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Old 09-13-2008, 04:30 AM
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Default Need some advice

okk workin on a new team and this is wat i have so far

TTar - might lead this guy? @ leftovers
quiet nature
252hp 196 Satt 60att

* substitute
* focus punch
* icebeam
* darkpulse

Garchomp - sweeper @ yache berry
adamant nature
252spd 252att 4hp

* swords dance
* dragon claw/outrage cant decide
* earthquake
* firefang/stone edge cant decide

Hippowdon - possible lead? @ leftovers
impish nature
252hp 16att 152def 88Sdef

* slack off
* earthquake
* icefang
* stealthrock/roar rock if lead roar if not need help?

Dusknoir - wall @ leftovers
impish nature
252hp 100def 156Sdef

* thunderpunch
* painsplit
* shadowsneak
* will-o-wisp

Infernape - mixer @ ????
naive nature
232spd 252Satt 28att

* close combat
* flamethrower
* nastyplot
* grassknot

ok i plan to either lead with hippy or ttar to get a sandstorm goin for chomp and then i can swtch him in and get a dance off farely safely given his 20% evasion chance and then sweep wat i can with that sweet attack i cant decide between outrage/dclaw just cus of the lockdown and confuse outrage causes but the dmg is o sooo amazing and i cant decide between firefang/stone edge because i dont hav any rock moves for flyers and such.. but firefang would take out his counters like weavile and def steels. on hippo its just a matter of using him first or not.. if i dont hav him in first i dont really see the point of settin up a stealth rocks with him because roar is a more usefull move alowing me to stop my oponents set up and i really need help with my last poke i feel like i hav a gyardos weakness and was thinkin of a spinnin starmie?? or get a suicide leader to get in a stealth rocks or even get a ninjask to bp some speed to tyranitar well any advice would be super sweet lol thanks..
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Old 09-13-2008, 04:35 AM
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Default Re: Need some advice

its a pretty good team

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Old 09-13-2008, 05:59 AM
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Default Re: Need some advice

Originally Posted by charizard ex View Post
its a pretty good team
dude wth??? im not asking if its good i need help with it... i dont have 6pkmn and i dont know what moves to use on some of them... thats waat im asking
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Old 09-13-2008, 11:23 AM
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Default Re: Need some advice

First off I think you should work on spelling and stuff I had a hard time reading your posts

Secondly your team is good but needs a water type. Since you don't know what to do with the hippo toss it and get maybe an electric or grass type which will get rid of your extreme water weakness. I'd take outrage over d-claw because outrage gets more bang for your buck. I say Fire Fang because you already have Tyranitar. By the way Tyranitar is very solid the one that needs no change. Dusknoir is the same. Give a Focus Band to Infernape it's like 64 battle points and one of the best items out there.

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