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Old 11-01-2008, 06:49 PM
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Default The Fanfic Commercials Thread

*audience groans* I know, I've been making too many threads on here. ;3

I don't know if there is another thread like this. If there is, feel free to lock.

I think all of us crazy fanfic writers have imagined a commercial for our fics at least once (I know I have). So what if we post them on PE2K in one handy-dandy thread? I think it would be fun, and to have a commercial for every fanfic would be cool. So here it is, the Fanfiction Commercial Thread! (Yes, I got the idea from Serebii.)

As for mine...

Music: the Gritzy Desert Theme

The screen is black, before lights begin flashing across the screen as if you were in one of those lit tunnels in New York City.

They flash over a few figures, illuminating their faces: First a Raichu, then a Persian with a blue gem. A Magneton with a blank expression, and Mesprit looking annoyed. A girl around thirteen with long, blond hair, a boy of the same age with messy brunette hair... It begins to slide to the next scene, before a voice is heard and the music screeches to a stop. "No. Stop there." The light turns off, showing a slightly visible silhouette of a man with spiked hair.

The scene zooms out, to be replaced with what looks like a cave of some sort.

"Hey!" A female voice exclaims. "There it is!" A Persian on her hind legs comes into focus.

"Really? It actually exists?" A Raichu flicks in, as well.

"Wait..." Another voice, this one sounding more mechanical, mutters. "Kris, Caro, stop. That's not what you're looking fo-" The voice is cut short by a blast of white light...

The music stops once more. Three silhouettes, a Persian, Raichu, and Magneton are falling vertically. The shapes flicker for a moment, before disappearing altogether. In their place, new shapes come into focus; a teenage girl and boy, as well as a grown man. The human silhouettes fall of the screen.

Black words begin to show themselves on the stretch of white...

The Galaxy Key
Remember me?

An emotionless voice speaks, before the screen fades: "And you thought being the good guy was hard."

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)

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Old 11-01-2008, 08:43 PM
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Default Re: The Fanfic Commercials Thread


Music: "Thunder Rolls" -Garth Brooks

The screen is black, before a feminine voice begins to speak. "Have you ever seen a storm?" The view zooms out to show a black thunderstorm approaching.

"No...You have not. The storm I talk of is one of unimaginable darkness, overwhelming evil...Approaching at horribly fast speeds. Nay, it is not a thunderstorm. It is the end...And it is coming."

Suddenly, the screen flashes to the appearance of a sky blue hedgehog, who smirks. Then, the words appear, in dark purple, "How do you defeat an enemy-" shadowy wolves appear over a hill looking down on the camera "-when that enemy is also your friend?"

The music stops as the camera zooms in to view a purple hedgehog with a blue aura.

The music stops as the words (still in purple) appear on the now black screen "Betrayal." An insane blue hedgehog is tackling a humanoid figure, who has put her arms up to block.

"Love." The view is now of a black hedgehog breaking free from a strange machine and turning into a lare dragon, who lunges at the camera.

"And a force so strong-" A blob of shadows begins forming into a wolf like shape over huge buildings before proceeding to lift its head to the sky and howl.

"-not even Sonic can stop it!" A gold hedgehog is thrown into a building, emerging from the dust before collapsing.

A quick flashing of cutscenes involving fighing scenes ensues, before the music raises to a final pitch, showing the gold hedgehog and the sky blue hedgehog flying at each other, fists pulled back before launched and colliding in a burst of energy.

The SonicX logo ensues...With the words "Dark Storm" underneath in purple. A green emerald sparkles into position about the "r" and "k", while a closed eye and spear form up the side of "Dark". Suddenly, the screen flashes and thunder cracks, and the spear penetrates the side of the emerald while the eye opens to reveal a red slitted pupil. Also, lightning trails down from the "t" in "Storm".

With the music still stopped, the words fade out to show the same humanoid figure looking down at the black hedgehog. She speaks in the same voice as the one in the beginning...

"The question is, Shadow, not if we can defeat the storm...It is whether or not we can survive it."

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Old 11-01-2008, 09:27 PM
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Default Re: The Fanfic Commercials Thread

I LOVED that commercial Grassy. I'd want to watch that over and over and over again!

Music:A darker version of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeons theme

The screen shows nothing but blackness. What seems to be lightning flashes, and a boy who is a Riolu Pokemorph suddenly comes on screen and fades with the light. Then a similar lightening order insues, with a Turtwig instead. This happens with all of the characters, the faces coming on faster and faster. It and the music ends with a dark shape with glittering eyes, laughing evily. He fades away.
A voice is saying "The classic battle...between good and coming to the brink of the end.
A monolouge of scenes from the movie come on, ranging from meeting Liana, kicking Gardevoirs butt, having Casey being tortured, Kris screaming in her cell, Kairi dying and Sora crying over her, Mitsumae having a fight with Liana, and Joshs first kiss. *spoiler!*
All the while the voice says, "This team of Pokemorphs and Pokemon must fight...for themselves, for others, and for the universe."
It stops, and a scene is showed when Josh is looking at the screen and says, "I'm going to save the world!" Liana pushes his head down and says, "We're doomed."
'The Rest of the Story' comes on the screen. The voice says,
"You know the begining,
You know the middle.
But do you know
the End?"
The music stops, and the title stays on the screen for moments before fading away.
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Old 11-04-2008, 02:41 AM
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Default Re: The Fanfic Commercials Thread

Theme Song

A teen with glasses and casual clothes sits by a tree and is moping.

The screen turns black, and in bold white letters.

"What would you do if everything came back to you..."

"All at once?"

Setting changes to a living room. Max is yelling at his mother, "Ever since dad died, I don't know how I could possibly... Feel."

The music fades, and the screen turns black.

She replies. "Sweetie... you have no idea how everything could go wrong... in only a matter of seconds."

Music fades back in.

Five men are in a white room, surrounding a table. The eldest one, in a hovering chair, says "The boy is a problem. He's been reeling in ally after ally."

The one in red replies, "We have nothing to fear; all those that join him are those that run away."

Music builds.

The middle one, the one in gray, smiles, and replies. "Which makes it all the more interesting."

As the music intensifies, an army of Pokemon surround Max and the man in gray. The man tells Max, "It's impossible to resist."

All of a sudden, a golden Pokemon intervenes, and an explosion roars across the plains.

Then, it all goes back to Max at the tree, this time holding a Cherish Ball.

Then, the screen grows dark. Max whispers. "It will all change... won't it?"

Music stops.


I plan to work on this before I start posting, so... I hope you will look out for this.
The Professor of Pokémon Elite 2000.
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