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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 10-20-2008, 11:38 PM
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Default Team Wacked-Out Hairstyles-by PandoraShipper Elite (Rated G-PG)

Hiya! I'm PandoraShipper Elite-I'm new here!
I love writing Team Galactic fics. It is so much fun! I even has a PandoraShipping one-shot in here..... Anyway, Team Wacked-Out Hairstyles is a collection of Team Galactic one-shots I've put together. Some are comedies, some are romantic, some are trageties, and some are just....Plain weird.
Here's chapter one. All about Jupiter's Medicham shaped hair. Haha, Jupiter.

Jupiter’s Medicham Problem

Everything seemed normal at the Team Galactic HQ. The Team Galactic Grunts were being dumb and fumbling around with various crates containing various objects, Scientists were doing tests on DNA crossed creatures and or aliens, Cyrus was doing paperwork in his black office with black furniture reflecting off his black life, Saturn was blowing up things in the courtyard, and Mars was making a strawberry smoothie for herself in the kitchen. Everything would’ve been normal if it weren’t for a certain commander named Jupiter.
“For the last time, my hair is NOT THAT WEIRD!!!!!” she screamed to two turquiouse eyed Grunts who were making fun of her Medicham shaped hair.
“Uh, yeah it is!” the female one giggled, pointing. “Who wears their hair like a Medicham? Medicham is a sucky Pokémon!”
“Plus, its best move is like Hi Jump Kick, which is like the stupidist move ever to use, especially if your Medicham has weak knees!” the other one added, doubling over and practically crying his eyes out from all the laughter.
Jupiter was this close to wringing both their necks and throwing them in the garbage dump to rot and die. And what made it even worse, was the fact that these two were supposed to be Jupiter’s FOLLOWERS!
‘I will not cry for the sake of my mascara,’ Jupiter thought, clenching her fists. “Both of you, OUT!” she screamed, jamming a finger at her doorway. They bowled over laughing as they made their way out, knowing what was best for their health. She closed the door and leaned her whole body up against it.
“Ugh....” She looked up at her mauve hair bangs, which hung neatly over her face like lofts. She..... liked her hair. But all of a sudden people started making fun of it out of no where.


This time, Saturn wasn’t so lucky. This bomb managed to catch his highly flamable pants on fire. Without even thinking, he jumped into a deep puddle of murky water off the side of the courtyard, and the fire immediately went out. Several holes were now in his charcoaled pants, and some of the fire had scorched his skin.
“That, was....... AWESOME!!!!” A huge crater was where he had been performing the explosions. And that crater had gotten at least three to five feet deeper. He pulled his head out of the murky water. ‘Drat, I spent all morning moussing my hair,’ he grumbled in his mind. ‘Oh, well, the explosion was worth it.’ And out of no where, out of the BLUE he screamed. “ I WANNA’ WATCH SPONGEBOB!” He scrambled up, and raced inside, took a quick shower, re-moussed his hair, changed clothes (which were identical to the ones he was already wearing) and ran outside his bedroom door towards the TV room in the middle of the HQ.
He happened to pass by Jupiter’s room. He heard soft weeping coming from behind her door. ‘Awwwwwwww, her mascara is probably running.’ Saturn thought, sliding up next to her door. He knocked self-conciously, knowing if he made her mad she would probably kill him.
“If you’re here to make fun of my hair, then don’t come in!” she replied. ‘Her hair?’ Saturn cocked his head and eyebrow. He walked away. Her hair. It had to be the Medicham thing she’d been complaining about for the past week. If she hates the insults so much, why doesn’t she change her hairstyle?


Mars sucked up the last of her strawberry smoothie. “Awwwwww, it’s all gone.....” she groaned, tossing the cup in the trash bin.
She sat there on the couch for a long time in the TV room, bored out of her own skull. Inevitably, Saturn entered the TV room and sat down next to her, bag of Potato Chips in hand. He ripped it open, and flipped the channels until it landed on Nickelodeon, where a rerun of Drake and Josh was ending. Soon, Spongebob was on.
“Ugh...... How can you still watch Spongebob?” Mars complained, rolling her eyes and putting a fist under her chin.
“Sssssshhhh, this is my favorite part.” Mars rolled her eyes. Again.
“I’m bored,” she said after a while. Saturn didn’t even notice. He shoved some Potato Chips in his mouth and chewed hard, making crackling sounds.
Some dumb Grunts ran down the hallway right outside the TV room. They were laughing about something. Then one of them shouted: “Jupiter’s hair is so WEIRD!”
“I know. MEDICHAM HEAD! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”
That gave Mars an idea. ‘Payback time for being so cynical,’ Mars thought, rubbing her palms together.
“I’ve got something we can do, Saturn,” she whispered to him.
“Make fun of Jupiter’s hair.”
“Now why would we do that? She’s obviously upset about the whole thing, why make it worse?”
“BE-cuz’! she needs to get a taste of her own medicine. She’s made fun of us so many times, I mean, this’ll be our chance to get back at her!”
“That makes sense.....” Saturn said slowly. “But, what if she tries to kill us for doing that?”
Mars shook her head, grinning evilly like the little villainess she was. “Cyrus won’t permit that. Besides, she won’t even know it’s us.”


“Are you sure about this?”
“Absolutely.” Mars turned on the intercom, cleared her throat, and started laughing in a different voice. “MUAHAHAHA! Jupiter’s hair looks totally WEIRD!” Not the best approach, but the experienced prankster knew what she was doing. She nudged Saturn in the ribs.
He lceared his throat. “Uhhhhh, yeah....... MEDICHAM....... uhm....... Sucks eggs.” Mars glared at him. “Bad?”
“Medicham, Medicham, Medicham!” Mars cackled, grinning. She was obviously enjoying this while Saturn was just laughing along.
Prank No. 1: Make fun of Jupiter over the intercom. Check.
Prank No. 2: Decorate Jupiter’s room with Medicham posters. In Progress.


“Bluebird, do you hear me? Come in Bluebird,” Mars said into her walkie talkie. A reply came through.
“Why do I have to be Bluebird?” he complained.
“Because, I always pick operation names.”
“You suck.”
“Ugh, just tell me, is Purple Medicham out of her room yet?”
“Affirmative, Red Ruby. You’re all set.”
“Good. Over and out.” She flicked off the walkie talkie.
She tip toed towards Jupiter’s room, where Saturn waited outside the door. “I’m going in,” she said, as if on the movie: Mission Impossible. Saturn was to keep lookout in case she came back. If so, they’d jump out her window.
She took off her red backpack, and flipped on a flashlight. She unrolled the posters and tacked them onto her walls. She took out large wooden letters that spelled Medicham and superglued them to the ceiling over her bed. She laughed, placing Medicham stickers all over her walls on the way out, placing a microscopic video camera on the corner wall.
“Operation out! Move, move, move!” Mars whispered, and the two rocketed out of there.


An hour later, Mars and Saturn were waiting in Mars’s room, a screen in hand. The screen depicted Jupiter’s room, the lights out. Once Jupiter came in, they just HAD to see her reaction.
She finally did. Jupiter flipped on the lights, and practically screamed bloody murder. “Who did this?” she screamed.
Then, something caught her attention.
“Oh, isn’t this Mars’s backpack? And.... Saturn’s flashlight?”
On the other side of the screen, Mars froze. Saturn glared at her.
“Sorry, in all the excitement I must’ve forgotten my backpack and your flashlight. Hahaha?”
“She is SO gunna’ kill us now. Some master prankster you are.” Mars grinned nervously.


Mars and Saturn decided to stay out of headquarters for a while, to avoid Jupiter. They’d gone shopping at the Veilstone Department Store and the Game Corner Casino and played a few slots. Neither one of them won the jackpot, though.
On their way back, they looked around nervously. The closer they got to HQ the closer they got to a very angry Jupiter.
Once they were in, they snuck off to their rooms. Making it safely. Both Mars and Saturn screamed when they entered their own rooms. When they flipped on the lights, their walls depicted Toxicroak posters in Mars’s room, and Purugly posters in Saturn’s room.
Me funny.
PandoraShipping rulez! Saturn x Dawn! Oh yeah!
Got Me Going Crazy-The Jonas Brothers
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Old 10-23-2008, 01:29 PM
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Default Re: Team Wacked-Out Hairstyles-by PandoraShipper Elite (Rated G-PG)

Aw, c'mon. Isn't anyone interested? If it's not a good fanfic you can tell me that-I juat hate being ignored!
Me funny.
PandoraShipping rulez! Saturn x Dawn! Oh yeah!
Got Me Going Crazy-The Jonas Brothers
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Old 10-27-2008, 09:00 PM
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Default Re: Team Wacked-Out Hairstyles-by PandoraShipper Elite (Rated G-PG)

I'm surprised nobody noticed that and parodied it before this.

This was really funny. Make moar, please!

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)
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Old 10-27-2008, 09:52 PM
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Default Re: Team Wacked-Out Hairstyles-by PandoraShipper Elite (Rated G-PG)

xD, that was hysterical.
I could picture that happening in my head like an anime, xDDDD
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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