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Old 02-25-2009, 11:38 PM
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Default Re: (RP) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm

Remidra Mernzar
Nameless Soldier’s
NSA Scitmar

Remidra was still attempting to break free from the wall, her hand was only slightly phased, which was why it was refusing to come out and why she could feel the steel dragging along her skin. It really was not working. But then she felt something warm on her waist, her red eyes shot downwards.

Kirov’s arm. She felt the warmth of his body behind hers, his arm around her waist, and his hand on her arm. “Together now…one, two three”

He pulled on her, her arm screeched in protest against the iron but broke free, knocking them back a few inches. Remidra could feel the heat emitting from his body, his arm was still around her waist. Remidra felt a flush in her cheeks, though her skin stayed icy cool, her face did turn slightly purple. Which, was normal for her, considering blushing was red, and she had blue tinted skin.

She heard someone behind them, sensed them coming. A confused “Umm, Sir?” confirmed her suspicion that someone was now watching.

Why couldn’t they go away? Remidra wanted nothing more but to fall back into Kirov’s embrace and stand there for hours. Stupid hormones.

Kirov removed his hands and turned around, her shoulder was still touching his. “What is it, Lieutenant?" Kirov asked.

"General Granger wants you in the planning room," the lieutenant informed Kirov. "Classified information," he added, glancing at Remidra uneasily. She felt like snarling, but that would probably add more to the rumors she could already see flitting around the department.

"Alright," he said. He was frowning, his forehead wrinkled when it frowned, Remidra noticed. "I'll be there." He glanced back at her, she shifted uncomfortably. "Guide Remidra here to her quarters in Room 012."

As he walked away the Lieutenant was glancing at them funny, then the man noticed her arm. “Are you alright?” he asked, Remidra’s eyebrow quirked.

“I feel fine why do you aa-aaoh…” She looked down and noticed some long scratches on her arm, none of them were really bleeding though, just a slow oozing.

“Should I take you to the infirmary?” he asked, obviously he was still running over what he just saw in his mind.

“No, just guide me to my room please.”

Once in her room Remidra flopped down onto her bed and stared at the ceiling.

That man, he is a gossip monger. Just a fair warning.” Lugia noted.

“Wonderful,” she scoffed, changing into her nightclothes and curling in a ball. She was still tired.
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Default Re: (RP) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm

Talan Hawke
Team Aqua
Fleshpull, Weaponblood (Murhe)

What the...

I could still feel the burning sensation of his blade... the sheer agony of being literally ripped apart, my own entrails used to strangle me... and being left for the zombies to finish me off... Damn him. Raidon Makoto- I swore it. I would destroy him at any cost. Plucking myself up from the bloodsoaked, earthy ground I now found myself wallowing in, I noticed the pain hadn't gone, not even a little bit. Even in death, I still had every single break, wound and laceration he'd felt it graceful to embelish upon me. However, something was notably different. I felt stronger, somehow. Filled with power...

Then it hit me. A demonic sledgehammer crashed through my skull, shattering it like an eggshell and scattering grey matter about the already tarnished terrain. Not a moment later, I found myself face down once more, in the same awful surrounding but obviously a small distance away.

Just what the hell is going on here?

Gathering my senses (as I'd already struggled to do seconds before), my ears rang with the sound of blades clashing, gunfire, explosions, insane battle cries, and blood-curdling screams. Instinctively, I stepped to one side as a battle axe met the floor just inches from where I had been standing. I swivelled on my heel to meet its owner, an ugly, scarred old man with a gnarled beard and adorned in sodden, claret rags. Laughing as he struggled to reclaim his weapon, I effortlessly snapped his frail neck with my claws. Falling like a ragdoll, his body dissolved into boiling blood and evaporated.

<Ah, now that's more like it, Talan.>

I had no idea from where the voice had come, but chose to heed it nonetheless.

"More like it? What the hell is this place? And who are you, for that matter? Show your damned face so I can rip it apart!"

<Now, that wouldn't be in your best interests,> came the reply, seemingly from within my head, <even if it were possible. You see, I am an extension of your soul- a part of you. You couldn't kill me if you tried. It seems that your presence here has awakened me... given me a voice of my own... duck.>

As I heard this, I did exactly that, and a rusty throwing knife whistled past my ear. Picking a shuriken from the pouch which, thankfully, remained at my waist, I quickly dispatched my aggressor.

I addressed this mysterious presence once more. "Alright, fine. So if I were to believe you... which part of my soul are you anyway? You seemed to know where that attack was coming from, so I'm guessing something primal."

<Not far off,> said the voice, with a small but penetrating cackle. <I guess you could sum it up by saying that I'm your fighting spirit. Your instinct for battle. I'm the reason you were able to survive for so long in that war torn world you came from. Unfortunately, your connection with me left a little to be desired, which is why you ended up picking a fight with the wrong guy and getting yourself killed.>

"The wrong guy? You mean Raidon?" I protested. "That's ridiculous, he just got lucky. When I get back to that dump the first thing I'm gonna do is finish what I started."

I reached to my side for my Dao, but clutching at air, I cursed and instead retrieved the axe from earlier in order to decaptitate the lunatic charging at me with a chainsaw.

<Again, not in your best interests. Makoto is far stronger than you could ever imagine. You'd do well to show him some loyalty. Not that he'll trust you for a long time now. Idiot.>

"Yeah, great," I spat. "But where's my f***ing sword?"

<That's the beautiful part. The first step in getting home is to find it. Though, by appearance, you won't know readily which it is. You'll just have to work it out. I'll be waiting. Next time you hear from me, you'll be clutching your precious blade.>

I hurled the axe laterally towards a hillside where two young men had been trying to take me out with sidearms, pinning one to the ground with the blade, and stomped at the ground as the other retreated.

"What? Wait, how am I supposed to know which it is?"

... But no reply came. It looked like I was on my own, for now.
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Default Re: (RP) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm


What is the Scitmar? A flying ship or a ship ship (As in aircraft carrier).

Mala Aspecto says "Why does Soups do this to us? Does something big then leaves..."
Gateon Port, Orre

Mala smiled as she span around in the seat she was in. During the spin she slowly put on the Snag Machine on her hand that now had a gray ring around the gray color glass orb that was on it. Mala then smiled and laughed. She then stopped spinning and tilted her head and said, "So how you like my new bling?"

Sean nodded and said, "Well it looks good." He then got up and said, "So I am guessing you like what I added to your Snag Machine?"

Mala smiled and said, "Yes. It looks really good. So what does it do?"

THe porygon hybrid then walked over to a computer and said, "Well I added a new application to your Snag Machine that will allow you an option to capture pokemon. By mulipliated the sync energy that is able to make capturing other trainer's pokemon possible, I have intensified them so it would harm the pokemon if it decides to try to break free."

"Basically it will hurt the pokemon if they try to break free before being captured." said Neko the glameow hybrid. She then made her way next to Sean and said, "If the pokemon try to break out then it will hurt them."

"Basically I can catch pokemon by throwing pokeballs at them now right? I don't even have to send a pokemon out." smiled Mala. She then laughed and nodded.

"That sounds really mean." said Maki listening to Mala's last comment.

"Yes if you wanted to." said Sean. He then rubbed his chin and said, "By twisting the ring on your glove you can adjust the setting to change the sync energy of the pokeball to be Normal, Snag or Force Snag. The Force Snag will make breaking out of the pokeball painful while Snag will be just regular snag. Normal is if you want to capture a pokemon normally. There is one more setting called Reset which I will explain later."

Mala smiled and said, "Well I wish I had this back when I was trying to capture a certain pokemon.

<Are you talking about me?> said Celebi from it's hiding spot in Mala's backpack.

Mala laughed and said, "Not you silly goose. I have capture more then one pokemon." Mala then looked at Fred how had just completed the work on the new weapon for Mala. "So what about this other part of Operation Snackbox?"

Sean nodded and said, "Well I guess we can get to that now."

Operation Snackbox was now completed. It seems as if two things had came out of this part of Opeartion Snackbox. One of those things was an upgrade to the Snag Machine to cause damage to pokemon when they try to break out of a pokeball basically making Pokeballs into ForceBalls. There was also the work of a weapon that looks like an umbrealla. Operation Mirror Force but without Sean's supervision due to having guest as in Mala under his supervision right now.

Fred then came over holding a gray looking umbrella in his right hand. He then showed it to Mala and said, "This is what we will call the Power Umbrella."

"So it is PU." smiled Mala.

"What a strange name." said Maki. "For real, don't you guys have anything else to call these things? I mean HI-"

"I like it!" yelled Mala to cut off Maki's sentance. "So what does the PU does?"

"Really, does this chick need anything else? Explosives? Magnetic Pom Poms, Snag Machine?" said Maki. She just rolled her eyes.

Sean took the umbrella and said, "Well I know you know what it does but lets start with some of the basics. It can act as a shield when you open it up. The metal alloy used for the umbrella can take all types of pokemon attacks including the powerful Hyper Beam while shielding you from bullets and blades."

Sean then place the PU on the table and said, "The handle has an opening where you can insert items as in ammo or in your case your explosivies."

"For simplier terms, you can shoot bombs from it." said Neko.

Mala smiled and said, "OH! OK! Me make boom booms fly!"

"If they can fit." added Fred.

Mala nodded and then Sean said, "Then with one click, you can make a knife come out and even make the umbrella spin."

"PU! Drill mode!" smiled Mala.

"And that is it along with a few other things like hovering and some connection with your Snag Machine." said Sean.

Mala laughed and said, "Really? I think you forgot one thing."

"Which is?" asked Sean, Neko and Fred.

"I can smack people with it." smiled Mala as she grabbed the Power Umbrella and hit Fred with it.

Sean sighed and said, "Ok. That too."

Mala laughed and said, "So now that is done. What are you going to do now Sean?"

Sean looked at Mala and said, "Well I always got things to do. Besides Operation Mirror Force. I am going to look at what else is being worked on. When I found some of the GAS stuff I found other things. I may just use what we learn from GAS Journey on this new GAS Millenia. They sound alike." Sean then looked at the hypno who was sleeping and the motorcycle and said, "There is also those things there too that are asking for intensive work."

Mala smiled and then Neko said, "And you?"

"I am thinking I want to play with other people. Is there any chance you can hook up and hack into satilites and see who is trying to go to places that seem strange?" asked Mala to Sean.

Sean looked at Mala and said, "Well you know that is easy. Just tell me where."

"Anywhere." smiled Mala as she began to undress before them. At once Sean and Fred looked away from Mala while Maki and Neko just rolled their eyes.
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Default Re: (RP) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm

Robert Schlakior
Sunyshore Waters
The Cullen
Aboard the CNS Ullyses

Task Subjugate Vaccine 4/10 40%
CDPA cure 6/10 60%
Gemeni Class Weapons 18/20 90%
Task Subjugate Cure 4/10 40%
Speech TAG 15/100 ;_;/ Person Cap 34

Trevor had injected me with the CDPA enhancement, and I had decided that the more advanced form was what I would most likely stick with. Rocks emerged from my body, stretching the Heavy Under Armor that I had been given. I felt like a million bucks, I had the HUA, Kevlar, and my own special layer of protection.

I commanded Trevor to stay on the ship with Nera (decided to change name of one of my characters, it’s the female Rhyperior, I just didn’t like the name :P). The fire and water hybrids had been unleashed. The fire types were fighting tanks and such, while the Water types were dowsing the flames.

So far, we had had one death and two casualties. The casualties had both been water type, though they were nothing big, the Hybrids just had to be rescued from the flames. The death was a Fire type, who had been killed battling a very fierce Arcanine. One of the Ryuu jets had been shot down. I radioed in for another on, learning that the Xins were ready to be unveiled. They said they would sent one more combat chopper, another Ryuu, and the eleven Xins I had requested.

MY next goal was to obliterate that damn Neo Ashfield. This had gone on long enough, and it was high time that I stopped it. A small motorboat, a soldier aboard it, brought me to the mainland. The soldier retreated back to the Ulysses, while I cocked my pistol.

Neo Ashfield was dead, and I would see to it personally. I envisioned his brains, splattered on a brick wall, blood rushing from his head, sprawled on the ground.

I advanced, chuckling, killing an Aqua soldier who had dared try to murder me. Bastard. He would pay, as would every other one. Pay, pay for the lives of the citizens lost, in Johto and in Sinnoh. They would pay with blood, one thousand fold.

Trevor Melf

Trevor sat worried on the Ulysses. His PDA rang with a Tri-Tone, and he picked it up. He sighed, seeing that all fire outside of Sunyshore had been dowsed.

“Small condolences,” he said with a sigh.
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Default Re: (RP) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm

Kirov Akula
NSA Scimitar, Lilycove City

The lieutenant took Kirov into the main strategy room, just behind the bridge. Huge tactical displays lined the bridge while a massive table in the center hosted a hologram projector, capable of recreating an entire battlefield down to the chips of paint on an Apocalypse Tank using the data gathered from satellite networks, ground, and air forces.

Currently, all of those were turned off. The only person in the room was General Granger. He had gotten older since the last time Kirov had seen him. His hair was grayer, his skin more aged, his eyes more weary. But he was still wearing his aging military uniform, adorned with enough combat medals to make down a golden toilet seat. Kirov snorted mentally. They probably gave him medals for being born.

"Welcome, Commander," he greeted Kirov. "Leave us," he said to the lieutenant, who gracefully bowed out, letting the double doors slam closed behind him.

"Congratulations on your promotion, General."

Kirov nodded in reply. "Thank you, sir." He was a one-star general. Granger was a four-star. Which was why he was calling him "sir".

"Forgive me for speaking frankly, but I am rather doubtful of your tactical capabilities. Your mind is of course, impeccable, and you have shown only the best skills in your abilities as a pilot, but still..."

Kirov merely nodded in agreement. "I hope to prove worthy of my newfound position, General."

Granger smiled. "Here's your first test, then." He turned around, revealing a tiny remote in his right hand. He clicked a button and turned on one of the displays. A classic picture of a profile of a soldier came up.

"Johnathon Belinsky," Granger read. "Age 22. Born in One Island. Captured in a raid on a warehouse in Saffron city, along with several tons of chemical weapons. Has confessed to being a member of the Aqua Special Forces, along with the rest of his team. Has confessed to have been ordered to wage a terrorist campaign inside Saffron City in an effort to distract Kanto from waging a possible war on Aqua."

Kirov managed to hide his shock. "War on Aqua?"

Granger nodded. "Indeed. Of course, now that we've captured him, we have all the right to take it as a declaration of war on Kanto by Team Aqua."

Kirov closed his eyes and breathed, then opened them again. "So it's war then?"

"Not yet, Commander." To Kirov's surprise, Granger smiled. "Now, the story I just told you. That's all it is. A story."

Kirov didn't understand at first. "Huh?"

"It's total crap. A fabrication. A lie."

If Kirov had been surprised before, then he was even more surprised now. "A lie, sir?"

Granger nodded. "Yes."

"Why would you lie to me about that?"

"Because it's the official story. The following has been given the highest classification, General. It's not to be told to anyone without express permission from either myself or the President. Johnathon Belinsky's real name is Nate Lorimer, age 24, born in Viridian City. He is a member of the Nameless Soldier Intelligence Corp, as is the rest of his team. The chemical weapons seized by police actually came from a government chemical plant on the outskirts of Saffron City. His memories, and those of the rest of his team, have been modified using your Flash Programming technology. He truly believes he is Johnathon Belinsky, sent to Kanto to wage a terrorist campaign in Saffron City."

Kirov's mouth fell open just a tiny bit. "So what you're saying is... you set him up?"

Granger nodded.


Granger smiled wearily. "These are the years in which the fate of the world will be decided, Commander. The world is changing. Forces are at work which will determine the course of history for decades to come. If the Nameless Soldiers are not one of those forces, then we may be helpless against the tide of history."

Kirov worked through what Granger had just said. "So what you're saying is, basically, that everybody's going to war. If we don't go to war, then we'll be left behind and helpless against whoever wins?"

Granger nodded. Kirov shook his head. "That makes no sense, sir. Whoever wins the war will be weakened by fighting. We could easily crush them if they tried to attack us."

"Are you prepared to bet your life on that, Akula?" Granger's voice was almost a whisper. "The lives of everyone in the Kanto region?"

Kirov stared at the ground for a long time. "No sir," he said finally.

"Neither am I. Which is why, not too far away in the future, we will announce this act of terrorism by Aqua. Can I trust you to keep this secret, Commander? It'd be a tragedy to see you... decommissioned."

His mouth said "decommissioned". His eyes bespoke something far more lethal.

"Yes, General."

AD Laser Grids: 20/30

Art Gallery
Dali: "I know what the picture should be ... We take a duck and put some dynamite in its derriere. When the duck explodes, I jump and you take the picture."
Halsman: "Don't forget that we are in America. We will be put in prison if we start exploding ducks."
Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."
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Default Re: (RP) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm

Mala Aspecto says "I sure love to fly..."
Gateon Port, Orre

Mala stood in the battle room of the OIN Maid with Anna standing next to her and a few other people in her team and a camera that was steaming Sean's face and what was going on. He didn't look like he was paying attention to what was happening in the meeting but looked like Sean was working on something. Sometimes some other noises were heard in the background.

Mala then laughed and began to poke the screen a few times. The screen had the map of the world on it and it then made a picture in picture screen appear everytime a place on the screen was touched. Mala then laughed and said, "Love this."

"Can we get back on topic?" asked ANna.

Other nodded and Mala then spin her Power Umbrella and said, "Well I can just shot you all that I don't like." Mala then laughed as the other people beside Anna just had a look of fear on their face. Mala then said, "We need to do something. I say we attack some random people!"

"Or we can not." said Maki who heard that suggestion.

"Or we can not" said Anna who echoed Maki's words. Anna then looked at Mala and said, "We now have a purpose now. Noise went out there and expose us to the world. We need to stay on that track which also involved Aqua."

"We can attack people pretending to be Aqua..." said Mala with a smile.

"But there is so much hate for Aqua already." said a person. Mala at once pointed her Power Umbrella and shot the person. The man let out a yell of pain as he was shocked.

Mala laughed and said, "Taser bullets like." Mala then looked at everybody and said, "What? Me like." She then sighed and said, "Well ok. You guys no fun."

"Well you haven't seen what they have done in Sinnoh have you?" said Sean who took a break on what he was working on. He then went back to work on the machine he was working on.

"Sorry but we were busy trying not to get killed by zombies remember?" said Anna.

"Oh well they are literally burning that place to the ground." said Sean. He still was working on the machine that he was working and then nodded. "Yeah. Really ugly."

"So what we do?" asked another person.

Mala sighed and said, "I really did wanted to make good use with that thing I did for Aqua. I mean that sounded so fun. I gave them my card and everything. Serena Luna, hand for hire."

Anna then smiled and said, "Well we can use that then." She then got up and went to the board. She then pushed on a location in Hoenn and said, "From what Sean said when he hacked into that GPS satilite, there is a huge flying airbase flying over Lilycove, HOenn. I am guessing since Aqua has a good amount of their troops in Sinnoh so that must belong to one of the other groups."

Mala smiled and said, "And that is when Serena jumps in and go boom!"

"Something like that." said Anna as she looked at the satilite image of a huge flying fortress-like plane. "We could go visit them."

"And get a job for them." smiled Mala. She then clapped her hands and said, "Then boom will come!"

"Enough with the boom." said Maki.

Operation Mirror Forcewas almost done but it just needed one more test. Sean wasn't really going to watch over it since he has one new thing he wants to watch over right now.

Sean Agreable
Gateon Port, Orre

Sean was bent over and with one push of a switch he turned off the video feed of the meeting that Mala was having. The meeting was over and he knew that they were going to be moving soon. Sean knew that he was going have to do the same thing too soon. Still he had to finish his work here.

"So this should work?" asked Neko. She was working on something else but was playing attention to what Sean was working on. She then looked up from the motorcycle.

"It should. I show Mala it before and she added her ideas." said Sean. He then nodded and then press a jack into his pink porygon skin. He then twisted something on a device and nodded.

Fred had a huge piece of metal in his arms and said, "Well I got it."

"Just put it there." said Sean. Fred nodded and did as told.
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Default Re: (RP) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm

OoC: Neo dies today

Robert Schlakior
Sunyshore Cities
The Cullen

Task Subjugate Vaccine 5/10 50%
CDPA cure 7/10 70%
Gemeni Class Weapons 19/20 95% :D
Task Subjugate Cure 5/10 50%
Speech TAG 15/100 ;_;/ Person Cap 34

Robert walked through the hellzone, in awe at the civilians lying on the ground, on the ground, burnt to a smoldering crisp. Aqua soldiers, even the Fire types, were killed. And then there were those blasted Dragonfire tanks. They had not been able to defeat them easily. They had destroyed one of them, but that was with a Ryuu and a Xin. Then, of course, there were the damn Ziz jets that they had. They really wanted to take Sunyshore City for their own nefarious deeds, but Robert walked through Sunnyshore City, gawking at the sheer amount of destruction that had been caused. Civilians lying dead Robert wouldn’t let them.

He continued to walk through the hellzone, stopping to help up people, enemies and civilians alike. Suprisingly enough, four or five of the Aqua soldiers decided to join the Cullen, not that it would help in the long run. This place would either be the start of a new democracy, or the end of an old on.

Finally, Robert approached Neo Ashfield. This bastard who had caused this chaos. “You’re going to pay, you *******, you’re going to rot in Hell!” screamed Robert, his blood pumping.

“I’ll save you a seat next to Satan, then,” retorted Ashfield, who raised his gun and shot a bullet. It whistled through the air, missing Robert by a hair, and striking an Aqua soldier in the back. The soulless man felt no remorse for the deed he had just done. He simply shot another bullet, this time striking Robert in the arm. Luckily, the impact was softened by his Geodude genes and the HUA.

Robert then pulled out his firearm, looking forward to the impending fight between him. Two soldiers, two different beliefs, one city. He had been dreaming of this day ever since he joined the Cullen; and now it had finally arrived.

First, Robert rolled to the side as he dodged a bullet, and then shot a quick one at Ashfield. He dodged it, and then shot a Flamethrower from his mouth. The fire torched Robert, burning through a bit of his Heavy Under armor.

Now he was pissed off, and ready to kill this bastard. Robert pulled his Hi Tech Swiss Army Knife, and used the laser to torch off some fur of his tail. He would slit Neo’s throat, kill him in the most painful way possible.

Robert used Rock Polish, becoming faster. He dodged a bullet, and then shot one at Neo’s leg. It lodged itself into the bone, obviously causing great pain to him, which made Robert extremely happy.

Robert then tackled him, and pinned him to the ground. He pulled out the army knife, and revved up the mini chain saw. It rotated, the smell of gasoline filling the air. Robert brought it down it Neo’s throat, and ever so slightly, slit it.

Blood dripped from it. Robert coordinated the cut so that it wouldn’t kill him, just blind him in pain. Ha wanted to finish the job the right way. He pulled out his gun, and loaded a fresh round. He fired bullets at all of Neo’s joints, except for the neck of course. He saw Neo’s frail Ninetale’s leg blow four feet away. Oh, but Robert wasn’t done yet. He fired two more bullets, one at his penile area, and one at his stomach.

Neo was now hunched over in pain. “Save me a seat in Hell, bastard,” whispered Robert, and shot his gun one last time. The bullet whistled through the air, and blew through Neo’s neck. Immediately, he was killed.

Robert blew smoke off the top of his gun and smiled.
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Default Re: (RP) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm

Mala Aspecto says "Here I come knock knock knocking"
En Route to Lilycove

Mala was in a plane that was gray colored and unmarked. Mala knew that there was no point in trying to hide the fact that she was from Orre but really she didn't want anybody to know that she was from Orre to begin with. Mala even got a new outfit for this mission that was both functionable and fashionable.

"I sure love this new outfit," said Mala with a twisted smile. She then twirl around in her new gray colored gown and a pendent on her chest. There was several compartments hidden on the dress that carried Mala's pokeballs and other items. "Goes great with my P.U."

"You mean your Power Umbrella?" asked Anna as she looked away from Mala. She then sighed and said, "So really you have a parasol as a weapon."

Mala then turned around and winked at Anna and said, "Yep!"

Anna sighed and said, "Well ok." She then looked at the pilot and said, "Everything is ok?"

"The pilot nodded and said, "We are all doing ok."

Anna nodded and said, "Well tell me when we are in range of the target. We are looking for a huge airship."

"And once we see it then we can have fun." Mala then laughed and cursy before Maki. The dusknoir chubi did the same even though she knew it was stupid. Mala then sat down on a chair and said, "Time for Serena Luna and her Black Knights to cause some hired hand trouble."

"So what is the plan?" asked Anna.

Mala smiled and said, "Now if I told you that then it be no fun then would it?" Mala then grabbed a mask that looked like a white bunny mask that allowed an opening for her mouth. Mala saw that Anna had a gray one next to her. "So are we almost there?"

"We are entering Hoenn Airspace. We should see it soon." said Anna.

Mala smiled and said, "Well ok." She then looked at Uxie and Celebi who were about to get ready to go into Mala's backpack.

Operation Mirror Force was about to come to a finish. The last test has been completed and now Sean would make good use of it.
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Default Re: (RP) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm

OoC: Yeah, someone's been watching too much Bleach ;)

Talan Hawke
Team Aqua
Karkand, Weaponblood (Murhe)

Through all of the incessant fighting, killing, dying and respawning, I'd started to give in to the whole thing. I mean, why not just stay and carry on? It wasn't exactly boring. But then, a voice in the back of my mind (imaginary, this time) put everything back into focus- I needed to find my sword and get out of this spattered hellhole if I ever wanted to kick Raidon's ass. I noticed that, since my last respawn, the scenery had changed somewhat. Everything was still jagged and debris-laden as ever, but now I appeared to be on the coast. A congealed, horrific-looking sea stretched out over the nearest cliff, and there appeared to be land a short way out. Then, in amongst a gang of crazed combatants, I saw it.

A gigantic warrior, clad from head-to-toe in rugged chainmail but missing one arm, was recklessly swinging an equally huge Dao, decaptitating waves of men and women whose sheer lunacy had led them to engage him in battle. There was something strange about this sword, though. If it were possible to imagine such a thing, it shone with a jet black hue as though emanating pure darkness. This had to be my sword.

<So, Talan,> a vaguely familiar voice taunted from the direction of battle, <it would appear that you've finally found me.>

Could it be that this voice, the one I'd heard upon entering Murhe, was actually that of my sword? It seemed preposterous, but there was no use in questioning it. This was hell, after all, and there was very little I'd be inclined to refute on face value.

"Just how the hell do you expect me to get to you with that idiot swinging you around?" I screamed, alerting several aggressors to my presence. Thinking quickly, I rolled sideways to avoid a barrage of poison-tipped arrows and stumbled upon a .44 magnum revolver.

<That will probably do nicely,> sneered the spirit of the Dao, before leaving me once again to my own devices.

I counted my enemies. Besides the big bastard, I had 5 men to take out: 2 carrying bows, and 3 with assorted blades. Too easy, I thought, taking aim at the first. It was a truly exquisite weapon, with a single shot being enough to pop the archers' heads with little difficulty. Advancing into the fray, I shattered the skulls of the remaining 3 antagonists, creating a cascade of blood, bone and grey matter. Lining up to deliver the final killing shot, a grin shot across my face.

"Game over," I spat, pulling the trigger.

... But nothing happened. Trying again, but to no avail, I cursed and holstered the gun at my side. Whichever retard had died holding this beauty could at least have reloaded it for me... A dark aura concealing a deadly sharp blade thrust towards me, and with no sword of my own, I had to rely on feral instinct. Narrowly sidestepping this vertical thrust, I was able to launch myself at my opponent, clamping my wolf-like jaws down hard on his one remaining wrist. Tearing my head back to rend flesh from bone, I revelled in his agony as he dropped what was rightfully mine, and scooped it up by the hilt. All at once, a sudden wave of sheer, immense power surged through my entire body. I had regained a lost part of myself, and in the process, I had become stronger than ever.

<Now, Talan, call out my name.>

Without a clue as to how I knew it, I yelled at the top of my lungs as the sword carved an arc-like path through the air. Knocked back by the recoil, it was all I could do to hold tight as an eerie shadow burst from Kumaru's blade and engulfed the hapless enemy, before imploding into nothing. No respawning this time.

"That was... f***ing insane!"

<Quite. Now, Talan, I'm sure you trust me at least a little. So heed my instructions: You must use your Pokemon to reach reject city to the northeast. Once there, seek out a man known as the Baron. He should cut a deal to get us out of here.>

Releasing and mounting a slightly bemused Skarmory, I burst into the air with a new found resolve.
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