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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Old 09-01-2008, 02:05 AM
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Lightbulb Park Roleplaying Guide

Role Playing Guide
By Jack

This guide will help you make your way through National Park and hopefully increase your chance at success and fun.

**For the purpose of this thread, I will use myself as an example Trainer.

The first thing you want to do is Sign Up to the Role Play at the Signups thread. Reading Into You Character's Skin would help too.

Here's my quick example:

Brown hair, aqua eyes. Tan t-shirt with diamonds on sleeves. Tan cargo shorts. Navy blue shoes and short tan socks. Wears an old style Newsboy hat.
Determined to show his skill as a Trainer. Easy going and loves to laugh, but can be serious when he needs to be.
RP Sample
I've been in one and only one RP. I have to find the link.
Likes to use Pokemon that most people don't use.

Then a Ranger will accept or deny you. Signups are generally longer than this example. Once accepted, you may visit the Park Mart and buy items or ask questions at the Discussion Lounge. When you're ready to start, post your stats at The National Park RP thread, which look like this:

Name: Jack

Entrance Fee: $3,000
Extra Pokemon Permit:$1,000 (Two extra Pokemon, @ $500 a piece.)
Total Money: $13,200
Total Cost: $4,000
Change: $9,200

Total Items: (List all items you will be bringing in.)
~Type Repellent: Normal Type
~Family Pokepager: Weedle
~Healing Potion
~3 Nature Balls
~2 Hyper Balls

Pokemon Stats:
~Muk (Male)
Ability- Stench
TM/HM/BM- Explosion, Fire Punch
Health- 10/10
~Stantler (Female)
Ability- Intimidate
TM/HM/BM- Double Team
Health- 10/10
~Bellsprout (Male)
Ability: Chlorophyll
Health- 10/10

Other Info
Yeah, National Park rocks. :D

Then you wait for a Ranger to accept, assist, or declining your form. You basically wait to see which Ranger will accompany you on your trip. Once accepted, a Ranger will post your in-park stats for you, which may look like this:

Trainer: Jack
Money: $9,200

Area Effects
~Run Away Count (10 left)
~Type Repellent: Normal Type (5 encounters left)
~Pokepager: Weedle (3 devices left)
~Muk: Stench (Helps repel Wild Pokemon)

Pokemon Stats
~Muk (Male)
Ability- Stench
TM/HM/BM- Explosion, Fire Punch
Health- 10/10
~Stantler (Female)
Ability- Intimidate
TM/HM/BM- Double Team
Health- 10/10
~Bellsprout (Male)
Ability: Chlorophyll
Health- 10/10

Total Items
~Type Repellent: Normal Type
~Pokepager: Weedle
~Healing Potion
~3 Nature Balls
~2 Hyper Balls

Getting Started:

All park Role Playing will be done in the The National Park RP thread and you may only start once a Ranger says so. Follow me as I show you how to role play. My examples are short and to the point so you can better understand -- please write better than my examples do.
Blue is myself. Green is Ranger.

First, you will start from the moment you enter National Park and finally making your way to your desired location. That's where your personal Ranger will meet you and explain any information you need to know before entering the Location. This is also where you get the first chance to purchase items from the Ranger, if you need to.
Anytime you are in a Location, you must have one Pokemon out at all times. Failure to do this will result in expulsion. At this point, you can either start searching for Pokemon, use any Items you have, or perhaps have Pokemon use an Outside Move. That’s entirely up to you. Once you situate yourself in the area and decide what to do, the Ranger will post saying if you run into a Pokemon or give you information about the area you have walked into.

Walking Around: Random Pokemon
This happens when you don't do anything except walk around (or bike if you somehow get one). There are two ways to find Pokemon like this
-You are walking aimlessly, hoping a Pokemon will run into you.
-You are looking for a Pokemon in the surroundings.

It doesn't matter which you choose, the percentage of rarity will both be the same. But actively looking for Pokemon will score higher.

Jack steps around the bushes, keeping an eye out for that special Pokemon he wants. With Stantler by his side, he knows he will be victorious today.

Ranger says Jack has stumbled upon a cute Weedle eating a leaf on the ground. Weedle looks up with it’s big bug eyes.

Jack smirks, “I’m not here for a Weedle. But I may as well practice.” He commands to Stantler. “Too easy. Stantler, use Take Down.”
Stantler kicks up dirt, blowing smoke our of her nostrils, and leaps forward with her head sharply pointed downward at Weedle...

Weedle looks up quickly, ready to defend itself from the oncoming shadow. Its pointer on its head sticks upward and jabs Stantler as she thrashes into it. Weedle is knocked into space and beyond and lands in the bushes with the cutest swirly eyes possible.
However, Stantler took some damage from the pointer and was POISONED.

Items: Repel and Page Pokemon
These are items that you must buy before you enter the park, at the Park Mart. You also must choose what the item will attract or detract before you enter a Location.
-Repellents: These detract Pokemon from you for the type you've chosen ahead of time. To use, press the button, and the device will emit a hypersonic sound that only the chosen pokemon can hear. It drives them mad, and they run away from it's source for a while.
-Pagers: These attract Pokemon to you for the type you've chosen ahead of time. To use, activate the device and it will lead you to the Pokemon of your choice, like a dowsing rod. The Pokepager has 3 uses per device while the Type Pokepager and Pokepager Deluxe have 1 device and 1 use each.

Unused Pagers and Repellants can be saved in your Trainer Stats, but as soon as you decide what it will be used for (During the RP) and it does it's job, it's gone.

Jack turns on one of his small Pokepager devices and watches the button lights blink. An arrow points to his left and he starts that way. Then he turns on the Repellent. He looks at Muk, whom is now out of his Pokeball this time.
"I wonder how fast this works."

The Pokepager stops blinking as a Pokemon from the Weedle family shows up. A Beedrill hovers in from above and lands on the ground. It then spots Jack and quickly hisses, angry to see a human in this part of the forest...It rushes the Trainer....

Fainted Pokemon:
If your Pokemon faints, it faints. You can't revive your Pokemon and it won't slowly regain health if you continue walking around. And if you don't have any Pokemon left, then your experience in the park is over.
Any Wild Pokemon that faint can't be captured. So be careful which attack you use.

Jack freaks out. “Ah, not a Beedrill. I didn’t want that one. And it doesn’t look too happy about me either.”
“Muk!” Muk sighs.
“Use Explosion.”
Muk glows brightly and...

Muk explodes, causing dirt and dust to fly everywhere. When it clears, Beedrill and Muk are both out, with Jack laying on the side with a small headache.

"Dang! I'm lucky to have Stantler and Bellsprout or else I'd be kicked out." Jack gets up, rubs his head, and continues on.

If you do not wish to battle the Pokemon you encounter, you may choose to escape, or as we call it, using your Run Away Count. You only have 10 Run Away Counts, so use it wisely. Once you run out, you must leave the park. There are some Pokemon that won't let you run away, either because of it's Ability or the nature of how you found it. Make sure you are ready to fight at any time.
If you or the wild Pokemon use Teleport, Whirlwind, Roar, or any Pokemon with Run Away Ability, it will not go against your Run Away Count.

The Trainer uses another of his Pokepagers and attracts another Weedle, whom isn't too interested in the Trainer.

"Pfft. Weedle...not again. Forget this." Jack walks away from Weedle.

Outside Moves:
Moves such as Dig or Secret Power affect the environment just like in the game. All you have to do is have your Pokemon use a move and the Ranger will post after that what happens. For a more detailed list of moves and description, go to the Rangers thread and scroll to the bottom.

Jack calls out Bellsprout.
"Hey Bellsprout. I need you to use Sweet Scent."
"Bell." Particles fill the air as an aroma mixes with the wind and spreads around, easily attracting Pokemon to go the source.

A hungry Weedle pops out from the bushes and gazes at Bellsprout, infatuated by the aroma.

Purchasing More Items:
The only items you can buy are those that the Ranger carries with him/her, which is a limited amount. To buy an item, simply tell him/her what you want to buy. Fill it out just like you would at the Pokemart.

"Hey Ranger. I'd like to purchase a Status Potion for my poisoned Stantler."
Purchase: Status Potion ($500)
Total Money: $9,200
Change: $8,700

Ranger opens his duffel bag and brings out a Status Potion. Order accepted.

Total Items:
~Type Repellent
~Family Lure
~Healing Potion
~3 Nature Balls
~2 Hyper Balls
~Status Potion
Money: $8,700

Using Items on Your Pokemon:
Some items can only be used during battle while others can only be used outside of battle. And there are some that can be used anytime.
-Battle: The only items that can be used in battle is the Pokeflute and any Holding Items.
-Outside Battle: The only items that can be used outside battle are anything purchased from the park (Pagers, Repellents and Healing/Status Potions).
-Both In/Out of Battle: The only items that can be used anytime are all healing items from the Pokemart.

Jack opens the Status Potion and uses it on Stantler.
"Stantler!" she cries happily.
"There, much better. No more poison."

Scoring a Capture:
After everything you do, eventually you will get to a Pokemon that you want to catch. All you have to do is get the Pokemon at low health and throw a Pokeball. Depending on how well the battle goes and how well you Role Play, determines if you catch it or not. Pokemon rareness and the type of Pokeball used also matter.

After all of Jack's hard earned battling and losing a Nature Ball, he madly uses a Hyper Ball which sucks Kakuna inside. It wobbles to a stop. He has caught a Pokemon!

After you catch a Pokemon, or have to leave, you would Role Play yourself leaving. After everything you've been through, you have to wait a full week before coming back again. ^-^ This is to promote fairness. Once that happens, the Ranger will post your final stats and list everything there. The stats at the end is a good summary of what you encounter in that time period. Here's what mine might look like.

Trainer: Jack
Location: Woods
Money: $8,700

Pokemon Stats
Ability- Stench
TM/HM/BM- Explosion, Fire Punch
Health- Fainted
~Stantler (Female)
Ability- Intimidate
TM/HM/BM- Double Team
Health- 5.5/10
~Bellsprout (Male)
Ability- Chlorophyll
Health- 10/10

Items to Keep
Healing Potion
2 Nature Balls
1 Hyper Ball

Area Effects
~Run Away Count (7 left)
~Total Pokemon Found (Weedle, Weedle, Beedrill, Caterpie, Metapod, Kakuna)
~Type Repellent: Normal (0 left)
~Pokepager: Weedle (0 left)
~Muk: Stench

Pokemon Caught


More About National Park

You are at National Park to battle Pokemon and catch them. During the battle, the Ranger will be in control of the Wild Pokemon and any attacks you use against it. You are not allowed to physically connect your attack at the Wild Pokemon.
Example: Stantler runs forward and knocks into Kakuna with Headbutt.
You can't write that. Basically remember this simple idea below:
-You Control: Your Pokemon attacks and defense
-Ranger Controls: Everything except your Pokemon's defense.

You aren't invincible and God Mode isn't on. You can't dodge and defend against every attack. If you do this too much, the Ranger will have the Wild Pokemon physically hit you with hard attacks as punishment. Learn to Role Play equally and take hits.

When calling attacks and defending, be creative and use the surroundings. You may also use two or three attacks at once (but they are harder to be successful). A boring battle doesn't score high points.

Attacks will not always be calculated like Trainer Battles. For example: Using Flamethrower on a Koffing which uses Smog might cause an Explosion. Another example: Using Tackle on Blastoise's shell will do less than if Tackle hits Blastoise's soft underbelly.

Finding Pokemon:
Not every Pokemon will be available to find in the park, but most of them will. Rareness will play a mixture of the game, anime and cards. So even if Geodude is easy to find in the game and a Common card, the Anime Pokedex states Geodude is hard to find because it hides well in rocky areas.
You will be able to find 1st stage, 2nd stage, 3rd stage, non-evolutionary and Legendary Pokemon.

You MAY NEVER, EVER catch a Legendary Pokemon. The only purpose they serve is using the Pocket Camera and possibly making some money.

3rd Stage:
To fight this level Pokemon (ex. Charizard) is absolutely crazy and a whole different level of Role Playing is required. The only way to find this stage evolution is to purchase the Special Map from the Park Store or from the Ranger. That's the easy part. Next comes a difficult hike, which you will still run into Pokemon, some of which may be a lower evolution of the 3rd Stage Pokemon you want to find. Near the end of the hike is where you will find that Pokemon.
Once you start the battle against the 3rd Stage Pokemon, the battle starts as normal. When Charizard has low health, you'd think it's almost over but it's just getting started. Because these strong Pokemon don't like to be defeated, they will fight hard to the end and their attack power increases 50%. There are a few ways to beat this and you have to figure it out. Often times, the Pokemon might attack the Trainer or Ranger in disgust. You can run but the Pokemon will follow you. If you are ever in danger of injury, the Ranger will teleport both of you back to the entrance. If you are teleported away, you will be told to leave.
Catching a 3rd Stage Pokemon is no easy task, but you will be the envy of everyone else.

You are given 1 week to respond to your role playing and if you don't respond, you are kicked out for inactivity. There are no refunds if you are kicked out. The only exception to this is if you suddenly have to leave IRL and put "to be continued" somewhere for the Ranger to make a note. If you have general questions, we suggest you ask in the Discussion Lounge away from the role playing experience (unless it's vital to the role playing section). There should be no need to create new threads unless a moderator does so.

Your Stats:
The Ranger should be updating your stats for you whenever they change. They don't have to edit the full stats, only the portion that changed (though, they can post the whole thing if they want). This makes it easier for both of you. It's helpful if you keep track of the stats too, but you don't post it. Only the Ranger can change your stats.
For example, when I bought the Status Potion earlier, the Ranger only posted my Item stats after it.

What the Stats Mean:
Here's a look at how to fill out the form for your Stats.

-Name: This is what the Ranger will call you.
-Other Info: Anything else you want to mention here.
-Entrance Fee: Enter Price
-Extra Pokemon Permit: If you are bringing more than 1 Pokemon, add $500 for each one.
-Total Money: Money before entering National Park.
-Total Spent: Cost of Entrance fee and Extra Pokemon Permit.
-Total Change: Total Money - Total Spent = Change.
-Total Items: List all items you have (items before entering and items purchased).
-Pokemon Stats: Full details of your Pokemon.
-Location: The area you want to go to catch Pokemon (Woods, Abandoned Power Plant, etc.) Color is optional.

Here are the added Stats the Ranger will add to your Park Stats..

-Area Effects: These are effects like your Run Away Count, what items you have and their effect, and any Pokemon Abilities that can be used to effect the environment.

And finally, here are the added Stats the Ranger will add in the final post.

-Items to Keep: Any items you may keep in your Trainer Stats and bring back next time.
-Pokemon Caught: List the Pokemon here. If none, NONE will be here.
-Rating: A-F score on how well the Trainer did. It is not possible to catch a Pokemon with a D or F score. This section is optional.

Final Comments:
The National Park staff hopes you've enjoyed this Guide and it helps you role play better at National Park. Have fun and thanks for playing!

NOTE: You are NOT to post in this thread, ever. I need it unlocked to be able to edit, otherwise it would be locked.
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