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Old 01-10-2009, 08:37 PM
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Default Re: Unknown Ascent [RP]

Muaville Beach

Minerva’s stunt had send water cascading onto the shore, drenching the girl who had been sitting there.

That dive sucked… the thought crossed her mind as she squeezed the excess water out of her shirt. A dive was meant to create minimum splash, well, Minerva did have to account for the height of the drop. She looked up to see her brother peering over with his friends, shaking his head and walking away. While Remidra was maybe a few feet away staring at her, shaking her head.

The girl’s face suddenly abandoned the wave and her eyes flittered to near Minerva’s feet. Minerva’s eyes followed suit, to see something rather disturbing, yet comforting at the same time. A small, red and white ball. A poke ball! Now whether it actually held a Pokemon or not did not matter to her. Just the simple fact someone else was braking the rules by even possessing the ball was enough to make her jump for joy. She screamed inwardly (in her mind). The girl dove from the ball and covered it up, blushing. A few tears sprung in her eyes.

Minerva hated to see people upset, and this girl, well, was just so cute. Minerva leaned down and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey” she whispered softly.

She wrapped a arm around the girl, not to comfort her, but so her jacket would shield her other hand from prying eyes. With her free arm she let Remidra’s poke ball slide from the hidden spot on her hip and into her open hand. She placed it where the girl could see it, and only her. She knew how it felt. To almost be caught. Once her brother had seen her poke balls, she had broken out into tears on the spot at the sheer thought of losing her Pokemon.

“It’s alright…” she tucked the ball back in its place and leaned back.

So she was not the only one in Mauville who was evading the law. The thought calmed her, and soothed her constant paranoia that she was the only one in Hoenn who still possessed Pokemon. But a girl so young? Even she thought she was a little young to be breaking the law. A 10 year old? Well, who was she to judge. She had also lied when she was younger, told her parents she had set free Remidra and her other Pokemon. A lie, a lie she was constantly living. If her parents knew they would forcibly take her Pokemon away.

Minerva looked up to see Remidra was walked down the beach towards them. The espeon stopped near a bush and curled up, keeping her distance and watching with one eye. A few people moved down the beach away from the Pokemon, Pokemon were bad omen now a days. Remidra watched from the safety of the bush’s shade. Keeping a careful eye on Minerva. She noticed her trainer putting her poke ball away.

Did you just…? Oh god Minerva! Remidra sent over using telepathy. She shook her purple head and scowled from across the beach. Minerva in turn stuck out her tongue.

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Old 01-12-2009, 07:06 PM
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Default Re: Unknown Ascent [RP]

Mike "Ranger" Dawson
Hidden spot behind the Weather Institute
Route 119
5.00 pm

"It's been a while", Mike heard someone say behind him.
Mike turned around, looking at his friend. "It's about time you showed up", he said and smiled, "I thought you were gonna leave me waiting here forever".

"Well, they've been putting up extra security stations right outside Fortree, and the only way to get around them is through the forest", Thomas said. "Which brings us to the topic I wanted to discuss. Shall we?" He said and pointed at a tree at the edge of the forest.

"Sure", Mike replied when a rope ladder fell down, followed by Tom(Thomas' Taillow), I'm just gonna go get my pokemon and I'll be right with you.

Once in the treehouse Mike said, "I think I know what you're about to tell me".

"Yeah?" Thomas said.

"I assume this is about the missing pokemon, am I right?" Mike asked.

"Yes, but that's no big secret. However, the government has-"

"Started to abduct trainers too." Mike finished the sentence. The look on Thomas face was priceless when he heard what Mike said. "What's the matter?" Mike said with a smile on his face.

"There is no way that you could know that", Thomas said, still surprised. "There has only been a few cases of it, and only in Fortree so far."

"Well, you are not my only friend from here", Mike answered and this seemed to confuse Thomas a lot.

"Who else? Last time we spoke you didn't have that many friends besides me, and you seem to pay all your attention to pokemon." Thomas said.

"You just answered your own question", Mike said when Sean appeared behind him.

"Who's that?" Thomas asked and looked at Sean, even more confused.

"This is Sean", Mike said, "I found him a few hours ago and he told me that his trainer, Christie, had been taken away by the feds. They took her to the same building as the abducted pokemon, but Sean here managed to escape."

"Christie?" Thomas said, his face turning pale.

"You know her?" Mike asked.

"Yes, I think so", Thomas said, still pale. "Short, long dark hair, always happy?" he said, looking at Sean. Sean noded and he continued, "We went to the same class in school, she was one of the few in our class with the same interests as me. Which, as you know, is mainly pokemon." After his face regained soem color he said, "We've got to do something. This has been going on for long enough, it's time to put an end to it."

"I couldn't agree more with you, but we can't do it alone, besides, we can't be the only ones with thoughts like these, there must be others...If only there was a way to find out who..." Mike suddenly got an idea, "Thomas, you said there are security stations all around Fortree?"

"Yeah, but that won't help us much, will it?" Thomas asked with a tone of sarcasm in his voice.

"That depends, do they search the people who tries to get through?"

"Not all of them, but most, especially if someone looks suspicious. I still don't see how this help us..."

"How many ways could there be, besides those that are blocked by stations, that leads into Fortree?" Mike asked.

"Well, there are a few small paths through the forest, but most of them are just dead ends, or end up at some house in the forest. Other than that you could of course walk through the forest, without following the paths, but it's easy to get lost, I've done it a few times myself. What are you thinking Ranger?"

"If there are more people like us, they will probably end up here eventually since this is the best lead to finding the missing pokemon. What if we find some way to keep an eye on these paths for some time, to see if someone else appears, after all, it's not very likely that the trainers will risk going through the stations. and regular people wont bother walking through the forest."

"This might actually work", Thomas said after thinking for a moment, "but there are a few problems, how are you gonna watch all of the paths at the same time when we're only two? And how will you know who are trainers? If we actually find someone on those paths."

"Hmm, you're right, I have to think about this for a minute." Mike said, already trying to find a solution.

OOC: I think I'll have to stop here, this post seemed to get very long, and I think that it will be a bit too long if continue...Anyways, I'm working on a way for us too meet, since at the moment we are all separated from each other. (Besides From Kirra[Splishee] and Minerva[Alana Marie]) I hope you don't mind this. If you do, tell me and I'll stop...
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Old 01-16-2009, 02:47 PM
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Default Re: Unknown Ascent [RP]

Derek Feyr
Rte. 120

After a nice wait in the tree, it occurred to me that I would need accomplices here. There was no way around it, despite the fact that I liked to work alone. I was hoping that someone would come along, but it seemed I was going to have to do some exploring myself. I decided I should look into town. I needed to stock up on supplies anyway. I was running out of potions, and my pokemon couldn't run forever. I checked the amount of money in my wallet, and it was enough to buy maybe two or three potions. Not more. This would require me to steal something from someone.

Who do steal from ...?
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Default Re: Unknown Ascent [RP]

OOC: Haven't posted in a while. Sorry. :x

Copied your coloured font thing, Alana, for easier viewing of when Kirra is talking. xDD!

Mauville Beach
6:00 pm

Kirra began to cry in earnest, ducking her head in shame as she grew inexplicably frightened for herself and her future. Before her eyes had the Pokeball slipped out of her pocket and into the view of this eccentric, outgoing stranger - it was too much, and Kirra was not emotionally equipped to deal with this sort of toll on her mind.

As she brought her hands up to her face in shame, she was astounded to feel a soft, comforting hand on her shoulder. Looking up, not even bothering to hide her tears, the other girl's face was soft - compassionate and understanding. Riddled with confusion, Kirra shrugged herself away from the kind gesture and stared at the girl, puzzled, and wanting answers.

"Hey..." she said softly, whilst opening her jacket inconspicuously. Kirra, suspicious of the girl's actions, narrowed her eyes as she glanced into her jacket so obviously laid out before her. Stifling a horrendous gasp of horror that was threatening to choke her, Kirra's eyes widened so vastly she was sure they would pop; her breath was caught in her throat; her muscles clenched tightly as she had to force herself to accept this impossible, extraordinary and dangerous truth;

This girl also had a Pokemon.

Concealed in the glistening, cherry-red and white Pokeball, Kirra could almost imagine a Pokemon within squirming with worry at being unveiled to a stranger - Kirra could hardly blame the imaginary poor thing, sympathising with it. The girl dropped it into her hand, and Kirra noticed a ring on her finger that struck her as oddly familiar. Could it be the same family ring that Kirra had noticed on Martin Rinstyon, a boy in her school class? What was her sister's name... oh yes! Minerva! Could it be?

"It's alright," the girl - possibly Minerva - said encouragingly to Kirra, before turning around and poking her tongue out to apparently barren bushes over by a large tree near the beach. Squinting in the falling sun, Kirra noticed a cat-like, slim body of purple in the bushes ... an Espeon!

About to hyperventilate - yet again, quite possibly the 5th time that day - Kirra stammered to Miverva, "You - you have your - your Pokemon," Kirra dropped her voice to a whisper on the last word, "out in the broad daylight? Are you crazy? Do you know how much trouble you could be in? This is terrible, this is -"

Kirra's stomach dropped as she noticed some boys from the beach turn their heads in Kirra's direction, noticing her frightened tones. In turn, they squirmed to see where she was oh-so-foolishly pointing, and their looks of frightful recognition as they looked at the Pokeball in Minerva's hands could only mean one thing...

And they knew the Pokemon belonged to Minerva. And it was certain that they were going to tell.

"Damn it!" Kirra exclaimed, not even caring if the boys heard her. They were hurriedly standing up, addressing the girls with looks of terror and loathing as they ran off the beach towards the city of Mauville. Obviously to tell the Police, or someone similar.

"We have to get out of here," Kirlia telepathically whispered to Kirra, her mind filled with doubts and fear. "Any second now we'll be revealed! Quickly, go back to your house and fetch Growlithe, and then we must go!"

"All the way to Fortree?!" Kirra moaned, not caring whether or not people heard her anymore. Her head was spinning in this frightening recent turn of events - this couldn't happen to her, it just couldn't!

"Oh, but it is," Kirlia replied grimly.

"Look - Minerva, I think your name is?" Kirra swallowed, trying to think fast. "I don't know if you just saw, but those boys that are running to Mauville noticed your Espeon - and the Pokeball in your hand! We have to go! We have to run away! We'll be arrested for sure! I'll meet you at the northern exit of Mauville in ten minutes - go back to your house and get, um, whatever - other Pokemon, food, stuff to take to travel... we're going to Fortree!"

Kirra paused to shift her eyes nervously, scanning the people around her, convinced that they were all against her. The paranoia was impossible to stand.

"Go!" Kirra whispered, sprinting off towards her house - which was, thankfully, right near the beach.

Clambering up to her room at the top of the staircase - hardly noticing that her parents were, yet again, not home - Kirra hurriedly grabbed her most convenient cerulean bag and stuffed it with as much things that would fit without even thinking. A pillow, sleeping bag, flash light, chocolate bars, her Teddiursa plushie, sunglasses - heck, even her alarm clock was stuffed into the poor bag. Rushing out of her bedroom, Kirra was frozen in place by a sudden, ear-piercing shriek in her head:


"Right," Kirra mumbled, rushing back to the room to grasp the dusty Pokeball that sat on her dresser.

The sun had fully set beyond the horizon on the beautiful beach of Mauville by the time she made it back to the northern entrance. Taking a minute to finally relax, Kirra tried to keep her head as she anxiously waited for Minerva. She hadn't even given Minerva a chance to speak - or even tell Kirra if she was coming or not! Kirra was so worried and paranoid, she had rushed off before even listening to the girl. Heck, she didn't even know if her name was Minerva or not!

Swallowing her doubts and praying for the best, Kirra waited for her newest friend to escape the city with her.
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