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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default You Can't Erase What You Are *One-shot*

You Can't Erase What You Are

The crimson tide, it ebbs then sways away. Just like my life, how my life was snatched away by a black-hearted demon, though I'm now really one to talk.

Even before I became this...thing, my life wasn't exactly one any teenage would wish for. Hang LeAnn in the room? This story always makes her sad..., even as a human, people have always thought my eyes looked "sinful". I didn't get it. I didn't get why people called me a monster and pelted me with acorns.

I heard two kids, Bijou and Merle, bickering about something. I knew it was about me, though I heard the middle of the conversation.

If you didn't know, I have amazing hearing, so I heard Bijou when she said this "lie", "...Just like his mother, that's what he'll be like." I felt my blood boil and my heart froze; I didn't even KNOW my mother! How in the world of worlds could I be like her?

I inched forward more to hear, but then the kids stopped talking and they hesitantly turned my way, "Ah, non! It's the vampire!" Merle screamed. "Course! Course! It's the vampire!" This caused a ruckus, and all the kids scattered. They didn't actually see me, it was my eyes that gave me away; they pretty much glow in the dark.

By the way, I never, EVER cry. But I do get angry. And I already was angry, and the kids had only made it worse. Did I tell you my heart was frozen? Well, no more. It was a shard of pure ice. No longer a beating heart, but actual ice. And, even though I wasn't a vamp at this time, I still felt the longing to hurt them, to hurt them like they hurt me. I'm not evil, I swear. I was just angry...and hurt, and confused. Nonetheless, the kids would pay.

At this point in my story, most people think I am insane. Well, I'm not. But after ten years of being called a monster and pelted with acorns, I had finally had enough. Before I concocted my revenge, I wanted to know right then and there the kids problem with me.

My house is very, very old, but it is, or was, a nice house. A shattered Egyptian vase lies on the floor where the cat had knocked off of the table several days ago. The attic in my house was the first place I thought of to look about my past, or rather my families past.

The attic, on the inside, was very dusty and covered in mold. Several spider webs spun in various shapes and sizes hung from the ceiling. I love spiders. Why? Because they don't call me a monster and they know what it's like to be stepped on.

There were several boxes in the attic, but one in particular caught my eye. It was labeled Mere's Memoires. In French, that means Mother's Memories.

Of course, I immediately opened the box. Several books and small toys that I recognized were in the box, but one had a certain title that struck me: Ambre's Diary. I knew in the instant that I saw it that it belonged to my mother. I skipped through it until I found this date: July 27th, 1865. This journal entry was from exactly twenty years ago today. It read:

Today is the day of the execution. I cannot run, for it will mean that they will kill my baby, Aile. I will not allow that, for they vowed that if I go through with the execution, they would keep my son alive. Though, for my execution, they will not hang me, nor send me to the guillotine. They will burn me. That is my fate for being a vampire. I just hope that the people treat my son better than they treated me.

I told my husband to tell Aile when he was older that I had died of a horrible disease. I hope Aile never finds out the truth of my horrible demise. I love you, Aile. Goodbye.

My hands began to tremble and I felt the salty water roll slowly down my cheeks. Yes, I know I said I didn't cry, but these weren't tears of sadness. These were tears of anger. Pure hatred, hatred I would take out on the people who mistreated my mother and I. I now knew why everybody hated my mother and I so much. It wasn't fair we can't erase what we are! The people would feel my wrath tonight...

At exactly eleven-O-clock PM, I began my evil plot. I stalked around the neighbors house. They felt my presence. They knew someone, or something, was watching them. They feared me, and I knew it.

"M-mother?" A female voice called out hesitantly. I grinned a horrifying grin at the thought of this young girl being terrified of me. I was about to bust through the window and possibly strangle her, or perhaps make her die a slow and painful death, but then I froze.

Something was here. Something other than me. I could smell it, and I knew it was near. Suddenly, the window above me shattered and a black shape flew in. A bat? I wondered. But it didn't smell like a bat. It had no pulse, no blood, and no heart.

I leaped through the window in time to see a black-haired man holding the young girl by the neck, teeth lodged in her jugular. The creature looked at me, and...his eyes...looked just like mine. Those eyes everyone called "sinful". The creature leapt at me and, after a loud shriek of terror escaped my lips, sunk it's teeth into my neck. I knew immediately after the creature sunk it's teeth into my throat that it was a vampire, and that I would become one soon.

"Ma fille!" A voice shrieked. The girls' mother was in danger. I wanted to call out to her, tell her to run, but I could not. The terrifying creature threw me to the floor and left me writhing in pain as he attacked the girls' mother.

Several hours later, I woke up. I felt normal, I think. For some reason, as I saw the two corpses on the floor, I didn't nearly vomit, which would have been a reasonable reaction.

No. Instead, I felt something else. A burning feeling blazed up my throat as if someone had lit a match in it. It hurt. This was a knew kind of pain I had never experienced. I thirsted for blood. I had to get out.

I jumped out the broken window. I ran to my house, just for a moment, to tell my father goodbye, "Papa! Papa!" I cried out in distress. He ran out carrying a gun with him.

"Papa..." I began. He looked into my eyes and dropped the gun, his hands trembling. He backed away from me.

"Partez..." He screamed. "Partez!" He was telling me to get away from him. I understood. My eyes must have been to much. I would not hurt my father. This was no longer my home. He didn't love me anymore, he feared me, and I could smell it.

This made the burning feeling rise, rise to a point that I could not handle. I slipped down into a crouch similar to a lions'. I licked my lips hungrily, and my father backed away. I stalked forward, and my father screamed once more, "Obtenez a partir de moi!" He cried. He was telling me to get way again, this time more serious. His cries were futile, sadly. I lunged at him, his agonizing screams falling on deaf ears as I sunk my teeth into his chest.

I never returned home after that. I stayed in a ghost town by myself. An old mansion on a hill was my home. That is, until I met LeAnn.

I was surveying the city, making sure there was nothing amok, which there never was. I saw LeAnn wandering around alone, her brown eyes wide and afraid. The wind ruffled her chocolate brown hair as she made her way through the streets.

This many years later, so I was well in control. But I decided to give her a scare. I snarled quietly, and she walked a bit faster, so apparently she had heard me.

She turned into an alley, which lead to a dead end. This is perfect! I had her cornered here. I jumped onto a trash can and snarled loudly. She leapt back in surprise. She saw my teeth, and knew immediately that I was a vampire.

I chuckled and stood up, seeing I had succeeded in scaring her. I apologized, explaining that I had only wanted to have some fun.

She stared at me angrily for a moment, but then calmed down, "Where are your parents?" I asked her.

"I wish I knew..." She sighed. I looked at her sympathetically. She met my gaze. "You know a place to stay?'

I nodded. "Come with me." I led her to my "Home Sweet Home" on top of the hill. LeAnn trusted me, and that made me happy.

I looked at her, "So it doesn't bother you that I am a vampire?" I asked her.

She smiled at me, "Well, you can't erase what you are."

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