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Old 12-21-2008, 05:18 PM
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Default Armored Core: Dawn of the Machines (Not the VG, SU's OPEN!)

Sorry guys, not the video game here. I completely made up the title before looking it up and finding a Wiki page of the same name, seriously. My RP involves Mechs, so It could be, though it might not be true to it, for I am not familiar with the series.

Armored Core
[Dawn of the Machines]


In the year 2047, no sign of extraterrestrial life has been sighted. No life, no plants, animals, or other organisms have been found. Nothing organic, at least. The Russian Space Center is currently studying what they believe is a sentient life form, a machine, from another world. The specimen is known as T-416. Only thought to be an egg form, it is as small as a nanobot, but can process millions of data in seconds.
2049, World War IV breaks out. The United States, Germany, Japan, France, Russia, and Saudi Arabia are at war of economic disputes. As well, an increase in more prominent Alien sightings spark fearful thoughts among the general public. The world's military agree to an armistice to tackle the issue in 2051. July 4, 2051, the President of the United States is publicly confronted by a mysterious man, ordering him to surrender you county now, and nobody will be harmed. July 5, they make their move....

The Grand War began in September 11, 2051. The mysterious man that confronted the President revealed himself as an Alien spy, whom of which is not organic, but robotic. A machine race known as Boronougts have attempted to invade the Earth! The Earthlings have combined their forces to created the Planetary Defense Force, their official title for the war. Even with billions of forces at their command, the PDF is even still outnumbered, as the Boronoughts, or Sentients, a racist title from the humans, have literally trillions of units. Though their motives are still unknown, the PDF, as well as numerous newspapers, have concluded that they merely want to enslave the humans, and use them at will.

~Fighting and Motives~
The PDF has the 10 year technology of Mechs, or Armored Cores as they are properly called. They are built with an internal energy, called a Light Disk, that powers the vehicle. About 2 stories high, they vary in models, even with important soldiers having custom mechs of their own. There are also foot soldiers, cannoneers, and such smaller units as well.

The Boronoughts, or Sentients are completely made of metal. Because of this, they are made through a natural process in the ground. Thus, their planet has become overpopulated, and like humans, cannot survive on many of the other planets. They plan to wipe out the humans, and use their resources to survive. The Borons have figured the process of their life, and have built super soldiers of metal, in varying sizes, from the nanoscopic to sky high.

The Humans have managed to capture several Boronoughts, and have taken their DNA, and infused it in humans, to create Cyborgs, a Bio-Sentient fusion of man and robot. They normally fight for the PDF, though some have taken up their robotic half, and joined the Boronoughts.

Age: (Humans age 17 to 69) (Borons age 14 to 982)
Species: (Human, Robotic, or Cyborg)
Alliance: (PDF, Boronoughts, or Undecided)
Appearance: (Picture and/or Description)
Weapon: (Tech includes lasers, bullets, rockets, grenades, whatever. If your a Cyborg, list your arm weapon, if any, here.)
Armored Core Model: (Humans Only, picture and/or Description)

This Chapter in the War takes place in The United States, particularly around
California and surrounding states.


Planetary Defense Force:





We'll get to these when people are interested, huh?

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Old 12-21-2008, 08:01 PM
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Default Re: Armored Core: Dawn of the Machines (Not the VG, SU's OPEN!)

I notice that the story is a little broken, but bear with me. Any help, Sign-ups especially, would be nice. Thank you.
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Old 12-21-2008, 08:23 PM
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Default Re: Armored Core: Dawn of the Machines (Not the VG, SU's OPEN!)

This sounds pretty cool. Reserve me a spot, please. I'll edit with sign-up information a little bit later. :]

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