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Other Chat For non-Pokemon discussion on everything else. For casual talk only, any more serious topics such as current events, should be in the Discussion. You can talk about anything else that is not covered in the other "Other Boards" that are above.

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Old 01-03-2009, 04:43 AM
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Default Re: WAR 2x(3 2/3) Temp Humor: I am not amused.

The Nameless Soldiers

So, once upon a time there was a donut named Michelle who was so overwhelmingly fantastically sexfaced that everyone in all of the land wanted to be her gorgeous self. Naturally, she ran for president and beat her opponent, a scraggly hooker Pikachu off the streets by the name of Neo. (But everyone loved Neo, because he didn't go around banning people for calling him a scraggly hooker. ;D)

Anywho, everyone was so happy that Michelle became queen of the world. The end.

This has been a SexDuck Production<3

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Old 01-04-2009, 05:32 AM
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Default Re: WAR 2x(3 2/3) Temp Humor: I am not amused.

THis was hard. Really. ONe of those 'If I had three points. I give it one to three people' moments but alas. Two points. Two people.

First place: Superboy of CHEERLEADERS- What can I say. That was just funny. That was so good it can't be humor. Heck it could have been used for another contest but heck. Good stuff there.

Second Place: Blackberry Drops of CHEERLEADERS- I admit, you were close to not getting the point. Still after rereading it a few times, it had reread value and really, that what pulled you in.

Honorable Not Mention: Bryce of Nameless- I did mess around switching between you and Blackberry but what killed you from getting the point was reread. Short and sweet and funny but really when it came to me to figure out would get the point between two good and point deserving submissions, it couldn't survive the test of time and rereading. If Soups didn't enter this week then heck, it would be a different story.

And that is it! It was nice temping this gig and I hope to not see you guys soon again!

Hop, Step, Jump~
__________________ Piece at a Time Blog

I need to find a new girl-on-girl animation.

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