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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-08-2010, 08:48 AM
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Default Revenge in December

I know I started another fan fic, but I didn't really like how the plot turned out when I wrote it so I'm taking another shot at writing. I still need critiques though, so here goes.
`````````````````````````````````````````````````` ``````
Chapter 1- A Warning

A woman stood upon her Garchomp as it glided through the air. The black cat suit she wore clung to every curve and covered most of her body, besides her hands, neck, and face. Around the waist a utility belt held her six Pokeballs as well as her sword, or what looked to be just the grip of it. The actual blade was hidden inside, only able to be used by one, would reveal itself when that one user decides. Her long flowing white hair billowed in the breeze. She gently pushed the bangs away with her from her eyes revealing her crimson red irises using her left hand. She studied it, eyeing the cross design that was burned into her palm. She clenched her fist hiding the cross, the symbol of betrayal. The symbol would haunt her forever, showing those who didn’t know that this woman was the most feared and dangerous being in the world.

“December. You there?” The ear piece hidden by her hair spoke. On the other side of it was one of her acquaintances, Derek. He was handy with computers and electronics, which was the only reason December kept him around. In a way, she needed him. December had no use for the spoils of her mission, and passed them on to Derek as he had more use them.

“Yeah Derek, I’m here.” December responded, not losing focus or balance. She was standing on a Pokémon several feet in the air after all.

“If my data is correct, which it always is, the Pokémon League is in its final match.” He paused, checking up on some more data. “Man you’re gonna make a lot of fans angry. The battle of the century between Aaron Ketchum and Lindsey Oak was gonna be a classic. I mean, Dragonite versus Salamence, Espeon versus Umbreon. Come on that has classic written all over it. Can’t you wait till after the match?”

“No Derek. This has to happen now, and I don’t care about whose battling who. No one will remember the tournament anyways. Not when I’m done with it.” December shot back.

“Fine,” Derek growled, “The stadium is dead ahead. Good luck.”

“I don’t need luck Derek. You know that.”

* * *
The stadium which the Pokémon League was being held was in sight. December could see the torch that was lit by Moltres. That very torch was her target. If she was to put it out, or agitate it in some way Moltres would appear to stop her. That’s exactly what she wanted. She would make Moltres an example, and use the Pokémon as a warning to the other Legendary Pokémon.

“Kratos, descend towards the flame.” December commanded. The Garchomp listened, lowering herself until she was eye level with the flame. Kratos sped up until they were in sight of the stadium. December could hear the announcer speaking from the air as they made their landing.

“Folks, stay calm, but it seems we have an unexpected visitor.” The announcer said. As soon as Kratos touched the ground, December dismounted her and approached the torch. The battle below ceased as she pulled out her sword. The blade shot out from the grip revealing its sawed edge. She raised her left hand, extending it towards the flame. The cross symbol on her hand began to glow with a red tint, similar to the color of her eyes. She didn’t address the situation, as the humans there had nothing to do with the situation.

The flames of the torch began to weaken. It decreased in size and its glow dimmed. In a matter of seconds it was gone, just like that. The people around her began to realize how dangerous December actually was. With the flames gone, an angry Moltres showed himself. Its timing was impeccable and was the only thing December admired about it. Just as quickly as the flame was gone, the Pokémon that created it took its place perched on top of the structure that held the flame.

“Why have you come here, Child of Scorn?” Moltres spoke telepathically.

“Spare me the conversation Moltres. We both know why we’re here. You were the Pokémon Arceus sent to retrieve my soul. Instead, you murdered my daughter, son, and husband. Not only that, but you burned them alive. To add insult to injury, you took my Primeape, who’s been with me all my life, and used him as a sacrifice to enter the Realm.” December paused taking in a breather. “You and I both know you aren’t leaving here alive Moltres.”

“Insolent child, you are the one who will not leave alive!” Moltres exclaimed, taking to the skies. Moltres released a stream of fire towards December. She easily dodged it, jumping on to the structure that once held Moltres’ flame.

“Kratos, Hyper Beam!” She commanded. Kratos listened, firing the golden beam with great speed. The attack was almost too fast for the Legendary Pokémon who managed to dodge it. As Moltres dodged, December jumped towards it, slashing its left wing, cutting half of it. Moltres fell to back to the cup like structure. December met it there approaching it.

“Wait no. You cannot do this December. Killing me will set in motion the death of us.” Moltres pleaded. December stopped only a few feet from Moltres’ body.

“Oh, now you choose to use my name, when your life is now in my hand.” December stated. “Don’t think for a second I’m gonna spare you though. You’ve made me suffer, and now it’s time I did the same for you and your brothers and sisters.” December stepped upon Moltres’ weakened body, unharmed by the heat it gave off. She stabbed the sword deep into Moltres’ abdomen. The Pokémon screeched in pain, echoing through the now silent stadium. She removed the sword, only to repeat the action in a different location. The same screech erupted from the mouth of Moltres, but this time a mixture of blood and fire escaped as well. December hopped off Moltres, not done with yet. She walked up to its head, standing right next to it to look it in the eye.

“Now give them the warning call.” December demanded.

“Are you mad? Do you want to die even sooner? If they know of this deed they will pursue you without mercy.” Moltres spoke. It was straining itself just to speak.

“I want them to know,” December started, slashing at the eye of Moltres, “just do it.” With its life withering away, Moltres obeyed. Moltres’ body began to glow a dark purple. The glow outlined what was left of Moltres and soon began to separate from the host. The glow was formed to the shape of the Legendary Pokémon and began to ascend towards the sky. The sight was beautiful, though everyone knew it was the death of Moltres being witnessed.

“Psych!” December let out, raising her left hand to the sky. The cross burned into her palm began to glow again, but this time it was purple. “You really don’t think I can’t get their attention on my own. I mean look what I did to you. I didn’t want you to send your soul to the Realm as a warning, I just needed your soul.” December explained as she absorbed the soul of Moltres. The life had faded from Moltres before it could respond, and its soul was now a part of December, the most dangerous person in the world, if you could even call her a person. She raised her left hand again, this time to look at it. A ball of fire formed in her hand, hovering just above the cross. She smiled, and turned towards Kratos who stood faithfully by her side. She allowed her trainer to mount her and took her orders to fly off, leaving the stadium in awe and fear. Derek soon chimed in, checking on her progress.

“Hey, how did it go?” He questioned.

“Moltres is dead, and soon, all the other Legendary Pokémon will be too.” She responded.
Give it a read and a critique please
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