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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Old 09-01-2008, 08:34 PM
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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Matthew Onasi

Age: 16

Species: Human

Description: Matt is a tall, lanky individual with sandy blonde hair that falls just short of his light blue eyes. He spends a lot of time outdoors, so his skin is fairly tanned and his build is athletic and lean. Not one for dramatics, he's usually seen in plain, unassuming garments, IE: a solid colored t-shirt and khaki shorts. His short hair is usually arranged messily. Caring little for appearances, he doesn't make attempts to dress up often. Matt rarely has time to shave, so his chin is typically marked with stubble.

Personality: Ever the optimist, Matt is a cheerful figure who is rarely spotted without his lopsided, goofy grin on his face. A modest upbringing has taught him much strength of character, and he sticks to his morals to the point of being uppity. As someone who grew up with little, he takes little for granted and is always extremely appreciative. However, he also has a tendency to be possessive of his belongings. He is a considerate young man, and will go out of his way to help someone in trouble. He's somewhat innocent and naïve for his age, and is easily manipulated and taken advantage of.

Background: Matthew Onasi had a relatively simple, modest upbringing in his early days. His parents were kind and hardworking individuals, who imparted on him most of the values he still carries today. Coming from a relatively poor background, he grew up without many of the luxuries most take for granted. Through the care of his family, he grew up an excitable, enthusiastic and passionate young man. Although he was happy, he longed for adventure. Like so many 11 year-olds before him, he embarked on his own journey, traveling around, battling Pokemon...typical pre-teen stuff.

Over time, he grew fascinated by the species of Pokemon that existed in the world. He has recently begun to take an interest in collecting and studying new species of Pokemon, finding the details and variations among the creatures to be of great interest. His curiousity ultimately lead him to the National Park. He has quickly become one of the most frequent visitors, and finds great joy in the outdoorsy aspect of it, as well as the obvious adventuring perks. Eventually, he began to visit the park so much he figured it would be easier to simply move near it, and as such, rented an apartment on the nearby Cinnabar Island for easy access.

Other: I'll probably be editing this later on, so I doubt it's "park-ready" at the moment, though I usually prefer to develop my character through RPing than to have much of a preconceived notion of their experiences and the like. So yeah D:

RP Sample: Here? I hope that'll do @_@


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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Cruz would work, last name undisclosed. :x
Gender: Malee
Age: Fiffiffteen.
Species: Human
Appearence: Small kid with short black hair. He stands at 5'5" (omg fake height) and builds off small bones weighing 110 in pounds. He has beautiful brown eyes, as well as a small nose piercing (i'll get one soon. ;D) Regular attire for him are either plaid pants, tight jeans, and jeans. (omg i so use this stuffz) His torso is usually a plain polo shirt or a hoodie occasionally. He also likes to wear bands on his arm for no reason, he just thinks they're fun.
Personality: Quite a mean person. He's not that nice and is really greedy. All of the stuff he has he takes for granted, and is spoiled. He is grumpy most of the time as well. The thing he likes most is his Pokemon, but doesn't mind them much and doesn't take too much care of them. His Pokemon is his best attribute, though he isn't the best at battling and such. Cruz doesn't care much about other people in a case when he finds them in trouble, and is selfish.
Background: Starting off his life in the suburban and quite town of Cherrygrove City, Cruz was used to small noises and peaceful pedestrians. Cruz was never disciplined with his working parents, and as an only child, he could be as greedy as he wanted. His luck changed when Cruz turned 11, and moved to Goldenrod with his parents. Loud noises, more like Cruz wanted. Watching all the Pokemon, unlike Cherrygrove, he was put into a day-care and had to learn to lose his greediness. As much as his parents thought it would work, their plan failed, and it just caused Cruz to get his own Pokemon. It was a Psyduck, where Cruz would try to beat other trainers. His cute little Psyduck received more friend Pokemon, and got a set of a team of Pokemon now. He now stands at fifteen, still a mean kid.
Weapons: His pokeeeemonz! Pretty much, none.
RP Sample: I II III That enough?

New form up. :3

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Leman
Age: 15
Species: Human. :O
Description: Leman is a short (5'3"), dark skinned person. He is skinny to the point where it looks downright unhealthy. His wavy, black hair is relatively long, falling down just above his shoulders, and falls into his face, just above his dark brown eyes. He is almost always wearing a plain, single color t-shirt and blue jeans.
Personality: Leman doesn't say much, and is relatively shy. He is calm, and calculating, and usually doesn't go with anything until he has thought about it, but he can think on his feet if need be, but the result might not be desirable.
Background: Leman lived in a small one story house for the majority of his childhood, with his many siblings (five to be exact). In his family, they had a tradition of giving each child a Pokemon at five and Leman received an Eevee. Though he had his Pokemon for a long time, he has only recently left home to start his journey and as a result he does not have many Pokemon. He has come to the park to add more to his team.
Weapons: A small knife with a silver hilt, and an epic Jolteon. D:
RP Sample: Uhh, yeah... I haven't got any of these. :x
Other: It fails. :D

Done: 8680

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I need to have basic battles.

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Joseph Regulus
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Description: Joseph has brown hair that is seemingly untamable. He has bright blue eyes that seem to shine in the moonlight. He stands at about 5 feet, 6 inches, and weighs around 130 pounds. He loves earthy colored clothing and can often be seen in earthy colored (shades of brown and green) shirts, and worn-down jeans. He is tanned, and has a slender body, making him easily recognizable. He often wears an amulet around his neck with a silver wing on it that he bought at a yard sale. He wears sneakers, and short white socks. He is not muscular, but can easily defend himself if needed. Joseph has a light splattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose, and he wears some rectangular, black glasses.
Personality: Joseph is very optimistic, always smiling and happy. He was picked on when he was younger, making him afraid of "big" people. He is easily angered, but is easy to calm down. Joseph is very smart, and was revered as an honor student in his school. He is always on time for everything, and is a very good student earning him the title of being an honor student. He is very kind and is against being rude, but can be a rogue at times. He is a loving person and cares much for his family, and will endanger himself to get those he loves out of trouble. Joseph will defend his thoughts and beliefs at any cost. Joseph hates it when people take his belongings, causing him to lose his temper.
Background: Joseph was born in a small town in Sinnoh. At a young age, his father left his family, and Joseph's family moved to the large Veilstone City, where his mother worked at the casino, with Joseph and his brother sent off to school. After awhile, his mother couldn't afford to feed the both of them, so she sent Joseph, the eldest on a journey throughout Sinnoh at the age of 10. He traveled throughout Sinnoh, battling gyms, and meeting other trainers along the way. Returning home after a four-year long journey, he was yet again sent off, but this time, to Kanto, where he was hired as a Ranger in the National Park.
Weapons: No weapons. :( Who needs 'em?
RP Sample: Sibling Rivalry
Crossing Boundaries
Cry from the Mysterious
Other: PO-TA-TO

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Tristan Lambark
Age: 16
Species: Cheese Human

Tristan is an average height of about 5'8", and his very pale skin. His hair is long, it's dirty blond waviness comes down to the top of his back and coming over his eyes in the front; always getting in his way. If you see him he'll always be wearing jeans of some kind - blue, brown, black, ripped, dirty; and can't forget his t-shirts that are mostly abstract designs. His shoes are alwaysalwaysalways black, never any other color.

He is extremely shy when it comes to communicating with others, he almost never applies himself the way he should and slacks off. Distracted in his mind, somehow, he is always acting the opposite he should. People think he is quite weird, and that he has a mental disability or something along those lines because he never seems to be quite there, but he is paying attention in silence. The only time he'll ever break out talking is when there is something wrong in the world-- or when someone or something is in trouble. He is quiet, but he is all for helping the world be a safer, better place.

Tristan was born on the run. His parents were part of the old Team Rocket that planned to take over Kanto years ago. He is the only person left in his family, a loner you could say- living off of the land, always moving around the world. Throughtout his life he never seemed to be very interested in Pokemon, until one day he saw a man trying to kill a small Pokemon that had a large snout and Tristan came to the rescue; every since then he'd wanted to be the Pokemon master of the world.

Weapons: in the Pokemon world? D:
RP Sample: Here.
Other: Pudding skin.

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Elana Frost

Age: 13

Species: Human (Duh)

Description: Elana is below average in height for her age and is rather thin. She has long dark brown hair usually tied in a ponytail and bright blue eyes. Her face is clear and she has no freckles at all. She also has a slight tan. She usually wears a white t shirt with jeans.

Personality: Elana has sort of a tomboy personality, and never cares about her looks. When you first meet Elana, you may think that she's quiet and shy. But when you get to know her, you realise that she never stops talking! Usually calm and mellow, Elana likes to be friendly and chat. But when you make her mad she can get violent. Otherwise Elana is a fun loving friend who always helps others. Being a tomboy, Elana hates other people telling her to be a lady. Elana never takes offence to many things and usually keeps her feelings happy. To others, she always seems cheerful. When she is feeling down, she never really expresses it to her friends and keeps it to herself. Strangley, whenever Elana sees something untidy, she races off to fix it up. Elana is also a bit of a loner and likes to do and think about things on her own sometimes. Elana is caring for her loved ones and never wants anything to happen to them. She is also reliable with things she takes in hand although some things she doesn't want to do.

Background: As a child Elana always loved Pokemon. As a two-year old she would awake early every morning to feed the Pidgey that lived outside her house. Almost all of her time was spent outside playing with the Pokemon of the forest. Her prime goal became to be the ultimate Pokemon trainer.

When her younger sibling was born, all the attention she used to receive was directed at the new baby and Elana realized that all those years she took her parents love for granted and now she wouldn't get. When people came over she used to pout at them and demand for attention.

One day, her grandmother gave her sibling a Pokemon as a gift and Elana was furious. Her parents knew very well that she wanted a Pokemon too, but they had instead prompted her grandmother to catch one for her sibling. Elana sat outside and cried for hours- then she had an idea. She was going to capture a Pokemon for herself.

She used her pocket money on pokeballs and set out, but was never able to find a Pokemon that was easy to capture. Many years passed and Elana soon forgot about her goal until her twelfth birthday approached and she set off to be a Pokemon trainer and became very successful.

Weapons: None. :x

RP Sample: "Okay Abra," she began, gazing at her sleeping Pokemon, "I need you to battle for me so that I can catch that Pokemon." But Abra didn't respond, and Elana wondered if she should take on the Bug-type hherself.

"It is only a cocoon," she thought as she reached for a stone beneath her feet. Before giving her thought a second glimpse she tossed the stone at Kakuna who took the impact and was bowled over.

"This isn't so hard," she thought, reaching of a large rock and throwing it at the wild Pokemon who was once again pushed over the the weight of the rock. After that she was rapidly tossing rocks, stones and pebbles at the bug, until an angry look crossed it's face.

The cocoon quickly sprung from the ground and flew at Elana, tackling her to the ground. Before the twelve year old even had a chance to respond, the Kakuna was already firing small poisonous needles at her with Poison Sting.

Elana braced herself, thinking it would be the end when Abra lazily opened and eye and stared at Elana. Suddenly, she felt a tingling sensation in her body for a few seconds, then it was gone. She cautiously opened her eyes and found her self a few meters away from where she had been a few seconds ago. She stared at her Pokemon.

"Did you use Teleport to save me?" she asked the foxlike Psychic-type. Abra nodded and leaped in front of her, facing Kakuna angrily. "So are you ready to battle now?" Elana asked enthusiastically as Abra nodded once again.

At least she had a Pokemon to battle now, but a thought crossed her mind. Would a Pokemon that only knew Teleport be effective in battles? She frowned for a second but then got an idea. Maybe if Abra kept dodging the Kakuna's attacks the Pokemon would be tired out and she would be able to capture it. It was worth a try.

Other: N/A


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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Max Levi
Age: 13
Species: Dark Elf (Explanation in the "Background section")
Description: Being a dark elf he is sort of Gothic (But he isn't evil!) So he wears dark jeans, a hooded sweater (That is somewhat too big for him) and red and black All Stars (*!!!!) He has constantly messy hair, yet always manages to look older than he is and rather handsome. He is tall, but not abnormally and extremely thin and athletic. {Picture may be added ;o}
Personality: Max is a dark elf, duh, he has a rather pessimistic outlook, yet people often trust him and look to him for guidance. He is smart for his age. A normal thirteen year old is in the seventh grade, he was meant to be in the ninth. He is kind and giving, he is also a TREE HUGGER! Yes, he is an environmentalist, he loves nature and cannot live without a healthy plant nearby.
Background: Okay, this creature was waiting for a friend at the movies, when that person arrives he tells Max that they need to leave, NOW! Max, being the laid back and relaxed person that he is decides to go... wherever it is and is quite amazed when his friend arrives in a different galaxy! Originally he was living with his father, on Galaxy of Elvinya (His mother had died from cancer) But his father was a drug addict which was one of the reasons that Max had turned to becoming a Dark Elf.
Weapons: Max, though evil, hates violence, so he is actually a Dark Elf mage. Meaning that he has several Magic items:
Magic Wand [Max doesn't especially need a wand, he can simply think the spells, but for slightly stronger spells Max needs this wand (Named Ether by Max)]
Spells book (Max remembers most spells, but the more complex ones are written in here)
*Some spells will be written here eventually*
A crossbow (Max doesn't use it often, but all Elves used them and Max was sentimental towards his)
-More later-
RP Sample: Well, none actually, but I have a good imagination and I am a good writer ^^;
Other: -later-

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Will
Age: 17
Species: Human

Will is 5'10 with dark skin. His hair is dark brown and relatively long with it just passing his ears. His eyes are dark brown and he has a small mustache covering his upper lip. Hes always wearing the same red t-shirt and blue jeans with black shoes.
Personality:Will doesn't say much especially when there are strangers around. Will is really calm and very strategic. He thinks before he acts most of the time.
Background: Will had a childhood like most kids, waiting to turn 10 and to go out to the Pokemon World. He has 2 younger siblings and his mother passed away when he was just 4 years old. He has been on his Pokemon journey for 7 years and as a result he has caught many rare Pokemon.
Weapons: There are no weapons in the Pokemon World! [None]
RP Sample: None
Other: None

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Chiso Saya

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Species: Elf

Description: Clickeh!
Chiso is extremely dainty and fragile-looking. She stands at around 5'5" tall and barely weighs 100 lbs. She's slight of frame, being very slender. Her face is delicate, with high cheekbones and brilliant sapphire eyes. Her hair is sky-blue, hanging to just above the small of her back and often done in a complex braid. A pink piece of cloth is tied in her hair, a large ribbon near the top of her head, and she wears a gold-and-sapphire broach on the right side. Her skin is soft and pale. She wears no shoes, but has a small golden circlet around her left ankle, and one around each wrist. Her ears are long and thin, and like most elves, are pointed at the tip. Unlike other elves, Chiso has a tail: it's wolf-like in apperance, with thick, ice-blue fur covering it.

Chiso's outfit is a complicated but practical one. The main part is a large piece of white cloth that is wrapped around the elfs's body, hanging open like a skirt from about her stomach down (the cloth is wrapped around in one layer down to about halfway down her legs, and the next layer is allowed to hang open. Over this is a sort of long, two-sided collar (though it's very loose and open around the neck), with a small blue tassle at the tip of both the front and back parts. This is white as well. The trim around her body wrap is a series of dark blue triangles. Chiso also wears an indigo teal scarf, one end of which is secured around her neck, the other of which is allowed to hang down freely.

Chiso's weapon is an Element Bow, which she keeps in a small, brown wooden quiver, the most of which is covered in green cloth. This normally hangs against her back, though she's perfected a technique in which she has it slide to her side for quick access. The bow itself is actually quite small, made of a sturdy yet flexible green wood, polished to a white finish in the middle.

Personality: Chiso is very kind, as well as very quiet, to the point of seeming oddly shy. This stems not only from her nature and upbringing, but also because of a horrible even that happened in her life, making her wary of everyone she meets (especially humans). She doesn't speak much around those she doesn't know, and won't argue with anyone even if she knows them well. Because of her soft-spoken nature, you'll never hear her raise her voice, no matter how upset she is. The only time she'll shout or scream is if she's trying to warn someone about something or if something unbearably awful is going on.

Chiso loves anything to do with plants, being an elf who can commune with them. She does this by tuning in her spirit with the spirit of the plant, then listening to the vibrations its spirit gives off. She often sits and talks to trees for long periods of time: not because they have long conversations, but because trees often take several hours to respond to a single comment or question (because they live much longer than humans or other races, they take their time to think before speaking). If she needs to know where someone is, or if she becomes lost, she'll ask the grass to tell her where to go. Flowers don't offer very good conversation, as they have relatively short attention spans, and so Chiso doesn't really talk to them, though she does greet them when she sees them. If she sees a plant that's dying or that's been mutilated somehow, it upsets her greatly and she'll do whatever she can to help it out. She can feel the pain of a plant if she is tuned into it, which sometimes causes her even more grief. She always refers to plants, no matter what they are, as Root Brother, and in turn she is recognized as a Root Sister, even though she isn't a plant.

One of the things about Chiso's personality is, no matter what's going on, if there are trees nearby performing what is known as Woodsong, it instantly calms and settles her. Woodsong is when trees vibrate their spirits rapidly, creating tunes that only those who speak the Root Mind (which is what it's called when someone can tune their spirit in to a plant's) can hear. The Woodsong is usually performed when trees are feeling joyful, peaceful, or excited, though in rare circumstances it can also signify warning and pain. When Woodsong is being performed (and isn't of the warning or pain variety), Chiso will become relaxed and unrushed, opening up to others and becoming more social then normal. She doesn't know why the Woodsong has such an affect on her, as it doesn't cause these personality shifts in other elves. Most likely it's because of her close association and undying love of plants, or maybe it's just because she's such a sensitive person.

Chiso dislikes fighting, since she's so reserved and compassionate. The thought of killing anyone or thing often upsets her, and if she can avoid slaying a being she will. However, if it has to be done, she becomes a fierce competetor. Like all elves, she's graceful, quick, and agile, able to move with astounding speed and confidence. She uses her Element Bow, as well as her abilies to use Earth, Wind, and Water magicks to fight, as she's completely unskilled when it comes to fighting hand-to-hand or with conventional weapons such as swords (her physical strength isn't enough for her to fight in those ways anyways). She always tries to end the battle quickly and is always merciful when ending another's life, killing them in the least painful and most respectful manner possible.

Being as kind-hearted as she is, if Chiso finds an injured being, she'll do all in her power to nurse them back to health. She carries a special medicine with her called Chiri, which looks like a cross between liquid and gas. She keeps several vials of the red substance on her, and when she needs to she will freely pass it out. The medicine helps block out pain and restore a person's energy, as well as allowing a person to heal a little faster. In order to use it, one must unstop the vial and breathe in the Chiri. It takes immediate effect and lasts for about seven hours.

Chiso's trust is hard to gain, because of how quiet and withdrawn she is, but once you've gotten it you'll have a true friend for life. She won't think twice about throwing herself in harm's way to defend someone she cares about; ironically, she hates it when a friend puts themsevles in danger for her. However, because she is so emotionally fragile, betraying her will leave her scarred for life. A betrayal from one person will also make her more wary and untrusting of others she knows, no matter how long she's known them, and she becomes extremely uneasy around them, as well as being easier to upset. It can put a huge strain on friendships, putting her and those around her under more pressure and making her even more emotionally volatile.

Once you've gained her trust and gotten to know her well, Chiso becomes rather open and more relaxed. She likes to talk and will sometimes even make jokes.

Background: Chiso was born to an old, powerful Clan that has gained much respect in the Elven circles over the centuries. The Clan lived in one of the older, bigger forests of the world, which they kept hidden from humans using their Nature magicks. Her mother was the High Spirit of the Clan, leader of the religious rites and rituals; basically she was like a Pastor, only more revered. Her father was an accomplished and famous Bolt Crafter, making various arrows from air and fire and selling them. Chiso herself was gifted with the three great Nature magicks when she was born: the abilty to control Wind, Earth, and Water. When she first demonstrated her magickal affinities at age four, the entire Clan was sent into near hysterics. They sent out word to other Elven Clans that one of their number was an exceptionally gifted Wielder, and whenever elves from other Clans would visit Chiso's parents would encourage her to show them what she could do.

At the age of seven, a catastrophic sickness struck Chiso's clan. Almost every child and young adult in the Clan was killed by the illness, which put the victim into a coma-like state and caused them to have temperatures that ultimately killed them. No elf over twenty-seven died, and Chiso was one of the lucky young elves that didn't fall to the disease. However, the death of so many meant that the Clan could no longer hide their forest home, and when humans discovered it they came to pillage its resources. Of course, the Clan wasn't going to let the humans destroy one of the Earth's last remaining forests of old, and so they did what they disliked the most: fighting others. They took up arms and a vicious battle broke out. Humans brought their guns when they realized the odd-looking people of the forest could use magick, and the losses on both sides were great.

Finally, though, the humans won. They killed all of the Clan, except for Chiso. She they took to be a slave, and for several years she was forced to serve them because she didn't have complete mastery of her powers, and because she had never used her magick on another person before. They treated her horribly as they ravaged the forest, and within six years the forest was almost dead, and it was one day when the last of the ancient trees was about to be felled that Chiso struck back against the cruel humans.

For years, the young elf had been forced to listen to the crying and screaming of dying plants, had listened to the sorrowful, heart-wrenching Woodsong as the trees and other plants sang of their deaths. (It was this combination of grieving, losing her Clan, and being used as a slave that had made Chiso as emotionally unstable as she is.) One night, however, it grew to be too much, and something within her snapped. Lead by instinct, she called upon powers she hadn't know existed and went about slaying the entire group of evil-hearted humans. After she completed this task she fled into the night, tears in her eyes. Since that day, Chiso has felt grief in her heart for how she killed the humans. Despite what they'd done to her, she felt awful that she'd used her powers in such a manner. She's gotten over it a little, but still feels sad about it when she falls into long bouts of uninterrupted thinking.

Since the merging of the universes, Chiso has become a Pokemon Trainer (there were no Pokemon in the universe she lived in before Diabora initiated the Crisis), prefering Grass-type Pokemon the most, though she has a deep love for all the different species. She visits the National Park regularly, always searching for Pokemon who want to go on adventures they couldn't otherwise have, as well as looking for new friends. She is now twenty-one years of age.

Weapons: Element Bow (It can fire normal wooden/steel bolts, as well as ones made from Wind and Water) ; Earth, Wind, Water magicks

RP Sample: Both of these are from the "Reflection" RP, one of the best RPs I've ever been in. It sadly died after getting extremely good, but I enjoyed it muchly while it lived lol. Be warned: the second example is graphic and may disturb some readers (I'm serious here, it was a morbid post, one that gave me an excuse to emotionally scar my character, an Absol):


I gave the links titles so people know the general idea behind the posts they lead to ^^. Enjoy!

Other: Chiso has the ability to speak with plants by synching her spirit with theirs, "resonating" on their level. It's a great way of locating people and things, but there are drawbacks to communicating with plants. Trees of all kinds take a long time to think about their words before replying (since they live so long, a few days seem like just a few minutes to them), for example, whereas flowers are extremely talkative and can't focus on anything for more than a few seconds.
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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Daryn Evelin
Age: 17
Species: Dragon! Human
Description: Daryn's about average height, standing at only 5'10'', and is a little on the thin side. He doesn't have much in the way of muscles, either, but he isn't one to work out. His eyes are a gray-blue color, and his hair black, with almost a blue sheen in the right light. It's actually quite long, reaching a little past his shoulders, and he often has it pulled up into a high ponytail. A few wisps of bangs frame his long face.

Daryn wears a black t-shirt with an royal blue short sleeve jacket, its collar reaching up to just below his chin. He also wears dark denim jeans and plain white and black sneakers. He usually carries his navy back pack with him as well, and his Pokeballs are held on a black leather belt.
Personality: (Your character’s emotional intelligence and outlook)
Background: (Your character’s history, which should include getting to this universe if they are not normally from it)
RP Sample: (Or any other sample of your writings, past or present)
Other: (Anything you want to add)

((I will edit later. I'm not even entirely sure I want to use Daryn at the moment, though he is very fun to roleplay...))

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Please take note, there have been further requirements added to the Sign-Up Form. Please go back and make any necessary edits. And please, bear with us we are trying to make your experience in the National Park the best it can be.

Your Friendly Ranger and Co-Manager,
Tiana Morenza

Thank you Neo!
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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Originally Posted by Tiana_M View Post
Please take note, there have been further requirements added to the Sign-Up Form. Please go back and make any necessary edits. And please, bear with us we are trying to make your experience in the National Park the best it can be.

Your Friendly Ranger and Co-Manager,
Tiana Morenza
You have not been here for a while, Tiana.
You're not a Co-Owner yet, as what Harry/Jack said. You have not been approved as a Co-Owner of the park yet. Thus by far, there are only 2 Owners, Bron and Moltrecuno(MIA)

Check this place to see what new ranks are added or so forth.

What further requirements are you mentioning here? I don't see anything new since Bron edited it last ._.

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Angeboba Fufu
Age: 19.69
Species: Human D:
Description: Angeboba is very fat and short. He usually wears a black cap, black sunglasses, black shirt with a pink heart on the left side of it, and pink trousers. His hair is blazing red. He wears a sparkling skull-shaped earring on his left ear. He also wears a pair of cute magenta gloves. His sneakers are boldly black.
Personality: Angeboba Fufu is a very cheerful and hard-working person. He'll never stop working until his work done. He likes to chat with everybody around him. He is also very keen on computers, he can play his computer all day without eating or drinking. But once he realised that he has not been drinking or eating all day, he'll start to wildly blame everyone near him (though it's usually no one there) saying why didn't they remind him to eat or drink. Angeboba have many Skitties, he loves them as much as he loves himself, but he gets bored of them quickly as well. That's why at least one Skitty is found dead every week.
Background: Angeboba Fufu was born on February 29 that he celebrates his birthday once every four years. Both of his parents died of aids when Angeboba was still four year old, forcing him to live his life alone. No one loved Angeboba, even his aunts and uncles and grandpas and grandmas and cousins and nieces and nephews pretended that there was no Angeboba. But not until he meet Skitties. He thought Skitties are very cute and kawaii creatures. So he started to raise Skitties at his house. But because the moneyz his parents left him started to waste, he could not pay for the Skitties's foodz and drinkz. So Angeboba reluctantly sold some of his Skitties to gain money, and surprisingly, he got a hell loads of Pokédollars. Ideas came into his mind, and he decided to raise his Skitties and sell them. Thus, he made a great income and made his own petshop and became the most successful creature in the world!
RP Sample:

@T17: Didn't she say Co-Manager? Not Co-owner? o.O or is it the same? o:

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

I think it's the same D: *fails English*
Either way, I don't see her name in the Owner's list or the Supervisor's list. My point was, she ain't a official of this place yet.

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Please direct all further talk to the Discussion Thread. This thread is about SUs, which will be processed starting Thursday night, in a big multiquote post to be posted either Thursday or Friday. Those who haven't finished yet, please do, or you'll be skiped over.

Now about Sam's reply. Well the thing is, Tiana is my main advisor until she gets her position approved, so she has a better idea of what's going on with this place than other people. She's managing stuff with me, together, unofficially. So no, Owner =/= Manager.
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