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Old 02-08-2009, 06:52 PM
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Default Hey! Teachers! Leave Them Kids Alone! [SU]


One day, people got together, looked around, and realized that 10-year-old kids were running around rampant. Apparantly, the education for the Pokemon world stopped once your age went into double digits (which certainaly explains a lot.)

So, since it is the nature of adults to enforce as much learning on children as possible, they decided to build a massive tower prison where kids would be forced to spend four more years of their lives learning things. After scouting around for land, they decided, for some insane reason, to build it next to an ACTIVE VOLCANO... and the project commenced.

After many years, the tower was finished. There was only one problem; what to call this institute of learning. One of the builders suggested, "Well, it's a really high building. Let's call it a high school!" He was applauded, and the next week, Magma High opened for business.

Soon, high school was flourishing. Just one problem, though. The new Headmaster, Headmaster Collins, wasn't nearly as nice as the old one... Not only that, but he was obsessed with gamma radiation. He ignored the students and left them to the hands of the teachers while experimenting in the lab on the top of the tower.

One day, though, it all went wrong. A device he was working on so that he could see the source of all gamma radiaton exploded in mid-test! With a blast, years of work shattered and spread across the lab, and a wave of gamma energy spread across the island. Headmaster Collins was hit straight on and hurled against the wall, knocked unconscious.

Once he got up, he pressed his fingers to his temples, hoping to control his headache, and surveyed the damage. Potions had broke, priceless equipment was destoryed, and the gamma machine... Wait! What's that? It was a success! It had been more... explosive than he'd wanted, but he was suddenly gazing into the source of all gamma radiation. And inside, he could see the Secret... the thing he'd been working on... the one cure for...

Suddenly, the gap shut closed. Headmaster Collins collapsed on the floor with a shriek of anger as he realized the obvious; the machine was out of power. He went through the day in quite a bad mood even as his headache began to quell, completely oblivious to the student that coughed fire in the hall as he passed, the Plusle that exploded and took out two classrooms, the little girl whose hair suddenly seemed to be sprouting flowers...

Eventually, however, Collins taught a class that was particuraly talkative for no good reason. He belted out punishments that they all claimed innocent to, until it eventually hit him; they were innocent. He was hearing their thoughts. Quickly calling in sick, Collins decided to explore what else the gamma radiation had done to him. Yes, he could read minds... and he could float... and he could move things with his mind... and he could sense people based only on their psychic energy...

Of course! Psychic energy! That was it! By flaying the minds of his students, he could gain enough power to reopen the phase portal between this world and that of Gamma once more, and eventually maybe even walk through it! That was the answer! And so, the sinister plot behind Magma High began...

1. Abide by all PE2K rules.
2. Don't double post.
3. Don't swear.
4. I reserve the right to suspend/ban you for any reason.
5. No bunnying unless given express permission to do so.
6. Three characters per person only.
7. Have fun. Or else.


The Psychic Dilemma:
A team fascinated by the powers of Gamma Radiation, they believe that some mysterious "cure" can be found inside an alternate dimension where the Gamma power emnates from. In order to make this portal large enough for a man to walk through, they need a power source: and that power source comes from the power of their students. These members flay the minds of those they teach by spreading misinformation, and then use the power given off to open the portal further until their sinister goal becomes reality... Of course, this causes damage to the students, and if they destroy one's mind completely, the student dies. But they could care less.
MEMBERS OF THIS ORGANIZATION: Teachers, Pokemon Teachers.

The Basic Teachers:
Just your average teachers. They love learning, and love spreading it to their students. Therefore, they've made it their mission to learn about the strange powers that have suddenly began to pop up in the school, and to ensure the children are educated:
MEMBERS OF THIS ORGANIZATION: Teachers, Pokemon Teachers.

The Brainless Students:
Almost all students are in this group. They simply go to the school due to national law, and have no idea that their soul is being slowly peeled away in order to fuel a mission to an alternate dimension. If you are a student, you should start in this group, unless you have a good reason to be in Team Explodium from the start.
MEMBERS OF THIS ORGANIZATION: Students, Pokemon Students.

The Secret Team:
For the most part, Pokemon have the sentinece of animals; smart animals, but animals no less. However, the Gamma Radiation changed that, as well as many other things. Now several Pokemon have gained sapience and the willpower to throw off human control; some of them have also gained odd powers. Their only goal is to discover who or what they are.
MEMBERS OF THIS ORGANIZATION: Pokemon Students, Pokemon Teachers

Team Explodium:
Not every student is brain-dead. A few of them have figured out what's happening and become immune to it; many of these naturally gravitate towards Team Explodium. A team made up of renegade students, their goal is to bring down Magma High by any means possible.
MEMBERS OF THIS ORGANIZATION: Students, Pokemon Students, Teachers, Pokemon Teachers.

  • Some Pokemon are intelligent due to the effects of Gamma Radiation.
  • Intelligent Pokemon are seperate characters and uncapturable.
  • Any Pokemon captured by a human is not sentinent.
  • Humans with special powers can't capture Pokemon.
  • Magma High has both human and Pokemon Teachers and Students.
  • Your classes are not important. They're all identical hour-long segments of nothing-just like in real high school!
And now for...

Appearance: (Picture or at least 4 lines. If you play a Pokemorph, they go under the Human Student category.)
Personality: (You can play this out in the RP if you want. I could care less.)
History: (Provide at least 3 lines of background info, unless you'd rather put it in the RP. Flashbacks, anyone?)
Power: (Your character may have been affected by Gamma Radiation. If so, then they will have special powers of one Pokemon element, but be unable to capture and use Pokemon. If you wish to be a Pokemon Trainer, put "Normal".)
Team: (Choose one from the "Teams" section.)
Alliance: (Student or Teacher?)
Pokemon: (Up to three. Only usable if your Power is "Normal" i.e. you aren't a mutant. If you are, don't put this entry in.)
Fill the following form out for each of your Pokemon:

Gamma Species: (Put yes or no. Gamma Species Pokemon were changed by the radiation, and as such they can have any type and moves, even made-up ones.)


Appearance: (Picture or at least 4 lines.)
Personality: (You can play this out in the RP if you want. I could care less.)
History: (Provide at least 3 lines of background info, unless you'd rather put it in the RP. Flashbacks, anyone?)
Team: (Choose one from the "Teams" section.)
Alliance: (Student or Teacher?)
Gamma Species: (Put yes or no. Gamma Species Pokemon were changed by the radiation, and as such they can have any type and moves, even made-up ones.)

Signed Up:
Pokol DaErran-Pokol DaErran
Headmaster Collins-Pokol DaErran



And I now present: MY SUs!

Name: Pokol DaErran
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pokol's an averagely build kid, with spiky brown hair, purple eyes, and a generally amused look. He's somewhat lanky and doesn't look the part of a fighter; however, he's a lot stronger than he looks. Generally, think "class clown" and you'll get this guy. He carries a pencil behind his ear occasionally, but it always has some sort of anti-teacher message written on it.
Personality: Played out.
History: Pokol used to be a simple freshman at Pokemon High, until one day he wondered where Headmaster Collins went and decided to tag along, putting his ear to the door to listen. This turned out to be the fateful day of the gamma-ray explosion, and Pokol was hit full force. His Pokemon fled from him, several of them aplogizing to him as they did so (It's nothing personal.) but he found that he was easily able to do without them, due to a massive increase in his strength, speed, and endurance. Realizing that the Headmaster's mysterious experiment must have been the cause of all this, he found a convent of children who had come to the same conclusion and helped unite them into Team Explodium.
Power: Fighting
Team: Team Explodium
Alliance: Student

Name: Headmaster Collins
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Appearance: The Headmaster has always had an abnormally large head, and after that fateful day with the gamma rays, it got even bigger, for reasons completely unrelated to his ego. He runs around everywhere in a large lab coat, which doesn't help hide the fact that he's abnormally thin. You can usually hear him coming from the sound of his rubber galoshes as he walks.
Personality: Collins is not a very nice person, and loves punishing his students. He could care less about the education of students; he only wants his own selfish agenda. He's also very easily irritatable.
History: Did you read the backstory or didn't you?
Power: Psychic
Team: The Psychic Dilemma
Alliance: Teacher

Criticism encouraged.
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