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Old 08-05-2008, 11:25 PM
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Question Babel Fish: What does YOUR translated fic look like?

On this site, there's some translator called Babel Fish. If you translate your fan fiction to, say, Spanish, and re-translate it back to English, it looks weird. :P I tested it with the introduction to my LegendStory fan fiction...

Imagine a time when the Pokemon world lived in peace in harmony. Imagine a time when the two realms, the Human Realm and the Legendary Realm, lived alongside eachother. Imagine a time when all of the bad feelings of the universe were locked up and guarded. It may seem like a fable, reader, but it has all happened, and it is all true.

In this time, Arceus, the creator of the Pokemon world, had sent Giratina to lock up all of the bad feelings so that, when he created humans, they would not have to endure such things. For many years after humans were created, Giratina successfully guarded the gates to these feelings, until a mysterious spirit murdered him. That spirit was Darkrai, the Spirit of Darkness. Fortunately, Arceus had been able to create a second Giratina to send to the gates, but before he had time to, Darkrai had opened the gates! As the humans on earth were overcome by such feelings as greed and jealousy, they began to capture the legendaries! Arceus had no choice but to close the passageway between the two realms. By the time that he had done this, Darkrai had persuaded one of each legendary (besides Arceus) to come down to earth and never return to the legendary realm. The legendaries killed him, and had no choice but to roam on earth, never to return home again.

They deeply wished to return to their true home, and if he came back to life again, they wished to get revenge on Darkrai.....
And here's how it looks like after being translated from Spanish...

Imagínese a time at which the world of Pokemon lived peacefully in harmony. Imagínese a time in which both kingdoms, the human kingdom and the legendary, alive kingdom next to eachother. Imagínese a time at which all the bad sensations of the universe were joined for above and kept. It can seem like a fable, reader, but it has happened everything, and it is all truth. In this time, Arceus, the creator of the world of Pokemon, had sent Giratina to unite above for all the bad sensations so that, when he created human beings, they did not have to hold such things. During many years after they created the human beings, Giratina successfully kept the doors to these sensations, until alcohol assassinated a mysterious it. That alcohol was Darkrai, the alcohol of the dark. Luckyly, Arceus had been able to create a second Giratina to send to the doors, but before it had time to, Darkrai had abierto the doors! Whereas the sensations such surpassed to the Earth human beings like avarice and jealousy, they began to capture the legendaries! Arceus did not have any option but to close the alley enters kingdoms both. For the moment at which he had done this, Darkrai had persuaded one of each legendary one (besides Arceus) to never come realistic and of return to the legendary kingdom. They killed it to the legendaries, and they did not have any option but to vagar in the Earth, never to return to house again. They deeply wished to return to its true home, and if it returned again to the life, they wished to secure revenge in Darkrai .....
Imaginese still has the ending of its Spanish counterpart. Realms has been replaced with kingdoms, among some other stuff.

*gasp* Now we know who killed him: ALCOHOL!!!!! Looks like somebody drinks too much.

Try it for yourself, see what you get. I'm curious. :P
A very dumb story. Go read it.
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Default Re: Babel Fish: What does YOUR translated fic look like?

I just did it with a random part of The Path of Destiny, and it turned out really weird...

Here's the original:

“No, they won’t,” Spark told her simply, “But they have plenty of food and I’m starving, let’s go!” He started to run toward the rocky side of the cliff, leaving Snowcrystal still looking confused.

Stormblade suddenly stamped down on the jolteon’s spiky tail, preventing him from running any further. “Stop! Don’t you think the combee will be angry if you steal from their hive?” he growled.

Spark turned his head toward the scyther and smirked. Suddenly the hairs of his pelt stuck up straight with a twanging noise, turning into sharp needle-like spines. Stormblade jumped back with a cry of pain, allowing Spark to stand up. Roaring with laughter, the electric pokémon raced off in the direction of the hive.
And it here it is being translated from French. xD

“Not, they not,” l' spark indicated him simply, “but have l' to them; abundance of food and I am famished, left us go! ” It started to run towards the rock side of cliff, on the basis of Snowcrystal seeming always confused. Stormblade suddenly pressed downwards on the ear tail of the jolteon, l' preventing from running not further. “Stop! You do not think the combee will be annoyed if you fly of their hive? ” it grogné. L' spark turned its head towards the scyther and smiled d' an affected air. Suddenly the hairs of its skin stuck to the top directly with a noise making resound, being transformed into pointed acicular spines. Stormblade jumped behind with a cry of pain, allowing l' spark with comic. Howling with the laughter, the electric pokémon packed with far in the direction of the hive.
Haha xDDD

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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Default Re: Babel Fish: What does YOUR translated fic look like?

I did mine in Italian and French. xD

The pain obscuring my mind began to fade. The jerking feeling had subsided and my consciousness began to return to reality. Is this…a dream? No…I hear voices…calling to me…


My eyes snapped open. A yellow face phased in and out of view, like a magnifying glass, or an out of tune radio. As my vision cleared, I realised it was Rye who had spoken. Where was I? The Records room…I gasped. In an instant, all of my memories flooded back to me, bringing with them the horrific scene I had envisioned within Jarre’s orb. Slowly, I put a paw to my head and sat up. “Rye, you said you wouldn’t help me…”

The Elekid’s look of concern faded and turned to a cold frown. “I didn’t.” He thrust an arm backwards to indicate that someone was there.

A hazy, red circle grew into focus. “Jarre!” I gasped, and in my moments panic, fell back to the floor. “You…you brought me back!”

The Torchic stared at me menacingly. It’s sweet temperament gone, he was a Pokemon transformed. “Yes.” He muttered icily, staring at me with horror and betrayal.

But I wasn’t the betrayer here, he was. And I was never going to forget it. “You worked for Scythe,” I muttered. “In her gang, you…were evil.” I stole a look at the Torchic who was now looking at the glossy tiles.

A pained expression creased his brow, and his menacing, blue eyes shone. “I wasn’t always like that, Zanna,” He murmured. “I didn’t want to be what I became.” He sighed.

I turned to look at Rye, who stared at me solemnly and nodded. “But you did,” I said firmly, “And all of the creatures who suffered under your talons…” I trailed off.

The pain that dark my mind has begun to fade itself. The pushing sensibility had been lowered and my conscience has begun to send back to the truth. Is this… a dream? No… I feel the voices… that I call me… “Zanna! „My eyes have cracked opened. A put yellow forehead within and outside of the sight, like a disc of a valve d' blowup, or from the air radius. Since my eliminated vision, I has realized era Rye that had spoken. Where he was the I? The room of annotations… I have boccheggiato. In a moment, all my memories have been submergeeed of new me, carrying from they the scene who orribile I had previewed all' inside of the globe of the Jarre. Slowly, I have put a leg to my head and they are seated to me in on. “Rye, you have said that it you would not have helped… „the look of the Elekid of worry is sbiadetto and turned towards aggrottare the sopracciglia cold. “I have not made. „It has pushed an arm behind in order to indicate that someone was here. A foggy and red circle has been developed in the fire. “Jarre! „I have boccheggiato and in my moments lasci to take panicoare, fallen of new to the pavement. “… Have brought back you it! „The Torchic has fixed threatening me. It is gone sweet temperament, he was a transformed Pokemon. “Yes. „Ghiacciato has murmured, fixing me with l' horror and the tradimento. But I was not the betrayer here, he I was. And I was not never going to forget it. “You have worked for the scythe, „I you have murmured. “In its group,… you were diabolic. „Stole one look to the Torchic that now was examinee the lucid tiles. Un' made expression to suffer has folded its forehead and its to threaten, polished blue eyes. “I was not always like those, Zanna, „he I have murmured. “I do not have intentional to be what are transformed to me in „has sighed. I have turned in order to examine Rye, that it has fixed solemn me and it has agreed with the head. “But you have made, „I have said solid, “and all creatures who have suffered under your matrices… „I have strascicato outside.

The pain darkening my spirit started to fade. The feeling of jolt s' was lowered and my conscience started to turn over to reality. C' is… a dream? No… j' hear voices… calling with me… “Zanna! ” My broken eyes s' open. A yellow face put in phase in and out of the sight, like a magnifying glass, or out of the radio d' air. While my vision emerged, j' realized that c' was Rye which had spoken. Where was I? The room of discs… j' haleté. In one moment, all my memories flooded again with me, bringing with them the terrifying scene that j' had considered in the round body of Earthenware jar. Slowly, j' put a leg at my head and sat upwards to me. “Rye, you said that you m' would not help…” the glance of l' Elekid of the concern s' is faded and s' is turned towards a wrinkling of the cold eyebrows. “I n' did not make. ” It pushed an arm towards l' back to indicate that quelqu' one was there. A misty and red circle s' is developed in the hearth. “Earthenware jar! ” J' haleté, and in my moments panic, fell down to the floor. “You… you m' paid! ” Torchic looked at me fixedly threatening. C' is gone soft temperament, it was transformed Pokemon. “Yes. ” He murmured in an icy way, looking at me with l' fixedly; horror and treason. But I n' stays not the traitor here, it stays. And I n' never went l' to forget. “You worked for the scythe,” j' murmured. “In its troop, you… were bad. ” Stole I a glance at Torchic which now looked at the frozen tiles. An expression made suffer folded its face, and its to threaten, œ it blue shone. “I n' stays not always like this, Zanna,” he murmured. “I n' did not want to be what became I. ” He sighed. J' turned to look at Rye, which looked at me solemnly and inclined the head fixedly. “But you made,” j' said firmly, “and all the creatures which suffered under your greenhouses…” J' trailed with far.
I mean, what the?

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Default Re: Babel Fish: What does YOUR translated fic look like?

Opening for a Sailor Moon fic I'm writing for Here's the original:

Smoke surrounded him as fire burned through the city, filling his mouth and nose, clouding his lungs and flowing out through the punctures in the right one, overwhelming his body. Flames began to grow around him, having caught on to the debris littering the floor. He limped forward, barely dragging himself along, trying to find something, or rather someone. He trudged forward, the fire licking at his armored boots but not actually hurting him. As he struggled to press forward, he could see things going on in the rooms he passed as he checked them. Inside were other people, all dead. Eventually he found a room with a large door that lead into a massive room. It seemed to be a banquet hall, full of tables. But it was also full of bodies, further increasing his mental death toll, and increasing it even further as many of those people were still dying, slowly and painfully. In the middle of the room were at least a dozen figures, still standing, but barely, just like he was. Almost all of them were obviously female, with the odd male thrown in. He smiled weakly, he had found the one he was looking for amongst that group. That smile turned to a look of horror, however, when a bloodcurdlingly high pitched laugh pierced the almost silent air, and a thin beam of light pierced through several of the warriors, causing them to fall instantly. Another struck the ground, causing a small explosion which sent a few of the others flying. A third beam then struck the target that he had been so worried about, and he cried out, though no sound came from his mouth. He tried to run forward, to help her, but he was too weak and stumbled, and fell to the ground, the impact shattering his already cracked ribs. From the ground, he could only look up at his charge... yes, that was why he worried for her, he had been charged to protect her. She was down, clearly dead, though he still found himself unable to really see her. His eyes strayed upwards to the two remaining figures, one of whom was currently very close to his own position: barely alive. Suddenly, he coughed fiercely, and blood spat out of his mouth. Scratch before... he was pretty much dead. It was over. The kingdom's last hope had been extinguished... and the last thing he saw was a bright light.
Translated from Japanese:

That the smoke the fire filled up that mouth and the nose, cloud that lung, and with those the right the stab passing by the city where it percolates, burnt, he is surrounded simultaneously and that body is overwhelmed. The flame starts being brought up around that, the floor in the scattering and others refuse wreckage catches. He pulling the 跛 first, pulls him himself at last, something, or tries the fact that some who is found. Licking with that armored boots, it reached and he who really does not damage him walked the fire so first heavily. That you endeavored because he pushes first simultaneously as for him that he inspected those, it can look at that it enters at the room which he transfers thing simultaneously. Entirely there were other people, completely among them. It leads to the large room where finally he found the room where the large door has been attached. That seems that is the complete feast hole of the table. But that the body and is perfection and above that and number of spiritual deceased it increases, that above that increasing, the rank of those people still, slowly and painfully so it had died. The room being middle, as exactly been he, it stands still, at last, it was, but at least the dozen figure. Almost as for everything being thrown, the strange man the woman, was clear. He him found one thing which he has searched in that group, you smiled weakly. But as for the smile in order for fear to freeze the blood at first glance, the laughing which the shell is high bored the hole through most silent air, it turns at the time of the thin Ichijo where the hole could be bored and with the plural of the soldier light ray and at once time brings those to the cover [me]. It struck with the land which causes the small explosion where any another things other than in small amount flight was sent. As for the 3rd beam then however sound did not come from that mouth, he so was worried, as for him striking the thing target which shouted. He tried the fact that it runs in order to help her first, but it was weak excessively, stumbled, and the land, that in order to push down in the influence which pulverizes the rib which already cracks. From the land, as for him he why just worried because of her, that fullness which is…It is possible, to be filled up in order to protect his her and to be to inspected. As for her he still him himself, there are no times when really it meets to her, however you found, it was clear, it was. That eye two remaining figures, came off in up which presently is very close to his himself position in one person among those: You lived at last. Suddenly, he did the 咳 extremely, spat the blood from that mouth. … He had died the scar before almost. It ended that. kingdom' As for the last desire of s…Going out, the last thing which he saw was the bright light/write.
And Chinese (Simplified)

The smoke has surrounded him, when the fire passed through the city to burn, filled his mouth and the nose, covered his lung and flows through punctures in correct one, submerged his body. The flame starts nearby him to grow, is in fashion to tumbles floor's wreckage. He has limped the present, has not dragged nearly, tries to discover something or rather somebody. Will use energy walked the present, the fire licks in his armor starting, but not in fact injured him he. When he will press from now on diligently, he possibly looked the thing will come in him through room, when he has inspected them. Inside is other people, all dies. He had discovered finally has leads to enter a giant room a front door's room. It as if is the banquet hall, has many tables. But its body also has many, further increases his spirit casualty, and increased its further many these people still to die, slowly and painful place. Is 12 attempts at least among the room, still stood, but does not have nearly, like he is. Nearly is obviously the female, when the strange male is thrown. He smiles weakly, he found him that which sought in that group. That smile changed the terrorist look, however, when the terrorist high level smiled pierced the nearly silent air and a thin light beam pierced through the number soldier, caused them to tumble immediately. Other has struck the ground, causes to deliver some other flights the small detonation. The third article the beam then collision goal he is so anxious, and his great shout, although sound not from his mouth. He will try to run from now on, helps her, but he will be too weak and trips and strikes down the ground, destroys rib's impact which he already burst. From the ground, he possibly is only gazing at his charge…, why is he worried for her that he charges protects she. She is gets down, dies obviously, although he still discovered that he is unable to look at her truly. His eye has become lost upwardly to two surplus charts, one of them present is the very close his position: Has not lived nearly. Suddenly, he has coughed fiercely and the blood is spat outside his mouth. In…Before him grasps the mark is dies nearly. It finished. kingdom' Before extinguishing s, to hope…, and he looked the final thing is the bright light.
And Russian.

Smoke surrounded it in proportion to fire it burnt through the city, filling its mouth and nose, clouding up its [legkya] and passing outside through the punctures into the right one, overwhelming its body. Flames began grow all around it, [ulavlivayushch] is further to the solid particles littering sex. It limped forward, barely [volochashch] forward, [probuyushch] in order to find something, or sufficiently someone. It went with difficulty forward, fire licking to its armored boots but not actually it. In proportion to it fought in order to finish harvesting forward, it could see, that to thing send further into the rooms it passed in proportion to it verified them. There were inside other people, entirely mortally. Finally it found room with the large door which it conducts into the most massive room. It is it seemed which necessary to be by the hall of embankment, complete of tables. But it was also full of bodies, is further [uvelichivayushch] its mental number of those been killed, and [uvelichivayushch] its even more additional so many those people still died, it is slow and it is weighty. In the middle of room were at least diagrams dozen, still costing, but barely, exactly as it was. Almost everything them they were obviously female, with odd man been cast inside. It smiled weakly, it found one it searched for among that group. That smile turned to the view of horror, however, when bloodcurdlingly the highly built laughter it pierced almost silently air, and to thin light beam [prokalyvannomu] through several of warriors, [prichinyayushch] of them to fall immediately. Others struck the earth, causing small explosion which it sent several of others flying. The third ray after this struck purpose that it was therefore it worried itself near, and it began to cry outside, although no sound arrived from its mouth. It tried to break into a run forward, to help it, but it was too weak and they will stumble, and to bring down to the earth, to impact destroying its already cracked ribs. From the earth, it could only look upward on its responsibility… yes, which there was why it worried itself for it, it was charged protect it. It was downward, clearly deadly, although it still considered it incapable to actually see it. Its eyes strayed upward to 2 remaining diagrams, one of [komukomu] there was at present very close to its own position: it is barely live. Suddenly, it coughed fierce, and the bickering of the blood from its mouth. The scratch before… it was dears very dead. It was over. Kingdom' hope s the latter was extinguished… and last thing he saw was bright light.
That was awesome.
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Default Re: Babel Fish: What does YOUR translated fic look like?

You may not know me, and if you ask anyone else, they will probably say no. You may start to think why I am telling you this, if this has any point whatsoever, but believe me, I’m more than meets the eye. The tale I am about to tell you is what I like to call “my tale”. It is not a story about my life, or a tale about a tail, but a specific event in my life that changed the way of everything for me. This is, my tale.
Spanish version
You may not know me, and if you ask anyone else, they will probably say no. You may start to think why I a.m. telling you this, if this there are any point to whatsoever, but believe me, I'm dwells than meets the eye. The destroys I a.m. about to tell you is what I like to call “my destroys”. It is not to story about my life, or to destroys about to tail, but to specific event in my life that changed the way of everything for me. This is, my destroys.
Well, that's my destroys for ya.
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Default Re: Babel Fish: What does YOUR translated fic look like?

We used Babel Fish for a school project on the Netherlands. We did German.

This is the first chapter of ~The Silver Fox~ in English:

Chapter One- A Midnight Walk

The aroma of the flowers in Floroma Meadow coaxed me out into the open, my only cover being the silvery, moonlit flowers. The moon was full and bright, making even the trees seem silver. I ignored the feeling of something staring at me and quietly slunk through the flowers. I looked up at the moon. The flowers swayed to and fro, making me sneeze. A sudden rushing of paws made me whip around to see a Houndoom running after me.

"Heat Blaze! Get that silver Vulpix! Nolw!" a human voice yelled, triggering my instict to run. The Houndoom, running at full speeds, ripped the flwoers he was running over apart. I jumped over a tree rootand spun around in the air. I forcefully blasted a Fire Blast at the dog type Pokemon. It growled in rage and rubbed it's eyes. It started to chase after me again. I leaped over a fallen, rotted, tree, but only my front legs cleared it. My back legs slammed into it and sent me to the ground.

I groaned in pain and tried to get up, but fell back down. This was it. My hide was going to be a fur coat for some rich person. The Houndoom leaped over the tree also and skidded as he landed. "Any last words?" Heat Blaze asked, snarling. I looked up to see the accursed dog closing in on me. I stayed silent. I was wanting to run, but I was too badly injured. My back legs felt like they were dislocated for sure. I closed my eyes.

The Houndoom picked me up with his mouth and tighted his grip on me. I groaned as his sharp fangs sunk into my skin. Heat Blaze walked slowly in the direction he came. We were actually pretty deep in the forest, and it would take about ten minutes to get out at this steady pace. Every step made his mouth jerk a bit, making me wince. I finally just kept my eyes closed. I heard a sudden gushing of water coming at us.

A river...? There arent any rivers around here... I thought. I felt a sudden force slam into Heat Blaze. He yelped and let me loose due to the tremendous pain. I hit the ground roughly. I coughed up a bit of blood and my eyes slowly flickered open. The Houndoom was unconcious by a tree with a crack in it, lying in a large puddle of water with water soaked plants.

I saw a figure standing near me. As it walked slowly torwards me, I thought I was in danger, so I scrambled to get up. I managed to stand upright and painfully ran a few steps before collapsing to the ground once more.

"I am not here to hurt you." said a calm, soothing, feminine voice. I saw that the figure was a Suicune. I then passed out as I felt the legendary lift me and set me on it's back.
Portuguese :Style!! biggrin::

Capítulo um uma caminhada da meia-noite O aroma das flores no prado de Floroma persuadiu-me para fora no aberta, minha somente tampa que é as flores prateadas, moonlit. A lua estava cheia e brilhante, fazendo mesmo as árvores pareça prata. Eu ignorei o sentimento de algo que olho fixamente em mim e quietamente no slunk através das flores. Eu olhei acima na lua. As flores balanç a e para, fazendo me o sneeze. Uma pressa repentina das patas fêz-me o chicote ao redor para considerar um Houndoom funcionar após mim. " Chama do calor! Começ esse Vulpix de prata! Nolw! " uma voz humana gritou, provocando meu instict para funcionar. O Houndoom, funcionando em velocidades cheias, rasgou os flwoers que funcionava sobre distante. Eu saltei sobre um rootand da árvore girado ao redor no ar. Eu soprei vigorosa uma explosão de fogo no tipo Pokemon do cão. Rosnou na raiva e friccionou it' olhos de s. Começou perseguir outra vez após mim. Eu pulei sobre caída, rotted, árvore, mas somente meus pés dianteiros cancelaram-na. Meus pés traseiros batidos nela e emitidos me à terra. Eu gemi na dor e tentei levantar-se, mas cair para trás para baixo. Este era ele. Meu couro cru estava indo ser um casaco de pele para alguma pessoa rica. O Houndoom pulou sobre a árvore igualmente e derrapou enquanto aterrou. " Alguma palavra do último? " Chama do calor pedida, snarling. Eu olhei acima para ver o cão maldito fechar-se dentro em mim. Eu permaneci silencioso. Eu estava querendo funcionar, mas eu fui ferido demasiado mal. Meus pés traseiros sentiram como foram deslocados certamente. Mim fechado meus olhos. O Houndoom pegarou-me com sua boca e tighted seu aperto em mim. Eu gemi como seus colmilhos afiados afundados em minha pele. A chama do calor andou lentamente no sentido que veio. Nós éramos realmente consideravelmente profundos na floresta, e tomaria aproximadamente dez minutos para sair neste ritmo constante. Cada etapa fêz sua boca empurrar um bocado, fazendo me o wince. Eu finalmente apenas mantive meus olhos fechados. Eu ouvi um jorro repentino da água que vem em nós. Um rio…? Lá arent alguns rios em torno de aqui… Eu pensei. Eu senti uma batida repentina da força na chama do calor. Yelped e deixou-me afrouxar devido à dor tremenda. Eu bati a terra aproximadamente. Eu tossi acima um bocado do sangue e meus olhos cintilaram lentamente aberto. O Houndoom era inconsciente por uma árvore com uma rachadura nele, encontrando-se em uma grande poça da água com as plantas embebidas água. Eu vi uma figura estar perto de mim. Enquanto andou lentamente torwards mim, eu pensei que eu estava no perigo, assim que eu scrambled para se levantar. Eu controlei estar ereto e funcionei dolorosa algumas etapas antes de desmoronar à terra uma vez mais. " Eu não estou aqui ferir you." disse uma calma, soothing, voz feminino. Eu vi que a figura era um Suicune. Eu passei então para fora enquanto eu senti o legendário me levantar e me ajustar em it' parte traseira de s.
God dang thant's long!! Now for Itallian!

Capitolo uno una camminata Midnight L'aroma dei fiori nel prato di Floroma lo ha persuaso con le lusinghe fuori nell'aperto, la mia soltanto copertura che è i fiori argentei e moonlit. La luna era piena e luminoso, facendo persino gli alberi sembri argento. Ho ignorato la sensibilità di qualcosa che fisso me e tranquillamente allo slunk attraverso i fiori. Ho esaminato in su la luna. I fiori hanno ondeggiato avanti e indietro, rendendomi lo starnuto. Scorrere veloce improvviso delle zampe mi ha reso la frusta intorno per vedere un Houndoom funzionare dopo me. " Fiammata di calore! Ottenga quel Vulpix d'argento! Nolw! " una voce umana ha urlato, innescando il mio instict per funzionare. Il Houndoom, funzionante alle velocità complete, ha strappato i flwoers che stava funzionando sopra a parte. Ho saltato sopra un rootand dell'albero filato intorno nell'aria. Validamente ho fatto saltare uno scoppio di fuoco al tipo Pokemon del cane. Ha ringhiato nella collera ed ha lucidato it' occhi di s. Ha cominciato inseguire ancora dopo me. Ho saltato sopra caduta, decomposto, albero, ma soltanto i miei piedini anteriori lo hanno rimosso. I miei piedini posteriori sbattuti in esso e trasmessi me alla terra. Ho gemuto nel dolore ed ho provato a alzarmi, ma regredire giù. Ciò era esso. Il mio pellame stava andando essere un cappotto di pelliccia per una certa persona ricca. Il Houndoom ha saltato sopra l'albero inoltre ed ha slittato mentre ha atterrato. " Delle parole dell'ultimo? " La fiammata di calore ha chiesto, ringhiando. Ho osservato in su per vedere il cane maledetto chiudermi dentro su me. Ho rimanere silenzioso. Stavo volendo funzionare, ma sono stato ferito troppo male. I miei piedini posteriori ritenuti come sono stati slogati di sicuro. I chiuso i miei occhi. Il Houndoom lo ha preso con la sua bocca e tighted la sua presa su me. Ho gemuto come sue zanne taglienti affondate nella mia pelle. La fiammata di calore ha camminato lentamente nel senso che è venuto. Eravamo realmente abbastanza profondi nella foresta e richiederebbe circa dieci minuti per uscire a questo passo costante. Ogni punto ha fatto la sua bocca spingere una punta, rendentemi il wince. Infine appena ho mantenuto i miei occhi chiusi. Ho sentito uno zampillo improvviso dell'acqua che viene noi. Un fiume…? Là arent qualsiasi fiumi intorno a qui… Ho pensato. Ho ritenuto un colpo improvviso della forza nella fiammata di calore. Yelped e lo lasciato slacciare dovuto il dolore tremendo. Ho colpito approssimativamente la terra. Ho tossito in su una punta di anima ed i miei occhi hanno tremolato lentamente aperto. Il Houndoom era incosciente da un albero con una crepa in esso, trovandosi in una grande pozza dell'acqua con le piante impregnate l'acqua. Ho veduto una figura levarmi in piedi vicino me. Mentre ha camminato lentamente torwards me, ho pensato che fossi in pericolo, in modo da ho rimescolato per alzarmi. Sono riuscito a levarmi in piedi dritto e penosamente ho fatto funzionare alcuni punti prima di sprofondare alla terra una volta di più. " Non sono qui danneggiare you." ha detto una calma, soothing, voce femminile. Ho veduto che la figura era un Suicune. Allora sono passato fuori mentre ho ritenuto il leggendario alzarlo e regolarlo su it' parte posteriore di s.
And last, Spanish!!!

Capítulo uno una caminata de medianoche El aroma de las flores en el prado de Floroma me engatusó hacia fuera en el abierto, mi solamente cubierta que era las flores plateadas, iluminadas por la luna. La luna era llena y brillante, haciendo incluso los árboles parezca plata. No hice caso de la sensación algo que miraba fijamente mí y reservado el slunk a través de las flores. Miraba para arriba la luna. Las flores se sacudieron hacia adelante y atrás, haciéndome estornudo. Una precipitación repentina de patas me hizo el azote alrededor para considerar un Houndoom el funcionar después de mí. " ¡Resplandor del calor! ¡Consiga ese Vulpix de plata! ¡Nolw! " una voz humana gritó, accionando mi instict para funcionar. El Houndoom, funcionando en las velocidades completas, rasgó los flwoers que él funcionaba encima aparte. Salté sobre un rootand del árbol hecho girar alrededor en el aire. Poderosamente arruiné una ráfaga de fuego en el tipo Pokemon del perro. Gruñió en rabia y frotó it' ojos de s. Comenzó a perseguir después de mí otra vez. Salté sobre haber caído, descompuesto, árbol, pero solamente mis piernas delanteras lo despejaron. Mis piernas traseras cerradas de golpe en él y enviadas me a la tierra. Gemí en dolor e intenté levantarse, sino bajar abajo. Esto era él. Mi piel iba a ser un abrigo de pieles para alguna persona rica. El Houndoom saltó sobre el árbol también y patinó mientras que él aterrizó. " ¿Palabras del último? " El resplandor del calor pidió, gruniendo. Miraba para arriba para ver el perro maldito el cerrarse adentro en mí. Permanecía silencioso. Quería funcionar, pero me dañaron demasiado gravemente. Mis piernas traseras sentían como fueron dislocadas para sure. Me cerré los ojos. El Houndoom me cogió con su boca y tighted su apretón en mí. Gemí como sus colmillos agudos hundidos en mi piel. El resplandor del calor caminó lentamente en la dirección que él vino. Éramos realmente bastante profundos en el bosque, y tardaría cerca de diez minutos para salir en este paso constante. Cada paso hizo que su boca mueve de un tirón un pedacito, haciéndome mueca de dolor. Finalmente acabo de mantener mis ojos cerrados. Oí decir con excesiva efusión repentino del agua que venía en nosotros. ¿Un río…? Allí arent cuaesquiera ríos alrededor de aquí… Pensé. Sentía un golpe repentino de la fuerza en resplandor del calor. Él me gañió y dejó soltar debido al enorme dolor. Golpeé la tierra áspero. Tosí para arriba un pedacito de la sangre y mis ojos oscilaron lentamente abierto. El Houndoom era inconsciente por un árbol con una grieta en él, mintiendo en un charco grande del agua con las plantas empapadas agua. Vi una figura el colocarse cerca de mí. Mientras que caminó lentamente los torwards yo, pensé que estaba en peligro, así que revolví para levantarme. Manejé colocarme vertical y funcioné con doloroso algunos pasos antes de derrumbarse a la tierra una vez más. " No estoy aquí lastimar you." dijo una calma, calmando, voz femenina. Vi que la figura era un Suicune. Entonces pasé hacia fuera mientras que sentía el legendario levantarme y fijarme en it' parte posterior de s.
You should of seen Japanese. It was lines of boxes with Pokemon names and stuff like that.
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Default Re: Babel Fish: What does YOUR translated fic look like?

XDD! I took my fanfic's first chapter, A Rude Awakening, and translated it to Dutch and back this is what it is in English:

Today my day began with a lovely bang on my front door waking me up. I’m still staring at the door, not wanting to get up. With a groan and a stretch, I managed to roll out of the cruddy bed I sleep on. Getting up, I yawned a bit and brought my self towards the door with some shuffles. It creaked open, as usual, yet not person stood there. Instead, there was a small box with a note attached to it.

Since the sun wasn’t quite fully out yet, I had to spark a candle just to read the first few lines. The words the reached my eyes were ones I never thought I would see for several more years.

“Dear Ryae,

If you’re reading this, I assume you’ve also received the box of tools I sent with the letter. I need you to enter the fort at the top of the hill. In the highest room lies a locked chest with very crucial information held inside. While the task seems fairly simple, there is one thing you need to know - The stronghold is held by Defias renegades.”

At that line, I dropped my arm holding the paper, letting it fall. I thought for a few seconds, who could’ve possibly sent me the message. I cocked my head to the side, laying my eyes upon a small sheathe perched upon the wall. I walked over towards it, grabbing the hilt with one hand while holding the case with my other. With a sound of a blade, I drew out a small dagger. Holding it up, a beam of light from the sun washed over the blade, making it seem more worth than it actually was.

In a moment, I was standing there, sighing, sheathing the blade and taking it off the wall, clipping it to my pants. I returned to my desk, where I had placed the chest. Opening it, I discovered just what I thought would be in the container - Thieves’ tools.

Studying them, I was truly intrigued by the contents. Several keys, picks and pries, and a few other things; All laid within the box. I picked up the chest, and then thought - backpack. I drew open a drawer and shoved my hand in it. Just when I thought I had lost them, I drew out a handful of gold coins. “One hundred.” I uttered allowed. Dropping them on my desk, I kept one and put it in my pocket for later.

With another sigh, I found myself walking towards the front door. Stopping at my coat rack, I picked up a wool jacket, and then a wool cloak. After adjusting it, I opened the door, tools in hand. My hand instantly went to my eyes to block out the sun that burned my eyes. Blinking a few times and creating a visor with my hand, I looked out into the distance, spotting the fort mentioned in the letter. My eyes fell onto the town. “Not to many…” I looked around before finishing, “people out.” I spotted the town shop, and walked in.

A little bell chimed and my eyes fell upon the thing I least expecting in our town - a Gnome. He was behind the counter, counting stock or something shop related. Surprisingly enough, this was my first time in the shop twenty feet away from my home. On one side the wall was full of weapons of all kind - swords, axes, spears, and many more. While all looked tempting, I had to turn my attention to the section for travelers. After a few minutes of looking, I spotted a backpack perfectly suited for an aspiring Rogue. Scanning around to see if anyone was looking, I stuffed the tools into the bag, so the shop keep wouldn’t charge me extra. Man I’m using my eyes a lot today, and I haven’t been up for more than twenty minutes.

Heading to the front of the store to pay for the backpack, I spotted a case for a map or scroll. My mind trailed back to my old, rickety shack of a home. I’m pretty sure I have a map stuffed somewhere. The Gnome greeted my with a hello, I waved back.

“Going on an adventure, are we?” The man said, and his squeaky little voice.

It took me a few seconds to reply, but I managed to say “Not really, just…” Once again my mind drifted off, though I somehow pulled out the gold coin from earlier. The Gnome eyed my suspiciously; either from my voice trailing off, or the backpack that had gained several pounds. He handed it to me and I was off.
And this is it translated to Dutch and back:

Today my day started with a beautiful slap on my front door which awakes me. I still stare at the door, do not want this asked in the morning omhoog become. With a moaning and a rack, I succeeded of cruddy bed I sleep to develop. Standing, I yawned a smattering and brought my himself to the door with some shuffle. It crunched, usual, not yet were there person. In place of it, there was a box small with a note in appendix to. Since the sun was not entirely entirely still, I had sparkle a candle only to read to the end the first lines. I was itself concerning a large provisional office whereas a flame in living leaped. The words which reached my eyes were never idea those I I would see years still more. „Best Ryae, if you read this, assume I you also the box of appliances have received which I have sent with the letter. I wish you the fort at the upper part of the hillock enter. In the highest space a closed udder with very essential within obliged information lies. Whereas the task seems rather simply, by it one thing is you must know - it manage is kept Defias apostates. That line, left falls I my weapon falling the keeping document, leaving. I thought seconds, which could me have perhaps sent it reported for a couple. I bowed down my on the side, laying my eyes on small twinge settled on on the wall in the sleeve. I overflowed to, that seizes the handle with one hand whereas loving the case with my other. With a sound of a booklet, I obtained a small dagger at voorschijn. Stopping it, actual was a lichtstraal of the sun which is washed concerning the booklet, which it makes more than worth seem it. In a moment, was himself I dense to the wall, sighed, put the booklet in the sleeve and removed it from the wall. Cutting it to my trousers, I returned to my office, where I had placed the udder. Opening it, discovered I only what the idea of I in the container - the appliances of robbers would be. Studying them, I became real geïntrigeerdd by the contents. Different keys, harvests and loose get, and a couple other things; All laid within the box. I took the udder, and thought then - back pocket. I pulled a drawer open and stopped my if it. Exactly then I thought I had lost them, I hand-full obtained golden coins at voorschijn. „Hundred. I expressed permitted. Leaving falls, kept them on my office I one and put in front later it in my pocket. With another sigh, I found myself once again current to the voordeur. Stopping at my layer rack this time, I took a wool jacket, and then a wool man wolmantel. After adapting, for the arrangement I opened the door, appliances. My hand treated immediately my eyes to block the sun which burned me. Blinking a couple of time and a creating sight with my blocking hand, I looked out in the distance, the staining fort that it is mentioned in the letter. My eyes fell on the city. „To many… I did not look around before finishing people, „from. I did not stain the town shop outlying, and ran to. Within pure seconds I was. A small bell chimed and my eyes fell on thing I most less a thinking in our city - gnome. He was behind against, stock or something counting related shop. Surprising enough, this mine first time in the shop twenty feet was as from my house. To one squares were the wall entirely of weapons of already type - swords, assen, spears, and much more. Whereas seducing looked at everyone, I had twist my attention to the section for travellers. After a couple minutes of the eying of everything, I stained a back pocket completely arranged for a striving brigand. Round exploring to see or, filled I looked at everyone to the appliances in the pocket, so that the shop does not keep extra would charge me. People use I my eyes today, and I have been not omhoog more than twenty minutes. Heading to the front of the rise to pay for the back pocket, stained I a case for a card or a role. My opinion dragged to my old, rachitische barrack of a house. I am rather certainly I a somewhere filled card have. My with hello, golfte I greeted the gnome. „Going on an adventure, are we? The aforesaid man, and is moaning small voice. It removed me a couple seconds to answer, but I succeeded call off „not really, only… once again my opinion floated, although I withdrew the golden coin of in former days in a or other manner. Eyed my of the gnome suspiciously; or of my way drag voice, or back pocket those those different pounds had reached. He it to handed over me and I was.
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Default Re: Babel Fish: What does YOUR translated fic look like?

Here's a bit of my next fan-fic (Coming very soon):


Tippi, Ranger, Blaire, and Hannah, dashed into the base, dripping wet, all laughing, though. They shook out the water and settled onto Tipi’s bed.

It’d been a four years that day since Tippi became a Pokemon, and when she’d woke up that morning, all her human memories had come flooding back to her, but only the main things, like her family and their names, her friends and their names, where they lived, what their house looked like, and so on. But the things she could remember most vividly was what happened two days before she became a Skitty.

When Tippi had received this ‘memory rush’ (As Blaire called it), she gathered Ranger the Pikachu, Blaire the Espeon, and Hannah the Leafeon and told them all that she remembered, they listened intently, asking no questions, they let their Delcatty leader tell her stories. There wasn’t many, but the stories of the two days were enough to satisfy her friends.

“Tell us what was going on the day you came here, Tip,” Hannah pleaded, placed her front paws on Blaire’s back and resting her chin on her paws. Ranger leaned against Tippi’s side. The Delcatty didn’t speak for awhile, then looked to her friends.

“Well,” She started slowly. “I was eleven, then. Daddy had been promoted in his work (He worked for the government), we had enough to do what we always dreamed: To move to a larger house, ours was much too small. We found one, a huge one, too, it had so many pretty rooms, it suited us, but it cost a lot. My older brother, Matthew, he was, uh, twenty-three then, he was working at an electronics store. He gave my parents money to help them move, he still lived with us, then. My older twin brothers, James and Jackie, they were, let’s see, fourteen then, they started doing errands and such for the neighbors. My older sister Steffie, she was seventeen, she baby-sat for families in the neighborhood. I helped out in way I could, I saved my allowance, I had saved up about fifty dollars when I went out into the forest that day. And,that’s when I came here.”

“So, d’you think your family’s already moved into that big house?” Ranger asked, looking up at Tippi.

“Probably,” Tippi answered. “I just wish I knew for sure. I wanted my family to be happy. Even though I was young, I still tried to do a bit to help…”

“And I’m sure your bit of help was great!” Blaire encouraged, “I’m sure they’re all living in that big house now!”

“Yeah, I guess…”

“Is something wrong, Tip?” Hannah asked worriedly. Tippi didn’t answer for awhile.

“It’s Daddy’s birthday tomorrow,” Tippi said softly. “That was the reason I had tried to help, for buying the house and as a present.”

“You miss your family, don’t you?” Blaire whispered. Tippi nodded. The four friends were quiet for a long time, they only looked up when the door opened.

Four darkened Pokemon hovered in the doorway. They all looked the same, their red eyes glinting evilly. This sudden intrusion, of course, sent the four on their feet, tense and ready.
Italian (Forest guard is Ranger):

Tippi, forest guard, Blaire and Hannah, are hasty in the base, to drip bathed, entire laughing, however. They have churned outside l' water and has been deposited on the base of the Types. be the four years that the day since Tippi have been transformed in a Pokemon and when that morning has waked up, all its human memories have had l' new next flooding of she, but only the main elements, like its family and their names, its friends and their names, in which they have lived, to what their house has resembled, etc But the things that could be remembered more clearly were what are happened the two days before that it is transformed in a Skitty. When Tippi had received this rush of memory of the `(while it has called it to Blaire), has gathered the forest guard the Pikachu, Blaire the Espeon and Hannah the Leafeon and that has said they that all that it has been remembered, they have listened careful, not making questions, have left their head of Delcatty to tell them history. Us they were not many, but the history of the two days were enough in order to satisfy its friends. “It says to us that what was going the day has come here, the tip, „Hannah has supplicato, arranged its front legs on the posterior part and on the rest of the Blaire of its I lie on its legs. Supported forest guard to against the side of the Tippi. The Delcatty has not spoken for a po' , therefore observed its friends. “Well, „it has begun slowly. “I was eleven, then. The Daddy had been promoted in its job (has worked for the government), we has had in order to make what enough has always dreammed: In order to move towards a greater house, ours little ones were a lot too much. We have found one, enormous one, also, it has had many graceful rooms, us has been apt, but it has cost mólto. My older brother, Matthew, then were, uh, twenty-three, he were working to an electronics warehouse. It has given to my parents the money in order to help it in order to move, he still has lived with we, then. My twin siblings, older James and Jackie, were, lascili see, fourteen then, have begun to make the errands and such for the neighbors. My sister older Steffie, was seventeen, she baby-sat for the families in the vicinity. I have helped outside in the sense that I could, I I have conserved my permission, I I had conserved in on approximately fifty dollars when they have exited in the forest that day. And, that one is when they have come here. „“Thus, the d' you thinks your family already entered in that great house? „To asked forest guard, examinee in on Tippi. “Probably, „Tippi has answered to. “I wish hardly that it has known of sure. I have intentional my family to be happy. Even if I was young, still I have tried to make a tip in order to help… „“and are sure that your tip of aid was large! „Blaire has encouraged, “I is sure that now they are all the life in that great house! „“Yeah, fortune teller… „“Is badly something, tip? „Hannah has asked worriedly. Tippi has not answered to for a po'. “It will be tomorrow birthday of the Daddy, „Tippi has said softly. “That it was the reason that I had tried to help, for l' purchase of the house and like present. „“Lacked your family, not fairies? „Blaire has bisbigliato. Tippi has agreed with the head. The four friends were over a long time span calm, have only observed in on when the hatch has been opened. Four have scurito Pokemon have balanced in the door. Entire they have observed the same ones, their eyes of red color that glinting diabolic. This unexpected intrusion, naturally, has transmitted the four on their feet, stiff and ready.
That site, is really, really fun.
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Default Re: Babel Fish: What does YOUR translated fic look like?

This sinfully addicting tool is the source of much fun. >D

A low buzzing sound filled the labyrinthine passageways and echoed off of the brown rock walls. This slight annoyance seemed innocent enough, being that one of the travelers in such a cave happens to be a Magneton, but a Raichu traveling with him sees things quite a bit differently…

“Holy Arceus! Helio, shut off that buzzing! It’s getting on my nerves!”

“I can’t help it. I am a Magneton, in case you hadn’t noticed. It is something that I just do.”

“Well, turn it off!”

“I can’t.”



“Ha! No comment. I beat you!”

“But, still.” Helio replied. “The natural buzzing I emit is nothing like what happens to you when a female Pokemon walks by. Your eyes start to get glazed over, you drop whatever you’re holding, little electric sparks start emitting everywhere from you, you start speaking gibberish…I don’t know if you should be talking.”

Caro crossed his arms. “Well…at least I-“

“Both of you, stop arguing! You’ll wake up every Pokemon in this entire place.”

Kris scolded her two friends, paws crossed across her cream-furred chest. She was a female Persian who had developed the intriguing ability to navigate on her hind legs. Other than the fact that she ran a bit faster than a standard Persian, and she could reach higher and had greater ability to hold things, this…unique aspect of the feline Pokemon honestly wasn’t all that helpful. The blue gem on her head – yes, Kris’ gem was blue, not red as it is on your standard everyday Persian– glinted and shined from the light and slight static her two friends made.

Caro, the Raichu, wasn’t all too thrilled about the concept of his friend – friend, not girlfriend, that would be gross - ordering him around. “Hey! Who are you to order us about?! You’re hardly older than we are!” Helio, the Magneton Caro had mentioned earlier, lost his balance and stumbled for a second, but then regained control and moved on.

“Anyway…” Kris said with a little bit of a loud tone to get past the voices of the two Electric Pokemon – well, Caro, anyway, Helio never seemed o raise his voice often - doing her best to forget about how much her two friends squabbled and trying to change the subject to something a bit more interesting, “We need to keep going, you two. The Treasure is probably just ahe-“

“What is this treasure?” Caro cut in, a bit annoyed. “You’ve been talking about it the whole time we’ve been in this stupid mountain, but we have absolutely no idea what ‘it’ is! You’re always like this, Kris... Dragging us into things without telling us the whole story. So please, for the sake of sanity, tell us what the heck you are talking about.”

The Persian rolled her eyes and snorted loudly. “Well if you want to know about it, fine. We’re searching for the Dimension Key, a-“

“An ancient artifact said to be able to grant any wish its wielder commands. Correct?” Helio cut in yet again, stopping and turning to the cream-colored cat Pokemon who was standing in between himself and Caro.

“Well, yeah, but I wanted to say it!” Kris glared at her mechanical friend for a second. “What, were you trying to impress me or something?” Caro joked immaturely. “No! I just…wanted to.” Kris argued back, raising her snout higher into the air, determined to ignore Caro. “Ooh, stop arguing! You’ll wake up every Pokemon in this entire place!” Caro taunted, complete with Kris’ Persian ears imitation. The taller cat Pokemon whacked him on the side of the head with a clenched paw and went to catch up with Helio, who had moved ahead.

Quickly running past him, Kris squealed with delight.

“H-hey…there it is! The Dimension Key!”
Now, here it is, switched to and from the mighty Greek:

A low sound of buzz filled the labyrinthian passages and echoed far the brown walls of rock. This small nuisance appearred enough innocent, being that one from the travellers in a such cave happens is Magneton, but Raichu that it travels with him it sees in the things enough a piece… otherwise “Holy Arceus! Helio, excluded that buzz! It takes in my nerves!” “I cannot help him. Is Magneton, in the event that you had not observed. He is something that precisely.” “Well, closed!” “I cannot.” “Why? ” “…” “Hectare! No comment. You I knocked!” “But, still.” Helio answered. “The natural buzz I emit I do not resemble with what happens in you when walks near one female Pokemon. Your eyes begin to take [bernikomena], you throw any [dipote] that you keep, the small electric beginning of sparks that it everywhere emits from you, you it begins the inconsistencies… I do not know [ean] it should.” Caro crossed his arms. “Well… at least I ““And the two from you, stop! Wake up each Pokemon in this entire place.” Kris [epeplixe] her two friends, legs that were crossed beyond her custard-[malliaro] breast. She was female Persian who had developed the [radioyrgontas] possibility [ploigisei] in her rear legs. Apart from the fact that ran a piece faster from standardised Persian, and could reach in higher and had the bigger possibility of keeping the things, this… unique aspect of feline Pokemon were not frankly all these useful. The blue precious stone in her head - yes, the precious stone Kris was blue, not red since is standardised daily in Persian you and shone from light and small static her two friends that becomes. Caro, Raichu, were not all that was convulsed too much for the significance of friend his - friend, no friend, which would be crude - ordering him around. “Hey! CWho it is you in order to it orders us roughly! You are afterwards violence older than we are!” Had Helio, Magneton Caro reported earlier, did lose his balance and did trip for one second, but [af]'? other recovered control and advanced. “Without fail…” Kris that [leetai] with a little possible ton in order to we take after the voices the two electric Pokemon - well, Caro, in any event, Helio did not appear never that increase the voice often - that they make better her we forget for how many her two friends and trying it changes the subject in something little more interest, “should we continue, you two. Is the treasure probably precisely ahe- ““Who is this treasure? ” Caro cut in, a piece that was bothered. “You have spoken for the total - time [imaste] in this idiotic mountain, but do not have absolutely no idea who `it is! You are always as this, Kris… Drawing us in the things without our narration of entire history. So much I request, thanks to [logikotitas], us you fall what you speak for.” Persian rolled her eyes and [eroythoynise] hard. “Well if you want to know for, thin. We search for the key of dimension, ““a ancient hand made object that [leetai] in order to it is in position it grants whoever [dipote] it wishes his commands wielder. Correct? ” Helio cut in yet again, stopping and turning in custard-color cat Pokemon that stood in - between him and Caro. “Well, yes, but I wanted to say him!” Kris you shine in her mechanic friend for one second. “What, was you that try it impresses with or something? ” Caro joked immaturely. “No! I precisely… desirable.” Kris that was supported behind, increasing snout higher in air, decided it ignores Caro. “Ooh, stops! Wake up each Pokemon in this entire place!” Caro held in derision, complete with the Persian imitation of ears Kris. The tallest cat Pokemon this in the side of head with a [sfiggmeno] leg and went it has time Helio, which had been moved front. Fast running after, Kris with the enjoyment. “H-Hey… there is! The key of dimension!”
"You I knocked!"
“Hey! CWho it is you in order to it orders us roughly! You are afterwards violence older than we are!”
“You have spoken for the total - time [imaste] in this idiotic mountain, but do not have absolutely no idea who `it is! You are always as this, Kris… Drawing us in the things without our narration of entire history. So much I request, thanks to [logikotitas], us you fall what you speak for.”
“No! I precisely… desirable.”


~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)
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Default Re: Babel Fish: What does YOUR translated fic look like?

They were in the Middle of the almost empty space, a rapid Breeze, the shift slightly by your as almost included the silence, eyes close short dusty - Brown strands of hair, around them fluttered. You can try almost feel the rain, in the sheets just outside window stray blotch flicking through the drawn curtains billowed as they stood before you only a meters away.

Their hearts broke almost.

It is a world, they shall, if soft click on the one cocked SideArm the sound of security.

You could feel that the storm swelling to your imagination painting the amassing clouds on the horizon in their heads eyes clustering. You may your thoughts, by the thickening air with you to fly with the humming winds and cries of the hypsipetes trilling. She was the City and you shivered with the Slivers all risk by the rusted corrugated - cerium of the roof, fired in their last exit arcing, as the entire building with expectation to tremble seemed.

But that was the world in, a world of anger and violence – lived, and accept them.

Lips twisting in a thin smile, it belongs in almost seriously as the first brilliant ader the Flash illuminated, the world behind concluded eyelids, almost reached forward towards the wings curtains and the enthusiastic vibration the Thunder as sky promises behind you chorused. Only the bared, frayed strands of what your sensitivity remained prevented from your, but they were slides from your Moore, slow under the onrush.

If war the world still not so? A Paradise of peace? Also in the so-called Golden age of the jhoto Empire, harmodius and reigneth iron first almost legions of orean slaves, force almost an entire civilization in the Sundered and Bloodstain knee, their traditions behind you in fluttering tattered tapes.

A sudden shift of pressure, and the very air was your singing, cabling your small House in a chaotic dance, shrilling your. Your lips trembled with discreet words, whisper, the answers call clustering on your tongue, as you yourself in the song instead their power in the wind trilling wove.

There was no era of peace, and the Word, as well as how the concept, you thought was only a myth.

Query the warmth of a answering presence, your twisting, your smile, your coat now whipping your in the power of the Gale to your form on.

But why keep disaffection inevitability?

A dulling analyzation, a brief lullus in the flood - glinting splitter the hail, the compromized skin apply, as you forward a single slide of sandaled foot, strengthened until you Customs threshold.

It was life and life was simply a existence.

Your eyes open.

As his.


...And it sounded so cool in German! *shot*

My oneshot, olive trees. xD Translated the whole thing because of the length. I've got to say, though: Some of the translated imagery is pretty damn cool. x3 "Query the warmth of a answering presence, your twisting, your smile, your coat now whipping your in the power of the Gale to your form on," and "Flash illuminated the world behind concluded eyelids."


And the change in person was <3. *giggles*

Banner by me. Image used in banner by sakimichan on subeta. Character is mine. =3

Yoru Ryu ~ Rar-roX
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