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Old 08-16-2008, 11:38 PM
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Default Marvel: The Ultimate Alliance(Story Version)(Rated T for Violence)(Please Comment!!!)

I've decided to write a story version of the XBox 360 version of one of my favorite and most played games, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Enjoy!

Prologue: The Doombots

Nick Fury stood in the main command bridge of the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier, where many different men in similiar blue jumpsuits typed away at computers.

"Colonel, we've detected something coming from behind," shouted the voice of one as the Helicarrier rocked as all of the computers started to explode.

"What in the world happened?" Nick Fury shouted as he fell off of his feet, grasping a hold of a rail next to him, with the shaking even messing up his hair and eyepatch slightly.

Suddenly, large machines stormed into the room. They had silver metallic bodies, and were able to float in mid-air as they grabbed up SHIELD Agents, even blasting the ceilings and walls, causing rubble to fall on Nick,almost crushing him before numerous costumed men appeared on the ship, followed by more robotic creatures.

Mission 001: The Helicarrier Mission

Doombots swarmed through the city,trying their best to eliminate the four heroes that had destroyed so many of their forces already.

"Thor, take out those helicopters, Spider-Man, take out the soldiers, and Wolverine-" Captain America started as he pointed at the heroes with his shield. Thor flew into the air, while Spidey webbed away, but Wolverine aimed his claws at the Cap.

"Stow it Boy Scout, I follow my own orders," he growled as he jumped away, as the heroes started to attack.

"Foolish robots,you will not defeat Thor, the mighty Son of Odin!" Thor roared as electricity blasted through the Doombots.

"Show-off," Spidey complained from the side of a skyscraper as a Doombot appeared before him, only for Spidey to web the robot and sling it into the streets below. He jumped down and webbed the heads of two robots and slammed them together.

Wolverine tore through a crowd of Doombots, ripping pieces of machinery out of the Doombots as he tossed them around.

A Doombot ran at the Captain, while one snuck up behind him, which Spidey saw as he dropped down on a web string.

"Hey, it looks like you could-" Spidey said as the Captain threw his shiled and sliced a Doombot in two, turning around like a boomerang and slicing the other in two, before it landed in the Captain's hands.

"-use some help," Spidey finished as he saw a plane crash with Wolverine standing on top of it, striking down robots.

"That dude scares me," Spidey said as helicopter filled with SHIELD Agents appeared.

"Come with us!" one of the Agents ordered as the heroes piled into the helicopter, which flew higher until it reached the Helicarrier, which was floating high above the city.


The heroes were dropped off on the Helicarrier, where many different robots were rampaging.

"Looks like we've got a big job ahead of us," Spidey said as the Doombots notcied the heroes, charging at them.

They shot missiles and energy blasts at the heroes, causing flames to erupt all over the Helicarrier, even causing part of it to break away.

Spidey shot a web stream at a Doombot's head, pulling the Doombot's head off, tossing it at another one, sending both the head and second Doombot hurtling to the city far below.

Captain America ran into the center of a crowd of Doombots, with Wolverine at his side. The Captain threw his shield, which sliced through most of the Doombots, and Wolverine chopped and tossed the rest of them until the robots exploded.

Thor had flown high into the air, shooting electricity out of his hammer, which grabbed a hold of the Doombots, tossing them around and shortcircuiting them.

"Well, we should be safe now," the Web-Slinger said as more Doombots appeared, and an even more familiar face appeared.

"I don't think so, arachnid!" shouted the thick yet raspy voice of Mac Gargan, AKA, Scorpion. His long green tail lashed at the ground as he stood the center of the Doombot crowd.

"Hey Scorpion, what's it been, a month since I last put you in jail?" Spidey joked before Scorpion shot a stream of acid out of his tail, burning the ground Spidey once stood on.

"So I take it you're not in a joking mood?" Spidey said,looking at the spot where he was standing before he wbbed himself out of the way.

"Doombots, destroy all of them except for the Spider, he's mine!" Scorpion growled as the Doombots floated and charged at Thor, Wolverine, and the Captain,while Scorpion jumped at Spidey and slung his tail at Spidey.

"Nice try, Mac!" Spidey said as he leaped off of the wall that Scorpion slung his tail at, smashing through it.

"I'm not Mac Gargan, I'm the Scorpion!" he growled as he started shooting acid at Spidey, who backflipped out of the way, but when he landed on the ground he felt a burning feeling in his shoulder, noticing that some of the acid had burned away the left shoulder of his suit.

Thor floated in the air and shot thunder at the Doombots, blowing them up, however, some of them floated behind him and shot blasts of energy at him, grounding the God.

Wolverine lunged at the Doombots, but another one grabbed him by his neck as the other ones punched him across the face,sending him and the Doombots skidding dangerously close to the edge of the Helicarrier.

The Captain ran toward Wolverine and the Doombot, pulling Wolverine up and kicking the Doombot over the edge, preparing to throw his shield, but a Doombot snatched the shield from his hands, tossing the weapon over the edge of the Helicarrier.

"You and your friends are doomed, arachnid, so just give up!" Scorpion said as he wrapped his tail around Spidey's body, squeezing his tail into the hero brutally.


Well, that's the end of the first part of the story. Also, in case you didn't notice, I'm referring to new Chapters as "Missions".

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Default Re: Marvel: The Ultimate Alliance(Story Version)(Rated T for Violence)

What? No one replied? Come on guys, read and review.

Mission 002: Backup Heroes


Featured Characters:
  • Spider-Man
  • Wolverine
  • Captain America
  • Thor
  • Nick Fury
  • Black Widow
  • Dr. Doom
  • Doombots
  • Scorpion/Mac Gargan
  • Spider-Woman
  • Storm
  • Colossus
  • Elektra
  • Deadpool

Mission 001 Re-Play:

The SHIELD Helicarrier was brutally attacked by mysterious robots, while a war broke out in San Fransisco.

Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine, and Captain America fought against many robotic beings known as Doombots in the city of San Francisco. After destroying them all, they were taken to the SHIELD Helicarrier, where they were attacked by more Doombots and a blast from Spidey's past, Mac Gargan, AKA, the Scorpion. The heroes are seemingly on the verge of defeat. Will they overcome the Scorpion's Sting?

Re-Play End


A helicopter sounded as Scorpion turned his attention to the approaching helicopter, which seemed to hold more people.

"What is going on?" Scorpion hissed as he suddenly felt a pair of feet collide into his chin, sending him flying with a bleeding lip and a cracked jaw.

"Some would call it a distraction, Scorpion, but a better word would be backup!" said the voice of a woman as the Spider-Woman glided out of the helicopter, with a ninja-like man following her, landing next to Wolverine, who was at the bottom of a Doombot Dogpile.

"Hey, Wolverine, how's it going?" Deadpool asked as Wolverine cursed at the swordsman, muffled by the many Doombots on top of him.

"Ow, that hurt Wolverine. And I thought we were friends," Deadpool joked as claws ripped through a Doombot that lay in front of him.

"Not as much as you'll be hurting when I'm through with you!" Wolverine yelled as the Doombots were suddenly ripped through by claws and fists.

Deadpool silently stabbed his swords through numerous Doombots, with five different robots on each sword, when Wolverine appeared from the pile of Doombots, with his shirt torn into pieces.

Storm flew out of the helicopter and shot electricity at the Doombots around Thor, even charging up Thor's Hammer and Thor, causing him to get up and slam Mjolnir into the Doombots.

Elektra and Colossus jumped down and smashed away the Doombots around Captain America, and Elektra pulled Captain America's shield out of a bag and tossed it too him, pulling out her sais to fend off the Doombots.

"Oh this'll be fun! I get to crush two bugs with one sting!" Scorpion grolwed as he slung his tail around before he grabbed a hold of his jaw, popping it back into place and wiped the blood off of his face.

"Don't count on it, Scorpi," Spider-Man said as he shot a web-ball at Scorpion, who swatted it away with his tail, just then realizing more balls of web shot at him, webbing his eyes shut and webbing his arms to his chest.

"Why does this stuff burn?" Scorpion howled in pain as his tail was suddenly webbed to his legs.

"We kind of mixed together our powers. We merged my electric spheres into his web-blasts," Spider-Woman explained as the other heroes lined up beside them, having defeated all of the other Doombots by now.

"Now, this is the fun part!" Wolverine growled as he charged forward and clawed at Scorpion's eyes, removing the webs, but causing blood to fall down Scorpion's face from where his eyes were sliced.

"That's gotta hurt," Spidey pointed out as Scorpion howled in pain again and ripped his body free of the webs, only for the Cap's shield to slice through the Scorpion's tail, even coming back and slicing into Scorpion's chest.

"Power of Thunder, defeat the villain!" Storm shouted as she and Thor shot electricity into Scorpion's body, causing him to light up from the electricity going through his body.

Scorpion backed away, falling off of the edge of the Helicarrier, to what seems to be his demise.

"Have a nice trip, see you next fall!" Spidey joked as he looked over the edge, seeing his old enemy fall into the clouds.

"Why did you amateurs even come here in the first place?" Wolverine questioned as he retracted his claws.

"We were told to come to help you in case you were in trouble. But, only Elektra, Colossus, Deadpool, and Spider-Woman can stay. I must go and try to find what's causing this trouble," Storm explained as she floated into the air flying off,leaving the eight heroes to explore the area.

"We'd better find Colonel Nick Fury before we do anything else. The Command Bridge should be this way," the Captain said as he pointed toward a large mechanical door, running toward it with the other heroes in pursuit.


When the heroes entered the Command Bridge, they saw the wreckage from where the Doombots entered, even noticing that Nick Fury was trapped under a large rock.

"Nick, what happened here?" the Captain said as he grabbed the rock and tossed it off of Nick, causing it to smash as it hit the ground, which was charred and smoking from where Doombots destroyed consoles.

"Robots stormed through the Command Bridge, and a transmission came through. It was from Doctor Doom. He stated that the Helicarrier would fall to the Masters of Evil, and then the transmission ended, and this place started to fall apart even more," Colonel Fury explained he got up and leaned on the remains of a console, his right leg bleeding heavily.

"The Masters of Evil? Sounds like something from a Saturday Morning cartoon," Spider-Man joked before Nick glared at him.

"They're apparently a collection of some of the world's greatest criminal masterminds, led by Doctor Doom and his Generals of Doom," Nick explained as more explosions occured, rocking the area even more.

"Colonel, I have encountered members of the Masters of Evil in the Prison Sector," Black Widow said over the comm radio, the only thing in the Helicarrier that wasn't broken.

"Do not confront them, Black Widow. Wait for the heroes to arrive," Nick ordered as more explosions rocked the Helicarrier.

"Guys, go and help Black Widow, I'll stay with the Colonel," the Captain said as he helped Nick balance himself on one leg.

"Right, Cap, let's go guys!" Spidey said as the heroes walked off, leaving Nick and the Captain to guard the Command Bridge.


The heroes arrived at the Prison Sector, only for an explosion to occur, causing a large flame to erupt from the walls, exactly at the spot where Black Widow sent her transmission to Nick!

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Default Re: Marvel: The Ultimate Alliance(Story Version)(Rated T for Violence)(Please Comment

Guys, I'm getting desperate here. Until a review comes in, this story is cancelled.
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