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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 11-18-2008, 07:54 PM
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Default Searching For Memories( PG, Drama/Adventure)

( Chapter 1 Uses The Word 'Hell', But Only Once. )

You have no memory of who you are. You wake up in a hospital fully healed, and you know Amnesia has not struck you. You are filled with knowledge, it has taken your memory. You know that you go to Crescent Moon College, Sinnoh and are currently missing your first class. You stare blankly at the nurse.
' What's my name' you ask.
' Why it's' her voice fades, you can't read her lips or your name.'.... Silly! It's time for your dissmisal.' You walk out as your best friend comes to pick you up. He hands you a copy of a book called ' Fire on Death Mountain'. You read the first few pages and like the characters name, Adam Brian Caeter and decide to adopt it. You rember something... painfully... a dashboard, pain, orange mini-van, red. You feel your head, your veins were cut open. You ask your friend where your Poke'mon are. He had apparently left them at the school day-care well you were being healed over the course of the week, they had not been affected in the accident. You then realize the accident, was a car accident, you were driving. You look for a liscense.
' Sorry Bud, burnt up, your liscense was set on fire with the Lamborghini', the car's good though, that's why your taking a driving test.' You rember driving, infact with the new information you could put a car together backwards. You pull into the Driving Test place and get out. You tell the front desk woman your adopted name and she shoes you into the back. You hop into the Mustang used for a test car. Before you are told to do anything you get in, buckle up and take off. You race down, hitting nothing and come back. You get a one- hundred, the teacher left speechless. Your picture gets took for the first time since the accident, for your liscense. He drives you to the Poke'Pound to pick up your beautiful blue Lamborghini' with black stripes. You rev the engine take off.... almost. You don't know how to get to the school.... or anywhere. You search the Lambo and find a Poke'tech GPS. You race down the streets of Jublife City. You reach a corner and your head pulses. Memory.... Dashboard... Pain... Orange Mini-Van... Red.... Red Eyes.... Evil Cackle. CRRRRRRIK! You pull into the Day Care. A nice old woman gives you back six poke'balls, you kindly thank her and walk away. You walk out into a cross-armed team in stupid outfits. They wear a yellow G. Memory.... Dashboard... Pain... Orange Mini-Van... Red.... Red Eyes.... Evil Cackle... Yellow G.
' Who are you?' You scream, knowing now they have something they want of you.' I'll... I'll' You feel something empty, and rember the night fully. You had taken your beloved mother to an orchestra. As you left it was dark. You got in the car and took out to the streets of Jublife. As you drove by the corner of the Poke'center you were hit. You last saw this; Mother... Dead... Dashboard... Pain... Orange Mini-Van... Red.... Red Eyes.... Evil Cackle... Yellow G. You then realize, you'll kill them!
' I'll Kill You, I'll Kill You All!' You yell as you look at them, one of ,what you presumed was a team, were cold- hard killers. You bite your tounge with your K-9 teeth. They would hurt. Wait you would just live on with no satisfaction, your mother would be dead and you would be a killer in jail or running from the law. You had to stay above them, make their life a living hell well you were left with that small bit of utter emptiness. Your best- friend now arrives. It is now fair, your second burst of the knowledge rushes into you. Type-trumps, how to battle it all comes back. You stare at the two, they have a smirk on their face, and you're the one who's going to wipe it off. You fiddle with the poke'ball on your belt, trying to be tough.
' Why don't you see what happens when someone blocks my path' You say acting tough.
' Because We really don't care' Says the boy member being sort of stuck-up.
' That's funny because I could've swore in his the way!" Your friend buts in. He lays a hand on the boys shoulder. You feel that you will have satisfaction for now with just a battle, idiots like them couldn't have done something like that. They know what your thinking as they grab a poke'ball, as does your friend.
You pull out first, straing your hurt voice, ' Come on Infernape' You scream.
' Go Prinplup' Shouts your oppenent, your friend smirks.
' Torterra Front and center!" He yells, and the final person- the girl part of the team- is ready.
' Ha.... Monferno, Go' She throws out your de-evovled poke'mon.
' There's something you should now...' Says your friend with a grin, ' About my parent's... My mother trained only grass... My dad trained only water... And their Torterra( Female) and Empoleon( Male) had this as off spring... so he type trumps fire and water, and fire and grass have no effect on it' It puts a smirk on your face, and wipes it off the team's.
' Slash' You call to your Infernape. It moves forward, scrapping his hand on the asphault. It jumps up and swipes a claw down Monferno's face.
' Iron Tail' Screams your oppenent. The Monferno swings it's tail around as it turns to metal and clocks your Poke'mon on the head. Infernape doesn't feel it, you can tell the tail just flies back as Infernape puffs out his chest.
' Water Beam' Your second oppenent blurts out. Out of nowhere the Torterra pops up and swallows the large beam of crystal-clear, Sapphire-blue beam of water zooming out of the Prinplup's beak.
' Headbutt' Commands your friend who's Torterra, in mid-air, thrusts forward. The bird flinches and rises his flipper. The clash of the two knocks down the Prinplup, and Torterra lands on top.
' Bite' Your friend tells his large Turtle-like pokemon. The Prinplup squirms and yips, as the Torterra nibles on right eye. The trainer now calls the pokemon names like 'Imbosil' and 'Stupid Flightless Bird' . You have stood quite still as the Monferno still strugles to injure your pokemon.
' Flare Blitz!' You finally decide to call out. Your Infernape rises bits of redish-orange fire. They rush down at the lesser pokemon, scolding his skin and burning off his fur. When the barrage is done the pokemon is left with what seems to be third-degree burns, the tail however remains iron. You will let him struggle longer, as he isn't hurt much. Your eyes turn to the other battle. The Prinplup slashes your friend's Torterra who ultimatley feels less pain then a normal one would. Your friend retorts with another headbutt, which hits it's original target. The Prinplup swirls and it's eyes rolled up, suddenly you remember that this is what happens when a poke'mon is knocked out. The Monferno has fell to though, it used to much power trying to severly injure your pokemon.
' Bye' You and your friend say in unison, taunting the leaving team

It is based on you being a guy.
EDIT: Anything, Even Like Someone Telling Me To Discontinue ?

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