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Default [RP] Last Rites RP


This RP is actually a combination of several fandoms rolled into one, including Fallout, Pokémon, and themes presented from past PHT RPs. Note that its not necessary to have ever played Fallout or RPed in the PHT RPs to understand what’s going on, as everything will be explained here. Also, this RP uses eastern Texas as a setting, along with many real life locations, as well as several fictitious ones.

With that in mind, it means imagining Pokémon exist in real life. But I know you can do that. :P


What happened then…

War. War never changes. The end of the world occurred pretty much as we had predicted. Too many humans, not enough resources to go around.

Imagine for a moment that while technology and weaponry advanced, the cultural norms never advanced past the 1950’s. It would be the world of tomorrow, filled with servant and military robots, fusion-powered cars, and high tech weaponry. And when the year 2077 came after a long and costly war with China, it was ravaged and devastated in a world-shattering nuclear war. It had been a destructive holocaust, an eternal spark ignited by human hands that resulted in a mass-cleansing of life upon the planet.

The year is now 2277 in post-apocalyptic Texas. Much of what existed before the nuclear war lies in ruins before you. Trees are burnt to a blackened and lifeless crisp, streets are torn apart and lay buried under piles of broken concrete and twisted metal, and buildings are burnt-out husks piercing the sky as an urban graveyard… all a testament to what once was many years ago.

Those that survive today are the few that took refuge in underground vaults before the nuclear devastation. Entire generations of people lived underground, safe and protected under tons of rock and steel. When the time came, many of these “vault dwellers” had decided to leave the vaults and venture off into the outside world. However, there are some vaults today that remain tightly closed, its denizens still in fear of what may lie outside.

And they have every right to be afraid…

And what happens now…

Several factions have risen out of the ashes, all with their own intentions and goals. The Brotherhood of Steel, a long-going national movement to restore technology and peace to the wasteland, has also arisen in what was once known as the “Lone Star State.” Their goals for Texas are ones of hope, striving to rebuild the great American society that once was… one small step at a time. Armed with powerful weapons, strengthened Power Armor, and the belief in a united cause, they set out into the wasteland with the hope of tomorrow.

The Enclave, using pre-war American propaganda and proclaiming themselves as the leaders and direct continuation of America, also exist within the area. Once a “Shadow Government” of the United States, today, the members and personnel mostly consist of the descendants of government officials and employees of long ago. The Enclave, seeking to restore America to the once great nation it used to be, remains adamant against the mutated created roaming the world. Ghouls, Super Mutants, Hybrids, and any other mutated creatures and humanoids of the wasteland have been flagged for elimination by the Enclave. The Enclave believes that if America is to have any hope of returning to the great nation it used to be, the remnants and the aftermath of what was caused from the radiation needs to be wiped clean. Like the Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave has its own versions of Power Armor, and uses more advanced technology and weaponry than what even the Brotherhood utilizes. However, it is clear that both the Brotherhood and the Enclave have their radical differences, and continue to be at war with each other.

And then there are the people and Pokémon of the wastelands, struggling to rebuild and salvage what was once lost to survive today. Building new towns out of the scraps and rubble of the wastes, as well as using technology to cultivate the land, they have been able to stay alive for generations. But even they face their own threats besides the hazards of the wastes. Raiders, known for their savage and merciless attacks, pillage and steal from the surrounding settlements, killing and torturing anyone who tries to stop them.

Meanwhile, remnants of the Master’s Army, the Super Mutants continue to seek their own place in the wastelands, using the populations of others to further their own. Only a few of them have been brought to reason, while the others are mind-locked into an aggressive rage, adamantly against anyone who isn’t a part of their numbers.

The questions come down to who will survive in the ravaged and ruined world of the wasteland. What causes will prevail, who’s future holds promise, and what ideas will prevail with the dawn of tomorrow comes? No one truly knows the answer, but everyone still clings onto their own idea of hope…

Life is the wasteland is about to change…



Yes, it’s a Photoshopped screenshot of Google Earth. And the real locations are exactly accurate. :P

Names in white resemble actual, real life locations that somewhat survived total destruction, and still remain as either settlements made of salvaged materials, or as ruins with some intact and only slightly damaged areas. Names in yellow are purely fictional locations created for the RP, and don’t actually exist in real life.

Also, real life locations that don’t exist on the map (in case if you’re using Google Earth too or are a native Texan wondering where everything else went) are considered to be completely destroyed. Also, I’m fine with people “inventing” small and minor locations, but use locations on the map as nearby references to where these places are.


Because of the nuclear disaster, there are new races besides humans.

Humans: Human, whether they belong to the Enclave or the Brotherhood, whether they are raiders or scavengers, or whether they are mercenaries or simply lone wolves trying to survive in the wastes, are all the same homo sapiens.

Ghouls: “Ghouls are simply humans that have been exposed to an ungodly amount of radiation.” ~Three Dog

Ghouls were once humans, but were caught above ground during the nuclear strikes and still managed to survive. And as the name suggests, Ghouls appear to look like decaying zombies and have raspy voices, but in truth, they still think, feel, and bleed like normal humans. Meanwhile, they tend to live much longer than humans. Ghouls often call humans “Smoothskins,” and are generally wary of humans due to humanity’s pre-judgmental perception of Ghouls.

Meanwhile, Feral Ghouls are even further decayed ghouls, and have lost all sense of rational thought, mindlessly attacking anyone who isn’t one of them. However, they are friendly toward normal Ghouls. Glowing Ones are also considered Ghouls, having absorbed so much radiation that they illuminate the area around them.

More details on Ghouls…

Super Mutants: Super Mutants are large (10’ tall), hulking humanoids with green-tinted skin (Think of The Hulk and Frankenstein). Long ago, Super Mutants were created by the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) in effort to create super soldiers. While the byproduct produced warriors of extreme endurance and strength, they lacked intelligence and FEV was considered a failure. Most Super Mutants are aggressive, powerful, and are very hard to kill. However, there are a rare few that show competence and through actions have become allies of human factions.

Super Mutants are stronger, and are able to carry and use weapons that humans would need to mount on vehicles to use. However, Super Mutants are also sterile, and the only way to increase their numbers is to capture humans and take them to FEV vats to be turned into more Super Mutants.

More details on Super Mutants…

Pokémon – Like humans, Pokémon have also survived in the vaults, sheltered with the same protection that kept humans alive. Most Pokémon that are still alive in the wastelands belong to other people, but there are a few that have been abandoned or left behind because they could not be cared for any longer. Note that water, grass, and ice type Pokémon are extremely rare and have absolutely no chance at surviving in the wastelands by themselves. Because surviving in the wasteland is difficult, many abandoned Pokémon often need to take desperate measures to survive…

The Forgotten Ones refer to Pokémon that faced the same situation as Ghouls. Forgotten Ones are Pokémon that have been mutated from radiation poisoning, and appear to be decaying just like their Ghoul counterparts. However, unlike Ghouls, Forgotten Ones are purely savage, have no masters, and only exist for their own self-preservation.

Hybrids – Hybrids are half human, half Pokémon humanoids created by the Pokémon Hybrid Transformation (PHT) virus, a counterpart to the FEV that created Super Mutants. Hybrids combine the features of humans and one Pokémon at random, creating a humanoid with fur, tails, wings, or whatever attributes the Pokémon they are a hybrid of has. Meanwhile, they have the same powers and can perform the same kinds of attacks that the Pokémon they are a hybrid of can perform. Meanwhile, unlike Super Mutants, Hybrids can breed (if they’re in the same egg group), and tend to stay away from humans. While prejudicial humans calls Ghouls “zombies” and Super Mutants “Frankensteins,” Hybrids are simply called “freaks.”

There are Hybrids of legendary Pokémon, but the powers of these Hybrids are on the same level of those who are Hybrids of non-legendary Pokémon.

Note on other creatures:

If you’re familiar with the Fallout universe, creatures like the centaur, Deathclaws, mole rats, etc. will not be in this RP. Let the Forgotten Ones replace them.

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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP


In tradition with the Fallout series, these are still active.

Currency – The currency and legal tender in the wasteland are bottle caps. Pre-war money still exists, but it generally isn’t as favored as much as bottle caps are.
Nuka-Cola – A parody of Coca-Cola, Nuka-Cola is the soft drink of the wastes, and can be found scattered among the ruins of what once was, along with plenty of Nuka-Cola paraphernalia, such as billboards, trucks, vending machines, and merchandise.
Drugs – Drugs such as Buffout (a steroid), Mentats (an intelligence booster), Psycho & Med-X (damage resistance, like Morphine), and Jet (highly addictive agility booster) are in play and exist. Also, healing meds like Stimpacks, Rad-Away (drug used to eliminate radiation), and Rad-X (Increases radiation resistance) are also in existence. However, like in the Fallout games, it is very easy to get addicted to them, and they have weakening withdrawal effects.
Weapons – Instead of generic gun names like “Assault Rifle” and “Submachine Gun” as what Fallout uses, use actual weapons instead, such as M-16 and MP5. As for energy based weapons like Plasma Rifles and Laser Pistols, those will be kept.


Used to realistically model your character’s psychical attributes in the Fallout series, SPECIAL will be used here as well.

Strength (Physical strength and brawn)
Perception (Ability to use senses well, such as sight, sound, touch, and so on)
Endurance (Stamina, vigor, energy. The ability to keep going on.)
Charisma (Physical appearance, magnetism, allure.)
Intelligence (Mental prowess, comprehensive ability)
Agility (Physical speed and dexterity)
Luck (Karma, fate, benefit of chance)

SPECIAL allows 40 points to be used for all 7 categories. A score of 10 in any one category is Heroic, 5 is Average, and 1 is Very Bad. There are no zeros.


Barter – The Barter skill affects the prices you get for buying and selling items to traders in the wastelands.
Big Guns – The Big Guns skill determines your combat effectiveness with all oversized, two handed weapons.
Energy Weapons – The effectiveness and handing of all weapons, both large and small, that use laser and plasma technology.
Explosives – Proficiency in setting mines, the ease of disarming any hostile mines, and the effectiveness of any thrown grenades.
Lockpick – This skill is used to open locked doors and containers without a key.
Medicine - Ability to heal wounds and treat injuries.
Melee Weapons – Proficiency in using melee weapons, such as knives, sledgehammers, and so on.
Pokémon Handling – Proficiency in handling and training Pokémon. Those with this skill have stronger and more powerful Pokémon, and they tend to have greater intelligence.
Repair – The ability to maintain and fix broken weapons, machines, or equipment.
Science – Proficiency in scientific knowledge like biology, chemistry, and physics, useful for creating weapons or computer hacking.
Small Guns – Proficiency in the use of smaller firearms like rifles, shotguns, pistols, and submachine guns.
Sneak – The ability to move undetected, steal items, and infiltrate areas without being seen.
Speech – The ability to be persuasive and influence others through speaking.
Unarmed – Proficiency in fighting without weapons, using all aspects of karate, jujitsu, and so on.

  • You must mention your character’s name, affiliation, and location at the top of every post. Otherwise, other people won’t know where your character is or what side you’re on without having to look up your character’s sign up. Also, this helps greatly went people have more than one character active in the RP at the same time. In an attempt to avoid that hassle, please comply with this rule.
  • Please make sure your posts are AT LEAST two paragraphs long. One liners and quickly rushed posts don’t fly here, sorry. Also, make an effort to make sure the post is presentable. Terrible spelling and grammar isn’t appreciated at all…
  • It is perfectly legal for anyone playing a human to be turned into a Ghoul, Super Mutant, or a Hybrid, depending on what horrible fate befalls them. It is also legal for your character to be killed and it is legal for your character to kill another RPer’s character, provided it is done fairly and its justified. If your character is killed, you may create another character and carry on. On the character roster, characters with a strike through their name (Like this) are dead. There is no limit to the number of characters you can create, and you may have several active at the same time. Just please keep RPing them and don’t allow them to become inactive. That’s all I ask.
  • Unfortunately, there are no “Perks” like in the Fallout games. I wanted to add them, but it would only complicate things and already the RP is quite long. :P
  • Stay on the map, that’s all I ask. There are plenty of locations to work with there.


Name: (Your character’s name)
Race: (Human, Ghoul, Super Mutant, or Hybrid. Note that certain races can only belong to certain affiliations)
Age: (Your character’s age. Stay over 16, please.)
Affiliation: (Your character’s starting affiliation. This can change depending on what happens to your character.)
Description: (What your character looks like. Despite physical appearances, as well as clothing worn and any other features, such as scars and tattoos).
Personality: (Your character’s emotional intelligence and outlook on life).
Background: (Your character’s past history. Doesn’t need to be a biography, but some paragraphs of description are appreciated).
SPECIAL: (Allocate your 40 SPECIAL points among the seven categories).
TAG Skills: (Choose three from the list, and put them here)
Pokémon: (List 3 to 6, no legendaries. It is possible to catch more, though it is extremely hard to come across wild, non-radiated Pokémon. Meanwhile, it is also possible for your Pokémon to be killed.)
Weapons: (You are allowed to start with two, whether they are firearms or melee weapons. However, energy weapons must be found, you can not start with them out of the gate).
Other: (Anything not mentioned above that you would like to include).

Have fun with this, I put a lot of time and energy into it.

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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

The Brotherhood of Steel - The "Complex" (Like the "Citadel" in Fallout 3 if you want a comparison) will be considered to be the name of the BoS HQ in the Dallas area, with outposts in Fort Worth, Arlington, Garland, and Plano, while trying to expand further into the surrounding areas.

The Enclave - Based in the El Vista Military Base, but with patrols in the surrounding area. However, they have small stations and influence throughout the entire area and are currently targeting Houston for development and takeover. Right now they are fighting with the Remnants for Austin control, and with the Brotherhood for the highly valuable Dallas area.

Remnants of the Master's Army - Their HQ will be the Lincoln Airbase, but their main influence is in the Austin area and are currently fighting with the Enclave to protect it. Meanwhile, there are those in the Remnants who feel bold enough to take on the Brotherhood's control in Dallas as well.

Vault Dwellers - Based in Vault 49, 52, and 58. No problems here.

Wasteland Survivors - Can be based anywhere except the Lincoln Airbase or the El Vista Military Base, since those are controlled by other factions. Shouldn't be too much trouble here...


Raiders try to get as much as they can and generally can be found anywhere, but they generally follow these behaviors:

Jackals - Based around Jonestown and prey off of Jonestown and Edgewood.
Vipers - Based around Dodgetown and Kelpasa and prey off of those two towns.
Khans - Based around Waco, Austin, and Gardelle, and prey off of those towns.

Nighthawk Mercenaries - The Nighthawk HQ, known as the Boneyard, is based in Redrock. However, the Nighthawk Mercs also have outposts in Abilene and a few in Underbridge. However, they have assignments based all over the area.


Katarzyna [Human] – Played by Crystal Momoyia
Crystal Estrada [Human] – Played by White Wolf of the Snow
Jonathan Spire [Human] – Played by Deathspector
Roy Jones] [Human] – Played by CrazyTrainer
Tyler Histenburg [Human] – Played by Niro
Naver Orion/Brett Shepard [Kadabra Hybrid] – Played by Dr Scott
Chime [Shiny Mew Hybrid] – Played by destiymiew
Andrew Julian Bigg [Human] – Played by Ah Beng I the Pikabeng
Clara Dale [Human] – Played by Ah Beng I the Pikabeng
Libra Hooman [Human] – Played by Dr Scott
Logan Stella [Human] – Played by WorkThoseStripes

Jonas Lavigne [Human] – Played by bryceBAM
Araynia Cassandra Nyrin [Human] – Played by Alana Marie
David Archuleta [Human] – Played by Shen
Clarisa “Risa” Llevosa Cayetano [Human] – Played by Tiana M

Blane Walker [Human] – Played by Blane147

Paladin Davion [Human] – Played by skiboydoggy
Paladin Craig Benton [Human] – Played by Neo Pikachu

Ali Ibrahim [Human] – Played by KOR

Jordan Mazacco [Human] – Played by SuperBoy
Kino Kot [Charizard Hybrid] – Played by CloudOfNines
Alex Stryker [Human] – Played by bumblebee16
Monell Lanqueshire [Ho-oh Hybrid] – Played by CloudOfNines

Ezeekyel Novel [Ghoul] – Played by RawrIsMyMiddleName
Garret [Gallade Hybrid] – Played by Brainiac

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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Crystal Estrada
Wasteland Survivor
Dallas, Texas
Crystal kicked a rock and watched as it rolled and bounced roughly over the ground.

Over the last few days, Crystal had been thinking about what she left behind long ago and if it was worth it to leave the vault.

"Yes," she whispered. "No matter the horrors above ground, this place will always be better than living underground."

The seventeen year old kicked rock after rock. Whenever she stepped on something that made a noise, you could see her ears flick. She scanned the piles of worn gravel and the few bits of rubble that survived. Far, far off in the distance she saw the tops of the buildings in Arlington. She turned sharply to the right, not wanting to be in contact with humans.

I seemed that no one understood Crystal Estrada's yearnings to be outside in the place the others had all called 'Hell'. She snorted unintentionally at the thought of how the others had treated her like she was a monster. They should see her now, how much more healthier she was than them because she worked hard. Crystal had recently eaten a meal of the few surviving berries that were prized. She had growled (she made it a blood curdling one) at the person already there, who was obviously severely sick and would die in a matter of hours.

He ran away screaming for his life, saying that a new species of human-looking Pokemon was eating all of the berries. Crystal's prediction of hours had been wrong. He only made it about twenty feet before he dropped. She had eaten all of the berries.

Something around here was very, very strange. She hadn't ran into a Ghoul or anything for at least three days. Crystal's stomach did extreme gymnastics in her body.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Ezeekyel Novel
Houston, Texas
Remnants of the Master's Army
The ghoul stood above the barren desert, his legs sore from walking so far. He didn't realize he's been walking since the beginning of the city. Ezee, as he wished to be called, didn't care about where he was going, either. His last business with another ghoul was walking past one - and that he didn't even stop to see each other. He couldn't bare looking at another ghoul, his trust issues wouldn't let him so.

It's not that he wanted to be alone right now, either, he just didn't feel good. He's been used to being a ghoul, but Ezeekyel didn't know what was in him. He just tuned out the people - or ghouls - around him. The last action with a human either, was chasing one. He wasn't exactly sure it was a human, though, because of his speed. He weeped on his short walk as he had a thirst, like a vampire to blood.

The place was heated, and it was like Ezee could melt in a minute. He hated people's thoughts towards him, even if he did turn them to one of his own anyways. He limped as of now, but it looked more proper than him walking. The dirt blew behind him - constantly hitting his face - and he just wished he would end it all. He could rest, but he didn't even have a particular place to go. There was nothing.

Ezee hated the results of the war. Not being the ghoul, just losing everything he earned himself. Even as a seven-year-old, Ezeekyel worked hard with only himself. The war ruined it all, and Ezee would never forget that. It just hurt him inside he lost it all, he didn't deserve it. And the fact he was a ghoul, and the population of humans left, Ezeekyel didn't like his ruined life, and thought it was the worst thing possible.

Other of his kind would tell him to suck it up, because they had more perfect lives. They didn't understand him. He wasn't sure if anyone understand his point of view. He kept whining about wanting to be a human, to have it all back, but the others didn't care. It was his voice against a million others.

He didn't understand what was his want to become a human anyways. He would lose his life anyways with all of the war. But he just didn't understand how he of all people would become a ghoul. The ghoul-human ratio was imbalanced, and most people still human didn't even deserve it. Some were those top-notch, rich, and spoiled people.

That's why he wished to avenge people, to make more people ghouls. It was unfair on his part, but he would do anything - to let people hear him out and understand him.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Wasteland Survivor
Outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area
The nineteen-year-old looked around. She was making sure that there wasn't anything near her hiding place. Just outside of what was once the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas was her place. She couldn't remember life before being left behind in this wasteland, so she could only imagine. But what she had heard, she didn't want to live in the safety of the vaults.

She turned to her three Pokémon. A male Jolteon, a female Eevee, and a male Raichu were there. She had three others, and they were nearby, but they would come when she called. These three followed her wherever she went. They never stayed in one place for long if she wasn't there.

The fox-like Pokémon jumped onto the brunette girl's shoulder. She rubbed her cheek against her human companion's, and the girl placed her hand on top of the Pokémon’s head. The two electric-types joined the human girl's side.

"So? What are we to do now?" the Jolteon asked.

"We'll head into Dallas and see if we can't find anything that'll be of use to us. If not, then we'll head back here before anyone or anything discovers this place," the girl replied.

"Is that the best plan?" the Raichu asked.

"No, but it's the best I have. We're running low on supplies, so we need more. Now, any objections?"

"I'm a little worried. Anything could find us and find our safety spot," the Eevee barked.

It was true. It was basically a hole in a ground with a rock over it, but it was the best thing they could find. It was safe, for the most part. They couldn't stay there much longer, but they knew that already. They'd have to move to a new place to stay safe, but right now they focused on surviving the moment. With that in mind, they made their way to the old city to see if they could find anything to their benefit.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Alex Stryker
The Nighthawk Mercenaries
Fort Worth, Texas

Alex had been walking around Forth Worth for a while now. He has been waiting for a new mission to come his way. He was on his way to meet up with Rai, his Lucario, when he somthing happening at the park he was next to. There were two teen like people around 17 that held their guns above the heads of two kids, they appeared to be about 15 years. The two older kids started kicking the younger ones. Normally Alex stayed out of this kind of stuff, but he felt like doing something. He removed his sniper rifle that was strapped onto his back and carefully positioned in on the ground. He took aim. At first, killing them was all he had on his mind. The only reason those kids didn't die is because Alex forgot to take the safety off, which never has happened before. During those few seconds of him taking the safety off, many thoughts were going through his head. Normally that doesn't happen until after the job is done, but since the safety prevented the gun from firing it hit him. Instead of killing them, he sent Ion, his Manetric, and paralyzed them instead. Ion didn't say anything. He just nodded and let out a powerful Thunder Wave.

He slowly walked up to the younger teens.

"Get out of here." Alex ordered. He waited until the younger kids were out of sight, then he turned towards the older kids. His sniper was now strapped onto his back and his battle rifle was out, but aimed towards the ground. "You got lucky this time." Alex said and he walked off. He continued heading towards the outskirts of town to meet up with Rai. He kept his battle rifle out in case anything else occured. He also had Ion by his side.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Paladin Davion, Brotherhood of Steel
En Route to Brotherhood of Steel Texas Base

As Davion walked through the wasteland that was Texas, he could only wonder what kind of a miracle would be needed to turn this place into a prosperous state, to transform the blasted lands of the entirety of America into a cohesive nation that any and all could be proud of. There was no doubt that the miracle would be performed by none other than the Brotherhood of Steel, but how it would be done was what interested him. There was so much to do, and so little to do it with. Wiping out the Forgotten Ones and what was left of the Master's Army, cleansing the radioactive waste that had permeated the very soil, and most importantly, rallying all of the Vault Dwellers beneath the American flag.
One thing was for sure, this was beyond the capabilities of any one man. Saving the world was always beyond what one person could do, and hence the Brotherhood of Steel.

Davion had left the base unarmed, dressed in only leather combat armor. That did not bother him however, not in the slightest. There was no beast in the whole of the wastelands that could challenge him so long as he had his Pokemon with him, and he was not foolish enough to provoke the Enclave alone even if he was fully armed. The purpose of his trip had been simple, he had been visiting the settlements while keeping his identity secret in order to gather information on the common folk, people that were not part of the Brotherhood, but were still American whether they liked it or not. He needed to know how they felt about life, how they felt about the Brotherhood, and most of all, what they felt about America.
Naturally, the result had not been reassuring. People were so preoccupied with staying alive that most of them saw political aspirations as a fool's game, and many of them even despised the Brotherhood for their stranglehold against prewar technology that they refused to share. The same could be said about the Enclave, but Davion was not concerned with the Enclave. For all their superior technology, they were fools who did not understand what it was that made America. They saw their power as a natural consequence of their families' high ranks before the Great War, ignoring the fact that America was a democracy, and that was why it was great.

It did not bother him too much though. The people would be brought around in the end, and America would be reborn through the might of the Brotherhood of Steel. He believed in the Brotherhood's ideals, and he believed that they could be achieved. All that was needed was for them to remove all the unnecessary distractions. The Enclave, the Raiders, the Forgotten Ones, the remnants of the Master's Army, they all had to be destroyed. Of that, Paladin Davion had no doubt.

He was about an hour away from base when his thoughts were diverted by the sound of the rumbling of vehicles. There were not many that had access to those, and he was sure that they were not members of the Brotherhood. Davion probably looked like easy prey, alone in the wastelands without any visible weaponry, eyes misted over while being deep in his thoughts. They could not be more wrong.

"Raiders," he snarled in disgust, "the scum of the Earth."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's a little harsh there, ainnit? Not that it matters, since you gonna die here anyways for that insult."

Davion shrugged nonchalantly and summoned all six of his Pokemon to face the four raiders.

It was not even a fight.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Jonathan Spire
Wasteland Survivors
Dodgetown, Texas

Jon supposed he should have been more optimistic.

It was just so damned impossible to think any happy thoughts when surrounded by the remnants of what looked like they were once people's houses, and of what looked like they were once the people who inhabited those houses. The stench of death and decay was rampant throughout Dodgetown. In fact, it was probably rampant throughout all of Texas, America, and the rest of the world. The sun beat down mercilessly from above, scorching all that was foolish enough to linger too long outside the shade, and combining with the residual radioactivity to prevent any flora from growing as it once would have. It was impossible to tell how the people lying around Jon had died. Recently, everything had become so mutilated upon its death, that being ripped to shreds by a Forgotten One, and dying of a heart attack suddenly looked alike.

In post-apocalyptic Texas, dying no longer had any variations. You died and you stayed dead, and that was how it was supposed to be. It did not matter if you tripped and hit your head on a wall, or you killed two hundred Ghouls in the face of opposing enemy fire before being felled by a well-aimed bullet. Death was death, and there was no longer the propaganda to change the facts. The Brotherhood tried their best to bring back what had once flourished in America, but Jon saw them making absolutely no headway. There was no point talking about any other organisation, because they were all acting on their own selfish behalf. In fact, the Brotherhood was currently the only firm faction that Jon had any respect whatsoever for. He only found them fools.

All things considered, Jon was probably too optimistic.

He looked at the M4 Carbine rifle slung over his shoulder and hung in front of his chest and shook his head. As a child, Jon would have abhorred anyone who walked around carrying a gun so visibly, particularly someone with intentions to use that gun without stirring his conscience. But long since had those days past, and now Jon knew that this was his best chance of survival. It would frighten off many weak, prospective enemies, and Jon was always one to welcome such breaks. Anyone trained, however, would not be frightened by the sight of such a weapon, and so Jon had decided he would learn how to use the M4. Apart from probably making his shoulders and eyesight better, it would also train him for the eventuality of a to-the-death fight.

"It's a fool's dream, Seileth," he said, looking over his shoulder at the hulking form on his Arcanine. The red and black wolf nuzzled Jon's back affectionately, and Jon stroked Seileth's soft fur absent-mindedly. "There's no real chance of survival in this hell; and even if we do survive, then what? We'd only live long enough to die."

Seileth snapped. Jon laughed. "I suppose you're right. Live for the moment and all that. Yes, well, I guess I should get down to learning how to use this...thing." He looked at the M4 in disgust. "What should I be aiming for? The window up there? You sure? Okay, I'll give it a go."

Readjusting the rifle, he held it to my shoulder as he had seen professionals do it before. Closing one eye, Jon took careful aim, and with gritted teeth, pulled the trigger.

Five bullets flew out of the nozzle, and buried themselves ten feet below the intended target. Jon, himself, had nearly been thrown backwards by the recoil, and he massaged his shoulder painfully.

"This is going to be a long day."


// The Poet Of The Fall \\
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

OOC: I hate starting but here it goes.

Bane Walker
Small town between Kellpassa and Vault 58

Blane pulled down his Flygon like goggles over his eyes for protection against the razor like sand. Blane grabbed one of his Pokeball and threw it up into the air. A small Marowak started to form but this wasn't like normal Marowaks. This one carried 2 bone clubs and it also had the ability to use Psycic attacks. Blane stopped when he saw the small secluded town appear in front of him, almost like a mirage. Blane looked down at Marowak standing beside him.

"Ok Sandstorm." Blane said as he made sure his goggles were securly fitted. Marowak started to spin both of his bones and a large sandstorm started to grow until it reached the town and beyond. This was Blane's time to get what he wanted, what he needed. Like usual, Marowak stayed on the outskirts of town, ready incase there was trouble. Blane turned around and gave Marowak the usual look and he nodded.

As Blane reached the entrance to the town he was greeted by a couple of villagers with the usual old fashioned shotgun. Blane grabbed a Pokeball from his belt and threw up into the air, releasing a Buizel who was already in a fighting stance. THe villagers kept up there stance while shouting questions at Blane but he continued to walk into the village with his Pokemon by his side. The Sandstorm was still raging when one of the men fired a bullet.

"Water Pulse." Blane ordered and Buizel quickly fired a ball of water straight forward and it hit the bullet charging towards them, causing the water to explode in mid air. When the water cleared, Blane and Buizel had vanished.

"Try all you want but you won't be able to stop me from taking everything you own."

{Avvie and Sig by Me}

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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Kino Kot
Nighthawk Mercenaries
Flying over Dallas, Texas

Kino stretched his wings as he felt the not-so-fresh air pass over them. He felt two minor weights, that by human strength probably would of been considered major weights, on his back. They were his weapons. They were expertly hidden under wear his wings would curl up when he touched down. Because of the pure black of everything on his body, other than his see-able face, things were pretty easy to hide.

Kino then snapped to attention as he noticed his target. This wasn’t an assassination mission, this was more of a... recruiting mission. The target was Crystal Estrada... from the rumors of her, she had driven everyone she had known mad until they had released her from the underground vaults. Such a pitiful state humans were in... they couldn’t even fly! He shivered at that thought. He then looked over his shoulder to see his opposite in many ways, but also the vice-captain of his squad. Monell Lanqueshire (like lonk shire). She was a very trusty person. She was his go-to person and was expert at recruiting missions. She may not have any strength but she definitely had speech.

At that point, he motioned for her to start their descent. On his way down, Kino noticed that some human was running from their target and then suddenly... just died. Crystal probably drove him mad. She would probably be scared to being a jellyfish when she saw two Nighthawk Mercenaries landing by her. At that moment, he and his vice-captain landed on the ground.

Kino did not waste time getting to the point. He had landed directly behind Crystal. “Hello little missy, me and my cohort are from a group called the Nighthawk Mercenaries. Perhaps you have heard of us. Don’t worry, we haven’t come to hunt you down... you haven’t done anything.... yet” Kino said fondly.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Roy Jones
Wasteland Survivor
Houston, Texas

I found myself in town of Houston, Texas. I wanted to get to Austin the states capital but , before I left I needed to say bye to my mom. So I left the diner and went back home. "Hey mom I'm leaving to go on my journey to find my pokemon". "Alright honey you take care of youself". "Roy make sure you accomplish your mission". "I will mom I'll see soon". "Bye Roy". "Bye mom". I then left the house and then went to the barn. I came the guy and said "Hey where Torchic". "Oh he's in the back". ThenI went to the back and got Torchic. "Thanks for watching him". " No problem". I then left the city with Torchic following right by my side. And I then said "Torchic we are going to find your teammates no matter what happens". "Torchic" it replied in happiness. Then I left the city and I headed north to Austin.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

OOC: Lol, CoN. Out of all of the people, you chose me. Is it because of Parody? :O xD

[B]Crystal Estrada
Wasteland Survivor
Dallas, Texas[/B
Crystal heard the two coming from at least three hundred yards, as well as saw and smelt them. She stayed in her position, waiting, acting like she dwasn't aware of the new presence. They touched down on the ground behind her, where she was turned around before they could speak. She scrutinized the two with fierce intensity, then realized they were Nighthawks. Her first thought was:

Why me?, but then she remembered what happened in the vault.

Of course... They think that I am that way. She felt like laughing out loud, but she kept her eyes and face emotionless, but added a hard, cold, glare.

“Hello little missy, me and my cohort are from a group called the Nighthawk Mercenaries. Perhaps you have heard of us. Don’t worry, we haven’t come to hunt you down... you haven’t done anything.... yet,” one of them said. It was very funny, the way they thought.

Automatically, Crystal's lips curled up into a snarl. Her teeth had actually grown sharp. She growled. The funniest thing was that she could easily read their eyes and emotions, and she could know what they were thinking. A grin spread across her face, even while she was still snarling.

They expected her to be scared out of her witts. So funny, yet so foolish. She would be dead right now if she hadn't looked death in the face many times over the years and held her arms out to danger.

"Scared!" she scoffed quietly in an inaudible voice. Then, her voice grew, and her snarling faded.

"Scared, huh? A few years in the wasteland makes the word 'scared' cease to exist. And," she continued, hostility weaving quickly into her voice. "'Missy' isn't my name, anyways."
OOC: If you want to prevent her reading your eyes, you must... I won't say that... Say that you made them emotionless.
.previously known as White Wolf of the Snow.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

OOC: why yes it is my dear nessy.. Also neo, I am using Monell as an npc till shes approved as a char =P.

Kino Kot
Nighthawk Mercenaries
Dallas, Texas

"Scared!" scoffed the girl. "Scared, huh? A few years in the wasteland makes the word 'scared' cease to exist. And," she continued, hostility weaving quickly into her voice. "'Missy' isn't my name, anyways."

Kino laughed at the girls response. He couldn’t help but shake his head in laughter. Monell glared at Kino.

“Of course your name isn’t missy, Crystal Estrada. And we aren’t trying to scare you... in fact we are doing quite the opposite... we have heard of your hostility and believe you would be a nice addition to our group. Either that or would you like facing Kino over there. He may not look like much but he is one hell of a fighter.” Monell stated. This time it was Kino’s turn to glare at Monell. He also knew what she said was true. In truth, it seemed more like he was the brawn of all the operations and she was the smoothtalker that got him out of trouble.

Kino immediately pulled out one of his large guns. The M-60. Heavy Machine... could go a hell of a long time before reloading. Of course, he made his targets into swiss cheese before anything happened to his ammo. He put the gun so that it was barrel down. The whole machine gun was roughly 2/3rds as tall as him. He closed his eyes for a moment and wondered what her expresion would be. Probably not much different from when he had showed up. She was a fierce animal.

Kino smiled as he though of how she would either be an addition to his team soon or just another piece of cheese. Kino had seen many like her in his time of recruiting and none of them had joined. He stilled wondered why Monell had joined his squad. Shino then opened his eyes waiting to see what the girls expressions were.
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Default Re: [RP] Last Rites RP

Wasteland Survivor
Lab compound in Redrock, Texas

Chime was playing on the energy equipment simulator again, but her mind wasn't on it. Rather, it was on a pressing, increasingly urgent problem. Mundane, yes, but important all the same. The abandoned food stores, which had served them so well, had almost run dry. Of course, she had been hoping that it wouldn't have been true, there was some left which they hadn't found earlier. Who was she kidding? They've been in there so long, ever single corner which wasn't in total ruins would have been checked out.

There was only one option for them, really. To leave the safety of this place, their undisturbed hideout. They've already all planned to leave together, since they've have to go sooner or later.
How was the outside like? She couldn't remember. Her first memory was of this place. She had stories, second-hand accounts by the rest, pictures...but they weren't the real experience, it was just not the same.
But time was running out. She might as well get over with this already. She shut of the simulator, and turned to Kismat, and asked the absol: "Ki, if we're going outside, what do we need?"

Kismat looked at her as if she was asking the obvious, and answered dryly: "Whatever you need to defend yourself, and whatever we need to keep alive, like food. And water. Water's not a problem since Hyacinthaceae would be around....but seeing as flippers don't aren't the best things to work with on solid ground, guess we do need pokeballs."

Pokeballs. For some reason, it hadn't occurred to her. There were some lying about the place...
After a little digging here and there, Chime found quite a few, and dumped it in her already-filled bag.

"Right, we can go now, I suppose."

"Took you long enough."
Flariza snorted, and clawed at a black pokeball. "Dibs on this pokeball."
The others followed likewise, and after those who chose to be in the pokeball went in ther respective chosen pokeballs, Chime stowed them away, and followed Kish out.

Despite the radiation, there were plenty of vegetation. Or rather, the radiation could not impede the growth of the thick growth of plants. Plenty enough to provide ample shade from the sweltering sun. Since they did not have any specific destination, Chime just went on in a random direction, and kept at it.

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