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Old 03-03-2009, 04:16 PM
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Default make-an-extra/special-pkmn ranger 2 mission!

Mission name:
How to:

Mission Name: The legendary birds visit!
requirements: get level 10 and complete the game.
How To: When you start, Wendy will be riding you to BOyle Volcano. Then you jump off. Wendy flies down. She'll say that the first bird is in there. just go in. Then, the fire will be iced up! Run across while the ice smashes and lava reveals, sending you to a pit just below boyle volcano. you can climb up it and start again. Anyway, go north to the next room, and southwest to the next area. Suddenly, Articuno flies down. Once you catch him he flies you back outside. Wendy's staraptor will fly to the ranger union. You and Wendy will get onto Articuno. At the Ranger Union, pro Hastings will tell you that the Articuno was fighting with Moltres and they stole eachother's territory. However, Staraptor will only last one more flight before having to rest.
Crawford will be talking to Barlow about you. Then you land. It's stormy. Crawford says that Zapdos has been sighted. go further to breeze hill. once you get to Nabikiki beach, go to the bottom. Talk to the boy and you follow him to breeze hill. If you go on without him he'll call for you and you can't go up until you get him. Anyway, once on breeze hill, Zapdos will fly down. catch him and he flies you and Staraptor to the ranger union.
Pro. Hastings will say that Almia castle is the place of Moltres. use the two birds to fly there. then, one of the researchers will say that it's on fire. you of course go in. Articuno restores it to ice. now go to the room where you last fought froslass. Moltres will be there. catch it. All 3 fly you to the ranger union. Pro. hastings will say that the lava is restored to normal in boyle volcano now, and he gives you a mission clear!
Bosses: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres

Thanks, Kayla Ann!
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Old 03-24-2009, 12:47 PM
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Default Re: make-an-extra/special-pkmn ranger 2 mission!


Now quests can go here.

Quest Name:
How to unlock:
Quest Giver:
What to do:

Quest Name: The barbaque saver
How to unlock: complete the game.
Quest Giver: Ollie
Description: Aw, Man! What a bummer! I was just about to make a barbie, but it rained while you were doing operation brighton! I need you to get me a Typhlosion! No other pokemon, a Typhlosion! Please!
What to do: catch a Staraptor (if you already have one you can just use that). Fly it to Boyleland. Go to Volcano Cave. just make your way to were the cargo ship was! When you get there, there will be a rock. An onix breaks through the wall! Capture it. Then, a cutscene will be triggered. It goes through the wall then out again, but in front of the rock. Then, the rock smashes and he runs away. Now you must walk into the bay. The screen will move and show a typhlosion. go round to get it. once it's caught Wendy will come in and say that Ollie told her to come and bring you to Veintown. So she flies you there. Then, show Ollie the typhlosion. He'll use it on the barbaque. It'll stay with Ollie (like the Murkrows in "Dim and Sun") And Rythmi will send you a message and give you a quest complete, and a speedy line A, which will always give you rapid capture 1.

Thanks, Kayla Ann!
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