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Old 07-22-2008, 12:21 PM
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Default .::Pokemon..Avaros..Region::.

Welcome to the Avaros region. One of my many region projects ive made such as Emsar, Oreohn and others. I hope for Avaros to be most sucessful. If it is. Hopefully, if i recieve help off a programmer and coders and such i'll be able to make it into a game. Though, i am doubtful of that ever happening. Anyway, i welcome you to Avaros. Your region guide will be Sir.Nitro of Avaros.


"Discovery of Avaros"
"Avaros was nothing but an island in 1921-1967. In those days, pokemon were almost unable to be fed. Though, now it is much better. In 1967 the region was still nothing but an island, though, a trained Professor, known as Prof.Yew had discovered it while he was surfing with his Quagsire. They thought it was just a small island, apart of Johto. Soon Yew and his Quagsire walked around the island and mapped it. Soon after mapping it they noticed it was big enough to be a region. People of Johto took command of the island and said it would be apart of Johto, unable to let Prof.Yew let it be a region. Prof.Yew was able to keep fighting, as he did that people of Johto were to hang him in 1968. Though it was unfortunate to some Johto people that he wouldnt be hanged, as he made a well thought out argument and the court allowed it as a region. Prof.Yew is still alive in the region with more and more people coming. He recently discovered that there are new pokemon living there, and he discovered a cave in 2004 which has ancient text in it. Prof.Yew recently discovered one of the words in the cave are actually translated into Avaros, which was later re-translated into English, as the word was in another language when translated, the word seemed to mean "Never ending spiritual hope". It seems to enlighten the folks of Avaros when they think of it nowadays"

"Prof.Yew's Most Recent Discoverys"
"Prof.Yew has recently discovered that there are new pokemon in the region."
"He also has discovered that Avaros means never ending spiritual hope."
"He not only has discovered those things, he's discovered rare mythical creatures along the regions roars."
"Prof.Yew also now knows of strange places under the ocean holding secrets never believable"
"Or so he says he knows these things, this is for sure, Prof.Yew has discovered what is Avaros, the region of never ending spiritual hope!."

"The Evil Of Avaros"
"Team Tech. Specialize in Steel and Psychic type pokemon. They currently hold captive two kids, Mana which is a 9 year old girl, and Mino which is a 9 year old boy. These two kids are held captive as a recent source has said that they contain a blessing of powers unknown to pokemon. It seems to be that the team is run by children of ages 12-16. They have even forced a 9 year old to be on their team. That 9 year old is currently known to have been transformed dark and unable to see his true life, unfortunately, adding to that, the little child is an orphen. It is unknown what their names are but people currently know that there is 6 people in their headquarters, a 9 year old as we said before, an orphen called Dark-N. A 12 year old named Gum-Z. A 14 year old named Volt-X. And a 16 year old, known to be running the team, Hi-Tek. People currently are spreading rumours around Avaros that Mino and Mana are being drained of their life to revive something precious to the world."

Main Characters In Avaros
Hero (Default name - Ryan)
Heroine (Default name - Ally)
Male Rival (Name - Awko)
Female Rival (Name - Ocari)
Prof.Yew (Professor of the Avaros)
Hi-Tek (Known to be Team Tech's leader)
Volt-X (Known to be a member of Team Tech)
Gum-Z (Known to be a member of Team Tech)
Dark-N (Known to be drained of his life and forced to run in a dark life in Team Tech)
Mino (Known to contain great powers unseen by the human eye and is being drained of life for his power to Team Tech)
Mana (Known to contain great powers unseen by the human eye and is being drained of life for her power to Team Tech)

Gym Leaders And Elite 4 Of Avaros
Norm - Normal type gym leader - MALE
Rory - Rock type gym leader - MALE
Mareaf - Grass type gym leader - FEMALE
Kenzo - Psychic type gym leader - MALE
Zap - Electric type gym leader - MALE
Rayne - Water type gym leader - FEMALE
Drayne - Dragon type gym leader - MALE
Dravell - Dark type gym leader - FEMALE

Burgi - Bug type elite 4 - MALE
Flane - Fire type elite 4 - FEMALE
Prezk - Poison type elite 4 - FEMALE
Orozu - Dark and Dragon type elite 4 - MALE

Nitro - Mixed type elite champion - MALE

"This is Sir.Nitro reporting down in Sinnoh underground!. I have just recieved word that Prof.Yew has discovered the Team Tech's true master!. It seems not only has Team Cipher been revived, Master Methon, the old champion of Sinnoh before Cynthia now rules the team. It is currently known that there is in the lead of the team, Master Methon. Then there is the Team Tech teens. Then the Sixtuplets of the Cipher. The Cipher grunts just below, and down the bottom of there list is the captured Mino and Mana. People hope they survive. People that go to Mino and Mana's school have been interviewed and some of them say that they live with a magical pokemon. We will recieve new news later this week. Stay tuned!.

Item Sprites

Trainer Sprites

Thankyou all for reading, i'd love some help. Just PM me some examples and i may accept or decline your offer to help, Thanks!

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Old 07-23-2008, 08:12 AM
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Default Re: .::Pokemon..Avaros..Region::.


Lol. Prof.Yew has made a very scary discovery of Team Tech, look in the first post soon.
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