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Old 11-15-2008, 07:20 AM
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Default A thought.

“Hmm,” Chi calculated. He was a Cubone, a small, Ground-type Pokémon with a skull helmet. In one hand was his Bone Club. The opposite was scratching his chin. His eyes were shadowed. He was resting cross-legged at the peak of a high cliff. He glanced up, and there were clouds for as far as the eye could see. Behind him was the churning chaos. It was a deep chasm that he dared not enter. At this point, he thought had little choice. He took one last look at the sky. It was half past noon. The Cubone then turned his attention to Rai, “We have only a few berries left. Our scarves are in tatters. Turning back now, is it the better option? Even then, will we even make it back?” Chi paused, “But, that Rare Bone, I want it. Such a bother, adventuring.”

He was a Pichu. He was a small, Electric-type Pokémon with wide eyes. He wasn’t as calm or collected as Chi. Instead, he paced back and forth. His cheeks jolted with electricity. His eyes began to sparkle. Suddenly, he stopped his pacing and faced the Cubone. The Pichu pointed his stubby hand into the sky and declared, “No! It’s the challenge that drives us forward! The dawn of an adventure - this is but one of many hardships we must overcome to solidify ourselves!” Already, tears were rolling down his cheeks as he spoke. Rai sparkled with hope. His adventurous spirit, his undying curiosity drove the platoon. Unmotivated, yet tactical Chi and passionate, yet dim Rai - they completed each other, and in that sense, they were the perfect team.

Give me your hand.” Ordered Chi. He had an idea. He stood, facing the steep drop. Those outbursts, they bothered him. Since the duo met, they annoyed him to no end. Even now, his left eye twitched. He imagined himself bashing his club fiercely against Rai’s face. That thought was disrupted when he felt the warmth of a Pichu stub against his extended hand. The Electric-type was always ready to comply. Chi suddenly tightened his grip on Rai. He turned toward the towering rock. No second thoughts! “Observe. That is the peak. There is a ledge beneath the peak that leads into the caverns. I imagine that there should be a fissure that should drop you into a chamber at the base of the mountain with my Rare Bone. As we ventured up, we were constantly finding ourselves going around a hollow column. Assume that column is a passageway, and it should lead into an opening beneath the base where the treasure is hidden.” Chi paused, lifting Rai onto his shoulder, “Understand? It is a steep fall, and there’s a chance I’m wrong. But then, adventuring is all about chance, isn’t it? Let your adventurous spirit run wild."

Chi laughed. Rai frowned.

I always wondered how Pokémon would behave if given the chance of independence. This work would follow the Platoon of a Cubone and a Pichu. The Cubone, Chi, is cynical, yet tactical. The Pichu, Rai, is adventurous, yet dim. Other characters would appear as the work progresses. The passage I posted was just a small introduction for the duo. I always wanted to write a fiction where the main characters clash constantly. I want to express some fun humor with Rai. I want to test my tactical wit and creativity with Chi. I want to see how I’d act those two behaving together. As you read, I imagine Chi caring less about Rai, but Rai clinging to Chi regardless. But then, maybe Chi really does care. Tbh, I haven’t figured that one out. Either way, I’ve wanted to try something like this for sometime now. I never actually wrote a Pokémon fiction before, so I’ll see how this turns out. ^_^

Edit: Using the same color as Chi's dialogue wasn't done on purpose. This is just the color I like using. :/
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Old 11-16-2008, 09:09 AM
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Default Re: A thought.

Hey, are you ever going to put this up? I've been waiting ever so patiently.

And you know I really liked the idea.

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