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Default [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Team RP V: The Next Generation

Prologue: Zephyr Blades

It has been over 100 years since the Diabora Wars, the most terrible war to ever rip through the galaxy. With this War, the two warring factions of the Homeworld/Kazmar and Ramdyne, lead by the militaries Team Trainer and Team Aqua, had formed an alliance in order to eliminate Diabora. Diabora was an incredibly tough adversary, as the War took five years to fight. Finally, Diabora had been pinned down by the combined might of both factions and the Legendary Spirits Zhu-Quiao, the evolution of Ho-Oh; Qinglong, the evolution of Lugia; and Bai-Hu, the spirit in which the Legendary Dogs were created from. However, Xuan-Wu, the evolution of Celebi, and fourth Legendary Spirit, was absent.

In the blink of an eye, a parallel version of rust Makuta, leader of Team Aqua, had appeared, manipulating Time Travel and crossing over into another universe, and then kidnapped Diabora, locking him away on Maridia-0, which had been merged with Maridia-69 and Maridia-99 after Diabora broke its dimensional barriers. The heroes had stared at the spot Diabora was formerly at in disbelief for a second, but the war between the two factions uprooted by Diabora continued afterwards.

However, it was rust Makuta's pride and arrogance that lead to his downfall. To end the unpopular and repetitive war, he proposed a duel between himself and one of the Military Commanders of the Trainer faction, Neo Winterfield. Both had the powers of Legendary Spirits (Zhu-Quiao and Qinglong respectively). They met on the deck of the AMS Deathwing II, Team Aqua's headquarters, on the last morning of the War, determined to end the war for their own faction. The fight continued for most of the morning, until Neo Winterfield had killed rust Makuta, ending the Second Great War with a victory for the Homeworld and for Team Trainer.

This wasn't the first time rust Makuta had died, however. He had escaped from Hell once before, and was determined to do it again. However, upon his arrival there, the sealed ruler of Hell, Necros, had died. To fill the power gap, Arceus made rust Makuta, the evilest dictator in all of the Corona Star System's history, ruler of Hell. This prevented him from returning to the World of the Living, but allowed him to still keep rule over something.

This, however, left big shoes to fill on Ramdyne for rust's successor to the throne. rust's son was too young to take the throne, so instead, Finch, rust's closest advisor, had taken the throne instead. His eight years as ruler were highlighted by claims of mental instability and treachery. When Finch stepped down, rust Makuta II had taken over the throne, but having received little training from his father, was a failed ruler. Ramdyne had a revolution, and the Makutas and Team Aqua were finally deposed after 25 years in power. Ramdyne then saw its darkest days afterwards, as the government changed hands many times between different Warlords within the ranks of Team Aqua.

On the Homeworld, the death of rust Makuta was celebrated. This was the beginning of the end of democracy in the Homeworld. The Emergency World Government that had been established by Team Trainer gave power back to each nation's respective rulers. Right after this, a full blown Civil War had erupted between North Fiore and South Fiore, catching Orre and the new nation of Almia within its midst. With all nations asking for help from outside sources, each nation was forced to choose a side, and the crisis erupted into a full blown Civil War, with the only neutral sovereign nation being that of Hoenn, where Team Trainer was still in control.

The Great Civil War, as it was called, was incredibly devastating to the world. It decimated the economy of the Homeworld, bringing on a Great Depression whose magnitude could not have been predicted. All ties between nations had been severed, as it became every nation for themselves. Kazmar did the best they could in order to assist the world, but it was just too much for them. With threats of war between Kazmar and various nations of the Homeworld, Kazmar withdrew its relief efforts from the Homeworld and took an isolationist stance in Interplanetary affairs.

The Homeworld's Great Depression brought on the Great Imperialist Era, in which many small wars had been fought over various pieces of territory. During these many skirmishes, territory had switched hands faster than it did during the original Great War. The Imperialist Era went on for over forty years after the Great Civil War, until one dictator declared war on the world. This dictator's name was Michael Ellis, Leader of North Fiore. After an initial war with South Fiore and Almia, Ellis quickly overtook the Western Nations of the Homeworld (which included Orre and Poketopia). Ellis quickly began his campaign against the Eastern Nations, and won in spades.

Back on Ramdyne, the government eventually returned to civilian rule. The Democracy has prospered where the Homeworld's had failed, leading to a time of great Economic Prosperity for Ramdyne. Michael Ellis of the Homeworld knew that messing with Ramdyne would certainly be fatal to his Empire, so he kept his ambitions in check as he secretly amassed an armada to take on the Ramdyne Space Corps (RSC). The flagship of this fleet was a modified copy of Team Aqua's hallmark, the MS Zephyr, codenamed the MS Zephyrus.

Ellis suffered a fatal heart attack six months after commissioning the Mobile Suit. His son, Balthazar, took over. Balthazar was much more crazed than his father, focusing solely on building an attack force to invade Ramdyne. With his attention fixed on Ramdyne, Team Trainer's Underground Revolution came to fruition as Hoenn had been freed from Ellis' control. The Federal Republic of Hoenn was able to hold its own against the Homeworld Empire's military, allowing it to remain a sovereign nation.

In Ramdyne, there was also a revolution in Dymarion, led by the grandson of rust Makuta, rust 'Raidon Makoto' Makuta III. rust Makuta I and II were both incredibly hated on Ramdyne for their failures to its citizens. However, an Underground Cult of rust Makuta believers had formed, who called themselves Team Aqua. Their revolution quickly brought Dymarion back into the hands of Team Aqua.

With Ramdyne facing political unrest, Ellis launched his attack on Ramdyne. A brutal Interplanetary War erupted between the two factions, who were fighting both the other planet and the various revolutions starting up everywhere on both planets. Both governments are keen on winning the war. Team Trainer and Team Aqua were able to take down the capitals of each of their respective planets while the government's attention was affixed on the war at hand. This brought a pause to the war, as each government brought in their militaries to fight off the revolutionaries. Both Trainer and Aqua had successfully fought back, and defeated the militaries, and reaffirmed their positions on the planets, becoming the successful ruling bodies. For Trainer, they returned peace and justice to the Homeworld. For Aqua, they brought the 'Makuta' name back to the throne.

On Kazmar, the isolationist planet, the ruling body had been the Nightstriders. With the political instability on both planets, the Nightstriders eventually faded, giving way to the League of Urban Dragons, an organization that was founded in the honor of War Hero Neo Winterfield. As they quickly became the third power in this war, the question was raised; would they ally with Team Trainer, as Kazmar had done in the past, or would they become a separate entity and go to war with both of the factions?

Unbeknown to the other three worlds, on the resource-rich and deserted planet of Calmencia, a new organization known as Valhalla Genesis had been formed by various people from all worlds in the Corona Star System. Their goal is to make a perfect place for warriors, and they will stop at nothing to achieve this goal...

All three worlds finally became politically stable, an incredible discovery had been made. The original Crystals of Power, which had been the catalyst of the Great War, were still around. They had been considered missing after being consumed by Diabora. Many people believed them to be evil, whose use would bring back the return of Diabora, while others believed that they should be used for the benefit of all, while an even smaller few wanted to use them for the benefit of themselves. This caused the populations of all three planets to call for blood, leading to all of the governments beginning to amass a military. Incredible tension had been created, all of which could be unleashed by just a small spark...

The Revolution Starts Now...

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

  • This takes place 105 years after the events of Team RP II and 125 years after the beginning of the WAR Season V RP.
  • We're starting back from basics here. Teams can only start out with one spaceship or mech as a pre-requisite.
  • I've just explained 100 years of the Corona Star System's history since Team RP II. Continuity with the original WAR Season V RP will not be important. Any minor continuity differences will be written off as an effect of the Unicron Singularity.
  • All characters from WAR Season V/Team RP II are dead. You cannot RP as them. You can be one of their ancestors if you want, or a completely different character. These characters, however, can be brought back as NPCs, because, as we all know, everyone became a god by the end of Team RP II. XD Pretty much, Neo's, Bron's, Tiana's, and Mikey's characters became angels, while my character became the devil.
  • I'm going to frown upon dimension hopping. I will make exceptions though. I don't want the Team RP Multiverse even more confusing, sadly.
  • As always, no planet killing weapons and no nukes.
  • As with the WAR Season VII RP, your character can die and go to Heaven or Hell. If you go to Heaven, you can get out by convicing Ketsuban, Arceus, or an Angel to let you go back to the World of the Living OR you can attempt to escape through the Pearly Gates. If you go to hell, you need to go through the Nine Circles of Hell, and either get special permission from rust Makuta to leave, or defeat one of his demons in combat.
  • Legendary Spirits can be obtained, but its incredibly hard to do. Zhu-Quiao is possessed by rust Makuta, Qinglong is possessed by Neo Winterfield, Bai-Hu is separated, and Xuan-Wu has come under the control of Celebi. More than likely, you'll have to convince this NPC to give you his power. Needless to say, that requires a lot of posts.
  • Anything else, just ask.


The crystals are essentially the size of a softball, and of varying shapes and colors. Each one possess a special power. They are incredibly difficult to come by, and there is only one per planet, at the very most.

Crystal of Change
- The Crystal of Change allows the user to transform into any living being in the world.
- The transformation only lasts as long as the user maintains contact with the crystal. If the user loses contact, the user reverts back to the original form.
- The user cannot use the crystal to multiply himself or herself.
- The crystal can be used to transform hybrids back into their original human forms. However, they can still be infected again.

Crystal of Life
- The Crystal of Life can be used to heal any living being from simple cuts and scratches to life threatening wounds such as the loss of a limb. It can be used to resurrect the dead, though they will have no memory of any afterlife prior to being revived.
- The user may also use the crystal to “heal” hybrids causing them to revert back to their original human forms. However, note that they can be infected again upon a second contact with PHT.

Crystal of Communication
- The Crystal of Communication allows the user to talk with anyone else in the world.
- The user appears to the said person in a ghostly form.
- The recipient sees the user as if the user was right at that location physically (though he still appears transparent).
- The user can also see the location the recipient is at, but the recipient cannot tell where the user is.

Crystal of Nature
- The Crystal of Nature allows the user to use attacks that involve fire, water, air, or earth. Essentially, the crystal bestows Pokémon-like powers on the user.
- The user can also create fissures, forests, ponds, and manipulate nature to some degree (about four acres of land at a time).

Crystal of Vision
- The Crystal of Vision allows the user to see anything in the world as long as the user knows what to look for in the first place (Just the name of a place, person, or event will do).
- The user can see the area as if the user was actually there, with full audio, visual, and feeling, though no harm will come to the user (Such as using it to see a battle. You’re not going to get shot). However, the user cannot interact with what they’re seeing. Also, the witness of these events can be either in the past or present. Think of it as the ultimate surveillance camera.

Crystal of Power
- The Crystal of Power allows the user to boost the power of any creature/item the user wants.
- The Crystal of Power is only useful when used with something else. Think of it as an unlimited supply of energy.

Crystal of Weather
- The Crystal of Weather allows the user to determine the weather at that specific location the user is at.
- The user cannot control the weather, only change it. Thus, the user can create a storm, but cannot tell it where the lightning should strike.
- The user can change the weather on whim, create fog, tornadoes, hail storms, etc, but cannot create hurricanes without a stronger source of power.
- The user cannot create earthquakes since that isn't weather.
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

The Corona Solar System

The Solar System that this RP takes place in is the Corona Star System. The star in the center is called Corona and it has many planets around it.
  • Do NOT, under any circumstances, leave the Corona Solar System, and go further into space. This is enough of an expansion already, we really don’t need more.
  • Colonizing a planet is much, much harder than taking over a few cities. Also, because of the massive effort that is needed, you can only colonize one at a time. And it should be SLOW. Remember, you may be building things from the ground up. Or, you’re going to have a tough time dealing with the natural citizens. Don’t make it easy.
  • Keep role-playing realistically. Don’t do the impossible, but… you knew that already, right?
  • Absolutely NO planet-killing weapons are allowed. If you destroy a planet, you create a black hole and everyone gets sucked into it and dies. Therefore… don’t do it.

Also, if you’re visiting another planet, make sure you make note of it in your location on the top of your post. It should be something like this as an example:

Tarmanask City (City or Town location), Losokz (Region or Continent)
Paltaria (Planet)

And, if you go back to the Homeworld…

Blackthorn City, Johto

This will help avoid confusion. :P

Also, here’s what a sample planet looks like, and what each detail means:

Planet: Planet X (This is the name of the planet. Nothing more)
Size: Small (Small means it’s about the size of Mercury. Medium means it’s the size of Earth, and Large means it’s the size of Jupiter. Also, taking over a large planet would be MUCH harder than taking over a small one.)
Number of Continents: 1 (This can vary depending on the water coverage and the planet’s size. Also, if you’re taking over the planet and the continents aren’t named already, you can name them yourself. Once they’re named, I’ll add them here. :P)
Climate: Mostly Desert (Some planets have mostly one climate but there are several that will have different climates based on location)
Water Coverage: 5% (How much water is on the planet. This affects number of continents as well as life on the planet itself)
Currently Inhabited: No (Either yes or no. No means there’s really only Pokemon and no humanoids to create civilization. However, if it’s a yes, this will describe exactly who currently inhabits the planet’s areas.
Description: (A brief description of what the planet is really like.)
Legendaries: Since these are new planets, there’s new legendaries, and major thanks goes to the spriting crew who participated in the War Season V Sprite Art section and offered their made up legendaries to be put in the War RP. You know who you are, thanks for your contributions!

And now, without further delay, here are the eight planets:

The Corona Solar System

Planet: Jasandax Territory
Size: Large
Number of Continents: [1]: Jasandax
Climate: Very hot and arid deserts and wastelands. Some areas may have an oasis with a little water, but these are seldom.
Water Coverage: 10%
Currently Inhabited: No, only by Rock and Ground Pokémon. Meanwhile, others cease to exist, and there are no civilizations. Jasandax was long ago inhabited by a parasitic metal called Ribers, which forms around its host to create an armor, but were wiped out by the shape-shifting Clawdites of Calmencia. Only a few still exist on Jasandax, most of which lie in Aqua possession.
Description: While Jasandax may look very unappealing, it’s packed to the brim with natural resources just waiting to be tapped into. New metals, more efficient fuels, and new natural gases that are far superior to other resources haven’t even been touched yet. From space, Jasandax will look very light brown/gray in color.
Legendaries: Rejuya and Scempara
Legendaries made by Defense.2

Planet: The Republic of Ramdyne
Size: Small
Number of Continents: [4]: Lastat, Dymarion, Uskot, Combine
Climate: Usually a mix of rain and sunshine in temperate lands. Ramdyne goes through seasons like the Homeworld does, only there is no Winter. Instead, Fall, Spring, and Summer are prolonged.
Water Coverage: 35%
Currently Inhabited: Ramdyne is inhabited by hundreds of different species, with the lizard-like Trandoshans and the hammer-headed Ithorians becoming the dominant species. All Pokémon may be found, but Fire, Steel, and Rock types are more in abundance. Grass types have become very rare.
Description: Ramdyne is a close-knit planet that had been unified by Team Aqua, and subsequently torn apart once the Makutas were overthrown. Morals are incredibly lax on this planet, as many different varieties of drugs, as well as prostitution are completely legal and government regulated. However, since the many wars on the planet, there is not much trust for another anymore.
Legendaries: Najita and Narsaka
Legendaries made by Neo Pikachu

Planet: The Homeworld
Size: Large
Number of Continents: [11]: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, North Fiore, South Fiore, Sevii Islands, Orange Islands, Poketopia, Almia, Sinnoh
Climate: Mostly temperate. South and north poles are cold however, and areas around the equator are tropical.
Water Coverage: 65%
Currently Inhabited: Yes. Once had a previous civilization of humans, who had become hybrids of Pokemon. They had then transformed back into humans, where they were given the choice of hybrid or human. Years of war has ravaged the planet, however.
Description: While the Homeworld has many towns, some of them are urban while others can be more rural. Meanwhile, there are many forests, and long pathways connect city to city. Many legendary Pokémon also inhabit the Homeworld, while other planets would only have a few…

Planet: Kazmar
Size: Medium
Number of Continents: [5] The Janzek Islands, Veeshan, Syantra, Lakasanas, New Ultima City
Climate: Kazmar is a tropical planet, benefiting from the land that had been raised a hundred of years ago from the ocean floor.
Water Coverage: 65%
Currently Inhabited: Densely populated by descendants of the orignal humans that inhabited the world before it was flooded.
Description: Kazmar had been flooded for hundreds of years because of pollution melting the Ice Caps. Team Trainer had brought the land back to the surface of the planet only a hundred years ago. After Trainer returned to the Homeworld, the governing body became NSRK, whose capital was Ultima City. Ultima had been destroyed by Diabora, and a city with less defenses named New Ultima City had been built on the remains of the original Ultima City.
Legendaries: None. The Fire and Ice Pokémon Lakaskas and Namisk were killed as a result of the flooding, and nothing of them remains except legend. Syrak was temporarily a Legendary of the planet, but disappeared as quick as he appeared.

Planet: Olintus
Size: Large
Number of Continents: [14] Territory 1, Territory 2, Territory 3, Territory 4, Territory 5, Territory 6, Territory 7, Territory 8, Territory 9, Territory 10, Territory 11, Territory 12, Territory 13, Territory 14
Climate: Various. Olintus is very similar to the Homeworld, only is much larger, and has many forests, mountains, and plains. Meanwhile, it also has multiple groups of islands both small and large scattered throughout the planet.
Water Coverage: 45%
Currently Inhabited: Yes. However, the few civilizations that are there are pure tribal, believing in shamanistic customs and beliefs. While their weapons only consist of spears and other stabbing weapons, they gain their strength through spiritual rites and “magical” potions (usually drugs consisting of the same materials found in steroids and other performance-enhancing chemicals). The tribes are also very zealous, and it is not uncommon for opposing tribes to fight each other. Meanwhile, any Pokémon may be caught here. However, both Poison and Dragon Pokémon seem to be more in abundance.
Description: As for the planet itself, there are many mountains, and most of the resources commonly found in the Homeworld can be found here. The tribes that live in Olintus have barely tapped into these sources. However, civilizations are few and far between.
Legendaries: Perydra and Diaburus
Legendaries made by RocketMeowth

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Planet: Calmencia
Size: Medium
Number of Continents: [4] Cala, Mencia, Noenn, Taiyou
Climate: Very tropical. Temperate zones are at the poles, while a few scattered deserts are in various places on the planet. Meanwhile, there are several mountain ranges. Everything else is covered in beautiful rainforests, brimming with life.
Water Coverage: 55%
Currently Inhabited: Yes, by a very small band of shape-shifting Clawdites (lizard-like humanoids), but it is more vastly populated by Pokémon. Any non-legendary Pokémon may be found here, except for Ice and Steel types. Meanwhile, Psychic and Dark types are more rare, while Grass and Water types are more common than usual.
Description: For many eons, Calmencia has been undisturbed by civilization, and has become a living paradise for many Pokémon to thrive in. Meanwhile, unknown to pretty much everyone, a very rare and powerful metal called Dracaria lies underneath the surface and in the mountains… never once touched by the mining picks of people. Meanwhile, from space, Calmencia looks very blue and green.
Legendaries: Perlilovedo and Diasirenda
Legendaries made by Tabbloza

Planet: Camashk
Size: Medium
Number of Continents: [5] Lornrash, Fachal, Scorous. The other two are unnamed and not settled on.
Climate: Very cold. Most of Camashk is a Winter-covered badlands, very similar to a desert only with snow. Temperatures in the poles can reach as low as -140ş F. However, most of the area around the planet is around 0-20ş F. Cold, but still livable.
Water Coverage: 75%. However, much of it is pure ice.
Currently Inhabited: Yes, by several foreign alien species that have either adjusted to the cold or have burrowed underground where it is warmer. There are several major cities in the continents of Fachal and Scorous, but Lornash is very rural. Meanwhile, there are two others that have been totally vacant for many centuries. Only slight traces of ancient alien civilizations still exist. As for Pokémon, only Ice, Rock, and Water types exist. Everything else is gone.
Description: The aliens of Camashk are peaceful, they don’t seek to plunder or to steal. However, they will defend themselves, and they don’t look highly upon misdeeds. As for the rest of the planet, there are many mountains and snowy planes. Meanwhile, even building upon what was once ocean is possible as the ice is expected to remain there for countless centuries to come. Camashk is also filled with many natural resources, much of what has yet to be found and tapped into due to limited population density.
Legendaries: Chron and Solneos
Legendaries made by TVTMaster

Planet: Loranes
Size: Small
Number of Continents: [3] Debis, Rakamatiza, Luscaria
Climate: Mixed and very random. It’s not uncommon for it to be very hot in the morning of one day and then start snowing in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the land itself seems to be constantly changing.
Water Coverage: 25-50% The variance in the weather will cause the oceans to swell and shrink.
Currently Inhabited: Yes. Humans and strange alien creatures thrive here, often with the desire to celebrate rather than work or labor. After managing to find a way to create their own food, the need for hard labor simply vanished. Towns and cities are usually very recklessly and hastily made, along with their tools and technology. With the citizens very carefree and only desiring celebration, the civilizations have seemed to be locked into a permanent state of Mardi Gras. Also, playing pranks and mischief is very commonplace. Meanwhile, any Pokémon type may be caught, but altogether they are rare due to the hardships of trying to survive in such bizarre weather conditions.
Description: Not a day goes by where Loranes constantly goes through change, and the planet never looks the same way as the way it did on a previous day. While they people are very friendly and social, their desires are limited to very simple and easy to obtain things. The desire for anything complex to figure out is distasteful to them.
Legendaries: Jestearl and Fooli.
Legendaries created by Gun6

Planet: Sekai
Size: Small
Number of Continents: [2] Tousaka and Ketsubia
Climate: Temperate climate.
Water Coverage: 45%
Currently Inhabited: No. Beyond a lone Ho-Oh, no one lives on the planet, as it had been massacred by Diabora during the Diabora Wars. This planet is more often referred to as 'The Ghost Planet.' Several expeditionary trips by Hiigarus have attempted to establish colonies in here, but failed.
Description: Sekai looks similar to the original Homeworld, as it is made out of the crust of the Homeworld that had been blown off. Besides that, the entire planet is covered in the ravaged remains of civilization.
Legendaries: Ho-Oh

Planet: Hiigarus
Size: Large
Number of Continents: [6] Kushius, Regulus, Yunus, Bishius, Delectus, Girus
Climate: Large planets always have a large spectrum of climate, from the cold regions near the poles, to the desert region near the the equator. Consistent climate with 4 seasons exist in Hiigarus
Water Coverage: ~45-50%, depending on tide
Currently Inhabited: Yes. They are inhabited by organometallic beings that have slight hybrid powers. They are the most technologically advanced of the civilizations on the system, and take pride in their defensive research as well as their highly developed space research. The Government system in Hiigarus is democratic, with a large senate that watches over the six continents. They are trustworthy men who gain the name of Raiders from their hardships against space pirates, and actually looting against the space pirates.
Description: The planet is highly civilized with much power in defensive technology. Their space force is the largest (and not to mention nearly the only) in the entire sector, and has contact with the intergalactic federations in terms of politics and what not. They also have large outposts scattered across galaxies (with one near Sekai), and will fevourishly defend themselves should they be provoked. They also will not be taken prisoner, and will opt to self destruct should anything go wrong. Hiigarus is the furthest planet in the system and refuses to take part in any 'petit wars' started by the humans of the Inner Ring. They were deeply wounded by Diabora when they agreed to get involved in the Diabora Wars, and do not wish to experience that again.
Legendaries: None.

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Sign-Up Form

Name: (Your character’s name)
Age: (17+)
Species: (You can choose any species as long as you can adequately describe their powers, and post a picture if possible. Hybrids and Chimeras can be picked, since the PHT Virus and the ECLIPSE Virus can both be bought at your local medicine store.)
Description: (What your character looks like)
Personality: (Your character’s emotional intelligence and outlook)
Background: (Your character’s history)
Pokémon: (1-6; any evolution. No legendaries).
Team: (Pick Aqua, Trainer, League of Urban Dragons, or Valhalla Genesis)
Mecha: (Only to be filled out if you pick Mecha Pilot in your skills. You can pick either an Eva or a Mobile Suit. Gundams, the strongest mech, can only be built, unless you chose it as one of your pre-requisites. It takes a good 30-40 posts to make a good Gundam).
Weapons: (Pick your weapons. You can have an unlimited amount of weapons, just detail them and make sure they correspond with your combat skills)
Two Tactical Skills: (See Below)
Two Combat Skills: (See Below)

Super NPCs (Stronger, harder to kill NPCs)

NPC #1

Name: (Name of NPC)
Species: (Same as before. Pictures are nice as well)
Background: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Description: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Tactical Skill: (One skill from the list of Tactical Skills)
Combat Skill: (One skill from the list of Combat Skills)

NPC #2

Name: (Name of NPC)
Species: (Same as before. Pictures are nice as well)
Background: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Description: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Tactical Skill: (One skill from the list of Tactical Skills)
Combat Skill: (One skill from the list of Combat Skills)

Tactical Skills
Mecha Pilot: Able to pilot Evas or Mobile Suits, Gundams if you already have one. This skill can be learned within ten posts, if not picked.
Driving - Driving vehicle specialization, the Road Warrior TAG Skill. While any character can drive simple motor vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and motorboats, ones with this skill would be vehicle handling experts, and can drive all vehicles, such as piloting jets, helicopters, and other vehicles most people don’t ever even get to sit behind the wheel. Also, switching from tank to helicopter won’t be a problem. Also, vehicle drivers generally take less damage to their vehicle in combat.

First Aid - Ability to heal wounds and treat injuries. Characters with this skill also recover from damage faster, and help others around them recover faster as well. Stat!
Sneak and Lockpick - Ability to move about without detection. A stealth knowledge skill. Comes with Lockpick and doubles for a rogue-related skill. Remember, locks keep out honest people. xD
Science - Knowledge of chemicals and biology. Would be able to produce small chemical weapons (nerve gas, chlorine gas, and so on) for different purposes. Nothing too science fictional please, and nothing too drastic. Remember, nukes are out of the question, but chemical agents are a possibility.
Computer Hacking/Programming - The ability to program computers to perform tasks, as well as use computer skills to infiltrate other systems. Also comes with an expert understanding of both computer software and hardware.
Engineering - The ability to create new technology, improve existing technology, and forge new solutions through creation. Also includes the ability to create and develop machines, weapon prototypes, and other technology devices for mass manufacturing. Take one fourth the posts off of a project. For example, with a 100 Post Project, you can finish it in 75. A Gundam only takes 23 Posts (Round down if it comes out uneven) to make now.
Repair - The ability to be able to fix damage done to machines, weapons, and armor.
Speech - Negotiation ability. Allowance to be more persuasive and have good speech skills. Something George Bush should have had. Tie with a high charisma to create an extremely persuasive, leadership-style character. Note that if you don't pick this, if you can RP out being a good politician, you get the powers that associate with it.
Survival - Ability to have survival skills. Park ranger stuff. Picking this TAG Skill also ensures your character will never become lost in a forest or cave, and will know the fastest ways inside and out.
General: This allows you to command troops from space with more ease, allowing for orders to be given quicker, and things to be destroyed faster. With this power, subtract one fourth of the posts required to destroy a battalion/ship/etc. For example, it would take a good four posts to destroy a Spaceship. It is now only 3.

Combat Skills
Force Master: Allows you to manipulate the Force, like in Star Wars.
Saiyan: Similar to Dragonball Z, this allows you to change your hair yellow whenever you desire, and concentrate your ki energy into energy balls with only your hands.
Spiritualist: Allows you to summon spirits from the dead and see several minutes into the future, but only twice a week for each power.
(Note: You can only pick one of the above three, if you choose any of those).

Small Firearms – Consists of pistols, rifles, submachine guns, the like.
Large Firearms – Larger weapons such as heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, and so on. People with this skill can operate Sniper Rifles.
Energy Specialist: Can operate energy weapons like Plasma Rifles, Laser weapons, and Energy Weapons.
(Note: Each of the above three skills can be learned within ten posts.)

Unarmed – Ability to fight with only one’s fists and use unarmed combat techniques similar to a SWAT officer or NAVY SEAL. They should have featured you on Human Weapon!
Melee Weapons/Throwing - Ability to fight with melee weapons, such as swords, knives, hammers, axes, polearms, and so on. Also includes throwing weapons, such as throwing knives, ninja stars, and fragmentation grenades.
Expert Pokémon Handling - Ability to be extremely outstanding using Pokémon, making them much stronger in combat. Those with this ability can also use their Pokémon in tactical situations (Such as using a Pidgeot or Flygon as a flying mount, or charging with a Donphan). As a bonus, characters that are hybrids are better fighters when it comes to using their own Pokémon attacks and abilities. Anyone that picks this skill can have two additional Pokemon.
Demolitions/Traps – The ability and skill to use explosives charges, such as C4 plastic explosives, claymores, or other explosive devices. Also includes the ability to effectively create booby traps and effectively destroy targets. Having this TAG Skill also allows your character to defuse and disarm explosives as well. Pair this TAG Skill with Engineering to become a master at understanding the weak points of structures and machines, and destroying them effectively each and every time.
Commando: This gives you extra strength and allows you to destroy things easier if you are attacking from the ground. It also makes you harder to kill.

(Note: You can learn any of the skills above if you RP learning it (unless otherwise noted). 20 posts makes you a basic learner. 50 makes you a medium learner. 100 makes you a master of the skill, like anyone who had started out with the skill).

Known Issues/Announcements
  • Valhalla Genesis not integrated into plot, as I do not have any plot information. I will do that as soon as I do. People from VG can still sign-up though.

Coming Soon

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Accepted RPers go here.
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups


Just reserving this post so I get the first sign-up, I'm editing atm. XDD


Age: 23
Species: Abomasnow Hybrid
Description: Mirse has a long scar running from his upper left face (when he blinks, you'll see that the scar is on his eyelid as well) to the lower bottom. He has a large skinscraper blade much similar to Momochi Zabuza's from Naruto. XDDD He wears a fur coat made of Walrein skin to keep him warm, since Mirse doesn't like being cold, which is odd for an Ice-type. The fact that he's also a Grass-type might have something to do with it. :p He also wears pants made of Sealeo skin, and leather boots made of the warmest leather. On his fur coat, there are needles attached on to... pretty much everywhere. Mirse himself slaughtered many Cloyster and threaded the needles on himself as an extra defense.
Personality: Mirse's attitude is the opposite of his temperature likes and dislikes. While he dislikes getting cold, his attitude is quite frosty. He doesn't make much friends, though he recruits the very strongest he finds to his elite squad. He strives for perfection in his battling style, using everything to his advantage. His Pokemon moves, his recruits, even the needles on his fur coat can be used in his strategy. Mirse is an excellent strategist, managing to make plan after plan in the midst of battle. And where one fails, Mirse is strong enough to bide time to conjure up another. Mirse doesn't care too much for money or power. He just enjoys the taste of battle. Bloodlust is a bit of an exaggeration, however. (Gah, he's too much like my WAR RP character. Both share a bloodlust, so I'm making it smaller on this guy. XDDDD)
Background: Mirse was born with two older brothers in the planet of Calmencia, in a very cold polar zone. At school, they always outshined him. Their grades were better, they were much more popular, whereas Mirse? He was always the underdog. Satisfactory grades, practically no friends at all! As they grew up, Mirse learned to strengthen his hatred, and eventually slaughtered his brother and family. He ran away from home, and built up a small team of the best ruffians he could find. He left the polar area, and headed for the deserts with his crew of outlaws. In the end, most of them ended up dying in fights, going down honorably. Mirse didn't care at all about their lives, only cared for his reputation and his own life, so he lost many members, but recruited many more. When he arrived at the desert where he would choose to live for the rest of his life until Aqua found him and recruited him on that fateful day. He met up with AQUA, and they let him and his band join. However, Mirse decided to kill his comrades instead of letting them join. He had been having doubts about their power, and they were of no use to him if they were weak.

Once he joined AQUA, he found that their home base planet, the Republic of Ramdyne, was very warm. He enjoyed it there, no matter how hot he got. Sometimes, he managed to stay under warmer conditions than most Fire type Pokemon could handle, and still enjoy it. He was a very successful member of AQUA, being used as both a strategist and a battler. He did meet up with more opponents, some of which he defeated and recruited. However, there were very few of them that met up with his high expectations.
Pokémon: Cacturne (IQ level low, somewhat efficient in battle; usually used as a sniper with pinpoint accuracy when using Pin Needle) Steelix (IQ level low, very efficient in battle; usually used as a ranged weapon deflector with its Iron Defense+Iron Tail or a close-range/heavy attacker) Poochyena (IQ level high, not efficient in battle; usually used as a scout with its keen eyes and acute sense of smell, or an infiltrator with its silent footsteps and quick movement rate) Dugtrio (IQ level medium, somewhat efficient in battle; usually used as a back-up scout when Poochyena is away or an ambusher)
Team: AQUA
Mecha: (Only to be filled out if you pick Mecha Pilot in your skills. You can pick either an Eva or a Mobile Suit. Gundams, the strongest mech, can only be built, unless you chose it as one of your pre-requisites. It takes a good 30-40 posts to make a good Gundam).
Weapons: Needles on fur coat (used as defense and close-range offense)
Two Tactical Skills: Survival, General
Two Combat Skills: Expert Pokemon Handling, Commando

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Name: rust 'Raidon Makoto' Makuta III
Age: 38
Species: Starmie Hybrid
Description: Deep blue hair with purple skin, and a Starmie star on his back. He wears navy blue Aqua Cargo pants lined with Kelvar, along with a shoulder-cut Aqua Grunt shirt. Over it is his black trenchcoat with the Aqua A on the back, with gold on the cuffs and shoulders, with two swords at his side. Finally, he wears a Team Aqua bandana over his head.
Personality: Much like his grandfather, rust is incredibly greedy and trigger-happy. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and will kill anyone in his way in order to get it. He is also incredibly quick tempered and incredibly masterful at speech.

When the Makutas had been exiled from Ramdyne to Zephyr City on Jasandax's Moon, J-Zephyr, after being ousted from the Ramdyne Court, rust Makuta II, the son of the original rust Makuta was fuming, plotting ways to retake Ramdyne for Aqua from the revolutionary parties. Once Ramdyne was taken over by another brutal dictator, rust II attempted a coup of the leader, but failed miserably. Realizing his mortality, rust Makuta II had settled down with the granddaughter of the Aqua Admin Isabelle, Iza, creating rust Makuta III. rust III spent much of his childhood learning knowledge passed down from his father, which had been passed down from his grandfather. He learned of the Great War, the horrors of the Diabora Wars, the art of Nitoryu, and had been given a laundry list of items that Grandpa rust had collected, but lost when the Makutas had been ousted.

When Ramdyne moved to Democratic rule, rust Makuta II had attempted to run for the new position of President of Ramdyne, but had been assassinated while on campaign, along with Iza. rust III, now a teenager, was furious, and personally hunted down the terrorist organization himself, flanked by several Aqua loyalists. After brutally killing the masterminds of the operation, rust Makuta III had been indicted for murder after releasing the videos of the killings. The public called for blood, as they claimed he was the new 'rust Makuta' and was a 'Chip off his Grandfather's Block.' rust had to run, and in doing so, changed his name to Raidon Makoto.

He fled to the Underground and had gathered up the descendants of the Aqua Loyalists, who all grew up on their parents and grandparent's old war stories that had told of how they had fought side-by-side with rust Makuta I. Raidon used this to his advantage, and began to emulate his grandfather, right down to taking a dosage of the PHT Virus in order to become a Starmie hybrid. The Loyalist Faction grew, as they seeked to reclaim what had been lost in the revolution many years ago.

The first thing they found was the MS Zephyr, which had been held deep underground in a Ramdyne Government facility. They successfully were able to retrieve the mecha, and with the help of Tiantus III, they were able to service it and bring it back into pristine fighting condition. Using this, they quickly toppeled the Ramdyne government, and had formed a new government similar to that of rust Makuta I's. The Loyalist Faction of Team Aqua had become the Planetized Military, as the Ramdyne military had been assimilated into Team Aqua. With the Ramdyne banks' assets nationalized, the regime was able to bring the military technology up-to-date, creating a new Team Aqua that would make his grandfather proud.

As a symbol of the return of Team Aqua, once Raidon's strategists had determined that Raidon had stabilized the government, the AMS Deathwing III had been constructed, using parts from the first and second models, as well as new technology to make it stronger, faster, and a lot harder to destroy. It became the headquarters of Team Aqua and the Ramdyne Government, as Raidon Makoto's libertarian approach to government sunk into the people, it became a symbol of freedom.

Raidon Makoto now seeks to reclaim his grandfather's glory by finding both Celebi and Zhu-Quiao, dominating the universe, and wiping out any descendants of Neo Winterfield that may exist...

Pokémon: Swampert, Electivire, Rhyperior, Kabutops, Weavile, and Infernape
Team: Aqua
Mecha: MS Zephyr [Gundam]
  • Nimaru, a Katana passed down from his grandfather. Raidon, however, does not know its name, and cannot invoke its power. As such, he carries a normal Katana at his other side, whose steel is infused with Cortosis and Nth metal, so it can go toe to toe with Lightsabers or Magical Blades and Beings.
  • Twin Handguns, which fire a variety of ammo
  • Taser
  • Gauntelts which have knives that extend out of the knuckle and off the side of the arm.
  • Belt that transforms into an Electro-whip
  • Pouches containing a variety of weapons
  • PDA
  • Boots with a knife in both the heel and the toe
  • And various knives and small handguns hidden around his persona.
Two Tactical Skills: Speech and Driving
Two Combat Skills: Small Firearms and Melee Weapons/Knives

NPC #1

Name: Tiantus III
Species: Human
Background: A descendant of Tiantus, Team Aqua's scientific mind, he was trained by both the orignal Tiantus and Tiantus II in the fields of science. He specializes in fixing his grandfather's work, while at the same time, creating new weapons of destruction.
Description: A black-haired, skinnily built human that normally wears a white lab coat and large, retractable goggles.
Tactical Skill: Engineering
Combat Skill: Energy Specialist

NPC #2

Name: Seaust III
Species: Human
Background: Team Aqua's second scientist to Tiantus, Seaust is also related to one of the original Team Aqua's scientists. He is more adept at computers than Tiantus.
Description: A shorter man in a lab coat. He is bald and is usually wearing a pair of small sunglasses.
Tactical Skill: Computer Hacking/Programming
Combat Skill: Energy Specialist

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Changed A LOT from the one I posted in the LOUD thread (enough to merit rereading it if you read the first one). Not to mention that was a draft anyway. I felt the ninja approach would be fun… for maybe the first two posts before I got tired of it. So, I felt better change that now before it’s too late. Some of the other stuff is the same though.

Not to mention knowing you, you’d find more than you’d need to overcome it in time, rust…

Name: Diego Winterfield
Age: 28
Species: Human in appearance, Lugia in essence


Standing 6’3”, Diego Winterfield has fair colored skin, silver/blue-colored hair that covers his ears and nearly touches his shoulders, as well as strange and alluring indigo-colored eyes. For clothing, Diego will usually dress casually, wearing white chinos, a black tank top, and a white jacket. In combat, Diego will wear the standard gray camouflage LOUD uniform. Meanwhile, he usually carries a Renegade Vulcan Machine Gun, a Black Talon AE Sniper rifle, and a plasma-infused katana named Dragonrogue. At the same time, he also carries numerous electronic devices and technology.

Its obvious Diego is far more like his grandfather Neo than he is to his direct father Janus (Deceased while in Lugia form). However, unlike his grandfather, who had often fallen to rust’s mercy at the other end of a blade, Diego has prepared himself with swords, knives, and other melee weapons. From Diego Winterfield’s view, firearms are excellent at a distance, but when the fighting gets up close and personal, switching to traditional blades is never such a bad thing.

Diego, due to his grandfather Neo passing down his lineage to his father Janus, is in essence, a Lugia living as a human. As no guardian of the seas exists in Kazar, Diego (or at least one of his siblings) is expected to fulfill that role eventually, but at the moment, he really doesn’t care for it, and he is very indifferent toward that expectation. Meanwhile, at the moment, Diego never concerned himself with becoming his true form. The idea of becoming Kazmar’s Guardian of the Seas doesn’t thrill him, as he’s far more interested in the civilized world of humans and humanoids than he is with being a legendary Pokémon. Especially one that has a history of sleeping far away from civilization…

On Diego’s back is a very detailed and very intricate depiction of Qinglong roaring in triumph with his four wings fully spread accompanied by three Lugias in flight besides him. The few that have seen this believe it to be a very well done tattoo by what must have been an exceptional artist. What they don’t know is that this particular “tattoo” has been with Diego ever since he was a child, and was never created by human hands. Diego already understands its meaning, directly pointing to his grandfather Qinglong and his three grandchildren (as his father, Janus Winterfield, seemed too obsessed with his inherited power to take the role responsibly and seriously). He knows that its Qinglong’s way of setting some prophecy for his three grandchildren, Diego, his brother Jordan, and his sister Naomi. However, none of them are looking forward to it…

Personality: Charismatic, free, and fearless, Diego Winterfield is more of a field commander than he is a politician. While he does keep an eye on possible enemies as well as foreign affairs, the red tape and the legislation of Kazmar never really thrilled him. And since his sister Naomi loves that business, he leaves it up to her. At the same time, Diego has never questioned Naomi’s judgment either. At the same time, Diego Winterfield commands Kazmar’s Special Forces, The Silver Dragons. Needless to say, Diego is more of a thrill and action seeker. And in addition, Diego would far rather be casual than stick harshly to red-tape formalities.

When it comes to mechs, ships, and machines, Diego feels weapons are more important than armor. One of Diego’s axioms is a better offense being a better defense. Those that strike hard and strike first don’t need defense, as dead men don’t retaliate. Still, even though Diego prefers working on the ground, he is fully trained to drive machines and vehicles, and he knows their importance in the wars of today’s ultra-modern era. At the same time, Diego relies on superior technology as well, knowing that while war never changes, fighting like a tribesman against today’s super soldiers is suicide to the highest degree. Still, when in combat, Diego relies on his wits, his resourcefulness, and his leadership. Looking back at history, he knows that much he inherited from his grandfather…

Background: Diego Winterfield was born to Janus and Kitiara Winterfield, along with his younger brother Jordan Winterfield, and his younger sister, Naomi Winterfield. As a child, Diego didn’t respect his Janus father too highly, knowing it was hard for him to believe Janus was the son of the legend Neo Winterfield, and the deity Kazmar respects as Qinglong. In fact, Diego had believed the whole thing was a fairy tale at first, until the strange tattoo had appeared on his back, and his father Janus was far too proud to prove he really was a Lugia, son of the divine Qinglong. Still, when he finally learned the truth, Diego respected his grandfather Qinglong far more than he did his own father. As for his brother and sister, both Jordan and Naomi were willing to side more on Diego’s side when it came to the truth, having a profound respect for their older brother.

When Diego was only thirteen, Janus, found in his natural Lugia form, was dead after carelessly swimming too close to a very lethally sharp coral reef off the coast. It was later confirmed Janus’s death was the result of carelessness and overconfidence, and because of this, all three of Janus’s children are very reluctant to learn how to become their true Lugia forms to save themselves the embarrassment of what became of their father. Meanwhile, even Kitiara felt the event would permanently traumatize her children. That it did, but the uncertainty of whether taking on that role of Lugia was really a good idea definitely came more into question.

While Diego is more charismatic and serves as the leader of the League of Urban Dragons Special Forces, The Silver Dragons, Jordan specializes mainly in engineering and electronics as the Head Foreman of LOUD Engineering. As for their sister Naomi, she is far more concerned with political and diplomatic affairs, and serves on the Kazmar’s League of Urban Dragons Silver Consortium, the ruling government body of Kazmar. While the three siblings have some political power in Kazmar’s limited monarchy setup (Neo Winterfield as Qinglong is regarded as the savior father of Kazmar, and his grandchildren are highly respected because of it), only Naomi chooses to use that political power actively. Regardless, considering their roles, all three of them agree that becoming a Lugia serves no practical purpose for any of them, even though they all carry the blood of the Guardian of the Seas.

Diego remained highly inspired by his grandfather, and still felt his presence inside of him, even if he didn’t want to be a part of the Guardian of the Seas role. Instead, Diego leaned more toward the path that Neo took as a human, and serving active duty in the armed forces. Seeking to become as charismatic, athletic, and skilled as possible, Diego enlisted into Kazmar’s Silver Dragons at an early age, and Diego’s heritage easily paved the opportunity to become a fantastic fighter. As it turned out, Diego was even more of a skilled warrior than they thought, being highly accurate with weapons, mastering many training course, and being able to accomplish what many could not. However, while he showed promise with many firearms, Diego preferred the bigger kind, having the strength to handle them and use them with talent.

Time went on, and while Diego increased in combat skill and mastery, he also learned more and more about his grandfather and his accomplishments. While Kazmar had long broken all ties with Ramdyne, they stayed on friendly terms with Team Trainer and the rest of the Homeworld. Personally, while Naomi is somewhat indifferent to Ramdyne’s current leader rust Makuta III, both Jordan and Diego regard rust as a tyrant and an “ignorant fascist dictator in a world too oblivious to totalitarianism.” Regardless, all three of the Winterfield children had made it clear to Team Aqua and Ramdyne that they are not welcome in Kazmar, and that any intrusion would be met with retaliation. Any peace offering, regardless of how it was made with Qinglong, was broken. The alliance that was once formed between Team Aqua and Neo Winterfield to challenge Diabora had completely evaporated.

Agreeing with the three’s decisions and their outlook at the highly urbanized planet, the League of Urban Dragons governing body, the Silver Consortium, made it clear through unanimous decision that they wanted nothing to do with Team Aqua’s or Ramdyne’s affairs, and rejected all forms of trade, making Ramdyne goods found on Kazmar contraband and highly illegal. At the same time, immigrants coming from Ramdyne have to undergo special tests and monitoring to make sure they were not infiltrators on Aqua-related missions. Because LOUD and the Silver Consortium were so adamantly against Team Aqua and their views, Ramdyne immigrants are prohibited from carrying communication devices and weapons for five years, and were forbidden to contact Ramdyne in any form. Those that are caught in violation of this law are immediately deported back to their home world, no questions asked. Meanwhile, immigrants are never allowed to serve active duty in any of LOUD’s military divisions. Even with all these regulations, immigrants from Ramdyne are still often looked down upon by Kazmar citizens. The rules have become increasingly strict over time as Ramdyne’s future depended more on Team Aqua, and rust Makuta III had grown more and more in power, much to LOUD’s displeasure. Today, children in school are taught to hate Ramdyne and its ways, and all of rust Makuta’s actions during the Great War. Every vile act that rust Makuta had committed was recorded and dramatized for everyone to despise. The most heinous of these acts recorded was during the battle of Cerulean City, when Neo Winterfield was turned into a Shadow Lugia by rust. No single act angers and enrages Kazmar citizens more than that.

Kazmar, now independent from the Homeworld, looks toward Team Trainer with far more trust than Team Aqua, though they are still cautious of the ones that were once their closest allies. Knowing the Homeworld has broken all ties with Team Aqua, Kazmar and LOUD regard the Homeworld and Team Trainers as friends once again. They still respect Team Trainer and Homeworld immigrants as their own, and still welcome them into their lands. As it would seem, another alliance may be around the corner. In truth, Diego looks forward to the day the same force that he fought to defend joins hands with the League of Urban Dragons, and their Kazmar allies.

Knowing very well that rust Makuta III’s ancestors were deeply motivated by evil and corruption, Diego hopes to find rust, kill him, and end the Makuta bloodline to stop the seeds of evil from living on through the generations. Knowing how much this would demoralize Team Aqua, he is hoping this crushing blow would result in Team Aqua collapsing, and a new revolution rising up in Ramdyne that Diego is hoping would clear the totalitarianism that pollutes Ramdyne to this day.

Pokémon: Raichu, Umbreon, Flygon, Garchomp, Ninetales, and Floatzel
Team: League of Urban Dragons
Mecha: None

Weapons: Renegade Vulcan Machine Gun, Black Talon AE Sniper Rifle, Dragonrogue - Plasma-infused Katana.

Tactical Skills – Driving, Computer Hacking/Programming
Combat Skills – Large Firearms, Melee Weapons/Throwing

Other: Diego, as well as his brother and sister, all possess Lugia blood. Any DNA or blood test will uncover this truth about any one of the three siblings.

Super NPCs

Name: Jordan Winterfield
Species: Human in appearance, Lugia in essence

As Jordan is 26 years of age, he stands 5’11”, has tan-colored skin, and has long, black hair. For clothing, Jordan usually wears a green jacket with black cargo pants. Jordan usually doesn’t like carrying around weapons, but he will usually carry his single, energy-infused katana named Eviscerate. Even though he is skilled in some melee combat, he generally doesn’t look to fight people. Meanwhile, he has the same indigo-colored eyes and the same tattoo on his back as his brother Diego has.
Background: Jordan Winterfield grew up looking toward his older brother Diego for advice and guidance, and as time went on, Jordan discovered where his passion lied. Through specializing in engineering and machines, Jordan excels at what baffles most engineers, and is considered to be a genius in many areas. He still gives his brother a lot of respect, even if they take on different roles. While working in different areas, they often coordinate their efforts, and talk about casual things.
Tactical Skill: Engineering
Combat Skill: Melee Weapons/Throwing

Name:Naomi Winterfield
Species: Human in appearance, Lugia in essence.

Standing 5’9”, Naomi has a fair complexion along with long, sky blue colored hair that shines in any kind of light. Meanwhile, she wears a formal red-colored dress when on the job for the Silver Consortium, but wears casual black denim jeans and a black t-shirt when she’s off duty. Knowing she serves as a major part of LOUD and Kazmar legislation, Naomi takes very good care of her health and appearance. Meanwhile, she has the same indigo-colored eyes and the same tattoo on her back that both of her brothers have.
Background: Naomi wasn’t raised like most girls are on Kazmar, and was far more attached to her mother Kitiara than she was to her arrogant father, Janus. Still, Kitiara always raised Naomi to be strong and decisive, as well as adamant and never giving up. Naomi had taken many of her mother’s lessons to heart, and lived with them all the way to becoming a valued politician on the Silver Consortium.
Tactical Skill: Speech
Combat Skill: Small Firearms

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Name: Manana Vida Anone
Age: 29
Species: Human
Description: Manana is a thin female human standing at 5'4 with an orange-brown tanned skin. She has short pink hair which most of the time is tied in a ponytail by a red band. Manana has a yellow color eyes on her smooth skin and small gold earring on both of her ears. Manana wears a black jumpsuit that is made up of a flexible metal-like cloth alloy that serves as light armor. On the upper rigth arm is the Team Trainer symbol. Manana prefers to wear loose fitting clothing when in public but most of the time she perfers to wear a purple robe with a tight white belt could be seen around Manana's waist that holds her pokeballs, a pair of lightsabers and small items. A pair of black boots that go up to her mid ankle could be seen with a small knife that is hidden under the bottom half of the robe.
Personality: Manana has a calm personality and has an aura that brings people around her no matter what the situation is which is something that could have came from her grandfather Mike Anone. Manana prefers to have things set out in plans so she knows what is going on but if the situation calls for quick thinking then Manana is able to come up with a plan on the dot even if there is some 'winging it' involved. Manana has a lot of respect for her grandfather and honor Mike for all the hard work that he did in the War with Diabora even though not many people recognize him for his actions like taking out Diabora's domonic army single handily. Manana tries her best to live up to her grandfather morals and has taken his sense of good in her but finds it hard let villains live due to Homeworld's recent history.
Background: Manana is the daughter of Richard and Jennifer Anone and can be said completely different from her parents in the land of Johto. Richard Anone was the son of MIke Anone who at a young age was interested in the Yung's Mirage System and took over once Yung passed away and eventually paired up with the creative mind of Jennifer to work on the Mirage System while giving birth to Manana. Since Manana's parents were mostly working during her younger years, she was raised by the aging and near-death bed Mike Anone who seem to be living on aura alone during the harsh times of Great Civil War and Great Imperialist Era. While under Mike's care, he would tell Manana of the great adventures that he had during his younger years and fighting beside Rust Makuta and Neo Winterfield. Most of the stories featuring Rust were both of honor and hate but Mike tried his best to show both the good and bad in Rust. The stories of Neo were filled with admire and honor.

Eventually Mike Anone passed away due to his body unable to maintain itself when Manana became six. Eventually the Great Imperialist Era worsen with Balthazar Ellis and by then the Anones moved the the safe haven of Hoenn to join up with the remaining of the Trainer forces. It was then that Manana met with her cousins Sean and Micheal Agreable who were the offspring of Terra Anone who married with RObert Agreable. Terra had taken the more offensive route in life and had already prepare forces in Hoenn for the Trainer Underground Revolution. For years, Manana study the battle style that Mike used including the lightsaber that Mike used in his early life and tried her hardest to use aura but because of her bond with her pokemon, her powers in aura isn't that strong. Still when Balthazar began to attack Ramdyne, The Trainer Forces attacked the weak holdings of Ellis and then gained more forces from there. Micheal Agreable was able to convince many to join Trainer side by providing aid and supplies and commanding the forces from the sidelines while Sean worked with Richard to give the Trainer forces the technology they needed to win. Manana following the model of her grandfather decided to work under Micheal and lead the troops into battle using a gundam called Shiny Lugia.

What finally brought an end to the Great Imperialist Era was finding the remains of the Neo Lugia. The Trainer forces went into hiding for a while to repair the old ship but finally it was useable to be an ace in the final battle against Balthazar. The Neo Lugia was lost in the battle but it provided the perfect cover for Manana to lead a group of Trainer personal to attack and kill Balthazar with her own ligthsaber. Once again Homeworld can now taste the peace of a republic.

Manana like her grandfather refuse to take the top leadership spot of Trainer thus allowing Robert Nicko. Manana prefers to travel around Homeworld trying to repair the world to what it was before. She currently supports Micheal in his campaign to be part of the Council of Eleven that will lead Homeworld while Sean will work on improving technology like he did during the Great Imperialist Era starting with a new ship. Manana is consider highly within Trainer with her position as Field Commander. Currently Manana only wish to help Homeworld even more while trying to learn more about aura which her grandfather had left her.
Pokémon: Char (Charizard), Wire (Electivire), Togekiss, Bronzong, Twig (Torterra), Swampert
Team: Trainer
Mecha: Shiny Lugia
-Two Lightsabers (Red and Blue)
Two Tactical Skills:
-Mecha Pilot
Two Combat Skills:
-Expert Pokémon Handling
-Melee Weapons/Throwing

Name: Micheal Agreable
Species: Human
Background: One of the sons of Terra who took after his father since his father had an active voice but is well armed in the idea of combat. During the Great Imperialist Era, Micheal lead Trainer from the sidelines along side with Robert Nicko. Once peace was brought to Homeworld, Micheal recomended that a council was to be made to represent each country in Homeworld which will be called the Council of Eleven.
Description: Tall and musclar in the sense that he looks like a much more mature Mike Anone one but with blond hair that is neatly combed that came from his mother Terra. Brown eyes that have the look as if they care could be seen when he is photograph and in person. Mostly seen in a suit now with a gun hidden under his black coat pocket. A gold chain could be seen coming out of his pocket that is a pocket watch and a pair of glasses could help frame his perfectly round face.
Tactical Skill: Speech
Combat Skill: Small Firearms

Name: Sean Agreable
Species: Smeargle Hybrid
Background: The youngest son of Terra who could be called the wild child of the pair since once he was old enough, Sean brought a sample of the PHT virus to become a Smeargle hybrid. Never into battling but prefer to also work in the background like his older brother with technology. During the Great Imperialist Era, Sean worked on reconstructing and reviving old mechas and ships in order to use them. Sean worked closely with Richard at first to reuse the Mirage System but due to the power that it took to run the system and the lack of supplies, the most that was done with the old Mirage System was to creatte Mirage Pokemon for five minutes which became useless in battle. It was instead decided to work on old mechs that were used before. Sean took joy in reviving the Neo Lugia and even though he failed since the Neo Lugia was lost in battle, Sean was glad to have given the old ship new life for one last battle. Sean was able to make a the ship called KygoreWave which lead to victory again the Ellis Forces. Currently working on a new ship that he his plans on giving to Manana depend on the Trainer. Has been known as the great reviver when it comes to technology.
Description: Sean has long blonde hair that goes down to his shoulder which comes out of his smeargle hat and is a bit musclar. He likes to wear green and has a while lab coat. The rest of his body is covered in ligth brown fur and a long paintbrush tail could be seen coming out of his lab coat.
Tactical Skill: Engineering
Combat Skill: Energy Specialist
__________________ Piece at a Time Blog

I need to find a new girl-on-girl animation.

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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

Name: Vatra Lavére
Age: 24
Species: Rapidash Hybrid

Description: A tall, but nonetheless petite woman, Vatra Lavére's fiery personality is reflected through her appearance. Being a Rapidash Hybrid, her body is slim and a milky cream colour, her eyes a blazing orange and sharp, the smooth features on her face that resembling the firm muscular structure on a horse's one. However, her most unique and distinctive feature is definitely her hair; blazing, vivid flames that protrude out of her scalp and down to her waist, they are horrifying beautiful to see but deadly to touch. The flames of her hair give off such an enormous amount of heat (up to 200 degrees Celsius) that no one in her life has been able to stand less than 8 feet away from her without suffering horrible, excruciating burns.

As far as clothing goes, Vatra chooses to wear loose clothing as she has a unique flame inside of her that causes her body heat to soar higher than 20 times the amount of the average human body temperature. Because of her immense body heat within her, her clothing is loose and threadbare; often a special fabric designed by herself that is also a vivid green uniform of Valhalla Genesis.

Personality: Vatra is generally a quiet creature who strays away from most conflict, a nature shared with the naturally calm outlook of a Rapidash. However, despite her shy and introverted nature, the fire within her often sparks a fiery, argumentative side to Vatra which is often seen by those who know her in fighting or have different views than her in any topic of interest.

An introvert despite her outstanding and vivid appearance, Vatra often strays away from the largest arguments and has no desire to be 'involved'. Despite this, her intelligence and amazing strength of a Rapidash makes her a prime fighter and member of Valhalla Genesis's major committee. She is a woman who carries the uncanny air of a true warrier and is able to fight with immense passion and fury; the fire within her leading to the usually outcasted woman to have a never-ending thirst for victory. This trait has made her more than welcome on the loyal band of warriers that Valhalla Genesis had formed.

Background: A young girl who had great aspirations, Vatra was born to Jaela and Sid Lavére, with Jaela being a Rapidash Hybrid and Sid a Weavile Hybrid. The ice and the fire within her parents balancing eachother out, Vatra was thankful that she had found 2 people in her life that could grow close to her. With her twin sister Kuenai, a Weavile Hybrid, her family were happy but loyal members of the Special Operation Specialists of Valhalla Genesis, leaving Vatra and Kuenai to care for themselves.

However, the entire family was shattered when Jaela and Sid Lavére were reported to the two daughters dead, killed in a disgusting brawl with neighboring Hybrids who were untamed and unwell, thirsty for blood. They had destroyed the two parents on a mission to retrieve their lost sanities and give them a second chance in the community of Valhalla Genesis; a sin that Vatra had sworn to never let go of.

On a shocking, wretching hurtle back to reality, Vatra had finally realised that no one was safe. Her world had been rocked by the grief her orphan status had left her, and she slowly developed a sickening hatred for all Hybrids and humanity as her shy and introverted personality grew with the flames within her. Upon going through her teen years, the adolesence for a Rapidash Hybrid was much different than other beings; her hair grew out long and flaming, her body hopelessly tall and her emotions unstable and passionate beyond anything any being could ever imagine. It was painful; but it had made Vantra strong.

Her strength had, infact, grown so much that it had driven her loved but estranged sister Kuenai away from her, the cunning personality of a Weavile finally drawn out of her sister and hated profusely by Vatra. Kuenai had ran to join other coloneys of the planet they had settled on, and the location of Kuanai is not known by Vatra 'till this day.

Vatra has currently risen through the ranks of Special Op. Services in Valhalla Genesis, growing stronger and able to use weapons in an amazing way, but also fantastic at unarmed combat. A fighter with never-ending passion in the fashion of the flame within her, Vatra is a well-respected member of her community who is also a capable war tactician, her techniques in planning attacks, domination and organising large groups for missions that are military and excavation related are a trait of her that are well known by others.

Pokémon: Jolteon, Arcanine, Togekiss, Gardevoir, Wartortle, Porygon-Z, Ninetails, Scizor
Team: Valhalla Genesis
Mecha: None.
Weapons: A-Class Sniper Rifles, Gun Silencers, Machine Gun, Small Handgun.

Two Tactical Skills: General, Survival
Two Combat Skills: Expert Pokemon Handling, Large Firearms
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

My form. Yes, I'm using Cedric Byron, too bad.

Name: Cedric Byron

Age: 25

Species: Human

Description: Cedric is not conventionally handsome, and has a rugged sort of good-look hanging around him that seems to appeal to the masses. Built on the tall side, with a lanky frame, Cedric does not have a body-builder’s body. Rather, what muscles he has are sinewy, almost like a cat, and strong in the athletic sense of the word. Born with an Asiatic complexion, Cedric’s skin has remained that same chocolate brown his entire life, with the possible exception of his arms, which have been slightly tanned. His eyes are a hazel brown in colour, and glimmer exceptionally brightly in firelight, which makes everyone who knows him think he was born in the wrong time, as firelight has become increasingly rare. His hair is raven black in colour, and poker-straight – all completely natural. He wears his hair long and shaggy, with an asymmetrical fringe border-lining his left eye; his parting is on the right.

As far as his clothing style goes, Cedric prefers the slim-fit look. He wears pre-shrunk tee shirts despite the fact that he does not have magnificent biceps to show off, and couples this with a pair of fitting jeans. His favourite colour being black, most of the clothes he owns are also black, but he does make exceptions, sometimes wearing dark red, purple, blue, and really any colour that tickles his fancy. He is opposed to bright colours, however, as he claims that they hurt his eyes. Where his shoes are concerned, he is probably the most lax about appearances, donning old, worn down sneakers that sometimes have the soles coming off. Despite his superior, Naomi Winterfield, constantly telling him that first impressions are important, he will not change his shoes.

Strangely, however, this unusual mix of features and fashion-sense make Cedric a very amicable sight, and not someone who you would turn away from in disgust. His mouth is nearly always smiling, and that coupled with his ever so slight dimples, thin eyebrows, and sculpted nose give people the impressions that Cedric is certainly someone who could make even silence companionable. Cedric is well aware of his good looks and appealing appearance, and uses it to its fullest extent. The way he carries himself off is probably the leading factor in all of this, and the reason why he has risen so quickly in the LOUD ranks, and become the second most important diplomat in the government behind Naomi Winterfield.

Personality: Cedric is a strange person; a psychologists dream. There is no question in anyone’s mind that Cedric is a fantastic public relations official, and has a gift of words that no one else on Kazmar possess. On the face of it, he seem very modest about the skills that he was born with, but deep down inside, he is well aware of the extent of his way with words, and also well aware of the entrancing effect he has over crowds. He tries not to show off, but when one is looked upon so highly, and is the greatest speaker on the planet, one tends to get a bit of a swelled up head. A lot of his sanity goes to the careful talks and sessions that Naomi Winterfield has with Cedric, as she knows all about pressure and ego. Cedric admires Naomi more than she actually knows, and there is a sneaking rumour doing the rounds in the Silver Consortium that Cedric fancies Naomi. Even if these feelings were true, he never lets them get in the way of his work.

Because of his position as a key ambassador and diplomat within the Silver Consortium, it is natural that Cedric get involved in politics, and have strong opinions. Cedric shares the opinions of everyone in Kazmar as far as Ramdyne goes, although he is not as vicious and hateful towards the Makuta bloodline as the two Winterfield brothers are. He does, however, frown upon the means by which the Makuta family has run Ramdyne, and is surprisingly leftist for a member of the governing body of Kazmar. However, his socialist views are what are keeping the peasants and working class of Kazmar happy, while the Winterfields involve themselves in the higher-up politics of interplanetary wars and alliances. He does not force his views upon the rest of the Silver Consortium, and is strangely accepting of the democratic ways in which the planet is being rules.

Good and bad are just words in Cedric’s mind. To him, the real ever-warring factions are power and freedom. To have power is to limit freedom, and to have freedom is to limit power. Cedric is very firm about this, and although he will not be disdainful of people who do not agree, he is adamant that he, himself, will not change his views on life, and looks down upon people to try to make him do exactly that. It is this stubbornness, and unwillingness to bend over backwards at the whim and fancy of any which one that has resulted in his rapid rise within the ranks of LOUD, and his eventual position in the High Council of the Silver Consortium. Cedric is very keen to profess the beliefs of LOUD and of Kazmar, and is rather nationalistic in his approach to allying with Trainer and the Homeworld. He is not, however, opposed to this alliance; merely wary of its implications of Ramdyne, and any other unfriendly force which may be out there.

History: From a very young age, two things were evident. The first, was that Cedric was a gifted speaker, and not afraid to use his gift. The second was that Cedric was surprisingly enduring for his body, and would actually be one of the best long-distance runners that the LOUD army would – not that he spends any time in service. Born to the humble backgrounds of the Byron Travelling Entertainers (or the BTE), Cedric spent his early years on board a caravan that travelled across the world, putting up shows. His skill was quickly put to use by his father, William, as Cedric was often told to tell stories, or sometimes even jokes. A bit resentful at his father’s insistence that Cedric must continue the family business, Cedric left the BTE at fourteen, and went to live with his mother, who had filed a divorce with her ex-husband for abuse.

Marissa Byron was possibly the best mother Cedric could have had, as she did not pressure him to join the army and serve the planet, but rather let him make his own way around. Cedric dabbled a bit in the music industry, being the lead singer in a one-hit-wonder band called Kill For Kicks. Their famous single, Plain White Light, was played on radios all over the world, but after a start like that, they fizzled out, and eventually broke up. Cedric then got into the acting business, and quickly made a name for himself on stage, before deciding that writing the script was far more enjoyable, if not as profitable. Till today, Cedric still writes plays, and has dreams of possibly going interplanetary with his success.

At nineteen, Cedric decided that he wanted to help further Kazmar. A strange bout of nationalism caused him to apply within the Silver Consortium for a job, and they gave him a small petty employment, of giving speeches to the peasants about law changes. Taking this opportunity with as much eagerness as a starved wolf would take free food, Cedric set about changing the speeches that he was giving. Two months later, he was employed in the speech-writing section of the Silver Consortium. It was then that Naomi Winterfield discovered Cedric’s vocal genius, and quickly took him under her wing. By the time he was twenty-one, he was already advising Naomi in various reforms, and at twenty three became the head of the Ambassadorial Office of the Silver Consortium. It was then, as well, that he was officially appointed Naomi Winterfield’s chief adviser, and suddenly his power grew. But looking back at his ideals, Cedric would choose freedom over power any day.

Pokémon: Arcanine (Ardent), Dragonite (Draco), Pikachu (Albus), Treeko (Phelps)

Team: League Of Urban Dragons, yo.

Mecha: None

Weapons: Two Desert Eagles kept holstered on either side of Cedric’s waist.

Tactical Skills: Speech, Driving
Combat Skills: Small Firearms, Expert Pokémon Handling

Oh, and I thought I'd just make it clear before anyone jumps up. I have permission from Neo to use Naomi Winterfield not only in my sign-up, but also for the duration of the RP. Thank you. xP


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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

:D rust, I'm happy to see Spiritualist up there. Shairii can live on, in power if nothing else XD.

Reserve meh a spot, pl0x. I'll work on a bio later.
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups

If you want to discuss some kind of Secret Sibling thing, send me a PM, TT. ;)

SU's will be read when I get home.
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Default Re: [Team RP V] The Next Generation Sign-Ups


Name: Haneki Kinto, but prefers to be called Kusa.
Age: 17
Leafeon Hybrid (Shiny, if that's okay with you >:P)
Kusa is capable of using most naturally-learned moves a Leafeon would have learned. These moves are Razor Leaf, Quick Attack, Synthesis (only works in the light and only on small wounds), Magical Leaf, Leaf Blade, and Grasswhistle (sometimes fails). She can also use Energy Ball, but it takes time for it to charge and takes a lot of energy out of her. Her ears also give her better hearing than a human.

Kusa's about 5 feet 4 inches. She has blonde hair with brown at the tips because of her Leafeon hybrid. Her eyes are a mix of blue and brown, but the blue has been "covered" by her hybrid's brown (it can still show in a certain light, though). Leaves sprout out of her wrists and ankles, and she has Leafeon ears and a Leafeon tail. Blah blah blah everything else is in the drawing.

The sprouts on her wrists and ankles can be used for Leaf Blade. The leaves on her wrists can be concealed by a zipper on her gloves, and she wears boots, so she can pass off as a regular human.


Kusa usually maintains a cool, neutral attitude, even in tense situations. She only talks when she feels that it is necessary. Kusa's not the fight-loving type, but she'll attack when in a dire situation. She'll usually try to decieve her foes to get away or to land a hit instead, and with how she was raised, it's tough to see where's she'll attack from.

She gets soft around forest Pokémon. Even if she seems cold and quiet on the outside, she cares. She'll be your friend... sort of. :3


Kusa was born in Windpoint, Kazmar. She was infected with the Eevee-strand PHT virus when she was only a few months old. When her parents found out about her mutation, they sent her away to Seconsal, Veeshan so she could be cured by her aunt (claiming to have a spell that could rid of the virus).


*Rin - Pikachu (Female) [Kept out of Poké Ball]
Cirrus - Altaria (Female)
Kage - Sneasel (Male)
Kasai - Monferno (Male)
Mizu - Vaporeon (Female)

*Rin has a history. :o
Kusa found Rin in a tropical forest in the center of Syantra. The Pikachu was found wearing two necklaces that interlocked into one, magnetically (although the charms don't stick to anything else magnetic). Rin wears the green half, and Kusa wears the white half. This necklace is in the conceptual drawings.

Kusa's Pikachu also has a funny thing about her speech. Besides the common syllables "Pi" "Ka" and "Chu", Rin can also say "Cha" and "Ku". Rin almost always uses "Cha" as a sign of approval or an excited cry, like "YEAAAAAH!" or something. Although, the only time Rin said the phrase "Pichaku" was when Kusa first discovered her in the forest with both pieces of the necklace on. Rin practically embodies the happiness and kid-like cheeriness Kusa never shows...
Team: League of Urban Dragons
Mecha: A mecha that pwns so much that it doesn't exist in our world.

Two Tactical Skills: Survival, Sneak and Lockpick
Two Combat Skills: Unarmed, Expert Pokémon Handling

Still not done? :|
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I suffer from some desease where I just don't feel like catching a pokemon unless it's rare, which ends in me never catching com mons.

I finished Gold with a pokedex of 6.

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Haagen-Daz is an ice cream company, dumbass.

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