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Old 12-04-2008, 01:58 AM
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Default Re: Pokémon, Neo Genesis

Fang barked at the Dratini, only after pouncing its trainer. Casey was frozen in embarrassment. Another trainer and his Houndour tried to stop Fang and save the Dragon Pokemon, but only a second too late. She couldn't believe the comotion her feisty little Growlithe just made. Suddenly, Fang bounded back to Casey, jumping on her back and holding on to her shoulders. The doors to the lab opened and Professor Oak welcomed the trainers.

As the trainers stampeded into the small lab, Fang continued his little piggy-back ride. Casey ran up next to the trainer whom was attacked by Fang. "I'm so sorry about that! still a puppy. His obedience isn't amazing, but I try!" She realized she was getting off topic. "Oh, uh, is your Pokemon okay? Are you okay?" Casey bit her lip. Way to be, Case. First impressions always have to be the best, and I'm studdering in front of a guy!, she thought to herself silently. She wasn't usually this kind, but she was nervous. Casey turned to the Houndour's trainer, giving him a genuine smile. "Thanks for trying, uhm...," she tried to gesture for a name.
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Old 12-11-2008, 10:29 PM
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Default Re: Pokémon, Neo Genesis

Jake bounded across the spongy, green, grass and he sprinted toward the young boy, with Storm keeping pace at his side. When Jake was had cut the distance between him and the trainer in half, he realised he was too late. The young, energetic, canine like Pokemon had tackled the boy in a blur or orange and black fur. The boy’s light blue, snake like, dragon Pokemon expertly dodged the attack by slithering off his trainer’s neck. The dragon only stopped after reaching the ground to give his trainers a bemused look as he lay sprawled over the ground.

An extremely excited young Growlithe barked happily over his fallen prey and then proceeded to bounce back toward his trainer and leap up onto her shoulder. Relief flooded over the young girls face as her Pokemon returned and the young boy picked himself up off the ground. As he dusted himself off his small dragon climbed up his cape re-asserted itself around his neck. Jake finished comprehending the whole situation only to realise he had continued running though out the whole process; luckily his training kicked in and he expertly skidded to a halt, stopping just several meters shy of the bewildered boy.

The boy muttered something to himself, in a voice that was just to quiet for Jake to hear; however, the utterance was completely forgotten as the large, white, doors of the laboratory creaked as they opened, revealing a medium height, greying, man who Jake gauged to be easily in his mid fifties. Jake also noticed the appropriately worn white lab coat, but was a little bit shocked to see that the professor sported a spiked but messy hair style.

“Well then, you all must be here to receive your licenses hmm?” the professor announced, despite the questioning tone, as he turned back and walked toward the lab.

“Here goes nothing,” Jake muttered to himself as he followed the crowd of would-be trainers into the large building.

Excited whispers erupted between the different trainers. Jake laughed to himself as he saw the girl with the Growlithe stammering through and apology to the young boy, and his Dratini, as her face got increasingly redder. Jake was lost in thought when the girl finally gave up and turned toward him.

“Thanks for trying, uhm...,” she said, pausing and gesturing for Jake to give his name.

“Jake,” he replied quickly, trying not to sound awkward “and don’t worry about it. It was mainly because this little guy wanted to make a new friend,” as he motioned toward his young Pokemon, who was happily chasing his stub of a tail.

“What’s your name?” Jake asked the girl.
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Old 12-12-2008, 10:41 PM
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Default Re: Pokémon, Neo Genesis

"Jake," the boy replied. "And don't worry about it. It was mainly because this little guy wanted to make a new friend. What's your name?"

Casey could feel her face become hot. "Casey," she smiled, turning to her Growlithe, whom was still having the time of his life on her back. "and this is Fang. He's a little excited today, too." Fang barked merrily, a silly smirk plastered across his face. Casey giggled quietly. "And if your Houndour still wants to make a friend, Fang here is always willing!"

"And if you want a new friend," her face flushed, holding out her hand. "I'm willing, too!"
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Old 12-21-2008, 05:39 AM
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Default Re: Pokémon, Neo Genesis

Kallen just stood behind the commotion and scuffed her shoes. Skitty have a,"Pew" as to say that she should stop being so anti-social.
"Its not that I don't want to.. Its just I don't know how to act." Kallen thought.
The Door to the laboratory opened and a rather tall man stepped out.
When he asked if we were all here to get our licenses, Kallen tried to agree. Her mouth opened, but no words came out. She sighed, she wished someone could help her out.
"If I had three wishes I'd waste them all on you. I'd wish you away. From me. But as the years flow by and the clock strikes ten; but if you die right now, know that I would die too. You remind me of the times of who I was before I finally met you..
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