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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

Thank you ^-^ The next chapter should be up in a few days or so, since I'm really close to finishing it.

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

yay!! finish it soon!! *holds gun to head for some random reason*
WOW! I haven't been on in ages! Oh well, I am back for (hopefully) good now. :D

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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

Ok, finally the next chapter! Be warned-it's pretty long. I thought of splitting it up into two, but there was no good place to split it up. >.<

Chapter 2- A Small Expedition

“Follow me,” Serai said quietly, turning and walking into the large Guild building, with the scyther and arbok following closely behind. Kinje could hear the echoes of the rapidash’s hooves against the stony ground before they emerged into a large brightly lit area where the floor was covered with soft grass and moss.

Kinje darted past Serai with surprising speed and skidded to a halt in the middle of the room. “Wow!” he exclaimed. “It’s so big! Do pokémon train in here? Wait…where are all the other pokémon?”

“Calm down!” Serai snapped sharply, wishing the scyther would have more patience and be willing to wait for her. Calmly she walked toward him, Cera following more slowly. Though Serai didn’t admit it, she was surprised that the young scyther could run so fast. She watched Kinje, who was darting from one side of the room to the other and quickly reminded herself that that was normal for his species. “The other pokémon are out on rescue missions or else training,” she explained to him, “When they get back, the Guildmaster will have a quick meeting with all of you.” Seeing Kinje’s confused look, she added, “We do that every time someone new joins the Guild. Now, see that ladder over there?”

Kinje and Cera followed Serai’s gaze and noticed a tall wooden ladder reaching up to the next floor. “Climb up there and I’ll show you the training rooms and the rooms where you’ll be sleeping.”

Kinje wondered how Cera would climb a ladder, but to his surprise, the arbok easily slithered up the ladder and onto the floor above. Excited, the scyther jumped on the ladder, immediately struggling to keep from falling off as he tried to find a way to hold on to it with his blades. Once he had steadied himself, he looked up, seeing Cera waiting patiently for him above.

Stepping up on the ladder, he suddenly gave a gasp of shock as one of his scythes cut deeply into one of the ladder’s steps. “Oops…” he whispered, and quickly scrambled up the ladder, though rather awkwardly, until he stood beside Cera on the next floor, hoping that Serai hadn’t seen him damage the ladder.

The rapidash stood beneath where the ladder reached up into the floor above, and with a mighty leap she bounded through the opening and onto the second floor.

“Wow!” Kinje exclaimed. “How did you do that, you didn’t even use the ladder!”

Serai ignored him and pointed with one of her hooves to a door near where they were standing. “That leads to the training room,” she told them. “You’ll train here often, by practicing your attacks.” She broke off as a commotion from the floor below interrupted her.

A few returning pokémon had just come back from a rescue mission, and from the sound of it, one of them had stepped on the broken section of the ladder and caused it to snap, sending the pokémon crashing to the floor. Serai rolled her eyes and walked away as the pokémon began to let out a stream of curses and Kinje rushed to follow the rapidash, looking frightened.

Serai soon stopped in front of another door, and told them that that was where the pokémon ate their meals, and went on. Kinje glanced sideways and noticed a large door with an intricate carving of three pokémon he had heard about only in legends, Moltres, Entei, and Ho-oh. “What’s that?” he asked.

“That’s the Guildmaster’s room,” Serai replied. “You won’t be going in there unless the Guildmaster wants to speak with you. And if you end up having to go there, odds are it’s because you need to be punished.” She fixed Kinje with an annoyed glare and went on.

They soon reached another ladder, and this time, Kinje was careful to use the dull sides of his scythes when climbing. He still struggled, but managed to make the climb easier this time. After Cera and Serai had both reached the next floor, the rapidash led them to another room which was much smaller than the others, and completely empty.

“This will be your room,” she told Cera. “You can bring in more moss and grass for a bed later. Remember where it is…I’ll only be showing you once.”

Cera nodded and they followed Serai up to another floor where there were more empty rooms. “This will be your room,” she told Kinje, pointing to another empty room almost identical to Cera’s.

“Cool!” Kinje exclaimed, starting to dart into it. Serai stuck out her foreleg, causing Kinje to stumble and trip.

“You can have fun exploring your room later,” the rapidash told him sternly. “Sayu’s team should be back soon, and when they are, the Guildmaster will hold a meeting.”

“Oh…ok,” Kinje replied, standing up.

Serai led them back to the training room, and this time, she pushed open the doors and told them to follow her inside. Kinje and Cera stared in surprise as they watched several pokémon, all of various species, practicing their battle techniques and attacks, while others watched and shouted advice to their teammates.

All of them stopped and stared as Serai entered the room, followed by the two newcomers. The piplup and eevee from before were there, as well as a small charmander. Cera realized that they might be a new exploration team.

“Don’t look so surprised,” Serai told the pokémon in the room flatly and without much enthusiasm. “Just a few more new recruits…not like you haven’t all been through this before. Sayu’s team is on a quick mission and should be back soon, and then we’ll hold the meeting.”

She turned and darted out of the room. Looking back at Kinje and Cera, she told them, “I’m going to wait for Sayu’s team. You two stay here.” She ran off, and Cera began to stare at the ground, clearly uncomfortable about being around strangers.

A tall typhlosion, who looked as if he was one of the ones in charge of the training, waved to them. “So you’re the newcomers!” he said cheerfully, walking over to them. “My name is Forge. I’m usually in charge of the training here.” He looked down at Kinje, who was looking up at him with a confused expression. “Aww, you’re just a little scyther!” he said cheerfully, patting Kinje’s head. Kinje looked up at the typhlosion, annoyed. He didn’t think he was all that much shorter than him…at least he wasn’t for his age.

“I’m not little!” he growled.

“Actually you are,” Forge replied, rolling his eyes. “But don’t worry. As you train here you’ll grow a lot stronger. You’ll be a fearsome scizor one day.”

“I don’t wanna evolve,” Kinje muttered.

“Oh, well you say that now,” Forge told him, “but one day you’ll change your mind. You’ll see.”

“No I won’t,” Kinje replied angrily.

“Aw, come on,” Forge replied cheerfully, “evolution is something to be embraced!”

“I don’t like embracing things,” Kinje muttered, crossing his scythes and scowling at him.

“Well ok then…” Forge sighed. “But you’ll be sure to change your mind sometime!” He then turned to talk to Cera.

As they were talking, a raichu, a young one obviously still in training, walked up to Kinje. “Hi!” he said cheerfully, “My name is Cyal. I’m new here too!”

“My name is Kinje and this is Cera!” Kinje said excitedly, pointing with his scythe toward Cera.

While Kinje began talking with the raichu, and Forge left to talk with one of the pokémon who was training, Cera glanced over all the other pokémon in the room, and found her gaze rest on the three smallest ones, the piplup, charmander, and eevee. They all seemed to be struggling with the training, and some of the other pokémon were patiently trying to help them.

Soon the sound of hooves distracted her and she turned to see Serai, along with a tyrogue, leafeon, and manectric. “All right everyone,” the rapidash announced. “Stop training and sit down-the Guildmaster will be here soon.”

“Hey Sayu!” Cyal the raichu said happily, waving toward the leafeon. “Have any trouble on your mission?”

“Of course not!” the leafeon snapped. “Who do you think we are? Some rookie team who would get lost in the Rocky Field?”

“Uh…sorry…” Cyal muttered. “I didn’t mean for it to sound that way…”

Sayu rolled her eyes and she and her manectric friend, Teri, walked over to the group of pokémon sitting down and waiting and took her place beside them. Seris the tyrogue followed more slowly, giving Kinje an annoyed glare.

“They actually let you join?” the tyrogue muttered, though Kinje wasn’t sure anyone else had heard. He stuck his tongue out at Seris and followed Cera to where the other pokémon were. Serai stood near the group, looking annoyed and impatient for the meeting to start and be over with.

It wasn’t long before the Guildmaster arrived. Kinje looked up in surprise as the pokémon strolled into the room with long, graceful strides. The Guildmaster was a very large and powerful looking arcanine, with a vivid flame colored pelt marked with thick black stripes. Long white fluffy white fur covered his chest and muzzle, and trailed gracefully from his four large paws. Kinje could see that the arcanine had unusually long claws, which clicked softly against the floor as the arcanine sat down. He gave Kinje and Cera a long stare before speaking.

“As you all know by now,” he began calmly, showing none of the impatience that Serai was obviously feeling. “Two more pokémon have decided to join us and train to be members of an exploration team. If they were willing to join, they are obviously aware of the danger they might face.” His gaze flicked from the group of pokémon and back to Cera and Kinje again. “Tell us your names,” he told them.

After the two newcomers had done so, he turned back to the main group. “These are your new training partners,” he told the two young pokémon. “Learn to work with them and respect them and remember to always listen to the advice of Serai and those who have already formed exploration teams. Today Serai will take you and the others for training in the Silent Woods. You’ll learn more of what you need to know there.” He stood up and turned to leave. “Get ready,” he warned them. “It’s not as easy as it sounds.”

The arcanine then left, and some of the pokémon got up to resume training, while Serai began to talk to a few of them. “That was it?” Kinje asked, looking at Cera.

“Guess we’ll learn more as we go along,” Cera replied, looking up as Serai approached them with several of the other pokémon.

“We’ll be heading to Silent Woods soon and splitting up in groups,” the rapidash told them. “This will prove if you really do have what it takes to be part of a team. We’re leaving now.”

“What? Now?” Cera replied, looking more nervous than before, and Serai merely nodded.

“Yes, now. I know you don’t have any supplies, but you’ll be traveling with Teri and Sayu.” She paused to gesture with her head toward the manectric and leafeon. “You can share their supplies.” Ignoring Sayu’s outraged look, she turned to Kinje. “You will go with Tarak.” She indicated the small eevee he had seen before. “And Seris. The rest of you will be in your own group.”

The tyrogue gave Kinje a dark scowl, and Kinje wasn’t sure why. He couldn’t remember having done anything to make Seris angry at him. Maybe Seris was just annoyed at him for following Sayu. Not noticing the tyrogue, Serai immediately began to lead them down to the first floor, during which Kinje tripped on the ladder and fell to the floor below, much to Seris’s amusement and Cera’s embarrassment.

After they left the Guild building, Serai led them through a small part of the town before heading off toward a forest that lie in the distance, yet not too far from Sunny Town.

“Oooh…Silent Woods!” Teri the manectric exclaimed excitedly. “We’ve never been there before!”

“Of course,” Serai replied, “it wouldn’t be a test if you had.”

“It should hardly be a test anyways…” Kinje heard Sayu whisper to Seris.

Throughout the short journey it took to get to the woods, Kinje and Cera both noticed that Tarak the eevee and his companions, the piplup and charmander, were keeping up well with the others chosen to go along. Remembering the way they had seemed to struggle with the training back at the Guild, and how they were now keeping up so effortlessly, Cera began to wonder if they really weren’t new to the Guild, but just had a hard time battling.

“Do we get to go on rescue missions soon?” Cera heard Kinje ask. “Or exploration missions?”

“Soon,” Serai replied, “but not before you’ve had training.”

The group easily reached the outskirts of the woods, where Serai halted and turned to talk to the small group of assembled pokémon. “As you should obviously know by now, this is Silent Woods,” she began. “It’s more dangerous than some of the areas you are used to traveling in. But don’t worry,” she added, seeing Cera’s worried face. “There’s nothing in there that’ll cause you any serious harm as long as you’re careful. You first-timers should be fine. You’re going to split up into your groups and go into the forest. There’s a very large bush in the middle of the forest that grows mago berries. Bring back at least one of those berries to me.”

“Why do we need the berries?” Kinje asked, giving Serai a confused look.

Seris rolled his eyes, annoyed that Kinje didn’t understand the concept. “It’s the not the berries you need, genius,” he muttered. “It’s the practice. You’re going to have to rescue pokémon sometime.”

“Right,” Serai replied, giving Seris a slightly annoyed glance. “Now, the first group, Cera, Sayu, Teri, you can enter the forest from here. The rest of you come with me.”

The three pokémon nodded, and headed into the woods, while Serai led the others along the row of trees and stopped in front of a tall oak. “Ok…Seris, Tarak, Kinje, you enter from here.”

“Sure!” Kinje replied happily, bolting past the towering oak tree. The tyrogue and eevee followed more slowly, catching up with the overenthusiastic scyther.

Kinje turned towards them, hearing Serai’s voice fade away as she led the remaining pokémon to another area. Seris turned to face Kinje, giving him a scowl. “Ok,” he muttered, “first things first. I’m the most experienced one here, so I’m going to be the leader. Serai didn’t split up my team for nothing…she wanted to make sure pokémon like you don’t get hurt.” He gave Kinje and Tarak a fierce stare, and walked past them. “Follow me.”

“Hey, if you and that leafeon and manectric are an exploration team…” Kinje began, “what’s your team called?”

“It’s called Team Skystorm,” Seris replied.

“That’s weird…” Kinje replied. “Why is called that?”

Seris turned to face him, clenching his hand into a fist. “What? You have a problem with the name?” he growled. “It was Sayu’s idea anyway…”

“Uh…no…I don’t have a problem with it…” Kinje replied, looking confused. Seris certainly didn’t like being around those not belonging to his own team, though he still had no clue why.

“Good,” Seris muttered, turning around. “And by the way, we only have my items. That I bought with my team’s money. If you get hurt, that’s your problem…same with you, runt,” he added with a glance at the small eevee.

“Don’t worry,” Kinje told Tarak, “I’ll make sure you don’t get hurt.”

“I don’t need protection,” the small eevee replied firmly.

“Well ok…” Kinje muttered, and hearing Seris shout from up ahead, he ran up to catch up with the tyrogue.

As the three pokémon walked further, the undergrowth grew thicker, and there were a lot more trees. They were constantly hearing strange sounds from everywhere within the forest, but they hadn’t encountered any other pokémon so far.

“So where do you think this berry bush is supposed to be anyway?” Tarak growled as he crawled through a thorny bush.

“Somewhere in the center of the forest,” Seris replied, trying to break through some thick foliage up ahead. “Sheesh…I don’t see why they call this the ‘Silent Woods’…what in the world is making all those noises?”

Up ahead, Kinje easily slashed through any vines or foliage in his way. Pausing to glance at Seris, he asked, “Don’t you think it would be easier to go this way? I’ve already cut a path through all those vines!”

“I’m the leader!” Seris growled, giving Kinje a glare.

“Ok…” Kinje replied, walking back to where Seris was and cutting through the thick foliage in the way. “There,” he said, “You see, I think if…hey, what’s that?” he asked, suddenly darting ahead of the other two. He stopped in the center of a small clearing.

Seris rolled his eyes and reached down to grab a large, pointed stone. “Hey Tarak…” he whispered, nudging the eevee, “Watch me nail him in the head with this rock…”

Seris lifted his arm to throw, but something stopped him. Kinje had become suddenly still, and was staring down at something that lay in a dip in the ground. Confused, Seris dropped the rock and walked over, Tarak following.

The tyrogue stood beside Kinje, looking down at a large flat rock covered in strange markings. “What’s this supposed to be?” he muttered.

Tarak scampered up to the two bigger pokémon, glancing down at the rock and then back at them. “It’s nothing,” the little eevee said simply, “let’s keep going!”

Kinje tilted his head, still looking at the markings on the stone’s surface. “Can you read it, Seris?” he asked.

“No,” Seris replied with a shrug. “I wonder if it means anything…”

“We’re wasting time!” Tarak mumbled impatiently. “Do you want the other groups to get back before us?”

Seris pondered for a moment more and then agreed. “Yeah,” he muttered, “let’s keep going.”

Kinje followed the others as they soon left the clearing behind, heading even deeper into the forest. After a while, Seris paused to eat an apple from his supplies, while Tarak ate some berries he’d found and Kinje sat and waited to continue the journey.

(Continued in next post...)

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

Kinje was just about to suggest that they move on when he heard something moving through the bushes toward them. “What’s that?” he shouted, standing up, just as a pokémon leapt from the undergrowth to land inches from Tarak, who jumped in surprise and darted to Seris’s side.

The pokémon looked familiar to the three travelers; it had the same bright orange and white pelt and thick black stripes as the Guildmaster. However this pokémon was much smaller, and had no mane, but a tuft of white fur on its head instead. It was a growlithe…a fire type.

Kinje backed away instinctively as Seris rushed forward, swinging his fist into the growlithe’s face just as it opened its mouth to release some sort of fire attack. The puppy pokémon gave a painful yelp as he was thrown backwards to land on his side next to a thick tree.

With a growl, the growlithe stood back up, growling something incoherently to Seris as he launched himself at the tyrogue, spewing flames from his gaping mouth.

Seris impressively leaped to the side, letting the flames hit the dew-covered leaves behind him. Kinje made a noise that sounded like a frightened squeak as he backed away from the fire, his eyes wide with fear. Now facing the surprised growlithe once again, Seris darted toward him, giving the fire type a powerful kick that both unbalanced and surprised him.

The growlithe recovered quicker this time, though as he darted toward Seris, Tarak leaped forward, sinking his tiny fangs into the fire pokémon’s back leg. The growlithe whirled around, raking its claws down the eevee’s face and sending him sprawling backward. This gave Seris time to catch the enemy pokémon by surprise and land a few more punches to the growlithe’s face. Enraged, it fired another burst of flames, which made Kinje back further away from the scene of the battle.

Seris expertly dodged, leaving the growlithe confused and frustrated. Tarak, seeing his chance, opened his mouth wide, letting a small orb of dark energy form in front of his mouth before launching it at the growlithe.

The shadow ball struck the fire type in the shoulder, but it ignored the pain, crouching down before making a mighty leap toward Seris, opening its mouth to fire an attack that would be too close to miss its target.

However, it never got to. With lightning speed, Seris raised his fist and slammed it into the growlithe’s jaw, knocking the pokémon back several feet. Tarak and Kinje winced as they heard a sharp snap when Seris’s fist made contact, and the growlithe struggled to rise for a moment before sinking to the ground in an unconscious heap.

Looking around, Seris quickly realized that the fire from the growlithe’s attacks was dying down; the forest wasn’t dry enough for it to spread quickly, and stamped down on what remained of the flames to put them out. The tyrogue then turned to Kinje, who was slowly approaching the fallen growlithe. “Some help you were,” he muttered, “just consider yourself lucky that I’ve had a lot of training for battles, even before I joined the guild. You’re going to have to learn not to be afraid of fire. Now come on, let’s go.”

“I’m not afraid of fire!” Kinje replied angrily, “I just don’t like fire types! I mean, I don’t like their ATTACKS! And are you sure you should have done that?” he asked, glancing back at the growlithe. “It was only trying to protect its territory…you shouldn’t have hurt it that much!”

“It was either that growlithe or me,” Seris replied darkly, “now come on and be quiet…I’m sure its family will come and help it.”

Kinje reluctantly followed, wishing he could be sure that the growlithe would be all right, and Tarak followed more slowly, rubbing his paw across the cuts on his face. Up ahead, Seris stopped suddenly, and Kinje soon realized why-there was a loud noise from up ahead, the noise of pokémon blundering through the forest.

Seris readied himself to fight, but it wasn’t a forest pokémon that broke through the undergrowth…it was Sayu. Confused, Seris stood up straight as the leafeon came to a halt, quickly running her tongue over one brown paw before addressing her teammate. “Hi Seris…what are you doing here?”

“Just looking for the mago berry bush,” Seris replied. “What else?”

Sayu glanced behind her as Teri stumbled into view, followed more slowly by Cera. “Well let’s look together,” Seris muttered. “I’d rather be around other pokémon who can actually fight…”

“Hi Cera!” Kinje cried, running over to the arbok. “Did you…uh…have to fight any pokémon on the way here?”

“No,” Cera replied. “There were pokémon, but we mostly just kept away from them. Sayu wanted to find the mago berries quickly.”

“Well of course,” the leafeon replied, interrupting them. “We should be the first ones to finish! After all, me, Teri, and Seris are the most experienced ones here.”

“Oh who cares!” Kinje muttered, running ahead, “let’s just look for the berries together.”

Sayu and Seris glanced at each other with annoyed expressions before they and the others followed Kinje.

“Wait up, little scyther!” Teri yelled, darting past Cera and Tarak and skidding to a halt beside Kinje. “Do you even know where you’re going?”

“No he doesn’t!” Sayu muttered, walking up beside Teri. “I don’t think we should go that way.”

“You know, you don’t know the right way either,” Cera pointed out, narrowing her eyes. “Just be glad that we’ll be able to find our way out of this forest by scent once we’ve found those berries.”

The groups of pokémon carried on together, and whenever a hostile forest pokémon appeared, Sayu, Seris, and Teri were usually the ones to fight them off. None of them seemed very strong, and most didn’t put up a fight. Cera and Kinje weren’t very surprised; this was one of the smaller, less dangerous areas, a good place for a small test. Sayu’s team didn’t seem like they needed one, but Kinje assumed that for them, this was just easy practice.

Sayu, Seris, and Teri took the lead instead, Sayu expertly leading through the forest, searching for any scent of the berries. Seris and Teri walked slightly behind her, knowing that a leafeon would be able to find her way through a forest better than they could.

As they walked, Cera looked down at Tarak, noticing the cuts on the small eevee’s face. “Are you all right?” she asked.

Tarak looked at her in confusion, but quickly replied, “I’m fine.”

“Hey, everyone!” Sayu shouted from up ahead. “Look what I found.”

Kinje caught up to Sayu as the leafeon pushed past a group of bushes and emerged into a small clearing, bordered by a large bush covered in small, curved pink and yellow berries. “Let’s get some and get out of here,” Sayu muttered. “Then maybe our team can do some real missions.”

After Sayu and Seris had gotten some of the berries, Sayu led the way back, following her own group’s scent as they made their way through the forest. Sunlight filtered down through the leaves, creating dappled patterns on the ground and giving the area a sense of calm peace. As they walked, Kinje realized that the forest really had grown silent now; there was no sign or sound of any forest pokémon. Everything looked tranquil and still.

A bit too still.

At the front of the group, Sayu stiffened as she heard a whirring noise through the trees, which was steadily growing louder. With a cry of shock she leapt backwards as a streak of glowing white energy in the shape of a blade zipped past her and cleaved a nearby tree in two.

Seris glanced toward the direction the attack had come, looking confused and alarmed. “That looked like razor wind…” he said quietly.

Before anyone could say anything more, a white four-legged shape hurtled from the bushes, darting swiftly past Tarak and heading straight for Sayu. The pokémon’s black claws and the long scythe-like blade which curved upward from the side of its head gleamed eerily in the dappled sunlight. The absol came to a stop as Sayu speedily dodged once again.

Beside Kinje, Cera narrowed her eyes and bared her fangs, rearing up slightly as she braced herself for an attack. Sayu, Seris, and Teri were acting the same way, only Sayu seemed more angry. Strangely, Tarak appeared calmer than them. Kinje didn’t think he was ready for a battle. Instead of getting into a battle stance, he shrank away from the others standing in front of him, standing behind Cera instead.

As the absol simply stared at them, Kinje noticed that it had a faraway look, as if it was really gazing past them. Then it began to walk forward with jerking movements, its scythe glowing as it prepared another razor wind attack.

“Oh no you don’t!” Sayu growled, swinging her head to the side as several leaves from the forest floor lifted up off the ground before zooming straight toward the absol, growing longer, and sharper.

Kinje expected the absol to at least flinch or cry in pain, but to his surprise it kept walking, not pausing or even acknowledging the attack as some of the leaves cut deeply into its flesh. Sayu seemed surprised by it too.

“What the-” the leafeon gasped.

“Look out!” Seris cried, and both he and Sayu had to dodge as another blade of white energy sped past, cutting a path in the foliage behind them. Before any of them had a chance to recover, the absol leapt toward them.

Teri gave a cry of shock as the dark type’s claws raked across her back, and Seris had to dodge a blow from the deadly scythe. Once out of range, the tyrogue ran over to his manectric friend’s side, ready to defend her. “Are you all right, Teri?” he asked in a concerned tone, and the manectric nodded a bit shakily before getting to her feet.

The two turned toward the battle, where Sayu aimed a leaf blade at the absol, but missed, though before the white furred pokémon could attack, Cera sank her long fangs into its leg, bringing it to the ground.

The absol struggled a bit, as if trying to get up without realizing that a hundred pound arbok was clinging to its leg. After a moment its head turned toward Cera and it raised a paw, slashing the arbok in the face. Cera reeled back, hissing in fury as she shook drops of blood from her eyes. The absol stiffly stood back on its feet, lowering its head and running forward, aiming to slash Cera with its scythe.

Seeing the danger his friend was in, Kinje forced himself to move toward the absol, knowing that Cera was momentarily blinded and wouldn’t be able to see the attack coming. As he darted close enough, he lifted his scythes, intending to attack the absol from the side.

But he never got that far. Whipping around, the absol flicked its head sideways, and Kinje felt the pokémon’s blade cut into his shoulder. He stumbled and fell, hitting the dusty ground hard and nearly landing on one of his own scythes. He looked up, seeing Teri strike the absol with an electric attack, which it ignored, and Seris managed to knock it backwards a few feet with a punch to its jaw. Tarak had backed away near one of the large trees, seeming to want nothing to do with the fight.

The stinging pain in his shoulder reminded Kinje that he was still on the ground, and he staggered upright, wincing at the pain in his shoulder and backing away, afraid he would get hurt worse.

Cera, who had regained her sight, watched the absol carefully as Teri struck it with a thunderbolt. After the attack had faded, the dark type seemed to be struggling to move. Teri’s attack had paralyzed it. Rushing over, Cera wrapped her long body around its legs and neck, holding tightly enough so it that it couldn’t get free, but not so tightly that it would cause the pokémon serious damage.

Kinje and the others watched as the paralysis wore off, and the absol struggled fiercely, causing Cera to struggle to hold it still. Walking toward it, Sayu smoothed down her fur before looking at the dark type disdainfully. “That’s what you get for attacking us,” she said calmly, giving the pokémon a glare. The absol made no response, and continued to struggle.

Seris looked it over, shaking his head in confusion, while Cera let go of the absol long enough for Teri to strike it with thunderbolt again, this time causing the weakened pokémon to drop to the ground in a faint. Everyone’s eyes turned toward it, but no one said anything for a moment.

“That was really weird,” Teri whispered, breaking the silence. “I didn’t know absol lived here.”

“Well obviously they do,” Seris replied. “When it wakes up, maybe we should try to ask him why he attacked us like that. He wasn’t defending himself. It’s not like we stumbled upon him or anything.”

“I don’t think you’ll get an answer,” Sayu muttered, looking at the absol and rolling her eyes.

Seris turned to the rest of the group. “Well, no one’s hurt badly,” he said, glancing around the group.

Sayu gave Cera, Kinje, and Teri a glance before turning to Seris. “They’re fine,” she agreed. “They were just a bit slow in avoiding all those attacks.”

“I’ll do better next time!” Teri said brightly, not seeming at all offended by Sayu’s remark.

“You did great, Teri,” Seris told her. “It was your thunderbolt that knocked that absol out, and paralyzed it.” He then turned to Cera. “I gotta admit, you were quite a good fighter yourself. A poison attack would have helped, though.”

“Oh…I never use poison…unless I have to,” Cera answered quietly, her timid nature returning after the excitement of the battle.

“Here,” Seris told her, handing her an oran berry. “Eat this and it’ll prevent infection. Might even speed up the healing process.”

“Thanks,” Cera told him, before eating the berry. Seris handed one to Teri as Kinje walked over.

Seris didn’t seem to be about to give him a berry, and Kinje didn’t want his wound to get infected, so he decided to speak up. “I got injured too,” he told Seris.

The tyrogue sneered at him. “Yeah, and you didn’t even help!” he muttered. Before Kinje could protest, he added, “And after you got hurt what did you do? Walk away from the battle and stand over there out of the way, not caring that the rest of us were still fighting…just like you did when I fought that growlithe. And I saw you hiding behind Cera before the battle started, too!”

“Coward!” Sayu spat at Kinje.

Kinje wondered why they didn’t mention Tarak, but he assumed a small eevee couldn’t have been expected to take part in a battle with such a dangerous opponent. But he, being a bigger pokémon, would have of course been expected to fight. He started to back away from Seris.

“And now you think we’re going to share our supplies with you?” Seris scoffed. “You need to realize that during a battle you can’t back away after getting one little wound. You’re not even hurt badly yet you were acting like it was bad enough to give you a good reason to leave the fight! Grow up already!”

Seris turned and walked back to Teri and Sayu, and Cera glanced at Kinje, who hadn’t moved and was simply staring at the ground and avoiding her gaze. Tarak walked over to Seris, as the tyrogue picked up his group’s supplies.

“Come on,” Seris told the eevee. “Let’ get out of here before that absol wakes up.”

As the group of pokémon began to leave, Kinje hurried to catch up with Seris.

“Look, I’m sorry-”

“You better be!” Seris growled, cutting him off, and without waiting for him to say anything else, he turned and headed further through the trees.

Up ahead, Kinje heard Teri mutter, “I thought scythers liked fighting…”

Kinje looked up as he heard Cera stop beside him. “Thanks,” the arbok told him, “for distracting that absol. Don’t listen to what the others say-you’re not a coward.”

“But I was scared…” Kinje replied, not meeting Cera’s gaze.

The arbok was about to reply when a shout from up ahead interrupted her. Looking up, both pokémon froze as they saw a group of absol approaching the other pokémon in front. Like the one they had battled, these ones all had a stiff, awkward gait, and were approaching steadily from different directions. There were seven of them in total, and Kinje was surprised to see that one of them, a small female, was a lot younger than he was.

Seris and the others backed up toward them, all glancing around warily while waiting for the first attack. “You better fight well this time, scyther,” Seris muttered with a glare at Kinje. “It’ll take all of us to bring them down.”

Kinje stiffened as the absol all moved closer to the group, glaring eerily at them through emotionless red eyes. Beside him, Cera reared up and lashed her tail, and Tarak stood with his fur fluffed out, glancing from absol to absol. Sayu, Seris and Teri looked even more ready to fight, yet it was all Kinje could do to not turn and run.

Looking at each of the absols’ gleaming scythes and claws, he shrank back. If just one of them was difficult to take down, how would they manage to defeat all these? Some of them looked bigger and stronger than the one they had fought, too.

At once, several of the absols’ scythes began glowing, and without realizing it, Kinje found himself backing towards Cera. Then suddenly, one of the biggest absol leaped, ready to rip and tear with its scythe and claws. Kinje felt frozen with fear.

He wasn’t ready for this.

To be continued...

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

Well, I already don't like Seris and Sayu...

Not absol! I like those pokemon...I feel bad for Kinje. He's been thrown into a very hard fight, with teammates who don't really care (except for Cera, of course).

Kinje, a word of advice; don't let fear consume you-instead, take that fear and use it to propel you into battle.
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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

Don't worry, I like absol too... ;-;

And as for Seris and Sayu, well, they really only care about each other (and Teri) and don't have much patience for small pokémon or inexperienced ones.

Kinje: But...that's what I'm scared of!

Spark: Oh come on! If I was there, I wouldn't be scared! I'd zap all those absols and defeat them with one thunderbolt!

Cera: Suuuuuurrreeeeeee....

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

Great chapter Scy! ^^ I really like the way you made Cera so timid normally then really fierce in battle. Sounds like a certain Dratini I know.

Sorry. v_v

What's there to be sorry for?
Anyway, I loved all the characters you introduced. Even though Sayu and Seris seem to act like jerks, I don't think they're really bad.
At least it seems like Seris just wants to get the point across about not backing from battle, even if he was a little mean about it. ^^'

Those Absol were really acting weird weren't they?
I mean, they way I pictured your description, it was like in a movie or a cartoon where someone stuck something in their brain to control what they did.
*shudders* Creepy!

Definately keep it up! I so look forward to the next chapter! ^^
*patiently waits for more*
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^
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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Don't worry, I like absol too... ;-;

And as for Seris and Sayu, well, they really only care about each other (and Teri) and don't have much patience for small pokémon or inexperienced ones.

Kinje: But...that's what I'm scared of!

Spark: Oh come on! If I was there, I wouldn't be scared! I'd zap all those absols and defeat them with one thunderbolt!

Cera: Suuuuuurrreeeeeee....
sorry spark, but i am agreeing with Cera.. great chapter, Scy! ^^
WOW! I haven't been on in ages! Oh well, I am back for (hopefully) good now. :D

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.
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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! ^-^

And yeah, Sayu and Seris aren't really all that bad-they just have little patience for those less experienced than them.

Also, yep, Cera can actually fight really well, when she needs to! Kinje on the other hand sort of panicked.

And thanks James!

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

thats ok! if i were Kinje at the time and it was my characteristics i would probably start crying if that happened to me and would have run off... ehehehe..... i dont like Sayu and Seris. they remind me of the idiots that literally tortured me at my first school and im still depressed about it.. but thats the only downside for me... i hope Kinje gets stronger and whip a$$ if Kinje fights them!only when he is stronger.
WOW! I haven't been on in ages! Oh well, I am back for (hopefully) good now. :D

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.
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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

D: The Absol are possesed right?They didn't attack out of sheer violence right?

xD Sorry,I <3 Absol though. Awesome chapter,much fighting and blood!Zina likessss |D

Kinje!You must let the blood lust consume you!Fear not the enemy!

Tinu:The blood lust is so much fun >3

See,she's younger then you and she enjoys shedding blood,but probebly not as much as Okashi over there
Okashi:-nods with evil grin-

He can't even talk either :p
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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks, I'm glad you liked it! You'll find out more about the absol later. And haha, I think saying that to Kinje would freak him out. xDDD

Kinje: No it wouldn't! ._.

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

((Sorry for taking so long with the chapter-this story is by no means dead-I've got inspiration for it and will do my best to update more frequently! This chapter is shorter than previous ones.))

Chapter 3- Return to the Guild

Kinje was still frozen in terror as the biggest absol leapt toward him. He would have ended up, at the very least, with a nasty injury had it not been for Seris. With lightning speed the tyrogue jumped toward the absol, paying Kinje no heed. Before the dark type could gouge the tyrogue with its scythe, Seris swiftly kicked it in the face, knocking it off balance. Seris too stumbled, but Teri and Sayu, followed by Cera, came to his rescue and aimed their attacks at the absol, immobilizing it.

While Kinje stood staring at the fallen enemy, he failed to notice another absol leaping at him from behind until it knocked him to the ground. With a cry of terror he tried to avoid its slashing scythe, turning around and flailing his own scythes in the direction of the pokémon’s face. The absol lifted its head and from his position on the ground, Kinje couldn’t strike close enough to do any damage. With the absol’s heavy paws holding him to the ground, he found it difficult to move.

Suddenly the absol slumped forward on top of him and then tumbled onto the ground. Kinje looked up to see Sayu glaring at him, her tail softly glowing for a moment before fading to its normal green color. “You really are useless, aren’t you?” she muttered, before heading to aid Teri as the manectric used her electric attacks to try to fend off the many other absol now advancing closer to them.

Kinje looked around with startled fascination as the absol neither cried out nor flinched as the attacks struck them. They simply stood there and endured it, waiting for the effects to fade and then leaping towards one of the explorers again. One such absol, after having endured another electrical shock, took a massive bound toward Cera, who was focused on fending off another absol that had gotten too close to her.

Before Kinje could even take a breath to shout, something large and bright barreled into the absol from the side, knocking it and its attacker into the bushes. The newcomer staggered awkwardly to its feet, and Kinje recognized Serai, the rapidash from the guild. Her mane and tail were blazing furiously, but the fire type was aware that she was standing in a forest, and the flames did not burn to the touch. Rearing up on her hind legs, Serai brought her hooves swiftly and heavily down on the absol, who lifted its paws in defense and bared its fangs before its head and paws slumped to the ground as it lost consciousness. The rest of the absol pack, who didn’t seem to notice Serai, were unprepared when the rapidash brutally charged into them, lashing out with her hooves at any that came too close.

Serai wasn’t surprised that her attacks did not scare them off, and now that she had entered the battlefield the entire absol pack had focused on her. There were only five of them now-the little one and the one Serai had attacked first were unconscious. Serai dealt a swift blow to the head of one who had just recovered from paralysis, and it toppled over onto the ground in a still heap. The remaining four circled her, their staring gaze seeming to go completely through her. Serai charged one of them, lowering her head and stabbing it through the shoulder with her horn. The absol fell to the ground, unable to move due to the injury.

Kinje was too focused with two of the absol who had decided to attack the explorers again to see Serai battle. Teri, Sayu, and Tarak looked too exhausted to do much more, and Serai was busy battling the other remaining absol somewhere behind them. Cera was tempted to use a poison attack, but she didn’t think the pain would be enough to send the message to the absol to leave them alone. However there wasn’t much time to think of a better attack. Seris and Cera struck the left absol as one, and as it fell to the ground, Serai struck the other and slammed it into a tree.

Now that all the absol were lying still, Serai ran up to the explorers, after kicking the absol with the wounded shoulder into some bushes. “Come on,” she told them. “Let’s get back to the guild fast. Thank goodness those were weak ones.”

“Weak ones?” Seris repeated. “Uh…what exactly were they? They didn’t act like normal-”

“That’s not our lesson for today,” Serai snapped. “Let’s head back.” Without giving anyone else a chance to ask any questions, the rapidash turned and led the shaken group back to Guild Master Arcanine’s building.


For the next little while, Kinje and the rest of the pokémon who had encountered the absol had decided to rest. Forge had told them that they did not need to complete any training that day after having encountered those absol in the forest. Kinje would have liked to talk to Cera about it, but Forge and Serai had insisted that the both of them go to their own rooms to rest. Kinje had quickly gotten over the shock of what he had experienced and now felt bored being by himself in his room.

Kinje’s room was dark, as there was only one small window, and due to it facing a cave wall, there wasn’t much light. With what little light he could see by, he entertained himself by sketching simple small pictures on the wall of his room with the tip of his scythe. The entrance to his room was blocked by big leaves that served for a sort of “door”, though no light shone through it because the room outside was dark.

Kinje was just contemplating trying to sneak out when Cyal, the raichu he had met earlier, poked his head through the leaves and looked at Kinje. “It’s…dinner time,” the electric type announced. “All guild members are to report to-”

He stopped mid-sentence as Kinje darted out of his room at lightning speed, accidentally knocking Cyal down in the process. “You mean I can come out now?” he asked happily.

“Uh…yes…” replied Cyal as he staggered to his feet. “I don’t know why you thought you had to stay here-you’re free to-”

“Oh, well, Serai said I had to stay there for a while,” Kinje replied, cutting Cyal off again. “Did you hear about those absol we fought today? I mean, I thought we were done for, but then Serai came and…and we beat them up! They weren’t so scary after all.”

“Oh…wow…um…that’s fascinating,” the raichu replied, not exactly sure what Kinje was talking about. “Well, follow me. The dining room is this way.”

Kinje followed the rather annoyed Cyal as he led him to the large door he had been shown upon first entering the guild. He could hear the excited chatter of many pokémon from behind it. Cyal carefully pushed open the door with one paw, revealing a vast room crowded with pokémon of all ages and species. Some were in groups of two or three-Kinje assumed they were teams, while others were talking in larger groups. Unlike the dark hallways of the guild this room was brightly lit by several windows placed strategically so as to catch the light coming in from the cave opening outside. All around the walls were bright leaf decorations as well as several paintings of famous exploration teams. Covering most of the floor on one side were long benches where pokémon sat while eating their food. On the other side of the room were a few pokémon serving food to others or watching as guild members walked up to baskets full of fruit and berries and selected the food they wanted.

“Just get what you want and find a place to sit,” Cyal explained. “Then you’re free to go wherever you want until nighttime. Everyone has to be in their rooms by a certain time, well…except for those who are nocturnal that is.”

“Wait a minute…” Kinje began, looking at the area where all the food was stored. “Do they only have…berries? What are the meat eaters supposed to eat?”

“Oh that’s right,” Cyal replied. “Scyther are carnivorous. Well, follow me.” Kinje sighed and followed as Cyal led him to where another group of pokémon were taking something from a larger basket. Cyal pointed to a growlithe walking away with a small silver fish in its mouth. “We have fish here!” Cyal explained. “Every morning, those on hunting duty walk to the beach and catch fish for us.”

“Oh…ok,” Kinje replied slowly, slightly annoyed that the herbivores got a much larger selection of food.

“Well, good bye,” Cyal told him, “I’m going to find my team.” Without waiting for a reply the raichu bounded off in search of his teammates.

Kinje paused to look for Cera, but it was hard to see much of anything through the crowd of pokémon. Finally, he spotted the arbok some distance away, by herself in the corner of the room and holding one of the fish in her mouth. “Cera!” he cried, quickly grabbing a fish and making his way over to her. In his excitement, he rushed into the crowd of pokémon heedlessly, accidentally tripping over a charmander who had suddenly appeared from behind a table and stumbling against another small group of pokémon. Kinje fell to the floor, dropping the fish by accident. He was about to get to his feet when he heard a high-pitched screech and the sound of a basket full of berries and fish dropping to the ground.

“What do you think you’re doing!?” snapped an angry voice, and Kinje looked up to see the leafeon Sayu staring down at him. There was a long cut on the right side of her face, and it was slowly dripping blood.

Kinje scrambled to his feet, looking at his left scythe which, sure enough, had a small trickle of red across it. “It was an accident!” he told her.

“Well then why don’t you watch where you’re going?” Sayu hissed.

“What’s going on?” a voice said, and Sayu and Kinje turned to see Seris approaching. The tyrogue’s eyes widened in anger as he saw the cut on his teammate’s face. His gaze turned to Kinje, who suddenly looked worried.

Sayu, who still looked angry at both the dropped berries and her injury, turning to Seris with an angry look on her face. “Oh…hello Seris,” she said in a deceptively sweet voice, then her gaze hardened as she turned to Kinje. “He did it!” she hissed.

Seris didn’t even bother to listen to Kinje’s hurried apology as the scyther noticed the look of pure loathing on the tyrogue’s face. No one hurt his team mates, and whatever Kinje’s reason was, Seris wasn’t going to take any excuses. “Don’t you ever hurt one of my friends again!” the tyrogue shouted furiously as he briskly walked toward Kinje, raising his fist in a sudden burst of anger.


With all the force he could muster, the tyrogue slammed his fist into Kinje’s face, knocking him to the ground several feet away. Many of the pokémon nearby stopped what they were doing to stare at Seris, wondering what had happened. Sayu had started chuckling, and Teri, seeing that her teammate was laughing, began laughing as well, though halfheartedly, as if she really had no idea what was supposed to be so funny. A few of the smaller pokémon crowded around Seris and Kinje, wondering what had caused the sudden attack. Kinje looked up fearfully as Seris approached him.

“Look,” Seris began. “I don’t know what your problem is, but you have no right to hurt the members of my team. Let this be a lesson to you, and maybe you’ll learn to respect us.”

“Seris, what’s going on?” a growlithe asked, glancing from the cringing scyther to the angry tyrogue.

“Look what he did!” Seris growled, pointing to Sayu, who was now calmly watching the scene with an almost satisfied expression on her face.

“Well that makes both of you in the wrong,” the growlithe replied. “We aren’t supposed to fight-”

“Stay out of this!” Seris snarled. “He chose to mess with the wrong team. And as you can see, he’s nothing but a coward.”

Kinje glared at Seris with sudden anger as the tyrogue turned away. He hated the fact that Seris had made an example of him in front of all these other pokémon, for something he hadn’t even meant to do. But most of all, he was tired of being called a coward, and tired of everyone believing it. His eyes focused on Seris’s back, he did not notice one of the surrounding pokémon bend down to help him.

“Are you ok?” the pokémon asked, but Kinje wasn’t listening nor did he even turn to see who was speaking to him. Angrily he got to his feet and charged toward Seris, scythes raised.

Cera, who had approached the other pokémon, trying to see what the commotion was, came just in time to see Kinje lunging toward the tyrogue’s unprotected back. “Kinje! Stop!” she cried in alarm.

Seris, however, wasn’t one of the best fighters among the guild’s younger pokémon for nothing. Before Kinje could strike, Seris had turned around and leaped out of the way, facing Kinje with a look of surprise on his face. He didn’t have more than a moment to try and wonder what had happened before Kinje ran toward him again. This time as Kinje approached, Seris grabbed the scyther’s arm, above the blade, stopping it from cutting him and pushing Kinje back. The scyther swung at him with the other blade, leaving a shallow cut in his shoulder.

Kinje flinched in surprise as Seris slammed his fist into the side of his face, but despite that he struck at the tyrogue again.

Cera, who was still shocked at the behavior of both pokémon, wondered whether or not to try to intervene. As the two pokémon fought each other, heedless of those around them, she could tell that neither one seemed to be winning. This surprised Sayu as well-Seris was a trained fighter-he should have been able to beat that scyther to a pulp by now.

The entire room was filled with the sounds of confused pokémon and of Kinje and Seris’s infuriated and pain-filled shouts. That is, until a much louder shout filled the area.


Everyone in the room-including Kinje and Seris-froze as Forge appeared in the doorway. Seris looked ashamed and almost frightened, and he quickly backed away. His gaze soon turned to Kinje again and the two stared at one another, still trying to catch their breath. Kinje felt Forge grab his shoulder and pull him back. He tried to lunge toward Seris but Forge held him still.

“Stop that!” the typhlosion told him angrily, and then looked at Seris. “What’s going on?”

“Well…” Seris began, looking uncertainly up at Forge. “I…I wasn’t trying to start a fight. He attacked me.”

“You started it!” Kinje growled, but as his anger was fading he was beginning to realize that he should have just left Seris alone. He had wanted to show the tyrogue that he wouldn’t let him push him around-to show him he wasn’t afraid. He realized now that he had done it completely the wrong way, and now that he wasn’t so angry anymore, he wondered fearfully what the typhlosion would do to him.

“Fighting fellow guild members is both extremely childish, irresponsible and dishonorable,” Forge growled, and Seris looked shamefully at the floor.

“He…he injured one of my teammates,” the tyrogue explained quietly. “I couldn’t just-”

“It…it was an accident…” Kinje began.

“Quiet,” Forge hissed. “You are both going to see the Guild Master about this.”

Seris looked horrified and Kinje looked confused. “I’m sorry…” Kinje told the typhlosion, who pushed him toward the door.

“It’s too late for that,” Forge muttered, walking in front of him. “Follow me.”

Seris cast a seething look at Kinje as the two young pokémon followed the typhlosion out of the dining hall and toward the Guild Master’s room.

Most of the pokémon in the room went back to what they were doing or whispered to each other quietly. Cera stayed put, watching Kinje and Seris until they were out of sight.


Under the darkening sky, a dark shape slunk silently around the edge of the Guild building, scenting the air carefully before leaping up to one of the windows and slipping noiselessly inside. It didn’t take the stranger long to find what he wanted, and quickly making sure that no one was around, the pokémon crouched down alone inside the small room, unnoticed in the fading light.

(To be continued...)

((While playing the PMD games, I always wondered what the carnivorous pokémon ate. I knew it wouldn't be like the normal pokemon world where pokemon killed and ate other pokemon (at wouldn't be like that in the towns). But I remembered a very early episode of pokemon that showed fish (not pokemon, just fish) swimming in tanks, and so I guess there are real fish in the pokemon world (and probably insects too). So I incorporated that into the story. Also, the cafeteria-that-only-serves-fish thing is an inside joke between me and my sister, so yeah. xD))

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

SCY!!! FINALLY!! Although I've only read the first chapter and some of the second, I love it!
I recall you apologising about the naiveté of Kinje! I love that he's like that! Please don't change him!!
Just by reading the first chapter, I don't like that Leafeon! D:<
I promise I'll read more later. This is my last week of school before the holidays, so if I have no homework, I'll be able to read it ASAP! :D

Everyone who's still stuck here, Pe2k is Dead. It's sad, but it happened. Instead, we moved to...

Pokemon Crossroads!
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Default Re: Mind Whisperer

Thanks Xanthe! And don't worry, Kinje will be like that for a very long time. I love characters like that too! It's just that back then I was worried people would think he was annoying xD

I'm looking forward to seeing what you think!

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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