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Old 10-22-2008, 01:24 AM
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Default CROSSROADS;; The PE2K Fanfic Exams!!

The PE2K Fanfic Exams!!

A girl sat at a computer desk. She was not any older than thirteen, but was almost 5'10 in height. She pushed her thin glasses up the ridge of her nose, and glanced over the line of text displayed on her white Macintosh laptop.

She was skimming the Fanfiction section of the PE2K forums, a frequent hobby of hers. Disappointed that her own fiction had gotten no comments after almost a week and a half of new chapter content, she began to lurk around Wikipedia to read about Naruto for some unknown reason.

After reading Wiki's summary out of boredom, she snatched a random issue of the manga off of the shelf in her room. Flipping through it, she smiled; this was the Chunin Exams, one of her favorite parts of the story. Thinking about what had happened in the Chunin (Journeyman Ninja) Exams in the early volumes of the manga, she glanced back up at the screen, and back down to the book in her hand.

An idea began to form...what would happen if she got permission from all of the authors here, and put their characters in a situation much like the Chunin Exams, competing for the title of PE2K's best fanfiction? She soon got a suggestion to turn it into a roleplay, and she has been plotting it out with other fanfic writers. Soon, they had everything sorted out.

But, this brilliant whim needed a name. So she, who was named Giratina, mulled it over and soon came up with "Crossroads: The PE2K Fanfic Exams!!" To keep in the Naruto spirit, she added in two exclamation points, instead of one as would be the literate way.

Satisfied with her work, Giratina created one thread on PE2K's Fanfiction Sign-Ups board... little did she suspect, the impact this would have was much larger than she could have ever imagined.

Cells (Teams);;

Cell 1 (Team Semi-Galactic (Mesprit made it up to poke fun at Cyrus)): Mesprit, Caro, Kris, Cyrus
Cell 2 (Team Altura):Rathios, Colleen, Dustan, Celebi
Cell 3 (Team Paradox): Lusankya, Alana Marie, Lunar, Casey
Cell 4 (Team Stormbringers): Baraka, Carnage, Nazo, Aggranium
Cell 5 (Team My Four Characters):Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Venom, Cody
Cell 6 (Team Brisingr Oro): Zanna, Altair, Haseo, Scooter
Cell 7 (Team Death Dealers): Shock, Alana, Razor, Whirlwing
Cell 8 (Team Dream): Josh, Chance, Liana, Gardevoir the Shadow Queen
Cell 9 (Team Stars Will Lead The Way): Harmony, Wildfire, Starlight, Maylon

If I messed these up, please don't hesitate to tell. ^^

RULES (Yeah, yeah. You hate 'em. I know.);;

1. Please, for the love of Arceus, don't join if you're not on that list of Cells. (That means you, Venonat.)
EMO2. Dude, what happened to him?
3. Do your best to give your characters weaknesses. If they have weaknesses just about everywhere, so be it. JUst no invincibles, please!
4. Be nice.
5. No god-modding (controlling a character that is not your own) or powerplaying (dodging every attack with ease and then throwing in ten strikes a second later, giving the other person no time to react before you send out the next barrage).
6. Have fun. This is for fun, and I'm not so keen on strict rules. Just follow these guidelines and you'll be fine!


The beat of wings was drowned out by the air whistling through the three humans' ears. They had received an invitation to a tournament to decide the best fanfiction in the realm of PE2K - how characters fighting it out would decide the best, they were clueless.

One human was riding on the back of a Honchkrow, one holding on to the legs of a Golbat, and the third clinging for dear life to a Crobat's body. The one riding the Crobat was the only female in the group, looking to be about fourteen. Her hair was blond, and about down to her shoulderblades. It flapped behind her every which way, soaring in the wake of her flying Pokémon. Her eyes were a deep blue, setting out against her cream shirt and white pants. Brown leather boots were situated on her feet.

The Golbat rider had hair that looked like it was a brunette color. It was scruffy and disheveled, lashing out in every direction - almost like electric sparks. He was wearing an orange long-sleeved shirt, with brown stripes across the back as well as a slash of yellow down the middle. Legs adorned with blue jeans that were slightly too large for him were crouched near his body, to make it easier for his mount to soar.

The third, the man on the Honchkrow, was much more familiar. His hair was shorter than the others, and it was a strange color blue. Slightly narrowed gray eyes set out on a pale face that betrayed no emotion... at all... it was sort of creepy. His white shirt was covered up by a slightly tattered gray jacket, with two thick yellow stripes near the bottom. Though you couldn't see it covered by the black sleeves, there was a small yellow G logo on his chest, and another on the back of the jacket. His pants were nothing special; just black pants, and gray shoes.

"When are we going to get there, anyway?" The girl, named Kris, mused. "It should be just ahead... right?" The younger boy, Caro, commented. Cyrus, the man on the Honchkrow, nodded silently. He brought Honchkrow into a descent, which the Crobat and Golbat tailing him mimicked as well. "It was a long way to get here..." Honchkrow sighed. (I know. Pokémon can't speak English. But these three could understand Pokémon, much to the bystanders (and Pokémon's) surprise.

"No matter. We're nearing the destination, so keep quiet." Cyrus said at last. Caro rolled his eyes, and ducked in closer to Golbat. As they all descended onto the alien planet, a pink-and-blue creature hovering a few feet above the ground watched with disgust.

"What?!?" Mesprit spat. Her head was large, with a pink decoration adorning it, as well as four pink appendages sticking out at the sides and back of her head. A crimson-rd jewel shone in the center, above yellow eyes that were burning with rage. Her body was not humanoid, but two arms stuck out on either side and short legs were scrunched up into a curled position. Two tails, each tipped with spikes and another crimson jewel, lashed violently. She had a slight air of sleep deprivation about her.

"What in the name of Arceus are they doing here?" She growled. "Yuck... I'll need to see their faces for another few weeks. The only reason I accepted this stupid thing was to get away from the stupid planet and not need to deal with them, but what do I get?"

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)

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Default Re: CROSSROADS;; The PE2K Fanfic Exams!!

Koron was standing in the Multiversal Atrium, an expansive, dimly lit, circular room with a low, round ceiling, covered in dark, green and black rectangular stones the size of pizza boxes. The only light in the room emanated from a hologram in the center of the room that stretched from ceiling to the floor. It had a shape not unlike that of a Christmas tree, conical and made up of an uncountable number of glowing white branches that split, joined, and split again, each tipped with a glowing bead of a single color, red, green, yellow, blue, and every other color imaginable. The branches were arranged around a central column, the "trunk" of the tree, so to speak, that sank its nonexistent roots into the floor. At the tip of the "trunk", and hence the tree, sat a glowing red sphere, roughly three times the size of the lesser beads.

Koron hefted his book, a massive tome that weighed in the double digits, tapped his fingers on his tongue then proceeded to flip through the pages. The sound of the fluttering of paper was the only sound in the atrium, and it made even the soft swishes echo loudly within the chamber.

Ah. There was the page. The letters on the page glowed white, then quickly rearranged themselves into alien characters, a series of swishing black lines, dotted with symbols that stretched across each page. The Kurumai language was a beautiful thing.

With a loud snap that resonated within the room for several seconds afterwards, Koron shut the book and pushed his large, heavy glasses, circular and black, up his nose. "Baraka." he called out into the room, a soft noise, barely above a whisper. His voice, despite the volume, was soft delicate sound that somehow resonated with a deep power, like a flower concealing within the seed of a sequioa.

A man appeared within the room. His head was capped with a dark brown mass of spikey hair, like he was wearing a hedgehog on his skull, and he was dressed like a 21st century biker in the universe he was born in. Black leather jacket and pants covered a white T-shirt and muscles stringy and thin, but powerful enough to contend with the best, and bones as tough as diamonds. His eyes almost glowed red in the dim light, brimming with intelligence and cynicism, and his face possessed a weathered look, like that of a pale stone in a windy desert. This man's name was Baraka. Any other names he might have had passed away eons ago.

"Yes?" Baraka queried the man who had called him, stroking the brown fuzz growing on his chin. The voice was a deep, pounding sound, like the roar of ocean waves crashing upon rock, and it echoed deeply in the Atrium.

Koron smiled, a weary expression that crinkled the lines of his face. It was the face of a young man, but it concealed a mind ancient beyond comprehension. "You have been entered into the Crossroads Tournament under Team Stormbringers," Koron informed Baraka, "Your partner is Carnage. Report to Teuful when available."

Baraka snorted. "Carnage? We'd be more likely to defeat ourselves, let alone another team. And two people does not a team make. How did you get the Skiathos to let Carnage go anyways?"

Koron opened his tome and looked down at the letters, now glowing green. "The normal rules of the multiverse have been temporarily suspended. The Skiathos Empire needs not know. I have Carnage's assurances that if you do not provoke him, he will not attack you. Your other teammates will be decided after to arrive."

Baraka growled, like a lion annoyed by a hyena. "You just love torturing me, don't you?" And with that, he swiftly turned around, swiveling on one of the the heel of the black leather boots he always wore, and vanished into thin air, as absolutely and completely as a black hole is black, with no kind of transition whatsoever. Just one nanosecond, there. The next, nothing.

Koron smiled again, then resumed flipping through his book. He sighed, letting his body sag. Much had to be done to prepare.

Art Gallery
Dali: "I know what the picture should be ... We take a duck and put some dynamite in its derriere. When the duck explodes, I jump and you take the picture."
Halsman: "Don't forget that we are in America. We will be put in prison if we start exploding ducks."
Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."
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Default Re: CROSSROADS;; The PE2K Fanfic Exams!!

Alana twirled a small piece of hair, eyes glancing at the clock every few seconds. Tick tick tick the small red hand seemed to get slower with every twitchy movement. Only a few more minutes until the worse class of the day was behind her. It was almost 10 in the morning, Alana was slowly shifting from exhaustedly tired girl who smiled every few seconds, to hyperactive loud girl who would shout things out. It normally took her until after lunch to achieve such energy but she had stopped off at 7/11 for a hot chocolate on the way to school. The teacher’s voice was low and droning, his nose crooked and his cheeks pink. Alana jotted down what he had just written down on the board. The assistant teacher, who Alana felt was unneeded and a waste of good space, walked by her. She looked at Alana’s notes.

“You getting everything?” she asked, Alana nodded a forced smile on her face. The teacher walked along.

Of course she made a stop to all the foot ball players in her class and the cheerleaders, and to her friend Collin. The stereotypical narrow minded beast! Of course first impressions mean a lot, and Alana’s hadn’t been the best. She entered class with Collin on her arm in a fit of laughter. The whole day she laughed every time Collin raised his hand. It was a inside joke of theirs that was too long and too old to even possibly be explained. But the teacher had obviously classed her as the ditsy loud girl. That was true, all of it. She was severely ditsy lacking common sense. But the teacher thought she would be struggling, and even with her impressive grade of 95.6 she was still marked as stupid. However the kid next to her, who talked to himself, and smelled disgusting was overlooked when he needed more help focusing then her!

“Alright, take out a pen, Pop Quiz” the teacher said in his monotone voice.

Collin turned around in his seat addressing Alana with a low groan. “Didn’t we have a pop quiz at the beginning of the period?” he whispered. Alana simply nodded and mimicked strangling the teacher.

After a few minute she was done with eh small quiz and the bell rang. She hurriedly packed her things into her back pack and heading out the door before the teacher could see her.

“Can we kill him?” Collin asked coming up beside her.

“Would you?” she pleaded. They continued down the hallway and split off at the freshman locker bay.

Alana went to her locker and put her things for English in. Her favorite class, her teacher K*Mac was like a older version of her.

When she entered the room her teacher was typing away on her laptop. Alana, being in her hyperactive mood, snuck up to the board and took a expo marker. It was a on going thing, everyday she tried to write on the board before K*Mac Noticed.

Just as the tip of the purple expo marker hit the board, her teacher swung around and flung a tissue box at her. Alana let out a high pitched squeal and fell over.

“So…close…” she moaned form the floor. When she stood up she reached down to pick up the marker.

K*Mac came over and slapped her on her butt.

“What up with the shorts ‘Lana. Its freezing outside.” She said.

“But they say spazz on them! See!” she turned around. K*Mac slapped her on the head.

“I don’t want to see your butt!” she replied. Then Courtney came into the room in her cheerleading outfit. Alana mauled her with a giant hug almost bringing both of them to the floor.
“Jeezy Courtney can your skirt be any shorter?” Alana asked.

“Coming from the girl with “Spazz” written on her ass…” K*Mac quipped.

Alana shot her a look. Stuck out her tongue and wiggled her hips.

30 minutes into class Alana had finished all her work she had to do before lunch. She sighed and opened up her notebook and started writing idea’s for her fanfic.

She was spending less and less time on PE2K. Her social life was exploding now that she was showing her true spastic self. And then there was Chorus. Their Disney concert was coming up, and while singing Disney songs was fun at first, they were filling her brain and she couldn’t go 5 minutes without mentally humming/singing a snazzy tune from Aladdin or The little Mermaid
So now when she did have a day off, she would look forward to going home and spending hours on the computer Rping. But BOOM one of her friends decides that they should all walk to Caribou Coffee after school and she was whisked away from sweet Rpdom.

As she wrote in her book, she wondered what her characters would be like if she met them. She had a feeling Rathios would jump her and throw her off a cliff. She would love Celebi, and of course Colleen would be a great person to meet considering she was based off of one of Alana’s friends.

Alana sighed as her pink pen scrawled across the lined paper, leaving a neon glow in its wake. She wrote a small, random story where all her main characters were together, like that would happen in the actual fanfic! But she was bored.

Rathios stared down the small green creature in front of him, his eyes blazing fury……….

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“You serious? This Thing is our fourth teammate?” he said flustered.

Celebi giggled and nodded, fluttering around Rathios with pure glee. Colleen sat in the shadow of a tree staring Rathios down. They may have to be on a team together, but that didn’t mean everything that had happened in the Fanfic would go unnoticed. He destroyed her home and killed innocent Pokemon. The least she could do was give him the cold shoulder. Dustan stood a few feet away from everyone else, running over calculations in his head.

“I still don’t get it” he muttered.

“Alana created us. How is it that she can come here? That we can compete side by side with her. We are of her imagination, made of ink and paper.” he said rubbing his chin.

“I and Colleen are of Ink and paper, you and Celebi are of cyber pixels and what not.” Rathios corrected. “And it doesn’t matter, judging by her OOC posts Alana is a whacko, I must be rid of her” he stated. In this game he knew that the odds were even, if Alana perished here, then the story wouldn’t come to its desired end and he could manipulate everything.

I think it is time.. Celebi stated in their minds.

“You can talk?” they all said simultaneously.

Celebi nodded and gathered them together. With a flash of light they were in space, traveling through time. It could have been hours or seconds they were in the vortex not even Celebi knew. Everything had become warped and confusing. Finally they came to a rest. Everything was blue and white.

“Where are we?” Rathios questioned.

We are in PE2K silly! the small Pokemon said with a grin,

“Ah I see, the RP Alana signed us up for… real? Not just a RP? Amazing. And we have to enter through the SU…”

“Confusing. Is this a RP or isn’t it?” Colleen said leaning on one hip and sorting through a pile of threads.

“Hey look, the “What Do YOU look like” Thread. …Alana is such a Camwhore” Colleen noted with a grin. Celebi shook her head and led them off in the right direction.

Basically, not everyone will see this, they will enter how they please, I just thought it would be nice to see this place. But its kinda boring and with that they were off again.

This time they landed somewhere they had no clue where it was.

“We are in the world Lusankya made up?” he questioned. This was where it was taking place.

Celebi nodded.

Now to wait for the others!

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Default Re: CROSSROADS;; The PE2K Fanfic Exams!!

A black portal, rimmed by white, opened majestically onto a grassy field. Two forms emerged, one shorter and noticeably spikier, the other larger and much more bulky. The first had an odd glow about him, white tinging his natural sky blue coloring which covered his entire body. Six large quills stuck straight up towards the clouds that hovered above, two more on its back, sticking out towards the sides and being oddly elongated. White shoes, pointed and streamlined, padded softly on the cushioned ground, while white gloves busied themselves pinching the creature's forehead in an attempt to ease his headache. It was obvious he was avoiding the glowing crescent scar on his forehead, the missing part facing towards his left. Yellow green eyes, cunning and cold, sat on a slant, but as of right now were tightly shut.

"Why did I get paired up with you?" His voice was light but cynical, laced with annoyance. The remark was directed at the other creature following behind.

"Cause' I am awesome!" The medium voice carried pride and stubbornness, not to mention boldness, within its ranks. The creature was a shining green as fresh as grass with dew, a long sweeping tail swiping over the plants. Three yellowed claws sat on both feet and hands, which both had pink armor around the wrist and ankles. The large pink helmet covering its face, along with the metal plates climbing down its back, shone brightly in the sunlight. Long, yellow antennae draped over its head in a magnificent ark, complementing the shining yellow eyes set in the helmet, which also possessed two holes behind the antennae.

Nazo, the super powered hedgehog, shook his head at Aggranium's ignorace before turning his attention back to the paper held firmly in his hands. "We have been invited to the Pokemon Elite 2000 Fanfiction Exams...Strange, since you do not possess a story."

"I have a PLANNED story, thank you very much grumpy!" Aggranium crossed his arms, throwing his head back as if insulted. Though who were they teamed up with?
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Default Re: CROSSROADS;; The PE2K Fanfic Exams!!

The Real Casey

I sat down at the computer and looked down. I immeadietly checked Political Game, and then went over to the RP I signed me and my characters up for.

I was a little annoyed that other people had already started, but that soon passed. I thought about how I would bring myself into the game, and had an idea. I opened another window and brought up The Rest of The Story. Writing quickly, I saved and waited for the results.

Suddenly, I felt part of me come into the computer screen. It was weird, because I was still living outside the RP, but I had me inside the game. It was like I was seeing through two different sets of eyes, each set seeing something different.

The part of me inside the computer saw a world begin to fuzz and clear in front of me. I made out a few shapes, and as soon as it was clear, ran up and hugged them.

* * *
Josh laughed at Casey and hugged back. It was so cool for us to meet, even if all of us are in his head, thought Josh.

Gardvoir couldn't help but smile a bit. Even if she was evil, it was cool to really meet the person who thought her up.

Chance and Liana had similar thoughts with Josh, and soon everyone was talking. A voice suddenly shouted out. "Team Dream, please report to your cell. Casey, wait for you other teammates."

As if they had a choice. All of Team Dream was suddenly teleported to their cell, leaving Casey left behind. He sighed and waited.
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Default Re: CROSSROADS;; The PE2K Fanfic Exams!!

((Casey, they're not in a cell like a prison cell. The word 'Cell' just means 'team'.))

Giratina stretched her large black wings and yawned. It was dreadfully boring waiting for all these people... Five out of nine teams had made it thus far, but she had a feeling that one of the absent ones would probably be backing out sometime in the future. Shaking her head, Giratina fluffed her wings and drummed her tail on the ground in the large room where the contestants were to report to.

Floating over to the loudspeaker, Giratina talked in a low-pitched female voice: "Attention all characters, as well as their creators. Please report to the Large Building of the Unwritten Words as soon as you are settled in. If you are not sure which one is yours, please feast your eyes on the large marble building that should be looming over you at least a little bit. Have a nice day, and don't forget to show up!" With that, she ended the transmission.

((This means that all characters should be in the Large Building, where they will be sorted by Giratina and prepped for the first task. You may find any method of transportation to the Building, but you must get there.))


"That voice was right... that is a large building. Right, He-" Caro was cut short as he turned to his friend, who was being kicked and tail-slapped by Mesprit who was in a small fit of fury. He didn't seem to be feeling the attacks all that much. Turning around, he raised a fist and knocked the wind right out of Mesprit's small blue body. She flew back a few feet, before straightening herself angrier than before. "Oi!" Caro cut in, putting a hand in front of Mesprit. He knew better than to yank on her tail, but putting out a hand did the trick.

Mesprit huffed and floated over them into the impressive white building looming above all four of them. Caro watched her go in, and then motioned to the other two. "Well?" He asked. "Let's go." He returned Golbat, and began to walk into the white building. Kris returned Crobat, and followed silently. Cyrus did the same.

The largeness (and simpleness) of the place hit them like a Solarbeam...

((Will continue tomorrow, I got the boot.))

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)

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Default Re: CROSSROADS;; The PE2K Fanfic Exams!!

A purple creature sat silently, eyes closed and arms crossed. Humming to himself gently, he failed to notice the figure next to him until the air stirred. “My, my, aren’t you the stealthy one.” The purple hedgehog opened his eyes and gave a wry grin. “You heard?” The small, cold Weavile nodded in response, narrowing his eyes.

“I heard it was soon. These exams…what do they entail?” Haseo pounded the muddy ground with a paw before glancing at Scooter. The purple hedgehog gave off a sort of manic laugh, a few octaves higher than normal.

“What do you think?” he grinned. “Almost certain death. And yet…” He raised an eyebrow at Haseo who met his gaze calmly. “That’s your type of thing, eh?”

Haseo leaned against a sandstone wall opposite of Scooter. “Hmmph. You read into me too much, hedgehog. I like my privacy, so watch what you say and maybe you’ll leave with all your limbs.”

Scooter was about to retort when something white flew in between them. The flash from the figure sent the two on the ground, blinded. “Save it for the exams. Is everyone here?”

“Altair…” Haseo growled. “Watch it…” The Weavile picked himself up and brushed himself off hastily. A slight scowl escaped his mouth, whereupon he flicked a claw in front of himself to examine it.

Altair ignored the commotion and turned to Scooter. “Well? Everyone here? Zanna?”

“She’s yet to come,” Scooter replied. “But I doubt she’ll take any longer than a few minutes. We all know how attached she is to you.” Altair took a few steps back. The Pikachu narrowed his eyes and snorted.

“She has no choice as you very well know! Now let’s stop with this useless bickering unless you want a fist jammed into your face!” the Light Pokemon snarled in a warning.

Haseo sighed, watching the two from his corner. Meaningless trash…why did I get dragged into this? His thoughts were cut short from a gurgle. Scooter had a hand clenched in mid air which radiated a dark, pulsing energy. This was what was keeping Altair suspended a few feet away.

“Damn your infernal Chaos Energy!” the Pikachu spat.

“Let him go!”

Scooter’s smile was wiped clean as a shock coursed through his body. “Arrgghh!” Doubled over in agony, he opened an eye to stare at another Pikachu not too far off. This one was the normal yellow, with a white ribbon around her neck and a glowing circle on her tail. She glared at him with contempt.

“Do that again and it’ll be more than a warning shock.” Zanna turned and went to help Altair who’d picked himself up and was cursing under his breath.

Turning out of the alley they’d entered, Scooter held a piece of fancy paper within his hands. “Listen up,” he called to the others. As soon as he’d sustained silence, he continued. “‘You are all cordially invited to the PE2K Fan-Fic Exams. You will enter as a team of four to participate in a series of challenging events, each more deadly than the last. We welcome you, team Brisingr Oro.’”

Zanna joined Scooter at the alley mouth and snatched the paper from his hands with ease. “So this is it, then? And I’m teamed up with you?”

Scooter and Haseo both snorted at her questioning glance. “What a drag…” the Weavile added. Altair merely placed a paw around Zanna and led her off to the side.

“And you’re sure you want to do this? You can back out you know,” he winked. “I won’t think any less of you.”

Sighing, Zanna shrugged off his arm. “I told you, I’m not a Pichu anymore, so stop worrying about me!” She kept her eyes firmly on the ground to ignore Altair’s gaze. The Light Pokemon merely let out a sigh and clapped his paws together. The resulting sound was of shrill, high-pitched bells. The small sphere of light that surrounded his paws grew larger until it contained a rift.

Scooter chuckled. “I can do that, but I don’t want to.” Haseo raised an eyebrow at the hedgehog, but otherwise ignored him.

“Alright!” Altair called. “The Fan-Fic exams are beginning and like it or not, I’m paired with you three. So get in the portal already. We’re going to be late!”

“Since when do I listen to a spirit?” Haseo trilled. “I’m an Alpha. I follow no one.”

As the other three quarrelled, Zanna lowered her head and placed a paw shakily on the portal’s side. And if this is what we’re like now, just wait until we start. She paused and then glanced at Scooter and Haseo.

But all the same…I could wipe them clean.

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
.......................--> art duo with: Xanthe | bff: k_pop |
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