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Old 07-09-2008, 05:31 PM
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Everything checks out. Also, Aqua isn't in Allcaps anymore. ;)


Neo Pikachu
Welcome aboard, buddy. Just make sure it takes you a bit before you get 00ber Lugia/Qinglong powers to pwn us all with.


Manana? Your name rhymes with Banana. Now I'm going to envision your RP character as a fruit. X_X Anyways, good job, though I believe Frisbee's name had two E's in it in Season V. Also, JT had killed the original Frisbee, and I don't remember if we gave him kids or not. XD


Welcome to the RP man. Just remember though, our computers are harder to haxxor this time. XD


I'm not really sure if there are peasants on Kazmar, but that's a minute detail. Welcome to the RP.


Whenever you're done. ;)

Welcome to the RP guys. Also, this is my ten thousandth post, so I'm going to go celebrate my admission to the 10k club. XD
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Originally Posted by rust View Post
I'm not really sure if there are peasants on Kazmar, but that's a minute detail. Welcome to the RP.
I wanted Cedric to be leftist, just to add a bit of excitement to his talks with Naomi. So I figured I'd invent a peasant here or there to work that one out. Maybe I'll change it to working class? Hrm...


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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Originally Posted by Deathspector View Post

I wanted Cedric to be leftist, just to add a bit of excitement to his talks with Naomi. So I figured I'd invent a peasant here or there to work that one out. Maybe I'll change it to working class? Hrm...

Its a minute detail, I don't really care. ;)
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

I'll finish it by Friday.

Name: Cole Seiger (aliases by the dozen, his favorite being "The Man of a Thousand Faces")
Age: 24
Species: Human
Description: A tall man standing at 6'4", Cole still manages to remain inconspicuous. He has an average build, anything but heavy, but still not too thin. His dark brown hair is cut short and kept flat and straight, while his eyes, naturally bright blue, are played off as a neutral brown with colored contact lenses (these can and do change regularly). His body itself is thin, but muscular, and has a natural flexibility to it.

His clothing style depends on who he is, but when just himself, he wears plain unassuming shirts and jeans, usually in black or gray, black tennis shoes, and his favorite black trenchcoat. He also has a belt which he keeps his pokeballs on. Again, though, he has a massive wardrobe full of different clothes, shoes, wigs, glasses, masks, and contact lenses. In other words, disguises galore.

Personality: The man of a thousand faces also has a thousand personalities for each one, but his real one matches his appearance: quiet, inconspicuous, and blending in to the shadows to the point where he could be standing to your immediate right for an hour during a conversation and the first time he speaks, you jump in surprise. He's got a knack for observing what lies around him, and an even better knack for not being observed. His greatest skill, though, is acting. You can literally give him any roll, and he can perform it, which is what makes him such an excellent spy.

On the other side, to his closest inner circle, Cole is actually pretty pleasant to be around. Though you wouldn't guess it, he does have a sense of humor, although it tends to come out as dry and sarcastic. He loves his job too, finding the combination of being a ninja and a spy to be quite fun.

Background: (Your character’s history)

Pokémon: Riolu (Male, Dante), Sceptile (Male, Julius), Honchkrow (Male, Poe)
Team: Aqua
Mecha: Now what use would that be for an elite stealth unit?

-A collection of the four major weapons (Twin Dao Sabres, a Gun Staff, a Qiang Spear, and a Jian Sword), which he switches between for every mission.
-Various throwing knives hidden in various places on his body, mainly hidden on the inside of his jacket.

Two Tactical Skills: Science, Sneak and Lockpick
Two Combat Skills: Force Master, Melee Weapons/Throwing

Super NPCs (Stronger, harder to kill NPCs)

NPC #1

Name: Makir Dealau
Species: Human
Background: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Description: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Tactical Skill: Computer Hacking/Programming
Combat Skill: Small Firearms

NPC #2

Name: Sarah Seiger
Species: Human
Background: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Description: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Tactical Skill: Speech (Yeah, speech. Let’s call it that.)
Combat Skill: Unarmed Combat
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Originally Posted by rust View Post

Manana? Your name rhymes with Banana. Now I'm going to envision your RP character as a fruit. X_X Anyways, good job, though I believe Frisbee's name had two E's in it in Season V. Also, JT had killed the original Frisbee, and I don't remember if we gave him kids or not. XD
Apparently you don't know spanish since you don't know what my character name means. haha Still yeah. He has nothing to do with Frisbee but I guess I am going to change his name to not be so confused with another character.

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Whew, this took about 2 hours.

Name: Jules Hawkins (mainly called by his last name)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Chiss- A human-like species originally from the planet Csilla in another galaxy. Chiss are characterized by their dark blue/black hair, pale blue-tinted skin, and glowing red eyes, which makes it near impossible to have a prolonged staring contest against a Chiss without some sort of permanent eye damage. Apart from the physical differences, Chiss are basically the same as humans.
Description: Standing at about 6'1", Jules is slightly taller than the average Chiss. He has silky blue/black hair, down to about his shoulders, which garners him several compliments from strangers. On his face is a beard, one stretching from ear to ear; it's about an inch in length. He wears a white Aqua t-shirt and custom grey sweatpants made from Slowpoke tails most of the time- he likes to dress comfortably and doesn't really care about wearing something to protect himself from enemy weaponry.
Personality: Due to the upbringing he received after he landed on Ramdyne, Jules doesn't find much of the stuff normal people find interesting, such as movies, sports, etc. interesting. However, Jules does enjoy the occasional moonlit walk on the beach. He was once addicted to a drug called jenkem, and because of the basic seances it induced he practices meditation and other things of spiritual background so that he can communicate with the dead, including his mother and father. He thinks that power is the thing that will make him the happiest, and to achieve that, he will embed his skills into the fabric of Aqua so that one day he can feel accomplished and powerful.
Background: Jules was born an only child on the planet Csilla, which is going through an ice age, forcing its inhabitants to live underground where it is warmer. His mother was a member of the state Senate, and because of this, Jules never got as close to her as he did his father or his Swinub. To keep himself occupied, he would battle other kids' Pokemon. Through this, not only did he get a feel for battling, Jules and Swinub became closer and closer friends. He accompanied his mother and father one day on a diplomatic mission to an allied planet, Clakdor VII, and shortly after departure, the ship they were on was hijacked by space pirates. His mother, father, and nearly everyone else died or was taken hostage in the ensuing mayhem, but Jules managed to find an escape pod all to himself and jettisoned off.

After drifting at a high speed for a few days, he was running out of fuel and nourishment. He saw on the pod's map system that he was coming upon the Corona system, and, not knowing anything about the planets in it, decided to land on one. It happened to be Ramdyne. After a shaky landing in one of Dymarion's spaceports, Jules sold the pod at a low price for a pocketful of money. Luckily for him, the people all spoke Common, a language that he was pretty familiar with due to the teaching of it at the school he went to back on Csilla. After roaming the streets for a few days, he was picked up by the police for being outside past the mandatory curfew for young people. Because he had no permanent residence, he was sent to an orphanage, and after a few months, coincidentally on his 13th birthday, Jules was adopted by a human couple.

Shortly after his adoption, he began attending school. He was made fun of frequently for his blue skin and broken Common, and because of that didn't make any real friends. He would soon come to realize this could be a benefit- isolation, he figured, leads to great power. Instead of having a social life, he would study study study. By the time he was 16, Jules had taken enough courses and gathered enough credits to enter college. He also began battling on the side to obtain funds for his parents, as their fish market had come on hard times. His most powerful Pokemon had become his Geodude Carlton, which he had befriended and unforgivingly captured one day on a walk home from school. By the time he was 20, he had learned pretty much everything a college student could learn about mathematics, chemistry, and geographical science. He had become so burned out due to the incredible amounts of studying that he had no motivation, and therefore, no purpose in life. He became addicted to a cheap, easy-to-make drug, jenkem. The drug made him happy- with jenkem, he could see his dead mother. He even made his first human friend, a guy named Scott Tenboar, who was his jenkem dealer. Suprisingly, jenkem, despite its terrible side effects, would lead him to a new calling.

The new calling would be Team Aqua, of course. Jules began selling jenkem on the side to make more money. One of his clients happened to be a member of the Underground Cult of rust Makuta Believers, and told Jules about the upcoming planned revolution. It fascinated Jules; Aqua could become a conduit for his intelligence so all of his skills wouldn't go to waste, and, if the revolution worked, he could probably gain power in the new government. After telling Scott about Aqua, they both quickly applied for positions and got off their jenkem addictions.
Team: AKWA
Pokémon: Geodude (Carlton), Swinub, Staraptor, Magikarp, Gardevoir, Ursaring, Grovyle, Houndoom
Mecha: -
Weapons:All he keeps around with him is a medium-sized knife, a vial of poison, and a small handgun that he is not proficient with. He mainly uses his Pokemon as weapons.
Two Tactical Skills: Science, Engineering
Two Combat Skills: Spiritualist (gained through jenkem use and meditation afterwards), Expert Pokemon Handling

NPC #1

Scott Tenboar
Species: Human
Background: Scott grew up in a populated area of Dymarion. He family was poor, and he ran way from home when he was young and joined a bodybuilding monastery. When he came of age, he left the monastery and didn't know what to do with his life, so he got addicted to jenkem; all it takes is one try. He then later met Hawkins and joined Aqua as a battlefield general. Whenever he is away from Aqua, he runs a gaming store in residential Dymarion.
Description: Scott is about 6'3", and has a hulking physique that makes enemies cringe in fear. He wears a black baseball hat, black shirt with a giant skull on it, and black shorts to help him blend in with the night and also induce even more fear into the hearts of his enemies.
Tactical Skill: Repair
Combat Skill: Commando
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Will finish by tomorrow or friday.

Name: Krayt Vangar
Age: 29
Species: Tentacruel Hybrid

Description: Although Krayts Tentacruel Hybrid form is a helpful combat tool, it is also more or less a handicap. His body, because of his Tentacruel mix, craves water and needs large amounts of water intake in order to survive on land. because of this, Krayn wears an array of heavy equipment, among of which are his water tanks, which are strapped to his back. Because of this, his normally very tall height is forced down, making it effectively difficult to walk. His body, on a side veiw with this gear on, could be described as a crescent moon with legs. Because of this, he requires special walking equipment strapped to him on his legs, and propel him. However, the head gear he must wear completely covers his cheeks, the crown and back of his head, and everything below his mouth. It makes him look like a walking monstrositie.

To remedy this twisted and mechanical appearance, he wears a cloak, which completely covers his body, with the exception of his head. The cloak is attached to his life support, but can be removed with ease. His walking eqipment can straighten his back, however, and can allow for extremely rapid movement and reflexes, and this function is possible with his neck gear. A device implanted into his neck reads electronic signals from the brain and commands the exo suit to respond. There is a major weakness, however. The suit cannot function for long while doing this kind of fighting, and cannot operate for more than fifteen minutes on average. If Krayt couldn't kill foes in that time limit, the suit would give and Krayt would be stuck in his dormant support until life support ran out and he'd slowly die. He has made all neccesary modifications so that he can kill in that time. Still, this is a last resort, if Krayt cannot rely on others for protection.

What you can see of his face is rather intimidating. He has souless black eyes, whose stare can penetrate even the strongest person, break them down inside, and paralyze them in fear. Krayt is also completely bald, and in fact has no hair at all, anywhere. This is a side effect of his hybrid form. His body is a light blue, and muscular, very muscular, but sadly, he must use all this muscle to help support the weight on his back. However, on his back, covered by his gear, are two red blobs on both sides of his spinal cord. They are also a side effect of his hybrid afilliation, but don't serve any purpose at all. It was oddly impossible to eradicate this gene from the hybrid DNA. Hybridizing has been proven before to result in the unthinkable. However, Tentacruel's gene has given Krayt a gruesome ability, and uses it as his main weapon of choice.

Just above the waist is a long flap of skin which nearly touches his legs, but this is actually where his secret weapon is. Six twenty feet long tentacles are housed in his body, compressed together in order to save space, he can extend them at will, and are equipped an enzyme on the surface of the tentacle, which on contact, will "burn" off skin from the victim and inject toxins. However, these enzymes must be oozed to harm others, and can be used as limbs when Krayt's arms are incapable of working. Krayt, while walking normally, only stands a measy five feet. However, when standing upright, he stands a whopping 7' 2'', making him almost as revolting as much as he is a threat. He weighs 221 pounds alone, but when coupled with his heavy, heavy gear, he weighs as much as 314 pounds.



Pokemon: Alakazam, Bastiodon.
Team: League of Urban Dragons


- Organic, toxic tentacles, able to extend up to twenty feet.
- Organic poixon tipped dart launchers

Two Tactical Skills: Mecha Pilot, Repair
Two Combat Skills: Small Firearms (His dart blaster), Unarmed (His own tentacles)

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Name: Rocket T. (Thergood) Zater
Age: 27
Species: Aerodactyl Hybrid

Standing a good 5"2', Rocket has fiery red hair that is spiked and curls upwards over her forehead. There is a black streak in it as well on the right side of it. Her eyes are an opal blue while she has a gray skin tone (reflecting her Aerodactyl side). She wears mostly dark cloths to reflect that of her troubled past as a child. Her shirt doesn't fully cover her upper torso, leaving some of her stomach showing. Her pants are long, opening at the bottom like bell bottom pants. Just like her shirt, they are a jet black color once more reflecting her dark past.

She doesn't wear any sort of boots though because her feet are actually large claws. Her shirt opens in the back because of her large wings that she tends to keep closed around her like a cape. The same goes for her pants. There's a large hole in them to make space for her thick tail that when walking, she'll wrap around the middle of her body before closing her wings. Her head is slightly elongated like Aerodactyl's is and she has two long horns sticking straight up from her ears.

Personality: Somewhat uncaring, trust worthy, and loyal. Because of her past, it's left her with little care for others that she hasn't befriended. Injuries, death, it doesn't bother her in the least. She's basically fallen into a pit of eternal despair with a shed of light being her only friend. That's where her other traits come in. She may seem hatred filled, but it hasn't stopped her completely from caring. She'll do what ever it takes to protect those she loves and cherishes like nothing else. And once befriended, she can become one hell of a partner.

Her overall outlook on the weapons and mechas is simple. She'd rather be on the ground, holding a rifle then be inside a bulky robot that would in turn be hard to control. She can't explain it fully, but the feel of holding a pistol or an AK-47 really makes her feel fantastic. Sure the mecha suits were the most up to date technology, but she' always been one to take classics over current. That's just who she is.


Rocket was born to a rich and evil mother named Katherine Zater as well as a kind hearted father named Joseph Zater. Katherine wasn't evil in a sense that she wanted to rule the world, but more so that she was overly controlling. n fact, it was to the point of insanity for Rocket. She could never do anything she truly desired without a lecture by her mother on why her choice was wrong. Unlike her though, her parents had no fusion parts to them. Rocket's fusion was accidental, occuring at the age of five when her father (who was drunk at the time) injected her with the virus, thinking it was the medicine for her fever. Ever since then, her mother has hated her for existing.

She ran out of there at the age of 14, never once looking back. Ever since then she's been alone in her life. She's currently a full member of LOUD, doing what she can to keep her life full of meaning and purpose. She's even become very handy with weaponry thanks to a few good people helping her out. The only things she actually has now to look back on the old times are her Pokemon. They're all close to 10 -11 years of age or even older (counting the years they were already alive before capture) considering they were all caught when Rocket was 14 or 15.

That's about it.

Pokémon: Meowth (Coin), Garchomp (Gargian Sintell), Typhlosian (Ko-Gasu), Espeon (Psykix), Buizel (Ott), Steelix (Techtonix), Lucario (Lee), Arbok (Poison Fang)
Team: LOUD
Mecha: none
Weapons: AK-47 (carried by her Meowth), Feliner - heat seeking missiles somewhat shaped like Meowth (based around Coin)[/I], Volt Pistol - a special gun developed to shoot out electrical volts. It gains power from lightning storms
Two Tactical Skills: Engineering, Sneak and Lockpick
Two Combat Skills: Small Firearms, Expert Pokemon Handling

=^^= Nya
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Sign-Up Form

Name: Jenny Ignis
Age: 18
Species: Charizard Hybrid

Description: Jenny is quite basically a human with a Charizard tail, teeth and wings. She is about average in height, which is actually quite small for a Charizard hybrid. She has orange skin and bright red eyes.

She wears a yellow T-Shirt which is a little bit too long, so it covers her trousers untill halfway between her knees and hips. Her trousers are blood red combats, which are also too long and cover her boots. Her boots are brown, and very large to cover her claws.

Personality: Jenny tries to be kind as often as possible and is very light-hearted, but has a nasty side. She is often sarcastic at the worst times, and will make a joke of a serious situation. There are a few people she will tease sometimes, but is nice to other people.

Despite all this, she has a nasty temper. It takes a little while to make her angry, but she is angry the best thing to do is to stay away form her. When angry, she will attack anyone, including her friends.

Background: Born to a rich family, her mother, a Charizard hybrid like Jenny, died during child birth. At the age of 8, Jenny was sent to a bording school with her brother, a Blaziken hybrid. There, she learnt how to handle Pokemon. Her math teacher, a Venasaur hybrid called Mr Flowers, made her angry and she accidentally burned the school down. When her father, a Blaziken hybrid like her brother, found out he sent her to anger management class. After a year she managed to be able to control her anger, but turned into someone kind where before she was very aggressive.

When she was 12, her brother sent her to LOUD, as he hated the fact that she could control Pokemon better than him. Her father got angry at her brother and sent him to go and work in a mine where he died 2 years later. Knowing that only her father remained at home, she decided to stay at LOUD because she hated her father for sending her brother to his death.

Now 18, she has compleated her training with LOUD and is now a full member, even if she has only been so for about a month. She gets her good unarmed combat skills from her father, once an expert fighter.

Pokémon: Blissey, Gengar, Lapras, Raichu, Gardevoir, Nidoqueen.

Team: League of Urban Dragons

Weapons: Whatever she can find, but mainly her tail and her Pokemon.

Two Tactical Skills: Sneak and Lockpick, Survival

Two Combat Skills Unarmed, Expert Pokémon Handling
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Name: Davion Sargtlin
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human - Newtype

Description: Davion possesses the look and feel of a classic guerilla fighter, built leanly but tough to nearly impossible levels. His entire body is altogether far too scarred from his days of long combat, his entire upper body having had a piece of shrapnel stuck in it at some time or another, whether it came from a mech exploding, or from an actual piece of enemy artillery. His black hair is chopped short and rough, not for any particular style, but rather because he never bothered to go to a salon, simply going at it with a knife whenever he deemed it too long. His eyes are brown, and altogether those of a seasoned killer, whatever little mercy he possesses not reflected in them at all.
When it comes to clothing, he prefers a standard ace pilot's uniform of the green and blue varieties, though he rarely cares much for helmets as to him, they merely got in the way of his interfacing with the unit. When it is unlikely for him to be in combat, he merely grabs a random set from his wardrobe without caring much for style.

Personality: Davion is straightforward and hard-headed, refusing to give way to anything except what he perceives as perfection. He is willing to go just about any length to achieve his goals, but draws the line at meaningless sacrifice of lives. To him, there can be no warrior's paradise without the warriors that make it up, and there can be no warriors if there is nothing to fight for. It is this policy of his, compounded with his natural skill at combat that has brought him to where he is now, amongst the leaders of Valhalla Genesis.
To him, the most important thing in his life is his warrior's pride, which demands absolute adherence to the warrior's creed. He will not leave his allies behind, he will never leave his back open to his enemy, and above all, he will never do anything to compromise his name. To insult him, or Valhalla Genesis at large, is to make an enemy out of Davion, and that, above all else, can be lethal.

Background: Born and raised in the rainforests of Calamencia, Davion was always a wild child. He got his kicks from wrestling down the wild Pokemon that lived around, or sparring with them with whatever stick he managed to get his hands on at the time.
Things were doomed to change however, when the fighting all started. It had been little more than a dispute on who the mines belonged to, but that soon escalated into an all out war between companies, the two sides not afraid to use firepower to show who exactly was right. Davion was soon drawn into this conflict, if only to keep the small town where he lived safe from harm, easily destroying squads on both sides with his combined skill with a blade, and newfound telepathic-cum-precognitive powers that would come to be known as the Force. This would be all there was for a time, until he met Silver Etherlight, a man with whom he had an uncanny connection with, perhaps simply due to them both having the same powers. Silver had procured a mobile suit, a basic GM that did not even have fully functional beam weapons. It was still however, a functional military use model, which far outperformed the modified mining units the miner companies had.
With his new power, Davion soon set things right, showing everyone who exactly had power in Calamencia. Those who were truly willing to fight, and driven to do so.
It was not until the fighting ended that Davion found something was truly wrong. That constant pounding in his chest whenever he risked his life, that adrenal rush when cut through an enemy, the constant reminders that sometimes, just fate and skill were not enough. They were missing, instead replaced by tensions that promised such an affair, but never reached that level. Replaced by fear of the strong. Replaced by rejection.
War was preferable, and hence Valhalla Genesis. A paradise for warriors, where they could fight without worrying about such things as themselves becoming obsolete, unneeded. War had its costs, but it was far preferable to a false peace.

Pokemon: Magnezone, Porygon-Z, Scyther, Charizard

Weapons: Customised Beam Saber x2
Customised Beam Dagger x4

Tactical Skills: Mecha Pilot, Repair

Combat Skills: Force Master, Melee Weapons/Throwing

-- Super NPC ---

Name: Silver Etherlight
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Description: Silver Etherlight is thus named for his silver-hued hair, which is his most definitive trait. That, and his red eyes, but he tends to wear sunglasses over those. He is easily marked by his air of dignity and intelligence in a crowd of warriors, his hands never having been directly stained by blood before.

Personality: Highly intelligent and scheming, Silver is the perfect man to go to in order to get guns. The owner of Etherlight Industries, he has a stranglehold over next-gen military equipment on Calamencia, his most defining achievement being the invention of the Psychoframe, and in turn the creation of the Nu Gundam.

Tactical Skills: Engineering

Combat Skills: Force Master

--- Mecha ---

Model number: RX-93
Code name: nu Gundam
Unit type: Newtype use ultrahigh efficiency mobile suit
Manufacturer: Etherlight Industries
Operator: Valhalla Genesis
Accommodation: pilot only, in ejectable panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 23.0 meters; head height 22.0 meters
Weight: empty 27.9 metric tons; max gross 63.0 metric tons
Equipment and design features: sensors, range 21300 meters; dummy launchers in hands; birdlime launchers in hands; psycoframe cockpit frame
Fixed armaments: 2 x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; large beam saber, power rated at 0.85 MW, stored in recharge rack on backpack, hand-carried in use; beam saber, stored in recharge rack in left forearm, hand-carried in use
Optional fixed armaments: shield, mounted on left forearm, mounts beam cannon (power rated at 7.8 MW) and 4 x small missile
Optional hand armaments: beam rifle, power rated at 3.8 MW, powered by rechargeable energy cap, with attached grenade launcher, 1 round; hyper bazooka, clip-fed, 4 rounds per clip plus 1 round in chamber, can be stored on backpack storage rack
Remote weapons: 6 x fin funnel, stored on backpack storage rack

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Name: Roanu Kieron

Age: 22

Species: Human

Looking almost uncannily like a mix of his father, Jecht Kieron, and his grandfather Miles Kieron, Roanu Kieron stands at 6'2", and weighs about 170 lbs. He is slender, but not thin, and takes very good care of his physical form, being sure that he is battle competent at any moment. His body is not that of a body-builder, but rather that of a tennis player; sleek, but very strong. He has the same formed hair as his father, with the same texture and color of his grandfather. His skin is a tan, brownish color, the same way it has been since he was born, and he is often disassociated with his father, who is very light skinned. His face is rugged and generally very serious looking, as he rarely laughs other than the occasional triumphant chuckle, and he is often found staring into the distance, as if contemplating the meaning of life. His eyes are very dark, near black, but are truly a dark shade of brown. This is often very intimidating for those who have not met him, and for those who have. As far as his clothing style, Roanu tends to wear bigger, bulkier cloths, and is often found ins his "battle-style" clothing, a red robe-like coat with many symbols and patterns andan extension to cover his neck and part of his face, black pants and one arm slung out of the sleeve. Other cloths he wears consist of generally semi-formal, but comfortable clothing to allow full range of movement. When he walks, it's almost like he's gliding. His movements are fluid and connected, like an artist's paintbrush on a canvas.

Personality: Roanu is very much like his grandfather, with the exception that he heavily disproves of the meth influenced decisions Miles made. He is a very calm, collected and logical thinker. He always knows who he's dealing with and has an uncanny ability to read facial expressions, as well as body language. He is great at thinking on his feet, and when he looses his stride, he just thinks up a new strategy and keeps going. In high school, Roanu was at the top of the academic list, but didn't have many friends. He was too analytical, and that eventually lead to his downfall, when he dropped out 3 months before graduation. Roanu believes that all battles are mental ones, a test of the strength of the mind, rather than of the body. Strong morale leads to victory, and without it, battles are not won. This, coupled with the fact that he does not believe in defeat, makes him a worthy foe in any battle.

Background: Born on Loranes as the product of Jecht and Lulu Kieron, Roanu spent the first three years of his life "studying" the many species that thrived on Loranes. His parents began to grow worried that he had a developmental disability when they began to notice how he would watch the other children play, but never play with them. He also never spoke. Ever. When he wanted something, he simply got it himself, never crying, never laughing. Nothing. When the other children made fun of him (as they often did), he simply looked at them and ignored it. At first, teachers would tell his parents that it was normal for children of this age to be "studious" and "analytical", but one day, Roanu took it too far when he appeared in from of a kid who had made fun of him several times before and just stood there.

"What's the wierdo doing now?" The child asked in a stuck up tone. That's all that Roanu needed to justify provocation. He stepped forward and moved his face close to the other child's.

"My guess is that your constant provocation of me either results from you want to fight me, or household trauma. Judging by your size, I'd say that you aren't in any shape to want to fight," The child was rather large, "And thus, you probably have been assaulted in your home several times by either your parents or siblings. I don't see any signs of hand-me-down cloths, so I'm going to go with parents. How often do your parents beat you?" Roanu then kicked the child in the shin, causing him to fall to the ground, crying out of emtotional and physical unbearable trauma. Teachers just watched in awe and anger, amazed at the four year old's vocabulary, but shocked at how terrible his behavior was. The next day, Roanu was kicked out of school and was scheduled to be taken from his parents for "bad parenting".

A week later, Jecht and Lulu prepared a personal flight from a friend to the homeworld, to be raised by Sidut, their friend. When they arrived at the homeworld, both Sidut and Roanu were background checked and examined, as all immigrants are. However, Sidut had apparently had a very bad criminal record on Loranes and was arrested on the spot. Scared and alone, Roanu ran away and soon arrived in Fuchsia City, where he found and befriended another lonely being, an Arbok.

Months later, Roanu was on the verge of death at the age of 5 and soon found his way to the hospital in Fuchsia City, where he was placed in the ICU for the next week. He seemed to be doing better, and was eating and drinking a good amount. However, suddenly, he went into a coma for no apparent reason and did not wake up. After four years, the doctors in the ICU still had no idea why he had gone under, or where he was from. As Homeworld policy goes, Roanu was declare officially dead and unhooked from life support. But yet again, he defied the odds and just stayed alive, everything working as if he was still on life support, but he would still not wake. He did not eat, nor drink, nor go to the bathroom, and yet his body stayed alive still. Another seven years passed, and Raonu turned 18, with still no family, and still no life. Doctors were ready to kill him (in the most humane way possible) and just let him go, but their legal obligation would not allow it.

Soon enough, however, Roanu awoke with no one in his room, and simply got up, looked at the nurses, and left without letting anyone know.

When he left the hospital, Roanu headed for the nearest cargo ship to go… anywhere. All he wanted to do at that point was start over… again. It only took him a few days until a cargo ship was set to leave from Fuchsia to Ramdyne, which was the perfect planet to start over on. He had heard rumors of rogue groups and criminal agents beginning their organizations there, but he didn’t care. He just needed to get away.

He snuck onto a cargo ship (which luckily had been carrying a rather large sum of money) and stowed away towards Ramdyne.

Upon arriving, Roanu hid inside a large case which contained various valuable objects including massive amounts of money, which Raonu took as much as he could, stuffing it anywhere that he could. His pants, shirt, pockets and anywhere else he could think of. When they arrived, some personnel wheeled the large crate out of the ship and into a loading bay, which was empty. Raonu pried open the crate and hopped out, surveying the area until he was sure he could escape. It wasn’t long before he was away and heading towards the nearest bank.

After starting a bank account in the city, he went to the nearest weapons retailer (which happened to be rather illegal) and took a look around. He noticed three things that he wanted:

A large vibro-Nodachi which was reinforced with Kynm iron.
A red battle suit.
And a package of elector-throwing stars, which would shock a victim into temporary paralysis upon contact.

After buying all of these, he spent the next few years practicing with his new weapons, as well as learning everything he could about the human mind, intending to becoming the ultimate warrior, battle strategist and mind reader. Soon enough, he became rather skilled in all of these area’s, and intended to join the Ramdyne army, when a police force came to his house with a warrant for his arrest on the charges of “Purchase and usage of illegal weapons and equipment”.

He smiled and quickly dispatched the three (now in six parts) police officers, and left his house. Coincidentally, AQUA officials had heard the ruckus and questioned him. After questioning him about the conflict, they immediately asked him (rather forcibly) to join the AQUA ranks, explaining their cause and goals.

“Sounds good.” He smiled.

After spending a few years working for various AQUA purposes, his skills were recognized and he was soon upgraded to the rank of SWAT.

Pokémon: Arbok

Team: AQUA

- Masamune (His amazingly strong Katana which is... really strong =P)
- Electro Throwing Stars
- Heavy Smoke Grenades
- Chain Mail Armor (Updated, of course)

Two Tactical Skills: Speech and Driving

Two Combat Skills: Melee Weapons/Throwing and Commando
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Name: Raliene Yangin

Age: 19

Species: Death AKA Grim Reaper (Inborn Scythe mastery and a strange ‘death sense,’ which helps her find weak points and other such attributes. In other words, helps her kill.)

Description: Raliene (who I will now affectionately refer to as Rail) is a small and very pale girl who looks about 3-5 years younger than she actually is (only 2 if you know her). She has shoulder length blonde hair that seems to grow much too fast, mostly because of a chemical accident where some of her fathers Rogaine 7.0 spilt on her head.

She has baby blue eyes and a sunny disposition for the most part, with dimples that rises to her face whenever she smiles, and a blush that seems to come all too easy.

Dress varies, though she wears a dark robe to hide her identity when needed.

Personality: Rail has an innocent personality, acting much more innocent and ignorant then she actually is. She lives her life letting ‘the men’ around her do things for her, thinking that she is too weak to do it herself. The best way to describe her is to, dare I be sexist, call her a ‘blonde.’

Her laugh is easy to come, and most compliments brings a smile and a blush to her face. She is known to slap those who get too fresh, however, and has a crafty humor about her (she’ll make fun of someone and they won’t even realize it, though everyone else will).

She doesn’t use her sex to her advantage when it comes to looks, and won’t think twice about telling someone that she’s not interested.

Rail tends to like to shop, though what she shops for seems very strange. Books, antiques and other rarities are sure to catch her eye, as well as anything related to engineering.

There is, of course, more that meets the eye and the psychological tests.

Has a weak spot for foxes, hence her ‘mon.

Background: Rail doesn’t remember much of her life, though she does remember waking up in the dead of night, having no idea who she was and what she was doing. Disoriented, the then 16 year-old girl stumbled around, looking for something familiar, something to show her the way.

She bumped into a few people during her random travels, mostly bums and other oddities. After a few days she stumbled into a random warehouse, falling off a high rise, down into a meat grinder, and into … air. It took her a few moments to realize she wasn’t dead, and instead found that she was inside the giant grinder even as the blades worked to chop anything that came close.

It was there that she met a dark figure who gave her a name, Saliene, and a startling new job: she was to be a grim reaper. After giving the girl a black cloak to hide her identity and a belt filled with six Pokémon that she was promised already knew her, the creature then gave her some instructions. He ended by giving her a tool of trade: the scythe.

He explained that yes, she can die much like anyone else, and after telling her a little more of the basest of facts he left. Without much idea of what to do, Rail wondered around, looking for some way to fulfill her strange new duty. This was all she knew about her life, all she had.

The girl wondered around, first learning that she had natural mecha abilities, using them to pilot small mining suits to make money. She quickly became friends with another working there, George, and the two were promoted due to their collaborative abilities to make new equipment, though for some reason Rail repeatedly found herself making the equipment into weapons.

After a small riot broke out on the planet where she was mining, she was surprised to find strange powers existed within her, allowing her to do things such as fire small bits of lightning from her palms and push people out of the way with the power of her mind. She also found that she could innately find ways to kill people, everything from total dismemberment to making it look like an accident. And, surprisingly, a part of her reveled and strengthened with every kill.

Not sure about herself, Rail went from battle to battle before she was ushered into the Valhalla Genesis, drawn by their warrior world, hoping that it would be that world in which she would find meaning. And for this meaning she will fight to the Death, pun intended.

Vaporeon (F-Njord) - Smart
Jolteon (M-Thor) - Tracking expert + Strike fast / lighter
Flareon (M-Tyr) - Big + Strong
Eevee (M-Forseti)
Glaceon (M-Heimdall) - Leader, elder, calm + patient
Leafeon (F-Frey) - Prude, very loyal

Team: Val

Mecha: Modified mining robot

Weapons: Scythe, a wrench, a large hunk of gundanium, midichlorians, other and BOMBS.

Two Tactical Skills: Mecha Pilot, Engineering

Two Combat Skills: Force Master, Demolitions / Traps, Scythe Mastery (as a species trait)

Other: She makes a mean smoothie.

Super NPCs

NPC #1

Name: Spencer

Species: Human

Background: Spencer is a younger man from another reality, another filled with hatred, despair, and war. He's a politician at heart, and strives to see the best out of everyone.

Description: Younger kid who seems to have the wait on his shoulders. Average athletic build, pale skin, and brown hair.

Tactical Skill: Computers, Mecha Pilot
Combat Skill: Super Saiyan
Pokemon: Absol, Pachirisu, Venomoth

NPC #2

Name: Scott

Species: Human

Background: Scott is a higher up in the Valhalla Genesis, and was the one chosen to pilot the spaceship once Rail and her team had it created. He is known as the god of Beheading, and leads the Severed Head clan in the VG.

Turalyon is his good friend and the man he is training him to follow him and end up taking over later, seeing something in the man that no one else seemed to see.

Description: 40-ish man with gray hair, light blue eyes, and charismatic features.

Tactical Skill: General, Mecha Pilot
Combat Skill: Commando
Pokemon: Aerodactyl, Houndoom, Shuckle


2/20 - Pokemon Handling

Other NPCs

Turalyon - His #2
Straight - Demon - Repair/Commande - Caterpie, Poliwag, Jigglypuff

"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Everyone's accepted. I'll have detailed descriptions later, as I have them written up, but not on this machine.

Only thing to say is to BHK. Glad you're being the Grim Reaper (I miss Lookie ;_;), just don't abuse your powers. Also, as long as you're not the 'actual' Grim Reaper, you're good (You don't want to be a servant of rust Makuta now, eh?).
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Done with my sign-up. Since rust is grounded, I'll just be posting of my own volition. I don't think Davion is going to be rejected, in any case.
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Cool Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Name: Kasai Woerner
Age: 23
Species: Human

Description: Kasai is at an average height of 5’10. He has bright red hair that is short, but spiked upwards. He also has bright red eyes. His eyebrows are slightly slanted and slightly inward. Kasai’s skin is a hard, gritty, and dirty white. His skin has dirt smudges all over it. When Kasai does his signature grin, he shows his pearly, spotless teeth. When piloting his Knightmare Frame or Mobile Suit, he wears a dark maroon jump suit. The suit has two thick black zigzag lines that run down Kasai’s two shoulders all the way to his waist. In the center is the Valhalla Genesis sign. When not wearing his pilot suit, he wears the Valhalla Genesis Officer uniform. For usual soldiers, they were ODST body suits and helmets, while Kasai, wears the Mark V MJOLNIR armor due to his higher status. However, he refuses to wear the helmet, wanting to see his opponent face to face. Kasai has a BR55HB SR Battle Rifle and a MA5C Assault Rifle to cover all ranges. At the left and right sides of his waste are two lightsabers, which he uses for close combat. He also has a few frag and smoke grenades attached to his waist.

Personality: Kasai loves fighting as much as he loves living. He doesn’t matter what kind of fighting whether its close-combat, long range, or using his Knightmare. He gets a thrill from fighting like someone would get a thrill off of drugs. He’ll never turn down a fight, and he’ll often go against orders if it involves him retreating. He loves to be challenged, and every new one that he faces, he’s determined to beat. He’s also very headstrong and egotistical, often considering himself the best pilot there is. Kasai can be in different moods when depending on the situation. If he’s just sparring he’ll take it easy, but still have the goal to win. He’ll laugh and play around without a care in the world. In a skirmish or against a weak opponent, Kasai will mainly toy with his enemy, and joke around about how weak they are. He’s a bit more serious since it’s a real battle, but he doesn’t have any sense of urgency or feel at risk. In a serious or defining fight, Kasai will go out with no questions asked and will hardly say a single word. When meeting a strong opponent he’ll comment on the challenge, but do none of the trash talking that he usually does. Kasai is usually an optimistic person. He believes he can do anything if he works hard at it. He is looked highly upon by the other members of Valhalla Genesis. He is a natural born leader, but not in the fact he can order troops, but lead them into battle. Being the leader of his own assigned continent, he cares a lot about those in the settlements. He believes that everyone must be well fed and housed. However, Kasai is a warrior at heart, not a politician. He’ll leave the main budgeting and financial stuff to his advisor. He’ He also tries to take the path of war, over the path of peace. Although despite, his love of fighting and war, it isn’t bloodlust. He stays calm and cool while fighting, but still gets that special thrill from clashing with an enemy.

Background: Kasai was born from a line of warriors that had been Valhallians before. However, due to most of his family being killed in the Great War, he was orphaned. He vowed to not die like his ancestors and unlock the fighting spirit within him. He joined in with Valhalla Genesis and began to train vigorously. He met a man who only referred himself as OW. OW became Kasai’s mentor and taught him many of the skills he has now. He further intensified Kasai’s rough training in search of the fighting spirit that Kasai had longed for. Through OW Kasai became an experienced pilot, as well as a master of weapons. He became one of the best pilots in Valhalla Genesis and because of that rose through the ranks. His love of fighting, and great skill allowed him to take a position as one of the ace pilots and fighters of Valhalla Genesis. He began to teach several other new soldiers how to pilot as well as how to fight. Many of the other soldiers looked up to Kasai and strived to surpass him. Kasai moved up through the ranks and became the leader of the continent Taiyou. OWK is his advisor and still his mentor knowing that Kasai still has more to learn. Kasai also met a girl named Cecile, who was very tech savvy. She upgraded Kasai’s Knightmare Frame so that it stood out from the crowd with a few advantages. She also became one of Kasai’s advisors on all things with technology.

Pokémon: Charizard, Garchomp, Jolteon, Empoleon, Lucario, Rhyperior
Team: Valhalla Genesis
Mecha: Akatsuki


BR55HB SR Battle Rifle(Or just BR)
MA5C Assault Rifle
Two Lightsabers(Both red)
Frag and smoke grenades

Two Tactical Skills: Mecha Pilot, Driving
Two Combat Skills: Small Firearms, Melee/Close Combat

Akatsuki Kasai-Style

Picture: (Dark blue parts a dark red/maroon color)

1x Katen Yaibatou – A heated chain sword capable of cutting through most other KMFs and Mobile Suits
Radiant Wave Surger Shielding – Capable of blocking standard attacks. Heavy attacks can break through shields
Machine Gun mounted on left hand
Slash Harken on left side of the chest. Capable of piercing other mecha and smaller vehicles.
Float System that allows Akatsuki KS to fly

Super NPCs (Stronger, harder to kill NPCs)

NPC #1

Name: OWK
Species: Human
Background: An old man with mysterious origins that found Kasai and began to teach him how to pilot mecha as well as different kinds of fighting. He is currently Kasai’s advisor and handles political and financial affairs. He has proven himself to be wise as well as being able to fight.
Description: OWK is 5’11 and has short white hair. He also has a white beard. He wears a long white shirt and pants as well as a long brown cloak. He wears sandals and carries a lightsaber.
Tactical Skill: Force
Combat Skill: Melee/Close Combat

NPC #2

Name: Cecile Croomy
Species: Human
Background: Cecile is a scientist and engineer that was brought in by Valhalla Genesis. She knows how to build Knightmare Frames, Mobile Suits, and Gundams. She’s a friend of Kasai as well as his advisor in all things that have to do with technology.
Description: Cecile has dark purple hair tied up into a bun. She also wears a yellow and white jump suit much like Kasai’s except that
Tactical Skill: Engineering
Combat Skill: Energy Weapon Specialist

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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