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Default (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups


Just so you know ahead of time, Team RP VI is NOT related to any of the previous Team RPs. It is simply the sixth of this kind of RP, but it is still not a part of any series. The storyline is also not connected with any previous Team RP.

Joining Team RP VI is also very simple. Join one of the teams in the Mixed: Groups/Clubs Board that has “Team RP VI” in the title. Read up on each of them, find the one that’s right for you, and follow the team’s instructions for signing up. The team you join in that board is the team you will be on during the RP as you attempt to accomplish the team’s goals in the RP’s universe. Nothing else to it.


The setting of this RP will be modern day in the Pokémon World, meaning only technology that is available in real life will be available in this RP. The exceptions to this rule apply to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biology. Researching genetic mutations/modification, creating biological weapons, and creating performance-enhancing drugs and vaccinations are possible. Also, exceptions to this rule are machines and technology that appear in the Pokémon games and anime. However, creating technology that doesn’t exist in either real life or the games/anime, such as plasma rifles, Gundam mobile suits, and spacecraft are not possible.


Hysteria… chaos… anarchy. If any moment of time was deserving of such words, it was this one. Mass fear had taken control, and its spawn of terror threatened to consume the world inside out.

It all began with the worst economical problems the Pokémon world has ever seen in history. The value of the Pokédollar dropping, the falling housing markets, corporations demanding government bailouts, and soon enough, the Pokémon World Exchange Index’s (PWEI) stock market collapsed entirely, with many stocks falling all the way to the bottom. Immediately, it was flagged as the Intolerable Depression, the worst economy the world has ever seen. As large corporations fell apart, stakeholders left furious and broke, and the unemployment rate rising to a monstrous 74%, it was clear that the middle class was rapidly disappearing and the rich were now finding themselves struggling.

Corporate scandals and political lobbying were becoming a frenzy. Politicians sold their seats of power to the highest bidders, and those with money brought their way into political office. It was then that the teams rose up, organizations with preserved or ill-acquired money buying their way into power, some intent on accomplishing their own domination, while others sought out to fix and remedy the mass hysteria and chaos. Regardless of whether their money was obtained through donations or scandals and sinister schemes didn’t matter. They had the money everyone else was literally dying for.

And money talks…

In the midst of such disaster, the Hoenn Government, quite possibly the worst region when it came to financial situations, looked toward Sinnoh, which was in much better shape compared to Hoenn’s economical agony. The Orange Islands were in the same kind of disaster as well, struck with the highest unemployment rate out of all the regions. Both of them felt Sinnoh was benefitting off of this misfortune, and they saw that Sinnoh was slowly creeping toward full recovery, which they both believed was at their expense. Both Hoenn and the Orange Islands pleaded and begged for Sinnoh’s aid, but Sinnoh denied them anything. In spite of this, Hoenn and the Orange Islands placed tariffs and embargos on Sinnoh’s goods, but by then, it was already too late.

Meanwhile, Hearthome Research, a Sinnoh-based environmental science team, had been conducting research on several of the Pokémon outside the city, and through their findings, noticed the Pokémon had not been evolving correctly and were experiencing delayed growth rates. From this, they were able to conclude that the Pokémon were not breeding quickly enough, and their populations were thinning out. They also noticed Pokémon from the immediate surrounding areas were moving in and taking up the habitats of the area’s original denizens. To make sure the balance was kept, Hearthome Research worked in conjunction with SavisTech, a chemical agent developer, to create a formula that would help promote evolution among the oppressed Pokémon and restore the natural balance.

During the time it took to create this agent, other research teams were noticing similar occurrences around Sinnoh. When SavisTech had created the Compulsory Development Pokémon Agent (CDPA), they made several samples to be provided to be used in the areas highlighted by Sinnoh’s research teams. Through their tests in controlled environments, CDPA worked successfully, and Pokémon were able to evolve normally.

Sinnoh’s teams then placed the CDPA canisters in the regions throughout Sinnoh that were affected by this strange occurrence. Once they were set off, Pokémon in those areas began evolving. However, it wasn’t long until the teams realized CDPA’s range was much higher than predicted, reaching to areas all over the nation. However, there was one major oversight on CDPA that was never expected…

CDPA soon began affecting humans as well, never expected by SavisTech as all tests with CDPA were done with protective gear that stopped the side effect. However, humans without this lab protection were suddenly exposed to the evolutionary effects. Instant mutations began, turning these affected humans into half human, half Pokémon humanoids, later called Hybrids. Because Pokémon gene modifiers of all Pokémon were ingrained in CDPA, these humans found themselves being “evolved” into Hybrids of Pokémon of a random selection. Once CDPA made contact with an unprotected human, their cells would be infected, and their DNA would be mass-replicated. Instantly, their cells would undergo rampant cell mitosis, instantly resulting in the human growing fur, tails, and/or the other features of a single Pokémon at random. However, while the change was definitely physical, it was later confirmed that the mental state of the hybrid remained unaffected in terms of mental state, memory, and intelligence, though obvious mental trauma and stress was due to the shock of the transformation. Shortly afterword, it was learned that these Hybrids gained the ability to use the abilities and attacks that the Pokémon they were a hybrid of could learn and use.

Sinnoh, the last living bastion of economical hope in the world, became just as chaotic as the other regions, if not worse from the fact the entire nation had been covered with CDPA, permanently changing every human, and now chaotically evolving all Pokémon in Sinnoh. Currently, CDPA remnants are still spreading quickly, now approaching the desert region of Orre...

When it was learned by the now fragmented Sinnoh government that SavisTech had coordinated chemical supply requests from companies based in the Orange Islands and Hoenn, Sinnoh immediately accused the Orange Islands and Hoenn of maliciously contaminating the chemical supplies SavisTech relied on to get back at Sinnoh rejecting their requests for financial aid. When the governments of the Orange Islands and Hoenn scoffed at Sinnoh’s claims, Sinnoh immediately retaliated with their own chemical warfare, regarding the contamination as an act of war.

Shortly after, Sinnoh had launched eight Task Subjugate missiles, four for Hoenn and four for the Orange Islands. It was the first time Task Subjugate missiles had been used, but their effects were still devastating. At least five hundred thousand people in both regions together were killed within the first few minutes. Many more died afterword, but it was the survivors of the attacks that suffered the most. Those that weren’t killed by the bombs were turned into mindless, feral zombies. The Pokémon of these regions faced the same fate as well. Thankfully, unlike CDPA which was still spreading, the chemical agents used in the Task Subjugate missiles decayed, but the zombies remained and were capable of infecting anyone badly bitten or wounded by them… all except for the Hybrids themselves, whose transformation provided protection against the aftermath of the Task Subjugate.

With the world left in economical ruin, Hoenn and the Orange Islands in a horrific nightmare, and Sinnoh (and soon to be Orre) affected with a nation full of Pokémon Hybrids, the future appears to be extremely forbidding.


  • Zombies are believed to be humans whose soul has left the body and gone to whatever afterlife has been set aside for them, but the body is still living as a mindless ghoul. Some zombies can only shamble around, others can run, and others besides those have grown mutated parts, like longer acid-laden tongues (Nicknamed Iguanas), long, razor-sharp claws (Nicknamed Beasts), and a rare few that had grown ten feet in size and have mutated muscular builds (Nicknamed Juggernauts).
  • As a rule, your character can’t be turned into a zombie or related mutant, unless you want them to be (You would have to RP them with lower, feral intelligence if you do this). Any NPCs are fair game, however.
  • Hoenn and the Orange Islands have become derelict nightmares. If you’ve played Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill, or any survival-horror genre game, or if you’ve seen movies like I Am Legend or 28 Days Later, that’s pretty much the condition they’re in. Entire towns are filled with zombies and destruction, and the number of untainted survivors is very few, but they still exist.
  • Zombies only attack at night, but stay in dark places during the day. Also, human zombies no longer carry Pokémon with them, and can not use any complicated tools, such as guns or machines. However, they may carry blunt or bladed weapons such as hammers, knives, or lead pipes to use as melee weapons, clubbing their victims to death before consumption.
  • There is only one cure for Task Subjugate infection. Death.

  • Hybrids are always in the form and height of a humanoid. Even if someone is a hybrid of a Pokémon that does not have arms or legs, or is huge or very small in size, they keep their size of a human, as well as their appendages. However, they may grow fur, scales, tails, wings, and other features of the Pokémon they’re a hybrid of. Most Hybrids tend to have more Pokémon features than human ones, usually resulting in their entire bodies being covered with the fur, scales, skin, and color of the Pokémon they’re a hybrid of (Except for the face, which is usually just a color change). Also, Hybrids are a combination of a human and a single Pokémon only. You can not have features of multiple Pokémon if your character starts as/becomes a Hybrid.
  • It IS possible for a character starting as a human to become a Hybrid later on, whether they like it or not. CDPA can be stored in liquid form, and administered in the form of injection, which will turn a human into a hybrid. However, it has been proven to work in gas and vapor forms as well. However, wearing protective equipment can stop the change, as long as the equipment holds out.
  • Hybrids can use any attack the Pokémon they’re a hybrid of can use, including TMs, HMs, and egg moves. Also, hybrids do NOT inherit the stats of the Pokémon (such as Attack, Defense, and so on). This is so Hybrids of legendary Pokémon are not more powerful than Hybrids of non-legendary Pokémon.
  • There is no cure for CDPA infection either. Humans that become Hybrids stay as Hybrids.
  • Hybrids can communicate with normal Pokémon and they both understand their speech. Because of this, the bond they share with their Pokémon is stronger (Expert Pokémon Handling is considered TAGed if it wasn’t before, or it results in “Master Pokémon Handling,” the highest level of training possible, if it is TAGed already). Hybrids can also use the language of Pokémon to disguise their speech from normal humans. To indicate the language of Pokémon during the RP, use < and > marks in the place of quotations. For example, a statement like <I think I see them now!> would indicate use of this language. To humans, it sounds like the name and syllables of the Pokémon’s name, and is impossible to understand.


Kanto (The Nameless Soldiers Possession) – At the current time, Kanto remains unaffected by either CDPA or Task Subjugate. However, their economical ruin is evident, having suffered from many failing businesses and having to rely on small businesses, farmers, and peddlers instead. Essentially, Kanto looks and feels more like a third world country now, but the citizens consider themselves fortunate compared to what happened to the other regions. Many Kanto citizens are fearful of the zombies, and in general, are very cautious to views of the Hybrids. They do not understand that the only changes that happened to Hybrids are purely physical, and not psychological.

Johto (Cullen's Possession) – Like Kanto, Johto is currently unaffected by CDPA or Task Subjugate. Johto’s ruin came directly from the crash of the PWEI stock exchanges, and the 68% unemployment rate was also devastating upon the region. However, unlike Kanto indifference to the rest of the world, Johto’s populace is trying their hardest to strive toward a brighter future. Not all of them may welcome the new presence of the Hybrids, but if anyone will be the first to understand their plight and offer them compassion, it will be Johto.

Hoenn – Hoenn currently remains completely devastated from Task Subjugate. Those that weren’t killed during the first moments of the bomb’s dropping were either killed later, or infected to become mindless zombies or even grizzlier mutants. As stated above, before the bombs were dropped, Hoenn’s economical calamities were the worst. Many were left homeless, jobless, out of cash, and crime was on the rise as a result. However, once the bombs fell… all traces of civilization were lost, now with zombies and mutants prowling about the cities of what once were.

Orange Islands – The Orange Islands, like Hoenn, lays as a wreck from Task Subjugate bombing. The zombies and mutants here are even more savage than the ones in Hoenn, having difficulty finding fresh human flesh to eat due to the inability to cross islands. Unlike Hoenn, the Squids, mutant zombies with fins and adaptations to water, exist, and can swim and attack nearby naval vessels (they are still stranded by the islands however, and can’t swim to other regions). Before the bombs were dropped, the main calamity of the Orange Islands was unemployment, and the middle class becoming poor.

Sinnoh – Very few humans exist in Sinnoh, and the only ones that do are only there on a temporary basis, or are hiding underground away from the CDPA that lingers on the surface above. Despite what has happened to them, Hybrids have been trying to rebuild their region from the total chaos. However, it is known that not all Hybrids believe Hoenn and the Orange Islands were at fault of CDPA, and are highly against the ones that ordered the launch of the Task Subjugate bombs. Others blame SavisTech for their carelessness, or believe it was purely an accident. Many Hybrids are also taking the reverse route, and in hopes of preserving peace and avoiding discrimination in the future, promote the becoming of a Hybrid as a gift and a privilege and encouraging humans to do the same.

Orre (Graffiti's Possession) – Unlike Sinnoh, Orre doesn’t welcome the presence of CDPA coming into their region through ocean wind drifts. A few Hybrids exist along the shorelines, but the people of Orre know there will be more of them in time. Some people in Orre have fled to other regions, some of taken up residence in The Under to avoid the surface, while others refuse to leave their homes, either disbelieving the CDPA will come to them, or will just deal with it in time anyway. As for Orre prior to the disasters, Orre’s economy has always been classified as a third-world, but it did feel some evident effect of the economical disasters, though they weren’t nearly as significant as other regions.

Fiore – Fiore is thankful they haven’t been affected by CDPA or the Task Subjugate bombs, and it has become a retreat for many that once lived in Orre, or managed to get out of Hoenn and the Orange Islands before they were infected. Fiore is trying to remain neutral in the issues at hand, and was able to avoid a great amount of economical anarchy from being very secluded. Fiore’s main issue is deflation, with people not spending money.

Almia – Due to its proximity to Sinnoh, Almia’s residents are extremely concerned with the CDPA, and fear they may be in the same boat as Orre. Though no CDPA has been detected in the area, it would take only very little change in the wind in order to layer Almia with CDPA. Meanwhile, Almia’s current residents are too scared to leave Almia, knowing CDPA is probably all over the oceans around Sinnoh and they would be sailing right into it if they attempted to evacuate.

Sevii Islands (Team Aqua’s Possession) – The residents of the Sevii Islands are very much in shock at what has happened, but like with the rest of Kanto, they are very wary of getting involved with the situation of zombies and Hybrids. While their economy has taken in some very hard times, they’re trying their best to make a comeback in this rough era.

Any other regions or areas in the world of Pokémon will not be featured in this RP.

Base locations off of this world map.

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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups


A Farco archeological team in southern Sinnoh had uncovered seven ancient artifacts connected with the Kian’Zal tribe. Each artifact was each reported to have an arcane and mystic power that persisted throughout the many years. However, by the time these relics were found, Sinnoh had been struck by the CDPA accident, and Farco’s whereabouts and research was left only to written journals and a few online documents. No one knows what happened to them, whether they were killed for these relics, retreated to other areas, or could still possibly be in Sinnoh. However, by now, it is extremely likely these artifacts are no longer together. Before they disappeared, Farco’s members were able to find out the following details:
  • The seven artifacts are actually implants. Once put on, the sharp rods and hooks found on each of the implants allow the artifacts to surgically embed themselves into the wearer, and are impossible to remove unless a great deal of bodily harm is done (such as if the implant is attached to an arm or leg, that appendage must be amputated, and even then, that amputated part must be torn apart to remove the Kian’Zal implant. Also, Kian’Zal implants are extremely painful to put on, and very often, a large amount of blood loss is involved and bone manipulation is performed.
  • Each implant possesses a strange and greatly unique power that will bestow itself upon the user once put on. It is also possible for someone to wear multiple implants. No two implants occupy the same location on the body.
  • The implants are in fact magical, and the size or shape of the wearer does not matter. These implants can and will meld themselves with the size and shape of the wearer.
  • These implants are also indestructible. No one knows what materials the Kian’Zal used to make them, but they are impossible to even damage with modern day machinery.

Eye of the Overseer – An ocular implant that requires the user to sacrifice an eye to make way for the Eye of the Overseer. As an ancient tool of surveillance, this eye implant was used so that the one wearing it could observe his subjects when they were out of eyesight. About the size of an eyeball, the Eye of the Overseer appears as a gold sphere with the ruby embroidering of a god-like eye.
  • The Eye of the Overseer allows you to see what other characters in the RP are doing. However, in order to have this kind of clairvoyance, you character must have seen these characters before at least once.
  • The Eye of the Overseer also grants eagle eye vision, and allows the wearer to see and read things from even a great distance away.
  • The Eye of the Overseer also behaves like a normal eye when the clairvoyance feature is not in use. Once inserted into the eye socket the user prepared for the implant, their vision will be restored.

Talon of the Soul Decider – A clawed hand armament used by the head shaman of the Kian’Zal. Shaped and fashioned to appear to be like a normal, gold glove of metallic plates, the Talon also is armed with five, surgically sharp claws that appear to come out of the wearer’s knuckles. Noted to be a weapon that no armor could resist against, the Talon of the Soul Decider also came with the distinct and eerie feature of being able to be the decider of fate.
  • The Talon of the Soul Decider is a weapon that no modern armor can stop. While it can tear through armor, it can also slice through metal bars and grates. Also, the talons never lose durability.
  • Once someone is killed by the Talon of the Soul Decider, the user can decide to send the victim to Murhe, the afterlife realm of the evil, or Sovinto, the afterlife realm of the good. The deeds of the victim prior to this death have no bearing at all on this decision.

Chest of the Shadows – Reserved for the one among the Kian’Zal known as the Shadow Walker, the Chest of Shadows is the only implant that was never used before. Meanwhile, it is also the largest implant, taking on the form of a large, skull front that is placed on the bearer’s chest. Once implanted, the skull’s eyes then light with a subtle, red glow. In ancient Kian’Zal lore, the Shadow Walker was the only living being that could walk in the realms of the afterlife, assigned the role of being the messenger between the living and the dead.
  • The Chest of Shadows allows the wearer to visit both Murhe and Sovinto without dying. Also, they can return to the realm of the living without performing any tribulation. However, like a normal RP transportation, one post should be about the departure, one post about the journey through the ethereal voids between the living and the dead, and the third post should be about the arrival.
  • Wearing the Chest of Shadows does NOT make the wearer immune against normal judgment. If the one wearing the Chest of Shadows is killed, their character is then sent to the afterlife realm based on their deeds.
  • The Shadow Walker can still interact with the living and the dead. However, while in the afterlife realms, they are more resistant to the dark affects of Murhe, and the pleasurable effects of Sovinto.

Sigil of the Wild – This implant, taking on the form of a strange, tattoo-like symbol made of the same uncanny gold-colored metal the other implants are made of, was intended for the one in the Kian’Zal tribe known as the Whisper of Nature. The Sigil of the Wild is implanted on the user’s back, right on the spinal column just below the wearer’s neck. It will not allow itself to be implanted anywhere else, and attempting to do so only results in needless injury. In the roles of the Kian’Zal, the Whisper of Nature allowed Kian’Zal Pokémon trainers to communicate with their Pokémon, while the Whisper of Nature kept a close bond with nature itself.
  • The Sigil of the Wild allows the user to turn into any non-legendary Pokémon. While transformed, the user can use any attack that Pokémon can learn naturally (not TMs). Also, aspects of the Pokémon, such as wings to fly or underwater breathing are usable by the one wearing the implant.
  • The only way to force the wearer of the Sigil of the Wild back into their human form is to kill them. While transformed, the wearer shows absolutely no physical difference from the true version of that Pokémon.
  • If the user is human, they can understand and speak the language of Pokémon while they are transformed (use < and > marks in place of quotations). This ability is lost if the user becomes human once again though. As for Hybrids using the Sigil, no change is noticed when it comes to this aspect as they have this ability already.

Feet of the Indigo Lynx – These feet implants take the shape and design of metallic gold sabatons (plate mail on the feet). While no specific role in the Kian’Zal wore these artifacts, they were generally worn by whoever the Kian’Zal considered worthy enough to bear this gift. Usually those that performed great deeds of selflessness or heroism for the tribe were rewarded with these implants. As for the powers bestowed, the wearer is granted tremendous running speed, as well as incredible jumping ability.
  • The first attribute of the Feet of the Indigo Lynx is the running ability. Using the Feet, the runner can sprint as fast as 80 mph and never get tried. Also, at this speed, the runner can sprint on the surface of water and not sink. Because of this, the user does not need a motor vehicle to transverse from region to region.
  • The user can also jump up fifty stories without even running. Again, the user does not tire from this no matter how many times they do it, allowing them to jump from rooftop to rooftop with no strain at all.
  • As long as the user lands on their feet, no fall will ever hurt the wearer. The wearer could jump out of a plane and land on their feet, and feel like nothing ever happened.

Hand of J’Ean – A disc-shaped insignia implant that is placed upon the palm of the wearer. On the face-up surface of the gold, metallic disc depicts a split scene engraving. On one half, the fostering and growth of life is seen, and on the other half, the withering and decay of death is depicted. The Hand of J’Ean is considered a rogue artifact, as the Kian’Zal orders never permitted its creation. The powers it grants include purification and corruption.
  • The Hand of J’Ean can defile and purify any object in solid or liquid form. It can not affect gases or vapors. The Hand’s limits go as far as 4 tons (4,000 pounds) for a solid, or 4 kiloliters (4,000 liters) for a liquid. Anything greater than that results in a diluting effect that negates the change entirely. Also, this effect can only be used once per post. You can not corrupt or purify multiple objects in a single post. However, over time, many objects can be either purified or corrupted or a combination of both. The effect does not wear off over time.
  • If an object is purified, its use will promote greater health and longer life, as well as healing and restoration properties. For example, a glass of water purified and handed to a dying soldier and then consumed will restore their health in full. A solid purified has greater durability and if possible, better performance.
  • If an object is corrupted, its use will shorten life and poison the health of those who use it. Normally harmless liquids become like poison and acids, while solids become brittle, worn down, and break apart easily.
  • There is no ‘layering’ effect. An object or liquid is either purified or corrupted, there is no way to strengthen an already existing purification or corruption. However, it can be changed back to normal, or an already corrupted object can be made pure and vice versa.

Band of the White Phoenix – A gold metallic belt-like implant that embeds itself into the waist of the wearer. Originally intended for the High Priest or High Priestess of the Kian’Zal tribe, the Band of the White Phoenix is a cord of incredible healing. In the past lore of the Kian’Zal, the High Priest or Priestess was charged with the responsibly and power of restoring health and life to those who were deemed worthy. However, now… that power can fall into the hands of the true or the guile.
  • The Band of the White Phoenix can heal any injury, even death. For minor injuries (speeding up healing) that would have naturally healed over time but want to be accomplished now, there is no recharge time. However, for grave injuries that would never heal over time (amputation, permanent brain damage, deafness, blindness, or even death), the Band of the White Phoenix can heal these, but there is a recharge time of five posts. How many posts remaining until it can be used again should be noted on the top of each of your posts next to character name, team name, and location.
  • Because of its intense healing capability, the wearer can generally take more damage and harm before death.

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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups


It IS possible to kill other RP characters, as well as be killed by them in this RP. HOWEVER, IT MUST BE DONE FAIRLY AND REALISICALLY. If your character dies, that’s not necessarily the end for them.

However, unlike previous RPs, the afterlife realms of those who are evil and those who are good are completely new. Murhe is the realm of the evil, and Sovinto is the realm of the good.

And some rules on killing other people’s characters:
  • YOU MUST GIVE THE CHARACTER YOU’RE ATTACKING A CHANCE TO RESPOND. There are absolutely NO one-hit kills when it comes to attacking and killing another person’s character. If I see that happen, you will be punished with a warning first, and then a ban the second time around. Also, the situation will be resolved with your character accidently being killed by friendly fire from your own NPCs.
  • If your character is wearing any of the ancient implants and is killed, you lose them when you go to the afterlife. If the person who killed your characters takes them off of your body, there’s nothing you can do about it until you revive yourself and try to take back what was stolen from you. However, if they don’t find them or choose to abandon them, you can go back to your corpse to remove them from your own body and implant them once again.
  • Consider injuries as well. If your character is very critically wounded, keep in mind that they won’t be fighting at anything close to full strength, and that further injury should result in death. As far as inflicting injuries to others, start small and work your way up toward graver injuries if the battle continues on. As long as they are fair and are realistically inflicted, there's no problem.


As in other Team RPs, you are allowed to have a project list at the bottom of each of your posts as an organized list of research and development. Like what has been done in the past, you can choose to work up your own projects, and/or you can help build someone else’s to speed up its creation. The project list should include the project’s name (pictures are optional), how far into completion it is, and the rate.

However, there are certain restrictions:
  • Avoid anything that could be considering deeply futuristic, such as Gundams, laser/plasma weapons, and spacecraft. Satellites and space stations are fine, but don’t go any further than that. At least not until much later (after page 50). However, upgrades to current technology and weapon creation are fine at any time.
  • You can not make obtaining something or completing an objective a project. This includes (but is not limited to) trying to retrieve one of the ancient implants, infiltrating (both physical and electronic), or preparing an assassination.
  • The number of posts spent into making the project generally makes it more powerful and stronger. However, nothing is allowed to exceed 35 posts (I’d like to avoid ridiculously long projects as means to trump card the RP). Also, a project that took 35 posts can still be beaten by something that took less amount of time to create if a clear weakness is exploited, and if the RPer(s) behind using the weaker project display tactical and skillful use of the project against its stronger adversary.

  • No God-modding and Bunnying. If you don’t know what these are, look at the guides. If you’re feeling lazy though, God-modding means doing the impossible and making your character invincible, while Bunnying is controlling and manipulating other people’s characters unfairly and without their permission. Don’t do these things.
  • Posts should be at least a paragraph long. Please, no one-liners.
  • The use of nuclear weapons, such as atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, and cobalt bombs is strictly prohibited. Also, large-scale biological weapons should not be fatal either.
  • The Name of your character, the team you are on, and the current location of your character need to be mentioned at the top of every post. If you don’t do this, I will call you on it. This is necessary so people know who is on their team and where to find people. Also, the name helps people to remember and saves people the trouble of having to search and find your sign up just to know your character’s name.
  • When it comes to the ancient implants, they shouldn’t be too easy to find. Your character should spend time to search for clues on their whereabouts, and the point where the implant is obtained should make sense with regards to the steps taken to find it. Also, you can’t “claim” them. Whoever finds them first gets them. Also, you can only claim one at a time, meaning you won’t find multiple implants at once. However, you can wear multiple implants, as long as you’ve done the time and effort to obtain each of them, or have gotten them off of someone else.
  • Keep OOC to a minimum. I don’t mind a few sentences, but if you have an issue that brings up many points and ends up being over a paragraph long, bring it up in the Team RP VI discussion thread, and we’ll talk it over. Also, feel free to ask questions, either by PMing me or asking in the discussion thread. Please don’t ask them repeatedly in the RP itself.


Name: (Your character’s name, first and last)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Race: (Human or Hybrid. If Hybrid, specify what Pokémon your character is a hybrid of. If Human, put the potential Hybrid form in parenthesis in case they become one in the future.)
Description: (What your character looks like. Pictures are nice, but don’t rely on them alone.)
Personality: (What your character’s emotional intelligence and outlook on life is like.)
Background: (The history of your character. Please don’t make it too long. I won’t lie, if its super-long, it will generally take me a longer time to set aside the time to read it, and then accept it.)
Pokémon: (1-6, No legendaries)
Team: (What team your character is on for the duration of the RP.)
Weapons: (No limit to weapons, just make sure they stick with the modern day era. Just make sure your character isn’t carrying a rocket launcher, a M249 SAW, an M134 Minigun, a Flamethrower, and so on all at the same time.)
Two Tactical Skills: (See Below)
Two Combat Skills: (See Below)

Super NPCs (Stronger, harder to kill NPCs)

NPC #1

Name: (Name of NPC)
Species: (Same as before. Pictures are nice as well)
Background: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Description: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Tactical Skill: (One skill from the list of Tactical Skills)
Combat Skill: (One skill from the list of Combat Skills)

NPC #2

Name: (Name of NPC)
Species: (Same as before. Pictures are nice as well)
Background: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Description: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Tactical Skill: (One skill from the list of Tactical Skills)
Combat Skill: (One skill from the list of Combat Skills)

Tactical Skills

Driving - Driving vehicle specialization, the Road Warrior TAG Skill. While any character can drive simple motor vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and motorboats, ones with this skill would be vehicle handling experts, and can drive all vehicles, such as piloting jets, helicopters, and other vehicles most people don’t ever even get to sit behind the wheel. Also, switching from tank to helicopter won’t be a problem. Also, vehicle drivers generally take less damage to their vehicle in combat.
First Aid - Ability to heal wounds and treat injuries. Characters with this skill also recover from damage faster, and help others around them recover faster as well.
Sneak & Lockpick - Ability to move about without detection. A stealth knowledge skill. Comes with Lockpick and doubles for a rogue-related skill. Remember, locks keep out honest people. xD
Science - Knowledge of chemicals and biology. Would be able to produce small chemical weapons (nerve gas, chlorine gas, and so on) for different purposes. Remember, nukes are out of the question, but chemical agents are a possibility.
Computer Hacking/Programming - The ability to program computers to perform tasks, as well as use computer skills to infiltrate other systems. Also comes with an expert understanding of both computer software and hardware.
Engineering – Allows you to create large aircraft, ships, and machines at a much faster rate. However, note that only modern day technology and weaponry is allowed. Having this does not allow you to create things outside of the era’s technology. Advanced technology creation may be allowed to come later.
Repair - The ability to be able to fix damage done to machines, weapons, and armor.
Speech - Negotiation ability. Allowance to be more persuasive and have good speech skills. Something George Bush should have had. Also greatly helps in influencing others and getting others to follow you.
Survival - Ability to have survival skills. Park ranger stuff. Picking this TAG Skill also ensures your character will never become lost in a forest or cave, and will know the fastest ways inside and out.
Commander - This allows you to command troops with more ease, allowing for orders to be given quicker, and things to be destroyed faster. With this power, subtract one fourth of the posts required to destroy a battalion/ship/etc.

Combat Skills

Small Firearms - Consists of pistols, rifles, submachine guns, the like.
Large Firearms – Consists of heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, and so on.
Unarmed - Ability to fight with only one’s fists and use unarmed combat techniques similar to a SWAT officer or NAVY SEAL. They should have featured you on Human Weapon!
Melee Weapons/Throwing - Ability to fight with melee weapons, such as swords, knives, hammers, axes, polearms, and so on. Also includes throwing weapons, such as throwing knives, ninja stars, and fragmentation grenades.
Expert Pokémon Handling - Ability to be extremely outstanding using Pokémon, making them much stronger in combat. Those with this ability can also use their Pokémon in tactical situations (Such as using a Pidgeot or Flygon as a flying mount, or charging with a Donphan). As a bonus, characters that are Hybrids are better fighters when it comes to using their own Pokémon attacks and abilities. Anyone that picks this skill can have two additional Pokémon.
Demolitions/Traps - The ability and skill to use explosives charges, such as C4 plastic explosives, claymores, or other explosive devices. Also includes the ability to effectively create booby traps and effectively destroy targets. Having this TAG Skill also allows your character to defuse and disarm explosives as well. Pair this TAG Skill with Engineering to become a master at understanding the weak points of structures and machines, and destroying them effectively each and every time.
Commando - This gives you extra strength and allows you to destroy things easier if you are attacking from the ground. It also makes you harder to kill.

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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups



Unlike Hell and Trial of Juno’s “Abyss,” Murhe is more on the psychological side of being painful rather than the physical, but there’s still plenty of both to have to endure should an evil character die during the length of the RP and find themselves here.

Grindscape – A typical wasteland, Grindscape isn’t so much as painful as it is extremely boring. The land is very prone to earthquakes, which may seem shocking at first until those who stay in Grindscape quickly get used to them, and realize it’s impossible to do anything with the terrain always shaking and rumbling. Also, nothing grows in Grindscape either, and generally, only the mad wish to permanently live there.

Shatterlands – As a nearby neighbor to Grindscape, most of the Shatterlands is cracked and broken, very much like an arid, dark desert. However, the worst part of the Shatterlands is the hideous and ear-splitting noise. Loud, hideous grinding sounds make it impossible to speak or even think straight. Meanwhile, those that live here are either deaf or are too senile to even notice the sounds in the first place.

The Abysmal Strand – As a twisting, horribly-shaped area, the Abysmal Strand’s pain and frustration is its horrible smell. Those who don’t live in the Abysmal Strand are always nauseous and feel the need to throw up every pressing, foul-smelling second. Also, it is impossible to eat anything and keep it down. Most Pokémon undergo the same pain of constantly feeling the need to vomit, even poison-types. The smells are also from noxious gasses that result in hideous and disgusting diseases, which induce even more nausea and violent vomiting.

Sunken Hills – Considered to be an upside-down land, the Sunken Hills are the home of the completely insane and psychotic. While the landscape looks and feels like a mountain range in reverse, most of the land consists of sunken pits and canyons. As for the people, they are either completely mad, are total idiots, or are insanely homicidal. Those who live here end up learning a new language only they can speak, and as everyone tries to speak their own language to everyone else, random body language becomes the only real form of communication. Also, everyone seems to want to go somewhere, but they don’t know where to end up going.

Reject City – Reject City actually looks and feels like a normal modern day city at first. However, upon closer inspection, the City is completely overstuffed with people, people are too impatient and still believe they need to work 80 hour work weeks to keep living. Most people in the city either have very dirty jobs, or boring office jobs that never change day by day. Meanwhile, the frustrations of every day life are multiplied many times. To everyone, work hours go slower, and hours of leisure are over in mere seconds. All coffee is decaf, all the cars are the same, all the televisions are stuck on one channel, and the weather is always the same: a cloudless sky with no sun. Here, people know what time it is, but the actual date is never mentioned. In fact, calendars completely stop existing in Reject City. There are many in Reject City that even deny they are dead.

Weaponblood – While most of Murhe is psychological, Weaponblood is the exception. Those who come to Weaponblood get caught up in the desire to endlessly kill or be killed. Always a bloody warzone, fighting and combat never stop and never know rest in this area. Like a twisted video game, those who are “killed” simply respawn so they can kill or be killed again. Weapons like knives and firearms are also respawned so the fighting never stops and so everyone involved with the endless carnage always has something to fight with. As a result, the lands are totally saturated with blood, bullets, broken weapons, bodies and body parts, and the like.

Gluttony’s Playground – Probably one of the most disturbing areas, those that come and live in Gluttony’s Playground are absolutely obsessed with eating. Humans and their Pokémon alike are given infinite food to binge on, inflating them up like monstrous balloons. However, the fatter they become, the more their bodies evolve to meet the endless intake, often eliminating needless bones, organs, and appendages such as feet and legs that become useless once they’re too fat to walk. Shortly after, their own blood becomes fatty oil and fat-producing organs begin to grow in their massive bodies. And once a human or Pokémon hits the five trillion pound mark, they’re taken away to their own dimensions so they can continue growing as fat as they like without running out of space.

Firesplatter – Murhe’s star hellhole is Firesplatter. The temperature is always 650 degrees Fahrenheit, but somehow Pokémon and humans can tolerate the heat. However, fire Pokémon would actually enjoy this place if it wasn’t so horribly boring. The food here is always burnt, and the heat often drives those that hate it into absolute madness. Also, all humans that live here now have red and black skin, which isn’t painful now that they’ve gotten used to the burns, but it still looks horrendously ugly. Pokémon also start losing their fur and feathers, become very shriveled up, and look terribly ugly.

The Grim Void – Everything in the Grim Void looks horrible, smells horrible, tastes horrible, feels horrible, and sounds horrible. The main objective of the Grim Void is to harass and frustrate as many human and Pokémon senses as possible at all the same time. For example, a dinner may look like a dead, black roach that smells like manure. When attempting to eat it or touch it, it will feel like broken glass and make a horrible screeching sound during that time. Meanwhile, all things in the Grim Void are like this, defying logic and knowledge to create the most absolute abysmal place to be.

Escaping from Murhe

Knowing you wouldn’t want to be stuck here the entire RP, there are ways to get out. How exactly you find them is up to you, but it should involve seeing at least three of the different areas, and spending at least five posts in each of them (total of 15). What exactly you do to get out is up to your own ideas, but you should still need to work at it. For example, someone who can provide escape may want you to do them a service that requires travel to certain locations. Or you may find a piece of a one-time-use artifact that could bring you out of Murhe, but requires assembly and the pieces are scattered around.

Once you come back to life, you appear back in the Pokémon world normally again, but it needs to be in areas that your team controls. You can’t reappear in an enemy team’s base.


Sovinto is considered to be the “alternate Heaven.” For those that were in the Trial of Juno RP or in War Season 7’s RP, Sovinto is extremely similar to the “Utopia” in those RPs. If your character is good-aligned and is killed during the course of the RP, you’ll find yourself here. However, unlike Utopia, Sovinto is reserved for both humans and Pokémon.

The Emerald Islands – The main feature of the Emerald Islands is its rich vegetation and its incredibly beautiful flowers and foliage. No flower or tree ever wilts here, and it provides a fantastic place to rest and reside in. This is pretty much the maximum amount of paradise a grass-type Pokémon will ever hope to experience. Meanwhile, the area is also known for its pleasant and windy shores, creating a refreshing and sweet-smelling breeze that entices the senses.

The Horizon Crescent – The Horizon Crescent is like one giant sunny beach that’s always just the right temperature. Pleasant breezes make sure this permanent vacation spot never gets too hot, but allows it to stay bright and sunny all day long. The sand is always soft, doesn’t stick like glue even after being in the water, and people and their Pokémon can drink the ocean’s water with comparable refreshment to sweet-tasting flavored bottled water.

Midnight Passion Isles – Starry skies, neon lights and terrific nightlife await in the Midnight Passion Isles, where its like a night out in Vegas without the extreme expense. The drinks are always sweet, the desserts are flavorful and pack as much calories and fat grams as a bottle of water, and the games and excitement are fun, fresh, and can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone. And every once in a while, people break out in song everyone already knows the words and beat to, like it’s the best musical ever performed and everyone gets to be a part of it.

The Sunrise Coast – Renown for its incredible sunrises and sunsets, the Sunrise Coast offers the best place to simply relax, rest, and offer refreshment. Featuring many similar beaches like what the Horizon Crescent offers, the stars are still visible even in the afternoon sky. Offering a warm tranquility, the Sunrise Coast is also known for its serene and quiet plains.

The Aurora Fields – The rolling, beautifully colored plains of the Aurora Fields offer both fantastic views and sights for both those looking upon the ground and the sky. In the endlessly starry expanse of the sky, bright, rainbow-colored auroras shine and wave in the sky with beautiful color schemes never imagined before. These same plains offer reassuring therapy for those that led painful and tragic lives before death.

Wintersong Plains – Blessed with the beauty and color of winter without the harsh, bitter cold, the Wintersong Plains is always like a bright January morning, where the snow is soft and easy to shape, while all of the trees are covered with a glass-like ice that easily refracts light and creates rainbows like a prism. Endless skiing and snowboarding without the pain are a main highlight here, along with refreshing winter sights.

Gemlight Islands – Like a sea of precious gems and stones, the cities and roads are literally made of rubies, topazes, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, garnets, pearls, amethysts, and millions of other kinds of gems both seen and unseen before. Meanwhile, these islands are full of color and enjoyment, and the jewelry is unlike anything in the Pokémon World and is incredibly easy to create without any tools.

Lovefire Peninsula – The Lovefire Peninsula is the home of lovers who have wed for life, and always wish to remain together for all eternity. Here, the sights and the sounds are always romantic, lovely, and encourage passionate relationships between love-connected couples.

Corona Islands – The Corona Islands are known as the “Islands of Light” due to them being the brightest locations in Sovinto. Despite how bright the light is, all eyes can look into it without squinting or shielding. Meanwhile, bright, colorful and harmless fires dance in the sky, creating magnificent lights and shapes that never cease to amaze.

Escaping from Sovinto

Despite the fact Sovinto is the best eternal dream possible in the RP, I know you want to get back to the fight. There are ways to leave Sovinto, but there’s more to that then what meets the eyes.

Leaving Sovinto means trying to resist the temptations to stay there and forget about the wars. Also, in order to leave, like Murhe, some objectives need to be accomplished. Three different locations must be visited in a self-assigned mission, which may be trying to look for a hidden portal, helping someone who can help you find your way back, or assembling a one-time-use artifact that can take you back to the world of the living.

Once you come back to life, you appear back in the Pokémon world normally again, but it needs to be in areas that your team controls. You can’t reappear in an enemy team’s base.

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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups


<Still waiting>

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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups

I'll fill in the rest tomorrow.

Name: Raidon Makoto
Gender: Male
Race: Starmie Hybrid
Description: (I'll shop something tomorrow)

One of the most manly badasses out there, Raidon Makoto is sure to keep in shape. Besides his well chiseled features and Eight-Pack, Raidon is also incredibly strong, though not as fast (though, in a pinch, he can get out of the way). He wears dark blue cargo pants, with his specialized black boots under them. His shirt is a navy blue shirt with the Aqua A on the back, and the symbol of the Order of the Gear (Or OG for short) on his right shoulder (which is a silver cog).

Over his clothes is his kevlar-lined black trenchcoat. The trenchcoat has a yellow trimming, with flames at the bottom, buttons on each side, and pauldrons on his shoulders (one pauldron with the Aqua Naval Jack, which is a Lambda with a Gyarados around it, and the other is the symbol of the OG). On the back is a large Aqua A.

On his head, Raidon wears a blue Aqua bandana with the Aqua A on it, and sometimes wears sunglasses.

Personality: Raidon, while cool even in some of the most hostile situations he is confident he can work his way out of, will explode in anger if he loses the slightest bit of control over the situation. He is also incredibly greedy, desiring the world for himself and his own ends, and trigger happy, being the soldier who has checked out the most ammo from the Aqua Armory.


Pokémon: Swampert, Electivire, Rhyperior, Infernape, and Kabutops.
Team: Aqua
-Twin Katanas
-G36E Assault Rifle
-M12 Shotgun
-Twin Handguns
-Belt which is also a whip
-Two gauntlets, which have ejectable knuckle and sidearm knives.
-Boots with a knife in each heel and each toe
-Various knives all around his body
-Pouches containing other forms of ammo, including taser rounds, incendiary rounds, shotgun rounds, grenades, and ninja throwing stars.
Two Tactical Skills: Driving and Speech
Two Combat Skills: Small Firearms and Melee Weapons
Other: Will be portrayed by Tom Cruise in the movie version of this RP.

Super NPCs

NPC #1

Name: Tiantus Hale
Species: Human
Background: One of Raidon's childhood friends, he followed him in the formation of Aqua, eventually becoming Aqua's Chief of Sciences. He is one of the ten smartest men in the world, and one of the most ingenious weapons designers and engineers. His nickname among the scientific community is "The Engineer of Death."

Tactical Skill: Engineering
Combat Skill: Demolitions/Traps

NPC #2: Reserved

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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups

Name: Neo Ashfield
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Ninetales Hybrid)


Neo stands 6’3” and has a medium muscular build, while also having dark red hair that slightly covers his eyes, along with a tan skin tone. Meanwhile, Neo generally wears an all black Team Aqua uniform, designed to assist him with his covert operations. The only color on the uniform itself is the Team Aqua insignia. Neo also wears black sneakers, as well as black, fingerless gloves.

Fast, agile, and cunning, Neo very rarely gets caught off guard. Meanwhile, his dexterity and his keen eyesight help him in more ways than one. The only scars Neo has are from minor chemical burns, and those are generally on his hands. As for tattoos, Neo wears two barbed-wire tattoos around his wrists, and a large tattoo of a Staraptor holding an AK-47 in one talon and a pipe bomb in the other with the words “Fight to live, live to fight” under it on his back.

Personality: Pessimistic and cynical, Neo lets his sarcastic attitude speak for itself. Neo definitely does not trust strangers, and he does not care for civilians, except for ones that support the Team Aqua cause. Nothing stands between Neo and his goals, and if something does, they’re asking for severe punishment. Neo generally hates melee combat, never liking to “look at the ugly mug” of the enemy. He would rather kill them from far away, or blow them to pieces, whichever seems more convenient. Because of this, prefers sniping for the point that it catches the enemy off guard, and keeps the attacker at a safe distance, usually still hidden from any suspecting allies.

Neo is also extremely vengeful, and very often makes revenge an ultimate personal priority. If someone crosses him, it’s an everlasting grudge until death. Forgiving and forgetting is definitely not a part of Neo’s vocabulary. To him, forgiving and forgetting is asking for someone to do it again. Meanwhile, Neo also despises people who are useless and exist only because of the efforts of others. He especially hates people that do nothing but play MMORPGs all day, and people who are extremely fat. If Neo ruled the world, they’re the first people he’d get rid of.

When it comes to politics, Neo definitely favors a strong and steady dictatorship over the inanity of diplomacy. After seeing so much economic failure, Neo feels that putting a weak, old man into office that can’t even fight their own wars is nothing more than stupid. Instead, Neo believes only the strong and the able and those that serve them have the right to survive. Because of this philosophy, Neo sees Raidon Makoto as the only capable leader, and the only capable person of actually bringing a future to the wrecked world. To Neo, anyone that’s trying to stop Team Aqua is purely stepping in the way of progress, and deserves to be eliminated.

Meanwhile, Neo is also fully aware of how to create and arm explosives, as well as create biological weapons. In many ways, he could easily be regarded as a terrorist, but Neo scoffs at that word, believing the correct term is “activist.” Regardless, Neo is renown in Team Aqua for being an expert with vehicle explosives, able to make a car explode once a key is turned on in the ignition.

Background: As a child, Neo kept mostly to himself, and was considered to be a loner. Bullies that thought they would try and torture Neo as a victim quickly found themselves paying a visit to the school nurse, and sometimes even the hospital. Armed with a cunning nature, Neo may not have had many friends, but he sure didn’t have many enemies.

When Neo became a teen, his hobby was breaking into places, hotwiring cars, and lockpicking. At first, he was pretty shabby with it, until he kept going with it, and got incredibly crafty and professional with his malicious interest. Sometimes, he would break into places just to rearrange things and make people paranoid. Other times, he would outright steal. While in school, science was really his only favorite subject, since he was able to burn things, cut up things, and work with highly volatile and corrosive liquids and gases. Outside of school, Neo was rigging ATMs, vending machines, and parking meters, never once getting caught. At the time, Neo felt shoplifting was for amateurs.

When Neo got older, he decided to enlist, since it was the only way to legally kill people. Neo would have kept his rank of 2nd Lieutenant of Johto’s army, if it hadn’t been for the fact that during assignments, Neo paid no regard for civilians, often shooting them down with they just happened to be in his line of fire. Other times, he would set off explosive charges to destroy enemy targets, but not care if there were still civilians still in the buildings or surrounding areas. When reprimanded for this reckless activity, Neo felt that he shouldn’t have to jeopardize the mission because a few stupid people didn’t know better. Neo would have been considered heroic and highly capable had it not been for this, but after the incident happened again, Neo had his two silver stars and his brigadier ribbon taken away, and was faced with a dishonorable discharge instead. After escaping from prison, Neo found Team Aqua, a far more sensible choice when it came to the future of the world.

Today, Neo fights for Team Aqua’s behalf, strongly feeling that standard democracy is a failure. As in Team Aqua’s roles, Neo focuses on assassinations, and glorifying Team Aqua’s domination.

Pokémon: Raichu, Flareon, Honchkrow, Altaria, Milotic, Mismagius
Team: Team Aqua
Weapons: AK-101 Assault Rifle, Dragunov Sniper Rifle, Desert Eagle magnum, combat knife
Two Tactical Skills: Sneak/Lockpick, Science
Two Combat Skills: Small Firearms, Demolitions/Traps

Super NPCs (Stronger, harder to kill NPCs)

NPC #1

Name: Shelly
Species: Human (Umbreon Hybrid)
Background: Shelly is a long term loyalist to Team Aqua, highly renown for her tactical and strategic ground strikes. As a veteran to combat, she’s one of Team Aqua’s strongest captains in the field.
Description: 5’10, with short, orange hair and a sincere love for M60s. Shelly is definitely a road warrior, not afraid to get her hands dirty, and loves nothing more than kicking ass.
Tactical Skill: Driving
Combat Skill: Large Firearms

NPC #2

Name: Seaust
Species: Human (Mightyena Hybrid)
Background: As a secondary scientist to Tiantus Hale, Seaust’s main forte is computers and information technology.
Description: Standing 5’6”, Seaust has a light frame, and is bald. As an older scientist, Seaust may not be as well respected as Tiantus, but he definitely has the regards of many Team Aqua personnel.
Tactical Skill: Computer Hacking/Programming
Combat Skill: Small Firearms

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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups

Name: Wesk Kieron
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Alakazam)

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair: Blonde/Grey and slicked back.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Wesk wears the same outfit almost every time he is seen, and when he does change his outfit, it’s always black. He always keeps his trademark sunglasses, even in situations that seem inappropriate, such as during undercover operations in the middle of the night. Very few people have actually seen his eyes, which adds a more mysterious feel to him and makes it harder for people to read his intentions. He is often seen wearing a more sophisticated outfit than many others, sporting a black turtleneck sweatshirt, black trousers and jacket over his turtleneck, as well as black gloves. The outfit generally enhances Wesk's appearance, that of an intimidating villain, adding an assassin-like touch. His new attire seems to hint at a general ascension in social ranking and favor among general peers.

Personality: Wesk is a very calm, collected and logical thinker. He always knows who he's dealing with and has an uncanny ability to read facial expressions as well as body language. He always seems to be in control, and when his control on any situation begins to slip, he pushes his limits to very extreme ends to regain that control. He hates being out of control, and as a result he has learned how to adapt to situations, though this rarely needs to be the case.

Background:The origins and early history of the life of Wesk are a mystery, with it remaining unknown if he has relatives alive today, or what originally motivated him to join the dark side of life.

Whatever the case, Wesk joined SavisTech, the corporation responsible for the CDPA, at the age of 17 and began working as one of it’s researchers. When he was 18, Wesk was assigned to the Management and Combat Training Facility (MaCT) because the presiding researcher over him saw great potential. Wesk became friends with fellow trainee Miles Reiken, becoming colleagues and accomplices for years to come. Marcus, the captain of the MaCT, regarded both Wesk and Reiken as his best apprentices, and when the Training Facility was closed down a year and a half later, the two were personally transferred to the Arklay Advanced Research Laboratory () (while Marcus continued to work on his own), becoming the facility's chief researchers.

Wesk and Reiken’s research of the CDPA lasted over 13 years and three different stages. When the research reached its third stage (the creation of the CDPA), Wesk and Reiken were hailed as some of the top scientist’s on the planet, though they were far too modest to accept the title.

Though their researches lead to great positive advances in technology, Kieron’s ideas were not all so wholesome. Over the thirteen years he assisted in the work on the CDPA, Kieron had been working on two secret projects he called “IIA-29” and “WL-98”. The work he did was amazingly advanced, but also more deadly than anything anyone could have imagined. He loved it, and could not imagine the power he would wield using it.

The “IIA-29” virus, when unleashed on human (or pokemon), could rot flesh, causing it to fall off in large chunks, and deteriorate parts of the brain used for reason and emotion, causing the infected subject to care only for survival, and to hunger for any flesh they could get a hold of. To his dismay, the muscle deterioration caused subjects to move slowly and clumsily, which did not help his schemes.

The second virus, “WL-98” was a different sort, one of positive effects, or so he had observed. It increased the strength, agility, and massively decreased the time for flesh to regenerate. It was still in very beta stages, but the Rattata he had tested seemed to be responding well with no terrible side effects.

One day, when planning on resolving the issue of the slow moving “IIA-29” patients, Kieron was interrupted by Reiken, who inquired as to what he was doing. When Kieron refused to reveal the secret experiment, Reiken knocked him out, stole the prototype “IIA-29” virus and ran off without warning.

Wesk survived and was able to get to a nearby medical station, but with no idea at all where Reiken may have run off to. Determined to find out where and what he planned to do, Kieron resigned from research and sent himself into intense combat and firearms training for two years, to better prepare himself for what he might face next.

Upon exiting the facility, he had received extensive firearms and melee weapons training, though his overall strength remained slight. He was proud, but blinded by rage towards Reiken. He set out to find him, and of course had no luck. An opportunity presented itself when the leader of a freshly formed coalition reviewed his combat test results, combined with his massive knowledge of science, and attempted to recruit him to the newly formed organization, AQUA. At first, Kieron refused, but after failing again to locate Reiken, and being offered a position as a higher ranking official, he decided it would be to his advantage to have as much help as he could get, even if they didn’t know what they were helping him with.

When the economy began to tumble, Kieron was only slightly affected as a result of slightly less comfortable beds and slightly tighter sleeping spaces in the HQ of AQUA. It wasn’t until Sinnoh fired the Task Subjugate missiles and the smoke cleared that he began paying very, very close attention.

Wesk traveled to the main site of impact with his partner, William Nikbir on an order to observe the damage that was caused. They donned protective hazmat suites, and ventured into the wreckage. After only an hour of observation, Wesk noticed something odd about some citizens across the street (if they could be called that anymore). They were walking very slowly, and seemed to be moaning. Suddenly, something clicked in his brain and he was stricken with terror. These were symptoms he once recorded as a result of IIA-29 many years ago, and he began to panic. Had his virus been implanted in the Task Subjugate Missles? He had no idea of knowing, but neither did he have the time to ponder it further; He needed to get away from the infected. He knew that they did not die easily, and as a result, he ran directly back to his plane, leaving Nikbur behind.

When he arrived, the plane was not in site, and only infected citizens roamed around. After failing to contact AQUA HQ on radio, he boarded himself up in one of the airport terminal’s bathrooms with the infected banging at the doors and windows, hungry for flesh.

He is still in the airport terminal bathroom at the beginning of the RP.

Pokémon: Arbok, Alakazam, Tyranitar

Team: AQUA

Heckler & Koch G36 Rifle, and a Smith and Wesson Sigma with Silencer.

Two Tactical Skills:
Sneak and Lock-pick
Two Combat Skills:
Small Firearms

NPC #1

Name: Aura Kennedy
Species: Human
Background: Once a top-class government agent, Kennedy dropped out of the Special Government Forces to begin a life of personal case assistance for government officials. After a difficult job regarding the daughter of a high ranking government officer in Spain, Kennedy had a mental breakdown and joined AQUA on a whim. When the job she was required to do (protection and armaments training) fitted to her so perfectly, she was promoted to a PG (personal guard) of Wesk Kieron. Though the two never fully got along (she was not fond of his arrogance, though it never seemed misplaced) she did her duty to a level of thoroughness rarely achieved. Only once was she not guarding Wesk; when he went to observe the damage caused by the TS Missiles.
Description: Tall, curvy, and asian. =P
Pics work better, no?

Tactical Skill: First Aid
Combat Skill: Unarmed
oh hi.

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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups

Oh my gosh, I actually read all of that. :x Now I must go and have my eyes put back in place. :P

Also, not fair, Neo. I was planning to be a shiny Ninetales hybrid. D: Mainly because after capturing a shiny Ninetales in a 45k character URPG Story, you grow fond of hem. :X Oh well. Hope you don't mind a shiny and a regular. -shrugs-

Also, do the Hybrids have the same ability as the Pokemon, or is that counted as a stat?

Crystal Estrada


Hybrid {Shiny Ninetales}

Crystal stands at 6'1, and weighs around 98 lbs. Most of her body has more Pokemon features than human. She is slim and has long legs that allow her to carry herself fast on two legs. She has a large tuft of silver fur that sprouts from her chest and hangs regally, curving inward and eventually into a tip at her stomach. Crystal has peculiar eyes, which are usually swimming with light violet, baby blue, and royal blue when she is happy or content, and changes with her varying mood. Her hands were morphed into small paws, but her feet became longer and slightly pawed ends. She has nine tails protruding from her tailbone, which are silver (as is all of her fur), but ice capped with an icy blue at the ends. Excluding the tuft of fur on her upper body, her lower stomach is normal. Crystal has the ears of a Ninetales, so all in all she is more Pokemon than human.

Crystal is not bothered by repetitive noises, but instead likes them. Despite the slim discrimination against the hybrids in Kanto, she is usually kind, but is vicious around outsiders who seem to be magnets for trouble or release an evil aura. She is not one to judge a book by it's cover, and will do anything to survive with the exception of sacrificing a close friend. Crystal will eagerly accept a fight if it threatens her friends or if there is a huge price to pay if the battle is lost. Being mentally cornered between two tough decisions aggrievate her, which causes her to be more willing to fight. She is very close to nature, and has figured out a way to run on all fours for faster travel, which is the method she prefers.

Crystal will sometimes experience her 'feral' stage when she get too into a battle or overly excited. Her feral side causes her Pokemon instincts to control her and all emotions seem to vanish except for rage. Crystal is always working towards controlling it more.

When Crystal was young, she always loved nature and Pokemon. Her parents had a log cabin in the woods, which suited their careers as Pokemon naturalists. Her father was a Gym Leader. She was taught everything they knew about survival and Pokemon. Crystal went to school and excelled the other students in Pokemon Research and battle lessons quickly and swiftly, skipping a grade once. She was always a quick planner and awesome strategist, so she quickly moved up in the popularity rank as a powerful Trainer. She owned a Shiny Vulpix and that was all. Crystal's only Pokemon evolved into a shiny Ninetales.

When the economy crashed, she got slightly worried. She graduated from college a year after the economic breakdown, and then began to research the CDPA projects after the effects had been heard of. After a month or two of studying, she came to a decision and decided to become a Pokemon Hybrid. The end result was her current appearence, and she liked it. She practiced walking and running on all fours incase she ever had to move quickly.

Silver (Shiny Ninetales, Male)

The Nameless Soldiers

N/A (unless you count Fire Blast and Hypnosis xD)

Two Tactical Skills:
Survival & Computer Hacking/Programming

Two Combat Skills:
Unarmed & Demolitions/Traps

History stinks, I know. I'm working on improving my histories, but the progress is slow. "/
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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups

Charbok, your sign up is good to go, but you could add some Super NPCs if you'd like.

And White Wolf, I'm fine with that. Also, yes, Hybrids do get the same abilities.

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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups

Alright, I threw in an NPC just for the heck of it.
oh hi.
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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups

My Sign-Up is done.
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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups

Uhm, MS Word isn't working right now, so I need to put my sign-up here so I don't lose it. Fixing History and making Personality tomorrow.

Name: Scarlet Scorville
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Ponyta)

Description: Compared to most, Scarlet is short standing at just five foot one. Being twenty, she never had one of those growth spurts, and was just short for most of her life. She took this as an advantage in fighting, and she was speedy. With the small height she made the scale tip just around one hundred thirty-nine pounds, and she was never to muscular or anything, even for a girl who spends most of her time working. Being short, Scarlet has fiery red locks falling down just a little below her shoulders. Along with these red locks, her eyes matched with a light tint of brown. Her pale color compliments her hair and eyes nicely, and she doesn't cover it up with make up at all. For attire she wears a short dress, coming down to under her knee, colored black with white dots surrounding it. Her feet are kept under tennis shoes, black and white as well.

Personality: Scarlet in the inside is a sweet, innocent girl. Her outlook on life? Not to hurt a fly. That changed when she learned how she felt about fighting. She fights; but never holds anything personal. She's actually nice and with people, she doesn't offend them. In her fighting mode, she works harder. In the inside, though. On the outside, she's more tough and edgier. She's not like those big bad girls or boys in high school, she's rather just really tough and intimidating. She fights more on the personal side, now, but still doesn't like to hurt people's feelings a lot, yet wants to crush them. She's trying to adjust herself to the position she feels the greatest in, and now enjoys fighting more.

Mrs. Scorville is also smart and intellectual, and gets her facts straight all the time. This gets overlooked while she's a fighter, but still, she knows how to answer people. She also has a smart way to make techniques, what with all the mathematical points of it all. She knows where to punch, kick, and just knows great timing. She also really works hard, and never gives anything less than 100%. She never gives up, and Scarlet just has a positive attitude. Though in the Nameless Soldiers, Scarlet doesn't want to be crude and horrible, but is willing to do what it takes to reign the Nameless Soldiers successful.

Background: Scarlet was born under the name Magdalena Scarlet Cule. Seeing Magdalena as a child, it was kind of impossible to not think she would be successful as a fighter. She wasn't the girl who was into girl stuff, and was into karate and fighting combat. Magdalena was into the games that were violent, not the boring ones girls would play. Magdalena grew as a tomb-boy, and she could live with it. She kept to herself in school, and was never one to talk. Magdalena didn't find ways to express herself rather than just downright expressing it into poems, and she never talked to anyone, and tried to hide those poems from people.

Being alone, she went to high school just being a loner. She passed school with great grades, but was more into learning to improve her fighting and combat skills rather than finishing college and getting a true career. Which concluded her to leave school and join fighting groups. It wasn't the greatest career for the short girl, but she knew it felt right for her. She didn't want to get into the fights all of the people were getting into, but she just didn't want to not fit in. For the first time in her life, she felt in place.

And then something unfortunate came when she turned twenty-one. Her parents both died, and no one knew how they died or who killed them. Crushed, Scarlet then had to leave her brothers and sisters and had to go on her own before she had to go to another family. So she decided that she would run the streets alone, with her new name Scarlet, her middle name. She managed to find a house; and lived their and continued fighting. She was becoming stronger, and began to become big with fighting. She fought to vent her feelings now, and she got over her parent's death soon enough.

Then discovered from a nice team of Nameless Soldiers, Scarlet joined them in forces to fight. Though she could never sway herself evil, she decided to avenge whoever killed her parents, and as she doesn't know who that is, decides to fight whoever she wants. The team is taking away her innocence, though she likes it, and wants to become the greatest. Now residing in Kanto and fighting whoever the hell she wants, Scarlet is now tougher and more dominant than ever.

Pokémon: Alakazam, Swellow, Slowbro, Roselia
Team: The Nameless Soldiers
Weapons: Pocket Knife
Two Tactical Skills: First Aid, Survival
Two Combat Skills: Commando, Unarmed

NPC #1

Name: Elijuh Jinsent
Species: Human (Machamp)
Background: Elijuh's life was perfect, rich, smart, and handsome. He got far in school; and never failed or anything. He had a normal life, normal parents, but then he realized he loved fighting, much like Scarlet. He met Scarlet and decided to be a fighting duo, and just help each other with fighting skills. He's all about fighting, abandoned his life, and just takes his life with Scarlet as best friends. He's the more tough one, and will just fight. He also is more of a side kick rather than duo.
Description: Very tall, muscular. He has long, black hair with red streaks falling down to his eyes, covering it. His eyes are a piercing blue color, and he also is very skinny. Wears a lot of black, in clothes. He's scene / emo, but doesn't act like he looks. He's also really hyper for someone that looks so dark.
Tactical Skill: Engineering
Combat Skill: Demolition / Traps

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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups

Name: Maikul Jaksun
Gender: Male
Race: Kingdra Hybrid
Description: Let's start with modern-day Michael Jackson (<- LOL). He turned blue, grew an orange-tan belly, and also developed a nozzle-like snout. His face became shaped like a rounded triangle, but only a little. A fin grew from his back, and two protrusions (I can't describe them; they're the ones growing on Kingdra's head) popped out of his head. His eyes are triangular, and his pupils became red. Maikul still retains human arms and legs. Previously, Maikul had a hairdo like this one. Now, only the side part, the part that goes over his face like curtains, remain. They grown out from under the vents which were growing from his cheeks and facing the place where his now disappeared ears had been.
Personality: Maikul is very easygoing, and is very friendly. He enjoys making friends, but he's also a bit of a pervert. He has been tempted to make decisions based on sexual reasoning. Maikul also gets drunk easily, and is often found in a half-queer state. Maikul is very hard to predict, despite his tendancy to be easygoing. However, there is a pattern in a few of his choices in his life. *Read Below*
Background: Maikul has had a very challenged life. As a child, his father often bullied him, involving whips and name-calling in the proccess. This made him a very sombre kid, and he was a very lonely child. Despite all this, his lungs remained perfect, and he showed musical talent as a kid. Maikul joined his family's band at the age of eight, beginning as a back-up singer and working his way up to the higher positions. Maikul soon left the band and became an incredibly successful solo singer. However, he was scarred by numerous accidents on-stage, and soon became a victim of many forced plastic surgeries due to pressure from his father. The doctors told him his life had been greatly shortened, and he slept in a cryonics cage. A mutation somehow struck him, and when he exited the cryonics cage, he was surprised to find out what had happened.
Pokémon: Mareep, Honchkrow, Bulbasaur, Garchomp, Magikarp, Togetic
Team: AQUA

-Pair of thin, sawlike blades that can connect to each other via a little connecting hook at the bottom of the hilt like this sword: (<- the lava surfboard is made up of two connecting blades)
-M21 Suppressed
-Silenced MP5 SMG
-Modified Mini-Uzi SMG that has a custom magazine that is connected to the ammo rounds wrapped all over Maikul's body which is refilled whenever possible. Doesn't need to be reloaded, by the way. Just hold down the trigger and enjoy.
-Jagged and wicked knife
-Many senbon (Japanese throwing needles)
-Wolverine Fan Club exclusive gloves (basically, they're gloves with three claws sticking out.) The spikes are retractable and can slide back into the glove. Yes, there're that short. The claws are also chained to the top of the gloves and they can be shot out from the glove. They can also retract back into the glove when a button on the wrist area of the glove is pressed.

Two Tactical Skills: Speech, Survival
Two Combat Skills: Small Firearms, Melee Weapons/Throwing

Super NPCs (Stronger, harder to kill NPCs)

NPC #1

Name: "Captain" Price
Species: Snorlax Hybrid
Background: High ranking soldier in the army. Memory Loss made him forget his first name. However, at the time of the amnesia, he was wearing a military suit that read "Cpt. Price", giving him the name Captain Price.
Description: Basically a really fat guy. He's within human proportions, but just barely, however. His skin is navy blue, though his face, chest, and feet remained the human coloured skin for some unknown reason. Captain Price has a tendancy to have sleep attacks whenever he isn't in action. He doesn't wake up easily, but whenever there is food nearby, Captain Price will eat it, even if he has to wake up.
Tactical Skill: Commander
Combat Skill: Small Firearms

NPC #2

Name: Gaz
Species: Shellder Hybrid
Background: Gaz is a military man, like Captain Price. He was on the same mission with Captain Price when the wave of amnesia struck the captain. Gaz was struck as well, and half his name tag was melted off. It only read "Gaz", which he went by ever since. Gaz is Captain Price's most trusted partner, and almost as high-ranking as him.
Description: Basically, he is a Shellder. However, a purple human body grows out from the bottom of the Shellder shell. The body is covered in the same material as the shell. The shell literally goes down as if it were clothes.
Tactical Skill: Commander
Combat Skill: Small Firearms

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Default Re: (SU) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Sign Ups

Note that all pictures are pre-hybrid.

Name: Vance Gray

Gender: He-MAN!

Race: Hooman (Mew Hybrid)

Age: 24

Team: Graffiti

Personal Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description: A 6’3 young man, Vance is lean but still muscular, as piloting the various vehicles gives him a workout and muscles.

His hair is jet black, with a small amount of blue highlights thrown in. The rest of his body is only mildly hairy, and except for some stubble on his chin he has no large amount of facial hair. There is a small scar above his left eye from a simple childhood accident of falling off a chair trying to get cookies, though everytime he is asked about how it was caused he changes his story around.

His clothing choices are normally simple, differing to different situations. The only constants are an affinity for blue, a dog tag showing his part in the PACK squad (or Phantom Alliance of Cultured Killers), and a pair of sunglasses that hide startling gray eyes.

Personality: To put it simple, it’s hard to see how Vance made it past the psyche evaluations.

From a young age he has always been a little off, though this didn’t quite become clear until he grew into his teens. Though for the most part he was a seemingly normal child, every once in a while he would have strange episodes, starting with a increase in creativity and imagination where he could do anything from paint a masterpiece to think up a great movie plot.

This would be followed by a strangely childlike phase, where he doesn’t ‘act’ innocent, he simply is an innocent young child. He keeps his intelligence, though, it is only his judgment and morals that change. This phase may or may not lead into a third stage, a ‘delusional’ stage where he, like any child would, starts to pretend to be something special or different (for instance, a super hero).

However, instead of just ‘playing’ as this super creature, he instead actually thinks that he is that creatures and acts like it. The length for this stage is, like the others, a variable that changes each time it happens. Of course, he does not gain the actual abilities, though he does have an instinctual talent for melee weapons in this stage.

Other than the episodes he is a loyal young man, going out of his way to help those he perceives as close friends. It is, however, not an easy task to gain his trust because he puts so much import on these friendships. It does lead to having a group of close friends that will live and die with one another, which leads to a great team but also a large liability in battle.

That liability comes in the form of an outburst if a friend is wronged, injured, or anything like that. He has worked long and hard on keeping his emotions calm in these situations, and using his feelings in a manner that will help and not hurt, but at times he can go into a crazy mode if the right buttons are pushed.

He is neither good nor evil, but instead does what he believes is best for him and those he considers his friends. Also to note he is more of a follower than a leader and doesn’t really like the pressures of command, for now.

The young man also happens to be afraid of direct confrontation, preferring to run away instead of facing someone head on. He is extremely frightened of either taking a life himself or getting injured this way, and it makes him irrational. This feeling subsides greatly when he is with his friends.

History: Growing up, Vance was a genius of sorts. He would have his creativity sparks, which would lead to works that a child would never normally be able to do. The secondary effects weren’t noticed, because he was after all just a child and expected to act as such.

As he grew up into his teens the phase of childishness afterwards became much more noticeable, and the third phase became somewhat of a problem as he began picking fights with bullies and the like. This was when he began to be sent to doctors, who could easily tell what his problem was but could not fix it. After a while the family had to give up, as they found they could no longer pay for it.

At school, he would often feel pressured. Teachers had a hard time grading him because at times his works would be as good as anyone could ever do and at other times it was childish crayon drawings. Fellow students often pressured him, hoping to use his genius to win contests or the like but staying away from him for the most part when he was in his childish mode. Sometimes people would take advantage of his childish state to make him make promises, or take his money with little scams.

It was because of this that Vance began to believe so much in friendship, getting much closer to those who always treated him as an equal and protected him when he needed it, though given his lack of popularity this amounted to his Pokémon, who he had hung out with literally all of his life. They were his protectors and friends, his last line of defense if things got hairy.

His first year or college was extremely satisfying, as the professors took great interest in his ‘abilities’ and overlooked his ‘problems,’ and even worked around it. He was considered by many a genius once again, and he showed an insanely quick understanding for computers and programming, able to create and understand difficult and complex programming.

After his first year of college he was picked up by the military for his unique gifts, and used to create programs that would run their planes, bombs, and anything in between. He would also, on particularly high days, be able to create a new weapon altogether, perhaps lowering recoil on shotguns or improving accuracy with snipers.

In his off time and between what was now being called the ‘gifting times’ by some he began to learn all about driving. Vance didn’t want to learn how to protect himself or how to fire guns, as he abhorred such personally killing and was frightened with these kinds of direct confrontations, but doing so within the confines of a vehicle were fine by him.

While inside a vehicle his personality would alter somewhat, becoming calm, confident, and as much of a fighter as anyone else. He loved it so much that most of his time was now spent in different simulations or training, perfecting his new found trade.

When the problems started he was happy to be in Orre and working for the military, one of which helped with his safety and the other with his job security. Soon, however, even the military began to slowly collapse. Wanting to leave while the going was good, Vance left with his Colonel and the air squad he was assigned after showing so much prowess when it came to his driving skills.

He soon found that this new group was the best thing that ever happened to him in a way. Though he sometimes doesn’t see eye to eye with his teammates as he is not fully comfortable with their evil ways he is now was accepted more than ever. He is also surrounded by a close knit group of friends and allies, and can use his abilities in a positive way. An added bonus was the fact that they paid well, seeing that the group held the most power in the dying continent of Orre, knowing that he must stay in the group if he doesn’t want to die a death of starvation thanks to poverty.

There were still hurdles, of course, being the fact that he still faced persecution and problems within the group itself, as well as those who just wanted to use his ‘abilities’ for themselves. There was also, now that he had joined one of the controversial groups, a chance for death. One of the not-so-major hurdles is the sad fact that he is unable to live up to the team as much as his friends, as he is afraid to torture or graffiti.

Now he is just focusing on living his life, surviving by his own code of morals and doing what he thinks is right.


Skarmory: A speedy warrior that focuses on getting in and then out of combat.
Xatu: Genius of sorts, able to coordinate the attacks of others and use his psychic abilities to great affect.
Steelix: The first wildcard, a defensive force that uses its bulk and power for attacks.
Farfetch'd: A ninja, a silent mover and expert with the leek she carries.
Butterfree: A special flier, used to do things like put the enemy to sleep. Used mostly in large battles.
Ninjask: A quick precision warrior, Ninjask is hard to see, let alone hit. Because he doesn't have the strength or size to hit hard he has focused on hitting where it counts.
Mr. Mime: The second wildcard. Mr. Mime focuses totally on defense / defensive powers, making him one of the best defensive Pokemon ever.

Weapons: Pokémon, Melee (when in his episodes)

Tactical Skills:

Driving: An expert pilot of aircraft and great with everything else, he changes behind the driver’s seat and becomes a true warrior in most ways. Capable of feats that some consider amazing, he holds the top record on most every simulation held in the Orre military complexes.

Computer Hacking/Programming: Thanks to advanced college classes and experience in the military, he’s great with computers and programs.

Combat Skills:

Expert Pokémon Handling: He is a master of flying Pokémon, probably the best in the world. Steelix is the trump card, while Mr. Mime is the defense.

Melee Weapons: This only comes up when he is in one of his episodes. During these he instinctually gains a mastership of melee weapons which is only augmented by the fact that he has had so many episodes to help him build upon his mastership. If cornered in his normal state, however, he is any normal persona with a melee weapon.


Super NPC Uno

Name: Sol Falcon

Gender: Female

Species: Human (Clefable)

Personal Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Looks: Sol is a short woman with pink hair and a dashing smile. She wears glasses for her green eyes.

Like Sanders and Vance, Sol also wears the dog tags for the PACK squadron. However, unlike the other two she has painted the back of hers pink to match her choice of clothing, which is usually pink or another bright color.

Personality: Sol is extremely cheerful and a great person to be around, cracking jokes and beaming at all points of a conversation. Her great personality only makes her more attractive, drawing the attention of any male looking her way. She has a kind of glow about her that makes her memorable, and there is nothing more likely to make a guy melt than her puppy dog look.

To her friends that’s about the extent of it, but to her enemies or others she doesn’t like she is much more. She has a dangerous streak about her, which is oddly enough punctuated by a continual cheerful attitude. She was known in the army for murdering three young soldiers who drunkenly tried to kill Vance, all the while keeping a smile on her face. Afterwards she complained about the mess on her shirt and proceeded to go shopping for new clothing.

Background: Nothing much is known about this girl, though a quick look in her personnel folder will tell you that she has all the makings of a serial killer: killing small animals, an abusive family, a lack of conscience. Her past was problematic, as her strange attitude kept her from having any real friends, and her looks made her a target for a multitude of men looks for someone to push themselves on, which would ultimately lead in their death.

Since she joined the army and met Vance things changed, as she found for the first time a great friend who really relied on her and didn’t mind her eccentric behavior. After the incident when she murdered the three men who bullied him, though, Vance talked her into willingly giving up both firearms and melee weapons. Now without her primary, personal ways of killing people she is more cooled down, and can better handle stress.

She is, however, still a serial killer through and through. Though no master of melee weapons she is still able to use a knife to defend herself if need or want be, and she has been known to murder someone now and again without Vance knowing just to placate herself.

As a demo master, she is well versed in making multiple people die.


Engineering: Sol likes to work on things in her off time, and tends to have a lot of off time.

Demo/Traps: This she-beast loves to watch things BLOWUP.

Weapons: Large hidden knife, bombs, wrench

Pokemon: Togekiss (trained and given by Vance), Jumpluff (trained and given by Vance), Pachirisu, Vaporeon, Delibird, Delibird


Super NPC Dos

Name: Colonel David Sanders aka Colonel Sanders

Species: Human (Jolteon)

Personal Alignment: Lawful Neutral


The colonel is an older man with prematurely white hair, with a mustache and soul patch. He also wears large, black rimmed glasses to lull his opponents into a false sense of security.

Off duty he is often found in a white tux with a black bow with white slacks, a suit that is padded to make him look much fatter and less muscular than he actually is. Again, the purpose is to make those around him think he isn’t dangerous, while in fact he is.

On duty his attire can differ, though a constant is his PACK squadron dog tag, with an additional dog tag showcasing his rank as the leader of the squadron and a third to show his position as colonel. He also carries around a cane, another fake weakness ploy, which can be used as a weapon.

Personality: Colonel Sanders is a smart, calm, calculating man. He likes to have things planned out ahead of time, and because of this he is ready for most everything that happens in war time, almost never caught off guard. He also prides himself on never underestimating an enemy.

He is a good friend, a great mentor and an even better leader, able to skillfully lead a team into battle and then back out alive. Amongst the Orre military colonels he had the best track record and the largest army under him, which was why it came as such a surprise when he half retired and joined the small and then untalented group that has blossomed into the PACK. Some say it was his way of retiring from the front lines while others think he saw the potential in the group.

He is also constantly trying to throw enemies off, whether that be by how he acts or how he looks.

Background: As a child he was a star of his local football team on the defensive end as a linebacker. As the leader of the defensive side he helped lead his team to many titles, and even ended up playing two years in college.

Though he was good enough to go pro he had to drop out of college after the second year because of lack of funds. To get a free ride and continue playing football he joined the Orre military, where he soon found that his tactical mindset and leadership served him well here as well. After completing boot camp he quickly moved up the chains of the various air squadrons until he was the leader of a large team of fighter planes.

After a while he moved down from that position, instead taking up the mantle for the squad that became the PACK. If asked why, he would say he loves taking an underestimated, underdeveloped team of rookies and transforming them into the best, a trait he picked up from coaching and playing in the various Orre football leagues (as he played under one of the military teams). In fact, the PACK was actually formed of rookies and young support military men he picked to be in a new football team he coached.

When the problems started he began to be constantly pressured to pick up a larger role within the army, those up ahead wanting to use his talents and because of their growing lack of numbers thanks to the constant stream of corruption within the government.

Seeing the armies’ downfall he did what was best for himself and his squad and joined the team known as Graffiti, deciding that being on one of the powerful groups was the best way he could try to set the world right by doing what he did best.

Knowing that his talents are best used with them instead of against them, Graffiti lets him do what he wants for the most part even if it means he doesn’t agree with their methods or join in their torture and tagging ways. He and his crew are left mostly alone to do what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt the group in any way.


Driving: Sanders is an expert pilot of many different things, and is experienced in almost every situation when it comes to flight.

Commander: As a high ranking officer and experienced leader, Sanders is amazing when it comes to coordinating affairs, and also figuring out how to take the strengths of every one person in his group, mix them up, and use it to his advantage.

Weapons: Handgun, cane

Pokemon: Crobat (trained and given by Vance), Aerodactyl (trained and given by Vance), Heracross, Zangoose

Note: As a military man he is decent with small weapons and hand-to-hand fighting, though since he chose to focus on driving he is not near the amount of mastership as those who have chosen this as a TAG skill.


Other NPCs

Sam - Raichu hybrid - gunmen expert
George - Sudowoodo hybrid
Alexandria - Umbreon hybrid
Evan Wiggle - Zapdos hybrid

Dr. Ben Griffith - Evil scientist

Kniles Black - Mewtwo Hybrid



"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."

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