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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 02-01-2009, 04:34 PM
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Red face Kirby X

PG-13. For whatever reason, there is alcohol and there is blood, but I refuse to make anyone curse. And please pardon my handling of such subjects, I have no constructive crit on this story.

This is a story I've been working on for a moderately short time now, but I just feel like posting it now. So, here it is.

Kirby X

X0: Prologue

Nearly 400,000 years ago, the planet Pop Star was constantly attacked, whether by heartless criminals or by mysterious Dark Matter. The citizens of Pop Star were particularly weak, and with only a few warriors - the Star Warriors - they would soon be greatly outnumbered.

Thne came the Mech Star.

Dream Land's scientists banded together to form the Mech Star, an artificial planet about a third the size of their home. Over time, most every civilized being - not just from Pop Star, but the whole solar system - boarded the Mech in hopes of escaping danger.

And they did, for many years...

Though the people of the Mech lived in peace, they also lived in ignorance, for the planet they had forgotten for so long, the planet they had been trying to escape, had changed.

So begins this story.

Across the silver streets of Mech Star, what looked like miniature spaceships hovered by at high speeds. Beside these four lanes were virtually unused sidewalks.

A lone Kirby-like character ran alongside the shuttles, breathing heavily. His teeth were gritted, he was sweaty all over, and he carried a wooden mallet in his hands. But the biggest feature of all was his striking blond hair. Such a thing wasn't uncommon here, as many of his ascendants had hair.

Out of a tall yellow building came a short, similarly yellow being, even shorter than the hairy Kirby. Its hands looked like gloves, its feet like boots. In its head was a star-shaped, feminine hair clip. She was the incredibly great-granddaughter of Lololo and Lalala, Lulu.

Lulu stepped back into the doorway as the Kirby zipped by her, almost whacking her with his hammer. "Aah!" she yelped. "Kett! Why don't you just drive your shuttle!?"

"I told you, I don't drive!" The Kirby, apparently named Kett, turned a corner and disappeared. It was strange not to drive; here, everyone had a shuttle, and hardly anyone walked.

Kett ran for five more minutes, searching the streets for a certain area. His friend Elle had told him to meet her at the "scene of the crime." At that moment, Kett thought, Scene of the crime? What crime? Before he could ask, she was gone. Hard to believe the two were friends, especially the strange way Elle acted. There had rarely ever been a crime in Mech Star.

He searched for orange or yellow tape. Something warning "DANGER" or "POLICE" or something. Kett saw nothing of the sort, not even a blur of it.


He stopped in his tracks. Elle was calling him! Sounded like she was only a few blocks away. The traffic wasn't heavy, and he was able to cross the street with ease.

"Kett? Kett!?" She kept calling.

The Kirby skidded in from behind a corner. "Right here," he grinned, hammer over his shoulder.

"You're late," a blue Kirby said, her white eyes looking into his. She was the likeness of Meta Knight, a wandering warrior of Pop Star. Her voice and face seemed serious, though she had told him this was a friendly outing.

"...How late?"

"Twenty minutes."

"TWENTY!?!?" He thought it had been only ten!

"Yeah. Now come on, we've already missed Happy Hour."

Happy Hour?



Elle and Kett clanked together glasses of alcohoolic beverages. Kett swallowed down his beer with no trouble at all, while Elle was taking time with her red wine. They sat at a fancy, candlelit table in a dimly lit room.

Kett thumped his mug on the table. "Scene of the Crime?" he questioned. "That's a stupid name.

"Yes, I know, but it's the best bar in town, I've heard." Elle sounded more relaxed. "Just relax, there's no use arguing over names like this..."

"Just relax? So you paid for us to...just do nothing?"

"Mmm, not necessarily-"

"We interrupt this program for a special news report!" A sports game on a widescreen TV was cut short by an orange newsman. Nearly everyone in the room turned to the screen. "After years of negligence, scientists have finally returned to Pop Star...and found that dangerous Dark Matter may be forming there. They did not land on or explore it, but they have sent a satellite, titled Savior. This satellite will record the power and amount of matter. Currently, it's at an abnormally high level, and according to Savior, has already covered several islands and continents. If somebody wants to go to Pop Star, be warned; there may be dangerous creatures down there. But if you still do, visit our website and tell us, and you will get money for your hard work. Now, back to the program."

There was a lot of commotion amongst the guests. "Dark Matter?" "What's Dark Matter?" "Sounds dangerous." "Who's gonna take that offer?" "What's Pop Star?"

Kett put down his mug and said, "Elle...I think I'm going."


No, this isn't the whole prologue, but I've already spent thirty minutes typing and I don't feel like doing any more. D: So, C + CC, please! :D
A very dumb story. Go read it.
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