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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 09-10-2008, 10:58 PM
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Post Dragonball X

To start off, this is an alternate universe fic. Pretend Dragonball Z ended directly after Buu died (I.E. Pan and Uub were never introduced, therefore Goku never left.) and GT never happened. My story picks up approximately 6 years after Goku's victory over Buu.


The Namekians peacefully worked to harvest the moisture from the air. One Namek in particular, Kelray, was working especially diligently. Suddenly the sky went dark. Curious, Kelray and several of the other Namekians looked to the horizon to see something that would make any Namekian’s blood run cold. One of Freiza’s mother ships was attempting to enter New Namek’s atmosphere.

“Get the Cavalry ready!” The Namekian elder bellowed over the chaos and confusion. A siren rang out and several of the Namekians hurried inside protective shelters.

“This can’t be happening again…” Kelray pushed through the crowd in an effort to find his friends. He looked through the mass of the confused, green skinned crowd when suddenly he was roughly shoved to the side. Five warriors Nameks weaved their way through the crowd and then out of the shelter’s doors. They were Namek’s only hope in a situation as dire as this.

* * *

The Cavalry, as they were affectionately called, stood outside awaiting the contents of Freiza’s mother ship. The Namekians had been training religiously ever since the creation of New Namek for an event like this and each one of them was ready to test their power. Suddenly their wait was over. The door of the mother ship hissed open and a large bulky creature ascended down the ramp and onto the Namekian soil.

“This is your defense?” The hideous creature wheezed. “Five slugs?” The creature was a pale purple, immense in stature, with piercing green eyes. Large growths over his body made him appear like a demonic bullfrog. It fired a ki blast at the five Namekians, all whom deftly jumped out of the way. “Well at least you can move…that will slightly prolong the inevitable.”

“You underestimate us…” All five Namekians slunk into a fighting stance.

“HA! Do you really think you can take me? I’ll have you know I single handedly destroyed Planet Cheron!” The purple nemesis cracked his knuckles.

Suddenly The Cavalry sprung into action. Two fired quick ki blasts and the other three sprang in and attempted to land kicks to the toad’s head. The toad monster was faster than anticipated. He deftly knocked away the ki blasts and then turned toward the three oncoming kickers. He ducked and one of the Namekians flew over his head. The other two were not so fortunate. The toad grabbed the two’s ankles and swung them into each other. With an audible CRACK their skulls collided and they slumped to the ground, dead upon collision.

“Are you slugs done yet?” The fiend brushed some dust off his battle jacket. His cockiness got the better of him as he let his guard down just long enough for one of the Namekians to smash him in the back with a Ki blast. The toad roared in pain and turned to face the irritating warrior. WHAK! Another one of the warrior Namekians drop kicked him in the side sending the toad reeling in pain.

“New Namek does not go down so easily…” The Namekians banded together to face the nemesis as a team. The toad struggled to his feet and then glared at the Cavalry.

“I’ve had about enough of you three already…” The toad suddenly inflated like a puffer fish. When he reached full capacity pin needles ripped from the growths on his skin and fired in every direction. Two of the Namek’s managed to fly out of the way but the third one was marginally to slow. The pin’s rammed through his green skin and into his vulnerable heart.

“Perhaps you should give it up now? Before every single one of you is dead!” The toad laughed throatily.

“I may be wounded fatally but that doesn’t mean you won’t go down with me!” The near dead warrior jumped and attached himself to the invader. Suddenly a bright light enveloped the two and a large explosion rang out across the Namekian landscape. The Cavalry member had detonated himself to dispose of the toad. Where the duo once stood there was nothing but blackened dirt.

“He was an honorable warrior…willing to sacrifice himself for the good of New Namek…” said one of the remaining Cavalry members “At least this Freiza business is done with…” The Namekian warriors started to depart the now silent battleground when they heard footsteps behind them.

“I wouldn’t say the Freiza business is done quite yet…” A slender white alien walked down the ramp and onto the Namekian soil. It bore a slight resemblance to Freiza except that it was significantly taller, more slender and its body gave it the appearance of wearing an evening gown (Think Gardevoir).

“What the-” The Namekian didn’t have time to finish his sentence before he was cleanly decapitated by the mysterious stranger’s hand. The other Namekian warrior feebly tried to attack her with a ki blast but the woman easily deflected it.

“Now you die…DEATH BEAM!” A beam of pure red energy shot from the intruder’s finger and rammed through the Cavalry member’s heart. “Now to finish what my son couldn’t…” With a very Freiza-like smile she sauntered over to the Namekian’s shelter with only the most evil of intent. “Tonight will be the last for New Namek.”
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