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Old 07-18-2008, 01:41 PM
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Default [Project/Sprite resourse]Overworld pokemon with moves[/Project/Sprite resource]

This thread is for comics with overworld pokemon with their moves for easy usage. Why did I do this, you may ask? Well, no. 1, not every pokemon is there for us to use. No. 2, is that moves have gone totally wrong. Look at this picture[look only at the owerworld image](taken from galactic crunts comic guide):

What's wrong with it. Almost everything. Wing attack is a phisical move(In D/P/P, but people should be realistic) and it looks like its using th especial move gust(which it can't learn)So, I wanted to make one where EACH AND EVERY ATTACK ALONG WITH THE USER IS MADE SEPARATELY and put in this resource. Why not make the attack only not the user? Because some attacks like overheat require the user to glow and then strike. So why not make it easy and put the pokemon glow along with it. Anyone is welcome to contribute, whether he/she be good or bad at it. It just shouldn't be ridiculously terrible, that's all. If two of the same pokemon and attack are together, I'll put them both and the comic's maker can choose either of them. Remember to keep the attack name in mind, like eruption means lava blasting out, and the power of the attack, the more powerful, the more larger and detailed the attack can be. you should post the pokemon attacking using that attack in all directions, each in two frames. The comic's maker can choose to use both frames or only the last one, not he first one. Keep that in mind. You can even post your own pokemon and own attack if you want, I don't mind. Please do use the form. I have some attack sprites of my own, but I'll save that up for later. Remember, you can always use your own attack sprites, this is only a resourse. Here's how I'll put the pokemon up for easy understanding:

000-National dex number. -------=pokemon's name=link to the pokemon's actual sprites without moves.Only link.

----------------=attack name=link to the pokemon using that attack.

(pokemon will be in national dex order the attacks in alphabetical order.)

The form for providing an attack:

Name of original maker: if you took the sprite from someone or they asked you to put it here, put their username, if it's your original put your username.
pokemon and attack:The pokemons name and attack name.
Sprite:link to sprite, only link(keep all sprites in one image, at a decent minimum space of 10 pixels between each one)

That's it. Please do donate sprites to this resource and remember, your sprites will almost always be accepted. It won't if you draw a yellow line with the line tool for thunder or something like that or close to that.

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