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Old 03-12-2009, 01:48 PM
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Default Re: {SU}Three Hours Until

Name: Derek Feyr
Age: 15
Race: Manticore
Origin and Affiliation: Unknown origin, fights for the Rilune
Gender: Male

The typical lion body, with the bat wings, which allow it to glide incredibly short distances. It can throw 8 inch barbs from its tail, which largely represents a scorpion's tail. It can shift into a human form as well. In his human form he is tall and lanky, but he is all tough muscle underneath. He looks like he could hide behind a shadow, but he is also very hard to miss in a crowd. He has brownish blond hair, and green eyes. He wears black half rim glasses. He is usually wearing long jeans and a green t-shirt. He looks normal, maybe a little more muscular than humanly possible.

Personality: He is always nervous and shy, but when he's comfortable, he never stpos. He is athletic, and likes to be active. He rarely sits till which can be a problem, but he knows when he's pushing his limits. He is cool and collected, and not usually stressed about anything. He doesn't get mad often, but when he does, he goes into almost a beserking rage, which has landed him in some pretty serious trouble. He is a nature lover, and will do anything to be outdoors, weather permitting. No ,seriously, this is hixs personality and i wins him his victims since he seems like just another kid. However, his beast form has the personality of beserking rage, and doesn't really do much else, since he spends most of his time in his human form. He rarely smiles.

History: He roams largely, after stumbling in this world, where there are no others like him. His human form is a high intellect, and he likes to study the arts. He now fights to defend wisdom and knowledge, which are two entirely separate things.

Abilities/Magic/Powers: He is immune to piercing projectiles (arrows, bullets), can launch the barbs out of his tail, and has basic cat's melee (scrathes, bites)
Weapons: I'm going to stick with natural weapons, so claws teeth and barbs.
Others: ... Any questions?
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Old 03-22-2009, 01:29 PM
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Default Re: {SU}Three Hours Until

I want a reserve. This SU is not yet done unless otherwise

Name: Not all japanese, as much as I love the language...

Age: 11

Race: Quetzalcoatl

Origin and Affiliation: Caxias

Gender: Female

Appearance: Text required, even if you use pics. That means pics are allowed, but you still need text.

Personality: The morales, how your character acts, thinks, responds, why they do certain things, etc. Detailed as possible.

History: Doesn't have to be very detailed, but you must put something, even for the mystery minuteman that jumps the occaisonal old lady at night.

Abilities/Magic/Powers: She cannot touch or be touched by living things, even if she wants to. She can't eat, and she can't get sick either. She cannot be eaten or hurt through means of slashing by the claws, jabbing by the horns and the like, nor can she inflict damage to a living creature by whipping with the tail or biting with her jaws. She can lower temperatures to her will, but it takes time before this power becomes lethal to most living beings, and she will be killed by it if she tried to bring the temperature below -3 degrees Celsius or if she lowered the temperature faster than the rate of 0.25 degrees Celsius per minute or if she tried to lower the temperatures of two or more object (that are not connected physically) at the same time. In the mean time, enemies that know about her immunity can try to shoot her with arrows and spears or slash her with swords. If they do not have weapons, they know they can always crush her to death with rocks.

Weapons: None

Others: Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else goes here.
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