two of season one. Said to be near the Lake of Rage, and is poisonous. Causes delayed evolution in certian Pokemon.


Pseudo-Berries - Berries like the real berry, but only with an extra or taken away function or more. Often rarer than their real counterparts.

Pseudo-Berry #59 - Starf

Berry similar to Starf Berry that adds an extra function; mood enhancement.
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto]

Season One Theme Song

Chapter Zero - Pilot

House is introduced to the Pokémon world when he diagnoses a Pokémon that wins him a job.

Chpater One - House's Desire

House must cure a Pokémon that can read minds to see the invisible when he finally settles in an apartment.

Chapter Two - A Fairy Paradox

House gets a Pokémon with evolutionary disease when the Pokémon Center gets robbed.

Chapter Three - Ice, Ice, Rotom
Parts: 1 2 3 4

House has a variety of patients with similar diseases as he also tries to settle an epidemic as well as a battle he planned with a former patient's trainer.

Chapter Four - Ratatouille
Parts: 1 2 3

A grand mixture of things make their marks in this episode when House yet again takes numerous cases, diagnosing even a champion's pseudo-legendary, as House has his first actual trainer-to-trainer battle with Kyle, the Dojo Leader's son.

Chapter Five - Spellbound
Parts: 1 2 3 4

House suffers due to the fact that he cannot remember his past when a mysterious Unown appears and shows him to an alternate dimmension.

Chapter Six - Burn, Baby Burn
Parts: 1

House must use all of his knowledge and painkillers into a legendary Pokémon when it burns Lavender Town down to the ground. Can House cure Entei and figure out what’s causing its rage and get to the humans in enough time to save lives?

Chapter Seven - Clinic Day

House is forced to do clinic duty for an entire day without work on any cases, and Wiseman and Joy must work together to help a dying Absol with an eccentric dying wish.


Owned Pokémon

Lunatone - OT: House

Lunatone makes a vital part of House's Pokémon team as it can read minds, and tell House what his patients are thinking. Caught in a silver-plated Cherish Ball. Previous patient.

*Riolu - OT: House

House's only Pokémon that can talk, and likes to serve as puppet to Lunatone when there isn't a PokeMind Reader around. Shiny. Came in a red Cherish Ball. Received in a game corner.

Gengar - OT: House

House's intangible and secret spy, House likes to send Gengar on missions tangibles cannot possibly do. Caught in a red Cherish Ball. Caught in the Pokémon Tower.

Unown (?) - OT: House

House's key to the Unown world. It is shaped like a question mark, and likes to orbit House. Caught in a red Cherish Ball. Previous patient.

Blissey - OT: Joy

Joy's massive powerhouse and tank. It's said to be triumphant against even Sabrina's Pokémon. Caught in a Poké Ball. Hatched from an egg.

Happiny - OT: Jo

Jo's little assistant. Has super strength, and is very cheerful. Can hold its own against House's Pokémon, and even Joy's Blissey. Caught in a Poké Ball. Hatched from Joy's Blissey's egg.

*Pichu - OT: Jo

Jo's other assistant. It powers the ambulance in emergencies, and is viewed by many as eccentric because of it's darker color. Shiny. Caught in a Quick Ball.

Togekiss - OT: Kyle

Kyle's very first Pokémon. It evolved from Togetic into Togekiss in A Fairy Paradox, but devolves back to Togetic after dialysis, and then evolves again later. It is able to defeat House's Lunatone in battle. Caught in a Poké Ball.

Medicham - OT: Kyle

Kyle's powerhouse and most dependable Pokémon that ties with House's Gengar. Caught in a Poké Ball.

Tyrogue - OT: Kyle

Kyle's weakest Pokémon, but is the bravest. It loses to House's Riolu rather easily. Caught in a Poké Ball.

Garchomp - OT: Cynthia

Cynthia's best Pokémon, and was hospitalized with VVE Disease. Caught in a Poké Ball.

Alakazam - OT: Cynthia

A special Pokémon of Cynthia's that was the only one not to leave Cynthia after being released by his master's ex-boyfriend. Caught in a pink Cherish Ball.


Doctors and Recurring Characters of House, P.C.

Dr. Gregory House (MD)

House is a sardonic genius that specializes in diagnostic medicine, infectious disease, and nephrology. Ever since coming to the world of Pokémon, House has been knowledgeable about Pokémon disease, although he's had no training. Ever since his first encounter with the Infinity Unown, House believes this uncanny ability of knowledge came from the Unown. He is the head of Diagnostic Medicine in the Saffron City Pokémon Center.

The Unown

The Unown are a curious species of Pokémon that have a mysterious existence in the Pokémon world. House believes that the Unown have a place in his being there, as well as his ability to know things without experience. They are led by the almost-all-powerful Infinity Unown.

Dr. Lisa Joy (P-MD)

The Dean of Medicine and the proprietor of the Saffron City PC, or Pokémon Center. She is sadistic when it comes to the fate of House, and in House's mind, seems to be parallel to Cuddy from his own world. She specializes in Pokémon endocrinology.

Dr. James Wiseman (P-MD and MD)

The head of the Oncology Department at the Saffron City Pokémon Center. He likes to connect to people, and tends to give speeches about cancer for Pokémon and humans. He is revered as the best oncologist of the Kanto region, and even one of the best in the world. He has invented three new types of treatment (non-radiation) for Pokémon and human cancer. To House, he is parallel to Wilson from his own world.

Dr. Allison Jo (P-MD and MD)

Saffron's finest immunologist and internal medicine specialist. Before becoming part of House's team in Season One, she was a part-time nurse for her aunt Joy, and head of the ER Department. In House's mind, she seems to parallel to Dr. Cameron from his own world.

Dr. Erica Anna (P-MD)

A talented neurologist and part of House's Diagnostic Medicine Fellow team. She is also an ex-orthopedic surgeon, and seems to be parallel to Dr. Foreman (albeit the fact that Anna is white and female) in House's world.

Dr. Robert Proctor (P-MD and MD)

Both a cardiologist and an intensive care specialist. He used to be just a human doctor, but eventually, over time, studied to become a Pokémon Doctor of Medicine. He seems to be parallel to Dr. Chase in House's mind.

Cynthia Stuart

Brock Stuart's spouse, an ex-champion, and the co-head of the Rocky Brock franchise. She also specializes in archaeology, and studies legendary Pokémon in her free time. Early in the season, it is confirmed that she cheats on Brock behind his back, and becomes an unknown person's boyfriend. However, this "boyfriend" sets all of Cynthia's Pokémon free, and is forced to dump him.

Kyle Koichi Jr. and Kyle Koichi Sr.

Kyle Koichi Jr. is the son of the Dojo Master, and trains mainly with fighting types, excluding his first Pokémon, which is now a Togekiss.

Kyle Koichi Sr. is the father of Kyle Jr, and runs not only the Dojo, but also a noodle restaurant.

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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto]


My brother and I agree that this is a great, though unusual, story.

Venonat Poison Powder: It deserves 4.5 pills out of 5.

A very dumb story. Go read it.
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto]

Originally Posted by Kendo View Post

My brother and I agree that this is a great, though unusual, story.

Venonat Poison Powder: It deserves 4.5 pills out of 5.


Thank you! ^^

It's so weird to me as well - I'm trying to keep House in character, and it's hard to do without the cursing and disrespect. He'll eventually fall into that slump, but he's sort of happy now that he's got a berry that will relieve him of some pain, which was sort of mentioned in chapter zero, and will be named in chapter one.

Speaking of which, I have to see if I can finish that chapter...
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto]

I've finally come out with chapter one - House's Desire.
House was in Dr. Joy’s office with her, eating a colorful berry of some sort.

“Don’t overdose on those Starf Berries, House. Those are incredibly rare, and they haven’t been tested,” scolded Joy, shaking her head. House didn’t really care. Those Starf Berries did better than Vicadin ever hoped to be.

“So, do I get a team?” asked House. Joy nodded, sorting papers on her desk.

“Yeah. In fact, yesterday, I fired a guy that had a team. You can have his position,” Joy replied. Before House could ask, Joy finished off the sentence. “For the same pay.”

House grimaced sardonically. “Party-pooper.” Not that it was a bad thing. House recently heard that a home around here cost 200,150 Poke. That was a little more than two weeks’ pay for House. In a couple months, he could probably pay that off, because there were also taxes, groceries, medication, and several other things to pay while he waited for that opportunity.

“I’m allowed to use the rooms available to the trainers, correct?” asked House. Joy raised an eyebrow.

“Do you have a Pokemon?” Joy seemed to take pleasure in torturing House.


“No Pokemon, no room. Those are the rules. Not even for employees. You can buy a PokeBall at the PokeMart three blocks down. But if you don’t want to buy a PokeBall for the normal 200 Poke rate, I know of a man selling prototype PokeBalls for less. He just recently created something called the ‘Cherish Ball,’ I believe.”

House didn’t want Joy to know he didn’t have any money. And he didn’t want to take out an advance for a small PokeBall. But he had an idea. He knew the rule of thumb for buying houses was to lay down ten percent... Maybe he’d take a fraction of an advance to pay for the initial deposit and some PokeBalls... He’d ask later. Maybe tomorrow.

“Why, do you not have a place to stay?” asked Joy. House shook his head. He didn’t expect Joy to believe that he just appeared out of nowhere and had not place to stay.

“Well, there’s always your new office,” the doctor said, giving House a key on a key ring.

“Thanks,” House replied. Joy smiled.


The next morning, House got up and got ready for work. It was less painful doing so with the Starf Berries working. The cafeteria food they served downstairs was free if you were a doctor or a dying patient. It was not that bad, but it was enough to get by with.

His office was pretty big. It featured a long sofa – in which House used to sleep in – big windows, a long desk, an éNigma computer, and a widescreen TV, bigger than the one in his old office. He began to think... Old office? He was beginning to forget his old world. Odd...

“Good morning, House,” Joy said, walking in, staring at him eccentrically. Grabbing his cane, House smiled.

“Good morning, furcifer,” House said, almost polite. Joy looked at him odd.

“What does that mean?” Joy asked, oblivious. House shrugged.

“It means ‘beautiful’ in Latin,” replied House, raising an eyebrow, heading the opposite direction. Joy continued to stare at him as he walked out the door.

“It’s an insult, isn’t it?” Joy seemed slightly agitated. House ignored her, smiling as he left to treat his first official patient as Dr. House, PC; Pokemon Center. Grabbing his first daily clipboard from the nurse at the counter, he read it aloud to himself on a bench near the desk.

“Patient, Lunatone. Showed some symptoms of PokePilepsy, such as random seizures, eccentric reactions to light, and a small tumor at the top tip of its crescent-like body. Not owned...” Indeed so, it was House’s biggest and first challenge. PokePilipsy was a big deal. It was a neurological disorder in which could not be cured by any berry in existence except one far away on Faraway Island, but such berries were rare and prized by collectors, so he couldn’t get one. The berry was one of legend that could cure any ailment...

“Solarosis, maybe?” asked the nurse. House looked behind him, seeing the nurse sitting in a swivel chair behind the desk.

“Solarosis wouldn’t explain the random seizures. Nice try,” House replied, indignant. The nurse was persistent.

“The disease in itself can cause many random events within a Pokemon’s immune system and beyond it, leading possibly to neurological symptoms. And since Lunatone is a lunar Pokemon, it is more open to Solarosis than most others,” replied the nurse.

“What is your name, nurse?” House was curious. She looked slightly different from Joy, as she could see.

“I’m Joy’s niece. I’m Jo Peterson,” the nurse exclaimed, introducing herself. House smiled.

“Well, Nurse Peterson, how would you like to join my team?” asked House, raising an eyebrow curiously. Jo paused, biting her lip.

“It’s hard for nurses like me to become a part of a doctor’s team... But I’d have to ask for Aunt Joy’s approval –“

“You don’t need her approval as an aunt. You need her approval as a boss. Nurse, you don’t die with dignity. You have to live with it.”

Jo conceded. “How much do I start off on?” House shrugged.

“That, you’re going to have to ask as well. How much do you get paid now?”

“43,000 Poke a week,” replied Jo. House nodded.

“I can probably get you bumped up to at least 50,000 for starters, I presume,” House said. Jo smiled.

“I’ll consider it. You tell Aunt Jo- I mean, Dr. Joy.”

House smiled as he walked up the stairs, looking back every few seconds to look at Jo, who was giggling and kissing a charm necklace she was wearing around her neck.


“You want to what?” asked Joy. House grimaced.

“I want to hire your niece. She’d make a good part of my team,” House replied, serious. “What, afraid that your niece is going to become successful?”

Joy hesitated. “I just don’t want her being with a person like... never mind. Fine. What is her starting rate?”

“50,000, at least.”

“Fine. But half of that jump is coming out of your paycheck,” replied Joy, smiling. House groaned.

“I was going to ask you for a partial advance,” House slipped. Joy shot him a look.

“On your first week of employment? This is so sudden. Going to grab the money and go, House?”

“No. I want to make an initial deposit for a house.”

Joy looked at him seriously. “Very well. How much do you need?”

“40,000 Poke,” House replied. Joy frowned as she pulled out her checkbook. House new the deposit would be at least 20,000 Poke, but he asked for a little extra to get by on.

“Are you buying a house or a mansion?” asked Joy as she began to write the check. She handed it to House, as if she were saying with her eyes, “You better use this for a home, House.

Walking down the halls, House visited his patient, looking at it peculiarly as he tucked the check away into his pocket. It was breathing heavily, and there were a couple nurses caring for it, doing tests. All of a sudden, panic. He could hear the beeping from the machine that measured the Lunatone’s heartbeat going crazy. V-fib, he thought, walking away. He knew the nurses were trained to bring Lunatone stable. Yet another symptom to add to the mix – heart disease.


The next day, House came into the Pokemon Center for the first time knowing he had a home. He managed to find a decent apartment where the initial deposit was 10,000 Poke. He spent 15,000 Poke in furniture and accessories for the home as well. He managed to get a bed for 2,000, two tables for 3,500, a sofa for about 1,800. House also got a deal on two nightstands for 1,000, toiletries for 1,200, food for a week for 2,000, and some other necessities for 2,500. When he looked in the PokeMart for a quick peek, he realized the prices were astronomical in comparison to human food and medicine. But around the corner, he found the guy selling the Cherish Balls Joy was talking about. He bought ten, and received a cooler prototype, the Cherish Ball v2, which was a solid silver color, for free. The regular Cherish Ball was a coral red, which he found cooler. However, when the salesmen said it was more likely to catch a Pokemon than an Ultra Ball, which most people were buying nowadays because of the odds, he couldn’t refuse the free gift. He wanted a Pokemon, but he had a fear of leaving Saffron. It was his kind of place. And House always, even if he didn’t show it often, had a pet peeve for camping, or ever taking a stroll in the wild.

“Good morning Dr. House,” greeted Jo from the desk, sorting some papers.

“I talked to Dr. Joy, and she approved,” House told her, grinning. Jo gasped in happiness, and stopped her work.

“She did? And for the pay rate?”

House nodded, and Jo came from behind her desk to hug him. He almost got off balance, he reminded her that he used a cane.

“Well, just ask when is the most appropriate time for another person to take your job, and then you can come with me when the time comes,” House replied, serious. He was now to worry about the Lunatone. Maybe, just maybe, House could claim the Lunatone and catch it with one of the PokeBalls the prototype PokeBall manufacturer made.

House entered the Lunatone’s room, and saw a strange machine on a cart next to its bed that hooked onto Lunatone’s forehead.

“It’s called a PokeMind Reader, House,” said a delight, feminine voice from the machine. House started to freak out, but suddenly he understood. It projected the thoughts and feelings of a Pokemon into English.

“But how did you know I was curious as to what the machine was?” asked House. Lunatone looked at him, smiling.

“It’s because I’m a Psychic-type Pokemon. I can read minds. And yours says that you don’t exactly know what is wrong with me. That’s fine. Really, it is,” Lunatone replied through the machine, sighing.

“I’ve got a few ideas,” exclaimed House, biting his lip. “Solarosis was a nurse’s idea. But I highly doubt it.”

“Judging from the synopsis of what Solarosis is from reading your mind it does seem to fit. I am a lunar Pokemon, and I am prone to be weak to solar rays.”

“PokePilepsy seems to fit, though.”

“It does seem to fit... are you sure it’s not –“ Lunatone was about to continue on, but before it could it started to seize again. From another machine that measured Lunatone’s heartbeat, House noted that the heartbeat was beginning to go up. He hurried up to the Lunatone, and tried to hold it down a bit. He noticed that some of the rocky body was starting to decompose on the surface. What kind of disease was this?


Jo was with House in his office discussing the prognosis.

“Well, decomposing rock is a symptom of plateroperosis – it seems to fit everything except the seizures,” Jo replied.

“True, but then it would have to be linked with another disease. Like Solarosis. But the combination of the two seems too deadly. Lunatone would wither away into the sun if she were exposed to it with the two diseases.”

“What if it’s hereditary, then?”

“Not likely – Lunaria doesn’t seem to fit...” Suddenly, House gasped, nodding, and left to go upstairs. Jo just stood there as if she were ignored.

House was in Lunatone’s room when Lunatone began to come to after sleeping.

“I see you’ve found my problem, House,” Lunatone greeted through the PokeMind Reader. House nodded.

“When were you last in space, Lunatone?” asked House. Lunatone gasped.

“Um... I was born on Earth, House. You know alien Pokemon are very rare.”

“Yes. That’s because scientists sweep Pokemon like you away, because they usually have viruses that they don’t know how to cure. But I think I do,” House said, slipping a piece of paper from his pocket. He knew Lunatone was lying. “I’m going to write you a prescription for Enigma Berries. In a few days, you could be cured. Enigma Berries hold extraterrestrial nutrients never before seen on Earth, and are rich in Vitamin X, if you know what I mean.”

“Do you really think it will work?” asked Lunatone, concerned. House didn’t want to believe he was wrong, but he did know he wasn’t sure if it would work.

“The chances are good.”


“So, we finally found a patient for those Enigma Berries?” asked Joy, in her office with House discussing the assumed diagnosis.

“Yes. I think it’s a spacial disease. I’d love to study it more, but it was killing her. Her symptoms are starting to go away, which is a good sign, and she’s beginning to regain the ability to hover,” replied House, neutral-faced.

Joy smiled. “That’s really good. We were going to take Enigma Berries off the medicine list, because very few patients used them. But now we know to use those kinds of Berries on extra-terrestrial Pokemon, much like Lunatone.”

“So are you sure you are going to give your niece 3,500 Poke from my paycheck?” asked House, concerned slightly, standing up.

“No, I won’t,” Joy replied. “I said that to make you want to do better to get it back, and it worked.”

Turning around, House smiled mischievously as he walked out the door. But as he did, he thought about Lunatone again, holding one of the Cherish Balls he bought, remembering about how Lunatone was not owned...
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto]

Ack. House P.C. isn't getting many replies. Many stories with strange names and/or plots turn out like this, and often don't continue, like one of two of mine.

But I say you keep going. It's a very nicely written story. It just doesn't get a 5 because I don't give 5's...
A very dumb story. Go read it.
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto] [PG/PG-13]

Hey dude, this fic is awesome man, I'm all for it! I wonder what will happen next? Kepp writing, you got me hooked!
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto] [PG/PG-13]

It's very difficult to write, and it takes a little while, but I'm doing my best not to rush!

But I should have the next chapter up soon - I'm halfway through.

For those of you who like the Togepi-Togetic-Togekiss chain, you'll love this next episode.
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto] [PG/PG-13]

Second chapter! This one has to do with the question asked by many Pokemon fans - if a Pokemon can evolve, can they revert back?

This chapter is titled "A Fairy Paradox".

“House, can I speak to you a minute?” asked Proctor. He was one of House’s new team members that Joy gave to House the other day. It had been a week since House cured that Lunatone, and Joy had already gave House two new people to add to his team. Now, he had Jo, Proctor, and Anna.

Proctor was a well-built man that was once a doctor that worked on humans, like House did. He looked like one of those supermodels that could appear on a television show, and even sounded like velvet. But this didn’t please House, not one bit. He thought of Proctor as a womanizer, and it did seem to many people that he did. House has caught House advancing on Dr. Joy, Jo, and Anna. These attempts failed, of course, but the time he tried on Joy scared House.

“Who are you going to seduce this time, Proctor? Just to let you, I don’t bat for the home team,” House replied curtly. This aggravated Proctor slightly, but he shook it off.

“Dr. House, I was wondering if we could take this case.”

“Patient?” asked House, walking down the hallway, Proctor following uneasily.

“Uh, the patient is a Koffing. It seems to have suffered from Berry Poison of some kind,” replied Proctor. House shook his head, casually waving to Dr. Joy, who passed by quickly.

“No. Something more challenging, por favor.”

“Uh, well, there’s a Togetic with Pokencer in his right wing. It’s a Berry addict, and some of its spots are glowing. Some kidney failure.”

Interested, House took the case. “Great. Start it on Rabuta Berries for dialysis.”

“It’s allergic.”

House hesitated. “Is it allergic to Colbur Berries?”

“It’s not listed here, but we can try.”

“Good. Give it a couple of those and we should be able to see some results from it,” replied House, finishing up. He decided to turn the other way and catch up with Dr. Joy.

“Enjoying your new Pokemon, are you?” asked Joy, smiling. House frowned.

“How did you know?” asked House, curious. “Have you been spying on me?”

Joy laughed. “Yes. I know you caught that Lunatone last week.”

“Camera or Pokemon?”

“Both, believe it or not. I have a Gaurdevior that can see through walls,” replied, Joy, sarcastic.

“Well played, doctor,” House contorted playfully, walking towards the patient’s room.

Togetic was a fairylike Pokemon that had small wings, a head that had a crown like top, and red and blue circles covering its body in random places.

“Am I going to be alright, doctor?” asked Togetic through the PokeMind Reader. House shrugged.

“I don’t know. We’re still trying to figure out what’s wrong with you. I sent someone to get you Colbur Berries for dialysis, but I guess they had to plant anew,” House answered shaking his head. “You seem to have some evolution deformity from what I know.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s when you try to evolve, but your immune system prevents it. It’s known as Malevolution Disease. However, you’re a special case, Togetic, because you need a stone to evolve. So, a worse kind. But it could be caused by a Berry, so we’re doing our best to figure you out.”


“It’s the job,” House replied, nodding. He didn’t appreciate thank-yous. He looked closer at the Togetic and saw that the spots were glowing brighter. All of a sudden, Togetic was enveloped in a white light, and reformed as a different Pokemon.

“What’s happened?” asked the newly evolved Pokemon.

“Delayed evolution,” replied House. “Could have many reasons... So, you do know you’re a Togekiss now, don’t you?”

“Yes; grandmother lived to be a Togekiss.”

“Does that mean you’re a wild Pokemon?”

“Oh no,” replied Togekiss. “Well, actually, I think I would be considered that now. I was disowned from my trainer for losing a battle. He accidentally left me some sort of Berry, and I got really hungry. I loved the taste, and something about it was so... compelling. Intoxicating. So I ate more, and more, and I got sick, and used the last of my strength here. The nurse said I collapsed once I flew in, and they got me here, and I was glowing ever since.”

“I see... Well, someone will be coming in with some Berries... and here he is now,” said House as Proctor came in.

“Sorry I’m late. I had to call Dr. Joy to open up the emergency stash. We’ve been robbed, House.”


“How can a hospital get robbed?” asked House.

Joy shrugged. “I don’t know. But how they stole the Berries was what was so weird. They just teleported away, and were never seen again.”

“I could get CSI to come in and investigate,” replied Proctor, raising his eyebrows.

“They’re already in the lab. Don’t tell him that they were teleported out, though – we don’t want to get them to the conclusion that Sabrina’s to blame for this.”

“It’s already been solved, miss,” exclaimed a CSI agent, showing his badge, walking into the office.

“Who was it?”

“It was a boy from the Dojo that had a Medicham. He claims he 'needed it'. I’ll be going now, Dr. Joy; we’ve got this all wrapped up,” finished the agent, starting to walk out the door.

“Did the boy say what he needed the medicine for?” asked House. Dumbfounded, the agent stopped in his tracks.

“He did say it was to heal one of his Pokemon. A Togetic, I believe. If you want to talk to him, I can bring him in. Why do you ask?”

“It’s because I have a patient that said it was disowned. It has just evolved into a Togekiss.”

“I see,” replied the agent, checking his watch. “Well, I’ll bring him in at two, and you can talk to him.” Walking out the door, the agent said goodbye again, and left.

House nodded to himself, getting up with slight difficulty. He forgot to take his Starf Berry that morning. Pulling one out, he took a bite, and finished it on the walk to Togekiss’s room.

“I’ve got good news,” greeted House, smiling with a screwed-up face. “Your trainer apparently disowned you and felt guilty, or you’re lying.”

“I wouldn’t lie,” replied the Togekiss, sobbing. House grimaced, examining the fairylike Pokemon.

“What’s wrong?” asked House, seeing veins popping out on the Togekiss’s neck.

“My heart keeps throbbing, and I don’t know what’s wrong!” screeched the Togekiss, whose body began to throb uncontrollably.

“I NEED A CRASH CART IN HERE!” yelled out House, who was keeping his index and middle fingers on Togekiss’s neck, feeling the pulse, which had a weird jerking motion in the vein.


House was writing some things on his whiteboard with Anna and Jo when Anna, a pink-haired ex-x-ray specialist, screwed up her face. “Why are you adding ‘Possible Phievitis Alpha’?”

“It’s because its one of very few diseases that involves a Pokemon going into a bad case of V-fib and the ever-so-rare delayed evolution,” replied House, moving on. “Now, Togetic can only evolve if it touches a Shiny Stone, correct?”

“Well, there is a poisonous Berry near the Lake of Rage that causes certain Pokemon to undergo delayed evolution,” interjected Jo, raising her hand.

“Well, what can be done by Berries can be undone. Being a Togekiss this way is hurting it. I don’t care if it’s allergic to Rabuta Berries; I want it on that Berry for dialysis.”

In a matter of seconds, Proctor came running in. “The Colbur Berries made Togekiss unevolve!”

Haunted by the coincidence, House got up, and hastened through the crowed halls to the patient’s room. A Togetic again. It looked better, and happier. Quickly, he checked his watch before walking in. 1:54 P.M. The agent would be coming with the trainer soon...

Walking in, he greeted Togetic hastily. “How are you feeling?” asked House. Togetic smiled.

“A little better, thank you. My head hurts, a little, though.”

“How badly?” asked House, biting his lip.

“Uh... it’s starting to get worse...” Togetic said, clasping its head in agony.

It was 3:00 P.M. sharp when House was in Joy’s office. “I want to do an MRI on the patient’s brain.”

“You can’t just keep bouncing around its body until you find something! We guarantee satisfaction,” shouted Joy, oblivious to the fact that the agent was standing at the office door, knocking.

“Didn’t you see the subsection about wild Pokemon? You do know that we’re paid by the government, right?” asked House, getting up to let the agent in.

“Hello, Mr. Brunsworth. Sit,” greeted Joy, motioning the agent to sit down. With him was a small karate-kid dressed in a loose, white uniform, a green belt, and open-toe sandals.

“This is Kyle. He’s the son of Master Koichi, the leader of the Pokemon Dojo.”

Kyle seemed melancholy and disappointed. House could see that he felt guilty. “I only wanted the medicine to make Togetic better,” whimpered the boy.

“That’s fine, Kyle. But we’re specialists here. Our services are free, and we are trained to heal your Pokemon. We will not place charges, since you seem to feel sorry for yourself.”

The boy flashed Joy a half-smile, but went back to his silent pouting immediately afterward.

“Your Togetic said you abandoned it, Kyle.”

“I’d never abandon it. I just told it to wait by the dojo. I told him I would get help,” replied Kyle.

Odd, House thought. Did that mean that Togetic suffered from delusions? Phievitis Beta, not Phievitis Alpha... That explained the headaches, the cranial pressure... all he needed was the MRI to prove it to start the treatment.

House walked out of the office in an “all-of-a-sudden” matter, and gave the direction to Proctor, who was just passing by House in the hallway, to do an MRI on Togetic.


“Oh, Togetic!” Kyle exclaimed, hugging his fully restored friend. Togetic was healthy again, and dancing around Kyle in a non-stop manner. They were in the lobby of the Pokemon Center when the father came by to pick Kyle up.

“Thank you so much, Dr. House!” thanked Kyle. The father nodded in agreement, smiling brightly. He wore an outfit matching Kyle’s, only with a black belt instead of a green one.

House nodded with a neutral face, and began to walk the other way. “It’s all part of the job.”

“Wait, House!” shouted Kyle. House turned around, raising an eyebrow.

“I was wondering if you wanted to battle me.”

House seemed unsure. He was just brought unto this world, and didn’t know much about battling... maybe he could get Jo to teach him, and delay the battle for at least a week...

“Don’t pester the doctor; he’s probably very busy.”

“Oh, it doesn’t bother me at all, Master Koichi. At the end of the week is when I can possibly have a chance. I am very busy, but that’s just the best time, so...”

“It’s a deal!” shouted Kyle, shaking House’s hand. “I won’t go easy on you!” Giggling, Kyle danced with Togetic out the door with his father following, trying to keep up.

House scoffed lightly. “Kids these days.” He turned around, and head upstairs, smiling as trekked the crowded hallways.
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto] [PG/PG-13]

I've decided for better effect (and more comments/posts), I'm going to split the chapters into parts.

Chapter three (Ice, Ice, Rotom), part one.

“New patient, people,” announced House brightly, trying to be annoying. He didn’t fail – two others already had minor headaches.

“What is it today, House?” replied Jo, curious. She was the only one House couldn’t annoy; she was too upbeat for him.

“Snorunt. Has a minor case of Sneasel’s Disease, but it can be cured by tomorrow. Frozen solid in an avalanche the other day. Fell into hypothermia.”

“How can an ice-type get hypothermia?” asked Proctor. He doubted House and his stories, so he tried his best to look like he was on the opposite side, but out of respect.

“That’s the thing, isn’t it? Something had to be wrong with it before it went into hypothermia, correct? It had the ability Ice Body, so getting into that predicament would only make it stronger, no? Suggestions?” asked House, dumbfounded at the lack of communication.

“Autoimmune?” suggested Joy, putting a pencil between her ear and her head. House raised an eyebrow.

“We’re looking for something out of the ordinary, but that’s a thought,” replied House. “The trainer, who was miraculously rescued, said that it got into a battle and that Snorunt was perfectly healthy.”

“Could it be hereditary? Maybe Froslass’s?” asked Anna, writing something on a clipboard as she spoke.

House frowned “What are you writing?”

“My letter of resignation,” joked Anna, teasing. “No, it’s just a note for the clinic. I was taking care of a sick Rotom when you called me here. I’m giving her specific instructions as to how to treat it.”

House bit his lip. “What seems to be the problem?”

“Uh, nothing serious, so it seems. It was going into a lawn mower, but when it tried to come out, its body was deforming itself somehow,” explained Anna, content and satisfied with what she was saying, as if it were only minor.”

“Really? Is it alternatively colored?” asked House.

“Yes. Does that make a difference?”

“It could make all the difference,” replied House. “Rotom seems to have a case of Ditto’s. Get an MRI on him, and we’ll see how he comes along. As for Mr. Abominable Snowboy, warm him up, and get him on Lum Berry juice. After that, treat with Rawst Berries, and we’ll see where we go from there.”

“But Rawst Berries only treat burns,” interjected Anna, concerned.

“I know. Warming up an ice type may induce minor burns. Rawst Berries also treat for frostbite.”

“Wait – how did you know about the frostbite?” asked Proctor. House shrugged.

Walking out of the room, he said aloud, “Anything living that gets frozen in cold temperature is at risk to frostbite!”
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto] [PG/PG-13]

Chapter three (Ice, Ice, Rotom), part two.

“I see you that you are going crazy, House,” Joy scolded House. She was filing important information as House played with his cane. “You take two patients. You catch an ex-patient right after it’s allowed to go. You accept a challenge to the Dojo Head’s son when you don’t know anything about battling.”

House squinted. “All I wanted was to figure out how battle. By the way, are you Canadian?”

Joy raised an eyebrow. “Canadian? What’s that?”

House laughed. “I forgot that I’m in the world of Pokemon.” Getting up, he showed Joy his PokeBall. “All I want is just one practice session.”

Joy looked up at him hysterically. “Fine, House. But only for half an hour; one hour max.”


“Thursday,” retorted Joy, smiling devilishly. House screwed up his face.

“But that’s the day before I battle that Kyle kid! And it’s about three days away!”

Joy chuckled, as if she was malignant. “Exactly, House. I’ll bring my camera on Friday; this’ll be fun to watch.”

House groaned, walking out of the room. “Can’t you take pity on a cripple.”

“Shan’t,” Joy replied, before House got out of hearing distance.

House looked at his watch. It was 1:30 p.m. He was running out of time to diagnose the Snorunt. He wanted to visit it for a short moment, and maybe test it for a few typical ice-type Pokemon diseases. Maybe he could get Jo to look for atypical diseases...

He was at the door of Snorunt’s room when he heard a faint noise from behind him. It was Jo’s Happiny, carrying a notepad. It insisted that House take the notebook, so he took it. It had a message.


I’ve tested for all of the typical ice-type Pokemon diseases except for hereditary. It was positive for Weavile’s Syndrome. Try testing for atypical.

Also, Rotom doesn’t have Ditto’s Disease. It does have some deelectrification problems, but other than that, I haven’t been able to figure it out. The owner’s coming by tomorrow to check up on it at 10:00 a.m. Ask it what it was doing when it was going haywire.

I’ve got to go to an appointment – I’ll be back tomorrow morning for a report.

<3 Jo”

House didn’t know whether he was going to crumple up the paper and throw it away or save it to throw it in the fire and cackle evilly as he drank coffee in the winter. “I’ll be back tomorrow morning for a report”? That made House confused.

“I thought I was the boss,” muttered House, walking into the Snorunt’s room, sending out Lunatone from its PokeBall. “Hello, Snorunt. How are you doing?”

“Um, what are you doing?” asked Snorunt through the PokeMind Reader, cocking its head.

“Lunatone is just going to read your mind for any ailments that you may be feeling so she can send me the data later. Just concentrate on any pain or unusual feelings you have,” replied House, sitting down and twiddling his cane.

When Lunatone was done, she nodded, and came within close proximity to the PokeMind Reader. “He seems to be fine. Blood flow seems a little irregular, though.”

“Am I going to be okay?” asked Snorunt, panicking. House shrugged.

“I’m going to take some blood and see if I can run any tests. Mew knows if this will work.”
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto] [PG/PG-13]

Chapter three (Ice, Ice, Rotom), part three.

“Our snowboy seems to be positive for glasangucrys. The ice from his ability system is rolling into his blood, faking Weavile’s,” exclaimed House, dropping a folder on the table in the meeting room. Proctor rolled his eyes.

“The Rotom seems to doing well in electricity rate, but there seems to be a slight decrease in shadow aura,” interjected Jo, sipping coffee.

“This is relevant... how?” asked House shaking his head.

Anna raised her hand. “Actually, it’s completely relevant. They have the same trainer. The trainer, Anthony, had his Infernape checked in last week, but it came out with pyrosangucrys, when small fires roll into your blood...”

House screwed up his face. “What is this trainer doing to his Pokemon?”

Proctor shook his head. “He said he tried to challenge Sabrina last week. Apparently she got a new Pokemon.”


“Meet my new team member, Cresselia,” Sabrina said, throwing a shiny gold PokeBall into the air. Coming out was a blue Pokemon with a yellow underbelly that hovered over the ground. Its head was in the shape of a crescent moon, and planet like rings surrounding its body; the front part acted as her arms, and the back acted like a second tail. House was at Sabrina’s gym, inspecting her gym and her new team, trying to figure out the mystery. “So why exactly are you inspecting my team?”

“It’s because last week a person challenged you and several of his Pokemon have similar diseases involving their blood, excluding the Rotom,” House replied, inspecting the Cresselia. “If you’re so psychic, can you read minds?”

Sabrina nodded. “All but Cresselia’s and minds of humans. I think it’s because it’s legendary.” House, in response, sent out his Lunatone from its silver Cherish Ball, Lunatone spinning around, happy to be in the presence of another space-driven Pokemon.

“Lunatone, can you read Cresselia’s mind?” asked House. Lunatone nodded. House then turned to Sabrina. “Now read Lunatone’s mind.”

“Oh my. Cresselia thinks that you’re an idiot for not looking at... um... it’s orb-thingy at the top of its head,” replied Sabrina. House inspected closer at the orb, and looked into its eyes.

“You tricky thing. You’ve got psysangucrys. It’s contagious,” concluded House, returning Lunatone to its PokeBall.

Sabrina looked confused. “What’s that?”

“It’s when fragments of the mind field pour into the bloodstream. Out of all the eighteen types, normal, dark, ghost, and flying types being immune, psysangucrys and terrasangucrys are the most deadly, therefore when it spread to Anthony’s Pokemon, it was worse than it actually was,” replied House.

“Really? Well, is it treatable?”

“Yes. One of the most treatable diseases out there. All we have to do is stabilize its blood and its ability system, and it’ll be good to go. It may take about up to a week, but if you send it into the Pokemon Center soon, it’ll be fine.”

Sabrina smiled. “Thank you so much, Dr. House. If there is anything I can help you with, let me know.”

House grinned back. “Actually, there is something you can help me with. I was challenged by the Dojo Master’s son, but I just caught Lunatone here not too long ago, and I’ve never battled before. Do you mind helping me out?”

Sabrina nodded, sending out a ghostlike Pokemon with two hands that floated near its body she called Haunter. “Of course.”
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto] [PG/PG-13]

This story is very original, and it's quite interesting to see new forms of diseases for Pokemon, so I am actaully enjoying this very much. I think you should proof-read before you submit more work, though, because there are a few grammatical errors that need adressing, and some parts seem to be happening really fast. Other than than, keep at it! I don't want to sound like every other nerd on this site, but I have to say "I hope to see more soon! You got me hooked"!
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto] [PG/PG-13]

Ice, Ice, Rotom, fourth and final part. This is where it should get interesting... I think I did relative to the show itself, adding that little tidbit at the end. Rate and comment.
House checked his watch as he came in the next morning. He was barely on time. Today was the first day of December, and Mother Nature decided it was Snow Day in Saffron. But the hospital disagreed by simply replying, “I’ll go get my syringe and give you the pain killers so we can operate, okay?”

It was Thursday, as House clearly remembered, because he knew that Kyle was going to battle him tomorrow, and Nurse Joy would help him learn about battling today, even though Sabrina, the town gym leader, gave him a pre-learning session. He didn’t know why he accepted the challenge. House was curious.

Walking up to Joy’s office, House opened the door, and took out his Cherish (v2) Ball. “So, when is this ‘learning session’?”

Joy, at the desk, signing paperwork, looked up and smiled. “At the end of the day, maybe. I may not get to it because of the snow day. There’s been a lot of car accidents recently, and since the human hospital across the road got full, we had to start treating humans.”

House nodded, smiling, going over to leave the room.

“What? No complaint? No whining? Are you going through a stage, House?” Joy asked, concerned. House turned around and smiled.

“Ah, no. It’s just that Sabrina gave me a few tips, but I guess you’re so scared that I learned from the best in the city.”

Joy smiled demonically. “On the contrary, Sabrina is my best friend, and we battle every weekend. I do most of the winning, with my baby.”

House frowned, surprised. “Your ‘baby’?”

Joy pulled out a PokéBall, but didn’t send out a Pokémon. “This Pokémon is one you will never see until you have a Marsh Badge.”

“What Pokémon?” House asked again.

Joy grinned, and put the PokéBall away. “Like I said. You will not see it, not even in your mind, until I see that Marsh Badge. You’re free to battle any of my other Pokémon, if you’d like.”

“You’re afraid.”

“Excuse me?” Joy retorted.

House grinned playfully. “You fear that your baby, the one that usually beats Sabrina herself, is not good enough for me, and yet you protect its reputation. So, once I beat Sabrina, your plan to make me think I’m near or close to being your equal, thus me expecting now that your Pokémon is better than mine.”

“You better take that back before you say something you’re going to regret,” replied Joy, getting back to her work.

“Oh, and by the way, I’ve got the badge,” added House, pulling a yellow, circular badge out of his pocket, and on Joy’s desk.

In a jaw-dropped state, Joy was overwhelmed and utterly surprised. “How did you get this? You’re only allowed to challenge Sabrina if you’ve got at least three Pokémon!”

“It’s a good thing I’ve got three Pokémon, isn’t it? After work yesterday, I drove to Lavender Town, and I caught a Gengar and a Riolu that can talk,” replied House, taking out two other Cherish Balls.

Joy sighed, and shook her head, back to signing papers. “After work, House, its you and me.”

House nodded, and put all of his PokéBalls away, and walked out of the office, and walked towards Rotom’s patient room. Jo walked out of it with a boy no taller than she was. He was a tan teenager who wore his shorts halfway down his calves.

“Yo, G, whazzup?” asked House, roleplaying. The trainer looked at him odd, as if he were talking Arabic.

“Uh, what?” was all the trainer replied.

“Nevermind,” House retorted, shooting a look at Jo, who instantly looked towards him, almost jumping at the intensity of his face.

“This is Anthony. He is Rotom and Snorunt’s trainer,” said Jo, filling House in. “I guess you’ll take it from here.”

As Jo turned around and went the other way, House looked at Anthony harshly. “So, you battled Sabrina last week, correct?”

The boy nodded. “Yeah. I lost to her Cresselia, though. I went to Mt. Moon for some training, and Snorunt got frozen. I knew right away that ice-types couldn’t get frozen, so I came to this Pokémon center immediately on my Tropius, because I trusted this one.”

“Where did you catch Snorunt?” asked House, suspicious. He had a hunch.

“I found it in an abandoned house that serves as training grounds for people in Cinnabar. About a day before the battle with Sabrina, I caught it, but I didn’t use it until I got to Mt. Moon.”

“Some of the tests came a little shaken, but that’s because Snorunt is the master of disguise,” replied House, walking into Snorunt’s room with Anthony behind. Anthony screwed up his face as House pushed a button on the machine attached to the Snorunt’s patient bed. Two thin “arms” came from the machine and touched the Snorunt as it began to shine, and take a new form.

“What is it?” asked Anthony, looking at the purple blob as if it were a monstrosity.

“It’s a Ditto. Don’t you have a PokéDex?” snapped House. “Once you caught Ditto in Snorunt form, it obtained a rare disease that occurs in Ditto that attempts to realign the genes in a more permanent fashion, which is why it didn’t revert back to Ditto like it should have once caught. Then, when some of the genes went off of the alignment, it froze when hit by an avalanche, still in a Snorunt form. It’s curable. A week on Liechi Berries, and it should be fine.”

Anthony nodded in understanding. “What are Liechi Berries?”

House quarter-smiled. “They are berries found on Mirage Island that have odd cures, but it tends to cure most diseases associated with Pokémon like Wynaut, Wobbufet, Magikarp, Feebas, Ditto... weaker Pokémon, or ones with multiple forms.”

Anthony smiled, and went back to the bed to pet what he now knew as Ditto. “It’s gonna be alright, little guy.” The purple blob, Ditto, felt comfortable in Anthony’s hands.

“Thank you,” the Ditto said through the PokeMind Reader.

“And what about Rotom?” asked Anthony.

“Same cure, different disease. It’s related to what we thought ‘Snorunt’ had. I have to go find a new patient, if you don’t mind,” replied House, leaving, as Anthony chuckled to himself, petting Ditto.


“You know, your being right is really starting to tick me off,” said Joy, shaking her head in disgust at her desk.

House faked a few laughs while eating a bowl of popcorn. “Really? And why do you think this is so?”

Joy shook her head again. “I don’t know. A doctor shows up less than a few weeks ago with human medical diploma, but nothing for Pokémon, and all of a sudden, he’s the sensation sweeping the center!”

“I became a doctor so I could find answers,” House replied. “Speaking of which, when are you going to battle me?”

“Not today,” Joy exclaimed, putting away a folder in an adjacent filing cabinet.

House scrunched his face. “Why? We had a deal.”

“No, not quite. I don’t think you need it. You battled a gym leader and got a badge. I think you’ll be quite fine,” Joy retorted.

House chuckled and replied, “Amber, I don’t think that’s...” All of a sudden, House stopped. Amber? Did he just call Joy “Amber”? What was going on? Why has he heard that name before? Why was it so familiar? He clutched his head as if it were in pain.

“House?” asked Joy, concerned. “Are you alright?”

House nodded, turning the other way. “Just need some sleep.”

Joy nodded, but that didn’t assure her. “Call me if you need anything. I’ll be here until ten. You can leave early if you want.”

House nodded with a grunt, walking out the door. It was three in the afternoon already. Why Amber? What does it mean? It was all so nostalgic...

Then, unclenching his temples, he decided answers were needed. He left the hospital and went home. House knew Amber from somewhere. But where?
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Default Re: [HOUSE] House, P.C. [Season One - Kanto] [PG/PG-13]

Well, I've just finished reading all four of the chapters... I really hate to provide a cookie-cutter here, but this is a great story. C: I'm not completely lost, despite my lack of House knowledge, and I like the idea about new Pokemon diseases; they actually seem pretty well thought out. I know you're not getting too many replies here, but keep writing!

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