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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 11-04-2008, 04:01 PM
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Default Party and Happy

Party: Huuuuuhh! I want to form a partnership with someone for a team so badly!
Party walked forward. “I am a mew in need of a partner,” Party froze, “maybe a legendary, or a normal pokemon! I just want to form an exploration team!” Party went on forward to The Hill of The Ancients. It is said that if you were to stand on the hill, anything could happen. On the hill lied The Tree of Beginnings and Endings. BOOM!
”What was that?” There was smoke all over the place.
Right out from the center of the smoke, a figure emerged. Party hid behind the hill.
Happy: Whew! That battle was harsh! My Groudon nearly fainted! Go Groudon! Waah! I’m a pokemon! How did this happen!
“Is something wrong?” “Who are you?” “I am Party the Mew. I live in Platinum Town.”
Happy: Oh well I’m Happy.
“I know.”
“How do you know me?”
“Well it says here on the story we are in that your name is Happy the Celebi. Right?”

Party: Would you like to form an exploration team with me?
“All right then let’s go to the guild.
“Guild master!”, screamed Party, “I want to form an exploration team!”

Guild Master: So who is this Celebi?”
“This is Happy!”
“OK. What do you want your team name to be?”
“How about………….. PokePartiers!”
“OK PokePartiers! Off you go on your adventures! Here is your room, treasure bag and equipment.”
”OKEE DOKEY! Let’s go and find a place to set up camp!”
”Why go and camp out if we already have a room in the guild?”
” Oh yeah! Let’s go find that room then!
” So here is the room! Number 7 million! Whoa! This is going to be very tiring to go all the way from here to the center of the guild!”
*Groans* “Since when did Charmanders get the voices of Explouds?!”
“All right! You are to report to the center of the guild. You are allowed make a hole to travel faster! GO, GO, GO!

” All right everyone get to work! Team PokePartiers come here! OK so I want you guys to go and save a little Jigglypuff from a valley that is far, far away.
*Imitates Shrek’s voice* “We are going far, far away!”
”Well anyway I want you to go and rescue Jigglypuff. Got it?
”Got it!”
”Got it!”
” So let’s get going!”
” All right! Here we are!”
Happy’s stomach rumbled.
” Awww! Did we pack the bag before we left?
” Yaahhhh…… No. We didn’t pack a thing.”
”Why didn’t you pack anything!?”
” You see……..uhhhh…. ok! Fine! I admit I am dead broke! Zilch! Zilch! Zilch! No money! Let’s go in now.”
PokePartiers walked into the cave. Meanwhile in another building.... other things were happening.
”What should I do know super awesome, mega, ultra dumb, knucklehead overlord! What should I do know?
” You forgot the numbskull part at the end! Well never mind that! Anyway there are some intruders. Get them and bring them to me. Go! Now!
Party and Happy walked on. They found some stone steps and ran up them. At the top were 10 more staircases. After they made a mad dash up the staircases they ran up straight. Then left. Then right. Directly at the end of the the hall they stopped. Party peeked through a hole in the ceiling, a few seconds earlier he heard a cry for help. They tried their best to find a way up. MEGA PUNCH! SOLAR BEAM! A split second after Party’s mega punch, made contact, Happy’s solarbeam slammed into the ceiling and blew it away! They quickly but silently jumped through the hole in the ceiling to find a Jigglypuff strapped to a rock with vines! In front of the Jigglypuff was a silver Riolu! Riolu was battling a giant Machamp!
“You’ll never get me alive Machamp!”
”I didn’t trap this Jigglypuff for nothing!
”That’s my cousin! I wish I had more power!”
Instantly after Riolu said those words Machamp collapsed, smoke fuming and floating all over! After the smoke cleared away out emerged…. Party and Happy!
“Who are you?”
”I am Party the Mew. This fellow next to me is Happy the Celebi. We are an exploration team called PokePartiers. We came to rescue a Jigglypuff. Well anyway what’s your name? And why did you come here?”
” I am Jolly the silver Riolu. Since I’m silver instead of blue I can learn a bunch of awesome moves that other Riolu can’t learn like Aura Sphere. And this Jigglypuff is my cousin Jumpy.”
Along with Jolly, PokePartiers rescued Jumpy. Jolly and Jumpy went on to become members of PokePartiers. Later after they got back to the guild, there was a new sign on the outlaws’ board. The guild master’s eyes opened so wide they looked like they might fall out of their sockets! The bulletin board had a very vicious outlaw’s face on it, Bannete and his crew of Shuppet had broken out of jail.

Read my next story to find out what happens to PokePartiers!

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