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Old 12-07-2008, 08:18 AM
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Logan Stella
Wasteland Survivor

Dodgetown seemed to be going up in the world.

Dodgetown had next to nothing to offer, a derelict town, a ghost town of sorts, so it had never occured to Logan that anyone would ever bother to come all the way out here. Even if it were provisions on their mind, surely they would have chosen one of the bigger cities? However, there was no time to debate why people were at Dodgetown, now covered in a swirling sandstorm, for she had food to get. On any other day, she would have turned back at the posted threat before her, but she hadn't eaten for a long time and maybe, for a change, she should take a risk.

All she had to do was avoid the fight, anyway.


She winced as she heard them, realizing that this mission was full of safety risks and that maybe she should just wait another day for food. A rumbling in her stomach urger he ron, against her better nature, and she began to creep her way up the main street, sheilding her eyes against the sand.

There was a storeroom on the main street, it was the only place in Dodgetown where the food was still edible, for now at least. Logan had kept telling herself that she would have to move on from here soon, take some provisions to last her the journing and find a more suffecient place to live. Truth be told, fear kept her from doing so. Things were working out in Dodgetown, just, so why move? However, if people were going to start arriving here simply to fight each other, the pros of moving certainly began to outweigh the cons.

Unfortunately for Logan, the storeroom was placed in a rather unconvenient place.

Or rather, the two men fighting were placed in the unconvenient place. Right outside the storeroom. She cursed, this was becoming too difficult now, she had to turn back or she'd get killed, somehow. There would probobly be blood. Her stomach rumbled, though with an added sickening as her mind strayed to red liquids. She cast it out of her mind, though it took much effort, and strove on.

She kept herself against the building's wall, not looking at the warring pair before her and hoping that she remained invisible. Slowly at first, step by step, but when she reached the door she threw herself in.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Tyler Histenburg
Wasteland Survivor

Tyler saw the attacks charged and looked quickly to his Tyranitar.

"Earthquake, quick!" he shouted, the massive pokemon stamping it's foot, knocking the two pokemon down, and throwing the trainer to the ground also. The two attacks, the beam, sphere, shot into the sky while the bullets whizzed over Tyler's head.

"Listen," he shouted over the wind of the sandstorm, "All I want is some info! I never wanted to fight, you brought this upon yourself! Stop being stupid!" he roared, pulling another pokeball from his belt, he was ready to use it at any time. He looked around, seeing little to know movement and ignored it, putting his attention back to the trainer.

"Listen! I don't know what you can do, but maybe we can help each other!" he shouted again, moving completely behind the fast food stores walls and crouched, giving the man no way to shoot and hit, and at a position where he could recall his pokemon if needed. He pulled the pocketknife from his pocket and held it tight. That Arcanine, where the hell did it go!? He had to be careful, it was 4 vs 2, and the odds weren't good.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

OOC: Like I stated in the discussion thread, a few things have changed to clear up the confusion. Sorry if this kills people’s trains of RP, I’ll allow for a tiny bit of rule-breaking (like teleporting and other minor things) as long as no one’s characters are killed as a result.


The Brotherhood of Steel - The "Complex" (Like the "Citadel" in Fallout 3 if you want a comparison) will be considered to be the name of the BoS HQ in the Dallas area, with outposts in Fort Worth, Arlington, Garland, and Plano, while trying to expand further into the surrounding areas.

The Enclave - Based in the El Vista Military Base, but with patrols in the surrounding area. However, they have small stations and influence throughout the entire area and are currently targeting Houston for development and takeover. Right now they are fighting with the Remnants for Austin control, and with the Brotherhood for the highly valuable Dallas area.

Remnants of the Master's Army - Their HQ will be the Lincoln Airbase, but their main influence is in the Austin area and are currently fighting with the Enclave to protect it. Meanwhile, there are those in the Remnants who feel bold enough to take on the Brotherhood's control in Dallas as well.

Vault Dwellers - Based in Vault 49, 52, and 58. No problems here.

Wasteland Survivors - Can be based anywhere except the Lincoln Airbase or the El Vista Military Base, since those are controlled by other factions. Shouldn't be too much trouble here...


Raiders try to get as much as they can and generally can be found anywhere, but they generally follow these behaviors:

Jackals - Based around Jonestown and prey off of Jonestown and Edgewood.
Vipers - Based around Dodgetown and Kelpasa and prey off of those two towns.
Khans - Based around Waco, Austin, and Gardelle, and prey off of those towns.

Nighthawk Mercenaries - The Nighthawk HQ, known as the Boneyard, is based in Redrock. However, the Nighthawk Mercs also have outposts in Abilene and a few in Underbridge. However, they have assignments based all over the area.

Again, sorry for the confusion, but hopefully things are easier to understand with these being official.

Paladin Craig Benton
Brotherhood of Steel
Arlington, Texas

Motor vehicles. Once a common sight before the war, now finding one that actually worked was incredibly difficult. While the Brotherhood had our own hummers and APCs, there was one machine that we didn’t have… one that could make all the difference in the world when it came to paving the way for the restoration of America.


Without a doubt, the only way we could rebuild was… to start over. The buildings all over the pre-war cities were gone, leaving only shells and dilapidated husks of what once was. We needed them to be cleared so new buildings could take their place. We needed the rubble, the concrete, the twisted metal and all that other crap laying around in the streets to be gone. Meanwhile, the work was possible by hand, but it would take eons. Still, I hated to think that none of us may ever get to see the day come when cities become alive again.

Machine shops, garages, and vehicle assembly plants were highly sought over by the Brotherhood. As the Scribes told us, the cities of the pre-war age were built mainly by machines, and buildings that had long served out their purpose were taken apart by machines as well. Their plans, ones to recreate the construction cranes of long ago, to rebuilt the foundries, steel mills, factories, and rebuilt what was once lost seemed like a ridiculous dream, but the more and more the Brotherhood grew, the more that possibility became real.

Arlington had been under fire for a while. Raiders, mercs, mutants… the problem we were always faces when trying to rebuild the dream. But the real bastards of the equation were the Enclave. Dogmatic, self-absorbed jackasses that invented political piracy. And President Eden was a real dick in my book.

The mechanics we had had gone through every vehicle we found along the way, and brought along what we called the Nomadic Chop Shop. If the cars we found had salvageable parts, we took them back with us, hoping they could be used to recreate new vehicles, with “new” meaning Frankensteined machines that worked on the parts of many other machines as one. Their dependably came to question quite often, but in the wasteland, we weren’t going to get anything straight out of the shop, unless people kept their cars in the Vaults. Like hell they would.

The main critical step was recreating the machines that made the car parts. We kept in mind that anything we found was centuries old, and was incinerated with the Great War. Again, dependably was the question here. Everything we found looked like crap, and whatever we brought back maybe had a quarter of a chance of being salvaged, at least in part. We needed to make our own parts, that was clear enough.

It was the getting there that’s always been the problem.

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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Paladin Davion, Brotherhood of Steel
Dallas, Texas

Deciding to leave the security of the immediate vicinity of the Brotherhood base to the initiates as training, Davion starting driving his hovercar towards the nearest disputed territory, that being Waco. There was no real reason for him deciding to go there, so the only explanation was that it was a mere whim. A Paladin who came and left in a whimsical fashion was generally unworthy of being a Paladin at all, but Davion produced results, and no matter what he did, he had the discipline to make sure that it furthered the Brotherhood's cause. It was why he had been promoted in the first place, because though he was as resolute as a fortress, he still managed to be as carefree as a breeze. A fundamental contradiction, but Davion rarely considered such things.

His car was a salvaged pre-war Benz that the Brotherhood managed to find lying around when they set up their base in Texas, and despite it being over two hundred years old, the experts in the Complex managed to get it running again. Of course, this was very much the case with most of their machinery, largely because without at least one piece of salvage, there was no blueprints to reproduce prewar technology with.

Now, normally soldiers were not supposed to move individually to the frontline, and even Paladins were no exception. Davion however, had no intention of merely attaching himself to whatever troop was fighting for influence in the area around Waco. He was going to go further than that, and break through straight into Enclave territory. After all, being the one-man army that he was, there was no reason why he could not remove a few Enclave camps by himself. Besides, he had six partners with him, and they were simply stronger than any human could ever become by himself.

Six Pokemon, who were easily amongst the strongest Pokemon in the state.

Davion never really understood why so many people underestimated the abilities of Pokemon Trainers in this age. The little he knew about history had revealed to him that expert Trainers were revered, and the greatest amongst them had followings bordering on worship. Then when the war came, suddenly the might that was the Pokemon Trainers was forgotten, and humans bore their own arms. Nothing was quite the same after that, and the Paladin would spend the rest of his life wondering why.

Pokemon, when raised well, were always faster and stronger than a human could ever achieve in their natural lifespan, and with exotic abilities ranging from fire to lightning alike. Plus, because Pokeballs were such small pieces of equipment, they exponentially increased the amount of firepower a person could carry without being a burden in terms of weight.
Of course, there were drawbacks to Pokemon training. It was a task that required dedication that most people could never manage, and it required trust and love for the Pokemon that were being trained. After all, if the Pokemon could not trust and respect the trainer, killing them was as simple as a flick of the wrist for them. Davion had seen it happen before, just once, when a Gyrados had turned on its Trainer.
The mauling had not even taken a minute.

Not that it mattered too much to Davion these days. The lesser the number of Pokemon trainers, the lesser the number of targets he had, and that saved energy and ammunition. Of course, the lesser the number of people who ventured out to catch Pokemon, the greater the number of wild threats an Forgotten Ones, but those lacked the intellect and instinct to change their strength into true power.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Alex Stryker
The Nighthawk Mercenaries
Fort Worth, Texas

Alex looked around the downtown area for Rai. Rai was pretty good at watching out for himself, but Alex still worried. "Where is he, he's always on time." Alex wondered. "It was an easy task. Just deliver a small package to a building downtown." At that moment, Alex heard a small explosion. He knew it was close because he could feel the aftershock and he could hear the building tumbling down. He could see the smoke rising in the sky.

Suddenly, he heard a loud smashing sound behind him. Alx quickly turned around and saw Rai. He had made a dent in the cement with his knee. He slowly rose to his feet. "What happened to you?" Alex asked. He could see some blood on Rais left foot.

"Nothing, everything went as planned." Rai said through telepathy. "I also have found some storage rooms with many different kinds of weapons. Its not heavily guarded, but we still should be careful."

"Ok, that sounds like our next target." Alex announced. "Since we haven't received word from anyone on any tasks or jobs., this is sort of bad because we need the money."

"We can always steal it master?" Rai said.

"No, that's always our last resort ... and don't call me that," I ordered, "I'm not your master, I'm your friend." Rai just noded.

"Ok, it looks like we'll be heading to the warehouse soon, we can either fly on Rhyne and go in from above or swim on Aquet and go from below."

"Flying would probaly be the easiest way, and we don't roll like that." Alex said, laughing a little. "We'll go from in from below."
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Roy Jones
Wasteland Survivor
Middle of no where,Texas

I was camp out in the desert of Texas. I was eating in my tent just thinking how I am going to get my pokemon back. I then fell asleep and ... I dreamed about me am my pokemon playing and having fun I was thinking about the old times. When I used to have fun and didn't even have a care in the world. I woke up just thinking about the dream and it was weird. I felt weird but , I knew what to do. So I packed up my stuff and left I seen a sign on a broken building. It said " lost shroomish if anyone wants him see mercenaries at Houston,Texas. I must go to get shroomish lets go. "Now I can do this come on Torchic we have to go". Then I see some raiders that are coming my way and I stopped. They said" hey you , give us your caps or we'll kill you". " No I never give you my caps". "Lets kill him raiders". I was out numbered but , I wasn't scared. " Torchic now use ember on there guns". There gun heated and they dropped them. I then took out my gun and shot them . "You guys were asking for it". "Lets go torchic we have a pokemon to catch lets go"!
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Aryania Nyrin
Vault Dweller
Outside Waco-Moves to Arlighton

“Insanity…” Aryania mused.

The thought was put forth by the sheer lack of humans (or anything with a intelligent mind for that matter) in the area. Further more, the red disk of the devil, the sun, beating down on her shoulders did not help her perturbed mindset. Not to mention the dust that kept flittering into her crystalline blue eyes, causing them to tear up and turn red around the rims. Aryania droned on in her mind the things about her she could not stand.

The sun, the dirt, the non existent clouds, the wind, the road, the ground…

Aryania was a tall women, very slender and fragile looking. Her skin still had a pale glow to it, even under the tan and dirt she has obtained from her wandering above ground. Her hair was now braided, but the brain was slowly coming apart from the wind, chocolate brown pieces flew out everywhere, and her bangs hung in her blue eyes. Her black jeans were completely covered in dirt and her jacket was tied around her waist. Along with a sword on each hip and a small hand gun on her left hip. Her curved lips were dry. She ran her tongue over her lips and continued walking along.

Behind her stalked Soot, Iris and Trinzzy. Soot was thoroughly enjoying the weather, while Iris and Trinzzy seemed rather exhausted. Iris did not like this sort of weather, being a ice Pokemon, and Trinzzy, while the sunlight was wonderful for her, the lack of water was draining. Araynia noticed this and plucked two poke balls from her hip.

“Time to give you guys a break” the poke balls opened up and the red beams of light pulled the Pokemon into the safe haven of their balls.

[color=purple] “I am guessing you want to fly me to Arlington instead of watching me walk?”[/color[ Aryania asked. They were moving farther and farther from her Vault. Which was what she wanted.

The women hopped onto her Charizard’s back and he flapped his wings towards Arligton.

A hour or so later she was within walking distance, maybe 20 minutes out of the city, they landed with a soft thud and she jumped off Soot’s back. Her combat boots making a dull thunk on the ground. A red beam of light jumped from her hand and engulfed Soot, sending him into his Greatball.

Aryania walked towards the town. Her hair was falling out of the braid now. And basically wasn’t even up. Flying always did that. The wind and all its fury blowing her long locks about. The tall women made her way cautiously towards the town. She had heard there were raiders in this part.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Ezeekyel Novel
Houston, Texas
Remnants of the Master's Army
"Yes. Ezeekyel. There's a job from the master for you. Personal request for me to send it." He paused - but Ezeekyel glared at him. He took the glare and continued. "Our base is getting taken down. We need you to help us. You need to help us get this one group." Ezee didn't much care - he was alone and decided it was best for him. Making friends was never his thing, and he had huge trust issues after his past was horrid.

Ezee turned to himself to think. Maybe his thirst would be fulfilled if there were humans? Alas, their base was farther than plan. "So long as I get to fulfill my current thirst." He turned around once more, the man facing and his eyes popped. He didn't get it - thirst sounded like a weird word for it. More of a desire, but still he needed it now. He didn't want it in an hour or so, he wanted it now. And it swelled up inside him each second. He needed to turn someone into a ghoul.

"Excuse me. Thirst?" he let a chuckle out. "We're not vampires. You have a thirst for humans? I know something's wrong with you now, Ezeekyel. That was just weird." Ezee, offended, faced him. He was different from them, he was sure, something about him was just different. He constantly wanted revenge, was it because of his past - or was it just a trait? He decided he was different. Did he deserve to be a Remnant? He wanted his revenge, but he didn't want help. Selfish needs.

"Of course I'll help. But alas, I still need just one human. Give it to me please, I ask." He raced through his mind, erasing his thoughts for wanting it so much. "Just get there fast. And I mean fast." The other ghoul looked like he was prepared. He reached out for his Pokeball, which looked strange in a ghoul's hand. Ezee never cared about his own, he was a Pokemon trainer before. The ghoul threw it.

His voice rang in delay. "Isabella and Vanessa, released!" There, he could see two Pokemon, fire throwing out of their heads. "Take Vanessa, the Rapidash." Ezee was never in touch with his Pokemon anymore, he had three Pokeballs to the side of him. The Rapidash he thought was the bigger one, because the ghoul was much more smaller than him. He flew on, the fire not even making a difference.

He jumped on the one named Isabella, a smaller version. It was a Ponyta, yet Ezee never knew. "Alright, let's go. We'll get there in a few hours, these stolen horses are fast. I did something to them," he winked and smiled. "Lincoln Airbase is not that far. Actually, it is. How did you get here from there actually?"

Ezee laughed. "It's an airbase, duh? I'm really good at this high jacking stuff." The man nodded, and Ezee followed the Rapidash as they flew, distant from his spot. It was far from where he was, the Rapidash was fast. He smiled as the two flew at high speed. "You did do something to these Pokemon. We a bunch of miles away a few minutes ago."

ooc;; i don't know where i'm going with this...
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Andrew Julian Bigg and Clara Dale
Wasteland Survivors
A small town about 5 miles (8 km) due east of Dodgetown, Texas

At midnight, Andrew woke to a rustling sound. He looked out the window and saw a large group of Raiders ransacking the area quietly yet quickly. He instantly knew them to be Vipers due to their great stealth they showed in raiding, and the fact that they usually hung near Dodgetown. Knowing that staying here was no longer possible, there was only one option left for them: flee. However, all they could take was everything in the house they were living. If they were lucky. However, the first thing he had to do was to…

“Clara, wake up! We’ve got to run!” Trying not to alert the Vipers to their presence, he kept trying to wake her up by every possible means he could think of.

“Mmmm… what?” Clara mumbled, half-asleep.

“Raiders are ransacking the town! We’ve got to run!”

“What?!” Now fully awake, Clara started to panic.

“Take everything we can from this house! We’ll need them!”

“Uh… okay!” was all Clara could reply, because there really was no time.

They took all their weapons, Clara found her precious laptop, and they managed to pack all they could onto Andrew’s Flygon (and Garchomp, assuming Garchomp can fly here, like it says in the anime and Pokédex), and got onto the Flygon. While the house had been quite empty like the rest, it had a secret underground compartment which had a huge capacity, and this was what they did with whatever they couldn’t take so the Vipers couldn’t take it or destroy the compartment unknowingly.

And having no time to check what they took from the house, they managed to leave through a large window just as the house’s door was forced open and close it, leaving the Vipers to search a seemingly empty house. They flew off in the distance, in an unknown direction, but not before Andrew managed to leave a long mark with a precise shot from his shotgun, so they can remember the house with the secret compartment with whatever they had stored. The Vipers would be alerted, but it didn't matter; there was nothing they would be able to do but watch them fly away.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Wasteland Survivor
Dallas, Texas
With the help of her Pokemon, Katarzyna found some old metal to use. With her Absol able to use a Fire-type attack, she would be able to bend the metal to however she saw fit. Her Mightyena found an old medical kit, but it was still usefull with the bandages even if the medicine was spoiled.

Jolteon walked up to the nineteen-year-old with Eevee on his back. The small brown fox fell asleep on the yellow Pokemon, but he didn't seem to mind. Eevee was a pre-evolution of himself, so Kat thought that Jolteon thought of her as like a sister. Mightyena was with him along with Absol. Raichu was on Flygon's back, who was flying around, watching for any potential danger.

"I think we found everything we can for today," Jolteon stated.

"Agreed. I cannot scent anything else useful in this area, Ma'am," Mightyna barked.

"And I think we are pushing our luck here, as well. I'm not sure how much longer we can remain in this area without being found," Absol added.

Katarzyna nodded as her Pokemon gave her their opinions. She turned to the sky to flag down her Flygon. The green Pokemon landed near her and the electric mouse on his back jumped off and walked over to his Trainer.

"I didn't notice anything suspicious, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing out there," Raichu said.

"I believe it's time to start heading back or to another area," Flygon added.

"Alright. Absol and Mightyena, I want you two to take what we found back to out hideout. Flygon, I want you to take me, Raichu, Jolteon, and Eevee to the Fort Worth area. We may be able to find a few things there. After you drop us off, I want you to find Mightyena and Absol and take them the rest of the way back and bring them to FW as fast as you can. Understood?" Katarzyna said.

All of the Pokemon nodded. With the supplies loaded on their backs, Mightyena and Absol headed back the way they came. Katarzyna climbed on Flygon's shoulders, Raichu in front of her and Jolteon behind her. She held Eevee in her arms. Flygon took to the sky and flew in the direction his Trainer pointed out, which was the Fort Worth city limits.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Alex Stryker
The Nighthawk Mercenaries
Fort Worth, Texas

Alex could still see the smoke in the sky from the building they were sent to blow up. "Remind me to pick up the cash on our way back Rai ok."
"Will do Chief. Alex rolled his eyes and looked towards the storage building they were going to break into. Alex pulled out his sniper and used it as binoculars. He scoped the area to see if he could find the best possible way to break into this place without being noticed.

"Sir if I may suggest, perhaps if we created a distraction in the front area," Rai started.

"We could sneak in the back way." Alex said finishing up Rais sentence. "Good idea, I think Shyde and Spade should be the distractions.

"Why?" Rai asked. "I can do it!"

"No, I need you here with me." Alex explained. "Your the one I really trust, and I need you here with me. And besides, Shyde is a ghost type so it will be hard for them to hurt him, and while he's distracting him, Spade could sneak up from behind and knock them out.

"Ok, that's cool then." Rai said, sounding a little disappointed. Alex tossed two red and white spherical balls into the air and two bright lights flashed and when they faded, a Grovyle and a Haunter stood in the red lights place.

"I'm going to need you Shyde to create a distraction so that Spade can sneak up from behind them and knock them out. They both nodded and headed towards the main gate.

Alex could see what was happening from the top of the hill he was standing on. He could see Shyde at first, but the Shyde dissapeared and Alex could see that one of the guards was floating in the air. The guard started screaming.

"Ayuda me, ayuda me (Help me help me!)!" The Spanish speaking guard said as he floated in the air. He started spinning sort of crazily in the air. "Que esta pasando (What is happening?)? Two other guards ran towards the Spanish speaking guard to try and help him, but as they got in reaching distance of the Spanish speaking guard, the too started floating in the air. Three other guards came, the last of the outside guards, and saw that the three front guards were randomly floating in the air.

One of the guards started freaking out a little. "What the hell is going on here?" A large headed guard asked. "I'm calling this in." And as soon as he said this, Spade jumped in from the top of the tree he was hiding in and punched the large headed guard, sending him into the wall and he passed out. Spade then quickly grabbed the other two guards and slammed them together, knocking them out as well. Shyde used Hypnosis on the last three gaurds and then teleported the all the guards into a corner of the side of the building. He made sure they weren't visible. Spade then sent a blast of Bullet Seeds into the air.

Alex saw the seeds in the sky. "That's our cue, lets go." Alex said, jumping from behind the bush that was on top of the hill. Alex jumped the fence and ran towards the cargo entrance to meet up with Shyde and Spade. "Good job guys." Alex acknowledged, and returned his Pokemon into their Pokeballs.

"Lets see, if we go quietly, we may be able to sneak out way to the 5th floor. Alex entered the side door that was labled Employees Only. "Ion, come on out." Alex said, tossing a Pokeball into the air. "I might need you to paralyze some guards in a moment. Alex found a directory of the whole building. It said 1st floor, Main Office 2nd, Paper Storage 3rd, Weapons Storage 4th, Break Room 5th, Executive Office.

"We need to head towards the third floor." Alex suggeested.

"Wait, hold on." Rai said, as he grabbed the papers from out of my hands and pointed at something that I had missed.

"Ground Zero, Private?" Alex said, a little confused. "What's that about?"

"I don't know Chief, but we can check it out if you want." Rai said with a grin on his face.

"You know we will. Alex noted.

"The nearest stairs are right outside this of the room, and I can't sense anyone near here so we're clear." Rai informed.

"Good then, lets roll out." Alex said pulling out his battle rifle. Alex slowly opened the door and stuck his head out. He signaled with his hand for Rai to follow. Rai followed Alex until they got to the stairs, then he passed him and went ahead. Alex was almost on the next floor when he hears a loud thump on the ground. As he approached the second floor, he saw two guards knocked out.

"Wait for me next time, I don't want anything happening to you." I pointed out. Rai just nodded and continued towards the next set of stairs.

"Chief, I don't feel right about this, it could be a trap." Rai mentioned.

"Your right, there's not that many people here." Alex stated. They reached the third floor with no problem what so ever. Alex found many weapons, like his favorite gun the Magnum, he found two of those. He also found several small throwing knifes. He found extra ammo for his sniper and battle rifle, but most improtantly, he found a bazooka. "Look at this big bad boy." Alex said touching the bazooka it. "We're taking this with us." Alex said, as he picked it up, and as soon as he did, an alarm went off. You could here multiple feet stomping and on their way here. Alex ran out of the room and aimed the bazooka at the guards and fired. "Run." Alex yelled out load as he headed towards the fourth floor stairs. Rai followed close behind. Alex made it up to the fourth floor. As he turned the corner, he could hear multiple guns cock.

"Don't move." A cold, stern voice said aloud. Alex signaled for Rai to stay back and remain unseen.

"You think you can come here and steal from us? Do you know who I am? I run this show." The voice said, and as the two guards stepped out of the way and a buff, small man stood there with a cigeratte in his mouth. "We're going to show you what we do to you people. Shoot him in both legs, then cut off his hands." One of the guards stepped foward and aimed his gun and Alex's leg. He was about to pull the trigger when all of a sudden, electricity came out of the vent from above and paralyzed all the grunts in the room but the Executive wasn't down, he quickly grabbed a gun and aimed it towards the vent. Rai jumped from where he was hiding and punched the Executive multiple times in the face. Then sent a full Aura Sphere into his stomache, sending him flying into a wall. Ion jumped out of the vent.

"Thanks Ion, I'd forgot about you, thanks for saving me." I said hugging Ion. Ion rubbed his head against my shoulder. "Ok, lets go see what's on this Ground Zero."

Alex busted the door down and saw a large computer.

"Don't let him look at anything in there!" The stern voice said, Alex could tell it was the Executive. Alex quickly grabbed a CD and transfered all the files onto the CD.

"How are we going to ge out of here?" I asked nervously.

"Use this." Rai said with a large grin on his face. Rai handed Alex the bazooka. Alex took aim in the center of the large computer and fired. A huge whole was made in the wall, Alex quickly grabbed a Pokeball and threw it in the air. "Lets go Rhyne, get us out of here." Alex said as Rai and him jumped onto Rhynes back. Rhyne took off and started ascending into the sky. Ion ran at full speed and jumped high into the air and landed on Alex's lap. "You did good buddy." Alex said, rubbing Ions head. He grabbed the bazooka and shot it at the building. He shot at the building three times before it started to fall to the ground.

They kept flying until Alex felt they were safe. He turned around and saw that the building was still on fire. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the CD. "I sure hope that was worth this CD." Alex said, as they landed on a roof of another building.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Wasteland Survivor
Heading in the general direction of Dallas

Chime had been walking the whole day. Well, more often floating then walking, which was faster for her anyway. However, She saw little sign of life, other then plants, and some pesky, small insects. And leeches. The annoying creatures that stick on to you, and wouldn't let go until they drank their fill of you. Flariza had no such problem, though, and proudly declared that she was special, so leeches know better then to stick onto her. Others disagreed, and answered that the only reason she was leech free as she was either in the air, or in the pokeball.

Well, I suppose every one's hiding, or cooped in safe zones, like I was...

Along the way, Chime found some fruit and berry trees. Eagerly, she picked them, with her pokemon following suit.
Chime chose a particularly juicy berry, took a large bite, and..


...found out not all berries were sweet, as she supposed them to be. After some jibes from her fellow pokemon, and some water courtesy of Hyacinthaceae, Chime cautiously continued eating. A thought occurred to Chime, and she remarked: "Tms would probably be real useful out here... If only we could have used those we found last time, over at the lab."

"Yeah, we don't have one of those pokedex thingys used to activate Tms with us. They're too rare." Wish mused to itself.

"Well, more reason to try and find one, right?" Zephyr reasoned, and added,"Doesn't hurt to try, anyhow, since we're already out in the open."

"Point taken. So lets try to find one of those rare poketex-thingys?" Flariza murmured.

After Reverie, the espeon corrected the charizard, it was decided that for increased chances of survival, they should try to find a usable pokedex.Reasoning that a town would be a likely place to find one, they moved on for areas where towns where know to exist.

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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Paladin Davion, Brotherhood of Steel
On Patrol, Near Waco

Davion was technically on patrol, but it would have been far more accurate to say that he was having a pleasant off-road driving experience. Not that the presence of a road really mattered with prewar vehicles. The Enclave was trying to encroach on the Brotherhood's area of influence, but the distance between their base at El Vista and the Complex at Dallas left their battle lines stretched, and there were huge patches of ground which simply nobody cared about. This was, naturally, an advantage for Davion, who intended to cut the said battle lines right in the middle, which should cripple Enclave attempts to approach the Complex for about a week. Not that they would ever succeed, but the Brotherhood needed to be able to free up resources from the fight against the Enclave if they intended to expand their own circle of influence.

"So, Haro, see anything?"

The PorygonZ beeped and pointed in the general direction of the nearest Enclave camp, and the Paladin smiled. Stopping the car expertly, he turned off the engine and exited fully geared in his Power Armor while performing the required check of the vehicle. The thing with these funky new fusion engines was that they tended to explode for no apparent reason if there was so much as a speck of misplaced dust, and in the wastelands of America, there was dust to be potentially misplaced everywhere.

"Good job Haro. Okay, Daimos, Raideen, the two of you will guard the car along with Haro. If any Raiders or Enclave scum come along, blow them all the way to hell for me. Vorox, Gurren, Vysaga, come we're initiating the attack."

Pulling out his laser rifle and flicking the safety off, Davion and three of his Pokemon advanced towards the Enclave camp. As they moved steadily, the Paladin raised the rifle to his eye and waited for an enemy to move into his crosshairs. Laser rifles functioned best at middle to long range combat, so he could sometimes take out stray enemies before anyone even realized he was approaching, and that was without investing any time in learning how to be stealthy too.
Not that he wanted to learn how to sneak around.

When he was about two hundred meters away from the small Enclave camp, Davion aimed straight through the cloth of the makeshift tent and pulled the trigger, knowing that the enemy he hit was now a glowing pile of ashes. He then quickly switched targets and pulled the trigger again, while beckoning his Pokemon to move forward and make quick work of their enemies. Judging from the size of the camp, there were only about ten or twelve of them, so this was probably going to be quick deal, but Davion had no intentions of taking unnecessary risks due to his overconfidence.

When a person attacked, it had to be hard, fast, and most of all, lethal. If not, there was no point to attacking at all. That was why even before he reached the camp, switching from laser rifle to pistol as he drew closer to the base, he made sure that everyone who was not in Power Suits or otherwise prepared for an enemy attack was already dead before they had a chance to recover, and he intended to continue pushing his advantage, though it was unlikely he could hit more than five camps in a week.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Remnants of the Master's Army
Southwestern border of Austin
Remnant's temporary base of operations

Garret opened his eyes blearily, the events of the last day or so muddled around in his thoughts until he couldn’t remember what had happened. His head throbbed with a dull, persistent ache, as though he had gone along time without water. He sat slowly, trying to take in his surroundings as yesterday’s events slowly were recalled to the forefront of his memory. He had been with the scavenger group, but they had not been having good success. They were forced to travel farther than their usual runs took them. They had come upon what looked like a promising place, nobody around, lots of scrap materials and such that they could have used in the vault.

The attack had come out of nowhere, Garret remembered now. They’d been nearly the same distance from the vault as they were from Waco or Austin. The group had comprised mostly of mutants, but there had been some Ghouls and Hybrid’s there as well. They had been cut down almost too quickly to react. They’d lost nearly half their group before anyone even understood what was happening. It was clearly a trap, set for the purpose of luring unsuspecting scavengers, like themselves, into letting their guard down, getting surrounded.

He groaned softly as the motion of sitting upright sent his head spinning and he lost track of the thought that had popped into his head. Once he could think again however, it was swift to return. Why was he still alive? Surely the remnant wouldn’t have left him with nothing worse than a bump on the head, even if he was unconscious. He looked around wildly, but it was difficult to determine anything by the dim light of the cramped space he was enclosed in. He stepped backwards a step, jumping slightly when he bumped his elbow on the wall behind him.

Garret caught a hold of this sensation clearly. He couldn’t think why that should bother him so much, but there was something about that fact that he knew should be worrisome. It took a few more seconds for him to understand what it was. His arm was farther forward than his body! he had been reaching out to feel what was in front of him, there was no way he could have bumped his elbow on the wall behind him!

Panicking, he started yelling incoherently, banging against the nearest wall with his fist, not even noticing the amount of force that his blows were having on the wall. He started yelling even louder, wishing that he could just get out of this tiny room so that he could see himself. He determined to try and bash against the wall the he hoped held the door, thinking that maybe he could apply enough force to knock it off it’s hinges, or at least break the locking mechanism so that he could get out.

He leaned back as far as he could, his back against the wall behind him in an attempt to build up more momentum. With a yell, he lunged towards the wall, closing his eyes against the expected impact. It never came. Instead, he stumbled to the ground, meeting no resistance at all. He looked around wildly, and saw that he was in a wide hallway. There was a door right behind him, presumably where he had been only a moment before.

How had he gotten out without hitting the door? He cautiously reached a hand towards the door, intending to test yet again it’s solidity. He froze instantly as his hand came into view. He was wearing some sort of blueish glove, very different from the stuff he normally wore. He looked closer at it, following his wrist to his arm, his eyes drawn along the material until it rested on the protrusion that had clearly been the cause of his elbow being jarred.

He shook his head, which still seemed heavy. Regardless of what he was wearing, it still could not explain how he had gotten through the door without touching it. Something very strange was going on, and Garret wasn’t certain that he wanted to find out what it was...

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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

OOC: My Perception in my SPECIAL is 10, and my Agility is pretty nice, too, so I will use it against you. As far as sword~play goes, I am pretty good.

Crystal Estrada
Wasteland Survivor
Dallas, Texas

As the Fire Blasts were launch, Crystal simply crossed her blades and rms over her face. The points of the sword were faced down. The Fire Blasts left gaping holes where they hit. From behind her defence position, Crystal watched as a Smokescreen covered the space around her. She focused on seeing what was in the smoke.

Monell was now filling in the holes with clay-she could smell it-, and was creating what was similar to a mine covered area around her. Crystal couldn't help but smile, for she had tried that once, but she hadn't found the right clay. When someone walked over hers, they only fell into the soft area, and tripped.

Crystal quickly poised her swords so that they blocked most of her upper body and legs. Crystal kept a close eye on the gun; the worst possible enemy at this moment. She didn't dare take out her Pokemon; not now, not when they could be killed or injured severely by a bullet. her eyes flashed to Monell's finger, which pulled the trigger.

As the bullets began to rain down on her, she usd her sight to try to reflect them with her swords, which was getting increasingly difficult due to the weight and size of the weapons. No matter what, though, she was determined not to give up. And then, she couldn't reflect a bullet.

Crystal had never had a bullet put into her, and she had no idea what it felt like to even be brushed by one like this one. It was lucky that it only skimmed the side of her left arm, whereas her right was her best. Crystal hissed; the pain was going to start soon since it already burned slightly. After the shock of it all was over with, she would feel it.

She quickly ran her eyes over the 'bombs', and found a small opening.

The hell with shimmying through a small strip, Crystal thought. I'll jump.

She did, and barely made it. Though, to her horror, her heel barely pressed on it. Crystal immediately leaped farther away and went into a roll as it exploded.
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