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Default Pokemon Leafgreen Walkthrough

(Note- I am currently in progress with making this walkthrough. Walkthroughs take time, so be patient if a new section isn't posted for some time. I will update the first post with all the new sections as they are completed. Comments and criticism are very appreciated in helping me make this walkthrough all it can be.)

Symerwizkid22’s Pokemon LeafGreen Walkthrough

Welcome to Symerwizkid22’s walkthrough of Pokemon LeafGreen version. This is a bare walkthrough, and it won’t go over the controls, and things of that nature that you would find in a ‘guide.’ Please also note that this guide is 100% my work, so don’t take credit for it as being your own work. Give credit where credit is due. Well then, lets get to it.

[1] Boulderbadge

[1.1] Pallet Town

After the introduction to the game hosted by Professor Oak, you will be shrunk down and from here you will start your Pokemon adventure. When you start in your room, go over to the computer and withdraw a Potion from within it. It is kind of neat to note that since this is a remake of the classics from ‘98, there is a NES in your room. Anyway, head downstairs and talk to your Mom. She will say that Professor Oak was looking for you. Well then, head outside.

After exploring Pallet Town if desired, head north to a pathway that has tall grass. But wait!, it’s unsafe! Professor Oak will stop you from going north and take you back to his lab. You will meet your rival in the lab, and the Prof. will tell you to choose one of the three Pokemon that he has left from his time being a Pokemon Trainer. Here you have the option of picking Bulbasaur, a grass type Pokemon; Squirtle, a water type Pokemon; or Charmander, a fire type Pokemon. There is no real ‘better Pokemon,’ it’s all up to you. Each will help you at multiple times during your journey.

Pick your Pokemon and your rival will then pick the Pokemon that is super-effective against yours (ie. If you pick Charmander, he’ll pick Squirtle). Attempt leaving the lab, and your rival will challenge you to a battle. It’s quite easy… all you have to do is keep using the move your Pokemon knows that does damage and you will win. Your Pokemon will be healed after the battle.

Head north now to Route 1.

[1.2] Route 1

Route 1 is a linear, easy route. Talk to the first person on this route and he will tell you that he works at the PokeMart in Viridian City. He then gives you a sample of their products via another Potion. Continue up this route (fighting Pokemon when encountered… you need all the Exp. you can get this early in the game) until you reach the northward entrance to Viridian City.

[1.3] Viridian City

If necessary, heal your Pokemon at the PokeCenter. If you want to do some exploring then feel free. Your next stop will be the PokeMart. The guy behind the counter will give you a Parcel that he wants you to take back to Prof. Oak. Since you can’t buy anything until you deliver the Parcel, head back to Pallet Town.

Go into the lab and talk to Oak. He will be happy to take the Parcel from you. Your rival will then barge in. Oak will then talk about his new invention, an encyclopedia the records Pokemon and their stats called the Pokedex. He will then give one to you and your rival. He will then give you five Poke Balls, which will come in handy. Lastly, Oak will go on about how he wanted to catch them all, but now he is too old. He wants you and your rival to do it for him.

Now go to your rival's home (the house above the PokeLab). Talk to your rival's sister and she will give you a Town Map- a priceless item that will help you know your location in the Kanto.

Head back up north through Route 1. Now that you have some Poke Balls it wouldn’t hurt to catch some Pokemon. I find Pidgey to be a great Pokemon to keep with me through the entire game due to its good stats and ability to use Fly later in the game. Back in Viridian City talk to the old man at the northern part of town. He will demonstrate how to catch a Pokemon to you. Afterwards he will give you the Teachy TV, which is a useful item that has many tutorials in it to the basics of the world of Pokemon and being a Pokemon Trainer.

Now, go to a branching route to the west of Viridian City (Route 22). Go through the grass and walk left until your rival comes walking towards you. He mentions not having enough badges to go to the Pokemon League. He will then battle you. His Pokemon are both level 9, so make sure yours will be able to defeat him. After (hopefully) beating him, head back towards Viridian City. Before going back into the hubbub of the city, go upward along a small, fenced path. This will lead you to another Potion. Now heal up at the PokeCenter and buy anything you might need at the PokeMart. You have a forest to get through!

[1.4] Route 2

Route 2 is a very linear, easily navigable route. If you need training or want to catch some more Pokemon, then feel free to do so. Either way, the only way you can go is up into the building. Go through the building, entering Viridian Forest.

[1.5] Viridian Forest

Viridian Forest is a simple maze with a good bunch of trainers to beat to help you level up for the first gym. Every Pokemon found in Viridian Forest is a bug type Pokemon, with the exception of the rare Pikachu which can be found here and there.

Anyway, start off by going left and then up. Take a left at the intersection and grab the Poke Ball laying on the ground. Head back east until you hit a signpost; then go south to the entrance. Now head east and grab a Potion in the grass. Now head north and battle Bug Catcher Rick. He has a Weedle and a Caterpie, both at level 6. Both these northward paths lead to the same place, just the left one has grass and the right does not. Battle against Bug Catcher Doug who has two level 7 Weedles and a level 7 Kakuna.

Now go north and grab the Antidote. We are going to go right at this intersection- which is the long way. The method to my madness? Well, there’s another trainer up this way who would love to give your Pokemon some Exp. Battle Bug Catcher Anthony, who has two level 7 Caterpies, and then make your way west and then south through a little grass. Take the U-turn and head north to another trainer battle. Bug Catcher Charlie has two level 7 Metapods and one level 7 Caterpie. Continue south and head right into a little inlet in the forest where a Potion can be found. Go back west, and then north. Battle your final Bug Catcher; Sammy, who has a level 9 Weedle. After beating Sammy, head north and into a building. You have successfully made it through Viridian Forest! Travel up the little that is left of Route 2 and into Pewter City.

[1.6] Pewter City

There isn’t much to do in Pewter City. You can visit the Museum and talk to the people, but that’s pretty much it. In the northwest corner there is an invisible Poke Ball in the middle of the lighter colored area. Besides that, the only thing to really do is to head over to the gym. The highest level Pokemon in the gym is level 14, so I’d be sure your Pokemon are at least level 12 or so before battling the gym leader- Brock.

Anyway, head up and fight Camper Liam for some Exp. He has a level 10 Geodude and a level 11 Sandshrew. You should be able to beat him easily enough; but be sure to heal up before facing Brock. You might even want to have a Potion or two at the ready when facing him. He has a level 12 Geodude and a level 14 Onix. If you picked Bulbasaur at the beginning then you should be in luck with some Vine Whips, or Squirtle with some Bubble or Water Gun. Charmander’s Metal Claw at level 13 can be a Godsend as well. Either way, you’ll have a move that is super effective against both his Pokemon, so take advantage of that. Also, if you have a Pidgey, I highly recommend using Sand-Attack to your utmost advantage. That’s how I beat Brock’s Onix.

For winning you will receive the Boulderbadge from Brock. The Boulderbadge allows your Pokemon to use the HM Flash when acquired. You also receive some money for winning and TM39- Rock Tomb. Congratulations! You are one badge closer to the Pokemon League!

[2] Cascade Badge

[2.1] Route 3

Your next destination is Mt. Moon. Head west and out of Pewter City. One of Professor Oak’s Aides will stop you and give you a pair of Running Shoes; which come in handy for quicker travel. To use them simply hold down B.

Keep heading west and you’ll be at Route 3. Route 3 is another linear path; this one being littered with trainers. Fighting every trainer you come across is a great idea, and gives you a lot of Exp. Start by heading east and battling Lass Janice who has two level 9 Pidgeys. Head north and do battle with Bug Catcher Colton who has two level 10 Caterpies and a level 10 Weedle. Now head a couple steps east and battle the shorts-obsessed Youngster Ben. He has a Rattata and an Ekans; both at level 11. Head east a bit more and battle Bug Catcher Greg who has a Weedle, Kakuna, Caterpie, and a Metapod; all at level 9. Hugging the north wall is Lass Sally, who has a Rattata and a Nidoran; both at level 10.

Before going east more to the next trainer, drop down the wall below Bug Catcher Greg. Here you will battle Youngster Calvin who has a level 14 Spearow. Drop down the next wall and head back to the entrance to Route 3.

Now, follow the pathway you took your first time through, but instead of dropping down continue eastward. Battle Bug Catcher James, who has a Caterpie and Metapod; both at level 11. Continue eastward and battle Lass Robin who has a level 14 Jigglypuff. There are no more trainers for the remainder of the path, so if you want to catch some new Pokemon then do so in the tall grass here on Route 3. Some new Pokemon that can be found include Nidorans of both gender, Spearow, and Jigglypuff; although Nidoran and Jigglypuff are quite rare.

Navigate the remainder of Route 3 and eventually head north to a PokeCenter. Healing your Pokemon is a very wise decision; you have quite the trek ahead of you through Mt. Moon. Also, don’t accept the guy’s offer in the PokeCenter for a 500 dollar Magikarp, since you can find one any time when you get a fishing pole (a bit later in the game). Exit the PokeCenter and head to the right and into Mt. Moon.

[2.2] Mt. Moon

Mt. Moon is a fairly big cave chock full of items, trainers, and Zubats and Geodudes. Begin by heading west and picking up TM09- Bullet Seed. Go northwest and fight Bug Catcher Kent who has a Weedle and a Kakuna; both at level 11. Grab the Paralyze Heal above him and then return to where you entered Mt. Moon. To the right of the signpost is Lass Iris, who has a level 14 Clefairy.

Head north from there and go a little east to a ladder. Descend the ladder, follow the linear path, and then descend another ladder. Here you will battle your first Team Rocket Grunt, who has a Sandshrew, Zubat, and Rattata; all at level 11. Continue east in this room to find a Star Piece. Now, head back up both ladders until you return to base level.

Head south and go down the left path. Battle Super Nerd Jovan, who has a Magnamite and a Voltorb; both at level 11. Grab the Potion to your left, then head east and up to battle Bug Catcher Robby, who has two Caterpies and a Metapod; all at level 10. Head back down a couple steps, west a couple steps, and grab a Rare Candy. Now head north up the east wall of Mt. Moon, grabbing the Escape Rope as you go. Once you reach a man who is excavating for fossils, head west. Battle Lass Miriam, who has an Oddish and a Bellsprout; both at level 11. Continue west, then south. Descend the ladder here.

Go west a few steps and descend another ladder. Battle another Team Rocker Grunt, this one having a Zubat and an Ekans; both at level 11. Check the rock to the right for an Ether, and then grab TM46- Thief. Go back up the two ladders, returning to the base level once again.

Head south and battle Youngster Josh, who has two Rattatas and a Zubat; all at level 10. Head north a bit and battle Hiker Marcos. He has two Geodudes and an Onix; all at level 10. Before going down the ladder, grab the Moon Stone above it. Now descend the ladder. Follow the linear pathway and descend another ladder.

Start by heading up and grabbing a Revive. Head back down, right, down the stairs, and battle another Team Rocket Grunt. This one has a Rattata and a Sandshrew; both at level 13. Head up the next staircase and follow the linear path until you reach another Team Rocket Grunt. This one has a Rattata and a Zubat; both at level 13. Go forward and head right. Another Moon Stone is hidden in the rock here. Now continue north and battle against Super Nerd Miguel. He has a Grimer, Voltorb, and a Koffing; all at level 12. After beating him you get to choose which fossil you want. You can either take Omanyte’s fossil- the Helix fossil; or Kabuto’s fossil- the Dome fossil. Continue onwards. Grab the Antidote, climb the ladder, and then climb another ladder. You made it through Mt. Moon!

[2.3] Route 4

Route 4 is another linear path with not much to do. If you have a Pokemon that you want to learn Mega Kick, Mega Punch, or both; then talk to the two move tutors to the east of the exit of Mt. Moon. Follow the linear path- grabbing TM05- Roar on your way. If you want to catch some new Pokemon, you can do that in a patch of tall grass here (Ekans in FireRed, Sandshrew in LeafGreen). When you’re all done on Route 4, head east until you reach Cerulean City.

[2.4] Cerulean City

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Default Re: Pokemon Leafgreen Walkthrough

New section up. Comments and critique are very much appreciated.

[2.4] Cerulean City

There is lots to do in Cerulean City, but most of the stuff can only be done after continuing the story a bit. Firstly, if you go through the house in the northwest corner and out to the back, there is an invisible Rare Candy in between the two lower flowers. Also note that the man in the house next to the PokeCenter will give you a Jynx for your Poliwhirl (if you have one). Don’t worry about the Bike Shop’s hefty price; you will get a Bike Voucher very soon on in the game. Also, you can’t do anything about the robbed house until you advance the story. Lastly, don’t try the gym until after this next bit of exploration up ahead.

Be sure you are ready for a lot of battling, and head up to the north end of Cerulean City. Go up the left path towards a bridge- commonly referred to as Nugget Bridge. Your rival will talk to you and want to battle. No matter what starter you picked, he will have a level 17 Pidgeotto, a level 15 Rattata, and a level 16 Abra. He will also, obviously have the starter Pokemon that he chose at the beginning of the game at level 18. For winning you will receive the Fame Checker, which is a neat device that shows things you’ve heard about famous people. Try it out.

[2.5] Route 24

They don’t call it Nugget Bridge for nothing. Head up and fight your first trainer- Bud Catcher Cale, who has a Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod, and a Kakuna; all at level 10. Go up and battle Lass Ali who has a Pidgey, Oddish, and Bellsprout; all at level 12. Next is Youngster Timmy who has a Sandshrew and Ekans; both at level 14. Almost there. Battle now against Lass Reli who has a male and female Nidoran; both at level 16. Now to number 5, Camper Ethan, who has a level 18 Mankey.

Talk to the man at the top of the bridge and he will give you, what other than, a nugget! Nuggets are worth big money if you sell them. He will then try to convince you to join Team Rocket, but you decline the answer. Team Rocket Grunt will then battle you. He has an Ekans and a Zubat; both at level 15. After defeating him, head left and south. Battle Camper Shane who has a Rattata and an Ekans; both at level 14. In this patch of grass you can find the rare Abra here and there. Afterwards, head upward and grab TM45- Attract.

Head eastward until you reach Route 25.

[2.6] Route 25

Route 25 is like a small, easily navigable maze. I’ll plot the course to ensure you fight everyone for all the Exp. possible. Start by heading up and battling Hiker Franklin who has a Machop and a Geodude; both at level 15. Head right and battle Youngster Joey who has a Rattata and a Spearow; both at level 15. Now head down just a bit and battle Hiker Wayne who has a level 17 Onix. Head back up and battle Youngster Dan who has a level 17 Slowpoke. Head down and battle Picnicker Kelsey who has a level 15 female Nidoran, and a level 15 male Nidoran.

Now head right and battle Hiker Nob who has three Geodudes and a Machop; all at level 13. The trainer to the north is Camper Flint, but be sure to stand away from him and have him come to you to battle. This is so you can get TM43- Secret Power from behind him. He has a Rattata and Ekans; both at level 14, by the way.

Continue heading rightward and battle Youngster Chad who has an Ekans and a Sandshrew; both at level 14. Battle Lass Haley who has two Oddishes and a Pidgey; all at level 13. Continue eastward and you are now on Cerulean City Cape. Enter the house and talk to, what looks like a, Pokemon. It’s actually Bill the PokeManiac, and he needs help. He screwed up an experiment and is now a Pokemon. Agree to help him out, and when he goes into the machine, use the computer to activate it. For helping him he will give you a S.S. Ticket.

Exit the house and go back to Cerulean City via the quicker bottom route.

[2.7] Cerulean City

Heal up your Pokemon, buy some items at the PokeMart if you feel necessary, and get ready for the next gym. Having a few Super Potions is a good idea when going against Misty. The gym is quite simple and consists of boardwalks with two trainers leading up to the final battle against the gym leader, Misty.

Go forward and battle Swimmer Luis who has a Horsea and a Shellder; both at level 16. Keep going and walk in front of Misty on the pedestal. Picnicker Diana will then see you and challenge you to a battle. She has a level 19 Goldeen.

If you’re hurt even a little bit, it’s a good idea to heal up at the Pokemon Center before taking on Misty. When you are ready, go back and talk to her. She has a level 18 Staryu and a level 21 Starmie. Both the Pokemon- being water type- are susceptible to grass and electric moves. If you don’t have either type of move, then drill her Pokemon as hard as you can with your strongest moves until they go down. She will use Recover a lot (perfectly timed), and Water Pulse, which may cause confusion. Your main goal is to take her down as quickly as possible.

Once she is defeated, she will hand over the Cascade Badge. The Cascade Badge makes all Pokemon up to level 30 obey, and it allows you to use HM01- Cut out of battle. You also receive TM03- Water Pulse. Two gym leaders down, six more to go until the Pokemon League! I wonder what Team Rocket is up to though…
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