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Old 11-18-2008, 03:25 AM
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Default The Water Theme Park

OOC - The following, that which follows the OOC text, is the setting for this RP. Then I will go on to who I play in the beginning. I myself will moderate the RP as the easy guards which you fight at the beginnin, the gym leaders (which everyone will probably beat), random battle requests as random characters to keep it interesting, and then as the referee at the end. I will not be a god mode of any sort and will pretty much let battling happen between the two RPers.

OOC - This doesn't have to center around pokemon battling if you don't want to. You may role play as a specter if you wish. This is purely for fun. Try not to roleplay as Team Rocket or some other evil group to put a quash to the fun, though. I don't want to roleplay as guards and spot every evil doer. Thanks.

_____Situated south of Jhoto and east of Hoenn is an Aqua Them Park. Constructed of intricate innertubes and protected below from puncturing with a glass barrier, the company has yet to describe what method they use to keep the marvelous park up. There are plenty of places to have fun with your friends, family and pokemon. The main attraction, however, is a Tournament within the water park which is inclusive to all pokemon.
_____Cruise and personal vessels are allowed to dock for those simply looking for play. Those that are looking for Pokemon battles must arrive alone with only the help of their pokemon. Typically those who train with fighting pokemon and learn how to swim have no problem making it. They seem to be almost as frequent trainers as those who adore water types. Then there are trainers who simply posses a water pokemon capable of ferrying them across the sea. Also, it is not uncommon for those with powerful psychic pokemon to make the trek across the water harnessing the abilities of their pokemon.

_____For trainers to gain entrance, they must overcome a relatively simple task. A trainer must defeat one of the gate guards to participate.
_____Beyond that, it seems as though the slides, paths, artifical rivers, whirl pools, roller coasters and museum attractions are endless. The only sure thing is the stadium in the center and the three gyms around it. To gain access to the final competition, trainers must defeat one of the leaders who is currently at shift in each of the gyms. The rides and slides tangle themselves around the gyms. Many start from the gyms, even. The paths to the gyms are clearly marked. The only obvious object, really, is the building in the center which is the climax of the event.

OOC - Here is how you enter. If you intend on battling, you have to indicate you're making a treck across a vast waterscape as either a super muscleman or with the help of a pokemon capable of helping. If you intend as roleplaying as a passive cheerleader that knows one of the trainers, roleplay exiting a liner at the dock and awaiting for the arrival of your friend trainer. I will try to smoothe out all rough edges that may occur and fill in any gaps. When you enter a gym, there will usually be another battle going on between a trainer and one of leaders as described by me following your RP entrance of the gym.

_____One of the guards, a slim one, in the right tower looks through the window to his left. From under a consol infront of him, he pulls out a hi-tec monoscope while maintaining his left faced posture. With a light flick of the wrist, the scope extends and is brough up to his left eye. He wispers, but is loud enough for his co-workers to hear, "Yes, I can see a trainer approaching." As he scanns across the ocean's surface, he suggests, "more than one, actually."
_____Another somewhat larger guard holds his weight with the palms of his hands on another console looking through the west window. "I can see the first liner docking!" he shouts as he sees the families, with the children rushing ahead, exiting from the vessel.
_____The water rushes through the slides. The attendees prepare themselves to be at the service of the customers. A couple of whirlpool blowers are activated and the steady increase in their speed demonstrates itself to their operators.

-OOC if you want any sort of other guidance on how to enter this RP, just PM me. Essentially, the battle with the guards is your entrance post... except I don't particularly want you to kill the guard's pokemon in one post. I want to RP, too. Include your sign-up in you're initial approach to the guards. My sign up is this post. I am the the event, essentially... the referee, the guards. I am not in any position to win anything, but to watch you win against me and eachother. It just just below here where I will list who I've recognized as a member of this Role Play group.

((((As a final note: The only thing godly in the RP is the glass on which you walk. You can RP to make a mark, dent, scratch or gush... but you can never penetrate it in any ways. Going under the glass barrier is also pointless.))))

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Old 11-20-2008, 03:33 AM
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Default Re: The Water Theme Park

Character - Michelle

__Michelle stands about 5'7" tall weighing in around 140 lbs. Her brown hair is straight and show no tendency to defy gravity. She is quite athletic and thus enjoys the company of Fighting type pokemon. Her passion, however, centers around water types. Her collection of water pokemon is extensive, demonstrating her passion for these creatures.

__Nothing in particular has shaken Michelle's life beyond tolerable limits. Her affinity for water pokemon can be traced back to her early childhood; she grew up on an Island opposite the side of the mainland with respect to the Water Theme Park. Her parents were involved in an extensive duration of research of the local poliwag. While they miss her, it is understandable to them that her upbringing has brought out an adventurous spirit to see every water pokemon imaginable.

__Michelle currently carries a balance of water, fighting and normal pokemon. Although with easy access to pokecenters throughout the Park, she should have no trouble retrieving and enjoying her other pokemon if so desired.


__Michelle sits with her legs infront, knees near chin high. Patting the back of her wailord, she thinks outloud, "We'll be there quite soon. We don't have much further to go." Friction, her primape, lays relaxed just behind Michelle. It learned quite a while ago that taking too much interest in Wailords blow hole could only lead to undesirable results.

__As the wailord draws near the park, a Mantine emerges just ahead with what appears to be a diver mounted on it's back. The diver asserts, "I am one of the guards. It looks like you'll have to fight me off to gain entrance to the park... if you wish to compete in the matches ahead."

__"Very well then," Michelle candidly says, "what kind of match will we be having, then?"

__"A one on one. You may choose any pokemon in your attempt to defeat my Mantine." The diver stand up on his pokemon's back and backflips to dive into the water. He surfaces behind, looking up at Mantine, "ready, Mantine?" It nods.

__"Well, I will show you no mercy." Michelle grabs a pokeball from a cute light blue pouch that hangs on silk lace from her shoulder. "Meet Bibarel, a very diverse and reliable pokemon." She holds forth the ball, squeezing, initiating the beam. Forth of the wailord appears a bibarel. "I havn't decided on a name other than what he is yet... I've not had him for very long. He is quite powerful, though." Bibarel swims and ducks into the water quite dextrously.

__"The rules are that once once you initiate an attack, the battle begin!" shoulds the diver.

__"Bibarel, please begin with a thunder wave." Bibarel is at this point emerged deep beneath the water. He can hear michelle, however, and within seconds is beneath Mantine with its arms in the air. Waves of static energy penetrated from it's body, into the air, and quite readily strike the Mantine. The battle ensues.

__Back in the right tower, one of the guards point out the match. "Hey look! It's underway. The first trainer has arrived to prove themselves worthy of the events." He physically points down, but is then shoved foward as all the other guards gather around his position to gain optimal view of the comotion. Of course Michelle wins and enters soon after. The all then gra their monoscopes to scan the horizon to look to see how many more trainers will attempt their way into the tournament.
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Old 12-26-2008, 05:52 PM
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Talking Re: The Water Theme Park

Character - Mia

__Mia stands around 5'7". Mia's raven black hair is long and flows down to the small of her back. She has around an average body type and lived in a home around contest pokemon so she is used to haveing cute and small pokemon. even though shes used to cute pokemon she adors the dark, fire, fighting, and dragon type pokemon. her pokemon of every type so she finds no trouble getting where she wants or needs to go.

__the only problems shes had in the loss of her father at the age of 6. her attraction to dragon and dark type can be traked to her fathers Charizard, houndoom, and Flygon witch helped her get over the loss of her father. as for her attration to fighting type can be traced to when she got lost in a blizzard near her home of Snowpoit city when a wild medicham saved her life ever sence she respected and adored them.and for fire type is tahnks to her grandfathers Macargo with was always so nice to her. even though she's so far from home she still shows the courage at she got thru all the years of liveing in a town surrounded by a constent bilzzard.

__Mia currently carries 2 dragon pokemon a Absol given to her by her mother, a grass type, a water type, and lastly a fire type she raised from an egg. showing her pride to her family roots


__sits ontop of her Garydos as it sims across the infinate water as the waterpark comes into view "where almost there Gyaydos full speed ahead!!!" she boasts with a big grin on her face.

__Garydos lets out a mighty roars as a man ontop of a Salamance stops them "Hold it there Girly if you want to get entrace you'll have to defeat me!" stated the man

__Mia suddenly lets out a sqeel as she sees the Salamance "your Salamance's wing's are so adorable" she says starstruk

__"Um are we going to battle or not?" asked the man. Mia shaks her head as she snaps out of it.

__"Sorry about that sure lets do this!" she said enlargeing an ultraball "okay it's show time Kingdra!"she exclaimed as her kingdra emmerged form the ultraball.
Name: Mia Hondo
Age: 17
hometown: snowpoint city, sinnoh
ht: 5'7"
hair: raven black hair
skin: cream
eyes: sky blue
clothing: black tank top, light blue skirt w/ black shorts, red running shoes, pink stockings, white bandanna, black fingerless gloves
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Old 12-26-2008, 06:01 PM
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Default Re: The Water Theme Park

You need an SU thread for people to join your RP. Then, once you have people in your RP, you can begin the actual RP. Ok?
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